This is what “Flooding the Zone” Looks Like

You gotta hand it to the Trumpster. He’s playing for all the marbles. We’re seeing an example of it here: it’s called “Flooding the Zone”. What’s his endgame? To strike at the former King (i.e. Obama).

As Frederick the Great said: “L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace.” Obama is about to learn a thing or two about audacity –as well as setting up a shadow government.

This is an exciting point in history. We’re actually witnessing a high-stakes poker game played on a three-dimensional chessboard. But this one’s a little different. Unlike most high-stakes games, in which one side wins big while the other side loses everything, in this one, if Trump wins, he wins it all; if he loses, he’s still the President. Get it? And he’s doing it by flooding the zone.

Let’s walk through this, shall we?

1. The Democrats didn’t expect Trump to win the election. To be fair, nobody did. (When Mitch McConnell held off on the appointment of Merrick Garland, he was hoping against hope that the Republicans would nominate someone other than Trump and possibly eke out a Bush 43 type victory.) When Trump did win, it was a kick in the balls of the worst sort.

The Democrats had everything going for them but just to make sure, Obama got the Justice Department to bug Trump and his associates. Sure, Trump was going to lose but nothing wrong with having some incriminating evidence on him in order to keep him on the straight and narrow when he went back to private life. The whole Birther thing really stung Obama. If, on the off-chance he did win, the electronic surveillance would still come in handy. That’s how Deep States work: control whoever’s in charge.

2. Instead, he won. WTF? At this point, the Deep State and their operatives in the Corporate Media (but I repeat myself) had to come up with an excuse. “Fake Media” was rolled out. When that didn’t work, the Russians were blamed. They “hacked” the election. For a good two months, they were flailing about, trying to come to grips with the defeat. It didn’t make sense, not on any level on which the elite operates.

In their minds, Red-state America reached its apogee in 2000, when Bush 43 eked out a two-point win in the Electoral College. From then on, the demographic changes that were happening would make sure that the most the Republicans could hope for was what Romney accomplished in 2012. And that was the best case scenario. If Hillary won, then Texas would become purple in 2020 and blue by 2024. It’d be over for the Republicans. Forever. It was in the cards.

Unfortunately for them, Trump scaled the fabled Blue Wall and took back the Rust Belt. That was a horror of unimaginable proportions. Things looked so tidy for the Democrats that back in October, when Trump was saying that the system was rigged, Obama had said that there was “no way” that the Russians (or anybody) could hack the election. Our system was “too decentralized” for something like that to happen. By and large, he’s right. Then after the election, James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence testified before Congress and said that there was “no evidence” that Russian operatives could have “influenced the vote” one way or the other.

(Of course, it’s important to remember at this point that Clapper perjured himself before the Congress back in March of 2013 when he denied that the NSA spied on individual Americans, so let’s not forget that.)

3. Confusion reigned. Things were so bad for the Oligarchy that the Prog/left hive couldn’t coordinate their stories. The New York Times to their credit actually did some investigative journalism. They found out that the Obama Administration went twice before the FISA court to ask for permission to wiretap Trump. The first request was turned down –which itself is surprising as FISA almost never turns down government requests to eavesdrop on anybody. The government has a better than 98 percent success rate in getting FISA to authorize wiretaps.

Then Wikileaks happened. The Podesta emails rocked the political world and for some reason, Russia was blamed for them. So in October, right before the election, someone working for Obama went back to FISA and gussied up their request. They were led to believe that Trump was in collusion with the Russians, probably on some banking matter and the government needed evidence because whatever. This time, FISA gave them what they wanted.

4. There’s no doubt in my mind that Trump knew that he was being bugged. Not at all. But he had to find out by who and to what extent.

It was during this time however that the Democrats violated one of the cardinal rules of electoral politics: when you lose, do so gracefully and make every effort to come back to the table. In America especially, the party that was voted out usually comes roaring back in the mid-terms. Wait it out, in the meantime, you’ll get something if you act the part of the Loyal Opposition; certainly not everything, maybe not even half of what you want, most probably 20 or 30 percent, but you’ll get something. You can take the goodies home and remind the people why they voted for you in the first place.

Instead, they came out of the gates screaming and yelling and acting like they really won and that Trump had somehow stolen the election. They sent stooges like Rep John Lewis to go on TV and flat-out declare Trump to be illegitimate. In other words, they shot all their ammunition even before Trump was inaugurated. This was unwise in other ways as well. If nothing else, they unnecessarily made themselves an enemy in Trump. They forget another cardinal rule of politics: No President gets everything he wants but he does set the agenda. And he controls the Federal apparatus.

Trump played along. He continued to give them more rope to hang themselves. Plus, he wanted to find out where the leak was. Soon enough it became obvious. Hell, the Corporate Media even bragged about it. Trump allowed them to take a scalp, in this case that of his National Security Advisor, Lt Gen Michael Flynn. Once Flynn’s conversation was revealed and that a transcript of it existed, then Trump knew for a fact that the Trump Tower was bugged.

In the meantime, the incessant harping on Russia grew only more intense. Rather than fight it, Trump aggravated it. It’s been all Russia, all the time. Even though there’s no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians, especially because there was no evidence, it behooved Trump to play it up. Why? Because if a lie is all your adversaries have, then it exposes their weakness. Ergo, encourage them in their delusion.

5. So now we’re at Obamagate. The other day, Trump tweeted out startling accusations against the former President (who for some reason invited Valerie Jarrett to come and live with him and Michael –I mean Michelle–in their new house, just two miles from the White House. I’ll let you, the Gentle Reader figure that one out).

The accusations were nothing short of inflammatory. One simply doesn’t accuse a former President of a high crime or misdemeanor. It’s simply not done. It violates all sorts of protocols.

Think of it: if Trump’s accusation is true, it could result in a criminal case against Obama. This has clearly flummoxed the Democrats. You can tell by the hysterical denials, all of which are rather contradictory. Some of these denials are Nixonian “non-denial denials”. Others are Clintonian, relying on the careful parsing of words. None of them really make sense. Worse for them, they are easily proven. Why, it’s even in The New York Times, right there on the front page!

On the other hand, the original accusation by President Trump has not been retracted. It continues to linger in the air. Even #nevertrumpers like Lindsey Graham and Ben Sasse agree that they need to be investigated. If they are true, then they are serious. Over the weekend, the conventional wisdom was that Democrats were smelling blood in the water. Today, it’s the Republicans who are looking at electoral gold in 2018.

There’s more to this however, in that the actual accusation itself paralyzes Obama from furthering his covert agenda. In addition, it puts the Deep State on notice that Trump is aware that he’s being bugged and he’s working on ways to get around that. The spotlight is now glaringly focused on both Obama and the Deep State. If nothing else, it restricts their range of motion. Advantage: Trump.

6. So what’s the upshot? Well for one, the Democrats and the Corporate Media are now backtracking big-time on the whole Trump/Russia collusion thing. Why? Because they’re caught in the web of deceit that they wove to catch Trump with their wiretaps. The Russia Collusion angle was merely the excuse for Obama to go to FISA in the first place. It was the glue that held their conspiracy theory together. But because it wasn’t real in the first place, the entire Democrat narrative is coming apart at the seams. Worse for them, they and their Intel operatives are admitting as much: “There’s no real evidence” we’re now told. How convenient. The New York Times is even backtracking on their original claim that FISA had granted permission to bug Trump Tower.

(Imagine that, the same reporter who wrote back in January that Obama got authorization to wiretap Trump is now retracting his original story. How very Orwellian.)

Trump on the other hand is pushing long and hard for a Congressional investigation. Let it all come out is the new order of battle. Investigate the (non-existent) Russian connection by all means. Waste inordinate amounts of time. It’ll put that baby to rest in no time. And then the Democrats will look even more foolish and electorally impotent.

Flood the zone. Soon, “Russian hacking” will be a code word for election fraud and Watergate-level skullduggery, all of which will be laid at the feet of the Democrats. Good luck with that for the 2018 mid-terms. I imagine many progressive Democrats will want to investigate what happened to Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries as well. And of course investigate the electronic surveillance of Trump which Obama initiated. Let the chips fall where they may. In short, these things have a way of metastasizing.

In reality of course, the Democrats never really wanted an investigation of Trump, the election and any possible Russian collusion. It was merely a talking point to be used to delegitimize his presidency. Which leads us to:

7. The Democrats forgot another cardinal rule of politics: be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.



    New wikileaks dump. Monumental. Have to read it to believe it. They could have framed the Russians or anyone else by leaving trails of their spyware in places they themselves (CIA) penetrated.

    Off the chain. Rivalry with NSA. Created their own internal, unaccountable NSA . . .

    “As an example, specific CIA malware revealed in ‘Year Zero’ is able to penetrate, infest and control both the Android phone and iPhone software that runs or has run presidential Twitter accounts. The CIA attacks this software by using undisclosed security vulnerabilities (“zero days”) possessed by the CIA but if the CIA can hack these phones then so can everyone else who has obtained or discovered the vulnerability. As long as the CIA keeps these vulnerabilities concealed from Apple and Google (who make the phones) they will not be fixed, and the phones will remain hackable.

    The same vulnerabilities exist for the population at large, including the U.S. Cabinet, Congress, top CEOs, system administrators, security officers and engineers. By hiding these security flaws from manufacturers like Apple and Google the CIA ensures that it can hack everyone &mdsh; at the expense of leaving everyone hackable.”

    It’s not even contained at CIA. They released it to former agents and it’s proliferated.

    Not that we didn’t know that privacy was no longer anything but an illusion, but this confirms it. Much like public spaces in Britain, almost all of cyberland is monitorable, and not just by the CIA.

    And now it’s all public, the capacity, what it means as far as the IC stories we’ve read about, etc.


    PS: I’m glad George is on the cutting edge of this. It effects the Orthodox particularly, acutely and disproportionately because of the faith and politics of our “mother countries” and “mother churches”.


    Fast forward to Gingrich’s comments, he points out that Flynn was in Trump Tower during the surveilled conversations. Somebody in the executive branch ordered it and Obama was head of the executive branch.

    • Carl Kraeff says

      The worse aspect of this development was pointed out by the source who purportedly provided the information to Wikileaks: “In a statement to WikiLeaks the source details policy questions that they say urgently need to be debated in public, including whether the CIA’s hacking capabilities exceed its mandated powers and the problem of public oversight of the agency. The source wishes to initiate a public debate about the security, creation, use, proliferation and democratic control of cyberweapons.”

      If CIA has gone off the reservation, while the bugging of Trump Tower and Trump associates may have been done by the FBI in accordance with the October FISA warrant, it is not illogical to speculate that the CIA, or somebody using the CIA hacking tools, bugged Trump himself.

      Forget for a second about the politics of it, this is a most serious offense against our system of government. And, the offenses continue: now the allegation is being made, quite believably, that FBI Director Comey is on a power trip that rival’s Hoover’s. Michael Goodwin writes “Echoing Hoover’s attitude, if not his methods, Comey is adept at using innuendo and leaks to remind the powerful that he cannot be ignored. The prerogative to investigate, and the willingness to feed a scandal-hungry media, is close to being God in politics, and Comey plays the role with relish.”

      • George Michalopulos says

        Interesting take on Comey, Karl. However, I have another view of Comey’s “rebuke” of President Trump.

        Towit: notice that he is not on audio or video or documentary record of stating that the FBI agents must “rebuke” Trump’s claims. It’s merely a reporter citing an unnamed source who said that this is what Comey said. Comey may have said it, that is directed the FBI to rebuke Trump’s assertions, but as there is no paper trail, he can just as easily discount it.

        Which brings us to this: Comey is in CYA mode. If the FBI did bug Trump Tower, that’s a huge legal nightmare that will take down a lot of agents. Big legal bills. Comey doesn’t want to be brung down with the others if he can help it.

        But there’s more: Comey may be working on a parallel but not coordinated track with Trump in this, stating in effect that he recognizes that spying on a presidential candidate is a high crime and the FBI would “never” do that. If nothing else, he raised the level of awareness of just how damaging Trump’s allegations against the former president are.

  2. George great essay. I personally would not attacked former first ladies, everything else is right on point, agreed. This is my only concern with all. With all these investigations, and finger pointing. With President Trump, at war, and looking for revenge, against it seems all of D.C. and the media consuming all his time. Will the agendas, we voted him in for become second fiddle? Middle class Americans don’t really care about all this bullshit. They want good paying jobs, reasonable health care insurance, and a safe country. I understand that he did not start most of these controversies, but here we are. Meanwhile other countries, and terrorist groups see us as weak and divided. I hope the barbarians don’t thrown a ladder over the castle walls, while the King fights with his court.

    These are very dangerous time we live in, and all I see is lawyers, and the media looking to make an extra buck, wasting our time with investigation after investigation. It’s been a while since 9/11, I hope we are keeping a watchful eye, that such a atrocity
    would not happen again, during the dog and pony shows in D.C.

    P.S. flipping over to CNN, and MSNBC, during commercials on Fox News, has been a fun ritual. Every time I switch to the leftist news channels, it’s like the movie Ground Hog Day, “Trump, Russians, conspiracies” non stop foaming at the mouth liberal hyenas. Sad, but I’m sure the Russians are laughing their asses off.

  3. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    Very good article, and spot on. Thank you George.

  4. I posted this once before. Trump and Clinton were on the same page, when came to the agenda of General Alexander,(aka, Alexander the Geek). $4.3 billion a year) ,Cyberspace Command. It’s stated agenda is total dominance in global military,financial, and Cyberspace,(hacker) Command.The deep state has what it wants with Trump.
    Fr Danial MacKay was convicted today in Eugene, Oregon of whore mongering with an underage prostitute on the testimony of the underage teen
    prostitute and an undercover police e woman who he also sought and agreed to pay for sex with her. No joy here, he is either guilty as charged or he may have joy in having all manner of evil spoken against him falsely. He has a wife and child. We can pray for him
    either way.

  5. Nate Trost says

    Oh Magic 8-ball, is today the day George Michalopulos realizes that Trump tweets frequently have no basis in reality whatsoever?

    *shake shake*

    “Outlook not so good”

    Sigh. But then, I guess we all knew that already, didn’t we?

    George Michalopulos wrote
    Think of it: if Trump’s accusation is true

    Ron Howard’s voice
    It wasn’t.

    George Michalopulos wrote
    Once Flynn’s conversation was revealed and that a transcript of it existed, then Trump knew for a fact that the Trump Tower was bugged.

    Mind bogglingly wrong. That you would write that sentence reveals a truly impressive achievement on your part: you have apparently cultivated and refined your news and analysis sources to the point where your informational intake on this matter was completely comprised of people that don’t know what they are talking about and have no idea how any of this actually works. Seriously, it is 2017, there are books worth of informed commentary on the Flynn affair alone and it is obvious you have read none. of. it. Your entire spiel reads as if you are extrapolating your understanding from a summary you read in a Bazooka Joe cartoon. After Bazooka Joe had been bought by Breitbart. As the exclamation goes: That is not how this works, that is not how ANY of this works.

    George Michalopulos wrote
    (who for some reason invited Valerie Jarrett to come and live with him and Michael –I mean Michelle–in their new house, just two miles from the White House. I’ll let you, the Gentle Reader figure that one out).

    Serious question: is your memory so poor you can’t maintain consistency between the false right-wing Obama smears you post on your site mere months apart? Because in January it was Michelle on vacation leaving Obama behind with a man (which didn’t happen), and now it’s another woman moving in with the Obamas (she isn’t).

    A Gentle Reader might figure that George Michalopulos is a “Christian” “gentleman” of the utmost “integrity” and “intellect”.

  6. Have no fear. Obama created countless layers of corruption like a poisoned onion. Let us peel the onion and watch him go to prison where he belongs. This is but the tip of the ice berg.

  7. Joseph Lipper says

    George, I get the sense that this is all a distraction from what’s happening with the other zone.

    The Eurozone is about to get flooded. Very strange things are being set up in Europe right now. Jean Claude Junker has announced his white paper for a new EU, but the details are forthcoming. They are waiting for Britain to formally file to leave the EU on the 15th, and then the new plan for Europe will be announced.

    Strange that they are also seeking the Pope’s blessing on March 24th! They have no one else in Europe who is more popular and in a position of authority. I think the EU is going to blackmail the pope. This doesn’t look good at all. They are talking about creating a two-tiered EU and having more integration among members. I have a hunch that Turkey will be involved in a big way.

  8. Ronda Wintheiser says
    • George Michalopulos says

      Rhonda, it seems that NRO is giving up cuckservatism. Hopefully the spine transplant that the good Dr D J Trump ordered will take. Otherwise, they’ll revert to form and chuck out McCarthy as they did Coulter, Steyn and Derbyshire. We can always hope.

  9. George Michalopulos says

    ADDENDUM: Here is The New York Times beclowning itself. First it was “Trump was bugged”, now it’s “Trump was never bugged”. And here’s the kicker: both stories were written by the same reporter.

    George Orwell, you were indeed a prophet.

    • Nate Trost says

      No, the first story was explicitly not “Trump was bugged”. This was a major story in January and got tons of subsequent discussion, except you were too busy screaming “Corporate Media!” “Fake News!” and getting exciting for the coronation of Glorious Leader to bother educating yourself as to the mechanics of what was going on, or what was involved.

      As such, in your current state of profound ignorance, you are thinking a false equivalence is some kind of smoking gun, where in reality you are merely proclaiming to the world that you lack even the background knowledge to comprehend how you are wrong.

      Which, to be fair, I suppose is kind of your whole shtick.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Gosh Nate, whom I gonna believe now? Real journalists who actually do real journalism, or ideologues like you?

        • Nate Trost says

          You are posting stories covering news that has been known for months, at least known by me, because I actually get my information from real journalists and domain experts. The irony here is what you do perhaps most frequently is post inaccurate right-wing blog summaries and spin of ‘real journalism’ without even bothering to make yourself familiar with the source material they are distorting. Which is why you will constantly open your mouth and embarrass yourself.

          As I have said before, in various fashions, that the links you are posting do not, in fact, back up your incorrect assertions or assessments, but in many cases directly undermine them. Which rather supports my assertion that you are in over your head to the point that you don’t even understand why you are so wrong.

          A sampling of areas of ignorance you have so far demonstrated (not exhaustive):
          * Depth of broad spectrum collection of foreign targets (by US IC, within a FVEY context, and by other ‘friendly’ agencies)
          * Rules and procedures for intercepts of foreign targets which include US nationals
          * Compartmentalization and classification applicable to FBI CI investigations
          * Implications of EO 12333
          * Pretty much anything related to Section 702 (FISA) collection

          Apparently knowing stuff = being an ideologue.

          When you post your links it’s like I’m standing here, and you’re saying “Gosh Nate, look at this!” as you punch yourself in the face violently and repeatedly. I mean, I admire your commitment, but wow.

          • George Michalopulos says

            “Real journalists”? Wow. As opposed to “fake journalists”?

            The proglibs are losing the narrative Nate. This happens every so often when reality intrudes its ugly head.

      • George Michalopulos says
  10. cynthia curran says

    I really don’t understand the fuss over Putin. China is still in Tibet and there is still an underground church since in China there is no freedom of religion. At least in Russia, no protestant or catholic is jailed. In China you can’t say that since any Christian is jailed.

  11. George Michalopulos says

    All is proceeding as I predicted:

    For some fun, scroll down to the comments section. It’s amazing how many ordinary people are “getting” Trump and the 3D chess game he’s playing.