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A few years ago, your friendly, neighborhood Monomakhos opined on the removal of the Confederate statues and how saddened I was. I was distraught, not merely because I’m from the South and appreciate our history, but because I knew, instinctively, that it would not end there.

I do not consider myself to be a prophet with any predictive powers, but my churning gut was right.  All over America, indeed, all over the world, statues of great men are being taken down, not just those of Confederate generals. The list is a growing one: Gandhi, Churchill, even Lincoln. Not even the “good guys” have been spared the Jacobin terror. Nor will they be the last.

The other day however, the demons rampaging through the streets went a step too far. In Portland, Oregon, a statue of Thomas Jefferson was ripped from its pedestal and defaced with graffiti.  Jefferson, the founder of the Democrat Party. Let that sink in for a moment.

Ironically, it was kind of apropos because it was Jefferson who, more than any other Founding Father, believed in the right of religious liberty.  –  Apropos because yesterday, the Supreme Court issued a horrendous ruling (Bostock v Clayton County) which will eventuate in the destruction of religious freedom.

Welcome to the Thunderdome, folks.

I would ask you to take the time to watch the following video from Tim Pool. He pretty much lays it all out on the line as to what this present Maoism means.

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  1. P. Antonio Arganda says

    This is just a warm-up . They want to replace any symbol of faith or traditioanal values. Welcome to the neo-iconoclast era.

  2. George Michalopulos says

    As we Greeks like to say:  kala na pathei!  (

    /olympia_mayor_call_attack_on_her_house_domestic_terrorism”Couldn’t happen to a nicer person”).


  3. If you can’t defend the Confederacy, then you can’t defend the slave owning Founding Fathers and the Constitution, then you can’t defend Lincoln and leading abolitionists like Matthias Baldwin or Quaker John Greenleaf and Union war hereoes like David Faragut and Gen. George Thomas.  All white civilization must fall, because only whites can be racists, because they’re inherently evil, and have no right to exist in any country, anywhere, not even in Europe:
    White Lives Don’t Matter:

    • Antiochene Son says

      The left is suddenly so rabid against the Confederates (“Traitors! Terrorists!”). But after the war and the evil Reconstruction, there was a true national reconciliation, something unimaginable today. Southerners were honored for doing what they believed in; their only wrong was in losing. Confederate veterans were honored as American veterans. Lee was honored by all. The Confederates were seen in line with the American Revolutionaries and their inheritors. The last surviving veterans of both sides regularly gathered and embraced well into into the 20th century.
      Nobody is offended by these statues or flags. They are pawns in an ideological war which is being waged to remove whitey. White people created the evil systems where the rest of the world wants to live and now they’re destroying it. Our leaders, from the president down to the local police, are not willing to stop it. 
      Race hustlers and the grievance industry have subverted the Christian principle of forgiveness and replaced it with revenge.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Of course “nobody is offended” by Confederate regalia.  It’s all a prop, a ruse to find an excuse to rile up the masses.
        I remember seeing a Sheryl Crow video called “Steve McQueen”.  In it she wears tight-fitting jeans that have the Stars and Bars on them.  Nobody said a damn word about them when that video came out.

        Here it is if you don’t believe me:

      • P. Antonio Arganda says

        If they are so anti-confederate, why do they support Margaret Sanger, a longtime member of the KKK? Planned Parenthood was founded to eliminate the Black population of the United States . It was she who was quoted as saying”Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated.”

  4. Antiochene Son says

    Yale University is named after a prominent slave trader, Elihu Yale. I bet you won’t see any riots there.

    • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

      Wait until the students return to campus for the Fall Semester!  The doyens at Yale are probably bracing for the usual unctuous protests and juvenile mayhem.

      Yale already renamed its John C. Calhoun residential college after Grace Murray Hopper, a graduate alumna (1930 and 1934), computer scientist, and US Navy rear admiral.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Even though Calhoun as Vice President was a thorn in Andrew Jackson’s flesh, I have an abiding respect for his ideas about nullification.

          This is worth a read.  The author is an amateur historian and compares our current conflict to past conflicts.  His thesis is that America wasn’t as divided as it appeared during the Vietnam period because each party was willing to accept the legitimacy of the election of the other.  Starting with Bush v. Gore, this eroded and now it appears the Dems would neither accept the 2016 election or the 2020 election if it goes against them.
          The author says this most resembles the period immediately prior to the Civil War, when the parties ceased real communication.  The problem that has led me to believe that it may be a lukewarm race war (i.e., widespread, often violent, racial unrest) rather than a civil war between Dems and Republicans is that it is hard for me to see who does the actual fighting.  Does the Northeast and Left Coast secede?  How could the South secede again with its large populations of (free) blacks and hispanics?  Would it be a battle of state national guards?  Would the U.S. military stay out?  Might they divide?
          It is difficult to see.  However, in the author’s defense, almost no one saw the dissolution of the Soviet Union coming.

