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Watch the first clip. 

No need to watch the second one with the same backdrop.  Zelensky is purportedly in Miami.

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  1. I couldn’t help but laugh at this

  2. Hilarious! I trust you don’t need a translation.

  3. George Michalopulos says

    This makes Reason Number 5,874,229 as to why I DON’T BELIEVE A @#!%^%&* THING THE CORPORATE MEDIA TELLS ME!

  4. This is CNN coverage from the Gulf War together with filming of the set used to film the coverage.

    The set video runs from 0:00 to 3:10.
    The publicly-shown coverage starts at 3:15.

    I have also seen a video in which the set’s palm trees fall over, but I can’t find that one now.

  5. Rev. Dn. Andrew J. Rubis says

    Priceless. Let’s go, Brandon!

  6. The camera never lies.
    You just need to read it right…

  7. I remember reading a required book in college for one of my communication classes, “How Real is Real?” Very interesting…this reminds me very much of the subject matter.

  8. Antiochene Son says

    Yeah it took me literally 2 seconds and I could see it was an obvious green screen.

    Ukraine isn’t sending their best. Sad!

  9. Sure, anything you say; rumors are really helpful.

  10. Christianity teaches Blessed are the Peacemakers, and I want to see peace in Ukraine because the conflict is sad. But Britain might be urging Ukraine to fight more than other Western countries are:

    Don’t back down, Britain urges Ukraine

    Government fears western allies will push Zelensky to settle for early peace deal

    Britain is concerned that the United States, France and Germany will push Ukraine to “settle” and make significant concessions in peace talks with Russia, The Times has been told.

    A senior government source said there were concerns that allies were “over-eager” to secure an early peace deal, adding that a settlement should be reached only when Ukraine is in the strongest possible position.

    In a phone call at the weekend, Boris Johnson warned President Zelensky that President Putin was a “liar and a bully” who would use talks to “wear you down and force you to make concessions”. Zelensky is also understood to have raised concerns about the progress of the talks and whether Moscow was exploiting them to reposition and strengthen its forces.


    I value peace and care about people in all the countries involved, so I don’t agree with ongoing mutual Russian-Ukrainian slaughter. The two sides need to make a peace deal quickly to stop this meatgrinder. If there is going to be a quick end to the war, it is realistically going to be through negotiations. Saying that Ukraine should keep fighting instead of negotiating peace is ruinous to everyone, including the West. but especially to Ukrainians. What could Ukraine realistically achieve by avoiding negotiations and prolonging the war?

    Using a prolonged war in Ukraine as a justification to increase sanctions and try to crash Russia to the point where it could not have any independent foreign policy? That would mean a long war that would entail lots of dead on both sides of the conflict, and it’s not even clear that this kind of longterm slow burning of Russia would succeed in making it abandon its positions in Ukraine.

    In other words, if your goal is for Ukraine to keep fighting until both Russian and Ukrainian forces are exhausted and Russia has to give up its position on Donbass, consider two things:
    1. Is it realistic that after another year of this kind of fighting Russia will militarily be defeated in Donbass? Consider the possibility that Russia may be strong enough to either defeat Ukraine’s forces there or strong enough to hold on to that territory even after years of fighting.
    2. If Ukraine keeps fighting for the next year over the territory, racks up tens of thousands more dead on both sides, and retakes the mostly Russian-speaking territory of Donbass, will the cost in human suffering be spiritually worth it?

    • Gail Sheppard says

      I remember telling George a long time ago that I had no interest in learning more about Ukraine because of how corrupt it is. The people in Ukraine are forced to live in a cesspool of outside interests.

      Let’s face it. Ukraine is a toilet for the Western world. If Boris Johnson says they should fight, one must ask why. Is it because he’s one of the elites who parks his big behind there? Yes. Do the Biden, the Pelosi, Kerry, and Romney families use the same toilet, yes. Did Poroshenko, their former president, buy a faux Orthodox Church to win an election? He did. Did Rada, their parliament, try to cheat the canonical Church out of their property, yes. Do they have bonified Nazis with the swasticas roaming the streets beating up Russian-speaking people? Of course. Is their current president an exotic male dancer who uses props to make the world think he’s standing with his country when he is rumored to be at his 34M house in Miami? Obviously. Have they allowed the pentagon to put biolabs all over their country? You betchya.

      It’s not like mean ol’ Putin woke up one morning and said, “I think I’m going to invade Ukraine today. . . just because.” The only interest Putin has in Ukraine is to get rid of the “Western toilet” and keep the imperialists (NATO) at bay. Until he does, Russia is vulnerable and so are the Ukrainian people who are stuck in the middle. Frankly, I’m surprised he waited so long.

      Ukraine has become the frathouse of the East. Allowing it to go back to the way it was is not the answer. The Ukrainian people don’t deserve it.

      The war is essentially over. I expect Russia to go in there and rebuild the cities so the Ukrainian people can return. If they can build 3 churches a week and help the Syrians out, they can certainly help out their neighbors now that they’ve run the bad people out of town.

      Boris, et al., will have to park their big behinds somewhere else.

      • Old saw: “Britain has lost an empire
        but not yet found a role.”

        Well, Boris has found her a role as the official Neocon Running Dog.
        She runs frantically around Russia, barking furiously; all the while
        pretending she is even more fierce (and important) than Victoria Nuland…

        Robert Burns:

        O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
        To see oursels as ithers see us!
        It wad frae mony a blunder free us,
        An’ foolish notion…

      • George Michalopulos says

        As usual, my dear, you have a way of crystallizing complex situations.

        If I may add a word or two about the military situation, I highly recommend that everybody read the following “sitrep” from the Saker:

        Yesterday, the Ukrainians snuck in four helicopters to exfiltrate some high-level (read: NATO) military advisors out of Mariupol. Two were shot down while two made it out. Two of the men in the copters which were shot down survived and are spilling the beans to the Russians.

        Also, the Ukrainian defense minister admitted that the Russians had “destroyed our defense industry.”

        There’s way more. For example, the Russians had to not only preempt a Ukrainian attack on the Donbass but had to (1) neutralize the Ukrainian Air Force and Navy, (2) isolate the biolabs, (3) isolate Chernobyl and Zaporizhye, (4) isolate the main body of the Ukrainian Army in the East within “cauldrons”, (5) liberate/protect Russo-Ukrainian citizens and their cities, and (6) decapitate the Ukrainian command-and-control while at the same time (7) occupying enemy territory the size of the United Kingdom.

        They accomplished all this and more. Numbers 2 and 3 had to be done immediately in order to prevent the Ukrainians from staging false-flag attacks.

        So, all of you who were getting ready to pop all the champagne corks as you watched the brave Ukrainian Army march into Moscow, I’d say, curb your enthusiasm.

      • The destruction of the home of our forefathers and the killing on both sides is hard to comprehend. The word “corruption” is used freely in reference to other societies, however, in retrospect, our political class, religious hierarchs (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox) and educated intellects – devoid of wisdom – have become the most corrupt of all.

  11. Ben David says

    I don’t know where to post this but I feel that this statement needs to be discussed, especially with all the big names attached to it.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      It’s interesting that they use this verse:

      “1. “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now my kingdom is not from here.” (John 18:36).

      And then proceed to criticize the Russian Church for not speaking up against Putin. Why would it be imperative for the servants of the Church to speak up against a ruler in this world when our kingdom is in the next? Just because Putin is Russian does not mean he’s under the direction of the Church. The Russian Orthodox Church seems to understand this.

      Nor have they refused to acknowledge this invasion, which it frankly wasn’t, because it was not against Ukraine, but against their captors who also pose a threat to the country of Russia. Russia took great pains to avoid hurting the Ukrainian people. If they were “invading” Ukraine, this thing would have been over in days instead of weeks.

      There is really too much here to comment on but I agree more should be said. George, let’s make a post about this.

    • Interesting. Of course, the condemnation of Russkiy Mir as phyletism, and the designation itself of phyletism as a heresy, are both erroneous.

      Looks like liberals masquerading as believers using Orthodox concepts they don’t understand to vent emotion.

      • As I understand it, Russkiy Mir is not an ‘…ism’.
        It is a geographical and cultural description,
        which is accurate in both senses.

        • Brendan,

          Here is the best, most objective description of Russkiy Mir – from the external, western perspective – that I’ve found, it’s from RealClearDefense.

          “In October 2018, nearly three years after the release of Russia’s National Security Strategy, Putin stated in the 7th World Congress of Compatriots Living Abroad, ‘all together – represent a huge community of Russian-like compatriots, represent one large, huge, Russian world, which has never been exclusively built on only ethnic, national, or religious ground.'”

          I see no heresy described in the whole piece.

      • Agreed. Big names? More like big bucks from the globalists.

        Let’s see these ‘intellectuals’ condemn Hellenism.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Big bucks with big butts.

        • Ben David says

          Andrew Louth, Sebastian Brock, and John Behr are no slouches who have been very influential in Anglo-Orthodox theological scholarship. These are people that intellectual converts may first read. These are intelligent, thoughtful people who have been taken in by the anti-Russian narrative. They also condemn a lot of the thoughts on this blog as heresy and believe that they are upholding Orthodoxy. Their binary scholastic-political thinking will just further add to the divide of Orthodoxy in this country. I am honestly disappointed by some of the signers who might have also been writers of the statement. I pray and hope that this conflict ends soon and that the Theotokos may strengthen us in our faith in Christ’s Church. God has revealed a lot these past few years. Let’s hope that our time for repentance will not be wasted.

          • At the end of the day, there are people who take what the Church Fathers said about morality and monarchy seriously, and those who do not.

          • The Ukraine conflict and “Russian World” concept are really two separate issues that, also partly relate to each other, are quite separate. So criticism of the “Russian World” idea goes beyond the Ukraine conflict.

            One could say that the Russian Federation is mistaken in the Ukraine conflict, but believe that there is some common spiritual heritage among the descendants of Kievan Rus – Russians, Rusyns, and Ukrainians. The name of ACROD (American Carpatho Russian Orthodox Diocese), for example, reflects this concept. The Russian World concept is really more of a pre-revolutionary pre-WW1 idea, comparable to Panslavism. The OCA historically reflected this idea, being founded by pre-WW1 immigrants who came especially from Ukraine and the Lemko region, while joining what was then the Russian Church in the US, and which became the OCA.

            The most apparent explanation of Constantinople’s attempt to disband its AROCWE archdiocese into his Greek parishes seems to be an attack on Russian heritage, since there is no other easy explanation, nor did the CP give much explanation. The AROCWE archdiocese wasn’t related to Ukraine, nor was it under Moscow, so there is not much legitimate sensible reason for why the CP would have closed it.

            Alternately, one could conceivably claim that Russia was acting correctly in intervening in Ukraine out of its security concerns or out of a desire to protect Russians in Donbass, without theorizing that Ukrainians and Russians have a serious ethnic-cultural link per the Russian World concept.

    • From:
      A Declaration on the “Russian World” (Russkii mir) Teaching

      “The principle of the ethnic organization of the Church
      was condemned at the Council of Constantinople in 1872.”

      I doubt this would have been condemned
      if Patriarch Bartholomew had been in charge;
      but then, you can’t always get the staff…

      • Joseph Lipper says

        Of course we not only have “Russian World”, but we also have “Hellenic World”, “Serbian World”, “Arab World”, etc.

        All of this should really fall under the category of New Rome.

        Even sans an emperor of New Rome, the representative “worlds”, cultures and languages of the Orthodox Church are really manifestations of that New Roman World, but the New Rome moniker probably becomes confusing because of the global dominance of a schismatic Vatican that asserts itself as the “First Rome”.

      • Modern liberaldox like to make a big fuss about the 1872 council, but it was never universally acknowledged and some patriarchs, seeing it for what it was, outright rejected it.

    • Ben David,

      The Russian World concept reminds me of names like ACROD – the Carpatho Russian Archdiocese, Belarus, Kyivan Rus, the OCA’s “R” clubs, the Rusyns, and the fact that the OCA came from the Russian Metropolia in America.

      It also reminds me of Panslavism and the concepts of Latin America (Portuguese, Spanish, and maybe French), the Hellenistic World, as well as the Celtic World or Celtic Britain (Scotland, Ireland, the Britons, Wales).

      The Greek or Hellenistic world covers different Hellenistic nations and ethnic groups from Cypriots to Pontic Greeks to Thracians to the Greeks of Asia Minor. The Greek Archdiocese of GOARCH is in the USA and their head is an ethnic Greek in Istanbul, Turkey, neither being in Greece. For Hellenists to oppose the concept of Russian/Rusyn/Rus/Ruthenian etc. cultures as heretical would be a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

      Concepts like Latin America, Hellenism, and the Russian World tend to be positive because they unite people across lands and across subgroups. Further, they are helpful for people to understand each other and each other’s origins and history. They are also helpful for peacemaking because people are more likely to seek peace and care about each other when they see each other’s commonality.

      The main danger that comes up with ethnic concepts like Hellenism or Russian World etc. is when it’s used to treat one group as higher or better than others. For example, it would be a big problem if Hellenistic Greeks looked down on nonGreeks for not being Greeks, Slavs looked down on non-Slavs, etc. This does not actually make the concept of Hellenism, Panslavism incorrect, false, “heretical”, etc., but rather it’s a problem with one’s arrogant treatment of these interethnic concepts. Fortunately, in my late 20th and 21st experience as a nonRussian, those with the concept of uniting Russian cultures are unarrogant and unchauvinistic. This must have to do in part with the USSR’s legacy of its official teaching against national chauvinistic attitudes. It might also have to do with Russians not being actually truly 100% true “Slavic” in ancestry. If being ethnically Russian was super important to Russians or the Ryssian Church to the point of Phyletism, they would not have missionized Alaska or given the OCA autocephaly. Nor would the OCA have switched mostly to English or stopped calling itself the “Russian Metropolia.”

      Since a “Russian/Rus/Rusyn World” concept is not really heretical or wrong per se as a matter of logic, it makes one look for the other, real reasons of why its opponents, are attacking this concept. Coming from the Fordham Center, my impression is that it is coming from Hellenists. In that case, it reminds me of Constantinople’s decision to close its large Russian AROCWE archdiocese and fold AROCWE into its Greek parishes. Since Constantinople gave barely any reason for this hostile decision, since AROCWE was basically Constantinople’s big Russian heritage jurisdiction in Europe, and since AROCWE wasn’t involved in Ukraine or with the MP, I personally perceived the decision as most likely coming from animus toward Russian culture.

      • “in my late 20th and 21st experience as a nonRussian”

        You seem to have a lot of experience[s]… 🙂

    • Here is a response to the Declaration by a professor of the St. Tikhon Institute in Moscow. She makes some very good points:

  12. Oh my God, Lord have mercy. If only this manifesto would substitute Patriarch Kyrill’s name and “Russian world” with the name of Patriarch Bartholomew and “Ecumenical world”… then I might be able to stomach it.

  13. George Michalopulos says

    My only gripe against Tulsi is that she didn’t run Third-party and split the Dem ticket.

    Had Trump been allowed to legally be reelected, we wouldn’t be in this position at all. But we are.

    • Yes, George, as Bannon says, “Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.” And we’re just getting started.

      However, I look at it this way. Given lemons, God makes lemonade. Given that Trump was robbed, the best use to which the Biden Regime can be put is the humbling of America, its elites in particular. God was not only working in America with Trump, IMHO, but of course He has been working in Russia all along to restore sanity and Orthodoxy (but I repeat myself). So losing this war against Orthodoxy and Russia seems like Biden’s destiny. His weakening of America in relation to Russia looks providential from my perch.

      Nothing will reform America until it suffers so badly that it permanently retires the neoliberals.

  14. John Anon says

    Have you talked about the Kievan Regime’s latest move “On Banning the Moscow Patriarchate on the Territory of Ukraine”? How do you think Putin and the Patriarch Kyrill will respond to this?


  15. Nate Trost says
  16. George Michalopulos says

    Hunter, the lap-top, Burisma, Rosemont-Seneca…

    Should we start a pool on when Creepy Joe is taken out by the 25th Amendment?

  17. George Michalopulos says