Welcome to the Fedsurrection!

FILE PHOTO: Jacob Chansley, holding a sign referencing QAnon, speaks as supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump gather to protest about the early results of the 2020 presidential election, in front of the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC), in Phoenix, Arizona November 5, 2020. REUTERS/Cheney Orr/File Photo

Seriously?  Do our elites and their stenographers in the corporate media really think we’re that stupid?

There’s so much that’s amusing about the whole J6 nonsense.  The video below is a good place to go for a start.  It’s a real knee-slapper.  What’s more gratifying to me however is the abject fear in the eyes of the the bozos masquerading as journalists at CNN and MSNBC because they’ve been caught with their pants down yet again.  

I mean, who are you going to believe?  Anderson Cooper or your own lying eyes?

And then there’s this tweet:  https://twitter.com/AntonioSabatoJr/status/1633787428078010368?t=wPnwipzX-tZhAMvkYxLUqQ&s=01

Long story short:  “BREAKING:  Freedom of Information Act requests show a dozen phone calls between the cell phone of Ray Epps and the office of Speaker Pelosi in the week before #January6th.

BOOM!  It looks like the whole J6 “Insurrection” was a planned event designed to create a scenario in which President Trump could be impeached.  Using Federal agents to stage crimes in the first place is ipso facto against the law on its own merits.  The fact that it was staged in order to create the pretext for a trial is another crime.  Not that it matters legally; the rule of law is basically a legal fiction at this point, one which can be trotted out to indict political enemies but which is never enforced against the real criminals.  Think of the “Law” this way:  it’s like a spider’s web in which the mosquitoes get caught but the wasps fly right through it.

So, it looks like the whole “Fedsurrection” was planned from soup to nuts by agents provocateurs.  One of them being Nancy Pelosi.

Now for the bad news:  even though many Deep State actors have been caught red-handed, there’s no way that they will be held responsible for their crimes.  We’ve gone from being a constitutional republic to a banana one.  A perfect parable would be “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”  Even though the Emperor, his retainers and the entire populace were fools and was called out on it by a innocent little boy, did that change the outcome?  Not that I can remember.  We, the People are that little boy; everybody else is the Emperor and his entourage who keep on pretending that there’s nothing to see here.  *Sigh*


  1. Even Chris Hedges, a staunch socialist and antichristian, does not support the Jan 6th narrative. Good summary of what has happened to those arrested.


  2. You have to stand back and look at the big picture so as not to miss the forest for the trees.

    The progress of the tools of the police state continues but the political consolidation of power in the hands of the liberal elite has been brought into question. MAGA is still on the rise. Every day, the wild antics we behold end up red pilling more and more people.

    What the liberals do not understand is that all the tools they have assembled and all the practices they have normalized against conservatives can and will be weaponized against them by MAGA. MAGA has no real power at the moment. But if Trump rides an effort of ballot harvesting to victory next year, enough has happened to elicit a deep thirst for revenge by all painful methods in the hearts of the Right, conscience be damned.

    It will not be the French Revolution but it may be glorious.

  3. So, how did all those Capital police officers get badly injured if it was a peaceful protest?! STOP YOUR LIES GEORGE!

    • Linda, seriously, why do you waste your time with remarks (accusations, really) that change nothing? George is not lying which you would know if you bothered to do the research.

      It is you who is being fed lies by the MSM. You just don’t know to what degree. Challenge yourself to look this up and see if what I am saying isn’t true. Think about it. If they’re blatantly lying to you about this, which they are, what else are they lying to you about?

      No officers died that day.

      (1) MPD Officer Kyle DeFreytag: Suicide 7/10/2021

      (2) MPD Officer Jeffrey Smith: Suicide 1/15/2021

      (3) U.S. Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood: Suicide 1/9/2021

      (4) MPD Officer Officer Gunther Hashida: Suicide 7/29/20021

      (5) Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick: 1/7/2021 The District of Columbia chief medical examiner found that Sicknick died from a stroke, classifying his death as natural. According to the NY Post, someone “tossed a fire extinguisher toward a group of officers, striking one on the helmet, and it’s unclear if the cop who was plunked [extremely poor choice of words] was Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.”

