I don’t mind being wrong for once.  Not at all.  No sirree, Bob.  Not in this case.  

According to Helleniscope (which is dependent upon Russian sources), Resident Joe Biden, is pressuring Kiev to cede autonomy to the Donbas region of the Ukraine.  In other words, Kiev is to abide by the Minsk Accords, giving the breakaway republic of the eastern third of the Ukraine the right to hold their own elections. is huge.  More to follow.  It looks like another blunder by Bartholomew.  He always finds a way to bet on the wrong horse.  Oh well.  

In the meantime, good news seems to be breaking out all over!  Noted actor and race-hoaxer Jussie Smollett has been found guilty of five of the six counts leveled against him.   Looks like he’s going to get pokeyd in the pokey.  He will no doubt be a “juicy” morsel.

Now remind me again how Trump was supposedly in Putin’s pocket?  Anybody?  Helloooo?  Anybody home?


  1. Peter T Howe says

    I like your new logo.

    You may wish to change the website name to “Monomakhoi” at this point.

    Just opinin’, mind you.

  2. All freedom will be lost when the war is won: War in Ukraine (or anywhere else) will usher in the digital Dark Ages:

    Recently there has been much hand-wringing over the possibility of a major military escalation in Ukraine. Many respected thinkers and analysts are warning that the unresolved conflict in Donbass could spark full-scale war—perhaps even a direct confrontation between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Even the truly unthinkable—American and Russian soldiers blowing each other up—now seems vaguely possible. Crazier things have happened.

    Your humble Moscow correspondent is not a military analyst. We visited Donetsk twice and saw many terrible things but we do not pretend to have a deep understanding of what is happening there right now.

    But here’s what we can say with near 100% certainty: If there is a Big War—in Ukraine or anywhere else—it means worldwide digital “health” passports will remain with us for a very, very long time. Maybe until the Sun explodes, 5-7 billion years from now.

    After all, it was only 100 years ago when a “temporary” wartime identification system—designed to restrict freedom of movement, in a flagrant violation of international norms—took root around the world… and then never went away. We’re referring to your fancy “international passport,” of course—a WW1 travel pass originally intended to help governments keep a close eye on spies, refugees and other undesirables.

    The League of Nations was supposed to abolish this devilish document. But then the Spanish Flu arrived on the scene and The League decided this public safety card could also be used to protect public health. (They later admitted this was not true, but too late, suckers!)

    Today people pay huge sums of money for these Suspicious Person cards—they are even considered “status symbols.” Probably in 30 years gene-edited humanoids are going to be bragging on TikTok about how their implantable Sberbank microchip health ID allows them to drive their steam-powered Tesla to Mexico without a visa.

    • “Probably in 30 years gene-edited humanoids are going to be bragging on TikTok about how their implantable Sberbank microchip health ID allows them to drive their steam-powered Tesla to Mexico without a visa.”

      Top Russian Bishop: Global Elites Trying to Destroy Image of God in Humans, Russia Faces ‘Historic Decision’:

      Bishop Porfiry, Abbott of the Solovetsky Monastery, caused an uproar back in July when he said in a sermon that the Covid vaccines might alter the image of God in humans.

      In this sermon, he doubles down on that assertion, and goes further, saying global elites want to wipe out 6 billion people. He says that world leaders are marching under the banner of trans-humanism, and that Russia is at an historic crossroads, facing the decision of whether or not to accept the vaccines and the transhumanist agenda, or not.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        As we said on the blog several months ago, it’s an extinction event.

      • Kyrill Kraeff says

        I am asking this in all sincerity. First, why is His Grace Bishop Porfiry deemed to be a top bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church? Second, on what basis does he assert that “COVID vaccines might alter the image of God in humans” as is alleged by

  3. Will Bartholomew have to return the money he was “gifted” for services not followed through…nah !
    As for Smollett even BLM has distanced themselves accept for race hustlers ol’ Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

    • Dionysia, yet another indication that the Left is losing their collective minds. Idiots like Joyless Reid are still beating the “Jussie=Innocent” drum. Whereas patriotic African-Americans like Jericho Green are going after Juicy hammer and tong.

      They are seeing which way the wind is blowing and it’s not in a pretty direction if your whole life is a BLM/race-hustle grift.

  4. On second thought, I’ve been too hard on Jussie. After all, he’s the first American who has scammed a Nigerian.

    I suppose he can also sleep well at night, knowing that the real perpetrator has been brought to justice.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t beat himself up over this. (Sorry, I had to get my licks in.)

  5. Having watched reports from both sides, I doubt there will be war in the Ukraine. However, only one side needs to want a war for it to materialize. The war drums are being beat in the West.

    It appears, however, that Russia has decided that negotiation along the line of Minsk is no longer productive and thus instead of aiming for autonomy of the Donbass within the Ukraine, Moscow is now simply integrating the Donbass economically to alleviate shortages caused by Kiev’s economic boycott of the region and render it effectively part of the RF without changing the border.

    This puts the onus on Kiev (and Washington) to stop this development if they object. Biden seems to have floated some formal autonomy as a deal to avert de facto integration of the Donbass into Russia. Hard to say what will happen though. There’s Biden the Weak and then there are still the people that gave us the Ukrainian coup in the first place (Nuland, etc.)

    So there might be some sort of conflict on the horizon. The one thing that can be said with some confidence is that, as he has in the past, if Putin is coerced into a conflict, he will gain ground as a result. It could be the Donbass. It could be a further incursion through much of the south of the country which historically was part of the Russian Empire. That would give him more room to work vis a vis the Black Sea.

    Putin’s a lion and these idiots should quit poking him with a stick. If he becomes aggravated enough to rise, he will make it worth the trouble.

    • Misha, I see where you’re going but as I read a few years ago, the Donbass has already been economically integrated into the RF. If I’m wrong, please set me straight.

      Still, Putin is nothing if not cagey: he has always stated that he wants Ukraine’s nationality intact.

      • The Donbass has always been linked to Russia inasmuch as it is a center of industrial production for the Russian military. Putin also, as in the case of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, has been handing out Russian passports there as if they were free.

        One can always be more economically integrated. The vital dynamic is that Russia and Novorossiya (which is what they called themselves for awhile) are making up in economic interdependency that deficit created by Kiev’s attempt to economically ostracize the region. Economic lifelines which have been severed by Kiev have been and are being replaced with those from Russia.

        Someone else here linked to a Steve Turley video that makes the same point essentially. The Minsk accords, which Russia supported but in which it was not an active party, were an EU orchestrated attempt to retain Ukrainian sovereignty in Novorossiya while at the same time allowing them autonomy as Russo-Ukrainians who are not supportive of the Ukrainian nationalist movement. Kiev has consistently resisted implementation of the accords, not recognizing a gift horse. What seems to have happened is that as Russia has signaled that it is giving up on the West implementing Minsk, Biden is trying to revive Minsk by making a deal directly with Russia re: autonomy in Novorossiya.

        To be blunt, Russia already has taken the Crimea and it is an integral part of Russia now and is not going to change. Abkhazia and South Ossetia are in much the same category. Russia had given up on Western nudging of Ukraine toward a Minsk resolution and was setting the stage for complete integration of Novorossiya and an eventual referendum on sovereignty. Biden is trying to clean up the mess that Nuland, et al. have made by resisting and not imposing Minsk, which was a better deal for the Ukraine and, at least in the past, has been acceptable to Russia.

        The rest of it, wars, rumors of war, etc., is all bs designed to obfuscate the above reality.

    • anonsayswhat says

      The war drums are being beat in the West.

      “Peskof/Putin/Moscow Warning: Thousands of units of military equipment are being transported against Russia” In Alexandroupolis, Greece. – (Greek.)

  6. James Altenis says

    If Putin invades Ukrania, heathern Graeconia will revert to Ottoman Suzerainty as the Prometheus plans of 1853, 1967 and 2008 failed to neutralize their sovietical presticulations. Greece and China Signed 16 Deals on November 11, 2019. On Jun 14, 2021 Greece said they have no plans to end economic ties with China. Paese Eznepede told the Greeks the Russians and Chinese will save them (Suroti 1999) so they made him a saint on January 13, 2015. May 27, 2008, Greek chief priests of Manhattan, Boston and Atlanta report to Moscow. Greek Archbishop Elpedorfus Partook in the Black Lives Matter NYC Protest on Jun 3, 2020. Nigerians go learn Trojan Horse from Greece. Greek priests front for Putin in Cuba and Venezuela. A neighboring official wrote how their perfidious, slothful cult of envy begat Communism (World Bank WPS8399 April 2018) Alexi Gianoulias, Patrick Theros front Iran. Athens Archbishop Gristledole said we deserved 9/11. In 1983, Jesse Helms, who defeated Galifanakius for Congress, opposed a national holiday on grounds MLK was communist On March 15, 1965, Greek Archbishop Iakovus marched beside Martin Luther King at Selma, pictured on cover of March 26, 1965 Life magazine. Marchesini was going to expel the US Fleet and Macarius give Breznev bases. (Clayton Fritchey, Chicago Tribune, Nov 13, 1973, p. 14). December 1919 Bristol commission condemned Greek atrocities at Smyrna. Dionysan orgy underbrush fodder for pyro oil lamps, burnt selves off Smyrna in 1922,Thesalonia in 1917, Pyrgos in 1934, Pikermi in 1902, Parnasus and Tatoi in 1923, Oropus 1889, Pentelieus and Hymettus 1887, Thessaly 1878. Athos been a soviet spy base since 1839 (NY Times Aug 18, 1878. p. 6). Theodosian Code promoted confiscatory taxation and Diocletian socialism (Rostovtzeff 1926, Gibbon ch. 13) that Toynbee (1939, IV p. 399) said caused Anatolia to apostase into Islam. After the communist zealot massacre of Thesalonia aristocracy in 1342, Cantacusene usurpation of 1345 orchestrated by Moscow with omphaloscopic hesyogasm. Massacres of sixty thousand Latins in 1182 Istanbul blinded Enrico Dandolo who sought revenge in 1205 when Russians subdued by Mongols. Pope made Charlemagne emperor because Irene Fourtipace invented welfare. Justinian closing the universities promoted plague and Islam. Justinian Novella 85 is the precedent for gun control.

  7. That this appears on Red State is significant. Once upon a time they banned me as being too pro-Russian.