          • Misha, all very interesting. Though, I wouldn’t say that almost no one saw the dissolution of the Soviet Union coming. Many economists and political scientists did see it coming. However, most of their predictions were 15-20 years off. What happened to cause this? Two men come to mind—Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. Reagan’s large defense budgets caused the Soviets to spend money that they really didn’t have to play catch up. And, Gorbachev’s perestroika reforms basically let the cat out of the barrel. Once everything was sent into motion, there was no way to slow down the accelerated demise of the Soviet Union.

          • cynthia curran says

            Really, the fact that blacks are less important in California or Texas is why I don’t understand why they were the focal point. I understand that in the midwest or south where Latinos or Asians have a smaller population than blacks is where the conflict between whites and blacks would be a focal point, but these protests were big in La where blacks are a smaller group than Asians and a lot smaller group than the Latinos. We are still focus on blacks suffering discrimination by whites instead of being concern about also improving fathers staying in black communities.

    • Funny, that.
      The Luciferian Freemason Albert Pike – a Confederate general – has a statue in DC that has gone untouched. The Jew slave owner David Levy Yulee has one in Florida, likewise untouched. As for Lenin’s statue in Seattle…

    • George Michalopulos says

      What about all those institutions named after Woodrow Wilson? The man who resegregated the govt? And was the intellectual father. The Klan in its second iteration?
      What about that statue of gen Albert pike, the luciferian master?

    • Dave Sanders says

      Originally named Rhode Island College, Brown University was renamed after the Brown family who were also slave traders. I suggest you all go to for some interesting facts that are kept from the general public. 

  5. I’m sure in this kind of situation, my Priest would tell me to turn the other cheek, but as a Jewish convert to Holy Orthodoxy, I’ve never been good at that. Besides, that’s what most of the meek Jews did during my parent’s generation and look what happened.

    These far left Soros funded extremists need to be put down for the rabid dogs they are. and Soros and his ilk must be held to account – one way or another.

    As evidenced by what’s going on around the Country, none of us can count on the police to protect us. Just look at all the mewling mayors who are bending, bowing, and scraping before the left, by ordering their police departments to stand down.

    If you don’t have a gun yet, what are you waiting for?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Efraim, wise words.

      If I may, “turning the other cheek” is perfectly good advice from our Lord and Saviour, for interpersonal relations. Consider the context: it is very useful advice for letting personal slights go unanswered, which prevents them from escalating to actual violence.

      All of us “turn the other cheek” all the time. When your boss dresses you down, do you immediately call him a miscreant? When your wife gets mad at you, do you yell back? Turning the other cheek is a very good way to avoid further confrontation.

      Jesus Himself never said to not defend yourself from violence. In Luke, He asks the disciples “how many swords have we?”

      All peoples, ethnicities, kindreds and races and nations have the right –duty even–to defend themselves against aggressors.

      • Sage-Girl says

        ⚔️Absolutely George — even in Psalms: 
        “Blessed by the Lord, my rock who trains my hands for War + my fingers for Battle”
        And Jesus said
         “I have not come to bring Peace, but a Sword”?

        • Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword [Matt 26:52  KJV].

  6. George Michalopulos says

    The latest from The Duran. As it’s hosted by two Greek Orthodox gentlemen, it’s definitely worth your time.

    The upshot: the apocalyptic struggle as explicated by Archbishop Vigano, Solzhenitsyn, the vile stupidity of Mayor Sadiq Khan of London, the surprising heroism of President Macron of France and the present Maoism.

  7. Sage-Girl says

    Yes Brother George  – surprising heroism of
    France’s ?? President Macron!   Magnafique  –
    so how long till we fight back, take back our sovereignty?

  8. Sage-Girl says

    Just WHO are the losers tearing down America’s statues of great men?  ??They’re the usual, seething with jealousy, low consciousness, selfish forever in Rebellion to the Logos. It boils down to this: “Vanity of Vanities, all is  Vanity” – it truly rattles the egos of BLM + Antifa lemmings that they’ll NEVER have statues erected for them — 

  9. Jacob Lee says

    We took our kids 3 summers ago to Ireland. We happened to be in Derry or London Derry on the day the Orange Men marched. If we tear down each other’s statues and monuments you can expect a Northern Ireland Situation in the US. No good comes from desecrating a people’s history.

