Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy


  1. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    Ah!!! American Pravda at its best. Thanks Gail.

    Peter A. Papoutsis

  2. Reading from the Sinclair Script:
    Why some journalists felt they had no choice


    [Video – 04:32]

    “After a video montage of Sinclair news anchors reading the same script…journalists from Bloomberg investigated an unusual employment contract that some Sinclair employees are bound by.”

    Follow the money…

  3. Deacon John Kern says


  4. That is a real gem! Was made back in 2018, right when the Trump administration was in full gear. Sounds like these anchors were prepping the ground for the midterms of ’18.

  5. John Pantelis says

    We don’t have a “democracy”. We have a Representative Constitutional Republic. And we aim to keep it.

  6. Allow me to translate: “Free speech (aka, misinformation) is extremely dangerous to the Democratic Party (and the Uniparty System).”

    This preoccupation with “disinformation” and “misinformation” is disingenuous, tyrannical and diabolical. What we used to say is that the remedy for bad speech is more speech and people had the right to lie in the public sphere at will so long as they didn’t cry “fire!” in a crowded theater; i.e., immediately creating a clear and present danger to the public welfare. The problem with censoring “lies” is that it begs the question, “who decides what is true?”. We leave that up to the people, not the elites who control the media. Or at least we used to.

    The war against disinformation = mind control. It is naked censorship. The Deep State has coopted Big Tech and the MSM (and even Fox News on the Ukraine/Russia issue) to aid it in censoring what the public hears. The way they stay in power is by dictating what is and what is not “beyond the pale”.

    But they have a fatal flaw. Unlike Russia or China, they do not largely have a homogenous population and they have a tradition of free speech and independent journalism to accommodate. That is why the liars insist that they are unbiased and others are corrupt when the exact opposite is true. The fact that the MSM has to compete with Fox, Newsmax, OAN, the WSJ editorial page, the NY Post, Washington Times, etc. will be their undoing.

    In Russia, the government can “occupy the field” when it comes to information. This does not mean that they control the entire national media. But they do control the content of enough of it so that their voice is the loudest in the public square. Thus, Putin’s approval rating never drops below, say 65 percent. In China, the control is even more thorough.

    The whole point here is that neither Russia or China have a serious fifth column to contend with. Matters are under control at home so they can export their politics Westward. In America, however, the “fifth column” is actually more popular than the controlling elite faction which runs the DS and has ostensibly controlled US politics since FDR – the Uniparty Establishment.

    This has become excruciatingly, painfully obvious during the Biden Regime. During the Clinton years, the MSM would play somewhat of an adversarial role, but it was adversarial-lite. If his opinion numbers got too low, they would ease up and circle the wagons. Thus, he was buoyed to re-election and saved from being removed after his impeachment.

    The MSM, however, has lost market share dramatically after the inception of FoxNews in 1996. And they simply can’t buoy Biden. In fact, they actually couldn’t even wound Trump enough to cost him the election but rather the DNC had to resort to the Steal. They did the same thing in 2016, but failed to steal bigly enough to drag Old Crooked across the finish line. With the help and cover of the Republican Establishment, they boldly and brazenly pulled out all the stops, threw caution to the wind, and openly stole the 2020 election. The statistical analysis, the down ballot performance of other Republicans, the footage of corrupt election shenanigans – it’s all completely devastating to the assertion that the election was somehow legitimate.

    But Trumpism is bigger than Trump and that is why it will succeed. Trump is taking over the Republican Party and its policy platform. The Republicans will take both chambers of Congress this November and there will be constant cold war through the 2024 election cycle. At that point, in early 2025, it will become clear that the Democratic Party is doomed for the foreseeable future. Their prospects in the Senate look abysmal even from the present perspective. Republicans will have probably 53 or 54 seats after November, possibly 60 after the 2024 election. The House will just keep getting redder and redder. I think they’ll break 250 this year and after that the sky’s the limit.

    I’m told Trump/DeSantis is a done deal. Regardless, even if Trump doesn’t run in 2024, DeSantis will carry the banner. I’m not concerned about his (unknown) foreign policy because I’m pretty sure that there is nothing that can stop the managed decline that Russia, China and India are imposing on us. As far as domestic policy goes, DeSantis seems sufficiently Trumpian.

    The only reservations I have about either man is whether they are ruthless enough to really move in for the kill against the entire Democratic Party and Uniparty Establishment. But that war also has a mind of its own. The two ideologies cannot coexist in the same system. They are, ideologically, natural mortal enemies and one must prevail.

    Either the coastal elites are going to lose or they are going to have to militarily occupy the South and parts of the Midwest. The former seems much more likely to me.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Misha, as a lawyer, what’s your take on the recent 5th Circuit decision against Big Tech? As a layman, I think it’s grand. I was told however that it will now be remanded to SCOTUS. Your assessment please?

  7. Zelo Varikas says

    Very much the same happened in the 1930s, on all continents. Folks burned by the (1929,2007) financial crisis were raging mad, intent on maximally enraging their opponents in a centrifugal spiral which ended in world war and catastrophe

  8. I have to thank you, George and Gail, for linking the “Russian Faith” site on your blog’s header. Whenever I see stuff like this story and get disheartened by America’s downward spiral, it tremendously lifts my spirits to visit that site and witness what is happening in Mother Russia.