Trump: To the Justice Department

The Jan. 6 special committee has withdrawn its subpoena of Trump.

The committee instead referred Trump to the Justice Department for potential criminal prosecution on four separate charges. 

“. . . the Justice Department has already been scrutinizing Trump as part of its probe into January 6 and efforts to overturn the 2020 election.”


  1. Is this a way to try and cover up the role of the FBI on January 6th? And Pelosi?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Precisely. Also a way of covering up their incompetence. Those of us in the know have always thought that the entire J6 Committee was nothing but another scene in the kabuki theater that is Deep State politics.

  2. Lawfare.

    Hard to say how it will all work out. They have no evidence at all to indict or convict Trump; however, a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich (as we attorneys say). They only hear one side and it is always possible to make something out of nothing.

    And a DC jury, or even one in New York City, might convict him just for spite. It would probably be overturned on appeal given the complete lack of evidence and considerable evidence that he dissuaded the crowd from any nefarious activity. It’s all a sham/frame job. “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

    Eugene Debbs legally ran for president from jail. It’s not out of the question. But something tells me that the Golden Don, the Teflon Don, will never serve a day regardless of what they try. Really, they just feel like they have to do everything they can to try and dissuade him from running because he scares the life out of them. Given his first term, this is probably unjustified. I wish there were someone on the horizon who could actually break them decisively, but I just don’t see him in America.

    If Trump doesn’t get the nomination, I’ll write him in. If he drops out, I’ll write in Dmitri Medvedev and call it a day.

    • Misha,
      I think anyone who has an ounce of common sense knows that the J6 Committee is nothing more than a soviet (committee) to discourage and warn anyone not a part of the Uniparty to back off from throwing their hat in the Presidential ring.

      Taking a trip down memory lane, we must remember that Trump was closing the U.S. cash register to the various international entities and making other countries pay their fair share. Therefore, it is pretty clear to me they were in panic mode and the following sequence of events is what lead tyrannical government agencies around the world beholden to the globalist agenda to take the measures they took. The weaponization of this virus was just the catalyst to not just get rid of Trump but also and attempt accelerate the globalist/administrative state agenda that they were unable to do with the so-called climate change, global warming program.

      1. Trump told NATO countries to ante up.
      2. Trump removed the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accords.
      3. Trump implemented tariffs on goods coming from China.
      4. Trump’s impeachment in Jan 2020 was unsuccessful.

      Unfortunately, Trump got hoodwinked by all of this and grossly overreacted to this virus which at its peak still had a 99% survival rate even with the suppression of repurposed drugs.

      From my perspective the English language does not allow me to encapsulate in a single word the evilness that was actualized by government tyrants and petty dictator citizens. These edicts were heinous, pitiless, unseemly, barbarous, disgraceful, hideous, cruel, demoralizing and dehumanizing.

      Some will say that the media would have crucified him if he would have acted otherwise. Well, was he not already being crucified? What did he have to lose by sticking to the fundamental American principle of liberty, freedom and personal responsibility? His role as President of the U.S. was to protect our Rights NOT our health! It is our individual responsibility to do our own risk/benefit or burden/benefit analysis not some national task force or three letter government agencies!

      Was it not Trump that allowed the three letter agencies to be weaponized and take a roll of making public policy which was never intended?

      There would have been no need for the Cares Act or any of these machinations if Trump early on would have at least diluted the opinions of Fauci, Birx and Redfield with those of Risch, Ioannides and Malone.

      With all of that said as someone who voted for Trump in 2016 and reluctantly in 2020 because of his response to the Covidcon, I really am having a hard time understanding how anyone who believes in individual liberty, limited government and inalienable natural rights can continue to support him.?? Please help me see my blind spot!

      • “Was it not Trump that allowed the three letter agencies to be weaponized and take a roll of making public policy which was never intended?”

        No. They already had all the power they needed long before Trump got into office. They have been doing this stuff since WWII at least and the Patriot Act gave them practically unlimited power.

