Breaking: A Message from His Grace, Bishop Anaxios

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

The following encyclical was sent to Monomakhos by Billy Jack Sunday, the Chancellor to His Grace, Bishop Anaxios of the Diocese of Batman.

Please take the time to read it. It’s particularly germane today. (Hey, a little levity never hurt anybody, OK?)

[Editor’s note: we here at Monomakhos regret the recent problems that you may have noticed these last couple of weeks. Hopefully, the situation has been resolved and going forward we won’t be having any more such problems. Happy New Year!]

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  1. Is this about his recent statement regarding homosexuals and all the other ridiculous alphabet groups?

  2. Gail Sheppard says

    I see this picture and I don’t see our beloved BJS. I hope!!! Oh, PLEASE, don’t let this be BJS! I see “Sexy Sadie.” This song was written about the Maharishi, but I think it could easily apply to the EP. Not to his person, of course, but to the way the Patriarchate has handled everything we’ve been talking about.

  3. Billy Jack Sunday says

    Point of clarification

    I am not a member (and never have been) of either the diocese of Batman, and/or the Supreme Universal Patriarchate

    Supreme Universal Patriarch Anaxios is also not a member (and also has never been one) of the diocese of Batman and/or the Supreme Universal Patriarchate

    Membership is not allowed

  4. Archon Dimos Skandalis says

    If I can’t be a member of the “Supreme Universal Patriarchate,” can I still own it?

  5. *Anaxios of Batman says

    In the past, I preferred to be called, “His Unworthiness”

    Sounds humble, doesn’t it?

    Well, I am!

    However, I am now referred as, “His All Phoneyness”

    Or however that is spelled

    I’m incompetent

    *Anaxios of Batman

  6. Constantinos says

    Hi George,
    I really don’t find Billy Jack Sunday to be the slightest, least bit funny. Talk about a waste of time.
    Okay, now having said that, I would like to digress. One of the reasons the Jewish people the Messiah has not come yet is because there is no world peace. For the life of me, I can’t understand why you would ever call Russia “holy.” The little pipsqueak dictator has just announced that Russia has delivered a terrifying new nuclear weapon. It is a grave crime against humanity to build nuclear weapons. No country that possesses these weapons of mass destruction is doing God’s will. Instead of improving life on earth for everyone, Russia concentrates on perpetuating power it does not possess, nor will it ever have this power. Russia is a jerkwater, failed state.
    The US has many faults, but much of the innovation that benefits the world comes from good old USA. Our history is replete with highly distinguished American citizens. Take the Wright Brothers, and their invention of the fixed wing airplane. How about Alexander Graham Bell, or Ben Franklin. We have the extremely gifted Elon Musk, and many more like him. What does Russia have? Pretentions of world supremacy, and domination based on stolen technology. That’s it. To this day, these buffoonish clowns have still not placed a man on the moon. Russia is rotten to its core. I’m impressed with America, and the men and women who have made this the greatest country in the history of the world.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Costa, the Russian polity pre-1918 was termed “Holy Russia” in much the same way that the island of Britain was termed “Great Britain”.

      Likewise Antioch was called “Great Antioch” during the classical period (to distinguish it from the other Antiochs).

      As for Putin, he’s about as powerful as American wartime presidents are. I’d say somewhere between Lincoln and FDR in relative executive autonomy.

      Mind you, that’s not something I like but he’s nowhere near the autocrat that the western corporate media portrays him to be.

    • Johann Sebastian says

      Many “American” technological and scientific breakthroughs were possible only with the help of Russian émigrés.

      The only thing the United States offers the world that is truly her own is mass-marketed banal “pop culture” shit (please don’t edit that word out–it fits) that sadly has infiltrated and influenced all but the most isolated societies on earth.

      • Tim R. Mortiss says

        While Constantinos lays it on a bit thick, nonetheless I am always amazed at the unceasing anti-Americanism of so many who post here– and who live in the US and wouldn’t move anyplace else.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Tim, I believe I speak for many on this blog (all: forgive my presumption) when I say that the overwhelming number of us are staunchly pro-American. Please don’t make the mistake that many apologists for Israel do who say that those who criticize that country are anti-Semites.

          What I desire is a return to America-firsterism. God gave us this near-impregnable almost-island continent surrounded by two great oceans. Said isolation makes any type of naval invasion impossible. Let us leave Europe to the Europeans. Let us take only those immigrants who share (or want to share) our values. But most of all, let us take stock of the dreck we put out that constitutes American “culture”. We are hated overseas because of the filth which we produce and market as “liberty”.

          And enough with multi-culturalism. It will only lead to Sharia law being implemented here in the States.

          • Tim R. Mortiss says

            My point is more along the lines of how the Republic has been a dismal anti-Christian demon-ocracy since the beginning, or at least since the Adams administration, as exemplified by that arch-servant of Satan, Abraham Lincoln.

            You know; that sort of stuff. Do I exaggerate? A little, perhaps.

        • Johann Sebastian says

          Thinking the United States of our day and age is the same United States of the Founding Fathers (or even of Dwight Eisenhower) is like saying the Soviet Union was one and the same as Holy Russia.

          I stand by what I said. The United States peddles trash. The United States today is the epitome of everything classically anti-American.

      • Constantinos says

        Are you serious? Which country invented the internet? Which country invented the telephone and the cell phone? Which country gave the world the electric light bulb? I could go on and on. Simply put, without the USA, the world would be in darkness.

        • Michael Bauman says

          Mr. C,. None of the inventions you mention are an unalloyed good. They tend to be on the side of spiritual darkness in fact.

        • Constantinos: “Which country invented the telephone”

          Philipp Reis in 1861 Prussia?

          “and the cell phone”


          “electric light bulb?”

          Joseph Wilson Swan in 1850/1860 England?

          • George Michalopulos says

            The internal combustion engine was invented by Hero of Alexandria (3rd century AD?) and again reinvented by Rudolph Diesel in the late 19th century in Germany.

            • Tim R. Mortiss says

              Yes. Indeed, Caesar Augustus would never drive anything but a Hero.

              A seldom-remarked fact is that the famous Roman roads were constructed to accommodate Greek motor-cars. During the crisis of the 3rd century, they fell out of use, and were replaced by oxcarts. Eventually they were quite forgotten.

              St. Paul got around in a used Hero; but this was so common that he did not think to remark upon it. How otherwise could he have covered so much territory? But at that point there were few bridges, so at night, between ferries, they had to sleep on the cold ground before river crossings, often without enough food or blankets against the cold. He remarked about these circumstances in certain of his writings.

              • Billy Jack Sunday says

                Tim R. Mortiss

                “St. Paul got around in a used Hero”

                The other Apostles together shared a Honda and carpooled

                The book of Acts says, “they were all in one accord.”

        • Johann Sebastian says

          Al Gore invented the Internet.

          I find it amusing that you concentrate exclusively on technology as the measure of a nation’s value to mankind.

          The glory days of putting men on the moon are a fading memory. The babies of the summer of ’69 have already started getting AARP promotionals in the mail.

          The pendulum swung a bit too hard and the bob fell off.

    • Constantinos

      I agree. Billy Jack Sunday is a distraction

      Let’s not forget the greatest American inventor and genius of all time: Albert Einstein

      • Einstein was a German Jew and Sikorski was Russian as many great inventers. USA and Russia have equal amount of good and bad. of genius and morons . Eastern european communism whose hang over affects still visible here in Bulgaria. But USA has iraq, etc and the entire south american death squads scene, as starters .
        Third Rome, american exceptionalism, it’s all human pride to be land low as re GB.

      • George Michalopulos says

        What about Nikola Tesla? He was just as “American” as Einstein.

        • Not only was Nicola Tesla a great American, he was fond of elephants

          His math also did not blow up any Japanese cities

  7. I reserve judgement on this encyclical until it is addressed by either Metropolitan Adama or Patriarch Starbuck.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Tom, I believe that those two esteemed hierarchs are otherwise engaged in fighting the Cylons.

      • Billy Jack Sunday says

        George Michalopulos

        This comment by extension reminds me of something I’ve been pondering

        Mr. T should be made Pope of Rome.

        You could be sure that he would put an end to all the abuses

        Plus, he enjoys contending against Italians

        Finally, he ain’t getting on no plane – so we wouldn’t have to worry about the ridiculous world tour

        Wherever he would travel to, it would be by van – and it is already heavily armored

        It’s too bad George Peppard is no longer an option for Ecumenical Patriarchate

        He has great plans (that, conversely, fight on the side of the oppressed) that actually come together

        Neither work on behalf of the government

        The only problem with this is Hannibal smokes cigars – so he wouldn’t be able to do so on his video blogs or the villagers would have a collective melt down

  8. The writing is on the wall says

    While some might admire those in the GOA or ACROD or in other Istanbul Church jurisdictions who are willing to stick with this Patriarch in Istanbul, I think they are delusional. They are not unlike those obstinate Anglicans/Episcopalians who stuck with the ECUSA in the ’90s as it was clearly heading downward. They thought they could change things, but of course they couldn’t. In the end, either those stalwart Anglicans left for the ACNA or for other churches like the Catholics or Orthodox (or they joined the millions (and growing every day) of 21st century “nones” with no church affiliation), or they became corrupt with the rest of the ECUSA.

    I’m certainly not judging anyone’s faith in Christ; rather I’m pointing out the lunacy of having faith in a church organization that clearly does not merit having faith in any longer.

    The EP stalwarts who fancy themselves as steadfast Orthodox Christians trying to right the EP ship are, by contrast, much more consistent with the string quartet playing on board the Titanic as she sinks. Noble and attractive, yes, but the ship will sink no matter what they do, and they will sink with her.

    Thousands have already pointed out correctly that the Church in Istanbul started on this road decades ago. We are merely now witnessing the fruit of what has been brewing for a long time.

    Anyone who isn’t an ostrich knows what the end game is: Poroshenko’s newly-created “church” in Ukraine will unite with Rome, as eventually will the EP and all of her jurisdictions. The propangada machine will go into overdrive, stating relentlessly that this is “progress” and “God’s will.” Once Metropolitan Manny of Paris becomes the next ethnarch of the GOA in New York, all American Orthodox Christians will be told that they will need to bow to him and to the Istanbul Church, or else they are no longer Orthodox Christians in good standing.

    Make no mistake about it, this is the church being attacked from within, as many Orthodox Christians who are way holier than me have been predicting for a long time.

    I admire the men (two priests from ACROD about whom I’ve read recently) who, as men of integrity, left the Istanbul Church to find a home in a church that works daily to be faithful to Christ. More men and women — both clergy and laity — need to do the same.

    The writing is on the wall: the Patriarch in Istanbul is either senile and crazy (if one wants to be charitable), or he is certifiably evil and an avowed phyletist toward his Orthodox brethren. Or possibly a combination of the two.

    • Although I cannot help but agree with most of what you’ve written here, I suspect there are many, many in the GOA, ACROD, or other EP jurisdictions who have (quite rightly) never put their “faith in a church organization.” And unless their own conscience compels them to do otherwise, I see no requirement of the Faith or integrity that would compel anyone in these jurisdictions to seek out another at this juncture.

      Like him or not, Pat. Bartholomew will be dead in a matter of a few short years. At some point the ecclesiological madness that has taken hold of that patriarchate will be dealt with – either by the Church or by God Himself.

      Great discernment and difficult choices will be required not only of those in that jurisdiction, but of us all. And those whose motive is to “prop up” any jurisdictional myth, regardless of whose it may be, will find themselves building houses on sandy foundations that will not withstand the coming onslaught.

      As you wrote,

      The propangada machine will go into overdrive, stating relentlessly that this is “progress” and “God’s will.”
      …as many Orthodox Christians who are way holier than me have been predicting for a long time.

      But remember that many of these Orthodox Christians were monks (many, if not most, of whom were Greeks!) Yet far from running to other jurisdictions they stayed in their cells (as it were), prayed, lived, and bore witness to the one true Faith, the Faith whose foundation is – and has always been – Christ Jesus who will Himself judge the stewards of His household.

      And the Lord said, “Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his master will make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of food in due season? Blessed is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes. Truly, I say to you that he will make him ruler over all that he has. But if that servant says in his heart, ‘My master is delaying his coming,’ and begins to beat the male and female servants, and to eat and drink and be drunk, the master of that servant will come on a day when he is not looking for him, and at an hour when he is not aware, and will cut him in two and appoint him his portion with the unbelievers… For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.”

      • George Michalopulos says

        The only fly in this ointment (e.g. picture) is that Met Elpidophoros Lambrianides is next in line. Unless his neo-papalist heresy is dealt a crushing blow while this EP still lives then these egregious actions will be solidified as normative.

        Ukraine is an essential cog in this neo-papalist regime. If things settle down there (a big “if”) then the new Istanbul model will be that this “autocephalous” church which is under the EP will be applied to all other “autocephalous” churches. The EP will then be a super-patriarch. (And of course, autocephaly will mean nothin).


          Fr. John Whiteford gets into the canonical problems with which Bartholomew is entwined at this point.

        • Billy Jack Sunday says

          George Michalopulos

          “then the new Istanbul model will be that this “autocephalous” church which is under the EP will be applied to all other “autocephalous” churches. The EP will then be a super-patriarch. (And of course, autocephaly will mean nothin).”


          IMO – the greatest threat to Orthodoxy right now is the redefinition of terms

          Orthodox words are in danger of losing their meaning. As such, it seems there is an attempt to redefine Orthodoxy into something that it is not. The antithesis of Orthodox faith

          What is happening is a major spiritual assault

          Redefining autocephaly so that it no longer is true autocephaly

          Broadening and redefining “Church”

          Reinterpreting the Ecumenical Patriarchate to be the Mother Church as distinct from the Church

          First among equals vs First without equals

          Think about how the word Catholic has been changed by many over the years that it is hardly usable. And if it is used, it has to be explained greatly to the uninitiated

          Many important words are under the attack of being redefined

          Every time in history this has happened, groups have broken away from the Orthodox Church/Faith

          And every time that happens, 3 VERY important words/names get subsequently redefined

          Jesus Christ

          Every time without exception!

          We are to hold on to the faith

          We cannot let it be redefined within the Church

          I am seriously hoping that the heirarchs world wide are waiting for the right time to truly draw a line in the sand and say enough

          I do not want to believe that there could be a major failure to act and therefore falling down and rolling over across the board

    • Dear “writing on the wall”,

      I nominate this for post of the month!


    • Tim R. Mortiss says

      But when the ostrich rouses herself to flee, she laughs at the horse and its rider.

  9. r j klancko says

    hey what about that american indian patriarch of an independent orthodox church who was on the net circa 10 years ago – he claimed mars as his canolical territory…. lets all line up behind archbishop victor prentiss (sic)

  10. I have been hearing this crap of the EP joining the Catholic Church for 40 years. Many were predicting the union would take place immediately, 40 years ago. The EP will not unite with the Catholic Church. If anything, his ego would not allow submission to the Pope of Rome.

    I believe you are the one who is delusional.

    • jk: ” The EP will not unite with the Catholic Church. If anything, his ego would not allow submission to the Pope of Rome.”

      EP is going similar trajectory as Episcopalian Church in America (lagging behind about two or three decades). It might end up in another kind of Unia – a fusion of various denomination, perhaps including non-Christian religions as well.

  11. Matthew Panchisin says

    Well, I guess on the local level if the unia comes to pass I’ll have to make some personal adjustments. When I see my old Greek Priest friends I suppose I can ask them things like how’s everything in purgatory? The uniates have answers for such questions so perhaps they’ll polish them up and adopt them, so to speak.

    It is sad to consider.

  12. Matthew Panchisin says

    Dear JK,

    Pardon our ignorance or so-called delusions, but could you please explain the E.P.’s scorching of canonical Orthodoxy?

    Waiting patiently.

    To what the writing is on the wall says, many of us are in agreement with what you have written, suffice it to say (as you understand) we would much rather be wrong.

  13. Constantinos says

    Hi George,
    After getting my head straight about which is the true Church between the Catholic or Orthodox, I have attended the Orthodox Divine Liturgy for ten straight weeks. Out of all the people in the church, one of the sub deacons, his wife,and I are the only parishioners to attend all the services in these ten weeks. The parish president has missed at least three services in this time period. It takes me at least a year from the time I decide to do something before I actually engage in the enterprise. I’m cautious to a fault.
    It concerns me that the church engages in zero evangelism; that is an issue close to my heart. Don’t you think it is tough to evangelize when we have all this controversy and chicanery going on between various jurisdictions? I’m thinking of joining the parish council so that might happen in a year or two.
    This country desperately needs one autocephalous Orthodox Church not beholden to foreign interests. There was an article on Orthodox Christian Laity on the making of an archon. It is unbelievable how many incompetent, immoral, crooked people are archons. It seems the only qualification is to be rich or thought to be rich. These things ought not to be! As Orthodox Christians, don’t we need to put Christ first? If we Orthodox Christians in America don’t have our own church focused on evangelism, the Church will not survive more than a couple of decades. If we have the truth, we should be shouting it from the roof tops! Every true Orthodox Christian is called to fulfill the Great Commission. If we Orthodox Christians were doing what Christ called us to do, America would be an Orthodox nation by now. No excuses!
    The Greek social club known as the Greek Orthodox Church makes a big deal about ” the Greek American success story.” They must get over themselves. Not impressed in the slightest, least degree. Look at the Jews, discriminated by hundreds of nations, and yet have been extremely successful in every one of these counties. While Greece has been around a few thousand years, they are now an economic basket case. This Greek crap is a terrible witness for Orthodoxy and our Lord Jesus Christ. That’s my two cents worth of input.

  14. Fr. Edward Pehanich says

    Your doctoring of the photo of Patriarch Bartholomew is insulting and should be removed. It is inappropriate to depict any legitimate Orthodox bishop in such a manner.

    • Joseph Lipper says

      Fr. Edward, you are so right. Thank you for sharing.

    • The writing is on the wall says

      Fr Edward,

      I don’t think that this photo is of Patriarch Bartholomew. It doesn’t even remotely resemble him.

      Nevertheless, is he still a “legitimate” Orthodox bishop? Because of Pat. Bartholomew’s flagrant unOrthodox behavior, I think faithful Orthodox Christians can now legitimately disagree on this point. Remember, he went into communion with groups that had been formally condemned as schismatic, including the “monk”-who-was-married-with-3-kids-and-already-deposed former cleric “Patriarch” Looney-toons Filaret. The bishop of Istanbul lost all legitimacy once he did that, in my opinion.

      If he were the only “Orthodox” cleric around me, there’s no way I’d ever go to a liturgy that he was celebrating or go to him for confession, advice, or the sacraments. And millions of faithful Orthodox feel that way. Thus, I don’t think he is a “legitimate” bishop any longer. By the time the Church gets around to condemning or deposing a hierarch as such, it’s already been months or years that millions of faithful have known that such a hierarch has lost it.

      I’ve read and enjoy your writings in the past, Fr Edward, and I know that you’re a priest of ACROD, a jurisdiction that I used to be in. I think your post touches on a sentiment that rings true for many in the Constantinople omophorion. It’s tremendously emotionally painful and frankly for some creates too much of a cognitive dissonance to fathom that the bishop in Istanbul is crazy/insane, or worse, diabolical and working to persecute faithful, pious Orthodox brothers and sisters. Many, including countless priests and faithful of the GOA or of ACROD, won’t go there, and in truth, they can’t go there. The cognitive dissonance it would create is too much for them to handle.

      They prefer to think this is a mere political squabble between Greeks, Ukrainians, and Russians, and will blow over with time. If only it were this simple; but the data suggest this debacle is much deeper and cuts to the core of our ecclesiology what it means to believe and to live as an Orthodox Christian.

      As this conflagration in Ukraine continues evolve daily, I fully suspect that many more Constantinople jurisdiction faithful and clergy will blame the messengers rather than address the issues at hand.

      Our beloved Metropolitan Orestes (Chornock) would flip his lid if he saw the current papal pretensions of the Constantinople church, where he saw refuge for his flock 80 years ago.

      I believe that Metropolitan Orestes would also not hesitate to say that Patriarch Bartholomew has now defined himself by his actions as no longer a legitimate Orthodox bishop.

      • The writing is on the wall: “the bishop in Istanbul is crazy/insane, or worse, diabolical and working to persecute faithful”

        Or perhaps he is simply miles away from the Orthodox mindset?

    • Father Edward,
      You are, and have been wise not debate with the militant here. They will only play cute as to who WAS in the doctored pic, or pivot as to who or what is more sinful or evil, than the EP, and his actions.

