This Is why We Won’t Give up Our Guns . . .

…and why Trump will win reelection. Rather handily, if I may say so myself.

Every now and then, the Mask comes off. This was one of those times. (And it’s always a liberal’s mask; do you ever wonder why this is? I do.)

Anyway, James O’Keefe, of Project Veritas, released yet another sting video. This time of a Bernie Bro named Kyle Jurek who waxed eloquent on the glories of the gulag and how it’d be peachy-keen to imprison tens of thousands of Americans therein in order to “reeducate” them. He also said that if Bernie gets screwed again, “Milwaukee will burn” (that’s where the Democrat convention will be held later this year).

It’s hard to imagine an actual American believing this crap and actually wanting to enact it. Maybe it’s because he’s either not a real American, or we really are near the end-stage of our civilizational experiment in constitutional liberty in which the soy-boys and feminazis dictate the terms of discourse. As for myself, I definitely think with this sham impeachment, we are an inflection point: one way leads to banana republicanism, the other way towards restoration. Or at least a respite.

Anyway, you can see it for yourself here. I don’t like to use the word “chilling” because it’s been so overused –especially by liberals–and usually about some mundane conservative proposal that doesn’t amount to much. But this time, it is very apropos. And it’s important to remember that it was another Bernie Bro named James Hodgkinson III, who took a rifle three years ago and shot up a baseball field because there was some Republican Congressman practicing for a game. Now that’s chilling.

I must say though, like a true Communist, Jurek reserves his greatest contempt for the liberals. As he says, it’s going to be them that are the first to go, i.e. “to get the wall”. Like Lenin before him, he knew that the progressives and liberals were nothing more than useful idiots. Try as I might, I can’t argue with him as the historical record is quite clear on that point. In any event, I know who’s second, and that’s us “Nazis” who voted for Trump.

Not my thing folks. Not gonna happen, thanks to the Second Amendment.

Anyway, Molon Labe, chickadees; Molon Labe.


  1. I heard about this a few days ago. Chilling is indeed accurate. If the polls are accurate about millennials supporting communism/socialism at 72% then America is truly, truly in for a rough ride. Being a younger millennial myself I can’t fathom how my generation has been so brainwashed. 
    I know Russia is nowhere near perfect, nowhere is, but I have been contemplating over the last few years of taking my skills (Data Science) and emigrating. I don’t pretend that Russia is some Orthodox utopia, but, it sure seems easier to love out the Orthodox Christian faith 

    • George Michalopulos says

      I will say this about Russia, Menas: not only is it easier to practice your Orthodox faith there (and most traditional confessions), it is far easier to be a liberal (in the classical sense) there. There is no PC culture there. And that’s huge.

      Let’s be honest, we’ve essentially lost the First Amendment here.

      • Indeed. And TBH if somehow the democrats manage to steal the election this year, I think I will start looking into it much more seriously as History has showed us over and over how that ends up. If they win I fully expect them to do away with the Electoral College (their ultimate goal) and then it’s lights out Irene for America for the foreseeable future, or, a very real possibility of civil war. I’m with you that Trump is likely to win, but, something really needs to be done to put these people in jail or this will happen year after year. These people think they are invincible because nothing has happened to them as Trump promised us it would. 

    • Menas, you do not represent the mainstream millenials. A recent poll stated that the average IQ has gone down by 14 points in the last 50-60 years. That means average has become 86 wheb it used to be 100; that new IQ average staddles the millenials basically.

      • Antiochene Son says

        The US has also gone from about 90% white to about 60% white in the same time frame.
        I don’t think, by and large, America’s “old stock” population is getting inherently dumber. Rather we are importing populations with average lower IQs, which lowers the national average.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Interesting point there. As well, many of the newer arrivals have no cultural frame of reference for such universal concepts as our Bill of Rights.

      • jacksson: “A recent poll stated that the average IQ has gone down by 14 points in the last 50-60 years. ”
        I would not overestimate the importance of IQ test. IQ test measures ability to solve IQ test, and IQ test is a set of puzzles. In the era of calculators and smartphones, puzzle solving ability had to go down.

