UN + GOA = Agenda 2030

Then the voice which I heard from heaven spoke to me again and said, “Go take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel who stands on the sea and on the earth.”  So I went to the angel and said to him, “Give me the little book.”  And he said to me, “Take and eat it; and it will make your stomach bitter but it will be as sweet as honey in your mouth.”  (Rev 10:8-10)

I can say with this latest piece of news out of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, it is indeed “bitter in my stomach.”  As for its “sweetness in my mouth,” I suppose that’s an idiom for “I told you so.”  

Before you go accusing me of being anti-GOA, please read the following announcement.  It’s from their own website :


I guess Soros is still bankrolling the Phanar.  Otherwise, why would they be doing this?  

I mean, what exactly are “extractive industries”?  Oil, carbon, mining in general.  I know all the right buzzwords are in there, things like “sustainability” and the like.    

So what exactly are we talking about?  How about this:


If you want to distill Agenda 2030 into a sound bite it would be something like this:  “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” 

Yeah, I don’t think so.  Because getting us off of “extractive industries” is not doable.  Nor is it desirable.  I mean, unless you want to wear a loincloth and live in a grass hut like a South Sea Islander, which will no longer be an option, they don’t have a solution.  

Agenda 2030 didn’t launch as planned in 2016 or 2021, but hope springs eternal.  We’re shooting for 2030 now.  I’ve read the 17 goals and the ramifications which are anything but clear.  Basically, it is about equalizing global resources.  Those with high birth rates and carbon emissions will be compensated to offset their resulting poverty.  Women will hold an elevated status just because.  There will be education for all, whether you have an aptitude for it or not, and like the kids who get out of junior college in June, a lot of people will be standing around saying, “Now what?”

They’re actually banking on using Syrian children, today, as the predominant source of income in the years to come because they will be the right age to work in 2030!  Yeah, it may take some more time to put that together.

There is to be mass migration, without penalty, so the poor can move into more affluent nations.  Those who can’t or don’t work will be given a stipend.  Vaccination will become the norm.  Access to contraception, a necessity.  We will live in cities where we will be heavily monitored and take public transportation.  (Gates will own all the farmland.)  We will own nothing and rent necessities from the state.

We’ll be a state commodity, existing on vegan diets and wearing textiles of nondescript colors that itch. 

Oh, and they say we’ll “be happy”.  Happy about what?

My parents tried this trick.  They laid down an Agenda-16 when I was 16, an Agenda-21 when I was 21, and even an Agenda-30 at which time I was expected to pop out their first grandchild. 

No dating, which cut down on the birthrate. 

The car was off-limits so no carbon emissions.

I was given a meager allowance which paid for the “what’s-in-this-burger- anyway” food I could afford.

The dog and I had all our shots.  I checked.

Only I wasn’t happy.  No “sweet as honey” registered with me at all.   My stomach is doing flip-flops just thinking about it. 


The problem with their way is that it’s not our way.   

For example, most people don’t feel the impetus about climate change that they do.  We figure the planet belongs to our Creator, and He’ll fix it if it needs fixing.  Oh sure, we’ll water it and tend to it, but it’s not up to us to put chemicals in front of the sun to dull its deadly rays, as Gates is trying to do.      

We don’t feel birth control is the be-all, end-all solution to what they call an “unmet contraception need” either.  It’s just another term for abortion.  I’ve lived my whole life without one.  It can be done.     

I haven’t gotten my tax return for 2020.  Why would I want to trust them to send me a stipend?  You see, none of this makes sense.

But the real difference between us and them is we have a God upon whom we can depend.  In their world, they are the gods.  They are alone.  They are defenseless.  They are one step away from total annihilation with no recourse but to come up with yet another plan.  When you have to change an agenda 15 times in as many years, it’s probably not going to fly.  

The bottom line is this:  If the “Church” sees this as the path forward, it’s not God’s Church.  It’s a hard reality to accept, but that’s where we are, folks.  

Mrs. M


  1. Ella Marie says

    If psoros is paying the bills, then what are the organized crime facets aka senate, 100, archons, etc getting as their cut? How stupid is??? How stupid do they think we are??????? Who’s going to work the gyro and calamari booth???????

  2. Yeah, it appears the GOA is following right after the Episcopalians. Not a surprise. Same basic worldview.

  3. Anti-Pope Francis has the dubious honor of having gone there first: full apostasy, idol worship (Pachamama), promotion of mass migration and green-washing (remember when he told people not to use plastic straws?), plus vaccine mandates in Vatican City. Nothing that comes out of the Vatican today would be out of place in the mission statement of a “progressive” NGO. The Vatican IS a “progressive” NGO. Indeed, it is difficult to find Christians of any denomination who believe in the supernatural. That explains why the (formerly) Christian West is so terrified of Covid even though the mortality rate is extremely low. They’re so afraid to die and would rather live under a jackboot, masked, vaccinated, tracked and QR-coded. The idea that Christ’s yoke is sweet and His burden is light, would be ludicrous to them, so they embrace the yoke of a brutal earthly dictator, believing that he will keep them safe and happy. Religious leaders have shown themselves to be complete doormats.

  4. “Vaccination will become the norm… We will live in cities where we will be heavily monitored and take public transportation.”

    Sputnik V’s developer claims vaccine contains ‘markers’ that can be used to check if someone is vaxxed or not:


    Russian mainstream news covering what amounts to their Fauci bragging about their “vaccines” have “Marked” everyone who took them:


    Prince, “New World,” lyrics:


    When you want to find some isolation
    But the tracker you got from vaccination (keeps playing)
    Keeps playing, “you’ll never walk alone” (over and over)

    They’re always listening, especially on the phone


    What’s it all for when you can alter biology?
    Who or what, then my friend, will you and I be?

    When the melting pot stirs, how you gonna take it?
    When you can’t tell him from her, how you gonna fake it?


    When the lines blur every boy and girl
    How you gonna make it in this brave new world?

  5. “The Living Church” has a nice ring to it. UN approved

    • The living church was a revisionist church in the USSR in the 1920’s,,,,it was short lived, but the courts of the USA considered it canonical because they awarded it st Nicholas cathedral. The last living church bishop, patriarch Joseph klimovich of Springfield mass, died circa 1959

  6. AnonymousII says

    This is called communism, Codreanu was right.

  7. Regarding: “I guess Soros is still bankrolling the Phanar. Otherwise, why would they be doing this?”

    Back in 2010 then Bishop Savas Zembillas (now Metropolitan) was publicly endorsing George Soros and his funding of the pro-abortion Human Rights Watch organization. Here we are 12 years later and the GOA is still embracing Soros.

    … the point is there is no larger context in which Bp. Savas offered the praise, that’s what so troubling about it. George Soros pops out of nowhere and is framed as a benevolent actor presumably because Bp. Savas approves of the charity that received Soros’ $100 million. The linking of Soros with benevolence is what constitutes the praise.

    It may be that Bp. Savas does not know the destruction Soros has caused and still continues to cause. On the other hand, The GOA has been the indirect beneficiary of Soros largess when the Ecumenical Patriarch was defending global warming (before global warming research was exposed as fraudulent) and feted by such organizations as the Center for American Progress, a Soros funded think tank. Perhaps His Grace is aware of these alliances and therefore holds to a more benign opinion than what is warranted. (I sent a warning that this was a dangerous alliance almost a year ago, months before the fall of the global warming establishment.)

    His Grace has got to understand that his position as a bishop lends an authority to his comments that increases their moral weight. The proof is the reactions his initial comment immediately garnered. His respondents were so quick to respond with criticisms of their own thereby lending a counterweight to what they perceived as implicit praise. There simply is no other way to read this. — Fr. Johannes Jacobse


    • cynthia curran says

      The funny thing is electric cars are cheaper to built in the south and Midwest not California or New York. So, Ford announced big plants 2 in Kentucky and 2 in Tn for electric cars and battery. It doesn’t help the employment of blue states.