  10. Antiochene Son says

    In unrelated news, as I expected, the Supreme Court has upheld DACA—not on its merits, but because of some procedural Talmudry.

    Thanks once again to that rock ribbed conservative Catholic John Roberts, who plainly sees his role as referee and keeping the ship of state stable, rather than ruling based on law.

    I dunno, maybe the whole system does need to be pulled down. The tedium and inertia has become a danger to civilization itself.

    Roberts is only 65, so he’ll in all likelihood see the outcome of the Court’s carefully managed demise, along with the rest of the country.

  11. George Michalopulos says
  12. Michael Bauman says

    Earthquake after Trump rally: depending on one’s ideology either a sign of God’s warning, God’s vengeance or just frackin’ nonesense

  13. George Michalopulos says

    First thing that popped into my mind Michael, was that what is going to happen on Nov 3 is nothing less than another political earthquake.

  14. George Michalopulos says

    And now, an encomium to Nathan Bedford Forrest, a former slave-owner and Klansman, who was acclaimed by his enemies in the North of being one of the greatest generals of all time (not just America). A man who lived the rest of his life trying to effect race relations. (Bet you didn’t know that):

  15. George Michalopulos says
    • Antiochene Son says

      I have always felt that the petty tyrants of local governments were a larger immediate threat than the feds. No one in Washington ever stole my land to build a highway or shut down my church for tourism. 
      We need to be engaged on the local level as well, because that’s where a lot of this bad stuff happens.
      I’m proud that citizens in my area managed to save a civil war memorial which has statues of a Union soldier, a Confederate soldier, and a slave. There was a town meeting and people showed up in support of keeping it. 

  16. George Michalopulos says

    Here’s a very interesting take from Razorfist (warning:  harsh language but otherwise 100% spot-on):

    • Yep.  Chickens, check.  Roosting, check.
      I don’t take the polls now too seriously.  A NYT poll had Biden up by double digits the other day.  I have to believe that that is a dramatically skewed sample and that people are massaging these polls to make it look close for ratings and give the impression that the Demsheviks can pull this out.
      But when the economy comes back, the indictments are issued and the debates start, it’s gonna be ugly for the Dems.  Some of them at the very top may have reconciled themselves to losing the election while preserving the party, if that is still possible.  Bernie was sizing up to be a serious threat and they saw the tension with big business as sufficient to tear the party apart.  That seems to be the thrust of the Biden candidacy.  He was toast, washed up.  Then the mavens of the DNC got on the horns and crowned him despite the fact that he is clearly fading into dementia and will look pathetic in the debates.
      Remember the quote from Michael Ray Richardson when asked about his team:
      MRR:  “The ship be sinkin’.”
      Q:  “How far down will it go?”
      MRR:  “The sky’s the limit.”
      Don’t get me wrong.  If you support Trump, vote, please.  But Democrat supported and subsidized insurrection in major cities has to backfire.  On some level, I think that even the more sober liberals know it.  They’ve just made a decision that the monster will have to burn itself out, once they’re spent and fail, maybe they’ll return to the party.  That’s why they’re prostrating before the beast.
      Great stuff, especially if you’re nowhere near the action.  For several nights I would watch the rioting on live feed each evening, like a little nightly ritual.  Cozy, shared trauma of the best kind: at a distance.
      It had to come to this though.  There is nowhere else for it to go.  The problem is the working ideology of the Democratic Party.  They have to be on a perpetual march to socialism without ever getting there and also continually create new wedge issues based on radical ideas (unisex restrooms, etc.) to attract voters.  But you can only get so socially twisted and only so socialist-but-not-yet.  I mean, eventually you have to “come out” as a commie perv.  Roads lead somewhere.  That’s where we are with BLM.  It’s where mainstream Dems are perpetually heading, but never want to arrive – at least not anytime soon that would interfere with getting elected.
      So yes, the radical destructive element is trying to pull a Maidan and drive Trump out by sheer force of bitching and vandalism.  And he’s right to let them hang themselves.  This is all being recorded so whenever the passions subside all involved will see how crazy it got. 
      Monarchy (or at least a dominant executive) vs. a polyarchy that leads to anarchy.  Those are the choices, per the Fathers.

  17. “…the radical destructive element is trying to pull a Maidan
    and drive Trump out by sheer force of bitching and vandalism.”

    However, unlike what happened in the original Maidan,
    I don’t think this President will run away.