I Can’t Sugar-Coat this: It’s Bad, No Two Ways about It

OK, I’m spittin’ mad.  

Why?  Because we’ve officially become a banana republic.  

Rather than go on, I invite you to read Larry Johnson’s latest piece from Gateway Pundit.  it’s not long or involved; in fact, it’s pretty darn straight-forward.  Here it is:  The United States Government Is Behaving Like a Third World Despot (thegatewaypundit.com)

This is Johnson’s the kill-shot:  “The real damage from this attack on Donald Trump is that it completely destroys whatever vestige of moral standing the United States once enjoyed. The United States still enjoys lecturing and hectoring other countries, including China and Russia, for their illegal acts against their citizens. There was a time when a speech by the U.S. President about human rights and upholding the rule of law meant something. I also realize there is a legitimate argument from my foreign friends that the U.S. never deserved a benefit of the doubt because of its activities in overthrowing governments in Iran, Guatemala, Iraq and South Vietnam.”

Johnson, a former CIA analyst, has said in a few short paragraphs what the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home means.  And it’s not good.  Go ahead and take the black pill.  Revolution is coming.  Either that or the end of Civics 101 America as we know it.  

And for those who think that we can weather this because we’re still the world’s most powerful economy, that acting in a Mickey Mouse judicial/two-sets-of-laws fashion, that we’ll be able to mosey on for the foreseeable future without experiencing any consequences, I would say you’ve got another thing coming.  As Johnson goes on to say:  

“I also worry that this will have some unpleasant economic consequences. The United States, even during the dark days of the Civil Rights movement in the 60s and the war in Vietnam, was still seen as a financial safe haven. In the past, wealthy foreigners could park billions of dollars in U.S. financial institutions and have some assurance that their riches were safe. If that comes into question (and some insist that is already the case in light of asset seizures of Russian oligarchs and Chinese officials), then we could enter a period of increased economic chaos.”

Now, all normal people have to do is ask:  since the Federal government has lost all moral authority, what exactly is it that we owe them?  Our blood and treasure?  It’s clear that the American Establishment hates us.  What they don’t realize is that the feeling is mutual. 


For another excellent analysis (as well as prognosis), please see the latest excellent essay from Nick Stamatakis:  Deep State’s Panic Move Will Solidify Conservative Movement Under Trump OR De Santis – Helleniscope

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  1. Μολων Λαβε says

    The rule of law only applies to us peons, not to those who write the laws.
    When will be the time when people get pissed off enough to spit on their hands, raise the black flag and start slitting throats ? Probably never.
    I bear no hope that we, the people, will do what needs to be done. By the time anyone decides to do anything or grow a pair, it will be a day late and a buck short.
    If the rules no longer apply, can we all be outlaws now ?
    Only God and I know what my plan is as long as I follow His Will.

  2. Whatever one’s sentiments about Trump, I’m sensing widespread bi-partisan reaction that this jumps the shark. The Lefties are saying it helps him politically unless the FBI has some smoking gun (and they don’t). You have to assume Merrick Garland signed off on this but it smells like a desperate DS reaction to the buzz about Schedule F that has been circulating over the last month or so.

    I don’t think the legalities involved are all that important. Jonathan Turley has debunked the notion that mishandling of classified documents could disqualify Trump from running again. All the research was done when Crooked was running and the Republicans wanted to use it against her. Doesn’t hold water.

    It’s the optics.

    Gestapo stormtroopers kicking down the door of an ex-president for political purposes. We don’t do that here.

    Until now.

    Democrats have blown past the point where they are concerned about retribution from the next Congress or next presidency. They know their goose is cooked unless some Hail Mary play works out for them. It will be an interesting next three months and perhaps an even more interesting next three years.

    If February 24th was the beginning of WWIII, we might just as well say that yesterday was the beginning of the Second American Civil War. A Democratic Party/DS having power ripped from its claws is a very dangerous beast indeed.

  3. Th Trump haters are all guilty of murder before God. The church teaches that you don’t have to kill a person physically to be guilty of murder. You can kill a person by your anger/hatred towards them.
    Anger is one of the 7 “deadly” sins.

  4. The opinion expressed below may surprise some; history will likely reveal someday if it is accurate. Noted writer Joel Skousen has previously stated in one of his highly credible “World Affairs Brief” weekly e-mail that he believes Satan may be directing the leftist minions in Media and Big Tech to increasingly ratchet up their attacks on Trump as Satan is running out of time to set up his demonic earthly kingdom before Jesus Christ returns and he fears Trump getting in office again will dilute his plans. This can be viewed as a Star Wars “Darth Vader” type directive that has these leftist leaders shaking in their boots in fear of disappointing Satan by allowing Trump to get in. When viewed with how OVERTLY the left is mercilessly demonizing Trump; this perception fits as it demonstrates their desperation.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Intersting insight there Tony.

      • Another point of view that I’ve heard multiple times this morning: the Dems calculatedly did this on purpose to get enough Republicans (even Never Trumpers) fired up to have Trump automatically declared the next Rep Presidential nominee. They are counting on the furor and passion of those disturbed by this raid to sway the selection of the Rep Presidential candidate. They did this to deliberately push out more electable and likeable Rep candidates such as DeSantis, who have a better chance of winning the national election. Because they believe there’s no way Trump will win the national vote in 2024, the Dems are strategically pushing him back into Rep party candidacy and thereby pushing out all the actual electable Rep Presidential candidates, who at this point have a much stronger chance to win a national election over anyone the Dems send to a national vote. I think it’s an interesting opinion.

        • George Michalopulos says

          If so, they’re being too clever by half. The way things are going, there’s no way Trump can lose in 2024. Actually, they know it.

          That’s why they did raid. It’s a major unforced error.

        • That’s in line in what I have been reading about Democrats voting for weaker Republican candidates in states that have open primaries or even switching parties in some cases to do so. Since the participation in primaries tends to be very low it wouldn’t take all that much to swing an election.

        • If so, it’s delusional. Trump/DeSantis, I hear, was a done deal before this happened. So, I’m not sure they accomplished much of anything except galvanizing Republican support behind Trump. They would have to be delusional enough to believe that Biden actually got those 81 million votes in order to think that locking in Trump hurts Republicans. But they could be that far gone. If so, bravo! Keep up the good work.

          They’re strategizing is on par with that of US/NATO/Ukraine in the European war.

        • Same can be done to vote in weaker Democrats. Democrats generally have more open primaries. Though they have supervoters (or whatever they are called) to choose the cannidate they like.

          Personally, I think this whole drama is a distraction. Trump’s foreign policy was not that much different from Biden’s as neither of them has any real control of the State Dept. Domestic policy is up to the states, the courts (sadly), bureaucrats (even more sad), and monopolistic corporations (even worse). If you want a change or even a say, fight at your school board and local elections.

        • Tony Tangalos says

          Considering that most every Trump backed candidate won during the primary round i dont buy this posture. The left is utterly terrified of Trump, thats why they spent a year with the Phony Fusion GPS Russian collusion dossier, then 2 years of Russian Collusion then a year on the impeachment. That’s why the DOJ just invaded Mar-A-Lago, they are TERRIFIED of Trump and trying to press charges that prohibit him from running.

          • I agree that there is some internal conflict, and the neocons/neolibs (same group) personally want Trump out of politics, but ultimately what did Trump do that was different from any other Republican or Democratic president? Yes, Trump acts more independently and genuinely tries to keep his champion promises, but the end result is the same as Biden. Fermenting chaos abroad to maintain the American empire (military), provide socialism to the rich and austerity to the poor (business). I give Trump credit for helping to overturn Roe v Wade (which had been in works for decades), but until he wants to control the military (which he is supposed to as president) and limit corporate creed (which is where he came from) how can there be any real change from the presidency? Gay pride flags still flew from our embassies abroad during his watch. That could have been a simple fix. Yes, the neocons/neolibs hate him, but do they hate his policies? Or just hate how he presents them?

            Yes, the establishment hates him because he does things his way instead of following the script. Also they really want a scapegoat, and Trump loves to be hated. That’s the shtick that got him famous. Are they terrified of Trump personally? No, but they are terrified of losing power to someone more capable than Trump.

