On Failed Blue Governance

Folks, the hits just keep on coming.  The first piece of good news is that the Left is losing control of the narrative.   The second piece of good news is that African-Americans are wise to the ways of Soros and his minions. 


It’s a little late in the day though.  Now that the black inner cities have crumbled, the whites who make up Antifa are heading to the suburbs.  Long story short:  if you live in a Blue city and/or state, you’re basically screwed.  The “powers-that-be” have turned over all their authority to the fascists. 

The good news is that logical consistency has never been the strong suit of hyper-educated progressives.  Lemme get this straight:  are we supposed to turn over our guns to the police who are a bunch of racist, murdering thugs or are we supposed to hate the police and throw Molotov cocktails at them?  I’m confused.  Please help me out.

What we are seeing here in bold, Technicolor span-o-rama is the failure that has gripped the Democrat Party.  Failure of governance, failure of rectitude, failure of basically anything that is good and decent.

The Democrat mayors are either soy-boys who are scared of their own shadows or are in league with the chamber of commerce/donor class.  That’s pretty much obvious now.  The problem, however, goes much deeper than that.  Not only are the mayors and their functionaries cucks, but the next-level functionaries are limp-wristed, America-haters as well.  

I’m talking chiefs of police, DAs and school superintendents.  There’s a whole lot of crapitude at that level.  Right now I’m more interested in what this means for the long-term viability of these cities in this regard specifically:  the politicization of the Blue city police forces.

It stands to reason that if the chiefs of police in those cities are a bunch of SJWs, then the quality of the police who are recruited will be degraded as well.  Yes, police tend to be on the conservative side as a general rule.  But when you have feminazis and liberal lesbians as police chiefs, the bar for “conservatism” sinks even further.  In Atlanta, Dallas and Raleigh, North Carolina, you need earth-moving equipment to find that bar.  

Let me be blunt:  the quality of the men needed to become cops (and it’s always going to be men 90% of the time), will be degraded.  No real man likes to take orders from a clueless SJW with a college degree in Womyn’s Studies at Useless State University no matter how many stars she has on her lapel.  These womyn reek of ineptitude,  If it weren’t for Affirmative Action they might make it as a Human Resources director at some failing corporation.  But even that’s a stretch.  

But a soy-boy or limp-wristed liberal with the requisite Y chromosome who actually believes all this nonsense would.  After all, it’s better than living in your mother’s basement, only coming out to go to the local coffee house where you all you do is discuss the 1619 project or the latest Serrano exhibit at the art museum.  So, why not go to the police academy?  The physical and intellectual standards in your typical Blue city police forces have been lowered significantly since the days of Dragnet.  Anybody with an IQ north of 75 can make the cut.  

Now, I realize that there is still this issue of guns.  They’re icky and all that.  True, bullets hurt.  And there’s always the risk that after a few months, you will probably become more conservative/realistic about the typical American inner-city.  That is the risk but, if you play your cards right, you can tailor your workday to avoid those areas.  After all, there’s always some Soccer Mom whose driving a minivan (Oh, think of that White Privilege in that statement!) with a rear tail-light that’s not working.  You can always pull her over and if you have any residual testosterone, you might get your yuks by flirting with her.  

Then off to the local Daylight Donuts where you can discuss Foucalt and Derrida with the other men in blue.  Ultimately, it won’t matter because cities that are governed under this paradigm are going to fail anyway.  The mayor’s a wimp, the chief is a time-server and the ethnic gangs will keep the piece.  Your job is to just hold on until retirement or if that’s too long a time horizon, then do what you’re doing (which isn’t much) for a few more years in order to pad your resume.  If you already have a worthless humanities degree, you can use your five years on the police force to teach at the local junior college.

If you’re willing to play this out for ten years however, then there’s the possibility that the inner-city that you and your compadres so studiously avoid, will have become gentrified.  You won’t have to worry about going there to answer a domestic violence disturbance between Bruce and Percival or break up a fight at the wine bar because some sexually-indeterminate deracinated person got triggered by a mom pushing her pram on the sidewalk.  Stuff like that is a cakewalk, not at all like breaking up a drug deal gone bad.  All of “those people” will have decamped for another state which is still governed by Goodthinkers who actually believe in all that progressive nonsense.

So where was I?  Oh yeah, here:  Like I said, black folks are starting to wake up and realize that they continue to be had by Antifa and their enablers in the Democrat Party.

Please take the time to watch the following video (caution: strong language).



  1. Thankful says
  2. Gail Sheppard says

    My friend Laurice sent me this.  It’s pretty clear what’s going on.