        I’m not going to defend Trump regarding Covid. I said from the moment I saw reliable data that it was nothing more than the flu – the flu weaponized to bring down a president. Were there not Trump presidency, none of it would have happened and we wouldn’t even be aware there was such a thing as Covid-19 because it would all be folded in to flu deaths without the wild exaggerations.

        “I really am having a hard time understanding how anyone who believes in individual liberty, limited government and inalienable natural rights can continue to support him.?? Please help me see my blind spot!”

        Well, I”m a monarchist. So I’ll have to demur to those who believe in “individual liberty, limited government and inalienable natural rights”, which I do not. However, I see your point and I’m not encouraging anyone to vote for anyone at this point. Come 2024, we’ll see what we have to choose from. But at this point, it should be clear that the choice is illusory. It’s rigged/fixed – period. So I wouldn’t worry about it much at all. I will likely vote for Trump as the one person I know is not part of the Borg since it hates him with an unholy passion. And, but for Trump, we wouldn’t know that the whole free society thing has always been a charade managed by the legacy media, intelligence agencies, the Uniparty and academia. It is simply a kinder and gentler (in some ways) form of totalitarianism than was the Soviet system.

        It’s the system that must be changed, not the management.

        • Misha,
          Fair enough sir!

        • “Were there not Trump presidency,
          none of it would have happened … ”

          Oh, it would have happened all right.
          The patents date back over twenty years..
          Gates tried to shut down the economy over H1N1 in 2010.
          All this was in the works long before Trump.

          • Respectfully, Brendan,

            I don’t think we would have had the hysteria and vulgar overreach absent panic about the prospect of a Trump re-election. It morphed after the coup into a way to intimidate and expand the precedent of “police powers”. But, they didn’t do anything remotely as comprehensive under Obama. They didn’t “try” under Obama. They did precisely what they wanted to.

  3. Anonymous II says


    I cannot in good conscience give any more support to Trump (I voted for him twice). He was previously very cautious about being overtly pro-LGBT but now it’s out in the open.


    Any political candidate who gets on board with LGBT perversion like this becomes an existential threat to my children and the Church. I want no part of it.

    Add that to the list of:

    – Unwavering support for vaccines after being an anti-vaxxer pre-White House
    – Leaving Jan. 6 protestors to rot in prison while pardoning Israeli spies and rappers
    – Either doing nothing to stop election fraud or lying about it (pick one)
    – Doing nothing about social media censorship with evidence his administration was neck deep in it
    – Armed Ukraine

    …and likely many other things as well. I think the best case anyone can make for Trump is that he exposed the systemic corruption and is bringing the house of cards down, with him sacrificing himself in it. There’s no way he’s making a comeback that includes the presidency without gigantic mea culpas on every one of these points. And why isn’t he vocally anti-war at this point?…

    • I would add his failure to pardon Snowden, Assange, or Manning.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Give him time.

        • Antiochene Son says

          He’s no longer president. He had the opportunity and didn’t do it.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            Maybe he’ll have that opportunity again. In today’s climate, he would have been crucified.

            • Antiochene Son says

              Perhaps. He should have been strong enough to do so. The times require such men.

              • When I say I’ll likely vote for Trump again in 2024, assuming I’m still living in the US, I don’t wish to suggest that anyone else should or should not do so. Bottom line for me is that I’ve given up on America . . . Trump or no Trump. America has been a force for evil for some time, often with the support of the American people who are mostly fools, and I’m glad American influence is receding – the faster the better.

                It is not particularly pleasant, I’m told, to live in an empire in rapid, decisive decline. That is the experience of the Brits during the twentieth century and their society has been largely emasculated as has ours during the past few decades. Trump at his new best ain’t gonna change that. It’s cyclical rather than something that can be changed by revivals.

                Now, after the bottoming out and the loss of American status and the collapse of our internal society into violent, perverse anarchy, there will be a revival. But its arrival is premature and I doubt it can be conjured as a prophylactic. As I remarked before, what is necessary is for the vast majority of Americans to see the DNC and their wicked Liberal Ideology as the focus of evil in the modern world rather than any other enemies, international or spiritual. They don’t.

                People want to make believe that Russia and/or China and/or Iran are the problem. This is not the case. Some good people want to make believe that their own sin is the problem. That is not the case either.

                The problem is that there are too few good people. You can be a deified saint, illumine a thousand souls around you, and not save your country from itself. Sad but true.

                It takes an increase in the number of the good and a winnowing out of the evil ones. Possibly the approaching storm will serve as such a refining fire, assuming it gets really bad.

                • John Sakelaris says

                  The comment above certainly lays out a definite point of view. But I disagree with its conclusion. The last paragraph especially takes it too far.

                  I hope to see other people comment on this.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Given the absolute perversity of our society and worse, the celebration of said perversity, I can’t see anything but a collapse. That doesn’t mean that we can’t rebound but there has to be a collective repentance.

                    There also has to be a calling out of our international errors. What shocks me is the open mafioso like attitude of our federal govt.

                    We saw this during the Obama admin when VP Biden openly bragged in front of God and everybody that he made the Ukrainian puppet-president fire his attorney general.

                    We also saw this last year when the US confiscated Russia’s external gold reserves, then blew up the NS 1 & 2 pipeline (the greatest ecological catastrophe since Chernobyl), then probably murdered Daria Dugina, blew up the Kerch bridge, tried to assassinate Imran Khan (the former President of Pakistan), and now let it be known that they helped murder twelve Russian generals.

                    Things like this have woken up the rest of the world and frankly, shocked it. That’s one reason why the rest of the non-Western nations are solidly behind Russia. It is also the reason why there are definite fissures opening up in the EU and NATO.

                    • As I understand it,
                      the CIA succeeded the British East India Company
                      as the biggest drug traffickers on the planet,
                      starting with the wars in Indochina.
                      The sins of the fathers have a deal of visiting to do…

                    • I think a lot will hinge on how the blowback form the massive vaccine failure turns out. A lot of organizations will lose credibility, and that loss will be severe, especially for the many “Christian” churches that forced / encouraged their members to take it. This is a wild card, especially if the bodies really start to pile up. Unfortunately, it looks like this might happen. This could drive the collapse in a variety of ways.

                      The Church leadership is going to need to be proactive here, this could be a defining moment.

                      Did you see this latest post?

                      Or this from Ed Dowd? (Covid info at 28 min or so in):

                      I think we’re in for a wild and unpredictable ride in 2023.

                    • John Sakelaris says

                      Three people replied, but no one responded to my concern over that last paragraph. Particularly concerning to me was the hope expressed to see “a winnowing out of the evil ones.” It looked like the commenter was looking forward to violence.

                      I am wondering if I belong on this blog.

                    • Gail Sheppard says

                      I believe what he said, John, was, “It takes an increase in the number of the good and a winnowing out of the evil ones. Possibly the approaching storm will serve as such a refining fire, assuming it gets really bad.”

                      Terms like “good, evil, winnowing, refining fire,” etc. usually refer to acts of God. However, what he said is only logical: More good, means less bad.

                      No where did anyone say they were “looking forward to violence.”

                    • John Sakelaris says

                      And I repeat this comment: I wonder if I belong on this blog.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Personally, I think so.

                      If you will permit me to generalize to all commentators: because we no longer live in a free society, and everything that appears on this blog goes to the NSA, I ask that all references to perceived violence be eliminated.

                    • George,

                      I believe I made my sentiments on the subject clear in my post regarding federal law. This was in response to another commentator who seemed to suggest that there might be a kinetic response to a refusal to implement a SCOTUS decision overturning the 2020 election.

                      Being an attorney, regardless of how I feel about the situation, I know the power of the federal government and so I discourage anyone from going there. My remarks should not be construed in any way to encourage or invite any kinetic action against the government.

                • I have no idea what the storm will produce or what the whirlwind will reap. Nor will I be put on the defensive by someone’s imagination. What I’m saying is the Uniparty is playing with fire.