  2. Estonian Slovak says

    Agree with you about Russia. Also, agree with you about Franco of Spain. We Russians, alas, never had our Franco. General Vlasov might just have fulfilled that role, but Hitler had no interest in freeing Russia. Some White emigres have theorized that had Vlasov come out in favor of restoring the monarchy, he might have been able to win over more Russians.
         Disagree with quoting Mussolini, however. Not as bad as Hitler, but still…he was a socialist who never fully reformed. Had he followed Franco’s example and not joined Hitler in WWII, history might have been kinder to him.

    • Jerry Matrikas says

      Vlasov’s only grandson co-founded this Trumpist blog:

    • George Michalopulos says

      Indeed.  Let’s be honest, both Mussolini & Hitler were socialists to the core.  I didn’t mean to uphold Mussolini in any sense.  The words he spoke in this regard are true.  

    • I think mistake to see vlasov in that role. The majority of russians, understanding clearly the situation and what Hitler would do.  Even with Stalin!!!.  In wwi the Tsar when abdicated and family, never looked to Germans to put them back on throne or to save them, nor did most white Russians, grateful as they might be for the interlude of some normality  the Germans gave them,  in their occupation.  But they bled the conquored territory dry and developed racist attitudes towards Slavs that were a fore runner of wwii. .  
      Re wwii a good film to see is поп ( Pop) ‘priest’. 

      • Estonian Slovak says

        Niko, you know a lot, but you don’t know everything. Stalin’s regime was so evil, that many Russians signed up with Vlasov’s army in late 1944, when it was clear that Hitler was losing the war. You need not believe me, but besides reading things in both English and Russian, I’ve actually spoken with Vlasov veterans, now very few remaining. On the one hand, it is true that the Nazi racial policies kept more Russians from joining the Germans. But, it is also true that Soviet soldiers were not supposed to be taken prisoner, but were supposed to fight until death, NO MATTER WHAT. Just surviving meant you were a traitor to the Soviet Union. Westerners who marvel at how fiercely Soviet soldiers fought do not know that the KGB(by whatever name it was known as then,NKVD, I think) had their men stationed behind the troops to shoot anyone attempting to turn back. So the Red Army men were literally between two fires. 
              I have said this before and will say it again; I will not condemn Vlasov, because that would validate Stalin. Much as I love the fact that much has changed for the better in Russia, I cringe when I hear Russians my age and younger sing the praises of Stalin. I’ve also had Russians tell me that the horrors of the Soviet years were so bad, that Solzhenitsyn told the truth, but he only told half of it. I believe only Mao of China was responsible for more deaths than Stalin. I’m sure that’s only because he had more people in China.
           Believe what you like, I’ve said my piece, I’m done discussing this.

        • Gene Andreiev says

          Jews coming from Russia in the 1980s spoke favorably of Vlasov. Vlasov may have switched sides repeatedly, but he was not involved in war crimes.  Vlasov liberated Prague from the nazis. The allies had promised Stalin they would repatriate him and he was shot as soon as he arrived in Russia.

          • George C Michalopulos says

            All Orthodox countries which throw in their lot with the EU should take notice of what happened to Vlasov and his partisans.

          • Estonian Slovak says

            Actually, Vlasov would have been better off had he been shot upon returning to Russia. He and his top generals had their show trail. They were executed by hanging on Aug 2nd, 1946. It is rumoured that Vlasov was subject to special torture to prolong his suffering. 
                 The Soviets tended to regard White Army veterans such as the Cossack General Krasnov as tragi-comic figures. He and those like him were relics of the past, and one could snicker at them. They also were executed, but for Vlasov and other Reds who had changed sides, nothing but the worst torture could be expected. I was at the funeral of a Vlasov man here in the states back around 2010. Not surprisingly, he had changed his surname and kept a low profile here in the US. When I was young and foolish, back about 40 years ago, I confronted an Eastern Ukrainian about his working with the occupying Nazis. He replied that he really didn’t have a choice; he wasn’t about to throw away his life, being married with three children. I can’t say that I blame him.

        • George Michalopulos says


      • Estonian slovak . Hi. I’m sorry I did not phrase my reply too well. I don’t know if I know alot friend, but I try and reply from facts.
        Yes you are right. And bring out things that many people do not know re Stalin’s methods and slaughter. And of course the betrayal of the cossacks in Austria, and their families, to their death, by the ever double faced brits. Don’t we greeks know that one.
        I was trying to hold in balance the night -mare choice a Russian might have to make between two evils and the concept of patriotism. . Just as some Greeks in 1943 joined the German supported security battalions to fight communist partisans. And communist partisans tried to abduct my late mother. But actually outside of the war itself, Hitler’ s regime was far less lethal unless u Jewish or opposed it. No matter how disgusting it was. One only has to read the poem,REQUIEM, by Anna Akhmatova, to grasp the almost psychotic horror of communism and especially of Stalin. But he was logical outcome.. Re Vlasov, it was the nazi racial doctrines and their atrocities in Russia that kept the germans from capitalising on the anti communist feeling. If in 1941 Hitler had called on russians to over throw Stalin and that he was coming as a liberator, who knows things would have been different. Or had empowered Vlasov much more. As Stalin was hanging by a thread in 1941/2

        They have discussed in Russia putting up a statue to vlasov but do not know if happened. He was a brave man. They have honoured Kolchak now from civil war .
        I always enjoy your posts as well thought out contributions. Take care.

    • Gene Anreiev says

      Stolypin was the ideal model, as lamented by the late Paul Klebnikov.

  3. Beri Nelkin says

    And yet, Dumquafles enthroned at the Jesuit Casuistry Mill on the Hudson as Archon, Teacher of the Generation (title held formerly by  Yale’s Deno Geanakoplos)  insists Justinian invented Gun Control in Novella 85.
    Previously, he has also claimed Irene Sarantapechaina, Restorer of Icons, as also the Mother of the Modern  Welfare State.
    which is perhaps why the Pope felt she, also being deficient by being a woman (J T Coriolis would approve) , left the throne vacant enough for Charlemagne to be made Emperor instead.
    And of course, we have Lex Lutsos getting Bart to support Obama Care and oppose Global Warming, precipitating the article  “Is Orthodox Christianity progressive?” By Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post, November 4, 2009.
    Someone’s praying Lord, kumbaya,Oh Lord, kumbaya, will the wonders never cease!

    • George Michalopulos says

      Well, if the Fordhamites want us to reinstate an absolutely Christian monarchy…ok.
      But didn’t Justinian execute homosexuals as well?

      • Estonian Slovak says

        I don’t think you get it, George. When they speak of such things, they are scholarly, Orthodox Christians. When you and I say the same things, we are reactionary bigots!
        Likewise, when Patriarch Bartholomew invokes the Canons, it’s ok, because he is the EP. When the rest of do so, we are fundamentalists.
        It’s the same in politics, don’t you know? When President Clinton stated that we are a nation of laws, in regards to illegal crossing of our southern border, or when President Obama said,”don’t send your children over” to Mexicans, they are patriotic Americans. When President Trump says the same things, he”s a racist!

      • Touche!
        Cuts through their argument like a hot knife through butter! You are a very sharp man, George!

  4. Life Site News offers this reflection on St. Gabriel Fool-for-Christ, Lenin and the Pachamama idol:



    I am not popping in to say “I told you so.” (but I did).

    I’m here urging all faithful Christians to be cautious in the coming weeks and months. It’s gonna get crazy.

    The Dems are imploding.

    I half believed what I wrote before about the objective of a dominant party system materializing here in America, much like the Japanese had for much of the post-war period or like Russia has now.

    If Bernie gets the nomination, that’s the end of the Democratic Party.

    I’m deadly serious.

    I use the word “deadly” for a reason. The Dems will not go quietly into the night. I originally thought the catharsis would happen in 2018 as a result of uber-leftists winning primaries on the left and rightists on the right. All that did was set the stage.


    I welcome this. I never thought I’d live to see Tammany Hall go under. However, it is a very, very dangerous time for everyone.

    It all depends on how many people can read the tea leaves on the Democrat side. There is about 20% of the total population of the US, concentrated on the coasts, that could . . . lose it.

    Having lived through the 20th century, the bloodiest by far in history, we should all be aware of the darkness that lies in the hearts of some.

    As the squad commander used to say on Hill Street Blues, “Be careful out there.”