‘Til Next Year: Theotokion 2019

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the Theotokion for Pascha. It is both stirring and poignant. When I think about who this hymn is addressed to, our Blessed Mother, after she saw the brutal execution of her Son, I can’t help but choke back a tear.

I pray that you all will enjoy it as much as do we, at our humble parish in T-Town.

Lift up your hearts!



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  1. Lovely choir.   With feeling.  And also beautiful church. Some of our modern Greek ones like like over decorated Christmas trees with florescent paint on the Icons. 

    • George Michalopulos says

      Thank you! We Try. Truly, we we’re pushed in the right direction by the Venerable Dmitri who was as trad an ecclesiastic as possible when it came to architecture, iconography and liturgics.

      • It shows. Really lovely church.  But traditional does not mean dead, but living.  Pity the greek priest in Tampa Bay can’t have his eyes opened. ( prayer blog) Good man but represented liturgically, classic GOA with evangelical tinge. I have never read in the blog anything Orthodox at all. Could all be said by any  protestant pastor.  That is not to say a priest cannot use valid themes, issues etc, from society, needs to in fact, but surely if that is all??? Good man and God forgive me, but I say what I say. 

        • Re Tampa Bay.  It is if we are in separate churches as there is no meeting of minds. Very sad what i am saying. 

        • George Michalopulos says

          Nikos, of course tradition means a living faith! It took me decades to figure that one out.

  2. I needed to get this out.  A greek friend in Athens,  in discussing all recent events around Phanar, Ukrainian, USA,  sexual and financial scandal  etc,  said once he started asking questions,  his assumptions of a life time started unravelling.  
    And he is asking why Greece does not have an independent Patrarchate as bulgarian, Serbian and Romanian etc, churches? 
    How half of Greece, after a century is called ecclesiastically new Territories. 
    Why do millions of euros go from Greece, especially  in current situation ,  to the turks in the Phanar, to keep batchelor gentlemen living a medeval Fantasy life,   possibly still in the closset,  quaint in 2019!!???.  in their soft seats, as a Ukrainian lady described  life style of communist apparachniks? 
    Why cannot the Church in Greece declare it’s own saints or independently appoint half of it’s bishops?  
    Not his worry Nikos said, but why do u Greek Americans give money abroad not knowing what is done with it?.  He was not aware a million dollars a year and when told on the phone, was poll axed. ‘Stupid are they’, έχ  μαλακες είναι ρε’  was his reaction . 
    Ditto bossed and governed like you illiterate children with learning disability.
    Why as in real world,  those bishops accused of scandal, ie manuella which is all over greek internet and apparantly his inclinations are common knowledge in greek society, why they not suspended and investigated? 
    Now he is quite anti -church but can i honestly say I disagree?  No, if anything i am more vehement. 
    What is happening now is an existential  crisis and if it’s business as usual,  the implications will be dire.   Today’s well educated, informed generation not peasants to bow and grovel at sight of a black robe. NOR AM I.