    It’s a little more complicated to get to the “signing up” part, but the guy wasn’t wrong.

  3. George Michalopulos says

    Then again, I guess there’s only so much violence and incompetence a Blue-stater can take:


    It’s called Blue-on-Blue violence. To paraphrase Lt Col Kilgore in Apocalypse Now: “it smells of victory!”

  4. George Michalopulos says

    Here’s that classic clip:


  5. George Michalopulos says

    Seriously, how do these people even look themselves in the mirror?  Do they not have consciences?

  6. George Michalopulos says
  7. George Michalopulos says

    You know, Creepy Joe ain’t completely wrong:


    I view this as an example of Trump pushing the Overton Window so far to the Right that, confronted with reality, even liberals see the light.

  8. Fr David says

    Before I begin this reflection, I want to state an important fact: My father, Gordon, was a Firefighter, eventually becoming the President of the WA State Firefighters Assoc. He was actually going to become a police officer but some of his buddies on the Fire Department talked him into joining them. I grew up around Firemen and Policemen. As a young boy, I occasionally got to take a ride in the Fire Truck that my dad drove. He was on the Everett Firefighters Bowling Team (this was the 60’s) at Evergreen Lanes. Sadly, I embarrassed my father on a couple of occasions by having him have to appear in court or pick me up from the Everett Police Department (where his friends worked) because of some dumb thing I did. I was an “honor student” in high school: “Yes, your honor! No, your honor.” That is one thing I wish I could take back, on behalf of my father. Now you know where I am coming from and why I am going to reflect below.

    Yesterday, as the crowds were forming in downtown Seattle, I was having a text exchange with my African-American friend on the occasion of his birthday. I hate even using that term because he is simply my friend. But I want you to understand that I don’t live in a lily-white (or even an all- Christian) world in terms of my friendships. As I watch the news and open my email, I see that everyone has been quick to express outrage at the tragic death of George Floyd, as they should be. It truly was a tragedy! Ironically, they have also been quick to express zeal in defending the protester’s right to peaceably assemble and express themselves…which is all we have been asking to do as a church community. However, I will leave that issue for another day.

    Sadly, when I turn on the news, instead of witnessing peaceful protests (ala Dr. king), I am viewing rioting in the streets of 30 major cities across America (Seattle being a prime target). Organized rioting, lead by Antifa and other radical groups who are high-jacking what could be a legitimate protest. This has gotten so serious that the Police and Fire Departments have been called in (especially the Police) to help restore some kind of order. We are witnessing business owners being beaten and losing everything they have worked for over a lifetime. What can be done to restore some kind of order and protect the citizenry of these cities? What we always do: we call in the individuals whose life-work it is to protect us – the Police and Sheriff’s Departments. 
    My father almost died in November of 1960, fighting the Everett Elks fire. He was on the roof cutting holes and the roof collapsed. Thank God, he was able to scramble to safety but two firefighters were hospitalized that evening. I was there with my mother and brother because in those days the wives brought coffee and cookies to the Firefighters when they knew it was going to be a long night. As I grew older, my mother would tell me stories about how sad my dad was when he would go into a house fire and have to carry out an infant our young child that died from asphyxiation or burns. Yet, he knew in firefighting that you sign-up to take those types of risks.
    However, the way the police have been treated in Seattle and around this country is disgraceful. Rioters throwing bricks at them, shooting fireworks at them, giving them the middle finger and cursing them all because they are trying to prevent a “complete meltdown” in Seattle, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Detroit, NY… There’s something different this time. These police forces are being overwhelmed by abnormal numbers of protesters who are remarkably organized. I am not here to speak to that issue, either. Four officers were shot in St. Louis, one killed in Oakland, another on life-support in Las Vegas. Why? They were simply doing their jobs. In the midst of this chaos, any thought of George Floyd is dissipating.

    I think Orthodox Christians can become confused by all of this rhetoric and lose sight of why we have the police force or military. They are here to protect us and keep order. It is impossible to read the Bible or history and not understand that PEACE is kept through STRENGTH! Strength can be abused, of course, but without it – you will have chaos. I am hearing a lot of voices raised against, and seeing a lot of people pointing fingers at, the police! Policemen and firemen are human beings and they make mistakes. In 2019, there were about 800,000 law enforcement officers in the US, who made untold thousands of arrests. During that period there we only 9 unarmed black men and 19 unarmed white men who were killed. I am sure there are back-stories to many of those events, and as tragic as those deaths are, that is a shockingly low number of such incidents by “human beings” who, under stress, sometimes make tragic mistakes. The officer in the George Floyd case will, undoubtedly, be convicted but what has unfolded is not about that tragic event. It could have been but that has been lost. These protests have been high-jacked and we are getting a false narrative about abusive police. “Watch my right hand. Keep watching. While my left hand picks your pocket!”

