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Last year, Father Josiah Trenham did a two part documentary with Tucker Carlson entitled, Transgressive: The Cult of Confusion.  We (re)posted the link below.

This subject is especially topical for us because we recently learned 5 Oklahoma transgender youths and their families are suing the state of Oklahoma over a ban on gender-affirming health care, alleging the halt of puberty-blocking drugs, surgery and hormone treatments is a violation of their constitutional rights.  

One wonders how kids get caught up in things like this?  Where are their parents?  What about the schools?

An informative documentary/docudrama by the Epoch Times entitled, Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities, has the answers to these questions but they are not the answers we want to hear:

Our kids are being groomed by educators in the school system and talked into gender reassignment as a way of solving that which may be (probably is) due to the temporary problems of adolescence. 

It’s an assault on the person of a child even more insidious than rape because it leaves permanent physical as well as emotional scars and often precludes them from having a child of their own.            

I was shocked to learn “gender fluidity” is part of the curriculum in many schools and taught as fact rather than theory.  On it’s face, the premise is flawed because it presumes it is a widespread phenomena.  In addition, it does nothing to ferret out other issues that are not only present but common in young people due to the hormonal changes that happen in the body during adolescence.  The vast majority of kids navigate these years without changing anything, as they literally outgrow it.

To suggest a particular young person may be in the wrong body is a rather starling conclusion for an educator to make given they often teach multiple classes of 3o+ students, rotating in and out of their classrooms.   And they are teachers; not diagnosticians.  Our taxes dollar were not intended to be spent on changing the bodies of our children.   

Once identified as a target, a student might then be invited to join a “secret” after-school club to sort out their feelings where they are further indoctrinated, this time on idea of gender reassignment.

Sadly, many parents are totally in the dark at this point. 

If the child tells the teacher or school counselor they “don’t know” if they’re in the wrong body, it is assumed it is probably the case and child is given a gender affirming name to get used to the idea of being the other sex. 

Interestingly, it’s more about how others see them rather than how they see themselves.  An “Evelyn” will become an “Evan” (by way of an example) to try out the idea on her peers.  If a parent objects, Child Protective Services (CCP) can be called in because the parent is not properly affirming their child’s “gender redefining experience,” which is essentially hijacking your kid. 

They’ll tell you your child is at high risk for suicide and ask, “Would you rather have?  A dead daughter or a live son?”  Multiple parents have reported this.  How do you answer a question like that?  The true answer is I want the kid I’ve got.

What parents really need is a hostage negotiator in these situations.  

Many parents don’t have the resources to undo this kind of indoctrination and bullying by the school.  If they don’t get onboard immediately, the CCP can take their child and put them in foster care.  From that point forward, things move quickly as it can take as little as 20 minutes for a therapist to sign off on gender reassignment drugs and/or surgical intervention.

Notice how a licensed mental health counselor with Baptist Behavioral Health, explains how one can float between genders.  The body is given no more substance than a prom dress one parades around in and later discards . . . only you can’t do that with the body.  You’re stuck with last year’s prom dress for the rest of your life.  ***

Gender Fluid

A person is gender-fluid when they don’t identify solely as male or female, and their gender identity changes over time. Thus, the term refers to a change in a person’s gender expression (the way they look or behave), identity or both. 

The term “gender-fluid” has been in the news lately as singer Demi Lovato came out as nonbinary and is now using the pronouns they and them.

“Gender-neutral pronouns best represent the fluidity I feel in my gender expression,” said Lovato.

What exactly does it mean to be nonbinary or gender-fluid? Are the terms interchangeable? It’s important to understand how a person identifies and to address them appropriately.

Gender fluidity is not a new idea. Throughout history, societies around the world have recognized a wide variety of genders. Both the Navajo and Hawaiian cultures, for example, integrate the idea of those who embody both the male and female spirit. The Navajo nádleehí and the Hawaiian mahu illustrate a gender that is male and female, not male or female. Gender diversity is alive and well in every country. How we label this diversity is where the terminology lesson comes in!

Gender and sexual fluidity

A person is gender-fluid when they don’t identify solely as male or female, and their gender identity changes over time. Thus, the term refers to a change in a person’s gender expression (the way they look or behave), identity or both.

Gender fluidity is not the same as sexual fluidity, which refers to a person’s preference for a romantic partner. People who are sexually fluid have a capacity for a change in sexual attraction, depending on situational or environmental relationship conditions.

What is nonbinary?

The term nonbinary refers to a person who is not exclusively male or female. Not all people who identify as nonbinary are gender-fluid, as their gender identity may not change over time.

The importance of identity

Five decades after the beginning of the Gay Rights Movement in the United States, the concept of human sexuality has evolved to allow for a more diverse concept of gender than male or female. We now differentiate sexual, romantic and aesthetic attractions and identities from each other; we know these attitudes and desires can change and are shaped by our past and current experiences.

To better describe the various types of gender, the LGBTQ+ community has expanded its acronym to be more inclusive. There are now dozens and dozens of recognized gender orientations. What unites all of us is that we are all human beings, and we all crave to be understood, respected and loved.

After a roller-coaster of ups and downs following transition, the trauma to the body, the psyche, and even to the soul can pile on additional stress on a child because changing their body really wasn’t their idea in the first place.  As is the case with all things, transitioning doesn’t necessarily work out and if the adolescent tries to detransition they can expect less than optimal results.  A young woman by the name Kayla Lovdahl, 18, is suing Kaiser Foundation Hospitals in California for allegedly rushing her through a medical gender transition and she won’t be the last. 

Whom do we blame for this assault on reality that results in children being pharmaceutically and surgically altered when they’re not yet old enough to drive?  The parents?  The school?  The teachers?  The therapistsCCP?  The doctors?  The laws?  The community?  The state?   

There is but one answer . . .


          So we better find out what we can do to stop it.


  1. Dcn John says


  2. George Michalopulos says

    Gail, thank you for putting this out.

    Being in the health care field myself, I have more than a little knowledge about the whole “transitioning” process, you know, the whole “gender-affirming”, “gender-fluidity” nonsense that’s shoved down our throats.

    But I had no idea how pervasive the propaganda is. That is until you posted this essay. But for the fact that I’m no longer a fulltime practicioner –and blessedly not working for one of the big chains–I would be despairing at the state of health care in the United States.

    Regardless, we all have to know how bad things are, whether we are laymen or professionals, it doesn’t matter at this point. Thank you for posting this very informative essay.

  3. On another note, please take the time to watch this video by Fr Josiah on patriotism and why Christians are called to love their country:

    It’s profound.

  4. o to whom do we assign blame for this distortion of reality that results in children being pharmaceutically and surgically altered when they’re not yet old enough to drive? The parents? The school? The teachers? The therapists? The doctors? The laws? The state?

    All of the above, but (and this will irk some conservatives) mostly the PARENTS!

    If we believe the family is the building block of society, then society starts with mom and dad.
    I say it will irk some conservatives because conservatives, in general, just want to vote for their candidate and go back to living their selfish, bubbled up lives with no proactive involvement in their communities. They get irritated when I point that out to them.

  5. This is a United Nation goal.
    Sustainable Development Goal 16.2
    Ask yourselves who runs the UN?
    Get ready for consensual adult/ child sex.
    The way is being paved now.
    Every person needs to call every Senate member in their state.
    It takes about 4 hours.
    I did it last week.
    Tell them your stance.
    You can leave a message with their admin assist or a voice mail. Be sure to give your name and what county you live in.

  6. Read the entire article about the UN police state formation
    It will take time.

    At the bottom if this article is SDG 16.2
    This section discusses kids enjoying consensual sex with adults.
    The WHO likes does the International Court of Jurists
    Yep. That’s where it’s all headed.

  7. Looks like The Sound of Freedom is going mainstream, in that it’s not being condemned as a “conspiracy theory”:

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  9. George Michalopulos says

    I highly recommend this piece by Andrei Martyanov:

  10. Looks like more pedos are being rounded up: