This is Evil. Fast, Pray

[Note:  Updated with new information since published.] 

Tomorrow, the Rada, a hive of scum and villainy if there ever was one, is going to vote on banning the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  The real one.

Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev is asking the monks of the The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (Kievan Caves Monastery), the oldest monastic complex of Kievan Rus’, dating to ca. 1050, to fast and pray unceasingly in order to entreat the Lord to avert this abject horror.  Not for our sakes, because we don’t deserve it, but for the sake of His Church.

Even the animals of the monastery will not be fed or watered during this period, that’s how serious this is.

This law, if enacted, will allow the Ukronazis to confiscate the lands, parishes, and monasteries of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  This will include arresting its hierarchs, priests, monks and other ordinands, as well. 

Pray for their safety and ask God to give them the courage to meet this challenge. 

Clearly, the Zelensky regime serves Satan.  That’s the only explanation for this.  This is the infection afflicting Ukraine that we have been talking about. 

Rada has been threatening to do this since the EP issued the Tomos to Poroshenko, but God has always intervened.  Metropolitan Onufriy is asking for a strict fast which means the situation has now reached critical mass.  Pray God keeps the clergy safe and protects the Church that belongs to the Faithful in Ukraine and abroad.  After everything they’ve lost, it would be devasting for them to lose their parishes and monasteries, too.

We are asking  you, our readers, to also observe the fast and please watch the following video called, “In the Dark Night” from our brethren in Lavra that was contributed by Christine.  It’s hauntingly beautiful and powerful.

I realize that it’s expecting too much of the various eparchies of the Church of Constantinople to say something (anything) about this but perhaps the hearts of the other jurisdictions will be moved.   Even the UN has recognized the persecution of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  

It would also be nice if the State Department would say something about this atrocity, but given the fact that this was Rada’s intent from the beginning, the only conclusion one can draw is they allowed this to happen, together with the supine, apathetic stance of the Orthodox hierarchy.  

I’m not holding my breath that the conscience of the Ecumenical Patriarch will be pricked into condemning this move, either, as this is what he’s been waiting for from day one.  But we shall see.  He may be shamed into it because it’s such a blatant power grab, but my guess is he’ll spin this into something that needed to happen for the “church.”  Mind you he’ll be talking about his (faux) church which marked the beginning of this war, but he’ll manage to fool some holdouts, albeit, less and less as time goes on.      

Russia, no doubt, is at the ready.  They’ve come too far to see the canonical Church buckle under these atrocities.  Can’t imagine they’ll be idly standing by for long.  

Here is a petition that is circulating: Petition Demanding an End to Christian Persecution in Ukraine – Orthodox Reflections

[Edited 12/8/22 7:49pm CST]


  1. Note, satan and secularism both start with the letter S, I find that interesting.

  2. Lord have mercy!

  3. I would rather pray for the Lord to inspire Russia to conquer the whole of the Ukraine, jail or exile Zelensky, jail or execute the Ukronz’s and install a puppet regime in Kiev, making Western Ukraine a buffer zone and no man’s land.

    Not interested in halfway or piece meal solutions anymore.

    I’m not concerned about the UOC. Met. Onuphry tried to bribe the devil by declaring “independence”. A number of bishops then defected to the MP, especially those in Russian occupied territories. It should be understood and axiomatic that whatever territory remains in Western/Zelensky hands will be anti-Orthodox. What else would you expect?

    Bartholomew and the OCU are heathen. It is a serious character flaw among the rest of the episcopacy that they do not anathematize all of them.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      God’s solutions are better than ours but I share your sentiments. Never have I felt such anger. And to think there are people out there who can’t see how much we love the Ukrainian people and how much we hate what they’re having to live through.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Msiha, at this point, the Russians have no choice but to completely denazify the Ukraine. And to push all the way to Lvov (which they may offer to Poland as a sop).

      • Nate Trost says

        Russia does not have the military capability to do that (push to Lyiv). In order to try and make that a reality, the Kremlin would have to put the whole economy on a total war footing and spend years building capacity and the subsequent force structure plus the logistics infrastructure to accomplish that kind of maximalist goal. I’m skeptical about regime collapse any time soon, but that move would certainly test it.

        Western Pro-Russia circles are in very deep denial about just how much of Russia’s best professional military personnel and ground equipment has been lost in the last nine months. Generally speaking, as the war continues into 2023 and 2024 (frankly, I’m skeptical we see the end before 2025 at this point), Russia has to substitute quantity for quality. They have a challenge to face of capabilities degrading over time while Ukraine’s increase. There is a reason the Kremlin is hoping the rest of the world gets bored and gives up on Ukraine. They have a big C2/ISR gap to try and fix. It’s pretty apparent Russia is going to try to assemble a late-winter/early-spring offensive effort to try and reverse recent Ukrainian gains, but that force is going to be less capable than the original invasion force and certainly isn’t going to be storming the gates of Kyiv.

        • It’s unwise to feed lying trolls.

        • Regardless of Russia’s military capability, as a practical matter it doesn’t serve Russia’s security interests to push all the way to the western border. If this winds up making Nate and his Western narrators feel good and declare victory over a ‘weak’ Russian military, well, they can go ahead and enjoy this feeling.

          Russia has always wanted a neutral Ukraine. And I suspect they still do. But it will likely be a far smaller Ukraine than the Russians ever wanted in the beginning.

          The irony at this point is that because the West insists upon continuing the war and refuses to negotiate on any realistic terms, Russian political sentiment is increasingly in favor of total victory, which is almost certainly not what Putin wanted or wants. In other words, the West’s provoking and prolonging the war in the hope of regime change is having the exact opposite effect from what they desired. The more Russian blood and treasure they extract, the more the Russian people will demand total victory. Thus, if the West wants to weaken Putin politically, it will negotiate sooner rather than later.

          The West in its hubris has always failed to understand the Russian mind or the Russian people’s resolve in the face of threats to their homeland, or to their leaders for that matter, military superiority (or the lack thereof if that is what one cares to believe) notwithstanding. The Great Patriotic War lives in the Russian mind in ways that make Pearle Harbor seem like an an insignificant skirmish by comparison.

          Lord have mercy. It is all so terribly tragic.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Brian, you have hit the nail firmly on the head.

            What hesperophiliacs like our friend Nate don’t understand, is that Russia is not into American “razzmatazz.” They’re in it for the long game.

            What will “victory” for the Russians (short of completely conquering the Ukraine) look like?

            1. a neutralized, degraded Ukraine, which means
            a. a demilitarized Ukraine,
            b. a denazified Ukraine

            2. This means no NATO in the Ukraine or Ukraine joining the EU.

            What are the long-term (albeit unintended) goals of Russia?

            3. a degraded NATO
            4. a decrepit EU
            5. a demolition of the Brzenzski Project (i.e. the breakup of Russia), all of which lead to:
            6. a recognition of Russia’s legitimate security needs.

            By “razzmagazz” I mean that Russia doesn’t care for Spierlbergesque movies in the future about their victories or whether the West recognizes that Russia accomplished its goals. As long as their objectives are met, that’s all they care about. And rightfully so.

            The question is whether there are enough wise men in the US/West which are willing to recognize these legitimate concerns and are willing to grab any fig-leaf /offramp that is extended to them by Russia.

            There is another problem: we Americans are “agreement incapable.”

            As for getting the Turks do the Globalists’ dirty work in the Ukraine, that’s a fascinating prospect but an unrealistic one. The Globalists would have to offer Turkey massive goodies, especially geopolitical ones. First on the list would be looking the other way while they took over the Dodecanese and western Thrace. While Greek govt’s tend to be supine in favor of their Western overlords, such concessions to the Turks would/could never be accepted by any Greek govt, even a hard left one.

            The Turks have another option to help the West (should they be so inclined): they could close the Bosporus Straits, thereby strangling the Russian Navy if any Russian vessels are in the Mediterranean.

            This is problematic on two levels: first, it would prevent the US Navy from entering the Black Sea; second, it could precipitate a Russian invasion of Istanbul. Right now, because of the Kurdish situation in Syria, the Turks have other, more pressing problems on their plate, like protecting the child and sex-trafficking that the West has set up in the Ukraine.

            • Turkey invoked the relevant portions of the Montreux Convention back on February 28.

              Russia could end the war tomorrow by withdrawing from Ukrainian territory. I’m all for the ‘long game’ of supporting the Ukrainian people however long it takes. They aren’t giving up anytime soon. Some have it backwards, I think: there are those in the West who would try and impose an end to the fighting on conditions that are unacceptable to the Ukrainian people. It isn’t a surprise that folks who view the proper place of the Ukrainians as Russian vassals can only think of a polar opposite of the alternative being Western vassals. Strange how self determination never enters into the picture. Perhaps that’s a hazard of drinking Russian propaganda by the tankard.

              • Gail Sheppard says

                RE: “Russia could end the war tomorrow by withdrawing from Ukrainian territory.”

                Could they, Nate? Ukraine would just let bygones be bygones and there would be no issues moving forward? No punishing the Ukrainians that return? No killing them off just because? No, shooting missile where they don’t belong? No slaughtering people because of the language they speak? No continuing to launder money?

                No, the Russians can’t just end the war tomorrow because they’re not the only ones in this war.

                You know what could stop the war, though? If the West stopped financing it.

                Without the money to fight this war, the whole thing would end immediately. Which I’m beginning to think is one of the reasons this engagement happened in the first place: to end the corruption in Ukraine AND to deplete the Federal Reserve, which it has effectively done. The Federal Reserve is out of money, and the corporation headed by Biden is over, as well.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  Seriously, Nate, that is one of the most naive statements I’ve ever read.

                  Will the Ukrainians allow the Donbass republics to have their independence? Will they make reparations for the years of indiscriminate shelling that has killed well over 14,000 civilians in those regions? Or the victims murdered in Odessa (who were burned alive)? Or the bombing of the Kerch bridge or the NS pipelines (which were done in their name)? Or reparations to Aleksandr Dugin (for the murder of his daughter)?

              • Nate Trost: “…folks who view the proper place
                of the Ukrainians as Russian vassals can only think
                of a polar opposite of the alternative being Western vassals.
                Strange how self determination never enters into the picture.”

                Joe Biden: “If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not
                getting the money. Well son-of-a-bitch, he got fired…”

                [Video – 31 sec]

                • George Michalopulos says

                  It’s amazing how we’ve completely forgotten about that. Spoken like a true mafioso.

              • Re: There is another problem: we Americans are “agreement incapable.”


                Aa Gus the Greek was fond of saying, “And there you go.”

        • Conversely, the only way Ukraine can hope to persevere is a significant commitment of NATO backed mercenary armies along with a strong supply of materiel. At this point Ukraine is running out of able bodied military men to fight, and western production of materiel can’t keep up with the demand. Technology is what it is, but infantry is still the key deciding factor in military victory. You can’t hold territory with machines and satellites alone.

          Ukraine’s population is leaving in droves, and with energy infrastructure under attack it’s affecting the entire population. If the west badly wants to win this war, it will have to fill western Ukraine with its own people and machinery.

          There is one very strong candidate for supplying mercenary forces to Ukraine, and that is Turkey. Turkish troops are pretty good soldiers (regardless of what you may think of their political objectives), they don’t like Russians, and there are many of them. At the moment Erdogan is focusing on maximizing his abilities to extract benefits from both sides. The west would have to pay him off quite handsomely to get him to commit, but they have not done so yet. This may, of course, change.

          Poland may have a motivated fighting force, but they can’t match the Turks and at the end of the day, the Poles are not good long time partners for the Ukrainians. Not unless they feel they’re going to get back western Ukraine, something that would not be politically acceptable to Brussels/Washington.

          • Nate Trost says

            Ukraine absolutely needs Western war material. It does not need mercenaries. Ukraine is not running out of fighting men (and women), but there are limits on how fast you can train, and how many you can train at once. In the case of the latter, Ukraine is getting assistance from the West. In addition to in-country efforts, Ukrainian troops are undergoing training in Western Europe before returning home to fight.

            • Disagree. Ukraine has two problems: very high casualties and a fleeing population. Given enough time there won’t be anyone to train.

