Things Just Got Interesting

In an already interesting political season, things got even more caterwhampus yesterday. Following are some random thoughts:

1. By now, you’ve all seen the videos of Hillary Clinton stumbling into her SUV. Not good. And this coming on the heels of her “basket of deplorables” speech before a group of elitists. (I was going to comment on that but this story just got pushed off the front pages for the time being.)

2. To my mind, her manhandling by the Secret Service was an apt metaphor towards the person of Clinton herself. That is to say that she is nothing but a puppet of the Globalists. Hillary had some leverage over them in the fact that there was not another Democrat of national stature who could succeed Obama. (Say what you will for the GOP, their bench is not only wide but deep.) Regardless of who has what on whom, at the end of the day, she was their standard-bearer. And it’s going to be hard to replace her.

3. It’s long been a suspicion of mine that Bill Clinton, her devoted husband, has been secretly sabotaging her campaign. Several instances come to mind but the one of his very public tarmac-take down of Attorney General Lynch was a big one. Back in April (I believe) he defended his incarceration bill in the 90s. This not only pissed off the Social Justice Warrior wing of the Democratic Party but reminded black folks that Hillary called young black men “super predators” back then.

Last Friday, he personally insulted white Southerners and for good measure even threw in Kentucky and West Virginia coal miners. We know that Kentucky and West Virginia are going Red this year but he’s talking about the same demographic that makes up huge swaths of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Is this an example of a tin ear brought about by years of incubating in the hothouse of Davos? Or was he subconsciously trying to derail her chances? Who knows?

4. With the release of this video, I’d say that her coronation has been derailed. The question is: who will take up the mantle? Bernie would certainly excite the base but Joe Biden sure looks tanned, rested and ready.

5. This is scaring the hell out of the GOP establishment. Look for them to try and take away Utah and Idaho from Trump through the agency of Evan McMullin. This could —could–force the election into the House of Representatives where a significant Romney faction is waiting in the wings. It sounds crazy but no more crazy than a brash billionaire destroying sixteen other Establishment candidates in a carefully rigged presidential primary.


  1. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    “Billionaire!” Are you sure?

  2. Fun and games.

    They’ll try to prop her up. Dehydration. Pneumonia. Could happen to anybody.

    I don’t think she’s the Wicked Witch of the West or anything. She’s a real piece of work, to be sure, but that goes without saying for almost any Democratic nominee. Al Gore was “pro-life” until he decided he wanted on the ticket.

    The emails never really bothered me but the Benghazi thing was ugly. The email thing you can fix.


    That being said, I hope she recovers and finishes the race, whatever the outcome. It would be very traumatic for the country if the DNC switched horses this late. Simply the tension that it might happen will take a toll. Remember how it was with Bush, Jr.’s first election? Everyone would be raising questions of legitimacy, on both sides. If she can fog a mirror, I expect they will run her.

    Of course, this is par for the course in polyarchy/polytheism.

    Abject chaos.

    I suppose its exciting for the stout of heart but hard on the rest.

  3. More than anything, this election is about whether America will continue in her proud tradition and be something worth handing over to our children, as it was handed by our parents and grandparents to us. Will it be a country that has strong borders and accepts immigrants who will be good for America and increase its prosperity? My immigrant grandparents came to assimilate, learned English, served in the military and taught us to love this country. Will the “new” immigrants instead be allowed to come and take more than they give, never learn our language and, in many cases, bring despicable medieval practices from their homelands to this country? Think honor killings and female genital mutilation. If you look across the globe from places like Kosovo in the Balkans to Britain, France and Belgium in Western Europe, it is clear that radical Islam has weaponized the combination of illegal migration and high birthrates. Yet one of the two candidates refuses to even utter the words radical Islam. For anyone who wants a strong and proud American in the glorious traditions of our forefathers, the only candidate who is a viable option is Donald Trump. Hillary is an atrocity. I personally do not believe that any thinking Orthodox Christian can in good conscience vote for her. I am proud to support Mr. Trump and believe that he will make America great again.

  4. Peter Millman says

    Hillary Clinton is a truly execrable, egregious, rotten, evil poor excuse for a human being. She’s the most crooked, corrupt, vicious, malevolent, vile politician in history. This wrinkly, ugly, old, odious harridan should be in prison instead of running for the nation’s highest office. The Clintons destroy and defile everything they touch. Hillary Clinton and the word scandal are virtually synonymous. Although I don’t have much respect for Donald Trump, he is infinitely better than this venomous skank. Yes, I’m voting for Donald Trump. In my humble opinion, it is truly a sin to cast a vote for this knuckle dragging, primitive, disgraceful woman. Hillary Clinton is an affliction and a disease. I pray that she loses this important election.
    Oh, by the way, all of my Catholic friends consider it a MORTAL SIN to vote for the Hillary beast.

    • That’s funny, Peter. Reverse psychology?

      • Peter Millman says

        Hi Misha,
        In my humble opinion, Travelgate alone permanently bars Skuzzy from the Presidency. Actually, there are a plethora of scandals that bar her from being President. She’s a disgusting human being, if you can call her a human being.
        All the best, my friend.

    • Roman Catholics still believe in sin – I find that amusing, speaking as a former RC myself.

