A Thoroughly Modern Milley

OK, we’ll file this one under a “thoroughly modern” Milley.  Translation?  We’re doomed.  Go ahead and take the black pill.

Last week, Gen Mark Milley was summoned before Congress where he made a complete fool of himself.  He’d either been drinking some serious Kool-Aid or the Deep State has incriminating photos of him.  Something.  I can’t believe he’s that stupid.

Because you see, what he said was stupid.  And totally absurd.  According to Gen Milley, the greatest threat the United States faces is something called “white rage”.  Now, if he were talking about Antifa and the soy-boys of Seattle who went on a rampage all last year, burning American cities in ways that would have made Sherman proud, then yes, you could say that there is something called “white rage”.  

All you have to do is look at the mug shots of all of Antifa and the thousands of other social justice hooligans out there, and you can tell they are just melanin-impaired.   While disgruntled blacks were more than happy to loot stores; the real violence in one city after another was perpetrated by Wypepo.  

Unfortunately, Milley was not talking about that kind of white rage.  No, he was talking about all those normal looking folks who protested on January 6, and about the hundred or so who went into the Capitol building and staged a “mostly peaceful protest”.   

It was about as “violent” as spring break in Ft Lauderdale, with all the assorted hi-jinks you would expect (but without the naked coeds).  It’s hard to understand why Milley would take this so seriously.  They weren’t “raging!”  They were playing!

So why did Milley do it?  You gotta know that the Russians and Chinese are pinching themselves, not believing their good luck.  Was it just some elaborate psyop to lull them into a state of complacency?  Or perhaps it was an attempt to reduce them to bouts of hysterical laughter, hoping they’d all go into cardiac arrest?

If only.

I guess we should take him at his word and assume he actually believes there is something called “white rage”.  (Apropos of nothing at all, things like “rage” are what actually wins battles.  You can look it up in any history book.)  If so, then he’s a complete idiot.  Let’s call that Option #1.

Or, can we posit he was forced to say what he did by his handlers; people who actually believe all this nonsense.  We’ll call this Option #2.

I, for one, struggle to believe that Milley believes what he said.  Mainly because he clearly possesses the requisite testosterone level vitally needed for chief executive positions, especially in the armed forces.  Can’t you tell by his physiognomy and posture?  They’ve actually done studies on this if you don’t believe me. 

By the way, these are exactly the type of men you want in the armed forces.  I don’t care what Tiffany tells you when she comes home from college and informs you that her Lesbian Dance 101 professor taught her that sex and race are artificial constructs.  You can go to the liquor cabinet and cry in your cocktail over all that wasted moolah on your own time.  In the meantime, for the rest of us who don’t want to speak Chinese, we’d be more than happy to spend all those wasted tax dollars on M1A1 Abrams tanks instead of sex-change operations or couples therapy for homosexuals servicemen.  

At the risk of belaboring the point, Milley joined the Army when it still possessed a proudly masculine culture.  One couldn’t make it past boot camp if he looked like Tiny Tim or spoke like Truman Capote.  Men in the Army used to face the world as is, not as loony-tunes Alexandria Occasional-Cortex would like it to be.  

So that leaves us with the unfortunate probability that Milley lied to Congress, sensing that his culture has gone so far off the rails that it’s unrecoverable.  We can call this Option #3.  Milley may be black-pilled but he’s smart enough to know that barring the explosion of an EMP bomb, there is no way to return to any semblance of reality.  So perhaps it made sense to embrace the platitudes of the modern Left.  Milley might have told Congress what he thought they wanted to hear.

But why?  Why did he do it? 

I imagine he looked around at the great morass that is the Swamp, that is to say, the Federal bureaucracy, the Pentagon, and the culture itself and figured it was useless to buck the trend.  Perhaps he sees himself as King Louis XV who, surveying the decadence of the Ancien Regime was impervious to reform, and said, “apres moi, l’deluge”

Let’s face it, with four stars on each shoulder, he’s not only got a great gig but a lucrative retirement.  No use endangering either, especially when you can’t make a difference anyway.  

In his memoir, the late Christopher Kennedy Lawford wrote about a gathering of the Kennedy clan one day.  Uncle Ted, the family patriarch was in a somber mood, contemplating the coming chaos:  “Ted took a long, slow gulp of vodka and tonic, thought for a moment, and [said], ‘I’m glad I’m not going to be around when you guys are my age’.  I asked him why, and he said, ‘Because when you guys are my age, the whole thing is going to fall apart’.”  (Lawford, C K; Symptoms of Withdrawal, 2006.)

Ted Kennedy, of course, was a notorious mountebank.  A man of little to no integrity and even less accountability; he could pursue any policy he wanted.  After all, he caused the death of a young girl in the full flower of her youth.  What did he care? 

But Milley is a soldier.  He didn’t rise through the ranks by screwing around and cheating on exams.  We expect more from men who wear stars on their shoulders and have heard the whiz of bullets passing by.  And thus, in appearing in a public forum and mouthing these preposterous words, he should have been fired on the spot.  Because if he believed what he was saying, he’s an idiot and should be kept as far away from ordnance as possible.

If on the other hand, he didn’t believe them, then he’s a liar; the military can’t abide men such as this, mainly because it is the one institution where the rubber hits the road pretty much all the time. 

It’s possible that he was forced to say what he did because his back was against the wall.  If this was the case, he’s a flat-out coward.  And we don’t need men like that in the armed forces.

Regardless, under no circumstances should a man like that be America’s top soldier.

Get rid of him.

Or expect to see us losing battles for the foreseeable future.  Those are the choices before us.








  1. Mr Monomakhos is dropping some red pills. You never wrote like this a year ago.

    Frankly I would rather be ruled by China than by the UN or the EU or the WMF or the ZOG. China can build and maintain civilization, and they have no real beliefs. These other groups can only destroy.

    • Jane Tzilvelis says

      Why not move to China? Not kidding or being sarcastic. What keeps you tied to America? Me thinks it’s time for America to separate the wheat from the chaff. ??

      Separate the wheat from the chaff!

      • Unfortunately, America is mostly chaff these days. . .

      • Jane Tzilvelis “Why not move to China? ”

        Interesting question. When I was complaining about bombing of Serbia, I was asked “why don’t you move to Serbia”. 😉

      • I would gladly leave this country to burn in its own fires. I don’t want to sit around on the internet weeping over black lives on a blog. I only comment here because I’m bored at work.

        I would jump at the chance at being a missionary priest in the jungle, but it’s just not in the cards right now.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Seriously? Because you’re “bored at work”?

          It takes a lot of effort on our part to bring you content and I’d like to think we’re doing something of value. We certainly don’t get paid.

          Would you spend what little downtime you have for family and friends to entertain strangers because they need something to do when they get bored at work? Why would you even be on a blog? Why aren’t you working at work?

          I can’t see you being a missionary priest in a jungle somewhere. What would you do in a jungle when you got “bored”?!!

        • Jane Tzilvelis says

          Hi Austin,

          We are going through a tragic time in America. I will not jump ship. Millions of American died for me. I will help whomever I can in this battle for freedom.

          I love this blog,too, and will defend it!

          • Millions? When and where?

            • I think Jane is practising hyperbole here.

              “How many Smarties do you have?”
              “I’ve got millions!”
              “No you don’t, but I know what you mean.
              You’ve got lots.”

            • Jane Tzilvelis says

              Millions of Americans died for me. Some died in war, some were experimented on, some died of grief due to wars fought. Some lost their limbs, some were blinded. Some became alcoholics after serving in war. Some were brutalized in concentration camps, some lost their hearing, some died from chemical agents, some committed suicide afterwards, some lost their bowels, some died of depression, some died of lung diseases due to the burning of military garbage. Many were sexually brutalized.

              I should have clarified how soldiers die inside and outside of battle. Some deaths are slow torture after a war- veterans sitting in desert tents – homeless – or rolling around in wheel chairs or getting countless surgeries. There are many forms of death. Some are long and excruciating.

              Let us pray. ✝️??

              • Gail Sheppard says

                It’s staggering when you think about it.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Very eloquently put, Jane.

              • But how did they die for you?

                The vast majority of Americans who have died in war since the 1860s died in questionable foreign escapades. The United States have not been existentially threatened by any other country since we fought the Brits, MAD notwithstanding.

                We had no place in WW1, could have avoided involvement in WW2, and pretty much wasted American lives for nothing in every conflict since then.

                We became an invisible empire, and our nation declined as a result.

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  Frankly, it is the fact that men are willing to die that distinguishes a nation. In our case, they did it to protect our constitution. One could argue we’re in a WW right now and there are millions of digital soldiers willing to do what it takes to win back our country.

                  • Jane Tzilvelis says

                    This is true. Yes, so many digital soldiers working around the clock to save us from Communism. Everyday, we listen and read whatever information they share so we can pass it along to our brothers and sisters.
                    A big thanks for our digital soldiers. May they be safe!

                  • That’s the thing, though: our Constitution was never threatened, apart from by communist subversives within the USA.

                    • Gail Sheppard says

                      It has been being threatened since 1963. NOW, we’ve got the right players in place to put a cap on it.

                    • Antiochene Son says

                      Our original constitution — the Articles of Confederation — was designed for the country that we imagine through our 1776-tinted glasses. But that’s a projection. Nobody is taught what we had back then, who it was for (the yeoman farmer) or the reasons why it was scrapped.

                      The 1789 constitution was foisted upon the people in an illegitimate process by globalists (yes, they existed back then too) who wanted to enmesh us in international usury and financial schemes. The big government guys were mad that the Articles had no means of kicking the states around, taking people’s money, or playing games with debt and finance.

                      So, like all successful revolutions, they seized power and took over. They wrote a new constitution under total secrecy and forced it through with threats. And the conservatives protested in the fora they were allowed to occupy, but ultimately they went along with it.

                      Today, to be conservative is to worship this document whose only saving grace is the Bill of Rights that was at best a fig leaf, and even that was a hard-won concession to the greater plan.

                      I shed no tears of pride for our constitution because everything that has happened was designed to happen. Why can’t the People stop anything that DC wants to do? How did they get away with the 1965 Immigration Act despite nobody wanting it? How did gay marriage get legalized despite referenda in every state?

                      Because it was designed to be that way.

                      Yes, the People can use their God-Given First Amendment Rights™ to throw their fits at the approved time and place, but it won’t accomplish anything. It’s a pressure release valve, making you think you accomplished something until the next election rallies everyone to their designated party lines to decide whether it’s Coke or Pepsi for the next two years.

                      Yeah I’m a bit blackpilled on it all. I wish people would move towards the path of using state power to fix things, rather than the Dreher Option of running away or playing the Better-Luck-Next-Time political game. The atomization might mean it’s too late for that, though.

            • There hasn’t been a war for American freedom since 1812.

            • Jane Tzilvelis says

              I be will never forget Private Iggy.

    • “…they have no real beliefs.”

      But they don’t want anybody else to have beliefs either;
      beliefs in anything other than the Party, that is…

    • George Michalopulos says

      Austin, to the extent that I’ve always been a realist, I’ve always been either red-pilled or darn close to it.

      The difference between my writing now and then is not all that different. Go for example and read what I wrote about conservatism back in 2016(?), specifically, what has the conservative movement actually conserved? Or in 2014 when I wrote about immigration (I’ll try to conjure them up for you).

      The reason I fought then and saw hope (and still see glimmers of it should certain things happen) is that Trump was kicking the Deep State kicking and screaming into some type of accommodation with nationalism. For now, they’ve won.

      However, because of BLM/antifa nonsense and Xiden single-handedly destroying our economy (as well as our sovereignty), the question remains how long will they be able to sustain this nation-destroying idiocy.

      • The answer is not long. They can’t start three or four major wars while also crippling their own military and instigating domestic unrest. I would be surprised if the federal government still exists at the end of the decade.

        And I meant that you were more willing to touch the race issue. Another example is your recent post on Richard Dawkins where you said you weren’t going to defend him on classical liberal principles.

  2. The old communist playbook is unfolding…the corporate powers are convincing a great portion of the population to hate our history, while allowing the opposition under Trump to strengthen as the outrage grows, especially as evidence comes out concerning the election. At the same time local order is disappearing as violence in the cities grow. It’s the perfect set up for the feds to step in, when the time is right, to seize power – both to squash the upcoming conservative rebellion and to “solve” the violence problem in the cities. The libs will welcome BOTH actions, and the conservatives will finally be finished and possibly rounded up. It’s looks like the plan unfolding. We will have to be careful, that will be the time we will be on their list. This has happened before, you know. The Russians understand this in a way other’s don’t. We are there. I suggest we all ponder what WE are going to do next.

  3. Yes, George, one can feel the pathos from afar.

    They all know, Milley included, deep down that it’s all bs. They can’t not know. They’re just playing along because that is the price of leading the greatest military in the world. You sacrifice and regurgitate the nonsense for the privilege of serving and defending the country as best you can, clown shows on the side be damned. Many of them understand that the political correctness is at an all time high and they have to act like they buy the vile crap in order to survive. But it’s their country and they humiliate themselves – must be like wearing drag – in order to make sure someone with b*lls is standing on that wall.

    If that is the case, God bless them. Patriotic Russian generals had to put up with this and worse in order to retain the privilege of defending the Motherland. Many of them were obedient even unto death. And so it goes.

    They can look forward to the collapse of the whole sick ideology in the not too distant future. They can see what’s happening in Europe. They probably even have an idea that the last election was rigged. But they have to stay in the game and await the time to rectify all things. If God is with us, who can stand against us?

    • Greatest military in the world? Not a chance. Biggest, probably, and most expensive, sure. But greatest?

      We’re currently in the process of fleeing from Afghanistan – without even bothering to tell our ‘allies’ there – while the Taliban sweeps across the country. Saigon ’75 all over again.

      • Agreed. Our military is top heavy (at best). With feminazism, sodomy & the soyification of the average heterosexual male, I can’t say it’s the “best”.

        • George,

          Given the will to use it, it’s still the single most powerful military. However, not by every measure necessarily. We have wasted countless trillions in the Middle East and North Africa. The folly has been nation building. And the nation building stems from our commitment to Western democracy as the end all be all last, most highly evolved form of human governance.

          We used to go in, decapitate the government, replace it with one we could work with, and move on. Starting on 9/11 we became crusaders, not for Christianity as Ann Coulter suggested (and which cost her her job at the time), but for Western style democracy. It was the Gospel of Freedom and like all false gospels it shattered on the rocks.

          Monarchists are under no such illusions, nor are those who are not attached to the niceties of two party or multi-party systems (Putin, Orban, etc.). Our point is what I’ve been saying as long as I’ve been online: Why do Christians support the militaristic expansion of human rights when human rights are defined in terms of feminism, LGBT and anti-hierarchical, anti-family ideological propagation? Christians have no problem with the patriarchy, no love of perversion, no principle of “equality” in economic or political power. You will search our tradition in vain for any such notions. But patriotic fighting for America has descended into Quixotic crusades to impose Progressive Liberalism. Count me a conscientious objector. Better they remain noble savages than become dedicated minions of the evil one.

          • “Why do Christians support the militaristic expansion of human rights…”

            Christians don’t.

      • Fr David says

        “We’re currently in the process of fleeing from Afghanistan – without even bothering to tell our ‘allies’ there – while the Taliban sweeps across the country. Saigon ’75 all over again.”

        Not exactly true. This had been announced for months leading up to it. Just no one believed it,I guess? I think it’s the one good thing the Biden Admin has done good. 20 years, trillions of dollars, hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of lives destroyed, for what? Why did we go there? Why did we stay? We lost and should salute the people of Afghanistan for doing what I hope America would do if it were invaded by a foreign country.

        • Father,

          Yes it’s good we left – should’ve left years ago – but like most things the government touches, the specifics of how it was done were a disaster.

          See this illuminating article:


          The top military generals have known for years that Afghanistan’s a colossal waste of lives, time, and money. But from the government’s perspective, as long as it’s other Americans’ boys and girls who are doing the dying, then it’s ok. Despicable.

          At least with the Soviets in Afghanistan, all senior Soviet leaders had boys who served there, or who were at risk of being tasked to serve there.

          I’m a 25 year US military veteran and am beyond disgusted with our government and military leadership. I’d rather spend my days now with my family living near a monastery in Serbia, Russia, or Romania or in some other sane country. But I’m staying here in America where God put me, for better or for worse.

          Eastern European and Russian culture has so much to teach America and the west. But American leaders don’t care and ain’t listening, due to overwhelming cultural hubris here. Maybe someday some will listen and pay attention. But it’ll be in spite of our Biden/Harris/secular atheist leaders, not because of them.

        • Not that the withdrawal itself was unannounced, but the US military only this past week abandoned Bagram Airbase in the middle of the night without telling the the Afghan military, leaving behind millions of items that were already being looted and pillaged by the times local forces turned up to take over. Talk about professionalism.

        • In 1839 a British Army (entitled: The Army of the Indus)
          comprising 4,500 troops, accompanied by some 11,000 camp followers, invaded Afghanistan from British India.

          In 1842 Assistant Surgeon Dr William Brydon rode up to the gates of Jalalabad. When asked by the sentry who he was, he famously replied:
          “I am the Army of the Indus.”

          And he was!

    • George Michalopulos says

      Interesting. I like what you say about “patriotic Russian generals” but I don’t know if that’s the case here. It could be but those Russian generals loved their Motherland even if they privately hated Bolshevism. I find it hard to accept that our trannified/sodomic upper military brass actually likes the American heartland. I seriously doubt that the leftoids on the coasts do for that matter.

      Still, I see your point.

      There was another ploy however that I missed and that is this: by embracing CRT/PC/BLM idiocy as the new religion, the MIC is inoculating themselves against charges of racism when they engage in foreign adventurism against brown-skinned people overseas. The “democracy” card has pretty much maxed out so another excuse du jour is needed.

      They can also use this race card against the native majority-white American population if things get out of hand locally. Or should I say they perceive things getting out of hand on the home front. Hence, the apotheosis of Jan 6 as “The Insurrection”, their new boogeyman.

      This latter thing is however a wild card. Not only are their laws against it (Posse Comitatus) but I see the individual (primarily Red) States starting to flex their muscle.

      • No doubt if they were braver they would simply call a spade a spade and let the chips fall where they may. I just don’t think they believe this is the hill to die on. I’m not sure I agree with them though. Praying for them is one thing. However, it should be apparent that a line has been drawn and that it is quite clear, bright and red. It’s a terrible choice because many of them probably think that the Liberal Establishment is unassailable and thus it is a foregone conclusion that steal or no steal the Establishment is going to prevail so why risk being on the wrong side of the ultimate resolution of the matter? Sometimes the dragon wins.

        There are those who know that the election was stolen and are willing to openly state the truth, there are those who have been cowed, and there are those who know it was stolen and believe that Trump is such a threat and the Liberal Establishment is so valuable that the cover up, censorship, blacklisting, etc. is worth it to preserve “our democracy”.

        But everyone knows it was stolen.

        A: Knock, knock!
        B: Who’s there?
        A: Cleopatra!
        B. Cleopatra who!
        A: Cleopatra, Queen of Denial!

        It’s causing a weird neurotic effect in society much like it would in a personal relationship. There is a certain pathology at work here.

        When you look at, say, 18 of 19 bellweathers that went to Trump rather than Biden, and when you saw the Trump rallies with tens of thousands and the Biden rallies with crickets chirping, when you saw that Trump was winning before they “stopped” the counting and “found” lotsa Biden votes in the dead of the night – just enough to propel him barely over Trump’s total’s in each swing district, as if one tally was riding the other’s back – and when you let statisticians look at the numbers and conclude that it is insanely improbable that Biden won this, given the down ballot performance of other Republicans, you realize that anyone who has looked at this knows what happened whether they are willing to vocalize it or not.

        Now with the mountain of evidence out there, a large swath of the public simply rejecting the party line, and several brave crusaders dedicated to exposing the whole mess before as many people as can be reached, it’s just a matter of time. The Steal-Meme is going to prevail as opposed to the Whitewash-Meme. It helps that Biden/Harris are weak and incompetent.

        I for one don’t expect a neat resolution to the matter. Lindell thinks he can lay out the PCAP’s he has at a shindig in August and file a quo warranto action before SCOTUS and boom, boom, boom, Trump strolls right back into the White House . . .

        I love Lindell, however, he assumes for some reason that the other side is operating in good faith. That is a serious mistake. They know it was stolen with as much confidence as we do. What Lindell is betting is that there is some magical percentage of the population he can convince – a critical mass, so to speak – that will make it impossible for MSDNCCP to continue the fraud.

        My take, on the other hand, is that we should pour all the information out there and let the next two rounds of elections in 2022 and 2024 clean it all up. Audits are great. Expositions of PCAP’s are wonderful too. Every effort that sows the seeds of revolution is a good thing.

        They can be defeated but they will not surrender, truth and decency be damned. If SCOTUS were worth a sh*t, they would have heard the merits of the Texas suit. It’s not enough to be right. It’s not enough to prove in the court of public opinion that you are right. It’s not enough to prove you are right according to the law before SCOTUS. You must secure elections from partisan fraud and defeat these monsters at the ballot box, replacing the demons with angels.

        And if that fails, you go kinetic.

        • Antiochene Son says

          A major problem with conservatism in general is the reliance on systems. “Get my case to the Supreme Court and everything will be fixed.” “Get back to following the constitution and nothing will ever go wrong.” “If we only let the system work the way it’s supposed to, everything will turn out fine.”

          No, the only thing that matters in government is power.

          Conservative politicians refuse to obtain state power, or use it effectively when they do have it.

          This includes Trump, who for accolades pardoned violent rappers and thugs and Jewish white collar criminals, but left the January 6 patriots, Kyle Rittenhouse, Julian Assange, and others who stuck their necks out for him out to dry. Many such cases.

          Conservative citizens refuse to organize and flex the power of the majority that we still have.

          This might be changing, but the feds will infiltrate and gayop any organized effort that actually becomes a threat because conservatives are also too trusting, too prone to fedposting, too easy to direct into pointless action, and in many cases frankly too selfish to do anything. Conservatives frequently focus on the wrong things: CRT is bad, but it is just the current approved target of white people’s anger. But the Civil Rights Act (our actual constitution) is the fountainhead of all of it—who is for taking that down?

          But even if you took down the CRA, it would all get put back in place again without leaders actively and effectively opposing it. Leaders who will wield state power and not apologize for it.

          And then you have the super-Christian response about not focusing on this world. Yes, the Lord is the savior of my soul, but if he tarries I want my kids to live in a land where they are safe and free to live their faith in peace, without the threat of brainwashing and molestation. The Lord never said he is going to save my country, so that falls to us. A nation is just an extended family, and we know what St. Paul said about those who neglect their family. We need to get it together.

    • I take it back regarding Milley. He’s truly scum, true believing leftie. There’s going along to get along (and there are probably still many of those in the military) and then there’s full provocateur mode. He’s moved into the latter:


      These people are fascists and 1/6 was their Reichstag fire. The war is on. It’s not a question of convincing but rather of prevailing politically and, if necessary, physically/militarily over the enemy. And the enemy is within. The Biden Regime is right to this extent: There is an internal terrorist movement which is attempting to subvert the American society and culture. That fascist terrorist movement is the MSDNCCP. Democrats vs. Republicans is over. This is Sandinistas vs. Contras. The only problem is the lack of realization on the Right.

      The Right needs to harden up dramatically and realize that the time for civil politics has passed. You don’t negotiate with Nazis and Bolsheviks.

  4. Biological man prohibited from participating in
    women’s Olympic trials due to testosterone levels


    ‘ CeCe Telfer had previously competed in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) men’s Division II 400-meter runs as recently as 2016 and 2017; he ranked 200th in 2016 and 390th in 2017. He then switched to the women’s Division II in 2019, coming in first in the 400-meter run. ‘

    When I was a lad, third-rate boys that beat up girls
    were called bullies and shunned – not celebrated…

  5. Abp. Viganò rebukes pro-LGBT Cardinals Cupich,
    Gregory, Tobin: They’re ‘unworthy to celebrate’ Mass


    ‘ In a new exclusive written interview with LifeSiteNews, former U.S. nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò condemns Pope Francis’s recent endorsement of homosexuality-promoting priest Father James Martin.

    “It is a suicidal gesture in which the leaders of the Church surrender unconditionally to the antichristic ideology of globalism and hand over the entire flock of Christ as a hostage to the Enemy, abdicating their role as Pastors and showing themselves for who they really are: mercenaries and traitors,” he said. … ‘

    At least one RC Bishop remains a Catholic…

  6. Hungary rebukes EU demand to change anti-pedophilia law

    ‘ The European Union passed a resolution Thursday denouncing Hungary’s new anti-pedophilia law, which includes a ban on pro-LGBT materials in schools. “Brussels bureaucrats have no business at all, no matter what they do we will not let LGBTQ activists among our children,” Hungarian premier Viktor Orbán declared. ‘

    Only Poland and Slovakia offered support – but none of the Orthodox members of the EU.
    Sadly Orban then blots his copybook by extending Covid ‘vaccinations’ to children.

  7. It is probably true that by stealing the 2020 election, the Dems lost the country.


    It all has to play out, and it may be nail biting over the next 2-4 years, but the midterms look like a rout for MAGA and 2024 looks exceptionally good for whichever MAGA Republican wins the nomination (I”m assuming Trump/DeSantis until events indicate otherwise).

    They tried to blame Republicans for “defund the police” and the WP, of all outlets, called them on it. They’ve painted themselves into an ideological corner which alienates them from the majority of the country and then stole an election to reinforce their self-delusion. But they did it in broad daylight without even really trying to hide the fraud.

    This is how a political party dies. Grampa Whisper and Kamala Kackle 24/7 in the news with Granny Boxwine Pelosi lining up radical legislative Hail Marys from here to November 2022. The Coen brothers couldn’t have written a better script. Of course, they will do a lot of damage on the way down. But that just seals the deal. As immigration, crime and inflation grow as serious problems in and of themselves, let alone combined, dark clouds will gather over the Democratic White House and Congress.

    The red states have indicated that any totalitarian designs are a no go in God’s country. They just won’t enforce any draconian bs and there aren’t enough FBI and National Guardsmen to lock down the whole country if the states don’t cooperate. Over and above all this, the audits continue and are expanding and Lindell has his Expo coming up in August to further delegitimize the Biden Regime.

    Nope, nothing good down this road (for them).

  8. A number of conservatives and traditionalists are spinning regarding the question of just exactly who and what constitutes the enemy. We know there is an enemy because we have a stolen election, a faux epidemic, lockdowns, a nascent race war, feminist destruction of the patriarchy, family and normalization of abortion, an invasion on the southern border, skyrocketing crime and rising inflation. Mark Levin has attempted to document some of this subversion in his book American Marxism:


    But now you have the left denying ideological commitment to “defund the police” despite the fact that democratic cities did just that with disastrous results over the last year. And you have black racists denying the assertions of critical race theory made by its proponents in classrooms, the military, etc. as being a figment of the Right’s imagination. There is also an effort to quash opposition to “Cultural Marxism” as the battle against a chimera, a baseless boogeyman.

    The devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world he doesn’t exist:


    And so what they’re doing is trying to deny us a definable, circumscribable target. This is, of course, a fool’s errand. It is a distraction designed to destabilize the goal posts. Yet we need not fall into it and debate minutiae and de minimis.

    The enemy is the Left. Whatever they proclaim is a distraction and bullsh*t constructed to nefarious purposes. They are the devil’s lie factory. They need no consistent ideology because they are the force for destruction of the Good, which is the prized possession of the Right. No enemies on the Right, no friends on the Left.

    The culture and history has made it easy for us to conceptualize. Faith, Tradition, Family, Decency, the Patriarchy, Justice, Hierarchy . . . these are the things of the Right. Acidic doubt and skepticism, destruction of Tradition and Family, rejection of Decency, substitution of Feminist quasi-Matriarchy for the Patriarchy, “Fairness” of outcomes and “Equality” of malaise and dependency, these are the things of the Left. In Latin, “Dexter et Sinister”, “Right and Left”, that which is appropriate and dexterous versus that which is sinister and destructive.

    Now, I will also be the first to admit that we lack a true Right in America, largely due to conceptual limitations inherent in our national genesis. We separated from monarchy and established a limited executive. Christian monarchy is the exemplar of the Right, its natural abode. But so is a dominant party system like that of contemporary Russia or post-WWII Japan. We need not trash the constitution to empower the Right. We need merely re-envision it as a limited monarchy (which is probably the way it was originally intended, our head of government is not from the legislative branch, as they are in European parliamentary systems).

    What do you call Marxists who have coopted the corporations and no longer preach class war? What do you call black racists fighting the specter of “white supremacy”. They all have an agenda. They simply amplify disaffection with what is good and right, for whatever reason, in the pursuit of power. They are like Absalom. The Left has always been such. The devil’s nature is rebellion, walking two ways.

  9. Nate Trost says

    The extraordinary thing about comparing the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol to ‘Spring Break’ is that there is something on the order of 16,000 hours of video demonstrating how inappropriate that is[1].

    I rather doubt any Monomakhos posters are going to admit their youthful spring breaks looked anything like this:


    Having looked at Milley’s comments[2], I don’t doubt he believes them, or find them anything extraordinary. His true sin to the right, of course, is choosing the Constitution over Trump.

    [1] https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/legal-issues/capital-riot-evidence-cost/2021/07/16/d5e81bdc-e404-11eb-8aa5-5662858b696e_story.html
    [2] https://www.rev.com/blog/transcripts/general-milley-secretary-austin-answer-critical-race-theory-questions-from-matt-gaetz-testimony-transcript

    • George Michalopulos says

      Nate, any comparison with what happened at the Capitol (the so-called People’s House) and Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Louisville, you-name-it is beyond ridiculous.

      How many people died at the Capitol during that “riot”? Answer: one. Who killed whom? Was it rioters who killed a cop (as happened in St Louis, Portland, and numerous other places or was it a cop who killed a protester? (BTW, the cop is still unidentified.)

      What we are seeing here is a simple case of projection. Liberals, progressives and other leftists, instead of hanging their heads in shame for the wanton destruction of life, limb and property, are projecting all their insane savagery on the one protest which was done by rightist/patriots.

      Which by the way, was really “mostly peaceful”.

  10. George Michalopulos says

    General Jackass Milley should wonder what prompted this sailor to destroy the USS Bonhomme Richard.


    But he won’t. Instead he’ll attend symposia on white rage and the necessity of anal marriage in the military.