            • Anonymous II says


              By Western war material and training in Western Europe, do you mean training to become mercenary Nazis or merely sodomites and trannies? Have you not read that Zelensky, who plays the piano with his genitals and receives Oscar statues from Sean Penn, wants to ban the Orthodox Church?

              As you probably know, the globalists running the current Ukrainian government don’t care about democracy, peace, human lives, Christ, or anything they may or may not pretend to support. I know this because I live in America. Specifically, the Pacific Northwest. Visit any of our cities. They have ruined our country with drugs, pornography and other perversions.

              The line in the sand could not be clearer. I believe the West has crossed the Rubicon here.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Apropos of nothing at all, I imagine that the Oscar statuette that was given to Zelensky has been diabolically “blessed” as a demonic talisman, designed to protect Zelensky.

                • Anonymous II says

                  Do I want to know how Hollywood ‘blesses’ their idols? Can’t be worse than what they teach in public schools out here!

                  • Gail Sheppard says

                    I remember when my daughter was entering college an old Orthodox friend of mine told me I should send her backpacking instead. He told me all the universities were Marxist but I didn’t really believe him until I saw my daughter re-writing an opinion piece she had handed in the week before. When I asked her why she was re-writing it she said her professor handed it back and said, “If you want a grade, you’d better change your opinion.”

                    It was too late but then I knew. Fortunately, they didn’t completely fry her brain.

                    • Her professor was probably of baby boomer age.

                    • Gail Sheppard says

                      I don’t know if they even allow boomers to teach in colleges any more! If they do, it’s because they have tenure or they’ve been converted. They’ve probably all retired at this point.

                      There was an old guy she particularly liked in a civics class, as I recall. He was threatened with termination for teaching too much critical thinking! Imagine that. He encouraged the kids to fight the system because the average cost of tuition & fees at private 4-year institutions has (now) risen to 124.2% over the last 20 years for an average annual increase of 6.2%. He also taught them about endowments and how they work and how many years it would take them to pay off an average student loan. He let them in on a secret about how universities are extending a 4 year education to 5 years by not offering enough mandatory classes. Kids have to wait 5 years to get into them. Classes like Spanish, if you can believe that. You’d be surprised how many universities and colleges still require X number of years of a language to graduate but don’t have enough teachers.

                      My daughter eventually graduated with the same major I had. Same GPA, too. However, I came out of my educational experience with professors like Robert Cialdini. She ended up with 30 something, assistant professors whose claim to fame was that they were liberals in a particular niche. The class where she had to change her opinion was about Marxism, interestingly.

                      As William F. Buckley once said, ““Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Gail, I LOVE that quote from Buckley! I wish I had known it earlier in my life as it would have save me a lot of grief.

                      As to your point about Jessica’s professors, spot on. It’s amazing how decrepit the modern professoriate has become in the last 30 years.

          • George Michalopulos says

            If I may pick up on the point about the Poles: they absolutely hate the Russians.

            As such, they would LOVE to be the tip of the spear of a NATO crusade against Russia (especially if they can get back Galicia) but that would be contingent on their belief that NATO won’t “hold back,” leaving the Poles to do the fighting.

            Unfortunately, Kiev did something massively stupid to upend Polish enthusiasm when they sent those two missiles into Poland and killing two civilians.

            1. It woke up the Poles to the duplicity and maleficence of the Kiev regime, and

            2. Gave them a little taste of what actual war would be like.

            President Duda of Poland woke up rather quickly and realized what an abject horror awaited Poland should it fall for Ukrainian traps. I imagine that a significant majority of Poles themselves have likewise woken up.

            In the meantime, Polish civilians and American troops are not getting along on a social level. It seems that some American soldiers like to make passes at pretty Polish women (who happen to be married). If you’re interested in finding out what precipitated the Sicilian Vespers, it was incidents such as these.

      • George,

        That would be my conviction as well. However, what Putin and the general staff will do is anyone’s guess. As I’ve said before, I think it was a mistake to pussyfoot around. I understand the impetus to do so but it failed to yield a negotiated peace, not because the Ukrainians were not ready to agree to one back in April, but because the US/UK intervened and prevented it. Ukraine could have afforded to lose this war and move on, Washington could not. As I remarked at the beginning of the war, Russia became the leader of a new world hegemonic block the moment they crossed the Ukrainian border.

        With the troops they have mobilizing now, Russia could if it wished march through Kiev and all the way to Lvov. However, despite the fact that that is the most advantageous approach from our perspective, I still wonder whether Moscow wants the headache of administering the Western Ukraine. If not, Putin never should have run off at the mouth about denazifying the whole country because the one and only way to do that is march to Lvov.

        That being said, IMHO the alternative is to march into the Central Ukraine, taking Kiev, and making the western part a no man’s demilitarized land where nothing more than weapons for personal defense will be tolerated without a missile strike; i.e., a free fire kill zone. What I am concerned about is that Russia will settle for less than one of these alternatives and end up with a perpetual conflict.

        If you start a war you need to have a set of plans for various contingencies to end it decisively. The West will not allow this puppy to freeze like other conflicts in the region. It can’t afford another loss, certainly not after all this propaganda. Either the US remains a global hegemon or it cedes that status to the Russia-China Alliance and that question will be decided in the Ukraine.

        The only decisive way to do that is march to Lvov and deprive the West any ground from which to stage further attacks except that of NATO member states (which might involve the invoking of Article 5).

        • On the other hand, McGregor counts 540,000+ Russian troops assembling in theater and foresees a multi-axis attack, leaving Kiev for last.

          Hard to say. What is close to certain is that there will be a massive onslaught over the winter.

          • The longer the Russians take to finish it,
            the faster the EU (and NATO?) suicides itself.
            Surovikin ain’t in no rush.
            He just grindin’ away.

            • That is an excellent point, Brendan. Many are concerned about the amount of time the SMO has taken and its slow pace. However, that has enabled the enormous attrition we have seen against the Ukrainian military, the unloading of Western/NATO stockpiles of armaments and ammunition into the Ukraine to be destroyed or resold, and the sanctions regime which has had precious little effect on Russia but has decimated the European economy.