      What they do not understand or care to to understand is that our EP, right or wrong, sinful or holy, vain or humble, crazy or sane, is part of our Church family, in fact, The Ecumenical Patriarch, until which a new one comes to be. Or, until Orthodoxy decides we no longer have one, however that would be agreed upon, is beyond. He is our Grandfather or elder uncle if you will. It is hurtful because he belongs to us.

      It is one thing to argue, and debate when there is a family dispute, but the line is drawn when one spits on grandpa’s picture. A line was crossed, most honest hearts should agree.

      Father Edward, I stand behind your protest that the picture should be removed. I use to believe a blog like this one, should/would know better, regardless if they believe, THEY KNOW, which Patriarch is legitimate or not.

      As a rule, we respect the title first and foremost. To disgrace a picture of a Patriarch is a new low, one, I want no part of.

      A Happy and Blessed New Year to All!

      • Matthew Panchisin says

        Who are the militant here? There was jest with the photo, personally I think it is unbecoming to post and agree that it should be removed, however that is a decision that is in the hands of the administrator(s) of this blog.

        On a very serious note, I do not know of anyone here that is for the seizure of the canonical Churches, the harassment of canonical Priests, fratricide, renaming the canonical Church, and thusly identified for the sake of being persecuted etc. which the E.P.’s actions are facilitating. You may go on your sentimental journey with harsh invective towards the so-called militant here over a picture, without even blood on it’s hands. So Father Edward’s and other objections over the photo seem to be lacking much in serious perception under the current circumstances.

        These days what is seriously taken into consideration is the question how the E.P.’s driven behavior will be understood soon.

        “Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.

        Dino why not say you want no part of the E.P.’s tomos of autocephaly for Ukraine and join the so-called militant here.? His Greek press secretary expressed such a sentiment only a few months ago.

        • Matthew,
          From the beginning of this schism business with Ukraine, I have stated I do not understand the actions of the EP, and have been holding judgement until it all plays out. This may take months or years. I have been critical of the EP and GOA Archbishop in other matters. I have been critical of the MP, and Russian bishops, especially ones brought thru the Soviet Orthodox Church.

          I have come to the conclusion all of this is futile, and sinful, and of no value, other than to deflect from our own personal sinful nature, and salvation. How hard it must be for any EP, MP, or Archbishop to listen, or change their ways, if they are receiving millions from Ukraine, or a blank checks from Putin. All I can say is their loyalties will be their reward. Those leaders who follow after them will most likely follow along. It is not simply clergy who are at fault, but the system that runs Orthodoxy’s politics, and administration.

          We all know who the pulls the strings of MP, and that man(Putin), has real blood on his hands. No I won’t stand to be a militant for neither of our leaders. Both leaders have real issues,and many of us have been blinded by our own prejudices, nationalism, and pride. For some add greed as well.

          I believe most here mean well, and want what is best for our Church. But! Our prejudice, and jealous nature overcomes us, and the nature of Christ is temporarily put aside.

          Imagine there was a time when many in our church accused Saint Nektarios of Aegina, of using his own monastery for immorality and debauchery. Some speculated that his nuns gave birth to illegitimate children, which they would then kill, by throwing down into the well. How and Why such accusations by the church leaders and their mobs?

          The church militant mob wanted him out. In hind sight, the quick to judge, church militant, were persecuting a Saint. Not saying EP is a saint, just some history.

          Please forgive me if I don’t seem charitable, I mean no harm, and enjoy the blog that George puts so much time into, and no disrespect to BJS, just can’t always agree. I am just stating things as I see, and understand them, and trying to remain patient for things to pass before passing judgement.

          I still believe maligning pictures of the EP, or the MP is distasteful, and don’t belong on this type of blog. Not my blog, JMHO, which is worth zero, just like our protests to our EP and MP.

          • Dino: “I have come to the conclusion all of this is futile, and sinful, and of no value, other than to deflect from our own personal sinful nature, and salvation. How hard it must be for any EP, MP, or Archbishop to listen, or change their ways, if they are receiving millions ”

            I got confused. At first you admit your person to be of “sinful nature”, and then you “deflect” to harshly accuse “any EP, MP, or Archbishop”?

            • Martin,
              There is only one without sin.

              In regards to my “deflect”? I was actually charitable. My point? How do we know our actions and roles if we were EP, or MP, with angels, and devils in all the details. Matthew 19:24, comes to mind, as rich comes in many forms, such as power, not only gold and silver.

              Why do we always assume we would never be Judas, but instead Peter, or John? Never the executioner, always the liberator, or martyr. We may hope, but never really know.

              Wait and see brother. Things/schism, or not, may turn out much different than you/we now perceive them. All the players have their roles, but the characters have yet to be defined.

              And we know all things work together for good to those that love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.(Romans 8:28)

              • Dear George and Martin,
                I really don’t instand your responses. Did I hurt Gail with my posts? Is playing it cute the new norm Martin?

                There are many new norms coming about here now, such as Mad Magazine type pictures of our EP and even worse Mount Athos is being disparaged because she has remained silent, by Mikail, new lows, nothing sacred, no boundaries set, other than speaking up when Gail might get hurt feelings. If I’m wrong I apologize.

                I’m taking a little break as no headway is being made other than hurt feelings.

                Constantly reading how ones church is so rotten is not healthy for the body and soul of an already sinful natured person as myself.

                • Please, do not take it personally. I try to focus on the issues and what worries me is that EP actions will bring even worse fruits than what we see now. It is a slow moving disaster.

                  Either way, I do not believe in the Church where one bishop rules unchecked over everybody, simply I don’t. In this aspect I tend to sympathize with Martin Luther ( and with those who in XV century were saying “Better Sultan’s turban than the tiara of the Pope!”)

            • I have known the spirit in which Dino has shared his thoughts on this blog for almost as long as I can remember. Personally, I believe he is very much in line with the spirit of Met. Onuphry’s words, if we accept them at face value (and I note the testimony of many, including Bishop Tikhon [Fitzgerald], that Met. Onuphry is a humble man).

              “We are grateful to God for all that the Lord allows us. The Lord gives us to drink the cup of sorrow, and we drink it with humility and gratitude to God. We believe that in spite of all the trials that have been permitted to us, the Church of Christ will remain unbreakable forever and the gates of hell will not overcome it.”

              Vigilance is needed, of course; but said vigilance must be guided by faith, hope, and love or it all-too-easily warps into hatred and sectarianism.

              • Gail Sheppard says

                Brian, I know your comments weren’t directed toward me but I’d like to go on record saying I do NOT harbor any hatred toward anyone or support sectarianism. My problem is with the way this was handled.

                I don’t like the idea of a secular government deciding that a church in their country should have autocephaly. Ukraine voted on it, delivered their edict to the EP and he capitulated. A state cannot dictate to the Church. What happened in Ukraine set a dangerous precedent with respect to other regions.