      4 people died that day. None of them were the police.

      In terms of suicide, police officers are 3rd from the top of the list of the 10 most likely to commit suicide in terms of profession. No doubt what happened Jan 6 could have played a role, but maybe not the way you think. The footage is coming out and it’s telling a very different story than what we were told.

      • Gail, fantastic research.

        One minor quibble however: while it’s true that cops have a predisposition to commit suicide in comparison to other professions, that includes a random sample of police from the entirety of the U.S.

        It is highly suspicious that four policemen from the same (very small) department who were active that particular day would commit suicide within a short time span of each other.

        Yes my dear, I suspect that these were cases involving that sub-category of suicide known as “Arkancide.”

        • One wonders. Where were they placed? What were they asked to do? What did they know that doesn’t fit the narrative? What kind of people were they, i.e. honest, whistle blower types? What truths did they have to face?

    • Linda, no one is saying that there was no violence on J6. After all, Ashley Babbit, a protester was killed by a Capitol Hill cop! (Somehow all the libs are strangely silent about that particular police shooting.)

      What is clear is that this was a staged event that got out of hand in some areas (but not all). It was staged by the Deep State and was executed to create a pretext for staging another impeachment of President Trump. Which incidentally took place six days later.

      This latter impeachment was more “serious” in that the DS got ten Republicans in the House to vote for it and seven Republicans in the Senate. Now we know that it was completely bogus but at the time, when it was viewed as a serious “insurrection,” Cocaine Mitch found out that Trump was going to pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and he got to him sometime between Jan 6 and the 11th and told him that if he did, he would garner enough Republicans in the Senate to insure his conviction. And furthermore, pass a resolution preventing him from being able to run again.

      Cocaine Mitch and the DS played for all the marbles. Unfortunately for them, some White Hats got to Speaker McCarthy and told him to release the 40,000+ hours of videotape to Tucker (who btw, has CIA ties through his father).

      And it was last month that Carlson admitted on his show that JFK was killed by a conspiracy involving the CIA. Drip, drip, drip.

    • Thank you, Linda. These conspiracy theories are really getting silly. This is the last I will ever get on Monomakhos, as I can no longer stomach the extreme nature of the articles and comments. Lord have mercy on us all.

      • Papman, you do realize Linda was wrong about everything? Probably should have read the comments before making assumptions.

      • Papman, what “conspiracy theory” exactly are you uncomfortable with?

        I’ll go further, are you aware of all the so-called conspiracy theories that have been borne out? I’ll tell you something from my own experience: I used to fervently believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the “lone gunman” who killed President Kennedy. Now, I no longer believe that. Was it because I like to wear a tin-foil hat? Not at all! I just go to where the facts take me, that’s all.

        So no, I know longer believe in the Lone Gunman theory. There are others as well, perhaps someday Gail and I will list the ones that have been proven correct.

  4. Just a dad says

    4 people died that day. None of them were the police.

    I’d word that a little differently: “4 people died that day, but only 1 was killed – an unarmed retired Air Force veteran who was shot by a police officer”.

    If you ask ChatGPT “Who was killed on January 6th?” you get a carefully worded and biased response:

    “On January 6, 2021, a violent attack was carried out on the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C., by supporters of then-President Donald Trump, during a joint session of Congress held to certify the results of the 2020 United States presidential election. During the riot, five people died, including a Capitol Police officer who died the following day after sustaining injuries in the attack. The other four people died as a result of medical emergencies or accidents that occurred during the chaos.”

    Was Ashli Babbitt one of the “medical emergencies” or was she one of the “accidents”? The J6 committee says she was neither, according to them she was a violent insurrectionist who posed a clear and present danger to those inside and was justifiably shot and killed as a result.

    You’d agree with the latter, I assume, Linda?