              The West has been severely weakened by all of this. Russia has been fortified. And China has been encouraged.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Misha, along these lines, Brian Berletic of New Atlas made an excellent point as to why the Russians did not destroy all the bridges across the Dnieper early on. And that is because the supply lines for the Ukrainians extend all the way to Poland, in other words, 800 miles away to the West.

                Anytime they have damaged vehicles, tanks, APCs, howitzers, etc, they have to load them up on trucks and/or trains and haul them all they way back to Poland for servicing, then they have to send them back to the front lines. A total waste of time, energy and fuel.

    • Stefan Kuznetsov says

      Bartholomew can’t wait to get his fat fingers on the assets of the UOC. Can’t people grasp that this is the whole plan behind banning the church?
      Bartholomew doesn’t care about the Ukrainian people, remember the last time he was in Ukraine he went to the back door as not to face the protesters?

      Bartholomew is simply following the scenario that he played out in Estonia. All those MP churches that he seized provided a nice little cash cow.

    • Tymofiy Hawrysh says

      Please examine these charges vs the Priest Of the Pochayiv Seminary in Ternopil.
      Ukraines Security Service of Ukraine serves notice of suspicion to rector of UOC-MP Pochaiv Theological Seminary in Ternopil
      Ukrainska Pravda
      December 9, 2022,

  4. Zelensky is an improvised version of Henry VIII

  5. Blessed are they that have been persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    Let us pray.

  6. Who shall separate us from the love of the Messiah ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

    For your sake we are killed all day long;
    We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.

    Yet in all theses things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.
    For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in the Messiah Jesus our Lord.

    So says St. Paul in Romans 8: 35-38

    We have been warned and comforted.

  7. I just did a search on the web to be see if Pope Francis made any statement about Christian persecution in Ukraine. I could not find any just now. I did find his statement about religious persecution on 1/04/22. What about Ukraine?

    To discriminate against or persecute those who profess their faith is an intolerable act that threatens the fraternal bonds shared by humanity, Pope Francis said.

    “How can we allow that in this society—which is so civilized—there are people who are persecuted simply because they publicly profess their faith? Not only is it unacceptable; it’s inhuman, it’s insane,” the pope said.

    I am also curious as to just how long Bartholomew will stay silent should this law be enacted.

    • Tymofiy Hawrysh says

      Jane, Good see that you’re a reader.

      The Ukrainian priests fighting for Putin
      Orthodox churches are hiding Russian weapons
      Dec. 5, 2022

      • Tymofiy,

        I suggest you read the comments at the end of the article you shared. Most of them reveal this piece for the shallow, uninformed, lazy ‘journalism’ that it is.

      • George Michalopulos says

        I’d say God bless these priests!

      • Deacon John says

        The Ukrainian Orthodox church formally split from Russia’s in 2019, but some churches and monasteries have remained loyal to Moscow

        Not even remotely accurate. The Ukrainian Church never split from The Russian Orthodox Church. What was cobbled together to form this schismatic sect was two churches that were founded under dubious circumstances. One, the Autocephalous Church of Ukraine. Which was founded by a defrocked deacon who had no authority to ordain anyone. The other was found by Phiaret Denisenko (if I get the name wrong please forgive me) He was in the running to become the Patriarch of the ROC. He was not selected because he had illegitimate children. This is a big no-no for a monk in the running to be a bishop or patriarch. Denisenko was defrocked therefore he had no authority to ordain anyone. It amazes me to read so many articles that have no idea on the situation or how the Orthodox Church works.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Not only that, but Denisenko frequently appealed to Moscow to be reinstated. When rebuffed from Moscow, he appealed on several occasions to Istanbul. Again, he was too hot to handle even for Bartholomew.

      • This article has to be from the Onion? Looking for cash (to steal)???. Looking for Russian citizens? Who would have thought that a one thousand year old Russian monastery older than Ruthenia may have Russian citizens? Who knows the Setbian monastery in Athos may harbor Serbian citizens! Looking for Russian weapons??? So keeping a himars maybe ok??
        But the very idea that the regime and it’s supporters think they are native Ukrainians compared to UOC faithful who are the true inheritors of Ukraine is preposterous. It makes my blood boil when these Ruthenians have the audacity to think they are the bosses of a traditionally Orthodox region. It is they who are foreign invaders.

  8. Oh Lord, save Thy people and bless thine inheritance.

    Grant victory to the Orthodox Christians over their adversaries.

    And by the virtue of Thy Cross preserve Thy habitation.

    • O Lord, save Thy people,
      And bless Thine inheritance.
      Grant victory to the Emperor
      Over the barbarians,
      And by the power of Thy Cross
      Preserve Thy commonwealth.
      The un-watered down version is more stirring.

      Actually, if you update the 19th century Russian version it would read:

      Lord, Save your people
      And bless your inheritance;
      Give victory to our Orthodox Emperor Vladimir
      Over adversaries,
      And your protecting cross
      To your habitation.

  9. It is NOT expecting too much for the leaders of Orthodox churches to speak up and speak out! Their silence is deafening. Thank you for posting and encouraging us to engage in this way.

  10. Good 9-min Tucker Carlson piece on this topic…. it’s always interesting when Orthodox Christianity makes national American news, but this time it’s for a terrible reason.

    The evil satanists who run Western culture and who dominate American politics doubtless would have been cheerleaders for the Soviet persecution of the churches 100 years ago… “but it’s necessary! It’s for the good of the people!”

    I’ve never been more embarrassed to be a Westerner. Never, ever. And I say this as a retired US Army Colonel. But it’s no contest, my treasured Orthodox Christian faith that I’ve known for far longer than I was in the military means much, much more to me than a few decades of US military service, hands-down.

    May God protect our Churches from this evil — Luke 23: 34, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And may God protect our Ukrainian Orthodox brothers and sisters from the evil that now dominates secular Western culture, which we are trying to force on them. And if I may say so, may our Orthodox Christian bishops in the allegedly “free” West speak up publicly against this insanity.

    Thank God we have the model of ROCOR before us, who demonstrated to the world how to live in steadfast love and faith in Christ — all the while in exile, wherever God sent them.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      I feel the same way and now that Jackson Hinkle and Tucker are speaking out, I think others will do the same.

    • Tymofiy Hawrysh says

      FTS, You may recall that Tucker Carlson was sued for liebel a couple of years ago?
      Tucker won the case. Why? The judge ruled that Tucker Carlson does not broadcast news(facts) since Tucker’s program is Infotainment. Tucker Carlson cannot be held responsible for the lies he broadcasts because he legally is not a journalist.

      Response to Tucker Carlson: Dec. 8, 2022
      A few opposition Pro-Russian parties have been banned via votes by the Verkhovna Rada, not just Zelenskyy. Those now banned parties directly obeyed the Kremlin via instructions, policies they worked on, and financial and political influence upon beaurocrats, police and judges.

      All of those elected deputies fled to Russia before their parties were banned. They are enemies of Ukraine, just as Chinese Police Stations undermine Canada’s democracy and sovereignty.

      Banning Russian language? Lol. Rubbish.

      Watch videos of Russian speaking Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russian Forces on the frontlines. You can find thousands of such videos.

      Christianity being banned in Ukraine?

      [Editor Note: Blah, blah, blah deleted.]

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Let’s back this up, shall we?

        Tucker did not win the case because the case was dismissed and the judge did not “rule that Tucker Carlson does not broadcast news(facts) since Tucker’s program is Infotainment.”

        This entire premise is BS.

        To bring others up to speed, Tucker was hauled into court for making the following statement:

        “We’re going to start by stipulating that everything Michael Cohen has told the feds is absolutely true. Now, assuming honesty isn’t usually a wise idea with
        Michael Cohen, but for the sake of argument, let’s do it in this case, everything he says is true, why is what Cohen is alleging a criminal offense?

        Remember the facts of the story. These are undisputed. Two women approached Donald Trump and threatened to ruin his career and humiliate his family if he doesn’t give them money.

        Now, that sounds like a classic case of extortion.

        Yet, for whatever reason, Trump caves to it, and he directs Michael Cohen to pay the ransom. Now, more than two years later, Trump is a felon for doing this.
        It doesn’t seem to make any sense.

        Oh, but you’re not a federal prosecutor on a political mission. If you were a federal prosecutor on a political mission, you would construe those extortion
        payments as campaign contributions. You’d do this even though the money in question did not come from or go to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Then you’d claim that Trump and Michael Cohen violated campaign finance law because they didn’t publicly disclose those payments despite the fact that disclosing them would nullify the reason for making them in the first place, which was to keep the whole thing secret.

        That is the argument you would make, both in federal court and through your proxies on cable television. It is insultingly stupid. But because everyone in power hates the target of your investigation, nobody would question you, and that’s what’s happening right now.”

        Tucker did not pretend to know the facts, which is why he framed what he said the following way: “We’re going to start by stipulating that everything Michael Cohen has told the feds is absolutely true. Now, assuming honesty isn’t usually a wise idea with Michael Cohen, but for the sake of argument, let’s do it in this case, everything he says is true[.]”

        Tucker, then said, “Now that sounds like a classic case of extortion.” In other words, he’s questioning the veracity of the facts as Cohen presented them because if you take what Cohen said at face value, it does sound like extortion.

        Another misstep in your portrayal of the case, is saying the judge ruled that, “Tucker Carlson cannot be held responsible for the lies he broadcasts because he legally is not a journalist.”

        That never happened.

        The judge ruled as follows: “Fox News has convincingly argued that Mr. Carlson was motivated to speak about a timely political cause and that, in this context, it is clear that his charge of “extortion” should not be interpreted as an accusation of an actual crime. Plaintiff’s interpretation of Mr. Carlson’s accusations is strained and, the Court finds, not reasonable when the entire segment is viewed in context. . . The Court concludes that the statements are rhetorical hyperbole and opinion commentary intended to frame a political debate, and, as such, are not actionable as defamation.”

        So everything you said, right out of the gate, was a mischaracterization, which means one of two things (perhaps both): (1) You are woefully uninformed or (2) You are intellectually dishonest and have no compunction against posting blatant lies.

        Given these facts, why should we be interested in the rest of what you say?

        For example, you say, “Banning Russian language? Lol. Rubbish.” Oh, it happened.

        Another example, “Christianity was banned?” No, it was the UOC. The UOC community is known to have existed in Kiev as early as the first half of the 10th century. They were banned in spite of the fact that the majority of Christians in Ukraine frequent them. Every time people justify this war as being for the Ukrainian people they are proven wrong by their own actions. If you loved your people, why would you ban their Church?

        Based on the bad faith you’ve demonstrated, I’m not going to bother posting the rest of what you wrote and from now on, if you want to comment on anything here, prove what you’re saying with some objective source.

        Because, clearly, no one can take you at your word.

        We actually like to have legitimate dialog here. Throwing mud just so you can get your jollies is discouraged.

      • Johann Sebastian says

        Timmy here is probably a Uniate.

        . . . When Russians drink Polish Kool-Aid, you end up with things like this:

        Ukrainism is an old form of identity confusion—akin to our contemporary invention of 57.348 genders. Not all of us Ruthenians have fallen for it, though.

        [Editor Note: Please stop making comments about other readers on our blog. Thank you.]

  11. Please oh please begin this by watching “In the Dark Night” from our brethren in that Lavra in Ukraine:

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Added the video to the original post. Thank you, Christine.

      • Gail, I can’t get out of my mind that the USA is responsible for the martyrdom of our Russian and Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Directly as well as indirectly. It weighs on me day and night, as I know it does you and George. Fasting and prayer is the absolute least we can do. Thank you as always for keeping us informed.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          The USA is responsible for many such atrocities as we’re finding out. The 3-letter agencies need to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground floor up. That is not to say there aren’t good people in these organizations. There are and we’re depending upon them to ferret out the traitors.

        • A furore occidentis, libera nos domine!

          From the fury of the West, deliver us Lord!

    • Christine,

      Thank you for sharing this. May your Nativity be blessed.

  12. Doxa to Theo!
    From the website-
    In the Dark Night
    Orthodox Christian Chant “In the Dark Night” about the Birth of Lord Jesus Christ, by the Monks of Svetogorskaya Lavra in Ukraine.