    We need to thank God for the “thin blue line” of police who risk their lives every day to hold back the type of chaos we are witnessing over the past week. We should all be praying for George Floyd, for the officer involved in his death and for all of the men and women officers who are risking their lives to keep a lid on a society that could very easily boil over. Believe me, you do not want that to happen – talk to those who lived in the former Soviet Union.

    As the son of a firefighter, I want to personally thank the law enforcement and firefighters for all they do on our behalf,
    Fr. David

    • Sage-Girl says

      Fr. David, this rose goes?to your fireman dad Gordon,  what a great American + father you had, and thank you for your Holy service too… 
      Heard someone say a profound truth on the Floyd Riots:  “I can describe in one word what’s going down with these violent Rioters:
      But I realize it’s not just the lack of biological fathers missing from majority Rioters + Antifa types, it’s also lack of Spiritual Fathers.  
      As St. Paisios said, all evil disorder within people stems from lack of belief in God.

  9. Sage-Girl says

    God Bless y’all for sending that video – wonderful black man Jeriko Green! ? I recall his terrific videos during Trump campaign  – seriously, the police + politicians should play Mr. Green’s ?videos ad nausea to every Rioter.
    He’s so funny.  Appreciate him saying there’s No white privilege!  So true – I knew a wonderful Anglican minister who was set to become a Bishop, his ordination was disrupted by aggressive Leftists of Episcopal church; they insisted a Black man get the position … a year later that Black “Bishop” was arrested, thrown out for financial embezzlement. 
    IF ONLY we’d more Jeriko Greens ? in black community instead of rabid left propaganda.

  10. There is so much hate and fear among some groups in the last week that it is very destruction. It becomes a very bad downward spiral that it takes alot of one’s own personal willpower to control.
    Take for instance Pres. Trump’s statement that when the looting starts the shooting starts. The statement seems to be an implied justification for people shooting looters. This is how a downward spiral works. First, a few police in a few days brutalize or kill a few people who may or not be committing a nonviolent crime, and it’s widely publicize. Then, people who sympathize with the victim understandably protest, as is their lawful right. Then, in the evening there are incidents of breaking into stores, which is strange because usually protests (including against racism) don’t involve looting, but it’s partly understandable because impoverished groups are more often tolerated. Next, shopowners use violent means to defend their property from stealing, which is an excessive measure by the shopowners, but it’s partly understandable because they want to defend their property and the police aren’t doing enough to stop it, for instance. Next, President Trump comments in seeming support of the excessive measures. He is responsible for national security, so his support of excessive force is pretty concerning for civil liberties. Then what naturally would tend to happen from the standpoint of the looters and protestors who are targeted by the severe excessive force?Hopefully you can see why we should focus on love and trying to be calm and dissuading tension and commonality. I can see that there is lots of tension and fear and we need to find ways to get over that. It’s very hard to do because it’s hard to recognize in oneself, and one also has the feeling that one is right and has a tendency to want to stand one’s ground, however one perceives it, and to stand up to and resist excessive bullying and abuse. So it’s a dangerous situation and we need to focus hard to getting people to get along.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Hal, Trump’s tweet (“when the looting starts, the shooting starts”) is demonstrably true.  It’s not the police or the National Guard which is doing the shooting however.  Nor are Normies and anybody to the right of Hubert Humphrey doing the looting, shooting or rioting.  Or “protesting”.
      There is NO moral equivalence here.  At all. 

      • Sage-Girl says

        Thanks for correcting Hal S. on misconstruing Trump’s words… so much whining on Trump ?

  11. Observing this lawless and feckless behavior I wonder why any sane person would be in favor of restoring voting rights to felons.  Then again, giving the desires of a known criminal equal representation with a person making an honest living is typical leftist non-think.

  12. Sage-Girl says

    Hal S, 
    we all want Peace ??but it’s the Rioters who started this Nationwide dangerous situation. America’s the victim + the Rioters + ANTIFA followers are culprits. Besides calling on Holy God, we need the National Guard. Have a nice day. 

  13. George Michalopulos says

    This explains a lot of the crapitude of Blue governance:


    Bottom line:  in Blue cities, the police have strong unions which are just as corrupt as everything else.  And there’s an unwritten rule that cops are free to bust as many black heads as is necessary to keep the peace while the mayors look the other way.


  14. George Michalopulos says

    Darn that Nolte! He says it so much better than I ever could: