Heard on the Street…


It seems that the deposition of Fr Zacchaeus Wood has been put on hold. Syosset decided to kick the can down the road, probably until August. One reason of course is because their reputation with Moscow is pretty much in the toilet. Will they do the smart thing and release him before now and August?

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  1. Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

    Talk about jumping to conclusions!!!

    if someone who is dumber than a pailful of hammers meets someone more sly than a fox maybe the dummy thinks he’s going to lay down the law to the sly guy? Or maybe he’s going to negotiate taking the EP’s Albanians into the OCA.

  2. M. Stankovich says

    And I know for a fact that another member of the Holy Synod made a pilgrimage to the holy sites of Ephesus very recently, arranged a private meeting with the Ecumenical Patriarch, was warmly received and dined, exchanged gifts, was invited to stand next to the EP the next day (Sunday) during the Divine Liturgy, was commemorated & communed with the other bishops in attendance, and was officially and privately photographed with the EP (which I possess) before he was warmly sent on his journey home. Shame on you for this “gutter filth” conclusion specifically intended to rouse gossip and animus.

  3. Stankovich,

    The bishop in question was there because of his Albanian connection and not because of his OCA connection. He was invited to Albania because of his Albanian connection and not his OCA connection. You can also bet your bottom dollar that recognition of the OCA as a autocephalous church was never discussed because the OCA already knows the answer to that question, “not now not ever.”

    Talk about trying to put lipstick on a pig, you are a pip and a pretty poor PR rep for your Syosset pals.

    The return of the OCA Albanian diocese to the Church of Albania and under their protection makes more sense than you trying to peddle that Nikon was there to fly the OCA flag. He was not.

    My sources tell me that it was all cordial and respectful, as if that is news? What did you expect? Oh, and one more thing, don’t expect Metropolitan Tikhon to make a similar trip to the EP any time soon, unless it is to announce that the OCA is going back under the MP.

  4. Bishop Tikhon Fitzgerald says

    So, George opines “they” are just kicking the Archimandrite down the road for now, rather than under the bus?

    Why August? Anybody?