                I don’t like that the EP purportedly received a substantial amount of money for his participation in this. It makes it look like we can be bought.

                I don’t like that the EP rescinded the Tomos of transfer. It would be kind of like me buying a house, signing the papers, moving in and having the previous owners come back and say, “Never mind, this is not your house. We’re taking it back.”

                I don’t like the EP going into another bishop’s territory without the invitation of that bishop.

                I don’t like that Poroshenko and his buddies are investigating the clergy of a canonical Church. I don’t like them insisting it change its name or threatening to confiscate its property.

                I don’t like that the EP is granting autocephaly to groups that HATE the existing canonical Church. This is simply not Orthodox. These schismatic groups can’t even behave as brothers among themselves.

                I don’t like that Russia and Ukraine might go to war because Russia is not going to sit idly by while its property is taken away. Had the EP NOT gone into the region, at least WE (the Church) would not be responsible for having precipitated a war.

                Finally, I don’t like the fact that if the United States has to intervene, militarily, that we will be a party to killing our brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as many other innocent people who get caught in the crossfire.

                That any of my concerns could be characterized as “militant” is as ludicrous as it is insulting. Again, Brian, I know you realize that my frustration is not directed toward you because of all the posters on this site, you and I may be the most closely aligned on this and other subjects. You are more effective, however, in your delivery because for some odd reason, even those I used to consider as friends have become uncharitable because I care so deeply.

      • “To disgrace a picture of a Patriarch is a new low…”

        And to infringe on the canonical territory of another Church by embracing anathematized defrocked unrepentant nationalists…..declaring them to be canonical, while labeling the canonical Church as schismatics… diabolical!

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Our history is replete with militants, Dino. We call them Saints.

        Are you certain George intended to “spit” on the EP with this ridiculous picture or is it just POSSIBLE it was sent to him by BJS and was intended to be a caricature of ALL wayward hierarchs? I believe BJS may have used this same picture in his last piece where he addressed His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos back in October.

        Try to be charitable, Dino. George and BJS are part of your Church family, too.

        • Joseph Lipper says

          Gail, did you see that large mural of the “Church militant” in Ukraine with the machine gun?

          • Gail Sheppard says

            I did, indeed, Joseph. It’s kind of hard to miss, like where they’re shoving a sword into the heart of Russia.

            The kind of militant *I* am talking about is one who puts on the full armor of God so that when the day of evil comes, they stand firm. They have the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit.

            Machine guns, not so much.

      • Dear Dino,

        I agree with your initial bottom line that mockery is not part of the love and respect we are to show each person and especially those in the hierarchy, as the EP presently is. Even if he is deposed, we are bound to engage him with love and respect as a human being, though we can describe his actions and their impact honestly. I am saddened that the American Rush Limbaugh/Howard Stern communication style has invaded this blog as well as our daily political discourse and nightly media fare. We may disagree greatly with and suffer great pain over the EP’s apparent deluded state but as the Fathers (Elder Paisios this morning at home) tell us, we must sorrow for their state and pray for them, not mock them as the guards did Christ or as endless persecutors of Christians have done. That’s not Christ’s way.

        The hierarchs of the local Churches must deal with his Patriarchal status. Thank God Poland has spoken well and hopefully all will follow. I pray we lay folks will not descend to the level of Christ’s tormentors or Stephen Colbert in discussing or depicting him. Nothing funny anyway about the results of his decisions in terms of suffering humanity so it is personally jarring for me to encounter “humor” in any form about this topic.

        • Dear Nicole & Brian,

          Years ago since arriving to Monomakhos, I have always spoken against the marriage of Orthodoxy to any form of government. Time yet again has proven why. Why, many like the idea of The Truth, married to The great lie, is beyond me.

          The “Tar and feather” zeal we are witnessing by many here, many I believe to be true Christ-Centered Orthodox Christians is disappointing.

          To my shock and disgust, last night I read Francis Frost’s last post to Anthony in bed before falling to sleep. It was a nightmare read awake, before falling asleep to horrible true nightmares all night. I witnessed the stories told by my grandparents, great aunts, and uncles fleeing, and stepping over bodies of men, women, and children, on slippery blood soaked streets, before sailing away in a lagoon with floating bodies, as they watched Smyrna burn.

          These type of horrors sadly are expected by our Muslim adversaries.

          These type of horrors a few years back, is yet repeated again against Orthodox Christians, and yet not much of a protest by any bishops, except those it was inflicted upon.

          Worse! This time it is not the powers of Islamic Turks uprooting, torturing, raping, and killing men, women , and children, BUT, the powers of The anointed Orthodox Christian Russian Federation, torturing, raping, and killing Orthodox Christian men, women, and children. These weapons blessed by her bishops, not cursed, as should have been by their MP. Silence out of fear by MP? Or worse his approval of Putin’s actions.

          Even if only 25% of Mr Frost’s stories are true, why not a peep for the removal of their MP that they favor so much so, over the EP? Why? Because the Truth is forsaken for politics. Both men are guilty of playing in political swamp, does one have more blood on his hands than the other? Does it matter? Yet many here stand behind one over the other.

          Last time EP called for a council, Russia didn’t show up, right or wrong, not showing up in Crete set the dominoes down to where we are today. Respect is a two way street. But, all is about politics and power, and nothing to do with what they should concern themselves with.

          The Truth

          • Dino “Even if only 25% of Mr Frost’s stories are true, why not”

            If someone accuses you of murdering 1000 people, what if only 1% of it is true?

            There was a good reason why on the entrance to Plato’s Academy was a sign:
            “Let no one ignorant of geometry enter here”

            Many are confused about meaning of this sign. But it means, do not enter if you have not disciplined your mind, by strict logic and impartiality.

          • Constantinos says

            Hi Brother George,
            As you know, Dino and I are not each other’s number one fans, nevertheless, that won’t keep me from giving credit where it is due. This is an outstanding post. I agree with everything the author has written.
            I would like to add that Russia is a third world dictatorship armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons. Russia acts in bad faith. They are sticking their nose in Syria where it doesn’t belong; they’re buddies with the Iranians which is not good. They hack our elections. In other words, they are malevolent actors on the world stage. The MP is Putin’s puppet and lap dog with his dainty, manicured fingernails. Russia is an extremely evil country. Once KGB, always KGB. In other words, Russia brings nothing of value to the table. Perhaps, instead of meddling in affairs that are none of their business, they could start by trying to eradicate the rampant alcoholism that besets their third world country loaded with nuclear weapons.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Dino, we are all called to be militant. I told Gail she should wear that label as a badge of honor.

  15. Gail Sheppard says

    Father Edward, as far as I know, you are the first to suggest the picture of “Patriarch Anaxios” is a doctored photo of Patriarch Bartholomew. It looks like a 15-year-old boy with a beard tacked on to me.

    The photo was not created by George. It was done by one of his readers who is fond of satire. Satire is not my cup of tea, either, but I would feel foolish calling him out given the surrounding circumstances. Rather than inadvertently (I suspect this wasn’t your intent) bearing false witness against George on the heels of the Nativity, why not write His Grace, Bishop Gregory and tell him that many of us are so scandalized by the EP, we feel like we’ve walked into a funhouse where you might find something like “Patriarch Anaxios” on the wall. Do you know Archbishop Job is now saying the EP entered Ukraine to HEAL a schism through economia! I guess they have dropped all pretext that the EP had a right to go into another bishop’s jurisdiction, uninvited. In doing so, he “healed a schism” for a bunch of schematics who have not been shy about their lack of love for the Chruch and ushered in the MOTHER of all schisms and quite possibly a global war when the ink dries on the Tomos and the canonical Church is forced to rename itself and give back her parishes and monasteries. Why don’t you find THAT “insulting?” It’s far more consequential than a stupid little photograph. Although it’s been widely reported that the EP received 25M as a result of his tête-à-tête with Poroshenko, he is now saying he was paid in chocolates and candy. Apparently, Poroshenko is Willy Wonka. If BJS’s picture seems over the top to you, consider how the rest of all this seems to us.

    * * *
    “Today, the reality is that there are millions of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine who do not want to be under the jurisdiction of Moscow for understandable reasons. Therefore, the unity of Orthodoxy must be saved by applying the canonical economy and through the grace of God. . .”

    * * *
    “Although the Russian Church accuses me that I have allegedly received money in order to create this autocephaly, actually it’s not money that I have received but rather a lot of candies and chocolates from the factory of Poroshenko. . .”

    • Joseph Lipper says

      The insistence of Moscow that millions of Ukrainians return to the jurisdiction of Moscow or be damned to hell is essentially a political “Uniate” tactic.

      “After the independence of Ukraine in 1991, all the bishops of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, under the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate, had already asked the Patriarch of Moscow for autocephaly in 1991 and 1992 to prevent the proliferation schisms. Unfortunately, the Moscow Patriarchate did not want to grant it, and this only aggravated the situation.

      “During these thirty years, the Moscow Patriarchate believes that in order to achieve the unity of the Church, schismatic communities must return to its jurisdiction. This policy of return is similar to the ancient policy of the Church of Rome which gave birth to Uniatism.

      “Today, the reality is that there are millions of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine who do not want to be under the jurisdiction of Moscow for understandable reasons. Therefore, the unity of Orthodoxy must be saved by applying the canonical economy and through the grace of God.”

      So now millions of Ukrainians are back in the fold of the Orthodox Church, and Moscow won’t have it.
      This is not a dogmatic dispute, but rather it’s only a political and territorial dispute involving Ukraine and Moscow.

      So why should American Orthodox be breaking communion with one another over Ukrainian politics and the fact that millions of Ukrainians are now Orthodox again?

      Yes, of course Petro Poroshenko is a well known “Willa Wonka” with his world famous Roshen candy company. The man has very deep pockets and is practically a billionaire. Even if he gave the EP $25 million in honoraria treby, so what? Look at all the work that’s been involved with the EP creating Ukrainian autocephaly. There are actual administrative costs involved, and I’m sure it hasn’t been cheap.

      Will Moscow ever ‘fess up as to how much they received for the OCA’s autocephaly?

      • Gail Sheppard says

        When the STATE starts taking the property belonging to the canonical Church to give it to another, it will become clear the two are not one. There can be only one Orthodox Church, Joseph. – Who are you quoting BTW? Shouldn’t you provide the link?

      • Matthew Panchisin says

        Dear Mr. Lipper,

        You have mentioned:

        “This is not a dogmatic dispute, but rather it’s only a political and territorial dispute involving Ukraine and Moscow. ”

        Since you don’t even consider Orthodox ecclesiology to be dogmatic it’s best that your refrain from further superficial and askew (to say the least) commentary.

        It is noticed that such is the mindset that is seen within the schismatic groups.

        • Joseph Lipper says

          Matthew Panchisin,

          It is only Patriarch Kyril who has stopped commemorating Patriarch Bartholomew. All the other primates of Orthodox Churches still commemorate Patriarch Bartholomew as the legitimate Ecumenical Patriarch. They may all disagree with him, but they haven’t stopped commemorating him.

          • Billy Jack Sunday says

            Joseph Lipper

            Give it a week

          • Joseph Lipper you are quite the apologist for Black Bart. The fact that not one of the other 14 autocephalous Churches has issued one word of congratulations to the new “Church” “Coven” says what world Orthodoxy thinks about this disgrace. They are being diplomatic and hoping for a peaceful resolution but the silence to date is quite eloquent.

            • Joseph Lipper says

              Michael, I don’t think the EP has any expectation that others will recognize the Ukrainian autocephaly when it happens. The other autocephalous Churches have all basically said they won’t recognize it, at least until there is another council.

              This month, Patriarch Kyrill is inviting all the primates to Moscow to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his enthronement, February 1st. So he’s basically calling a council under the wraps of a “10th anniversary party”. It will be interesting to see what transpires.

              • Joseph Lipper: “This month, Patriarch Kyrill is inviting all the primates to Moscow to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his enthronement, February 1st. So he’s basically calling a council under the wraps …”

                Where did you get this information?

                If true, it might be worth to remember that it will be day of Saint Mark of Ephesus (1 Feb/Jan 19)

              • Joseph thank you for your reply. It confirms the disgrace that Bartholomew has brought on himself. When the so called first among equals does something that not one other autocephalous Church accepts or even acknowledges, the disgrace is self-evident. Bartholomew will be the last Ecumenical Patriarch and his own legitimacy is about to disappear under his own arrogance and greed. Harsh judgment will follow his black soul to the grave with him and beyond.

                • Joseph Lipper says

                  Michael, let’s wait for an Ecumenical Council to decide the matter. Otherwise, the disgrace is upon ourselves who make judgement against bishops.

                  • Still disgusted says

                    Oh come on, man. The Orthodox faithful don’t need an “ecumenical council” to know the truth and to know what to do.

                    As I’m sure you’re aware, after the Council of Ferrara-Florence in the 15th century, when mostly all of the Orthodox bishops present became Uniates, St Mark of Ephesus and the Orthodox faithful back home didn’t wait for an ecumenical council to guide them as to what to do. The Holy Spirit guided them, as it always guides the Church. The faithful locked their Uniate heretic bishops out of their churches, as was entirely appropriate. Mark of Ephesus was eventually canonized a saint, despite being much vilified at the time as the lone hold-out at the ill-fated council.

                    The fact that you think we need an ecumenical council to pontificate from on high to tell the faithful who’s right and who’s wrong in this Poroshenko-created disaster suggests an inappropriate parallel between Orthodox and western theology.

                    Roman Catholicism and Protestantism are flip sides of the same coin: in one, there’s only one all-powerful, infallible pontiff, and in the other, each man is his own all-powerful, infallible pontiff. Orthodox ecclesiology is entirely different.

                    Yes, hopefully someday there will be a council which will formally make a statement on the Poroshenko/Bartholomew/US State Dept mess. But until then, the Church knows quite well which side is the Church and which side isn’t and is commanded to act as such.

                  • Joseph Lipper you can sit around your house with your panties up in a bunch because you don’t want to risk offending a bishop. This issue is crystal clean, the Ecumenical Patriarch has gone into schism and committed a dark sin of against the canonical Church of Ukraine. I will not sit around and wait for others to posture. I proclaim this truth openly from the rooftops. Now go back to rearranging your sock drawer while you wait for a Council instead of speaking truth. I loudly and clearly stand with Metropolitan Onuphry the lawful hierarchy of Ukraine. Your mumbled words say nothing and show how little of substance you have to offer.

                  • Tim R. Mortiss says

                    Why in the world would we need an ecumenical council?

                    This is not the time for a council. Maybe in a couple hundred years.

                    It would be like having a US constitutional convention. A recipe for nothing but trouble.
                    We have all the councils we need.

      • Joseph,

        You have written that this is a territorial, and not an ecclesiological/dogmatic, dispute. I would agree on the former, but not on the latter.

        The EP is – and has been – creating an ecclesiological/dogmatic dispute by developing a doctrine around its primacy that bears no relationship to the historical, conciliar grant of its primacy nor to anything previously dreamed of.

        The key passage…

        In order to understand these [Russian Church] innovations more clearly, let us look for a moment at what all this would mean if we related and applied them to the life of the Holy Trinity, the true source of all primacy (“Thus says God, the king of Israel, the God of Sabaoth who delivered him; I am the first” Is. 44:6)
        The Church has always and systematically understood the person of the Father as the First (“the monarchy of the Father”) in the communion of persons of the Holy Trinity. If we were to follow the logic of the text of the Russian Synod, we would also have to claim that God the Father is not Himself the cause without beginning of the divinity and fatherhood (“For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named.” Eph. 3.14-15), but becomes a recipient of his own “primacy.” Whence? From the other Persons of the Holy Trinity? Yet how can we suppose this without invalidating the order of theology, as St. Gregory the Theologian writes, or, even worse, without overturning – perhaps we should say “confusing” – the relations of the Persons of the Holy Trinity? Is it possible for the Son or the Holy Spirit to “precede” the Father?”

        I am not a theologian, nor do I play one on TV. Even so, these words constitute an innovation in that they have never before to my knowledge been claimed (not even by Popes of Rome).

        But of infinitely greater consequence, the attempt to root supreme primacy in the Person of God the Father is a denial of the essentially ‘feminine’ nature of the Church as the Bride and Body of Christ who is her Head. The implications of this error extend far beyond temporal political matters of jurisdiction. They cut at the very heart – not only of theology and ecclesiology, but of anthropology. If left unchecked and/or unrefuted, they cannot help but lead to serious errors about the nature of humanity itself.

  16. Matthew Panchisin says

    Some say that Patriarch Bartholomew’s doctoring of Denysenko is insulting and should be removed and that it is inappropriate to depict any legitimate Orthodox bishop in such a manner. (Hey, a little levity never hurt anybody, OK?) according to this blog’s administrator(s).

  17. Joseph Lipper says

    Gail, please forgive me, I’m quoting the link you provided above. These are the words of Archbishop Job from your link, and here’s the link again that you provided:

    Regarding the seizure of property, the Ukrainian state has been clear that it respects the right of Ukrainians to remain under the Russian Orthodox Church if they wish, and that only a majority vote of parishioners can change the designation of church properties.

    The key point is the church properties will remain Orthodox temples of worship and will not being turned into factories or warehouses. Some properties will remain under the Russian Church, and some properties will be transfered by majority vote to the Ukrainian Church. Why should that be such a big deal?

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Thanks, Joseph.

      You have rightly said, “the Ukrainian state has been clear that it respects the right of Ukrainians to remain under the Russian Orthodox Church if they wish. . .”

      What if someone said to you, “We’re taking your family’s name and everything you own but we’ll give you the right to exist?” Because that’s what they’re saying, Joseph.

      It’s not the “Russian Orthodox Church.” It’s the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

      • Does any body think that on the ground anything will be respected.? If they do they are dreaming in noddy land. But events will tell

  18. George Michalopulos says

    Dino, we are all called to be militant. I told Gail she should wear that label as a badge of honor.

  19. Joseph Lipper says

    Michael, the Ecumenical Patriarch has not gone into schism. He still commemorates Patriarch Kyrill and all the other Orthodox churches. All the autocephalous churches, with only the exception being the MP, still commemorate Patriarch Bartholomew as the legitimate Ecumenical Patriarch.

    I don’t forsee that situation changing, unless there is an Ecumenical Council.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      That you don’t foresee anything changing is neither here nor there, Joseph.

      Moscow, Antioch, Bulgaria, Georgia, the Serbs, Poles, Romanians, Albanians, Cyproete, Czechs/Slovakians, Alexandria, and Jerusalem (95%+) warned the EP not to go down this path. He didn’t listen.

      If they all walk away from the EP, the way Antioch, Bulgaria, Georgia, and the OCA walked away from Crete, he will be left with maybe 2% to 3% of the Church.

      Does it matter who he commemorates?

      • Joseph Lipper says

        Gail, it sounds like you forsee that many, if not most, of the other local churches will break communion with the EP over this Ukrainian autocephaly.

        None of the local churches, with exception to Moscow, have threatened to do this. It is only Moscow that has threatened and broken communion with the EP. The rest may have stated their disagreement with the Patriarch Bartholomew, but they have not threatened to break communion.

        • Antiochene Son says

          They were urging him not to issue the Tomos. They gave him the rope and he hanged himself with it. We’ll see what happens now.

          Will any other primate commemorate the Ukrainian “metropolitan”? Will holy synods direct their clergy not to concelebrate with them? These are the next signs to watch for.

          • Joseph Lipper says

            It’s highly doubtful that anyone will commemorate or concelebrate with the Ukrainian Metropolitan Epiphany, except Patriarch Bartholomew and his bishops. All the local churches have already pretty much said this, and I don’t blame them.

            Patriarch John of Antioch has been saying there needs to be a “pan-orthodox” council to resolve this. That’s probably where most primates stand.

            • Naturally nobody wants to divide the Church but Ep doing this. But by same token none of the churches have come out in support out side of his hen house. SILENCE IS NOT NEUTRAL
              The Church of Russia sees itself as founded by St Andrew ultimately and He as First called, not St Peter.

          • It would be better for Black Bart’s dark tortured soul if the Turks hung him from his own gate like Patriarch Gregory V rather than let him continue to sow division among brother prelates and sister churches in the Orthodox world. Black Bart did serve in the Turkish army and more recently blessed Turkish tanks and artillery. His evil deeds can only make sense if he deliberately trying to destroy our Church, including by setting himself up as an Eastern Pope.

            • Billy Jack Sunday says


              That is irresponsible to type, let alone think

              Please do not bring any of those thoughts on this blog or anywhere else

              • BJS my words are just a near identical paraphrase of the words of the Gospel in Luke 17:2. I believe this is just as serious because much innocent blood will be shed in Ukraine by these foolish acts and that blood will be on the EP’s soul. I do not advocate violence of any sort but I believe the words of this Gospel passage cry out to this situation. The words of the Gospel are often harsh. Butch I apologize if I caused you or others personal offense.

            • Joseph Lipper says

              Is that already a call out for “crucify him!”???

              • Patriarch Irinei of Serbia, regarded by many of us Greeks as a living saint, said in his Nativity encyclical a few days ago that granting the Tomos to the Ukrainian schismatics was a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Why is this statement so significant? In the three synoptic Gospels our Lord says that the one sin that cannot be forgiven is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. This is because it involves hardening ones hard so much against God that His message can no longer even reach you and you have deliberately put yourself outside of his voice and call to repentence. Why are Patriarch Irinei’s word’s so significant? I think this holy man is telling us that Bartholomeow has sinned greatly in tearing the seamless robe of Christ and shattering the unity of the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. But by his precise word choice, I think he is also saying that Bartholomeow has hardened his heart so much against the wise counsel of his brother Primates that there is little chance of his repenting of this evil. He has closed his heart and ears to the Holy Spirit, and when you do that, and for so long as you do that, no repentence, and thus no forgiveness, is possible. Am I issuing a call to crucify anyone? No. And that is only a relevant statement because it was issued with respect to the One who alone is sinless. I am calling for the other Primates to break communion with Bartholomeow (in truth he has already done it by his own actions, the other Primates would just be acknowledging what has already occurred) until Bartholomeow repents of, in the words of Patriarch Irinei, this blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

                • Billy Jack Sunday says


                  Much better said this time, and thank you for clarifying your point

                  I certainly wish no I’ll of any kind for the EP. I also hope and pray he comes to his senses

                  However, I no longer acknowledge his leadership, and I will never again – even if he comes fully to his senses and regrets his actions

                  As far as his leadership of the Orthodox Church is concerned, it’s a done deal

                  Furthermore, I no longer recognize my bishop as a bishop, but rather consider him my former bishop

                  Everyone who is the GOA will have to decide for themselves, but this is where my conscience is at

                  If the Church is one, how can I recognize Metropolitan Onuphry and my own GOA bishop as of Jan 6th? Personally, I dont see how that is possible

                  This issue with the Ukraine hasn’t been a mere petty territorial dispute

                  It has been a complete assault against Orthodox ecclesiology

                  Not acceptable

                  I stand not with Met Onuphry for the sake of Russia. I stand with Met Onuphry for the sake of the canonical Church

                  Wherever it may be found

                  And I’m not even fond of Russia

                  Or the Ukraine for that matter

                  • Gail Sheppard says

                    The hierarchs have two options: they can allow schism OR they can maintain the unity of the Church by finding a way to marginalize the EP. My money is on option two.

                    This isn’t over. Wait until “the fat lady sings.”

                • anonimus per Scorilo says

                  Patriarch Irinei of Serbia, regarded by many of us Greeks as a living saint

                  Whoooa – I never heard that one.
                  Looks like the standards for sanctity are really going down. Last time when I checked a bit more than having a white beard and a soft voice was needed

                  • Anonimus are you making the claim that the only things that point to the sanctity if Patriarch Irinei of Serbia are his white beard and soft voice? If you are you are showing you know nothing about the man and proving your own shallowness.
                    In my trips to Serbia I have met Patriarch Irinei and his two immediate predecessors, Herman and Pavle. Truth be told all three were regarded as living saints in their own time.
                    Patriarch Irinei was a true monk and scholar, being the rector of the Orthodox Theological Academy in Prizren (Kosovo). He was elected Bishop of Nis, and pastored that diocese for 35 years before being elected Patriarch. During his entire 50 years of service as monk, priest, professor, theologian and bishop he has earned a reputation as a humble holy man who leads by example. His life has been a model of holiness without even a hint of scandal or blemish. And while at 88 years old he could spent his remaining days in comfort in Belgrade, he spends much of his time in Kosovo, where the beleaguered remaining Serbs are under intense pressure by Kosovar Muslims to leave. He stays with them in difficult circumstances so that the Serbian people will see their Primate and have courage to remain in the ancient cradle of their civilization.
                    Yes many of us regard Patriarch Irinei as a living saint for all these things and his lifetime of dignified faithful service which continues even as he approaches his 90th year. It’s easy for a punk like you to get on the internet and cast doubts on his sanctity without a single fact. I suspect most Orthodox Christians who take time to come to this website are much more knowledgeable and know the reputation of Patriarch Irinei.

                  • Billy Jack Sunday says

                    anonymous per Scorilo

                    Kenny Rogers would make an excellent GOA Archbishop

                    Not only does he have the white beard and soft voice

                    He knows how to play correctly anything that is dealt to him

            • George Michalopulos says

              Saunca, who exactly is “advocating violence” on this blog?

              • Saunca if you read the Gospel more you would know that what I wrote was not advocating violence but an almost exact paraphrase of Luke 17:2, putting it in the context of the Ecumenical Patriarch’s misdeeds. I don’t wish violence on the EP, but I fo believe that blood will soon be on his head from his misdeeds in Ukraine, and he will have a heavy price to pay when he stands before the Just Judge.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Will do. Howeverif I may interject: there is massive difference in “advocating” violence and predicting it.

  20. Does any body think that on the ground anything will be respected.? If they do they are dreaming in noddy land. But events will tell

    • Veras Coltroupis says

      Do you understand the words of Ypermaho? The OCA transaltion is typically way too pacifist. Orthodoxy was always, like Judaism, militant. Have you ever seen this performed by a Greek military band? Τῇ ὑπερμάχῷ στρατηγῷ τὰ νικητήρια, ὡς λυτρωθεῖσα τῶν δεινῶν εὐχαριστήρια, ἀναγράφω σοι ἡ πόλις σου, Θεοτόκε· ἀλλ’ ὡς ἔχουσα τὸ κράτος ἀπροσμάχητον, ἐκ παντοίων με κινδύνων ἐλευθέρωσον, ἵνα κράζω σοί· Χαῖρε Νύμφη ἀνύμφευτε. Superwarrior general we thank you for redeeming victories inscribed to your city, Oh God Bearer. Others governed us undefended but you liberated us from every danger. So we cry to you, Hail, O BrideUnwed! Suffice that the Battle Hymn of the Republic also had Byzantine influences. Samuel Gridley Howe, the author’s husband, was a surgeon in the Greek revolution. Those words translate brilliantly into Greek.

      • Tim R. Mortiss says

        Yes, and Greece has done very well as a mighty power with superwarrior generals and God-Bearing victor cities.

        I prefer British understatement, myself. (Peccavi….!)
        Then there’s the Arabs in 1967. Talking of their mighty crushing victories as they are being totally taken to pieces…..