By Nick Stamatakis

As a student of history, I am always inclined to analyze current events as a “historian of the future”. Please do not be deterred by the “grandiosity” of the title; my goal is more to list the questions in front of us and to identify topics of discussion, than to make early predictions. But predicting the near future is the name of the game and I am not someone to shy away from such a temptation… The quest to find out “what lies ahead” has already started and a flood of analyses have appeared…

The end of globalism.   Worldwide “lockdowns”, country-wide and regional, have finally demolished the “open borders” agenda of the globalists.  Some of them (please see here the anemic effort by the German establishment megaphone “Der Spiegel”) will temporarily insist that “a global crisis demands a global response”.  But have no doubt – globalism is all but dead.  Below we list the side-effects of this major fact.

China is now the enemy.  Despite its late effort to show solidarity by delivering a few planeloads of health necessities to Italy and other suffering European nations (Greece, Serbia, France, Chech Republic, Poland, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands), the West and the whole world will never forget that coronavirus spread because of communist China’s delayed response, authoritarian secretiveness and ideological fixation.  This fact adds to the already established view that China for decades was stealing US strategic technological and military secrets and will certainly overload the on-going trade negotiations with her.

Manufacturing of essential and strategic products will leave China for good. This basic tenet of President Trump’s 2016 campaign proved to be quite prophetic, in view of the short supply of basic protection materials in the health industry (PPEs – such as masks, gloves, aprons, respirators).  In a matter of days, American and western industry will start churning out these products in massive quantities and robotics will make the production (minus the shipping costs) very efficient.  Having some business background in imports from China, I can assure you that the quality and speed of delivery of these goods will amaze the public and will put the Chinese “manufacturing myth” to the grave.

Post-Coronavirus boom – New American Century. The “new age of American manufacturing” will inaugurate the new American “post-coronavirus boom”. Manufacturing will soon launch a new golden age in the US, with several sectors (defense/aerospace, technology, pharmaceutical, health) achieving extraordinary growth.  At the same time, the communist regime in China, unable to give work to its 1.2 billion subjects, and having to deal with eroding financial means, will have the same fate as the former Soviet Union. This may temporarily increase the risk of war, but a US-Russia rapprochement (see below) will mitigate this risk factor…  But this “boom” will be much different than the post-WWII boom.  This time the US has already achieved energy independence, the most essential foundation of any solid economic growth.  As a result, the US will not be as affected in its decisions by any authoritarian Middle Eastern monarchs.  Soon after the “peak” of the famous “coronavirus curve”, in a matter of months or, hopefully, weeks, the panic will subside and the economy will start coming back to normal.  The plentiful and cheap energy and the manufacturing explosion will likely drive US economic growth to new heights by the second “anniversary” of the COVID-19 outbreak.

US-Russia rapprochement. This financial boom will be matched by increased geopolitical power: Post-Brexit and with the death of the EU (see below), the Trump administration will need simply to bring to the front the 2016 campaign goal of signing a pact with Russia in order to be able to restrict the expansion of China and become once again the undisputed global leader. The seeds of such a US-Russia pact have already been sown behind the scenes (please ask Henry Kissinger…); the final steps, given Putin’s ascension to the status of “Czar”, are only a matter of time. (Note to our “Orthodox” hierarchs/business leaders: time to reshape Ukraine “ecclesiastical” policy, you are on the losing side of history. Ukraine will never leave completely the Russian sphere of influence.  And Russia will never abandon to Bartholomew 70% of Ukraine’s Orthodox faithful.  It’s essential that you and your misguided friends at the State Dept. read some history asap.  Please call me. History lessons … will cost you much less than the bribes you allegedly had to dish out to achieve the Schism in Orthodoxy and the loss of your “Ecumenical” status…)

The end of the European Union.  The widely spread news that Germany, a global manufacturing giant, did not allow necessary health materials (masks, aprons, gloves respirators, etc.) to be sent to suffering Italy was not only a leadership vacuum and the latest manifestation of renown German (lack of) “character”, but also the death certificate of the European Union.  This author has repeatedly discussed the historical necessity of US foreign policy, i.e. the affiliation/control of all the “ocean bordering” nations of Europe, from Norway to Britain to Spain, Italy and Greece).  We are a “sea power” globally and we cannot function as such a global power without the alliance of these “ocean bordering” nations – which limit the expansion of the traditional “land powers” (Germany, Russia, China).  We are already in the “post-Brexit era” and Germany’s actions (the energy alliance/dependence on Russia and the “blood sucking” policies during the Greek crisis and the coronavirus pandemic) have made this alliance with the US a one-way street:  A few plane loads of health supplies from China will not alter this course. Especially because it will be soon clear that at the epicenter of “coronavirus”, Milan, Italy, it was a fashion show directly connected to the Chinese “Belt and Road” (BRI) initiative which caused the catastrophe… Coronavirus followed very much he same “silk road” that the “Black Death” had followed seven centuries ago…