            Perhaps I am just too jaded to see any real, objective change Trump brought to the table besides his entertaining, too honest tweets. Trump could have taken real power and actually staged a real coup, but he didn’t. Misha mentioned earlier about libs wanting to appear nice. I would extend that to compassionate conservatives as well. And generally to all Americans. We want to look nice and bomb people from far away. We don’t want to get our hands dirty unless it looks good on tv. Just compare our protesting with the millions that pour out onto the streets anywhere else in the world. We are too complacent and isolated in our suburban lifestyle. When the petrodollar ends and our bloated government can no longer borrow against other countries, we are truly in a world of hurt that we are not prepared for.

            The Trump/Biden saga makes for great tv, but I don’t see anyone anywhere offering real solutions with the grit to make them happen. I hope that I am proved wrong.

            • When the petrodollar ends and our bloated government can no longer borrow against other countries, we are truly in a world of hurt that we are not prepared for.

              This is something that seriously needs to be talked more openly about, as this is where it appears to be headed.

              If the majority of the worlds drops the petrodollar then we are in for a real world of hurt.

              • Leona Karapelis says

                If the petrodollar ends, Russia will be revealed as a third world basket case.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  How so? The ruble is now the quasi-international currency for Russian energy products. Before Feb 24 it was 60 to the dollar; two days later it had plunged to 150 to the dollar, now it’s at 56 to the dollar. The gryvnia (Ukr currency) has continued to plummet. It’s almost at parity with the ruble. The only thing keeping it afloat is the fact that our govt has propped up the Ukr civil service and army by directly paying their salaries.

                  Question: what will happen when this war is over (and it will be over)? And the EU/US leaves? In other words, leave the Ukrainians to their own devices? Then what? The gryvnia will become worthless.

                  Now, let’s get back to Russian commodities exports. Over 80% of the world’s population is bending over backward to buy Russian commodities in rubles. And for the “unfriendly” countries of the West, they are reduced to two options: 1) not buy any Russian commodities (and hence freeze to death), or 2) buy said commodities in rubles.

                  This is why we are heading into the age of the petroruble. This of course means that the days of the petrodollar are over with. What do you think will happen with de-dollarization is complete? First thing is we’ll default on our debt. The effect of that will be our currency will be worthless.

                  Keep your eye on the Russian line of advance: cities behind the new Russian border are already on the ruble. As it continues to strengthen (and the gryvnia continues to plummet), then once parity is reached (i.e. 1:1) then Ukrainians on the other side of the new border will start migrating to Russian-controlled areas in order to take advantage the stronger currency. (That’s why Third-Worlders migrate to the US btw, not because they want their children to learn rap music or pierce their noses.)

                  The other option for them will be to make secret negotiations with the Russians letting them know that they will “open the gates” to them.

                  Either of these scenarios will play out if it looks like a Russian victory is inevitable. The NATO strategy is to delay this as long as possible, help the Ukrainians score a minor victory or two, and hope that those in the unconquered parts of the Ukraine don’t notice continued Russian advances.

            • George Michalopulos says

              Ben David, considering the massively better economy we had under Trump than what obtains now, I’d say that Trump was significantly different –and better–by several magnitudes.

            • We are in a very dangerous spot from now until the next Congress is sworn in. Until then, it will be possible for the Dems to seize power and impose a police state. After that, their window of opportunity will likely have passed. They have backed themselves into a corner where their only good option, the only way they win, is to either rig the midterms or suspend the Constitution in some way. They have actually done this piecemeal already in selectively enforcing the law.

              Internationally, America is in decline. Internally, we have stagflation and political persecution of partisan adversaries. A beast is most dangerous when it is cornered and wounded. That is the position the Dems and the DS find themselves in now.

              Mar-a-Lago was a travesty. But Republicans need to hold their powder until the next Congress. Biden provoked Putin into war and the DS is trying to provoke the Right into domestic insurrection. If the red wave gets rigged away, all bets are off. But I’m betting it will materialize and the Dems won’t be able to steal it.

  5. You’ll notice that DeSantis and others are now referring to the Biden “regime”.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I’ve been using that term for several months now. I’m glad more Republicans are doing so as well.

      ‘Bout time. There is nothing legitimate about the Fed gummint any more. I’m particularly impressed by the fact that more and more conservatives are not only using that term [regime] but actually talking about defunding the alphabet agencies.

      First on my list: the FBI. Then the DoJ. The CIA is going to be a tougher nut to crack.

      • My guess is that this is a reaction of the FBI to the Schedule F retribution rumors out there. Garland came out and said he personally approved it but my guess is that this was an FBI Jan 6th fishing op designed to send a message about threats against the DS.

        The disinformation aspect was formidable. First, they characterized it as Trump having done something at least borderline wrong by taking documents. This is actually common and he has been more cooperative than most presidents about it. Second, they created the impression that there was an inside source, a mole, who told them there was a “smoking gun” set of documents about . . . what? About X? Not ostensibly about the January 6th event since that was not the basis of the warrant. Documents about what? About his “unspecified nefarious crimes”, of course.

        The whole spectacle was a heavy-handed message about what American Intelligence Services can do if they want to. They could have claimed to have found anything. They could have planted anything. Yes, Trump would have deniability but he would have to prove entrapment to an unsympathetic court and media. That was the theory.

        For his part, the Golden Don handled it perfectly. I’m trying to imagine the war room up in NY where he was. He may have had live feed coming to him from surveillance cameras at Mar-A-Lago (MAL). The FBI would not let his attorneys on the property and told his people to disable the security cameras but they refused.

        So imagine Trump in a war room somewhere in NY with attorneys, et al., looking on one screen at a live feed from MAL and on another screen putting the final touches on the political ad they released later the same day decrying the state of the US sinking into a banana republic/police state.

        He will own them before it’s all said and done.

        And it has already backfired. Biden’s spokeswoman flubbed a question designed to give her an opportunity to deny that the regime was weaponizing the FBI against its enemies. She equivocated and refused to answer. The White House claims it was not even given a heads up and the DOJ is leaking that this was FBI all the way – distancing themselves from the perps.

        It’s perfect. No one questions that the CIA and State Department need a thorough Schedule F overhaul after the Afghanistan and Ukraine debacles. But the FBI has been a more sensitive subject. It is, essentially, the national police force and thus has an aura of law enforcement respect.

        Until now.

        Now, it too is ripe for reform, as well as the DOJ.

    • One thing we should be thankful for with this regime is how just insanely incompetent they are.

      Take the new weaponized IRS – It sounds terrifying and maybe it is, but, personally I’m not that worried because just how completely idiotic these people are. I used to think they were evil and now I just think they are utterly incompetent (with a side of evil).

      I mean can you imagine owing $600 on your taxes and a rainbow-haired pansexual SJW them/they comes to your house with a guy? I mean it’s just so ludicrous it’s funny lol…because I guarantee you THAT is who they would hire.

  6. I must say though, this is the most ham handed attempt to impose a police state I’ve ever seen. It’s almost as if it is orchestrated for failure. I suppose we should be grateful they’re not as efficient as the Chinese.

    • Yeah, the one thing about these leftist lunatics who run our country is that they are glaringly stupid, from this Mar-a-Lago stunt to pushing wokism down everyone’s throats to shoving God out of the public square. They are fools, the classic definition of fools.

      Marx, Mao, and Lenin may also have been intelligent but stupid fools, though they used force, murder, and imprisonment to intimidate their enemies, which worked (for a time).

      The American Left, without doing that, will continue to simply look like incompetent boobs who are stereotypical Leftist grandstanders, whose only real goal is to accumulating money and power. Like the judge Bruce Reinhart who signed off on the warrant — he’s a classic boob, a stereotype if there ever was one…. a lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein, his life story screams “accumulating money and power as the most important thing in life.” This judge is the reason that stereotypes exist.

      As Curtis Yarvin accurately pointed out, things like this happen because the Elves who rule America will Never, Ever, Ever let themselves be ruled by Hobbits, who are the majority of Americans and are the people that Trump represents. This was more an attack on the millions of American Hobbits whom the Elves need to keep down and to stay in their place — shut up, we rule you, stay down in your foxhole. The Elves who run our country would sooner see America collapse than allow themselves to be ruled by those whom they dismiss and disdain as dim-witted Hobbits.

      But I don’t think American Hobbits will role over and play dead, like the Elvish overlords want them to. American Hobbits aren’t like that.

      This Mar-a-Lago invasion was “The Empire Strikes Back,” but I think “Return of the Jedi” comes next.

      • George Michalopulos says

        FTS. I like your analogy. However, there’s a flaw: the people who rule us aren’t Elves. They may think they are but their Uruk-hai at best. Their physiognomy is a physical manifestation of their evil, twisted hearts. (Plus all the adrenocrhrome they ingest.)

        Hence their constant screw-ups. The FBI raid at Mar-a-lago was an unforced error if there ever was one. Such errors are the result of desperation.

        • The liberals fatal flaw is their hunger to appear kinder and gentler and be loved for it. That is what hampers them from really imposing a police state and, instead, taking half measures offering specious justification. “A liberal is simply a socialist who lacks the courage of his convictions.”

          Seen from an amoral perspective, they are right that indeed the MAGA crowd is trying to put them out of business and destroy “their democracy”. Guilty as charged. But the only way to preserve Their Thing is to change their fundamental character, which they are not willing to do. They are friendly fascists and they can’t bear to lose their friendliness.

          They stole an election and denied it implausibly with smiling faces. But that was because the Establishment Republicans allowed them to get away with it. Republicans, you will observe, actually did quite well down ballot. It was simply that they allowed Trump to get screwed.

          So they all can pretend like it didn’t happen and go on about January 6th and domestic terrorists. The Achilles Heel is that they aren’t powerful enough to steal widespread congressional elections in the same way as they did the presidential election. Republicans won’t cooperate. So if Trump changes the character of the Republican Party by packing it with Nationalists, they are protected by the Republican Party as a whole, even remaining Establishment Republicans. The Republican Party that Trump is creating will not betray him again.

          Liberalism is conscious enfeeblement. That is almost definitional. The Right has always been right; the closer to monarchy the better. If it is a dominant party system with the Republicans in charge and smaller parties on the periphery like the Dems, Reform, Socialists, Libertarians, then that’s fine. The schizophrenia has to end. It is better to be of one mind. Once the electoral part is out of the way, the media aspect will follow.

          • Why hasn’t there been any credible evidence introduced in a court of law proving that the election was stolen? I know why, because you are gullible and believing in lies! Your ego won’t let you accept the truth! We live in a nation where you are innocent until proven guilty! So prove it beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law! Republicans don’t have the evidence so they continue to deflect from their short-comings. God will judge Republicans on the Day of Judgment for their lies and tearing families apart!

            • Gail Sheppard says

              I’ll tell you why, dearest Lina:

              Because Trump realized very early on that a couple of things would happen if they tried to take their case to court too soon:

              1. That becuase the Justices in the highest court were compromised; they could NOT support Trump. Their families would be unsafe and their reputations ruined.

              2. If they came out immediately, which frankly was the initial plan, the Dems would accuse them of launching a coup against a duly elected president. A “coup” is short for the French term “coup d’etat,” which means attempting to overthrow the government. Overthrowing the government is sedition. Sedition is a “high crime.”

              Trump was impeached for the second time on January 13, 2021, one week before his term expired! How long do you think it would take them to accuse the entire Trump team of treason? They’d lock them up immediately, plant evidence, and, use the MSM to spin a story that would land all of those close to Trump in jail; including his legal team. Kind of hard to protect the evidence when you’re holed up somewhere in solitary confinement. The true evidence would just disappear. The Trump team would probably “disappear,” too. They’d use something like listeria or some other pathogen, killing everyone in a maximum security prison, where Trump and his team just happened to be housed.

              The MSM would focus on the heartwrenching stories of the grieving families of the guards and staff to eclipse the reality of the mass murders.

              SO much better than an impeachment.

              What is a “Republican?!” If you say it’s a Rhino who is weak and mired in filth to ensure they would always support “the team” or risk being exposed, you would be right!

              Think of the “Bonesmen” who masturbate in coffins and God knows what else to “keep each other quiet.” They’re the new genre of psycho, that produced 3 presidents and a handful of senators.

              • So you are saying the justices that Trump appointed are compromised and unable to execute the duties of their office?!! Because Trump appointed many of these judges! You cannot deny or sugarcoat that fact. And your response does not match with reality! Judges can get disbarred for being compromised. If the Republicans had a beef with the judges, they should file a complaint to have them removed. But they can’t because the whole election fraud was a hoax that you continue to portray as factual without any credible evidence! It truly saddens me that an educated person like yourself is so gullible to believe lies!

                All the evidence indicates Trump’s ego was too fragile to accept he lost the election and he orchestrated a coup d’etat to remain in power! You should be angry that Trump was violating his oath to the Constitution!

                And now, you should be angry that the FBI found many boxes of classified materials (which is reportedly containing nuclear weapons information) at Mar-go-Lago. Trump committed crimes!! It’s time to wake up to that reality and stop blaming Democrats.

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  Actually, you’re wrong on all counts.

                  (1) Linda: “So you are saying the justices that Trump appointed are compromised and unable to execute the duties of their office?!! Because Trump appointed many of these judges! You cannot deny or sugarcoat that fact. And your response does not match with reality!”

                  (1) Me: “Presidents don’t “appoint” justices. Presidents “nominate” them, and the nominees are either rejected or confirmed by the United States Senate.”
                  (2) Linda: “Judges can get disbarred for being compromised. If the Republicans had a beef with the judges, they should file a complaint to have them removed. But they can’t because the whole election fraud was a hoax that you continue to portray as factual without any credible evidence! It truly saddens me that an educated person like yourself is so gullible to believe lies! [Linda, a good rule of thumb is not to insult people who give you the time of day, especially when you’re 100% wrong. – Insulting the blog owner is probably something you’d also want to avoid.]

                  (2) Me: “The recommendation to disbar a judge must come from the House of Representatives and then it is turned over to the Senate to remove them from office.

                  (3) Linda: “All the evidence indicates Trump’s ego was too fragile to accept he lost the election and he orchestrated a coup d’etat to remain in power! You should be angry that Trump was violating his oath to the Constitution!”

                  (3) Me: What evidence, specifically? – What you think you know is what’s been reported on MSM. That and a chunk of change doesn’t buy you much.

                • Judges and justices are human just like we are. The same judges who had the courage to overturn Roe lacked the courage to invalidate the election due to the overwhelming illegalities and fraud in the aftermath of the Steal and 1/6. Treason never prospers, for when it does, none dare call it treason. The Dems and the MSM convinced enough lemmings that the judges knew that unveiling the truth would cause widespread national unrest.

                  In all fairness, there were probably some people who also knew what happened that simply decided the only rational thing to do was to sweep it under the rug. There is no clean, publicly acceptable remedy for what the Democrats did. It’s so corrupt that trying to correct it rather than roll with it would shake the foundations of the republic.

                  Several of Lindell’s presenters went into considerable detail in their analysis of the data from the swing states and discovered clear patterns of fraud present throughout them all. The gimmick was to use the 2010 census in order to know how much room the stealers had in order to pad the ballot numbers in each district. The phony results were all calibrated to that census to give Biden just enough votes over all to prevail by a specific margin. All the Dems had to do was come up with the correct volume of ballots in each district Such things do not happen in nature but only in man-made phenomenon.

                  The statisticians were quite clear – it was obviously stolen. That’s not even counting the last-minute illegal changes in the law by other actors than the state legislatures and the inherent potential for fraud inherent in the mail-in-ballot/harvesting practices.

                  That also explains how well Republicans did down ballot as compared to Trump in contrast with all past experience. The fix was only in at the presidential level. The Democrats had to do it that way or they would never have gotten establishment Republicans to sign on. It had to be targeted against Trump alone. That is why they will likely fail in the midterms and going forward.

                  As far as what the FBI “found” at Mar a Lago, they knew about everything that was there and had seen it in prior visits. The president has absolute power to declassify anything, so the classification hustle is a dead end. No doubt many documents had been classified in the past. But it is perfectly normal for documents to be classified for some period and then declassified. Regardless, Trump had been perfectly cooperative allowing them to look at or take whatever they wanted when they had come in the past. They could have asked him. They could have issued a subpoena. They could have filed a motion to compel. Instead, they decided to create a scandal under the Espionage Act which is not applicable in any case inasmuch as it is as far fetched as the Russia Hoax.

                  The perpetrators of this know there is no legal underpinning to this. They just want to create enough smoke to convince a gullible percentage of the population that there is fire. But they have cried wolf so many times that no one believes a word they say anymore.

                  It’s really ugly, high school, small town Arkansas smear and lie politics at the national level. These people are true bottom feeders and pathological liars. All is fair in the pursuit of their personal power and sick ideology.

                  • Gail Sheppard says

                    Gee, Misha, when did you turn out to be the nice one in our family? I think we may have switched roles.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Again, Misha, you have a way with getting to the bottom of things.

                    Thank you especially for pointing out that the DS had two, mutually-exclusive, choices: (1) get rid of Trump, or (2) try and hurt the GOP down-ballot.

                    #2 was a statistical impossibility. It’s always easier to concentrate your firepower on one individual than 1,000+. (I’m not talking about all 435 Representatives and 33 Senators but also the hundreds of State and local elections where Republicans were running. And did very well.

            • The Establishment Republicans were in on it. That explains everything. Texas led many other states in a suit specifying all the illegal stuff the Dems did in broad daylight (not even counting the stuff they did surreptitiously which was documented by some of the presenters at Mike Lindell’s symposium). The Court used “standing” to sidestep it.

              You have to understand, we live in an MSM dominated culture. Less than half the country still respects the MSM but their narrative still occupies the elite field. The Justices balked at overturning an election which the MSM had called for Biden irrespective of the facts. The result had become the conventional wisdom. Overturning it would be profoundly destabilizing and they simply didn’t have the courage to do it.

              But it’s spilt milk. What’s broken can be fixed. If the Republican wave materializes in November, then the republic can be saved, after a fashion. If the Dems steal the midterms, well, I won’t speculate . . .

            • Lina, the courts rejected the filings about election fraud due to lack of standing and that includes a suit brought by the State of Texas. As far as I can gather, no court has looked at the merits of any suits. If you want to see election fraud in action, watch “2000 mules.”
              Your comment about having to prove one’s innocence in a court of law is, well, quite silly. Presumption of innocence is the golden thread that runs through western jurisprudence. What, exactly, is Donald Trump guilty of? In other words, in which court of law has he been found guilty?

            • George michalopulos says

              What difference would it make, Lina?

          • Fr Chris Moody says

            The liberals fatal flaw is their hunger to appear kinder and gentler and be loved for it. That is what hampers them from really imposing a police state and, instead, taking half measures offering specious justification. “A liberal is simply a socialist who lacks the courage of his convictions.”
            That is accurate. Their egotistical virtue signaling alone keeps them at bay.

            • The liberals I know live a total double standard. They are the country club set. They are not interested in the poor and live as far away as possible from them. For some reason it is a badge of honor to self-identify as such. And discussion is taboo.

        • Right, George, 100%. I agree with you that our rulers are not true Elves.

          But it’s far worse that they *think* they are Elves but are really not. Dealing with a delusional narcissist (Antony Blinken, for example) is far worse than dealing with someone who is of legitimate high and impressive stature. The latter is grounded in reality; the former is not. The former is a faker but may not even know it.

          True Elves exude a nobility and have love and compassion, as well as courage and honor. Those who *think* they are Elves have none of that; it’s far worse to be ruled by these people.

          Sort of like dealing with a true atheist/agnostic vs a lesbian angry trans Episcopalian who is pretending at being Christian. With the honest atheist/agnostic, at least they are real and honest and you can start somewhere grounded and centered.

          With the lesbian trans Episcopalian who is pretending at being Christian, these are the far more dangerous ones. There’s no place to start, there’s no honesty with them, and they are far more likely to lash out in self-righteous furor when challenged. It’s this way also with the fake, delusional Elves who govern this country. They should never be allowed to be in charge of anything.

          • George Michalopulos says

            FTS, I couldn’t have said it better myself. True aristocrats have generations of martial breeding behind them. The ar| in aristocrat comes from the ancient Greek word arete (which means “virtue”.)

            Also the same Indo-European word aryas.

          • Wayne Matthew Syvinski says

            > With the honest atheist/agnostic, at least they are real and honest and you can start somewhere grounded and centered.
            > With the lesbian trans Episcopalian who is pretending at being Christian….There’s no place to start, there’s no honesty with them, and they are far more likely to lash out in self-righteous furor when challenged.

            I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. – Revelation 3:15-16

        • George Michalopulos says

          FTS, if I may expand on your analogy.

          The Hobbits didn’t mind that the Elves were the Herrenvolk. They clearly were at the top of the racial hierarchies that Tolkien created for his legendarium.

          Having said that, they deserved to be at the top, given their accomplishments, longevity, culture, etc. The Hobbits had no problem with this. They knew “their place” in Middle-earth and had no problem forging their own living-space, culture, and folkways.

          Nor do the vast majority of Americans. The wiser among us accept St John the Forerunner’s advice, that “a man be content with his lot in life.”

          The flaw in this analogy is that those who fancy themselves as “E;lves” are anything but. I stand beside what I said: they are Uruk-hai, with an occasional troll thrown in to make things “diverse.”

          • George,

            Yep, we all have our station in life. One could say that the point of the Christian life is to figure that role or station out for ourselves. For each one to discern and discover his “niche” in life.

            An icon I saw once about 20 years ago has Christ stating “I have chosen you, you have not chosen Me.” Which supports this idea that Christ chooses each of our stations in life – our job is to discover it. This is directly counter to the prevailing protestant approach to Christ — where the focus is all on what the “I” wants, not on what Christ wants for us. The Orthodox approach to Christ – to the Christ whose image we see in each of our fellow men – is a far more mature, far more measured, far more “discerning,” solid approach. Yet this approach requires the self to die or take a decided back seat, which is why so many protestants don’t like it.

            Seeing this image of Christ in each of our fellow men is one of the reasons that these “facemasks” are so demonic — one of their goals is to hide the image of Christ in each man and woman. To pretend that it’s not there. A clear aim of the antiChrist.

            For those who fancy themselves our overlords/Elves, well they are mostly all delusional narcissists who are hungry for power — it’s essentially their cocaine, they get some power, get a high off of it, and can’t let go. Or they are simply the very wealthy who are terrified that any “changes” might affect their comfort/wealth. Some are also probably so emotionally disabled or governed by their fear so much, that their fear prevents them from being able to tolerate being governed by those who don’t share their worldview (TDS and the mass hysteria seen particularly among the left, including the leftist fallout after the recent revocation of the Roe decision, for examples).

            And we sane and stable Americans let these people rule us? Some might call us insane.

  7. The guys over on The Duran had Robert Barnes on the show yesterday going over this very topic.

    I agree that it does set a bad precedent but I also agree with what Barnes said, if Trump was on the fence about running before he sure isn’t now. Knowing trump this has probably emboldened him to go scorched earth on them.

    What they have done to Alex Jones and Trump they will 100% do to DeSantis and anyone that tries to run against them. It’s no coincidence this is on the tail of beefing up the IRS, they plan on decimating anyone who is against them.

  8. “…in fear of disappointing Satan…” Now that is a trenchant insight. Were one to have surrendered himself to Satan, the thought of comeuppance for not delivering the goods would be grim indeed.

  9. Austin Martin says

    You guys are just now figuring this out?

  10. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    What is the main and only obstacle to the full establishment of the New World Order?

    Answer: The Holy Orthodox Church. Period end of discussion. Russia, as the current physical manifestation of this spiritual reality, meaning reality itself, is the tip of the spear pushing back and stopping Globalism.

    Peter A. Papoutsis

    • Μολων Λαβε says

      Well said Peter!
      Not to mention, most Orthodox Christians are also well armed 🙂

      I pray that I am obedient to God’s Will when the time comes that I may have to get my hands dirty. I pray that we may never have to resort to use of arms in the coming days, but I think I’m being optimistic. Yet, I will defend and protect my Church, especially the children if need be.

      I pray daily that the storm clouds gathering on the horizon go away and we may live in peace, however I can’t help but think we are being drawn into a fight that we cannot ignore any more and we are heralded to gird our loins and face the enemy.

      Εν τουτω νικα

    • Leona Karapelis says

      No, end of discussion. You need psychiatric help for uttering such foolishness. The pogromist, passive agressive foolishness of the Russians is nothing Holy, but only despicable and backwards. Russians themselves don’t want it. Do you want your daughters circumcized by Skoptozy?

    • “What is the main and only obstacle to the full establishment of the New World Order? Answer: The Holy Orthodox Church.”

      Peter nails it here. Exactly, 100% correct.

      Which is why they hate the Orthodox faith so much. This has been going on for decades. Zbigniew Brzezinski dating back 60 years or so to his start in national politics in the 1960s — he was National Security Advisor in the 1970s — was fairly open about how much he despised Orthodox Christianity. If I’m not mistaken, I read somewhere that he claimed to be Roman Catholic (he was Polish originally).

      Most of the transnational globalists either are completely ignorant of Orthodox Christianity, and they either explicitly or implicitly consider it inconsistent with their way of life. I firmly believe this to be one of the reasons they despise modern Russia so much, because the Russians are not shy or ashamed of the fact that, on a public level, they eagerly refer to the Christian faith as a means to defend their culture, their family-centered society, and the traditional view of men and women. Real Russians are embarrassed at the Soviet, anti-Christian stain on their history.

      This is super triggering for leftist globalists, who are used to milquetoast protestants crumbling under their pressure. The Orthodox do not have a history of crumbling under pressure, nor do we “need to be liked by the popular people.” Thank God!

      Orthodox Christianity is to modern transnational secular globalism what ROCOR used to be to the communists who ran the USSR: a thorn in their side that was a complete pain in the rear end to them, but which under no circumstances will go away. The prayers and spiritual strength over decades by the venerable ROCOR faithful are what brought down the “mighty” communist system.

      As we know, what may seem “powerless” when taken superficially is often not…. as Christ says to the Apostle Paul, “My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

  11. Leona Karapelis says

    The American work ethic is dead, hence it is a banana republic. The people who supported it have aborted themselves into extinction. The Supreme Court is majority Catholic, like the President and Speaker. You can point to other numbers, but if you count lapsed Catholics, Catholics are the majority.






  12. George Michalopulos says

    We finally know why the vaunted G-men were doing rifling through Melania’s closet at Mar-a-Lago (courtesy of Larry F Johnson):

    “I think we now know why the FBI was pawing through Melania Trump’s lingerie. They apparently had intercepted Trump telling his wife that she looked like a nuclear tipped cruise missile in her red Teddy. Of course, the FBI had to assume that was code word for something far more nefarious. I initially assumed that the FBI spent so much time handling and sniffing Melania’s panties and negligees because, as members of the Secret J. Edgar Hoover Cross Dressing Club, they were looking to upgrade their outfits before their next Monkey Pox rave. Boy, was I wrong.+

    • Wayne Matthew Syvinski says

      Yup. The resources of the Federal Government were expended by the FBLie to stage a panty raid at Mar-a-Lago. J. Edgar Groomer would heartily approve (and demand first pick of the spoils).

      • Gail Sheppard says

        OK, now you made me do it. My comment to Nate has to be a post. I can’t resist the title.

  13. I would posit that most of these comment reflect an unbalanced perspective. Sure, there are serious problems with the current group in power, but the level to which Trump is idolized by the people writing these comments is mind-boggling to me. Trump spoke truly when he said that he could shoot someone on a street corner and not lose a single follower. They would declare it fake news and insist that he was framed. There are very few, if any, current federal leaders that I would consider to be good role models for myself or my children, Trump very much included.

    • Yes, Matt, Trump is a crass buffoon at times. It’s important to remember that what the leftists who run this country fear more than anything is not Trump, but those whom he represents. He is simply the populist leader who tapped into deep-seated American angst a few years ago — that the secular leftists don’t represent us. This Mar-a-Lago raid was really a message to the tens of millions of non-leftist Americans to “stay down and keep quiet, or we will come for you too.” It’s a classic intimidation tactic.

      There are definitely better, more measured and thoughtful leaders who speak the mid of the “silent majority” in a healthier manner than Trump does. Such as JD Vance, DeSantis, etc. Trump is simply who rose up in 2016 and whom people still rally behind, but yes, like all men he will of course fade too. To think, though, that Trump is less benign than any of the leftist buffoon leaders simply because they seem more presentable to grandma is a flat-out wrong and dangerous outlook, though.

      I would argue that the best role model for us and our children (and for all of us) is Christ.

      It’s a hallmark of how non-Christian our society is these days that we look to political leaders, actors/actresses, athletes, business leaders, movie “stars,” etc., as role models. True Christian societies acknowledge only one role model: Christ. They teach this in schools, and it’s acknowledged in public culture.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Matt, the trouble is that politics is war by other means. (Paraphrasing von Clausewitz.)

      If you think that the Democrat Party has gone off the rails, is insane or demonic (pick one), then you have no choice but to hitch your wagon to the other Party. That is if you want to save what’s left of the Republic.

      And given the fact that the GOP is full of cucks and RINOs one then has to concentrate his allegiance on that faction of the Party which is America-first/patriotic/nationalist. Trump (for all his faults) stood at the apex of that faction.

      Christians, conservatives, patriots, traditionalists, etc., all know that Trump is a flawed man. Christians especially know that they are flawed as well. So? Would it have been better had Trump been less bumptious or garrulous? Possibly. But given the fact that we live in a totalitarian infortainment society, one which is crapulent, immoral and transgressive to the extreme, the only way that Trump could get his message out was to act the way he did.

      You fight with the army you got.

  14. Misha, I think this is a pretty unbalanced perspective and a pretty un-American one at that. I would not agree that “the Right is always right.” Conservatives work to maintain things as they are and liberals work to change them. Sometimes things need to be changed, like when slavery is legal or women aren’t allowed to vote or people are not allowed into an establishment due to the color of their skin. All of these were changed by the liberal party of the day and were positive steps morally for us as a society. In the modern day, the Left has gone too far and tossed aside many core ideas that should have been preserved: the definition of marriage, the sanctity of life, etc. There are serious problems with the Republican party as well, and with the two party system at large. But at the end of the day, generally speaking, it is good to have both liberals and conservatives in office, as we need both impulses at work to preserve the good and to do away with the bad. To talk about forcing a single party into power and maybe allowing small peripheral parties to exist but not to have any actual power sounds extremely dangerous. I think there are several countries, past and present, that we could point to that do something just like that and we would all agree that it is not in accordance with the American idea of government.

  15. Nate Trost says

    Is it really so hard to accept that Donald Trump likely did something wrong and violation of the law in regards to documents that pertained to national security?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Yes, Nate. Given the egregiousness of the raid as well as the manifest lies, crimes and scandals that we have had to endure (especially from the Democrats), it’s inconceivable at this point in time that Trump didn’t dot his i’s or cross his t’s.

      More proof? He baited them and was filming the entire proceedings. In case you didn’t know, he put out a masterful campaign ad within 6 hours of the raid –with footage from the raid.

      We also know that AG Garland didn’t want to do this. Yes, yes, yes, he’s a Bolshevist and all but he’s not stupid. He knows that there will be repercussions, possibly even him. In any event, the Biden Adm pushed him into doing this.

      It doesn’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.

      • Nate Trost says

        I really don’t see dotted i’s and crossed t’s. Frankly, I see Trumpworld spinning out multiple takes, many of them mutually exclusive with each other, trying to find one that sticks. For that matter the news cycle isn’t getting better for Trump, the revelations on Saturday about the June meeting and the subpoena on the surveillance footage aren’t good for Trump, to put it mildly.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          The real issue is that our freedoms are being violated. That Trump agrees does not make him your enemy. Make no mistake, your enemy is all of us.