                  • Gail Sheppard says

                    Nor should you be. I would like to ask that people stop ascribing things to people that weren’t intended or said. From this point forward, this kind of speculation is prohibited. And those who engage in it will be asked to leave the blog.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Its’s one thing to predict an outcome, it’s quite another to encourage it.

                    We don’t encourage anything on this blog except for prayer, fasting and repentance.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Speaking of Snowden and Assange, Robert Barnes said on the Duran that he had the paperwork for their pardon on his desk to sign on the last day but somebody leaked this info to Cocaine Mitch who went purple with fury. He told Trump that if he issued those pardons, he would make sure that the second impeachment would result in not only his removal from office but a bill would be passed which would prevent him from seeking future office.

        This falls under the cliche “dead men can’t be brave.”

        At least now we know where the traitors within the Trump Admin were.

    • Deacon John says

      Wasn’t Mike Pompeo who was Trump’s Secretary of State involved in the formation of the OCU? It seems that Foggy Bottom at that time was very much involved in the forming of a schismatic Orthodox sect in the the Ukraine. How could Trump not be aware of this? Democrats and Republicans are all the same. Trump merely showed us what was behind the curtain but it’s still business as usual. My great grand daddy once told me that you can’t live in the swamp without getting some mud on you. I don’t trust any politician anymore. The only one I trust is my Bishop, my fellow clergy, my brothers and sisters in the Orthodox Church……and GOD!

      • The other thing to consider about Trump is his naïveté, of sorts, going into his first term. We know he thought they were as crooked as h*ll, he said as much. But I don’t think he appreciated how evil, how truly wicked, his enemies are/were.

        Corruption is one thing, totalitarian satanism is another. Charging people with corruption in American politics is like handing out speeding tickets at the Indie 500.

        However, that is not quite the same thing as seizing power in a coup d’erat, effectively voiding the results of an election. That’s treasonous. Moreover, the policies that they are promoting are positively satanic.

        If Trump runs and wins again, I pray he has learned that his enemies work for the devil himself and that they must be destroyed rather than defeated.

      • If a basketball coach is masterful in assembling a playbook but amiss in putting together a roster of players to carry out the playbook the coach will inevitably not have a winning season.

        Just because someone has the ability to build Madison Square Garden does not mean they have the ability to coach the Knicks!

    • I look at it through a much more pragmatic lens. What’s the best we can realistically hope for, given the current political situation?

      Trump did an excellent job with the courts, including SCOTUS. It is no reflection on him that they cowered at crucial moments. Roe was overturned. That was due to Trump.

      Being a monarchist, I don’t actually entertain the notion that the American government is legitimate in any respect and so I don’t see it in Classical Liberal idealistic terms. In this context, it is a question of force and power, not an endorsement of every anomaly a candidate may believe. Can he kill Grendel? That’s the only real question.

      If Goliath is evil and David has flaws but could, at least theoretically, best him, then I’ll choose David. Nonetheless, unless there is some monumental election integrity reform before 2024, it won’t matter because the Dems will just steal another one. It’s what they do. It’s who they are. That is what has to sink in. The fundamental totalitarian nature of the DNC.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Misha, your last paragraph distills the conundrum down to its essence. David had a chance and even though he was no choirboy, he saved his nation. In our Church, he’s both king and prophet, his icon adorns every Gospel book that is on the Altar. And if that weren’t enough, we call him “the ancestor of God.”

        Principles are important but refraining from doing good because of them is evil.

        If Trump did nothing positive for our nation and the world (and he did a LOT), the fact that he pulled back the green curtain and showed that America is ruled by evil, nihilistic and immoral Swamp Creatures, is enough for most of us.

        Being Americans, we have the right to know who rules us and if the system is rigged. We’re not peasants (yet) and there’s just enough cussedness left in us to refuse to allow our oligarchs to piss on us all the while telling us it’s raining.

        Lewis Liberal and Polly Progressive may believe that BS but not me (or most real Americans).

  4. Off topic, but here is the latest from Cyprus:

    We need fewer religious processions in Cyprus, says new Archbishop

    I wonder what Metr. Neophytos will do?

