We Have the Flag

Well, Gail and I just saw the President speak at Mt Rushmore.

Wow. Let me say that this was a much needed jolt of encouragement. Gail said that “we needed this right now”. She was right. The whole nation needed this. The normal, everyday productive people who get up and go to their jobs, who have to navigate the confusing dictates of meddlesome busybodies, who believe in God but have seen their cherished beliefs trashed by no-nothing academics, policemen who are dispirited and servicemen who are demoralized: these are the people who “needed it”.

And boy did we get it!

This was nothing less than a declaration of war. Alright you evil miscreants who have been rampaging through our cities terrorizing ordinary, God-fearing people: now, we are fighting back. We didn’t start this war but we’re damn sure gonna finish it.

It was (in my humble opinion) the greatest call-to-battle in American history. Why do I say this? Because 2020 is proving to be the pivot of our civilization; it is the juncture in which we, the people will decide if we remain a constitutional republic or descend into Third-world anarcho-tyranny. An abyss from which we will never rise again.

Not only was the speech lofty in sentiment, it was an eloquent compendium of a new American order, one which will turn back this present Globalist darkness. President Trump did what our high schools and colleges have not been able to do and that is teach American history. And more importantly, to instill in our people the commonsensical idea that American doesn’t have to be perfect to be good.

But most importantly, he “captured the flag”. What does this mean? Only this: that the entire enterprise that is America –Yankee ingenuity, Southern cussedness, Midwestern grit and Western adventurism–is now owned lock, stock and barrel by the President and his supporters.

He sang a song of hope, weaving the entire tapestry of Americana from Plymouth Rock to Kitty Hawk, from Jamestown to Motown and everything in between. Washington and Old Hickory and dozens of other historical figures shared the spotlight with Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin and Muhammed Ali. What the President recited was not merely the history of America but the idea of America and that no other nation on earth has produced this much talent or had this much influence.

And he owned it. All of it.

It didn’t have to be this way. But the Democrats foolishly backed themselves into a corner with their espousal of the demonic doctrines of Karl Marx and Howard Zinn. Thanks to the evil wrought by the Floyd riots, the virulent anti-Americanism that has been dormant in the Left is now plain for all to see in all its wicked delusion. They threw Old Glory down to the ground and spat on it. Trump picked it up, dusted it off and waved it to the tens of millions of ordinary American men and women tonight, showing them that the America of their childhood still exists and is not lost.

And now, thanks to this brilliant speech (and magnificent fireworks display and concert afterwards), we own America and all that it stands for.

Thank you, Mr President. God bless you and Melania. And God bless America.


  1. Sage-Girl says

    WOW — Bravo! ??
    thank you Geo + Gail for going to Mt. Rushmore for all of us. I heard a monk say to repeat following words in the face of evil — + America is at war:
    “In The Name Of Jesus Christ, Cast Out The Devil”

  2. Totally agree with you George! It was much needed

    I’ve been all over the world, 27 different countries, and I can tell you that America is a unique and amazing place, people don’t realize the personal freedoms that we have. I’m not saying that America is perfect, but, there are a whole lot of places that are worse off.

    I’ll never forget a conversation I had with a guy in Poland who had lived through communism. He told me “America can’t fail, if America falls someone will fill the power void and it will be China. If that happens, the world will never escape communism.” Those words will forever be with me, which is why I truly believe this could very be our last election as a free nation so we had better win.

    Happy 4th! Let freedom ring

  3. George Michalopulos says

    There’s always room for Merry Pranksters even as we fight for the soul of our nation: 



    • I clicked the link and “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” came up.
      Is this the merry prank? 🙂

  4. “it is the juncture in which we, the people will decide if we remain a constitutional republic or descend into Third-world anarcho-tyranny.”

    The constitutional republic is what is pulling America down into Third-world anarcho-tyranny.  “The most common age among whites in U.S. is 58 – more than double that of racial and ethnic minorities,(pewresearch.org)” and the **minority** white college age youth are completely ignorant and indoctrinated in self-hate.


    At best Trump may win in November, and that will deny the power of Presidency being used against us, but he won’t be able to DO anything.  He doesn’t have the steel to summary execute traitors in the Pentagon and Intelligence agencies, and then proceed to arresting Democrat governors/mayors, congressmen/senators, judges and DAs, outlaw government funded education or somehow reform it from ground up (yeah right), strip all registered or self-avowed Democrats of citizenship, etc.  That’s what it would take at this point.

    • True. In the long run, if blacks and Hispanics do not start making the switch to the Republican party (which is actually a realistic possibility), then you may be right, we are just kicking the can down the road and prolonging the inevitable. We would also need Gen Z to start voting Republican as well. From what I read in an article Gen Z is suppose to be the most conservative generation since WW2, but, I have a hard time believing that. My generation, Millennials, are hopeless. 
      For something to change like you mentioned, we would need the Presidency, House and Senate to make any serious changes without being neutered. Having Republican governors would probably also help. One Hail Mary is that it seems since the pandemic/riots that people are starting to wake up and realize what’s going on. Even people who aren’t normally political, or, are Moderate. 
      There’s hope left, but, given the demographics we would really, really need ethnic minorities to start voting conservative. The Democrats have been playing the long game, and we’re just getting on the field.

      • cynthia curran says

        Never fear, the silent generation, the generation of Tom Hayden, Bernie Sanders, and Bill Ayers, went conservative in old age. It happens/

        • George Michalopulos says

          Cynthia, I’m not so sure where you get this info about Bernie Sanders and Bill Ayers.  They seem pretty unrepentant to me.  
          If you have any information to the contrary, please share it with us.

          • I think Cynthia meant ‘their generation’
            (ie: excluding them).

            • cynthia curran says

              Yes, that what I meant. Bernie was the same generation as my mom and dad. My mother was born in 1937 like Tom Hayden. Sanders was born in 1941 and Bill Ayers not 1943, but most people in that generation were not leftist particularly as they got older.

        • I think this phrase applies: “If you’re not a communist at the age of 20, you haven’t got a heart. If you’re still a communist at the age of 30, you haven’t got a brain.”
          I checked the provenance of this phrase, and it seems to be a modern take on John Adams’ “A boy of 15 who is not a democrat is good for nothing, and he is no better who is a democrat at 20.”

          Both quite appropriate, I think.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Myst, believe me, I have been tempted many a time to take the black pill.  I completely agree that we have lost the culture. I am many things but a Pollyanna isn’t one of them.
      We did that gingerly first with men imbibing the playboy philosophy, then more stridently with feminism, then Olympic hurdles with homosexualism.  What we are witnessing however is the quickening of the self-contradictions of Leftism, hence my insistence that we are on a trajectory of unsustainability.
      As a realist however I also know that the pendulum can swing only so far in one direction.  It will swing back, the question is when?
      Last night we saw the end of the swing to the left.  That’s one of the things I meant by saying that “he captured the flag”.

      • Johann Sebastian says

        George, the pendulum has swung to the left with so much inertia that the bob has flown off of it.
        There is no hope for Generation Z either, as Petros so wistfully postulates. I wish I could share his optimism. They’ve been raised by Generation X and Millennials–who have firmly surrendered any parenting responsibility to the school system (yes, even private ones) and themselves were indoctrinated by it to varying degrees.
        There may be holdouts, as there will always be, but until the leftist stranglehold over what passes for education is broken and parents embrace the idea that parenting is perhaps the greatest God-given privilege in this world rather than an odious chore, the left will continue to have free rein over what goes into the minds of the youth.

        • cynthia curran says

          Well, most kids today are post religious generation. The reason why some hippies were switched into religion mainly protestantism in the 1970’s was because their world war II and Silent generation parents had usually a religion while people don’t as much. A more cultural Marxism with a big welfare state expansion is a goal for lots of young people without religion, the nones as they are called. CS Lewis remark people are worst without a belief in God.

    • Elaine King says

      You forgot the reprehensible media who are guilty of lying about this presidency, what the vast majority of Americans actually want, and even guilty of not covering what’s actually going on in the U.S. right now. How do you get rid of them? They are not only the tools of the left, they are possibly as much as half of the problem. I’m gratified to see news outlets such as America’s Voice, NTD, and OAN coming on now to combat the problem, but unless they get actual airtime on network TV, I fear it might be too little too late.

  5. Happy Fourth of July to the American people!

    • Sage-Girl says

      ??Happy 4th July David – you’re a great American + Elaine King too!
      Thank God we have Trump fighting for us!!??

  6. cynthia curran says

    The Dems have not changed since the 1960’s. Its the end of the world if we don’t get rid of gas guzzling cars with electrical cars. In the 1960’s it was the population bomb or global cooling. In fact the Dems are doing the women versus men, gays and trans versus straights, and Latinos/blacks versus whites. A lot of this is from the Marxist.

  7. Matthew Panchisin says

    I certainly have been critical of America however after hearing what President Trump said such a disposition is now removed from within me.

    Gail you are absolutely correct “we needed this right now”.

    God Bless America and President Trump.

  8. cynthia curran says

    The Democrats should not be defending Antifa as much as they do. They are not the smartest group out there. Last night about 2 protesters possibly antifa were hit by a car because they tired to blockade the freeway. Last year, William Van Sporsten tried a Timothy Mcveigh blow up at the ICE Facility in Washington. He was caught and killed but if he blow it up the ICE Facility, Van Sporsten would have killed 1,400 pople. The left has covered up Antifa for years since they tend to get into fist fights with conservatives, I just read white supremacist group tried to blame antifa on burning flags when its a hoax, but Antifa has burn thousands of flags if you are familiar with Andy Ngo in Portland who himself was beaten up by Antifa.

    • “Last night about 2 protesters possibly antifa were hit by a car because they tired to blockade the freeway.”

      I’m fully backing the driver.


      1:30 AM, they have three cars turned sideways (no reflectors) across all three lanes of the highway, so the mob dressed in black can blockade (read: hold hostage aka kidnap) cars and work their “social justice” magic on them. 

      In a sane world, “protesters” that illegally block public roads, even during the day, would be arrested for kidnapping every time, and any political authority that enable them would be arrested as accessories, and media outlet that excused it for incitement and sedition. 

      Anyway, the Marxist Black Supremacists caught the completely wrong type of victim here (Dawit Kelete, seems to be Eritrean or Ethiopian), not even a Hispanic or Asian, so min coverage, short news cycle, and down the memory hole.  

      • Gail Sheppard says

        This shows how completely crazy these people are to stand in front of a moving car.

        How do you fight people like this? I cannot imagine having to run over someone but that was what I was instructed to do by a local police officer. He said, “Gail, do not count on us being able to be there on time. If they start swarming your car, you have to gun it. Do not look back. They could smash a window and pull you out of the car and beat the crap out of you.”

        • Disappointed Reader says

          “…how completely crazy these people are to stand in front of a moving car…”

          The highway was closed by the police; there were no supposed to be ANY cars on it.
           The car was driving at a high rate of speed, and any sight of it approaching was blocked by a van. The two women were not deliberately standing in front of a moving car, was the gruesome video makes abundantly clear.

          You obviously didn’t even view the video, or you would not have made the comment you did. Next time, instead of shooting from the hip, take a little time to research the topic first.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            There was no video. Just a picture of a white car that went past/around a van that may have accelerated thinking he was getting on a freeway. It’s hard to tell what he was thinking.

            I stand by my statement. I think it’s crazy to stand in harm’s way. I think it’s crazy to mill around on a freeway dressed in black where someone might not see you. I think it’s crazy to assume that drivers are going to respect boundaries. I think it’s crazy not to have a direct line of visibility with respect to oncoming traffic. I think it’s crazy to assume you’re going to be safe just because an officer is on the scene, if that, in fact, was the case. (Did you know 16 officers were killed just last year by motorists?)

            Finally, I think it’s crazy not to know that the indiscriminate violence, looting and destruction of property we’ve seen as of late might make some people really mad and if they are as off-balanced as the people who do these things, people will get hurt.

            All kinds of crazy.

            • Disappointed Reader says

              “There was no video.”
              And yet, here it is:

              • Gail Sheppard says

                Dear Disappointed Reader,

                I realize you may not have spent much time on the blog, given your experience has been “disappointing” up until now, but I’d like to give you a little insight on what we do.

                We moderate each and every comment on this blog. There can be hundreds depending upon what’s going on and it takes time. We kind of take turns commenting which also takes time. For every one comment you may write, we probably write 10.

                In addition, George and I receive multiple emails a day (each), from 4 or 5 different sources, with their particular take on breaking stories. We find this invaluable, so we take the time to read and discuss all of them.

                Finally, we do a tremendous amount of research, having to wade through what passes for “news” these days. We then spend hours on the phone with “people in the know” to get their perspective so we can formulate our own POV and write what we hope is unique content for your consideration.

                In other words, just doing the day to day stuff takes up the greater part of our personal time. More than once we have thought about packing it in and then something happens that makes us think that maybe we’ll hang in there just a tiny bit longer. Like just the other day. Someone actually clicked on our new donate button and sent us $10 just because she liked the blog! We saved the notification because it was the first tangible evidence we have received that someone likes what we’re doing.

                This is a long way of saying that we have a lot on our plate and are unlikely to be able to intuit what videos might be out there that shed light on one of our reader’s comments, which we in turn responded to. In the future, please feel free to post whatever content you’d like us to see so we can comment on that. In this case, my response would have been the same but at least you and I would have been on the same page.

                Please understand: I don’t know what was up with that driver and I am horrified that he ran into those people. But my greater point is this: It is stupid to mill around in the street in this climate, barricade or not. All the indiscriminate violence (like knocking little old ladies into fire hydrants and beating the S#$% out of people), as well as the looting and destruction to property is not only WRONG, it is making people really, really mad. There are a lot of unbalanced people out there and thinking you’re not going to trigger them by lawless behavior is, at best, naive. I sure would not mill around on a freeway. Even the police aren’t safe there. 16 of them were killed by vehicles just last year!

                Hope you’ll stick around.

              • George Michalopulos says

                How horrifying.

              • “And yet, here it is”

                It exists mutiple places, but you chose to link from within a hit piece article.

                I like how they paint him as having “sped off” for leaving the scene when people approach the car, demand he get out, and start banging on the car. 


                The Washington State Patrol said Sunday evening that going forward it won’t allow protesters to enter I-5 and would arrest pedestrians on the freeway.


                Mead emphasized that the freeway is “simply not a safe place” for pedestrians, and said he hoped protesters would cease what he termed “unlawful behavior” in blocking the interstate.

                “My hope is, as a result of this tragedy, protesters will reconsider their desire to be on the interstate because I cannot guarantee their safety, plain and simple,” Mead said.

                Then there’s the issue of your linked article making it sound as if the highway had been closed for 19 days continously, rather than randomly by the police after the fact, since we can tell they weren’t allowed to just arrest them.

                “Officials were trying to determine the motive as well as where he got onto the interstate, which had been closed by the state patrol for more than an hour before the women were hit.”

                And the assumption that this guy was speeding to begin with.  The speed limit is 65/70 mph in California from what I can found.

                ” ‘No one should risk their life for demanding better from our city, state and country,’ Durkan said on Twitter. ”

                Unless they show up at the mayor’s 7 million dollar mansion that is, then they’ve gone too far, but those “demanding better” mustn’t be at any “risk” when playing with the lives and property of commoners. 

                • Disappointed Reader says

                  “…you chose to link from…”
                  I chose to link to the only article I had at the time containing the video. I expressed no endorsement of the views contained in said article. It is not “my… article”.
                  You, on the other hand, knowing that the video existed in “multiple places”, chose not to correct the mistaken claim that “There is no video”.
                  The other comments you make I consider rather obvious.

                  • Gail Sheppard says

                    It’s “yours” because it appears under your name, and you didn’t qualify it. If you don’t want people to think what you post here is yours, be sure to say where you got it and put boundaries around it.

                    You can’t know what Myst knew. If video existed, I didn’t see it, either, and I really looked. (After George saw it, I refused to look at it after what he described.)

                    I was the one who made the point that there was no video. We were talking about the comment I was responding to. There was a picture of the car. Not a video. And you were mad that I hadn’t studied the video before I reached the conclusion that: “It is stupid to mill around in the street where you can be hit by a car.”

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Disappointed Reader, I must come to Gailina’s defense here.  I most definitely saw this video and it was horrifying.  Last night at dinner I told her about it and because she has an aversion to seeing scenes of violence (so much so that we often can’t agree to see the same movie), she refused to see it.
                      I must say that I can’t blame her as it was horrific.  
                      I suspect one reason you don’t see it is because it doesn’t fit the narrative; you know White Supremacist mows down innocent BLM protesters in the street.  When it became obvious that the driver of the car was a black man from Africa (Eritrea), the narrative changed slightly to “Luxury Car Mows Down Protesters”.  
                      Because you know, luxury cars (which only White Supremacists drive) have their own moral agency and take off on their own to mow down People of Color.  

          • “The highway was closed by the police; there were no supposed to be ANY cars on it.”

            They have been closing down the Interstate intermittently, without notice for the past 19 days.  These people should have been arrested everytime they showed up, instead of trying to prevent people from entering the highway.  Sooner or later this was going to happen. 

            “The car was driving at a high rate of speed, and any sight of it approaching was blocked by a van. The two women were not deliberately standing in front of a moving car, was the gruesome video makes abundantly clear.”

            The whole mob was intentionally standing in front of the only path for traveling cars to go.  The whole setup only makes sense if you’re expecting cars, and the goal is to attack random passing whites, forcing the driver to injure people in the mob when they roll through it to escape, making for more agitprop for more riots, more donations. And they’re all confident in the treasonous establishment to prosecute the victim driver and none of them, and the media to side with them.  The only thing that went wrong here from the BLM perspective was the driver was black. 

            Here’s another BLM street blocking from yesterday (July 5th) that killed an 8 year old black girl.


            In the days since Rayshard Brooks was killed while attacking and fleeing police at an Atlanta Wendy’s on June 12, armed protest mobs have taken to controlling access to the area, blocking streets enabled by a weak response by police and city leaders. Saturday night, an 8-year-old girl was killed when the car she was riding in near the Wendy’s was blocked by an armed protest mob that opened fire on the car, according to police.


            There was a triple shooting in Atlanta Sunday that killed one person that took place at the same location as the deadly shooting of an 8-year-old black girl by Black Lives Matter protesters Saturday night.

            • Disappointed Reader says

              No. People who are trying to get hit by a car do not scatter in terror when they see a car approaching – as the BLM mob is seen doing in the video. 
              Your subsequent comments about shootings in Atlanta perpetrated by BLM thugs, while true, do not affect this particular point.

              • Gail Sheppard says

                Again, I didn’t see a video nor did I look at yours, as George told me human beings are hit so hard they’re flying up in the air.

                I don’t remember saying anything about Atlanta.

                No one said anyone was trying to get hit by a car, either. I said (as did many) it is stupid to mill around on a freeway and think you’re not going to get hurt.

          • Antiochene Son says

            The road was not “closed,” or else the car would not have been on it. In fact the police said they would no longer be closing highways for safety. The van parked in the middle of the road was not a police vehicle.
            In a just society these Antifa would have been given a Darwin Award and we would move on.

  9. George Michalopulos says

    This is what I mean by “demonic fury”:
    The Left, bless their little hearts, just can’t shake their hatred of this country, God and all that is good.

    • Family Man says

      Rioters in Tampa tried ruin our 4th of July.
      After Liturgy this morning we came upon a “defund the police” protest blocking the busiest road in Tampa. There were no police at the scene.  We turned into a McDonalds to get to backroads and to make our way out.  Police were lined up a few blocks away, we said a prayer for them and for their protection.  This video shows what happened a few minutes after we left the scene. Thank God for our police and answered prayers.

      I hope this link works, I am not sure if he posted this publicly or just for his FB friends.


      • Gail Sheppard says

        Thank you so much, Family Man, for bringing this to our attention! Thank goodness you and your family are safe.

        Great video from Patrick Moffre on FB! For those of you who don’t know the official story, the person on the ground was not beat up by the cops, although I understand they did use pepper spray on the crowd. Clearly, the police are not amused. They have better things to do than to have to come to a scene to GET PEOPLE OUT OF THE STREET. What a waste of our officer’s time.

        Here is an official story from a local new outlet:

        * * *

        TAMPA, Fla. — For a number of Tampa protesters, Independence Day ended in handcuffs.

        Seven demonstrators were arrested after police said the group blocked traffic along Dale Mabry Highway.

        Saturday’s protests came to a messy end after a group of about 40 protestors met in the Walmart parking lot near I-275 before making their way towards Spruce Street.
        That’s when police said the group blocked traffic and where the unrest started.

        Traffic was blocked for about an hour as the crowd grew to about 100 people, with vehicles driving through and around the protest.

        When officers made the first arrest, they say the crowd got agitated and moved toward officers, according to police.

        That led officers to fire off pepper spray to disperse the crowd and make additional arrests.

        Police say two cars were damaged in the process.


        • George Michalopulos says

          It’s worse than that:  in Seattle, a black man from Africa ran over two white women SJWs who were illegally blocking access on an entrance ramp to the highway.  One of the women is dead, the other is critically injured.
          As I remember seeing the first stories out of the MSM, this was being blamed on a “white supremacist” because this is the narrative they’re putting out.

          • Johann Sebastian says

            Leftist nutjobs consider anyone that doesn’t subscribe to and support their agenda to be “white supremacists.”
            Even if they’re black (or Asian, or Latin, or mixed, or Indians both dotted and feathered, or whatever).
            Been there and know many others in the same boat.

            • Sage-Girl says

              Johann, exactly!
              Look how Blacks treat conservative Dr. Ben Carson or Sheriff David Clark? And shame on Kanye West the opportunist who used up kindness of President Trump + now denounces him after BLM riots !
              Well KW was always on meds for his mental illness — who else could tolerate Kardashian trash? 