  5. This is what I told George at the time: The “insurrection” was staged to prevent the objections to certification from going to investigation and a vote:


    To me, it was obvious that the whole thing was staged and choreographed. The only question was why. Well, what was going on that day? The certification of the electoral college and any objections thereto. So that had to be the purpose of the faux riot, to disrupt this process and set it back on a track more acceptable to the Uniparty. TGP has finally gotten wise to this. Hope others do as well.

    For more, the original story on Conservative Treehouse.

    • I would argue even the protest wasn’t necessary, as George and I attended a similar protest just weeks before whose numbers may have rivaled January 6. A trial balloon so to speak.

      What was necessary was hiring Antifa to agitate the crowd and open the doors to the Capitol. This allowed Speaker Pelosi to suspend the Congress UNILATERALLY UNDER EMERGENCY RULES.

      The White House’s offer to send in the National Guard, previously approved by Trump, was refused. It was reported many within the Capitol Police were “trainees,” while some were outright thugs. All of this conspired into an unruly confrontation with the crowd which could very well have also been orchestrated initially, including the role of Ashli Babbitt who was undoubtedly killed, but maybe not when she inexplicably climbed through the window.

      I have long suspected that we did not see Ashli Babbitt die in (Antifa journalist) John Sullivan’s video (unfortunately it’s been removed from YouTube). Like George, I think it was probably staged, as Sullivan just happened to be in the right place at the right time and led directly to the location.

      Another investigative reporter, Tayler Hansen, followed her into the corridor where the 3 cops were standing in front of the door alone. Like the other journalists, Hansen also happened to be in the right place at the right time and led directly to the location, this time by Ashli. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSt2LJWokI0

      Questions, questions, questions. . . Why were she and Hansen unattended heading for the doors of the Speaker’s Lobby? Ashli looked like she was on a mission as she rounded the corners.

      And why was Hansen there? He said he and Ashli were walking side-by-side, but he was filming her. He even said, “How’s it going, Ma’am?” Did he dub that in later? Because she showed no sign that she heard him and that’s a weird thing to ask someone if you’re walking side-by-side with for any length of time.

      He says when she got to the doors, she was joking with the officers. He made some weird comment behind the camera, but she didn’t look like she was joking to me. You actually can’t even hear her. She puts her arms out like, “What are you guys doing here?” Lot’s of pantomiming on his clip and Sullivan’s. She then gets on her cell phone. Was she calling someone to tell them the police were in their places?

      At some point, the corridor fills up with more people because the next thing we see is her behind a guy pulling on his backpack. Hansen said she was “trying to disarm people and calm down them down.” How does tugging on someone’s backpack “disarm” them? To me, she looked like she was trying to move him aside to get around him. She then hits some guy in the face! Was she angry they had started without her? After all, she was the star. She was supposed to be the one to go through the window. Not him! Or was it a fake punch to make it look like she was beating back the agitators? It was strong enough to move his glasses but not strong enough to knock them off his face.

      Hansen says 7 seconds later Byrd “issued the kill shot” without warning. Byrd may not have issued a warning (I don’t recall), but someone else was yelling, “He’s got a gun. He’s got a gun!”

      Look at the videos below.

      (1) https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/nation-world/story/2021-01-08/video-shows-fatal-shooting-of-ashli-babbitt-in-the-capitol
      (2) https://www.nbcnews.com/video/capitol-shooting-that-led-to-ashli-babbitt-s-death-captured-on-video-99180613572
      (3) https://wjla.com/news/local/graphic-fatal-shooting-of-ashli-babbitt-in-the-capitol-caught-on-video

      So, let’s regroup: Babbitt is trying to “disarm the situation,” while moving people out of the way, hitting someone in the face, screaming and gesturing at the police, yelling at people to “get back,” while she herself moves forward and climbs through the window after someone yells, “He’s got a gun.”

      Make sense? :/

      The cameras are not on Ashli Babbitt just prior to her going through the window and we only see her back as she climbs through. – Another weird thing. Lot of videos taken but none of the cameraman are in each other’s shots.

