What Can We Learn from these Plucky Jews?

By Jove! I like the cut of these Hebrews’ jibs!

Would that the rest of New York State would tell Governor Granny-killer and Commissar DeBlasio what they could do with their silly directives.

Seriously, it’s getting hard to keep my victim-bingo cards straight anymore. A few dozen Hasidic Jews can’t have their kids play outside in the park but 17,000 people can march for “Black Trans Lives Matter” just a mile away? Can somebody please help me?

OK, snark off.

Ever since the George Floyd festivities, I’ve been thinking deeply about the concepts of tribe and nationhood. Admit it: so have you. However, the spreading of Floyd’s “martyrdom” to the rest of the world is most curious and it’s doing its greatest damage in the more liberal societies, particularly England. And when I say “damage” I mean the havoc that is wrought to our history.

Why for instance is the United States and Great Britain allowing hoodlums to destroy their monuments but the French are standing resolute? It doesn’t make sense on so many levels. Of course, we Anglo-Americans have committed our own national sins but the French are hardly angels in this regard. Nor should we forget that in the face of Hitler, the French folded like a house of cards. The British on other hand remained defiant.

Consider the origins of the Anglo-Saxons and the Franks: both were Germanic peoples who founded their nations on the backs of Celtic precursor-races. They did this at about the same time in history; likewise their acceptance of Christianity. Is the genetic makeup of the French more stalwart than that of the English? Is the history of France more glorious than that of England and thus more worthy of preservation?

No, to both counts. So why did England (and her American offspring) cave into the mob? And why did France give the middle finger to the globalist mob?

Folks, I don’t have a drop of Anglo-Saxon or Celtic blood coursing through my veins. It’s all Greek (with touches of Slavic, West Asiatic and Caucasian with a dash of Ashkenazi thrown in, according to Ancestry.com). But I went red with fury when I saw what they did to the statue of Thomas Jefferson last week in Portland. And then, when they toppled George Washington and draped him in an American flag which was set on fire (again, in Portland), I almost had an aneurysm. But our WASP elite? Not a damn thing. I suppose not missing tee-time at the country club is more important to these toffs.

In Great Britain it wasn’t any better. To prevent the desecration of Winston Churchill’s statue, Sadiq Khan, the Orc mayor of London, merely boxed it up so that it couldn’t be demolished. Let that sink in: Churchill, the man who would have met the Luftwaffe at Dover and single-handedly thrown beer bottles at them while everybody else was cowering in the subways.  Churchill, who according to most polls is considered the greatest Briton of all times; that Winston Churchill. And you can’t find one dozen red-blooded Englishmen in all of London to set up a perimeter and knock the skulls of anybody who would have dared look cross-eyed at them? My God! is there no turbulence left in the race which turned the disaster of Dunkirk into a victory?

So why didn’t the French cave? Why did they say “nothing doing, we are keeping all of our history alive”? The only answer I can come up with is that France remained Catholic for longer than did Britain. Yes, I realize that the French Revolution was a God-hating one and then, with the onset of the Third Republic, France’s constitution became aggressively secular. Officially, this is all true. But the French people still think of themselves as French. And Catholicism made France. The French instinctively know this even if they hardly go to church anymore.

The English, on the other hand, not only rejected Catholicism but immediately splintered into dozens of Dissenting Protestant sects. The only thing that bound the English together was their language and the Crown. If I may be so bold, when they lost Catholicism, they lost the sacramental nature of their culture. What little of it that is left of the liturgical life is embodied in the Queen and her palace rituals, hence, her enduring popularity among the English. (The real English, not the immigrant hordes that have unleashed rape-gangs on cities like Rotherham.)

This is my humble opinion anyway but it has some explanatory power as to why we here in America, have even less sense of historical memory than our British brethren. This nation was created de novo out of Protestantism, so we never acquired a sacramental tint to our land. We were part of Christendom but only in an attenuated, derivative fashion.

Now don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate the role of government schooling over the past half-century in enforcing a post-Christian understanding of our history. The Federal judiciary has been particularly useful in torturing the First Amendment into an anti-Christian instrument for almost a century now. This is nothing less than malpractice of the most malignant kind. But when you think about it, isn’t that the point? Why didn’t Protestant parents rise up en masse and immediately jerk their children out of all government schools? A great percentage of Catholic parents did exactly that. They understood the catholicity of their faith and how their Church baptized nations.

Had the Protestant majority done so back in the mid-1960s, this whole demonic project would have come crashing down. And we would not be left with the horrible mess that is our present-day culture. A culture which affords anal coition between men the same rights as (real) marriage. A culture which allows men to compete in women’s sports because they “identify” as women. This is madness pure and simple.

The French, even a secular Frenchman or an atheist, would have none of this. President Macron (who is an atheist) on this front at least, is leading the resistance to this evil, globalist agenda in his country. And you know what? God bless him for it! Even the Muslim citizens who are increasing in population in France respect France’s history. The Muslims of Great Britain on the other hand, know that the Church of England is a joke and thus, have no respect for English culture, whether its high or low. They will have even less respect for American culture when they increase their numbers.

It is my thesis that the ravages of Vatican II have yet to play themselves out in predominantly Catholic countries. That is why you are seeing majority Catholic countries like the Visograd Four (Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia) rebound and reclaim their Christian identity. That is why they can tell the homosexual activists to take their victimology games elsewhere with nary a worry that the ACLU will come after them. The Protestant countries however, are withering into oblivion. And yes, Russia, Serbia and the other Orthodox lands (but sadly, not Greece) are reclaiming their medieval, Christian heritages, as well.

It pains me to note that the statues of great men are being desecrated and worse, that their memory is being wiped out. I say this even about Ulysses S Grant, whose statue was taken down the other day as well. Here’s a brief history lesson to all those government-schooled SJWs: it was because of General Grant that the slaves were freed in 1865 and it was because of President Grant that the Ku Klux Klan was put down in 1870.

We are witnessing nothing less than a cultural revolution here in America and to a lesser extent, in Britain. Fortunately, we are seeing pockets of resistance arising. Not everybody is cucking hard against their race. I believe I heard President Trump say at his rally the other day that when Italian-Americans got wind of a statue of Christopher Columbus going down in Philadelphia, they went into action and made sure that the soy-boys of Antifa were to go play elsewhere. The Admiral of the Ocean-Sea is still standing thanks to their ethnic pride.

If I had to encapsulate in one sentence, the essence of the difference between Protestant countries and Catholic ones, vis-a-vis the present crisis, much of which is being fed by an uncontrolled immigration, it would be this: ethnic, religious and racial minorities know when the majority culture is a spent force and when it is not. And they act accordingly.

So now we circle back to the Hasidic Jews of Brooklyn. Regardless of what one might think of their culture, their quirkiness or their racialist theology, there is absolutely no doubt that they have an intense historical sense of ethnicity. As such, they instinctively know that religion is the ground of culture. No Protestant believes this any more (indeed, I doubt they ever have). It’s all “muh principles” for them. Dry theological precepts at first, then cold rationalism for a century or two (or three). And then when people see that the world didn’t end because people stopped eating fish on Friday, their countries became atheistic for all intents and purposes. That’s where we are in most “liberal” countries.

In any event, because the Hasidim have such a strong sense of tribe and culture, no one –not even a powerful official–is going to tell them what to do. Their tribe has been around for a long, long time, so they know a fool when they see one. And they also know when a culture is dying. Thus, they’re not going to have any respect for its magistrates and their silly little rules.

And you know what? Good on them! Maybe we Christians should take a page from them.


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  1. cynthia curran says

    Well, with protestants the left hates the evangelicals the most, but Billy Graham has had little impact of lately since he is died and his son Franklin which would opposed the statue toppling doesn’t have the same respect among protestants. Now, you have interesting insights into why France opposed the statues toppling down more than England. Some protestants groups are against Icons and when their children and grandchildren become anti-religious they have an anti-icron streak.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Cynthia, the problem as I see it is not that Franklin doesn’t have the same moral force that his father did but that America doesn’t have the same moral rectitude that it did when his father was preaching.  
      I realize that I came down hard on Protestantism in general but the fact remains that a leader cannot lead a people which doesn’t believe in its own history.  As the Preacher says in Ecclesiastes, there “is a time for everything”.  Thanks to decades of liberal brainwashing, we are not capable of reclaiming our heritage.  
      For now.

  2. George Michalopulos says

    Ultimately, it’s not about Robert E Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S Grant or even St Junipero Serro.  It’s always about hating on Jesus:
    We can thank Talcum X (aka Shaun King) for this latest blasphemy.  

    • Don’t forget Saint George and Michael! What is left to be said? There is no more hiding it. We know what/who we are up against.
      ‘OFFENSIVE’ IMAGERY OF ST MICHAEL DEFEATING SATAN IS ‘REMINISCENT OF GEORGE FLOYD’https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/06/23/offensive-imagery-st-michael-defeating-satan-reminiscent-george-floyd/#

    •  “It’s always about hating on Jesus”
      Exactly.  And that’s what all this and much, much more is – and always has been – all about.

      If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.  If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”
      No person who is united to Christ should find it shocking or surprising.

    • Johann Sebastian says

      Jesus certainly doesn’t have a classical “white” appearance in any Orthodox icon. Even in the most Italianate 19th Century Russian icons, His depiction has some “southern ethnicity” to it.
      Perhaps Talcum X should advocate that Westerners make the switch.

      • I believe we know what Jesus looked like. The faces on the Christ Pantokrator ikon of St Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai, the Sudarium of Oviedo and the Byzantine Solidus of Justinian II are all essentially the same face as that on the Shroud of Turin – which is reasonably identified as the Cloth of Edessa. Our Lord had a long, thin and (dare I say it) very Jewish nose.

        • I’m going to propose that the Turin Shroud is not the Cloth of Edessa, or Holy Mandylion. I think that the Turin Shroud is the winding-sheet of Holy Friday, while either the Manoppello or Oviedo images are the accompanying head-cloth. The odd one out, then, will be the Mandylion.
          I believe that all are authentic and were probably looted from the City in 1204.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Agreed on all points. Oviedo clinched it as the Mandylion for me in that the stains and image of it line up perfectly with the Shroud.

          • I wasn’t very clear about the Sudarium of Oviedo. It does not have an image per se. What it does have are stains consistent with its use to cover the head of a crucified man from when he was taken down off the cross until he was buried, when the shroud would have been wrapped around him. This cloth could have been that which John testifies as having been rolled up and set aside from the shroud. Hence whatever process created the image on the shroud did not happen with the Oviedo cloth.
            Also. the Oviedo cloth went from Palestine to Alexandria, then on to Spain in the time when Khusraw Parviz overran the Eastern provinces of the Empire. I know of no evidence that it was ever in Edessa.
            Of the Manopello, or (possibly) the Veil of Veronica,
            I do not know enough to hazard a guess.
            The shroud itself is another matter. I believe it is real and that the face thereon is the face which provided the original for the Christ Pantokrator of St Catherine’s monastery – a copy of which I have on my wall as I type.

            • Thanks for that. I didn’t know much about Oviedo, so based on what you’ve said, it appears that Oviedo and Turin go together, and Manoppello is the Mandylion of Edessa.
              I put imagine that the epitaphios procession on Holy Friday probably originated with a procession of the actual epitaphios in Jerusalem, and was spread by pilgrims returning from the Holy Land.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Quite probably correct, Basil.

              • “…the epitaphios procession on Holy Friday probably originated with a procession of the actual epitaphios in Jerusalem”.
                I do not know, but would not be surprised if it were so.

              • Antiochene Son says

                I once read a theory that  originally the Antimension (the cloth which depicts the burial of Christ and is necessary for celebrating the liturgy) was brought out for veneration in Jerusalem because the liturgy could not be celebrated on Holy Friday.
                Then over time it became more ceremonial and a separate Epitaphios came to be used instead of the Antimension. The practice spread by pilgrims as you say. 

                • Interesting. There’s also Egeria’s account of the True Cross being brought out for veneration on Holy Friday by the Patriarch, accompanied by two burly deacons to ensure that no one tried to bite a fragment off and take it home with them!

                  • Antiochene Son says

                    The things pilgrims used to do is pretty amazing. Breaking pieces off relics, defacing icons (scratching out the eyes of people for some reason), etc. Different times from today’s preservationist mindset.

                    • I think the eye-scratching is what the Muslims did in order to desecrate the icons. I did hear about people scraping paint off icons and putting it into water to drink, or even adding it to the chalice.

                    • Muslims blot out the eyes of images in order to deface them, i.e., make them unsuitable for pagan worship. If an image is imperfect or flawed, especially about something so telling as the eyes, it can be considered harmless.

                      There is a hadith out there about Muhammad defacing an idol and using it as a door stop.

        • http://vrc.princeton.edu/sinai/files/original/6451/0150.jpg

          The Sinai Christ from St. Catherine’s ~ oldest extant icon of Christ

      • Sage-Girl says

        Johann Sebastian:

        And who gives a damn what Talcum X thinks??
        Amazing how leftist media gives attention to mindless idiots — any jerk on bandwagon for Anti White narrative gets popular.

        As for icons looking dark ethnically, it’s cause candles were lit beneath them so long it darkened icons. Unbelievable nonsense

        • Johann Sebastian says

          As far as I’m concerned, we “ethnic Orthodox” should jettison any notion that we are even white. When it comes time to identify ourselves with a race, check “Other” and declare in big, capital letters: SLAVIC, GREEK, &c.

          Why the hell should our Slavic, Romanian, and Hellenic brethren pay for something that Anglo Protestants and Latin Catholics were responsible for? They never considered us white before, but when the chickens come to roost, they magically grant us the honor of “being white” and partaking in their sanctimonious “white guilt.” No thanks. Our people should give them a taste of their own medicine.
          Storm Hagia Sophia and take it back. Blow up the minarets around it. Russia needs to take Ukraine back and cleanse it of the Stockholm-syndrome complex arising from Catholic Polish and Austrian brainwashing.

          Leftists like to yell “black rage” when blacks fly off the handle in some racially motivated incident, if they even acknowledge that said incident was racially motivated. Well, Srebrenica was Serbian rage. Was it right? No. But using the logic of the left, it certainly should have been understandably justified.

          We’re only white when it’s convenient for the “real” whites–the Anglos, the Franks. And then the “people of color” jump on the bandwagon and blame us too. Screw them and their double standards. Gaslighting of the highest order.

          Sure, I’d like everyone to “get over it,” put the past behind us, and “get along.” But if I’m going to have it beat into my brain that “x” and “y” were oppressed people while “z” is conveniently forgotten because it doesn’t fit the narrative, I can’t accept that. Either forgive everything and move on or lay it all–ALL–out on the table.

          When one thinks a bit about it, our situation isn’t a whole lot unlike that of the Jews–except that the Jews reap the best benefits of being both white and nonwhite. Privileged and protected. We get to be white when it’s time to pay for the misdeeds of the “real whites” but when it comes to being part of the “good old boys'” club, we’re decidedly barbarian and swarthy “ethnics.”

          • Estonian Slovak says

            Some Moravian Czechs and other Slavs have been found to have the DNA of Sub-Saharan Africans. Maybe that Czech American gal,who was passing for black in the Pacific Northwest,might have been right after all.

          • Ah, sorry, Latin Catholics were not consider White either, not even the Irish, let alone Italians or Poles.

            • Antiochene Son says

              That may have been true at one point in time, but those in power want to end all Europeans and we haven’t the luxury of purity spiraling.

              • “…purity spiraling”
                like a crippled Spitfire spirals to the earth…
                What an evocative description!

  3. Antiochene Son says

    They say that Western Europeans will put up with a lot of abuse, but once the patience ends, watch out.
    I do admire that the Jews have such a tribal awareness. They have their own police and ambulance services in places like New York (the Shomrim) and they even have their own ethnostate of Israel which bars non-Jews from immigration. They’ve even gotten the rest of the world to pay for it and do their dirty work.
    Trouble is, the powers that be in our world (of which Jews are a disproportionate amount) have denied this to white people. From decades of “Americans have no culture” propaganda to the modern standard that all organization of white people is racist, and will see you banned, blacklisted, fired, and sometimes entrapped and thrown into prison.
    The idea of America as a “proposition nation” is one of the biggest errors of our collective self-image. The Declaration of Independence was written not for “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” as the communist Jew Emma Lazarus wrote. It was for “us and our posterity.”
    But that’s all over now. How do we hang on to what we still have? By putting our foot down and saying enough. Nick Fuentes isn’t for everyone, but he represents a large portion of the younger generation and he puts it well here: https://twitter.com/ZoomerClips/status/1275248749736898560

  4. Sage-Girl says

    Geo – yes it IS always about hating Jesus…
    I remember when I volunteered for George W. Bush campaign outside NY Republican Convention, masses of hate filled protesters were cursing ? GW for standing for Jesus — it looked like demons were out full force.
    Perhaps what’s happening to moral majority, with this ugly anarchy befallen the world, is equivalent to what great Orthodox ascetics endured privately?  Read up on their lives; don’t forget despite living secluded, the demons materialized to physically attack them. 

  5. Linda Albert says

    White Americans and Anglo-Brits can be guilted into apologizing for being defacto racists solely on their skin color. Tell a white Frenchman he’s a racist and he will laugh in your face. “Tellement stupide!”
    Does the greater Masonic involvement in the British and American empires have any influence on this caving in to quasi racial guilt?

  6. George you have been hitting it out of the park lately. You set me straight on statues years ago, even softened me up on Russians, and Tsar Nicholas. 

    My take on the French and statues is they understand that the guillotine comes for all involved in the end. 

    Or as Churchill wisely said,“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

    No more appeasing! These self righteous “woke” mobs, and their anarchist base must be squashed right now by our government, or very soon we will witness armed citizens protecting what our government won’t.

    Images of what the mob states as “racist” on stained glass is next to shatter. Seems blond haired, blue eyed Jesus is racist, and must come down, has now been seeded in those woke, and hateful…https://nypost.com/2020/06/23/shaun-kings-calls-to-remove-jesus-statues-lead-to-death-threats/

    Remove images of “Jesus” and his “European mother”? Code word for “racist churches must go”? Already removal of  Catholic Saint Junipero Serra is being removed/torn down all over California. Talk about removing a big part of state’s history!

    BLM is now more powerful than both our political parties, and flexing it muscle more than ever. The push by the mob for “change” is not coming, it here, it’s happening now! https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-the-real-reason-mobs-across-the-country-are-tearing-down-american-monuments
    another example of  the enemy of the people.

    If Repubs/rinos do not their job, this will not end well. Maybe that’s the only way law abiding citizens will stand up and demand representation, or really what else is left for us to do?

  7. Tim R. Mortiss says

    The French have always been tough in their own way, especially in regard to national issues.
    The cops (the flics) are, or used to be, known as very tough indeed. One of the attractive things about France is a Latin way of life coupled with a very Germanic sense of order.

  8. George, I know this may seem a bit “fringe”, but, do you think the things that are going on right night have any relation to St. Paisios or other saints that have predicted the end times?

  9. This a great blog. As a Catholic I feel sort of envy of things like these we don’t have. Our Church is dead only wating to be buried.

    • Become Orthodox. I was a former Roman Catholic who became Orthodox 3 years ago

    • George Michalopulos says

      Thank you!  High praise indeed!

    • Then become Orthodox! We’re going through troubles, to be sure, but we always overcome them. The Orthodox Church is the best place to weather the upcoming storm.

      • Hi, I answer you with the same I answered the other fellow who reply since is basically the same issue.
        Yeah, that is the classical answer, but I love the Catholic faith, I love our Traditional liturgy. The Church is leaded by the worst people in the planet but Her Truth never changes. Also if we are talking about ethnicity I’m 100% Hispanic of Asturian and Galician backround so Catholicism is actually in my veins. Pray for me anyway

        • “I love the Catholic faith, I love our Traditional liturgy. The Church is leaded by the worst people in the planet but Her Truth never changes.”

          Rome fell into the heresy of Universalism after Vatican II. 

              “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.”


          Ever since, they’ve been all creepy False Prophet (Grand Inquisitor) striving to join every sect of Christianity together, and every false religion, under the aegis that the Pope is the unique vessel of spiritual relativism.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Myst, no doubt you’ve hit upon a nerve, but we can’t forget the complicity of many in Cpole to go along with all this universalism.
            The hands of that particular Orthodox Church are not clean.

        • I will pray for you, Daniel!

        • I’m sure some of my Hellenic ancestors said that Zeus was in their veins when Saint Paul turned up on the Areopagus, but (baptismal) water is thicker than blood.
          Remember, Galicia and Asturia were Orthodox for hundreds of years before they were Papists.

      • We are also ex Catholics who became Orthodox. No regrets.


  10. Estonian Slovak says

    Ah, Galician! Generalissimo Franco was a great man. He saved Spain from becoming a Soviet Western European state. He also used Hitler and got away with it. I think if he were alive now, he might be Orthodox. Some of my ancestors were Scottish. The Gaels came from Galicia to Ireland, and from there to Scotland. So Galicia is somehow in my heart. Plus, my heart is with all the White Russians who fought with Franco against the leftists. 

    • Not to mention the contingent of Romanian Orthodox that fought alongside the Spanish against the Bolshevik menace. They came from the Legion of the Archangel Michael, the movement responsible for producing most of Romanian’s great elders and martyrs during the communist oppression.

      • George Michalopulos says

        SP, the Confederacy did play by the rules; you are correct in this regard.

        However, while the Legion was on the wrong side in WWII, the fact remains that many European nations and minorities were also on the wrong side.  But this was because of their own historical grievances.

      • Franco was no Nazi. Nazis and Bolsheviks are both totalitarian ideologues. There is a clear, bright line between them and Rightists in that the former elevate the state to the position of God and therefore feel entitled to revise traditional morality and demand loyalty higher than that to the Almighty. Franco was a devout Catholic who made Catholic morality the law of the land in Spain. He fought Bolshies and tended to simply stand down vis a vis fascists since they were aiming their guns against the commies.

        This is little understood, but Franco ruled as “regent”; i.e., one who stands in place of a king, not as “leader” of an almighty state. From the left, it doesn’t look markedly different at a distance. The difference is really respect for the Church and traditional morality. All the sins one might account to a Christian emperor are certainly present in Rightist leaders. But the modernist/statist redefinition of morality is foreign to them since, at heart, they are monarchists.

      • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

        Basil, your understanding of the Romanian Legionary Movement, I regret to say, is severely lacking. Corneliu Codreanu and the rest of the Legion of St. Michael the Archangel were far from the heroes and good Orthodox Christians that you claim. I suggest that you consult my short monograph: The Romanian Legionary Movement: An Orthodox Christian Assessment of Anti-Semitism (Carl Beck Papers No. 502; Pittsburgh: Russian and East European Studies Program, University of Pittsburgh, 1986): https://carlbeckpapers.pitt.edu/ojs/index.php/cbp/article/view/23. The hierarchy of the Romanian Orthodox Church during the late 1930s and 1940s generally despised Codreanu and the Legion and for good reason: the latter blended pagan mythology with Orthodoxy, wore small bags of “sacred Romanian soil” around their necks (you cannot get more paganus than that), and were virulent, violent, despicable anti-Semites.

        • Sorry, Father, I respectfully disagree. I’ve read the writings of pious and holy men who were actually there and they all lauded the movement. Elders, confessors of the faith, and martyrs of the communist prisons all speak with one voice when they say that the Legion was a solidly Christian movement that prepared its men for a life of witness in the camps and prisons. Some of the greatest elders of the Romanian Church in the past century were members, even having high positions within the movement.
          They had the support of the people and the lower clergy, but not the bishops. Fair enough, but then, as now, the bishops were out of touch with the mass of Orthodox believers and rife with corruption.
          Soil is not pagan; it’s symbolic. Have you been to the Holy Land? did you take any of the soil back with you, like Orthodox Christians have been doing for millennia? What about pieces of the rock that Saint Seraphim stood on?
          I’ll point you to the books Saint of the Prisons, The Anti-Humans, the life of Elder Arsenie Papacioc, and the works of Father George Calciu as a rebuttal. They all laud the Legion, although they admitted there were excesses at the end of the movement’s life, although many of the claims, such as hanging people on butcher’s hooks in Bucharest, are false.
          Again, claims of ‘anti-semitism’ do not move me. They have been expelled from hundreds of countries and on the receiving end of hostility all over the world for a particular reason. Father, if you were kicked out of every parish you served in, you’d need to look at yourself rather than blaming all the ‘anti-Webster’ parish councils. Half of the Orthodox Church’s saints probably have ‘Claims of Anti-Semitism’ on their Wikipedia entry, for crying out loud.
          I respect much of your work, Father, and appreciate your struggles against the loony left, but you’re not going to win me over here.

          • Antiochene Son says

            I have a stone from Mount Athos, am I going to hell?

          • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

            Read my monograph (link already provided) and the main primary source that I analyze–the manifesto by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, Pentru Legionari published in 1936 (ET: “For My Legionaries” still available on amazon.com), which was hardly at the “end” of the Legionary movement that fascist dictator, Ion Antonescu, double-crossed and suppressed in 1941. Then get back to me. I am hopeful that the views and vision that “Il Capitanul” (“The Captain”) expressed in that screed (described by some historians as the Romanian Mein Kampf) may change your mind, your obvious prejudice against Jews notwithstanding.

            • Dear Father Alexander,

              I will hope to find the monograph link, thank you.

              With regard to Basil’s comment, by chance have you read Fr George Calciu’s “Interviews, Homilies and Talks” with introduction by Khouria Fredrica Mathewes Green,  one of his spiritual children?  

              Whatever the manifesto’s intention, might it be possible that some  members believed and behaved very differently from CZC?  

              Sadly right now in reverse fashion “Orthodoxy” itself seems to be understood and practiced in various ways, some of which do not resemble the intentions of our Founder.  

              Perhaps you would be encouraged by the Christ-like lives and impact of some of the Legion members, as we have.


            • Thank you, Father, for not addressing any of my points.
              I read your monograph years ago and was unmoved by it; your narrative does not square with the witness of the martyrs, confessors, and elders of Romania. For My Legionaries is a great book by a great man. Go read the Talmud and get back to me. People were against them for a reason. I hope the hate expressed in that collection of books may change your mind, your obvious prejudice against anyone that dares question Jews notwithstanding.

          • George Michalopulos says

            BTW, the fasces motifs are found in the well of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  They are found in the legislatures of many other states as well.

            Basil, re the incessant expulsions of Jews from countries in which they resided, as I explained in my previous study of this subject (last November), these were invariably the result of inter-ethnic economic competition between them and the host populations.  Unfortunately, because of most local laws, Jews were excluded from owning property and/or engaging in useful trades.  They were compelled to engage in financial chicanery as well as being tax and rent collectors for the local nobility.  This of course heightened native anger to them.
            Regardless of what may think of Zionism, it was essentially a movement of secular Jews which encouraged Jews to engage in normal economic enterprises, particularly in agriculture.  And from thence, to establish a nation and become “normal”.

          • Michael Bauman says

            Basil contrary to the video you posted, Hitler was evil. Ever hear of St. Alexander Schmorell?  Maybe you should look him up 

  11. It dawned on me that Trump is waiting for the 4th to light into the rioters. Or at least closer to that date. He probably wants it to be memorable, the day when we can say that America rose up against the Jacobin terror, or some such spiel.

    Independence Day, like the movie.

      Trump’s(our nation) clock is ticking away as the serpent grows larger. Time for early morning dawn raids, as they do to drug dealers. They should hit the basements  first, before any other rooms, considering that’s where most of these bottom dwellers live. In Europe over 90 percent.https://www.dailywire.com/news/study-9-10-antifa-protesters-still-living-moms-aaron-bandler

      • George Michalopulos says

        Dino, Misha, for about a week now, I’ve been having this intuition that the DoJ is getting ready to crack some serious skulls by the 4th of July.  

        As much as I’d like to see tanks rolling in the streets rounding up these savages, Trump is playing it very subtly.  Already Federal marshals have been unleashed on many of these people and are rounding them up.

        I expect to see more of this.  Trump has not given them a “Kent State moment” which is what they desperately wanted.  Nor has he risen to the bait that Generals Mattis and Kelly and SoD Mark Esper wanted:  which was to go the full Sherman on these cities and then “for the good of our democracy” arrest him and lead him out of the Oval Office in irons.

        The worm, in my opinion has turned. If nothing else, in the minds of the people, the idea that “protests” equals “riots” has solidified. Trump’s challenge at this point is to constantly remind the body politic that what we experienced were not “mostly peaceful” protests but looting, pillage and mayhem.

        And the Left, which always believes that it is on the side of history, will always overreach. The question at that point becomes is the overreach enough and has the economy bounced back enough in time for the election. Those two factors are (in my opinion) the wild cards for November 3.

        • I think you’re right George.  I’m cautious, but confident.  There are simply too many things that are set to break for Trump for us to be overly concerned. 

        • Sage-Girl says

          ?George – excellent post ;
          I bet you + Gail are clairvoyant; I agree something’s going to break out on 4th of July  — Trump just might have his “Kent State Moment” … 

          • George Michalopulos says

            Sage-Girl, when I said “Kent State Moment”, I did not mean it in a positive light as it would be a propaganda coup for the rioters. However, if this crap keeps on going on, the majority may very well indeed welcome such an incident. There is only so much mayhem that a people can tolerate, regardless of skin color.

            • Sage-Girl says

              No George, I got the upshot as ya say here…
              All I can say is: God help us Archangel Michael?We need you!

    • Sage-Girl says

      I keep hearing this 4th of July ??? Riots are expected again … so everyone stay psychologically in your Nous — the serpent has open Pandora’s box 

  12. Gregory Manning says

    Has anybody ever heard of this guy–Noel Ignatiev? This is all getting creepier and creepier.

    • Yeah, that’s truly psychotic.  But it explains a frame of mind.  A lot of it is just boredom being middle class white.  No pizzaz.  I’m serious.  That’s about as deep as some of these lunatics are. 
      God is love.  The further we get away from that, the worse off we are.  There are immediate self defense situations where we have to punt, but other than that all these twistings and windings after ideological purity in order to be “part of the solution” . . . it’s kind of ocd, isn’t it?  Ocd married to the passion of self abnegation.
      Never hold hands with a jumper.

    • Sage-Girl says

      Gregory Manning:
      yes that IS creepy — well now that explains it, why the hated by the Left, Black man, the Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas is actually “White” —
      guess Hollywood which is actually “Black” will block White actors + films soon? 

    • It appears that, in a twisted sort of way, Mr. Ignatiev demonstrates a remarkable understanding of the depiction (via color) of the devil and his demons in Orthodox Christian iconography.
      “The fact is that the ‘black’ in the interpretation of Ignatiev is a revolutionary Marxist.  All those who do not agree with the Left ideology should, according to Ignatiev, be eliminated…  According to Ignatiev, ‘black’ is not the level of pigment in the skin, but the level of adherence to the Marxist doctrine.”

    • Russian origins? The man is a Jew, for crying out loud.
      Next they’ll be saying that Marxism has German origins.

  13. George Michalopulos says

    Another silver lining thanks to to the Floyd Festivities:

  14. George Michalopulos says
    • Michael Bauman says

      I hope this report is correct, but it does fit your bias George.

    • George, Michael,

      Deaths… 1/Jan/2020 to 28/June/2020 (~Half year)

      28,925,043 Deaths this year (total, all causes)

      20,914,480 Abortions this year

      6,384,014 Communicable disease deaths this year

      5,499,930 People who died of hunger this year

      4,038,866 Deaths caused by cancer this year

      3,737,967 Deaths of children under 5 this year

      2,458,373 Deaths caused by smoking this year

      1,229,962 Deaths caused by alcohol this year

      826,696 Deaths caused by HIV/AIDS this year

      663,838 Road traffic accident fatalities this year

      527,348 Suicides this year

      501,868 Coronavirus Deaths

      482,368 Deaths caused by malaria this year

      239,701 Seasonal flu deaths this year

      152,000 Deaths of mothers during birth this year


      What lockdowns or other equally forceful/authoritative measurements have been taken by WHO or governments for the other MORE NUMEROUS CAUSES OF DEATHS (e.g. Smoking, Alcohol, HIV, Traffic etc)?

      • …and dying with is not the same as dying of COVID-19

        • Brendan, exactly.

          And the relentless question remains:

          By what criterion do they decide when to take forceful/authoritative measures against causes of many deaths?
          Obviously it is not the number of deaths. So, what is it?
          Is this the age of Civilization and Science?