Thoughts on the Freedom Convoy


Way back on May 8, 2020, a mere three weeks before the beatification of George Floyd, I wrote one of my most prescient blog posts (if I may say so myself):

At the risk of patting myself on the back too hard, I think we can all agree with these sentiments, regarding the police forces in particular:

But now, in too many localities, too many cops have lost all sense of propriety.  Many have eagerly gone out of their way to handcuff soccer moms who committed the crime of disobeying Mayor Karen Busybody’s latest directive regarding children playing in the back yard.  Instead of years of using the Ferguson Effect as an excuse to spend an extra five minutes at the local Dunkin Donuts, they eagerly get in their cruisers and go to arrest that elderly couple who committed the horrendous crime of walking in the park. 

Please excuse the sardonic wit.  The point is serious, deadly serious, as are some of the pieces of advice I gave our police forces:

It’s not too late.  I implore you to order another bear claw or glazed donut and get another cup of coffee, instead.  There is no moral high ground in “enforcing the law” when that law is unconstitutional and/or flies in the face of common sense.  And remember this:  that same local judge, mayor or county commissioner who thinks kids having play-dates will lead to the next 9/11 if not stopped, is the same bozo who releases violent criminals from prison at the drop of a hat because they might acquire COVID-19 —and then think nothing at all of throwing all those same soccer moms into the same jail cells.  It makes no sense. 

And here’s the kill-shot:  

More importantly, these libtard authoritarians will be the first to throw you under the bus when you are caught using deadly force against a real criminal.


I can’t stress this enough, while our Boys in Blue were out there stopping really peaceful protests in April and May of that year, within no time at all,  they were told to stand down while the thugs of BLM and the ogres of Antifa were allowed to –literally–riot in over a hundred cities across our fair land.  Even as thousands of innocent bystanders were being beaten within an inch of their lives and their businesses looted and burned, police were ordered to do nothing.

So now I address the Thin Blue Line:  

We, the normal people of America, the taxpayers, the workers, the tradesmen and professionals, the peaceful people that make this country run (and pay the taxes that underwrite your paycheck), have always looked the other way when it came to your judgment.  We have always acknowledged that you constitute that Thin Blue Line that is the divide between order and chaos.  Without you, our cities would descend into Hobbesian hellholes.  We know that.

But because you were “only following orders” you turned your batons against us.  And then when things got really bad during the Summer of Floyd, you let the monsters run riot.  Again, it was because you were “only following orders.”

To add insult to injury, you were often-times forced to actually kneel before these miscreants.  Honestly, I don’t know how you were able to look yourselves in the mirror at night when you went home and un-velcroed your kevlar vest.  You knew that these soulless ogres were evil but when given an order to lock up some shopkeeper who Mayor Karen McKaren said was a “white supremacist” (as opposed to an actual thug); you locked up the peaceful white guy. 

And, of course, it is not only your jobs which are on the line but your very lives, as well.  As I wrote two years ago, the same liberal politicians who demanded that you arrest business owners because they wouldn’t enforce an insane mask mandate (while they themselves were photographed partying without masks), are more than willing to throw you under the bus.  Defunding the police was only the tip of the iceberg.  The end of qualified immunity was the other. 

As a result, many of you now don’t know what to do when confronted with a lethal situation when seconds count.  Shoot?  Don’t shoot?  Lose your life or run the risk of losing everything in legal proceedings?  And that is if you’re lucky.  What will happen to you when you go to prison for the remainder of your life?  Do you know what they do to ex-cops in prison?  Yes, you do.

Now I realize the psychic harm you must feel.  And it pains me to write these words.  As a normal, middle-class white ethnic American, I have always given you the slack you need to do your job.  I understand why Derek Chauvin had to restrain George Floyd as he did.  It wasn’t Chauvin’s fault that a ne’er-do-well like Floyd was hopped up on fentanyl and methamphetamine.  But I warned you back in May that the well of goodwill that comes from middle-Americans is not inexhaustible.  Not in America.  Not anymore.


Nor is it inexhaustible in Canada.  What we experienced in the Great White North is another example of my earlier warning to our own Boys in Blue.  They had been ordered by a tyrannical tin-pot dictator named Justin Trudo (or is it Castreau?) to break up the world’s only genuine working-class –and completely peaceful–protest.    Some of them have acted in a brutal fashion.  So brutally in fact it’s hard to square their actions with what one normally associates with the dignity of the  “Mounties.”   Renfrew of the Royal Mounted Police has definitely left the building.

As I write these words, it appears as if the Convoy has gotten most of its demands met in Canada.  Still, Trudeau is using the local police to crush dissenters in ways not unlike General Jaruszelski’s of Poland back in the late 80s.  Jaruszelski won the battle but he lost the war. 

For those who don’t remember, this was during the Solidarity protests; a series of protests which eventually brought down the communist government of Poland and thereby set in motion the collapse of the entire Warsaw Pact, eventually culminating in the implosion of the USSR itself. 

What’s worse, is that Trudeau is doing so because Resident Joe Biden, in the best Brezhnevite fashion, ordered him to crush the Freedom Convey.  Can you believe that?  An American president, the man we are to call “the leader of the free world,” telling the prime minister of a sovereign nation to crush peaceful protests in his own country?  The irony is positively meta at this point.

What Trudeau is doing is evil and he’s using the police to enact his wicked program.  Hence, my recourse to my earlier warning to the police of America.  This applies to you, the constabulary of Canada, as well.  Don’t turn the good people of Canada against you.  You don’t have to.  


There may be a silver lining to this madness. 

First, the mask is off.  Finally, we see the ugly, fetid face of modern liberalism.  You oligarchs didn’t mean to strip it off but in your desperation, you didn’t know what else to do.  You unwittingly performed a series of unforced errors which exposed your affinity for identity politics.  Perhaps it was because you wanted to distract normal people from the problems they have.  When you see a mob of people carrying signs that say, “Eat the Rich,” you pick out the soy-boy or the angry dyke feminist and immediately whip out your checkbooks and ask, “How much?”  Divide and conquer as the Romans said.

Second, we now know your reach is pervasive.  I, for one, had no idea that Canada could unilaterally seize donations from PayPal and redirect them to “more worthy causes” (like BLM or Planned Parenthood).  I also had no idea that Trudeau’s government could seize bank accounts and invalidate insurance policies.  No idea at all.

Third, now we know why all vehicles made after 2025 will have kill switches on them.  Had those been mandatory in vehicles made, say, 10 years earlier, there’s no way that the Freedom Convoy would have gotten off the ground.

Fourth, we saw how feckless the main opposition parties in Canada were.  And by “opposition” I mean “controlled opposition.”

Fifth, we saw how the various world leaders acted in total solidarity with each other.  Yes, the mask is off; we now see there is an Oligarchy.  They’re on one side and we’re on the other.   

Sixth, and this is crucial, the Oligarchs are really scared.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re powerful but they are scared.  We saw this on January 6th, 2021 and we’re seeing it again in Ottawa.  Make no mistake: we, the people, really do have the whip-hand.  Until now, we just didn’t know it.  And thanks to all of the unforced errors I mentioned, we’ve pretty much have learned the playbook.  

If these factors are not the essence of totalitarianism, nothing is.  George Orwell, himself, would be shocked at how the Anglosphere had thrown away its liberal principles so quickly and completely.

Thanks to the Freedom Convoy, we gained a treasure trove of knowledge because the Oligarchy was forced to come out in the open in order to try and get its power back.  Their collective blunders caused us to open our eyes and to take stock, whether we wanted to or not.

What we saw was not pleasant but it was salutary —for us.  And as unpleasant as the whole spectacle was, we now know the extent of their power; or at least a pretty good approximation.  What was seen cannot be unseen.  The man behind the curtain and all.


Well, for one thing, because we know our financial instruments are not safe, they suggest converting whatever cash you have into solid metals.  Maybe leave only a nominal amount of money in the bank and keep the rest, if you have any, at home.  Don’t pay your bills online.  Write checks or send money orders.  You’re not getting any interest by parking your paycheck in your checking account, so why add to the pile of money the bank already has?  (Will this cause a bank run?  Maybe.  It will damn well get the gumint’s attention.)

Two, plant your own vegetable garden.  Maybe dig your own well.  Live, as far as possible, off the grid. 

Three, if you’re raising a family, homeschool your kids.  If you’re religious, find a church that preaches the Gospel and encourages simplicity.  Do NOT be under the illusion that your First Amendment freedoms are absolute.  They are not; they could be the next to go, all in the name of “stopping misinformation.”  It’s already happened.  Whatever church you join will likely have its tax exemption revoked when Manoli and Boris show up to get “married.”  Why?  Because they’ll be labeled a “hate group.”  In other words, if you’re going to make contributions to your place of worship, do it to spread the Gospel and not for the tax exemption.  (If that means you pay your pastor in cash, so be it.)  

Four, if you need a new car, get one made before 2025.  Or, find a way to disable the kill switches.  And, of course, load up on ammo.  Lots of ammo.  Oodles and oodles of ammo.  I’m not as worried about the Second Amendment anymore as I am about the other nine Amendments.  A sliver of a silver lining as it were, but that’s better than nothing.

The armed populace is a massive wildcard that keeps our elites in a state of constant worry.  But here’s where you’ve got to keep your emotions in check:  the Establishment will orchestrate several mass shootings in the hope that once things get too violent, the soccer moms will give in to their feminine side and demand “sensible gun laws.”  You know “for the children.”  Hopefully, thanks to the lockdown and their being labeled as “domestic terrorists” by the Attorney General, the soccer moms of America have been successfully red-pilled and will be immune to the ensuing carnage.

Five, don’t expect the military to come to your aid.  I know the backbone of our military are Heritage Americans from the Red States but so are the police.  Like the cops, they have bills to pay and families to raise.  While they’re on active duty they’ve got great medical care and then when they retire they’ll have VA, which is not great but better than nothing.  All the government has to do is stage a false flag attack on some barracks and blame it on “domestic terrorists” (i.e. us).  Avoid rising to the bait.  

Finally, and this is going to be hard:  when it comes to the various branches of government, learn to think like a Sicilian.  They have this thing called omerta, the code of silence.  I understand that this is going to be hard, mainly because Heritage Americans are proud of their institutions.  But classical liberalism only works when all sides agree to abide by the same principles, which is no longer the case.  

It should be obvious by now that you, with all your White Privilege, are the Enemy.  This means that there is nothing you can do to please the people in charge.  They hate you with every fiber of their being.  The odds are stacked against you.  And don’t tell me about Kyle Rittenhouse and his exoneration.  That was a one-off.  Had his trial been in another, more liberal jurisdiction, he’d be in prison right now.  Had one of his victims been black, he’d be on death row.  But that’s beside the point; as I wrote some months ago.  In a saner society, Rittenhouse wouldn’t have been charged with anything, except maybe the discharge of a firearm.  The fact that he was charged at all means we may have already lost the battle for civilization.  

Repeat after me:  omerta.  Learn to let it roll off your tongue.  If you can, roll the “R,” as it gives it an added oomph.  

There are other things we can –and must –do.  We’ll go over them in the near future.  But this is good, for now.  


When workingmen have real grievances, the Oligarchs think that if they say “I’m for anal marriage!” or “We need better daycare!” such slogans will placate the masses and after a demonstration or two, they’ll go away.  If things get really hairy for them (a la 18-wheelers clogging the roads of Ottawa), you can always scream “Racist!” or “There’s a Confederate flag!” and hope that it will distract people. 

But now we know they don’t have the capacity to effect real change or the inclination to actually listen to real people.  That mask is finally, blessedly, off.  And what’s really delicious is that real Progressives are now seeing that they’ve been played all these decades by the establishment leftist parties of the world.  Much like real conservatives have been bamboozled by “conservative” parties, only to see them cuck out when the rubber hit the road.  

Last Sunday, Gail and I were temporarily caught up for about 5 miles in the Freedom Convoy that took off from Elk City, Oklahoma.  We had a great time!  Thousands of people lined the highway and were on the overpasses waving flags.  What really heartened me was that State Troopers were escorting the Convoy!

And so, I will leave you with these words of wisdom:

“The most terrifying force of death comes from the hands of men who wanted to be left alone.  They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love.  They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it.  They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over.  The moment the men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide.  They are literally killing off what they used to be.  Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives.  They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror.  True terror will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy…but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the men who just wanted to be left alone.” –Author Unknown

‘Nuff said.

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  1. George Michalopulos says

    One of the things that I wanted to emphasize in this piece is that we are not powerless. Better yet, we have found several of the weak spots of the Oligarchy/Deep State. Also, I wanted to give some solutions and not merely kvetch about how dire things are.

    Again, bearing in mind that I’m not a financial analyst (far from it), I did say something about buying metals. Please take the time to watch this episode of Joe Blogs, who gives an excellent summary of the precious metals market thanks to the recent conflict. (Hint: Russia has a near-monopoly on everything from Platinum to Palladium to Nickel to Gold.)

    Perhaps the EU/NATO will engineer a “lab leak” from one of the 11 biolabs that supposedly didn’t exist in the Ukraine? So far, cooler heads are prevailing in the military chanceries of the world. A plandemic of say, hemorrhagic fever in the Ukraine might finally push the West to go to war against Russia?

    What do you think?

    • George,

      I think, as I have said, that we are at war. The fact that I am not physically eradicating the enemy is simply a limitation on my position “behind enemy lines”, so to speak. Russia’s war on the neo-liberal Borg is my war on the same. Christian Nationalists are my people, most especially the Orthodox, and cultural nationalists of whatever stripe (Indians, Chinese, Saudis, Iranians, etc.) are our allies. The enemy is the neo-liberal/neo-con Borg (the Neo’s) centered in the DNC and the uniparty establishment. It is total war, no quarter, no surrender. The world is not big enough for both of us.

      So we have allies in America, but America is not our ally or friend. Given the stranglehold the Neo’s have on foreign policy, it is impossible to say that America is not our enemy. So I am delighted at the negative ramifications for America despite the fact that they may affect me personally adversely. That is the cost of doing business inside the Beast.

      On the other hand, this is where the fight is. For the life of the world, both parties here in America must be defeated by MAGA or by any other force powerful enough to take power by whatever means necessary. And they must also be defeated in Europe by the Putins, Viktor Orbans, Le Pens, etc. Revolutionaries in America simply need to focus on who their enemies are and who their friends and allies are to see through all the smoke and mirrors.

      The Neo’s will do anything to survive and retain power. They invented the Russia Hoax, the Plandemic, the Vaccine Wars, the Impeachment Follies and now the Ukraine Crisis in order to hold on to power. They are not above setting off a plandemic of hemorrhagic fever and trying to pin it on any likely suspect who serves their purposes. They are evil incarnate – demons, one and all, the whole Neo-Borg.

      • However, having spouted off, things are not looking all that bad in general and there is much to be positive about.

        Russia is winning this thing in the Ukraine. Thank God. But, more importantly, the Biden Regime is losing the PR war regarding its own competency. Ukraine will not be a net plus for Biden, though it gives the neo-cons a bit of a boost. The neo-libs are still seen, rightly, as pathetically weak and having brought all this on themselves. That should be a few more nails in the Democrat coffin come November.

        And, on the whole, Europe stands to suffer much more from this economic warfare than the United States. It is a period of political instability in the West brought on by the decline of the Neo ideologies and the rise of the nationalist ideologies. America and parts of the West are the last ones to get the memo, so to speak, and so they feel themselves besieged and are thus somewhat dangerous. Moreover, their brain trust has seen its better days and so their leadership does not have much coming to it in the way of good advice.

        But, as my late mother said at such times, “This too shall pass.”