          • George Michalopulos says

            I would add that your enemy (Nate) is all lawful authority. What the DSers who installed Creepy Joe in the Oval Office have done is deny him legitimacy. God’s mantle therefore, does not cover Biden. Hence, the absolute pandemonium that has befallen our nation and (dare I say it?) the world itself.

            Whether we like it or not, it’s being picked up by Russia. Being a patriotic American, I myself am somewhat torn. Why? Because I know that Putin is no angel. Yet what we in the West have done to the Ukrainians is beyond the pale, we have “made them twice the sons of the devil,” that we ourselves have become.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Nate, whether you liked my metaphor or not is immaterial. The facts speak for themselves.

      • If this were a victory, the White House would have taken credit for it. Victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is an orphan. The fact that Garland had to step up and take responsibility for this (it may have been FBI all the way, but Garland is falling on the grenade) looking like he just came from serious dressing down indicates to me that everyone knows that the govt screwed the pooch on this one. Even David Brooks quipped in the NYT of all places that the FBI may have just gotten Trump re-elected.

        No downside in this for Trump. Open field running.

    • There is no reason to even suspect that Trump farted out of key based on the past activity of the FBI, DS and the Democratic machine.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Is it really that hard to accept that Trump is so far ahead in the game that even you can’t even see what’s happening, Nate? Still rubbing that sleep out of your eyes? And you all say you’re “woke.”

      The Trump team needs to keep the Patriots pumped up. Nothing is going to upset us more than thinking the DOJ would actually break into an ex-president’s home, which they clearly did. And this is our guy they did this to! The guy who will be back in the saddle, soon because every Patriot is fuming right now. You can expect us to be supporting all of Trump’s favs in November. I wonder if something like this has ever happened before.

      Objective #1/check. Light a fire under those Patriots!

      Then it’s about showing all of you sleepy people how stupid it was of our DOJ to think they could sneak into Miami! Would someone please tell them to watch MonkeyWorks where the guy actually tracks military aircraft in the sky? Three aircraft, which included the Doomsday “bird”, flew into Miami thinking they were being all stealth and whatnot while the MonkyWorks’dude is tracking them in real-time. Unbelievable.

      Trump’s team is allowing these things to happen without having to lift a finger so people like you see for yourselves how corrupt and inept our 3 letter agencies are. They were probably told Biden wanted to make an Air Force One- Emergency Water Landing or something. You know; “watch the water.” This is why we can’t let Biden anywhere near a mission. (Better look fast.)


      Think how stupid they’re all going to look when the paper they confiscated, while in a mansion which I’m guessing is full of hidden cameras, becomes public. (Yep, the MSM will probably shut us all down to hide this event so be prepared.) Bet they found a “classified, nuclear map” of Tom Sawyer’s Island at Disney World or something. (Do they still have that in Orlando? I loved it!)

      Ever hear an attorney tell you: “Don’t ask a question you don’t know the answer to.” They were on a fishing expedition and had no clue what they would find!!!

      But Trump knew they would find nothing because HE’S not an idiot.

      Sometimes the easiest way to expose another guy’s stupidity is to sit back and watch events unfold. Trump told us he declassified everything. He even put it in writing. If I wanted to, I could probably locate it and it wouldn’t be at Mar-a-logo.

      So, Nate, someone leaked some fake intel and got the Dems all hot and bothered by the possibility Trump was hiding something nefarious so they had to go in there, guns blazing, like the gang who couldn’t shoot straight, and prepare for a doomsday event with Biden (actor #4, I believe) in charge! It’s a wonder Trump can keep a straight face.

      Objective #2/check. Allow them the opportunity to look like fools (again).

      Trump declassified everything pertaining to the “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax and the Hillary nonsense with her emails the moment he opened his mouth and said so, and then he went further by putting it in writing. This guy is playing for all the marbles and THEY CAN’T TOUCH HIM.

      Objective #3/check. They’ve got nothing they can use on Trump and have to back off with their tails between their legs.

      Like him or hate him: TRUMP IS NOT STUPID. Thank God, because we’d probably be down the tubes by now and I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK.

      P.S. Trump, wherever you are, please hire me. I really need the money and I seem to be one of the few who can keep up with you.

  16. Μολων Λαβε says

    With all due respect…….
    You are not alone in understanding how politicians are. Politics is an art that is learned by experience. The elected are not there to represent anyone except themselves.
    We would also succumb to the same decadence if elected. No one is immune from the most intoxicating drug of politics and power. The most upright and moral of us would be seduced and become unrecognizable but wearing the same mask to appease the constituents.
    The Democratic party of today is not the party of JFK or FDR. The Republican party of Today is not that of Reagan.
    The two-party system is there only to provide the voters with the illusion that we have a choice.
    The system of government outlined in the Constitution has morphed into a money-making machine for the chosen. As it stands, this machine is worn out, gearen snapen und spring poppen until it catches fire and the money quits spitting out – for everyone.

    Then the fun starts…. I will leave the scenarios to your imagination.

    Those left standing will hopefully not repeat the same mistakes, but rather rebuild a society as God intended.

    • George Michalopulos says

      From your lips to God’s ears!

      • Years ago I heard a rabbi teach about how David treated King Saul. King Saul was chasing David and David hid in a cave. At some point King Saul came in to relieve himself. David had the perfect opportunity to kill him. But he didn’t. He quietly cut a piece of material off of his cape.

        Why did he do this? David was smart enough to know that if he killed the king he could set a precedent. Someone could kill him if he came to power. Biden has now set a precedent that presidents can now go after former presidents.

        This is a huge break of tradition in our political realm. And a dangerous one.

        • But was it Biden that set the precedent?
          Or was it the Clintonistas? Or the Deep State?

        • George Michalopulos says

          It is. You are correct: David was being politically savvy. There was also another layer to this inaction: David realized that for all his faults, Saul was the anointed King of Israel. All exoussia (earthly power) and legitimate authority was given by God to him, it literally resided in Saul.

    • I trust “rebuild a society as God intended”
      does not equate to “build back better”…

  17. Austin Martin says
  18. We are at war with Western Liberalism. It is zero sum. Those on the other side will of course consider us unbalanced insofar as we disagree with their worldview. I would not expect anything different. Some enemies are not persuadable but simply must be defeated. In the end, you will not coerce us, we will coerce you. There is no other alternative since you have rejected any legitimacy in the worldview of your adversaries. Your ideology is all that matters, and it will be your downfall.

    Only one side will prevail. The era of negotiation is over. There is no longer anyone with whom to negotiate.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      How did we get here? Here is not what it felt like yesterday. It literally leaves me shaking.

      • Gail,

        For all their bluster and bullying, the liberals are not as powerful as they let on. More than half the country is red and will resist categorically. Moreover, what they are doing is piecemeal and floating trial balloons. They are not brave in the sense of the Bolsheviks or Nzs. They are a pampered elite who desperately want to be loved and still see themselves as the kind and gentle party.

        They are being driven to what they are doing by the prospect of the decisive political defeat that they see coming over the next couple of years. Even their socialist wing is even more Scandinavian socialist than the East European or Chinese variety.

        What they can’t face is that their ideology doesn’t work. It satisfies them emotionally, but it is a poor explanation for reality and, as a result, yields many unintended consequences. They keep using the same set of ideological assertions to explain away the ever-expanding array of problems they create.

        In short, they are in way over their heads. On some level they know it. They will put up a good show on the way out to satisfy their base and donors. But they are all out of answers and even they can see the writing on the wall.

        Their only alternative is a national seizure of power and they simply do not have the will or the resources to accomplish it. They know what’s coming and their actions are just symptoms of panicked desperation.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          You nailed it.

        • Ah, Misha, but they do have the will to seize power and did shut the nation down for a time. They accomplished that quite handily during the mass paranoia which was also called the pandemic. It only took a handful of Democrat governors and their public health apparati to put their citizens under what was in effect a period of house arrest, followed by restricted daily movement. Those who kowtow to the false god of Science still hyperventilate on National Propaganda Radio (NPR) about the trumped-up emergencies caused by the latest variant of Covid-19, the gay monkeypox and “climate change”. These people are happy to ignore the privations imposed upon other people as long as they themselves are able to signal their public virtue. They are more than ready to tilt at the next windmill and lock us all down again, even if their idiotic measures turn out to have been counterproductive as they were the first time.

      • I should clarify, regarding “coercion”:

        We are engaged in a battle of worldviews. Only one can actually serve as the basis for a particular government and culture. Liberals have coerced us in a myriad of ways over the last 70 years on any number of issues emanating from their political program. I put that fine a point on it because that is actually what it boils down to. If you go to Saudi Arabia, you will be coerced into a certain paradigm. If you go to Russia, the same. If you go to New York, the same. You will have to abide by their code of conduct because they rule. It is a question of what worldview rules.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          It takes at least two to be engaged and what they’re now finding out is that Americans are getting bored with their little experiment. The Great Reset is officially a bust.

          Interestingly, we’re finding out that much of the planet agrees with our preferred code of conduct. We are not alone. If there is an upside to any of this it’s knowing that this divide and conquer business has failed miserably. What fun it’s been to watch all the colorful ways people have come up with to get rid of this nonsense. I have a whole new appreciation for the Dutch!

  19. George Michalopulos says

    I knew it: there’s a secret society within the Dept of Justice: The J Edgar Hoover Cross-Dressing Society:


  20. Yesteryear…

    Albert Bourla (1 April 2021):
    “Excited to share that updated analysis from our Phase 3 study with BioNTech also showed that our COVID-19 vaccine was 100% effective in preventing #COVID19 cases in South Africa. 100%! ”

    Albert Bourla (15 Aug 2021):
    “I would like to let you know that I have tested positive for #COVID19. I am thankful to have received four doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, and I am feeling well while experiencing very mild symptoms. I am isolating and have started a course of Paxlovid.”

    Singing: “Now I need a place to hide away…”

  21. I’ve kind of held back a bit about this thing awaiting more info regarding the warrant and affidavit involved while readily acknowledging that the whole thing stinks to high heaven. But I think we’ve got about as much as we’re going to from the DOJ and other attorneys are feeling bold enough to comment so I thought I might offer a remark, probably not my last.

    Robert Barnes has an excellent explication of what this whole Mar a Lago thing was and I believe he is largely correct.

    This whole thing was illegal and unconstitutional as hell and there’s no way around it. What seems to have taken place is that Trump had some number of documents as an insurance policy against assassination or persecution by the DS in his possession which he declassified on the way out the door. All of that is perfectly illegal and I’m not aware of any criminal activity or even fault on his part given the evidence at hand.

    The FBI/DOJ judge shopped and got a thoroughly corrupt magistrate (not even a real judge), who actually reluctantly recused himself from earlier anti-Trump legal matters, to issue what anyone who spent a semester at law school would identify as a General Warrant, something explicitly forbidden under our Constitution. After all, you can’t say in an affidavit that you’re looking for anything which might implicate the DOJ/FBI/CIA in criminal activity. The objective was to seize any documents incrimination the DS and pray that he had not made copies. It is highly doubtful they managed to find any of it. Trump is smarter than that.

    The Presidential Records Act is a civil statute directing how records are to be held, not a criminal statute. As a substitute for probable cause that a crime had been committed, another constitutional requirement, the warrant attempted to dovetail in the Espionage Act of 1917. But that act has a requirement of intent to share information with a hostile government or to harm the US (an insurmountable obstacle in this case) and so it is irrelevant in this case.

    All sufficing to say, the DOJ/FBI had no legal authority to do what they did and, moreover, committed a massive constitutional rights violation against a former president and probable future presidential candidate, solely for the political purpose of covering their own malfeasance and intimidating opponents of the regime. They may even have been betting that Trump himself would not publicize this abomination out of embarrassment.

    Bad bet.

    A lawless regime deserves no respect and this episode clearly demonstrates that they are simply a gang of criminals.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Barnes is fantastic.

      As usual, it looks like you hit the nail on the head. It was indeed a bad bet they made thinking that they could bluff The Golden Don. I’m not saying that the man is clean as a whistle (morally speaking) but given the fact that they’ve looked high and low for criminality on his part for the better part of seven years and finding nothing, there’s no way Trump wouldn’t call their bluff.

      Here’s the way I see it playing out:

      1. If it’s a political hatchet-job pure and simple, then they’ll take the risk and indict Trump.

      2. If however this was a fishing expedition by the Deep State because they’re scared witless of what Trump has on them, then we’ll probably hear no more about it. Why? Because Trump has copies of whatever these documents are. They were his insurance policy against prosecution. Or assassination.

      Either way, the DS & the Biden regime crossed a horrible Rubicon from which one or both will suffer horrible consequences, if not now, then in due time.

      #1 will play itself out disastrously for the DoJ/Biden regime and blow up in their faces. Not the least of which is that it will augment the GOP majority in the midterms.

      If on the other hand it was a fishing expedition and the DSers realize that they were played, then they’ll lean on the DoJ to quietly drop the matter. In this scenario, “cooler heads will prevail” and “statesmen” will come forward on CNN and in a dignified voice state that “in the interest of national security and tranquility, this matter was handled incorrectly,” or some such nonsense.

      In any event, token conservative/RINO/anti-Trumper David Brooks opined that this will ensure Trump’s victory in 2024.

      • It should be noted that when the intelligence services sit around and decide on an op, what they are doing is taking a list of objectives and seeing how many they can achieve in one fell swoop. This is economy of action. So the twin objectives of seizing any kompromat that could be used against the DS while at the same time sending a message to Trump and MAGA that the DS can do as it pleases and so this Schedule F business should be forgotten . . . well, . . . these two objectives are certainly not mutually exclusive.

        It had to be understood that the sheer brazenness of getting a General Warrant against an ex-president and probable future contender against the sitting president from a political hack magistrate and going in in force, making lawyers wait off property, would be seen as police state tactics. They may well have wanted the kompromat but also to demonstrate what they can do if they have the will.

        The fact that the courts may “undo” some or all of what they accomplished is irrelevant. A raid is a raid. Documents were seized. They can shred what they want and plead ignorance. That is to say, in the short term, they can get away with quite a bit.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Of course, you’re correct Misha. I’m sure that they resorted to desperation measures to seize whatever kompramat Trump had on them. And, if this is indeed the case, I’m sure Trump played them from soup to nuts. He had somebody “inside” the DS who set the trap.

          The question then is: does Trump have copies of said kompramat?

          I’m going to go with “yes, absolutely.”

          • Wayne Matthew Syvinski says

            > The question then is: does Trump have copies of said kompramat?

            I would say he has multiple copies in multiple places.

            • George Michalopulos says

              I would agree with you.

              They say “follow the money.” In this case, I would add “follow the news-reports.” If, as I suspect, Trump has them by the b@lls, we might see this dying down.

  22. ” … What seems to have taken place is that Trump had some number of documents as an insurance policy against assassination or persecution by the DS in his possession which he declassified on the way out the door. All of that is perfectly illegal and I’m not aware of any criminal activity or even fault on his part given the evidence at hand. ”

    Perfectly legal…?

  23. According to Bernard at Moon of Alabama, the DOJ seems to have been looking for personal documents that would have exonerated Trump and could be weaponized against the Deep State.


  24. Neil Oliver: “The plan is not to fix it.
    The plan is to break it and leave it broken”


  25. Anonymous II says

    Daughter Of Putin Ally Reportedly Killed In Car Bombing Outside Moscow

    The daughter of Alexander Dugin – a close ally and adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin – has reportedly been killed in what many are assuming was an assassination attempt meant for her father.

    Darya Dugin was ‘blown to pieces’ near Moscow suburb of Bolshiye Vyazyomy, according to reports, which say that Alexander had originally planned to travel back with her from a festival before deciding to ride in a separate car, according to the Daily Mail and other outlets.

    Wow, Alexander Dugin’s daughter Darya has reportedly been killed in a car explosion. Her Land Cruiser Prado exploded near the village of Bolshiye Vyazyomy. According to preliminary reports, she died on the spot. pic.twitter.com/2dKOMtveIv

    — Tadeusz Giczan (@TadeuszGiczan) August 20, 2022

    According to Russian’s state-owned TASS, local law enforcement confirmed that a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado had blown up, but did not confirm the victim’s identity – only that it was a female. A man identified by TASS as a Dugin associate said it was Darya, but there has been thus far no official confirmation.