  8. Too many in church and civil gov’t have just “lost it,” what can you say?

  9. The mistake of the Davos people is that they think they can announce what they’re doing, broadcast it even, allow opposition (with some censorship) and prevail in relatively free societies where there is an opposition media and increasingly organized political opposition. In short, they think they can finesse it. And that will be their undoing.

    Were they to actually shut down the country like they did DC after 1/6 and seriously crack down on opposition media, they might succeed. But in the end, they would have to come for the guns and that would be bloody no matter how you cut it. However, they might feel like they could live with potentially independent regions so long as they occupied the field of MSM, censored opposition and exploited the FBI/DOJ to the fullest.

    Being liberals who have been radicalized by prospects of political doom, rather than being true revolutionary socialists, they are reluctant to use too much totalitarian police state force. They do not perceive that the danger of allowing opposition grows exponentially in direct relationship to the level of Orwellian oppression. Maybe some do, but on the whole, they are not behaving as they would need to in order to prevail in their wicked endeavor. Instead, they are simply poking a bear with a jagged stick in the hope that it will become intimidated. You either tame the bear or you let it be. They’re too dumb to understand that.

    And we should be grateful to God for that.

    Think of it as the Bolshevik Revolution in reverse; i.e., a quasi-socialist Establishment entering a period of weak Provisional Government on the road to right wing rule (RWR). What we have seen in Hungary, Poland and increasingly in the rest of Europe is just such a phenomenon. You have to get through the mental realization that we are coming from socialism (the liberal welfare state on administrative steroids) into a transitional period triggered by Trumpism here in America. What has taken over, temporarily, is akin to the Provisional Government in Russia after the abdication of the tsar. During that period there were two systems operating, one a weak attempt at center left democracy, the other an emerging shadow/oppositional government of the soviets (workers’ councils). Eventually the shadow government simply took over, nullified the most recent elections and chased the PG representatives out of the Duma, literally.

    The parallels are not completely on all fours. There are differences in the two situations. But they are certainly comparable and enlightening for those familiar with the history (as I’m sure George is). Make no mistake, there is no going back historically. We are moving forward into a new era, as the Russians were a century ago. But the political dynamics are similar. Recall, those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

    But I do not say that in an ominous way for the Right. It is the Left who have failed the lesson, not us. Trump will not become a dictator. We can see the paradigm in Hungary, for instance. Just as Russians have “sovereign democracy”; i.e., a dominant party republic, so we will have sovereign constitutionalism, a similar creature. It is the spirit and mindset with which the Constitution is approached that is vital. You don’t want the “Living Constitution” any more than you want the “Living Church”. What you want is a national consensus expressed electorally by the anointing of one party as dominant and an explication of the Constitution in accordance with the principles espoused by that dominant party (originalism).

    Only a moral people can keep the form of a republic. The question is whether America can regain that moral constitution for there is no doubt that it has been lost. Despite the constant drip of conflicting news reports, the prognosis is not bad.

  10. I saw this on Instagram, unbelievable. This really does officially show why Elpidophoros says and does what he does.

    With this being the official position of the GOA I’m really having a hard time figuring how the good priests/laity/parishes can justify staying in GOARCH any longer.
    I’ll extend the same puzzlement to the Ephraim monasteries. I know they have stated that they will officially leave the GOA when they concelebrate with the Roman Catholics, but, how is this with the UN…or concelebrating with the Ukrainian schismatics any better? Why set Rome as the goalpost? At what point will this filth start infiltrating the monasteries as it has to some on Athos?

    Edit – Just saw this from Helleniscope:


    • Good question why Rome is the goalpost, except that it’s a very old schism with councils about it and a formal anathema that make it very easy to know when the line has been crossed. Perhaps they’re waiting to see how the relatively new Ukrainian situation plays itself out before coming to a final decision.

      The new charter, if it happens, is disquieting. For now at least it just refers to parish properties (not that that makes it any better), so it’s hard to say if they’ll try to extend that to the Ephraim monasteries, but I certainly hope they would leave before signing their property rights over to the GOA. There are plenty of canonical jurisdictions which to my knowledge would be glad to take them in as-is without trying to make them more Russian or anything like that.

    • They are all the same. The Ephraimite monasteries are not going to leave the GOARCH they will die out eventually but they will always be in agreement with their ethnarcs. The Greek laity are basically Anglicans, the “good” traditional members are completely ignorant as to the reality and will be in denial if they found out the truth. Not that it matters as they will never find out the truth to be in denial of..

      • Gus,
        It seems like those of them who disagree with CP Supremacy still go along with the CP anyway. This happens lots of times in human psychology. Someone could find out that Sadaam didn’t have WMDs, and then they could still imagine that invading Iraq was good.

        I don’t know how many GOARCH people believe in the CP’s First Without Equals claims, but even ones who don’t still follow along. Probably something was similar in the Roman Church for centuries, where people disagreed in their own minds about RC teachings but still remained quiet and stayed members.

        One of the factors is waiting until your own ox is gored. If someone’s own local synod claims that it rules all other Christians, the person doesn’t feel the damage as much as if someone else’s synod makes the same declaration. It’s one thing for an Austrian to hear that the Pope of Rome is supreme and something else emotionally and psychologically for a Greek or Serbian to hear that the Pope of Rome is supreme.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          I don’t think so and I’ll tell you why: 2/3s of the Church failed to show up for the Great and Holy Council in 2016. Russia, Antioch, Bulgaria, Georga, and the OCA (who weren’t invited) did not attend. The issues were the same back then as they are now. Bartholomew didn’t care that it was poorly attended and moved forward anyway. People just ignored him. Since then, he has moved into Ukraine (Russian territory) and into Serbian and Bulgarian territory, as well. We’re all tired of this.

          No one, but for him and his metropolitans over places that no longer exist, believes in the “first without equals” thing.

          He is “first among equals.”

          If I were introducing my mother to you, I would say, “Mother, I would like you to meet Hal.” Not because she is more important, but because those are the rules of etiquette.

          The Ecumenical Patriarch is mentioned first in the diptychs, not because he is more important, but because it is our custom to follow a specific order.

          The EP does get to do two things because of his role: He can mediate in a dispute if asked and he can call councils when there is a need for one. However, he has no authority with respect to when a council is needed. If his brother bishops ask for one, like all the Local Churches did before he went into Ukraine, he is not supposed to ignore them.

          The Orthodox Church is slow to move. It may take several more years to straighten this out.

          If I were Russia, I would buy the property where the Ecumenical Patriarchate sits and I would dismantle the building. I would wrap each brick in the finest linen and mail it, piece by piece, to a prime plot of land in Greece.

          If the Ecumenical Patriarchate moves out of Turkey, his “special powers” evaporate. No bishop should have the power to create such havoc in the Church. – Knowing Russia, she’ll just build her exarchate around him and let him sit there in the middle on his throne.

          The ones who follow him derive cultural importance from being connected to him. They have long titles and think if you’re not Greek you’re not Orthodox.

  11. Here is what your NWO Christian “Sects” Church will look like. Scroll down article please.

    Perhaps this is another reason fir the archdiocese desire to grab property rights. See the NWO religious center. Where is Orthodox Christianity? Also look up the architect His friend has blasphemed Theotokos in a famous porn painting. This NWO globalist religious site opens in 2022.


  12. Sarah Karcher says

    Wow. I’m going to have to look into what in tbe world the GOAs part is in this.

    You made great points, especially about our dependence on God and how easily that is forgotten in our modern age of endless convenience and government coddling. God help us.