    In the dark night, over Bethlehem,
    The clear dawn was gone, the earth covered with light.
    Holy Virgin, Holy Bride,
    In the den of the poor Son gave birth.
    Sleep, Jesus, Sleep, Little,
    Sleep, you, star, mine.
    Your fate, my dear,
    I sing to you.
    Gently kissed, covered with a cloth,
    She put to bed, quietly started the song:
    You grow up, You, Son, You will become an adult,
    In the world you will go, My baby.
    Chorus: Sleep, Jesus …
    The love of the Lord and the truth of God
    You, in a world of faith, will bring your people,
    The truth will live, the shackles of sin will break
    But on Calvary, My child will die.
    Sleep Jesus Jesus sleep little baby
    Sleep, you, my star
    Your fate, my dear
    I sing to you

    Sleep Jesus Jesus sleep little baby
    Sleep, you, my pink blossom
    And with hope in You
    The whole world is watching!

  13. R.J. Zogheb says

    I am not ignorant that the Assembly of Bishops will not do anything but SHOULD because it is an unprincipled political entity that lacks MORAL courage. EVERY member bishop who does not speak up is betraying canonical orthodoxy and NOT worthy of their mantle!

  14. Meanwhile,, our Senate passed a bill that redefines what marriage is in this country.

  15. If this happens and the wider Orthodox church largely remains silent (which I predict it will) then it deserves to remain a tiny regional Balkan sect. This will show me whether Orthodoxy is a hijacked religion of European and American imperialism.

  16. Lord Have Mercy on your worthy servants in Ukraine.

    That this has gotten secular attention and has been talked about by Tucker Carlson, etc., yet our OWN Orthodox hierarchy can’t be bothered to mention it is beyond maddening.

    If they are waiting to see what happens I can give them the benefit of the doubt, and I’ll eat crow if they speak up, but, I’m not holding my breath. If the UOC is banned, what will our Patriarchs say? Will they be like ostriches with their heads in the sand?

    If Bartholomew/State Dep., can do it to Ukraine, it can do it to any of their Churches.

    I’ve sent an email to to AoB, will they respond? I highly doubt it. But, as we saw from Covid, if we pressure our hierarchs they will respond.

    I suggest everyone do the same, and to reach out to their respective jurisdictions individually.

    Also, I could be totally wrong but isn’t there a prophecy by a Ukrainian or Russian elder that speaks about the necessity of the Ukrainian Church to stick with Russia and if they don’t there will be dire consequences?

    It’s a sad fact that Met. Onuphry caved under political pressure, which of course did not work. I pray God forgives this.

    • Petros,

      Perhaps you were thinking about what Elder Zosima (Sokur) said – he reposed in 2002.

      He prophesied difficult times for the Ukraine, instructing all to follow and be faithful to the Russian Orthodox Church.

      There is an article on orthochristian about Elder Zosima where I got this information:

    • I don’t see Met. Onuphry’s actions as “caving in under political pressure” (not that I would truly be competent to judge such things). He has not proclaimed the Ukrainian Church to be autocephalous outright, and apparently hasn’t even published the revised statute (voted by the Holy Synod in May) that deletes references to the Patriarchate of Moscow.

      As for the Ukrainian Church making its own Chrism, they did that before—right up until World War I made it impossible for them to get all the ingredients.

      From my perspective which is admittedly limited (although I have at least lived in both Russia and Ukraine, speak fluent Russian and a bit of Ukrainian), Met. Onuphry is approaching matters much as St. Tikhon did—standing firm where standing firm is necessary, making administrative changes to protect his flock where they do not compromise anything essential. He still commemorates Patriarch Kirill alongside his fellow Patriarchs who have not concelebrated with the OCU. And even that is enough for Ukrainian authorities (or those who are manipulating them) to go on wanting to destroy him and his Church. But I suspect that the changes that Onuphry has made, have gone some way toward easing the burden that his clergy on the ground are bearing.

    • George Michalopulos says

      One thing I liked about the Jackson Hinkle vignette that we put on is that he’s completely straightforward, one could say based. He spoke about the ills of the West in a way that was not tolerant or inclusive but very direct and unapologetic.

  17. George Michalopulos says

    THIS JUST IN: “Albanian and Serbian forces Exchange fire, Albanian officer down. Kosovo forces say they are going to completely occupy the Serbian majority northern part of the region. Kosovo Police Special Forces entered four Serbian municipalities last night. According to the Brussels agreements, Kosovo security forces cannot invade these municipalities. The role of KFOR in peacekeeping is to turn a blind eye to what is happening.

    “Over a hundred ethnic Serbian officers quit last month over the ‘license plate’ disaster, and Albanian forces are seizing the opportunity to impose direct Albanian policing over the remaining Serbian enclaves. ”


    My take? Perhaps the Lord is opening up a second front in the war against globohomo, just like he did in 1940, when Herr Hitler decided to invade the Balkans, thereby derailing his inevitable conquest of Russia. At any rate, this should give the EU/NATO something to think about.

    • I think it was Mussolini who invaded Greece in 1940.
      Hitler’s involvement came in 1941 when he bailed out Benny,
      thereby delaying Operation Barbarossa by six crucial weeks.

    • John Sakelaris says

      George: This current Kosovo tension may or may not escalate. So far no one has actually been killed there this month.

      Sadly, however, your post gives the impression that you are glad because it might open up a “second front” in the conflicts in that part of the world. Yes, and I suppose that if Russia’s Turkish friends attack Greece that would create a “third front.”

      Will a spread of conflict be good for your Russian friends? Maybe, maybe not. But things are very dangerous now for Serbs and Greeks and I am not celebrating that.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Not at all John. Just making an observation. What St Clinton did in 1999, only swept this problem under the rug.

        Still, it’s interesting, whenever the West has to choose, they always choose against Orthodoxy.

        • Liberals hate Orthodoxy because liberals hate Christ. They have their newly concocted values and reject what the Church has always taught. That is what Western hegemony is all about – imposing Liberal Ideology on the world.

          It’s a death style, not a lifestyle. It advocates feminism, matriarchy, abortion and every form of perversion all the while pitting the sexes and races against each other. It is truly, indisputably diabolical.

          Thus, for Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc., it is very much a holy war against an evil, oppressive, totalitarian worldview. Even the Chinese are repulsed by Western social policy.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Not at all, John. Thank you for allowing me to elaborate. What I mean by this is that what the West did to Serbia is now coming back to haunt us. Chickens coming home to roost so to speak.