            • cynthia curran says

              Yes, Andy Ngo who is Vietnamese is considered a white supremacists since he reported a lot on the activity of Portland Antifa. I blame social workers that aided the runaways in Portland for Antifa. I watched a show on homeless runaways in Portland which took place in 2,005. These kids were complaining against capitalism,so when Rose City Antifa was formed that got these street kids to join in since they share food and clothing within the Antifa cells, a loose commune.

              • cynthia curran says

                https://www.discoverthenetworks.org/ The left even mad at Norm Chromsky, a grand daddy figure since he said they went to far going after any statements made. Now, that is crazy.

              • Antiochene Son says

                Basically anyone who disagrees with BLM is a “literal Nazi” today. And disagreeing with them is grounds for being kicked off social media and/or fired from your job and many have been. 
                Whats ironic is that shifting the Overton window to count an average Republican as a “Nazi” gives actual Nazis a whole lot of space to create more actual Nazis. If people with normal views are punished as extremists, that will just make more people adopt extreme views because there is no reason to hold back.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  That is the irony, isn’t it AS? When one is in the middle more or less but the extremists –in this case the Left–make compromise and dialogue impossible, then Normies are pushed further to the right. Which is even more ironic is that this moderates the extreme Right which then takes in those with more moderate views.

          • Sage-Girl says

            Thanks Geo – we get more of the Truth on Monomakhos than mainstream media ?

  10. George Michalopulos says

    The inimitable Victor Davis Hanson on the self-contradictions inherent in the Left:


  11. George Michalopulos says

    Speaking of White Privilege, the Biden’s have it in spades:


    • cynthia curran says

      Nothing new. I don’t understand why the Democrats go on and on about white versus black. In fact, blacks while behind whites in income or have higher poverty rates also are more likely to live in rural parts of the south which means lower income or higher poverty rates. Blacks also have less of a nuclear family than whites, a factor why in Ohio whites have a poverty rate of 11 percent and blacks 28 percent. Ohio is a state where college graduates are in the middle not very high. So, whites there are more likely to do manufacturing, warehousing, cook jobs, or uber drivers, or plumbers.

  12. George Michalopulos says

    Looks like the anti-GOYA boycott is turning into a “buycott”:


    Yet another sign that Trump is going to be reelected.

    • At first I thought this was about the Greek Orthodox Youth of America…

    • cynthia curran says

      It has a been production plant in Puerto Rico which is much poorer than Mississippi. I guess AOC doesn’t want to help the poor commonwealth.

    • GCU Jaundiced Outlook says

      Well, I’d give Trump a 20% chance at this point of squeaking out another narrow EC victory. With a 30% chance of a narrow Biden win and a 50% chance of a Biden landslide.

      Back at January 1st I was at even money against whoever the eventual Dem nominee was. A more traditional incumbent would have been 70% for reelection at that point.

      Trump’s chances only look good if you believe all the polls are wrong and all the approval surveys are invalid.

      Now, Trump might improve his odds in my estimation between now and November, but in the midst of all this (waves arms vaguely around), that is far from a given!

      • Antiochene Son says

        If Trump had governed the way he ran for office, if all the worst fears of the pink-haired cat ladies had been realized, he would sail to reelection. But he didn’t, so I would say your assessment is right.

  13. cynthia curran says
  14. Don’t say you weren’t warned – for you were:
    KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America (1984)

    • Everyone needs to watch the various Bezmenov videos that are available. He hits the nail on the head.

    • Gregory Manning says

      I remember watching the Bezemov interview when it was broadcast on TV. Ironically, I think it was on early PBS in the 80’s. An interesting companion video on You Tube is “The Century of the Self”, also originally broadcast on TV. It’s a lengthy documentary about Edward Bernays, the father of modern day marketing. A very cynical man who was unabashedly pleased with his ability to create propaganda for the purpose of manipulating the masses. A neat and tidy summary of this man may be watched here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOUcXK_7d_c About 12 minutes long.

      • Bernays – godfather of propaganda – was the nephew of Sigmund Freud and weaponized his uncle’s research.

  15. That was a long day. Now to eat a giant spoonful of GOYA beans and look at the latest Quinnipiac numbers.

  16. George Michalopulos says

    You know, I’ve been saying from the jump (right after George Floyd died) that these riots were manufactured by “outside agitators” who are almost exclusively white interlopers (i.e. not from “The Hood”). What I didn’t realize is how racist they were.

    Read the words of this black officer from Portland who has been called every name in the book by the Antifa/SJWs if you don’t believe me: