Tucker Defends the Church!

We just received the following episode from Tucker Carlson’s latest interview, with Robert Amsterdam, an American lawyer.  Mr Amsterdam (who is Jewish) is going to bat for the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. 

Best thing that ever happened to Tucker is getting fired from FOX.  He’s way more powerful now.  Just sayin’. 

Please watch it, it’s a doozy:


My only question is this:  why aren’t there any Orthodox Christian lawyers out there willing to defend the Ukrainian Orthodox Church?  Surely, there are some Archons who are lawyers?  At least I would think so.

Oh, wait.  I forgot:  the Archons are Bartholomew’s minions, so they won’t step up and do the right thing.  After all, their “spiritual leader” is the one who unleashed this whole mess in the first place.  

Anathema sas!


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