        I imagine that we may see something along these lines in Cyprus as well. John, as you showed me a few years ago in a book (whose title I can’t remember), the West turned on the Greeks after the Great War, finding any excuse at all to praise the defeated Turks. They also worked hard to make sure that the Greeks were left high and dry in Smyrna. (Please feel free to elaborate on these events or at least clear up my memory.)

        I have a general question to all however: how come when it comes to Orthodoxy or Not-Orthodoxy, the West always chooses Not-Orthodoxy?

        • John Sakelaris says

          The three Orthodox nationalities of most relevance to your concerns are the Greeks, the Serbs, and the Russians. For each the explanation can be a little different.

          For the Greeks a big power deference to the Turks is likely the result of the residual influence of the anti-Greek British writers Toynbee and Churchill a century ago, coupled with the knowledge that the Turks have seemed to be a stronger horse to bet on. Recent outrageous statements by Erdogan might start to change that.

          For the Serbs the demonization came about suddenly in the 1990s. This may be related to the desire of policy makers in the US Clinton administration and Israel to have better relations with the world’s Islamic nations, as the US then sought to aid the Muslims of Bosnia and Kosovo. For Israel especially it presented a chance to be nice to Muslims who were geographically distant from Israel.

          For the Russians the bad feelings are concern over its potential power, reinforced by memories of the very real misdeeds and outright atrocities of the Soviet era. Additional factors may include an active Ukrainian émigré population in the US and the possible interest of the world’s gays to resist Russia because of its anti-gay laws. Of course, there are many Islamic nations that are much more rougher on gays, but they get a pass on these matters!

          So far I have not mentioned Orthodox Christianity. Well, there is a little suspicion of our branch of Christianity as well. I recall the anti-Russian columnist Georgie Anne Geyer who grumbled in the 1990s about how Orthodox Christianity never had a reformation.

          Suspicion here about the overall Orthodox witness in the world will likely worsen unless it can be seen that there are many Orthodox Christians in Greece and in the Greek diaspora here who do not fall in line with all of the actions of Putin’s Russia.

        • “I have a general question to all however: how come when it comes to Orthodoxy or Not-Orthodoxy, the West always chooses Not-Orthodoxy?”

          Well, George, it depends on precisely what you mean by “Orthodoxy”. The West is not opposed to Fanariot Hellenism. If that is Orthodoxy, then Orthodoxy is quite safe. However, if Orthodoxy actually means the faith of the Apostles and Church Fathers as witnessed by the Holy Spirit in the Church (i.e., Holy Tradition), then that is another matter entirely.

          The West, including the Fanar, bears a seething hatred of this Orthodoxy because it stands as a witness to the truth (which they cannot withstand, e.g., the censorship) and an indictment of their true religion: secular, atheistic, humanistic, totalitarian Liberalism. This Liberalism, by its very nature, is diabolical and satanic. Abortion, euthanasia, feminism, no-fault divorce, matriarchal societal structure, assorted perversions, racism as a weapon against the dominant culture, etc. – that is Liberalism.

          Satanic. It is anti-Orthodox and anti-Christ.

          So it is no wonder that the West would choose Islam over Orthodoxy (as they did in the Balkans), since Islam is seen as the distant religious superstition of little brown people who are the victims of colonial oppression; or Catholicism (which is a hollowed-out remnant of the former heresy, replaced in principle with Liberalism, leaving some rites and structure remaining). By and large, Protestantism has also been hollowed out and its morality replaced with Liberalism. But Orthodox Christianity is too up close and personal. It is a form of Christianity which the West has not managed to destroy or emasculate and a possible beacon to a revival of conservative Christianity in the West. And that is unacceptable.
          Liberalism’s takeover of Western Christianity is essentially a replay of Manichaeism – stealth subversion.

          Old Calendar Orthodoxy is the last standing remnant of the Church of Christ. That is why the Western Liberals hate it and wage incessant war on it with the object of destruction – because they are the devil’s servants.

          And that is why I do not suffer evil trolls lightly.

          • “Liberalism’s takeover of Western Christianity
            is essentially a replay of Manichaeism…”

            I hadn’t thought of that.
            I will now.

          • John Sakelaris says

            Misha, do you consider me a troll? Would you like for George M to stop accepting my comments?

            Must this site be solely a 100% Putin admiration society?

            • George Michalopulos says

              John, not at all! We welcome all reasoned, sober comments.

              If I may, the reason this sites seems like a “Putin admiration society” is because given the anti-Russian animus that exists in the MSM (and regrettably, in the GOA/EP), there are so few outlets to give an opposing point of view.

              It reminds me what the late Rush Limbaugh would say when he was confronted by leftists who castigated him for “not allowing other narratives” (paraphrase).

              He responded boldly by saying “we are the other point of view.” (Again, a paraphrase.)

              In other words, because the MSM was so vehemently anti-conservative, indeed, possessing a totalitarian control over the official narrative, all Rush did was fill the vacuum of anti-Americanism. That’s what we do here. It’s obvious that Russia/Putin-hatred is preponderant in the collective West, as such there is no outlet for an opposing point of view other than blogs like this.

              I mean no disrespect.

              • I would also add another factor in the Putin Admiration Society” on this site. That has to do with how the members of this society are so committed and beholden to American conservatism, that they see in Putin a leader who they think supports and believes in that same conservatism, and see in him a savior figure who is standing up to the leftists and liberals in the West. They hope that he will somehow “save” them as well. They are willing to ignore the wrongs Putin has done.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  while there are many tradcons who see in Putin a stalwart for traditional values, it seems your critique is rather myopic. You say for instance that “they are willing to ignore the wrongs Putin has done.” Good point.

                  However, may I ask you this question: what about the wrongs that Biden has done? Or any American president for that matter?

                  Do you see what I mean by “myopic”? We in the West are quick to see the mote in another’s eye while ignoring the beam in our own.

                  • At this point we should assume that every bad thing the West has alleged about Putin from creation to date is false propaganda without an ounce of truth behind it, like everything else they have said about Russia during the course of this conflict since before 2014.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Misha, I’m getting from all over the blogosphere is the idea of “projection.” That is that whatever the Left accuses you of doing, it is they who are doing that. This concept has become so embedded in the public discourse that it’s become axiomatic. (And rightly so.)