    Russian outlet Baza reports that the 29-year-old had been returning home from “Tradition” – a literature and music festival, when the blast occurred. She was reportedly driving for around 10 minutes before the detonation. The outlet also quoted Russian violinist Pyotr Lundstrem, who (and how would he know?) that Alexander was meant to be in the vehicle. Instead, he was reportedly following her car when it exploded.

    Dugin is the former chief editor of the pro-Putin Tsargrad TV network, and has been often portrayed in Western media as being a ‘mastermind’ of the Ukraine invasion, as well as an intellectual / philosopher who’s had a large influence in Russia’s post-Soviet nationalism.

    Alexander Dugin and Darya Dugin, via Telegram
    In an Instagram post, Denis Pushilin, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine, called it an ‘attack’ by ‘vile villains,’ adding “The terrorists of the Ukrainian regime, trying to eliminate Alexander Dugin, blew up his daughter… In a car. Blessed memory of Daria, she is a real Russian girl!”

    “The tenacity of these Ukro-Reich morons is amazing. Everyone, if possible, needs to be home in the next hour,” he added.

    An alleged photo of the scene was posted to Telegram by “MOW!” Moscow News, with the caption (translated): “All that remains of the blown up car of the daughter of the famous public figure Alexander Dugin on the Mozhaisk highway in the Moscow region. The SUV of Darya Dugina detonated while driving, after which it caught fire.”

    • Dugin’s influence on Putin is usually overstated. Ivan Ilyin is closer to a primary influence. However, Dugin has a reputation as being such and so he is a target of the anti-Russia crowd. It is tragic that anyone was murdered but especially so that it was his young daughter rather than the intended target (which also would have been deplorable).

      So whodunnit? Smart money has CIA or some other American intelligence service at the top of the list of suspects. Would the Ukies do it? Maybe. Why? Assuming Dugin the father was the target, what does that do other than invite retaliation on Ukrainian command and control? However, if you’re wanting to provoke escalation and, consequently, US intervention, this might be a tactic you’d choose. Could be the Nuland people in the State Department acting through the Agency.

  26. George Michalopulos says

    Lately, I’ve been wanting to reach for black pills, but every now and then I get inspired by the younger generation. (Especially our own children.)

    If interested, please take the time to listen to this podcast, it’s an interview with a young man who grew up in my parish. This young fellow, Christopher Chesney, has grown up and is now a fine young, well-spoken man, one who is active in political circles (in Washington, DC no less!).

    Here he is being interviewed on the Saving Elephants podcast:


  27. I’m not a Megyn Kelly fan but this interview with a former DOJ/Senate lawyer and Gorsuch clerk Mike Davis is pure gold. The interview starts at 1:17:00

  28. Question: If it only harmed people,
    would they still be wanting rid of it?

    Movement to Stop Mercury in Dentistry Gains Momentum
    Analysis by Charlie Brown, J.D.


    ‘ After more than two decades of pushing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to protect the public from dental amalgam – a filling material that is 50% toxic mercury – Consumers for Dental Choice achieved a 180-degree turnaround in federal amalgam policy.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a safety communication on dental amalgam in 2020, finally recommending against amalgam use in people who are at higher risk from the adverse effects of mercury exposure, including …

    Pregnant women and their developing babies

    Women who are planning to become pregnant

    Nursing women and their newborns and infants

    Children, especially those younger than six years of age

    People with pre-existing neurological disease

    People with impaired kidney function

    People with known heightened sensitivity (allergy) to mercury or other components of dental amalgam

    This list, of course, encompasses a significant part of the population. As such, FDA’s action has the potential to protect millions and millions of Americans from mercury in their mouths.

    FDA’s safety communication also had another significant effect – it created a momentum for mercury-free dentistry that was unimaginable just a few years ago. As a result, we are seeing amazing progress on all fronts – from our challenge to amalgam sellers to our international campaign. … ‘

    And what is the BDA (British Dental Association) doing?

    Dental amalgam

    ‘ We have been working alongside the Council of European Dentists (CED) to avoid a full ban of dental amalgam, which was included in earlier proposals of the Regulation on Mercury. There is still an intention to phase out amalgam on environmental grounds, possibly by 2030, but only following a full feasibility study to which we provide information. …

    … amalgam remains one of a range of safe and effective filling materials that are available to dentists to provide the most appropriate treatment for the needs of each individual patient.

    There is still an intention to phase out amalgam on environmental grounds, possibly by 2030, but only following a full feasibility study to which we and the CED will contribute. … ‘

    Safe and effective? Where have we heard that before?

    Answer to Question: Probably not…

  29. WEF: ‘Solid, Rational Reasons’ to Implant Microchips in Kids

    ‘ Claiming “augmented reality” technology “has the ability to transform society and individual lives,” the World Economic Forum recently suggested there are “solid,” “rational” and “ethical” reasons to consider implanting children with microchips. … ‘

    Indeed. If all the children are to be chipped and branded,
    their new owners will know if and when they go to church
    and can take steps to control such antisocial(ist) behaviour!

  30. From Sonar21. You might call it a summary of the American KGB in Soviet America.

  31. Abp. Viganò: By praising legalized abortion,
    the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life has
    aligned himself with the anti-Christ ideology of the UN, WHO


    ‘ The President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Vincenzo Paglia, in the course of an interview given to Italian television channel RaiTre on August 26 (here), referred to the infamous Law 194 legalizing abortion as “a pillar of our social life,” scandalizing millions of Italian Catholics who are faithful to the Magisterium and are still mindful of the fiery words of John Paul II against that horrible crime, which in Italy alone has sacrificed over six million innocent children on the altar of selfishness and liberal anti-Christ ideology.

    The just indignation of the ecclesial body in response to the statements of the President of an Academy founded by John Paul II precisely in order to oppose abortion is accompanied by the applause of the advocates of “reproductive health” and the “interruption of pregnancy,” who are always ready to accuse the Church of interference when she speaks with the voice of Christ, but yet offer praise as soon as her worst exponents prostitute themselves to the aligned thought of the world and adopt the inhuman principles of neo-Malthusianism as their own. …

    The New World Order, the United Nations, the WHO, the European Union, the World Economic Forum, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Club, and all the organizations which follow the Agenda 2030 consider the barbaric killing of the innocent child in the mother’s womb as a right, as a “pillar of social life.” It is emblematic and revealing that the sect of apostates who infest the Catholic Hierarchy and have occupied its highest levels find themselves aligned with the ideological positions of the enemies of Christ, not only on issues that are seemingly unconnected – like the psycho-pandemic narrative and green ideology – but also in the denial of the very foundations of the Natural Law, including respect for life from conception to natural death.

    It is disconcerting that no one among my brothers in the Episcopate, and least of all among the members of the College of Cardinals, dares to raise his voice to condemn Paglia’s delusional words and call for his immediate resignation from the Pontifical Academy for Life. … ‘

  32. Biden’s speech the other night is getting a lot of attention. For many months, I have suggested that the Democrats will have to impose a police state to avoid being displaced as the dominant party in the US. Biden’s speech, IMHO, was a recognition of that reality. The question is whether they have the cajones to do it. Is it much sound and fury signifying nothing? Or is it the prelude to another Steal and martial law?

    Biden’s rhetoric fails to demonize the Republican Party categorically. And he hides behind democracy and political freedom. This will be his downfall. The Democrats simply do not have it in them to do what they would otherwise have to do to preserve their power in the face of popular repudiation. They cannot cede the rhetorical ground of representative government in favor of an ideologically driven takeover. They are hamstrung by half-believing their own bs.

    They are only preaching to the choir anymore. The die is cast.

  33. Igor Chudov: All “Bivalent Boosted” Mice
    Got Covid When Challenged


    ‘ Remember how Joe Biden and Rachel Maddow said that Covid stops with every vaccinated person?

    Turns out that it was not true for people, and it is not even true for mice.

    All ten mice, vaccinated with Moderna Ba.5 booster, became infected with Covid when challenged with Ba.5 variant virus after receiving their Ba.5-based bivalent boosters! … ‘