      Notice, too, we see the agitators breaking the windows nearest to the camera but not the window nearest to Ashli which she later climbed through. It’s seemingly intact because some guy is knocking on it and it slightly gives. So when did they bust it out?

      BTW, this wasn’t real glass. It’s sugar glass or no one would try to punch it out with their fist as the first guy did. Even the marks he left looks like it was sugar glass which is often used in Hollywood. (I’ve been on a Hollywood set a time or two.)

      If Ashli were a nonconfrontational “miss peacemaker,” as Hansen portrays her, why did she go through the window? And while we’re asking questions, if someone was yelling, “he’s got a gun,” wouldn’t that be a warning not to proceed? It almost seems as if she thought she was untouchable. Or maybe she believed it was all a fake, including the gun and the gunman.

      And all the screaming! Really? If I was someplace I shouldn’t be and I saw someone destroying property I would be walking away not screaming my head off.

      About the gunman. If you look closely, he pulls the trigger and then when nothing happens, he steps forward and pulls the trigger again. Some man is causally meandering in the hall behind him and he doesn’t even flinch when the gun goes off. Did he know what was going on? If I heard a gun go off like that, I would be diving under the nearest piece of furniture but he just causally walks off to the side out of view of the cameras. Gunshots ARE LOUD which is why when you go to a shooting range everyone has on earphones. Maybe the gunshot noise was put in after the fact.

      Once she was down, it would have taken some time to place the call to get her help. Even if they had ambulances on the scene, paramedics would have had to wade through a thick crowd of people to get to her. Someone who identified himself as a “medic,” I believe, (it was on his jacket which is also odd), said she didn’t have a pulse and was dead. It’s was a BIG deal when they said she was dead. Lots of activity caught on camera. Probably several minutes (20 maybe?) before any real help could have gotten to her. By “real” I mean someone with something other than a small towelette, like the ones I carry in my purse, to help keep her from bleeding out.

      But if she suffered a gunshot wound to the neck that was severe enough to kill her, she would have bled out within 3 to 5 minutes. (I looked it up.) The aftermath of one of the crazier videos was at least that long. She should have come out in a body bag; not partially nude on a gurney with people doing CPR as they rolled her to the ambulance. They could have at least jumped on the gurney and straddled her like they did in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, because no one can do CPR compressions on a moving surface.


      And why are the EMTs gloves white? That’s just plain weird, especially since they have no blood on them. If you pick a bloody body off the floor, you’re bound to get blood on you. These guys are not wearing uniforms, either. They could be anybody.

      Did you notice the blood gel packs on her body?

      She had dried blood (deep red) trickling out of her mouth on her left side but bright red blood covering the right side of her head. Too bright. Blood doesn’t look like that.

      Finally, she was purportedly shot in the neck and then it was reported it was her left shoulder. Not sure anybody settled this. But if she was shot by a gunman on her left as she was jumping through a window, why is most of the blood coming from the right side of her face and neck? If she had turned toward him, she probably would have lost her balance and fallen forward, not backward. And what in the world did she have in that stuffed backpack? Why would she take it with her as she climbed through a window holding a cape around her neck? One would think if you were going to jump through a window, especially one that was considerably higher than the ground, you’d want to be as unencumbered as possible. You could throw your backpack and cape (flag) through the window or give your stuff to someone to hold for you.

      Unless, of course, you need the cape to help obscure your identity and a backpack stuffed with foam to break your fall.

      Did Ashli think this was staged? Because it sure looked like it. Did they tell Ashli she wouldn’t be publicly identified; that they’d use a fake name and she could walk away with a wad of cash believing she did something good for Trump? She was awfully pumped up in the video she made of herself earlier that day. Something had her excited.

      But they couldn’t let her live because nobody would accept this story without a real name and a real body and her background was the perfect backdrop. Everything we saw may have been fake, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t kill her. I’m sure they did. But I’m guessing it was after the fact and Ashli never saw it coming.