    • Gail Sheppard says

      He’ll speak out against it and let the Church react, as I believe they will. Remember, the vast majority didn’t sign up for this.

  5. Searching for Monsters | By Andrew P. Napolitano

    “America goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy …
    She might become the dictatress of the world,
    But she would no longer be the ruler of her own spirit.”
    — John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)

    ‘ … Fast forward to 1992, when the U.S. was waging another fruitless foreign war, this one using the CIA and the DEA — to avoid the statutes that required reporting military conflicts to Congress and the need of a congressional declaration of war. This was the drug war the U.S. was waging against the Mexican government and Mexican civilians.

    In the midst of that war, the George H.W. Bush administration decided to kidnap foreigners who had violated American laws elsewhere and hold them accountable here. The theory behind this imperialistic hubris was that these folks had harmed Americans in Mexico by resisting America’s violent drug wars, and in the U.S. by causing drugs to end up here.

    Never mind that drugs are purchased and taken voluntarily, and never mind that the Supreme Court had already ruled that we each own our bodies and what we do to them in private is none of the federal government’s business.

    All this came to a head at the Supreme Court in 1992 where a Mexican physician had challenged his violent kidnapping from his medical office in Mexico, which had been orchestrated and financed by the Bush Department of Justice.

    The Supreme Court ruled that the kidnapping was lawful because the courts do not concern themselves with how the defendant was brought to the courtroom; they only concern themselves with what happens afterward. Moreover, since the U.S.-Mexico extradition treaty is silent on government kidnapping, it is lawful. …

    As horrific as all this is, U.S law has always required an American harm nexus, which mandated that government kidnapping could only be justified as an initial step toward redressing harm caused by the kidnapped person to an American person or property.

    Until now.

    Now, tucked into the 4,100-page $1.65 trillion legislation Congress passed last week is a provision that was not the subject of debate in either house. It extends the authority of federal courts to cover crimes committed in foreign countries against foreign persons or property. By removing the American harm nexus, Congress has permitted the feds to charge whomever they please for foreign crimes committed elsewhere against foreign victims, and it has directed federal courts to hear these cases.

    This will open the floodgates to more U.S. government kidnappings and expand radically the power of American presidents to seize political or journalist adversaries abroad just to silence them. It also gives American presidents another tool for war below the radar as they can now legally — but not constitutionally — send small armies of federal agents dressed in military garb and possessing military gear into any countries the president chooses in order to extract someone the president hates or fears.

    This is not the rule of law. This is the rule of brute force. And because no American need be harmed and no American law need be broken, the president can target literally any foreigner he chooses. Lest one think my warnings are fanciful, this has already happened.

    When former President Barack Obama dispatched drones to kill Americans and their foreign companions in Yemen in 2011 — none of whom had been charged with an American crime, and all of whom were surrounded by U.S. agents during the final 48 hours of their lives — he justified his murders by arguing that he killed fewer folks by his drones than those folks might have killed had they lived. …

    Thomas Paine warned that the passion to punish is dangerous to liberty, even the liberty of those doing the punishing. It often leads to such twisted interpretations of laws as to make them unrecognizable. “He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.” ‘

    Amerika uber alles?

    • America is the new terror state. Victor Bout was arrested in Thailand, the CFO of Huawei in Canada, Assange in London. And countless of others. This will just boomerang and make American travellers more susceptible for arrest. Countries arent going to standby and see their citizens arrested, in retaliation they will just arrest American travellers for any miniscule violation as payback. That’s what happened with Griner.

  6. So who are these foreigners? I know Church of Greece like their processions. Anyone know what he means?

    • An Orthodox hierarch who publicly says that “we need fewer religious processions” sounds like a complete fool.

      Why doesn’t he just go become an Anglican or Episcopalian where he can keep his faith hidden in the closet.

      The Christian faith is a public faith. It’s a Protestant heresy/delusion that the Christian faith may be offensive to some and should be kept hidden. What nonsense.

      May God help the mainstream Greek Orthodox Churches. May the Orthodox faithful reject these foolish hierarchs.