                  • “We in the West are quick to see the mote in another’s eye while ignoring the beam in our own.”

                    But I think this is how many define “patriotism” — Support your own, even if they are terrible. The name of the game is now all about power. Who cares if the American/NATO leadership isn’t saintly — as long as we win!

                    So many of us grew up during the end of the Cold War era when America/NATO was by default “the good guys.” We couldn’t be anything else. Remember “Red Dawn”?

                    I imagine that to many, it remains totally inconceivable that American/western leadership may no longer be “the good guys.”

                    Who cares if the former head of “Trust & Safety” at Twitter (which only about 8% of Americans actually ever use, though it has vastly more importance and influence than it should…) Mr Roth got his PhD from Penn in essentially what amounts to an analysis of gay sex addiction apps and how to improve them! You can’t make this stuff up!

                    But until recently he was in charge what’s OK and what’s not OK to say on one of the most influential social media apps in America. But our leadership is still the good guys, because, well, we just are!

                    Years ago I broke up with a girlfriend because she was seeing someone else behind my back while we were together. Her dad later asked me why we broke up, and I explained it. He then ghosted me, I was done in his eyes…. up through that point he had been amazing, warm and friendly. That was my first lesson that to so many, you support your own, no matter what. This is not my style, but it’s the dictum of millions.

            • John,

              …George and Gail are free to allow any opinion here they wish.

              I have made my sentiments clear: I am a monarchist. Failing that, a dominant party system like that of the RF is best. I do not believe in free speech but rather that a Christian authoritarian government should “occupy the field” and largely dominate the press, but not squelch respectful dissent completely. That is largely what we have in the United States when the Democrats control the White House and Congress – a dominant party system working in tandem with the press and academia. However, with liberals in charge, the system operates like an apostate autocracy rather than a Christian monarchy.

              I have no criticism really of the Democrats’ autocratic tactics and tendencies. I just wish it were the Right that was in power instead, doing all the same things in the name of decency rather than degeneracy, much more successfully and wholeheartedly.

              Total war, zero sum, no quarter.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        RE: “Sadly, however, your post gives the impression that you are glad because it might open up a “second front” in the conflicts in that part of the world.”

        Totally, out of line, John.

        • John Sakelaris says

          To Gail: Our George M had used these actual words about the Kosovo dispute:

          “Perhaps the Lord is opening up a second front in the war….”

          That did give me the impression of some gladness.

          Nevertheless, those who want me taken off this site should just state that view and then George and I can deal with that issue.

          • George Michalopulos says

            John, by saying “Perhaps the Lord is opening up a second front in the war…” I did not do so with glee. Far from it from me to do so, because (if so), then this war could expand into another world war. Basically I was saying this as a possible historical observation.

            Which is why we need wise realists in the State Dept now to stop this from escalating. Unfortunately, given that we are in the grips of warmongering neocons, I’m not optimistic.

  18. Deacon John says


  19. Rdr. Andrew says

    A “New World” bishop has finally spoken…

    I say Anathema

  20. Orthodox Christian Chant – In the Dark Night

    [Video – 05:10]

    From Svetogorskaya Lavra

  21. Thank you for posting this gorgeous song, “In the Dark Night,” from the Fathers at the Sviatogorsk (in Ukrainian: “Sviatohirsk”) Lavra in the Donetsk Region!

    Here’s my attempt at a clearer translation of the Ukrainian words into English:

    In the dark night, over Bethlehem,
    the bright Dawn came down and covered the earth with light.
    The Most Pure Virgin, the Holy Bride,
    in the cave gave birth to the poor Son.

    Sleep, Jesus,
    sleep, little one.
    Sleep, You star of mine.
    I am singing to You, my dear one,
    of the fate that awaits You.

    She tenderly kissed Him, covered Him with a blanket,
    laid Him down to sleep, and softly began to sing:
    You will grow up, little Son,
    You will become a man,
    into the world You will go, my little Child.

    Sleep, Jesus…

    The love of the Lord, the truth of God,
    and the light of faith—these You will bring to Your people.
    The truth will live, the shackles of sin will break—
    but on Golgotha my little Child will die.

    Sleep, Jesus…

    Sleep, Jesus,
    sleep, little one.
    Sleep, my precious rose.
    For now, in hope,
    the whole world is looking to You!

  22. Doesn’t surprise me. The few Ruthenian priests I came into contact with were wackos. I never trusted their parishes, they seem extra-canonical. Which is precisely what they are as multiple parallel bishops and jurisdictions are under the EP. in violation of the canons. I only know of one Arab bishop in Jerusalem who has the guts to speak out against the Yankees and Brussels. We are cowards, We Orthodox are nothing but domesticated pets of the tyrannical governments of the collective west, of whom use identity politics to poison everyone in the name of democracy and freedom. We buy it hook, line and sinker.

  23. VR Legal Department: Draft law to ban
    the UOC contradicts the Constitution

    The adoption of the bill will lead to the acute religious
    confrontation in society, lawyers of the Rada said.

    ‘ The Main Legal Department of the Verkhovna Rada stated that the bill “On Ensuring the Strengthening of National Security in the Sphere of Freedom of Conscience and the Activities of Religious Organizations”, introduced on December 9, 2022 by the Humanitarian Policy Committee, which actually bans the UOC, is contrary to the Constitution and increases tensions in society, reports telegram channel ZeRada1. … ‘

  24. I must say that I’m surprised no one here has mentioned the drone/missile strikes fired from Ukraine on Russian targets hundreds of miles inside pre-war Russian territory, one of which is a major Russian nuclear air wing.

  25. Vladimir Ammons says

    May God bless and keep the Ecumenical Patriarch.

    • To take a line from Fiddler on the Roof…May God Bless and keep the Ecumenical Patriarch, far away from us.

  26. Anonymous II says

    Ex-Twitter censor Yoel Roth and his boyfriend are forced to FLEE their $1.1m home after his thesis – which supports letting children use gay hook-up app Grindr – is shared by Elon Musk


    Pay no attention to patterns