  5. Misha, Hillary’s email abuses don’t trouble you? Yes, Benghazi was a mess and more. The debacle took place on Hillary’s watch, and she collaborated in the PR charade of State, the WH, and others trying to blame Benghazi on a video rather than terrorists. From Clinton emails secured by persistent Republicans on Congressional oversight committees we see that she told her daughter and two foreign officials that the attack was not a response to the video, but rather was a terrorist attack.
    Almost any honest federal employee trained in required record keeping law and procedure could tell you that Hillary’s email abuses are stunning and the lack of consequence to her thus far exceptional. Why shouldn’t her abuses disqualify her? We forced Pres. Nixon to resign for concealing and not telling the truth of what he knew about a bungled, politically motivated burglary and erasing 18 minutes of taped conversations. Hillary used private servers exclusively (her attempts to point to Sec. Powell and others are deceptive). She did not preserve all federal records as required, instead, she destroyed 1000s of federal records (using bleachbit!) many of which were subject to the FOIA, FBI and Congressional investigations (even subpoenas!). Hillary has also repeatedly tried to deny, delay, deceive, and even to lie about the facts and classifications of her emails and what and why she destroyed 1000s of emails. Why has she done all this? Aren’t you at least troubled by a Sec of State who destroyed records subject to FOIA and Congressional and FBI investigations? The FBI investigation, statements, and testimony to Congress when compared to Hillary’s own words and actions is, IMO, enough to to disqualify Sec. Clinton from high federal office, and certainly POTUS.

    • ram,

      Oh, I don’t think the email thing is insignificant. I didn’t mean to imply that.

      But you have to understand what happened at Benghazi to appreciate the true ugliness of what she did. Go back and look at reports of what the attackers did to the ambassador and the compound, etc. This was all streaming real time to her in a situation room. State knew what was going on when it happened. There were forces near that stated they could have prevented it if they had been allowed to proceed. And that’s the problem.

      If you want a nice run down that cuts through the smoke and mirrors:

      She let those people die to save face for Obama who claimed al-Qaida was finished. Then she lied to cover it up.

      More from the same author:

      • Facts and Figures says

        In order to understand what happened at Benghazi, yes, you should go back and look at the reports. But not the trash you are linking, but rather the Congressional reports from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Armed Services Committee as well as the Accountability Review Board at State:

        “There were forces near that stated they could have prevented it if they had been allowed to proceed. And that’s the problem.”

        Except, of course, that is not true.

        Congressional Republicans spent more time and energy probing Benghazi then was spent on 9/11. So you are not proven wrong by left-wing media or Clinton flacks, but by vast amounts of blood, sweat and taxpayer dollars wasted by the GOP in an effort to derail Clinton.

        Of course, if you still believe it, they sure don’t mind. Your conscience might be a different matter entirely.

        • The account of the rescue forces that were denied permission by their superiors to go forward contradicts your narrative. In light of the precarious position these men were left in and the warnings they had received, the rescue forces should have been green lighted. That was a failure of character.

          Any political body investigating the events would be subject to political pressure. They cover each others butts, regardless of party, in the end. Minority won’t sign on if too many smoking guns are lying around.

          She let those people die rather than ok intervention because she did not want to do anything to contradict the emerging meme that it could be played off as a riot over the video. That version of history would have been much more conducive to Obama’s re-election efforts. They knew what it was as it was happening.

          That’s what happened. No other explanation accounts for all the facts that we are aware of.

          Look, I practiced law for quite a while down here and I could easily sell it to a jury. I can’t talk about intelligence experience but let’s just say that I come from a family trained in Michigan.

          I’m pretty confident that’s what happened.

          • I should explain what I mean by “Minority won’t sign on” above. In these committees the minority doesn’t have to literally “sign off” on the reports. I worked for legislative research in my own state assembly after college.

            What I mean is that the minority won’t accept the factual conclusions of a report if it gets too hairy. Congressional Democrats protested that they were not involved in the report. They could have denounced it as a witch hunt if it had been more candid.

            I will admit of course that I don’t have omniscient knowledge of what went on in the hearts of Clinton and Obama that night. However, she was grilled heavily for a reason. It stunk of politics that they blamed it on the video. When you combine that with the security failures there and the fact that people were refused permission to go in, it stinks to high heaven.

            I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

  6. It’s moments like this that make me glad to be a monarchist.

  7. Thomas Barker says

    Hillary was extremely rigid with her head perfectly erect when she leaned her back against the post, waiting for the van. When the Secret Service men tilted her forward into the van, Hillary’s body remained very rigid and her head did not tilt forward to look where she was landing. Doesn’t a fainting person go limp? Very odd. Another oddity is that Hillary was known by her team to have pneumonia, yet when she ‘fainted’ she was taken to her daughter’s apartment instead of an emergency facility. It’s as though her people were managing an ongoing medical condition rather than responding with acute care.

    • M. Stankovich says

      Esteemed Thomas Barker, and unlikely (heretofore) ambulance chaser, speculator of “fool’s gold,” and generally a cut above of the masses: Brother, why are you heading down this path? All of this is “very odd,” you say? Eyes of the beholder.

      Among other things I have accumulated in my daily notebook in my bag is something called the “NICE guideline for Transient LOC [loss of consciousness] in Adults & Young People,” that all began when an elderly man collapsed in front of me in the grocery store in Monterey, on my way back from prison: every dumbass around had a diagnosis & was attempting to haul him to his feet, while I was attempting to keep him down and have someone call 911. Long story short, when he was finally able to tell me he was diabetic, the store manager begrudgingly opened a blood glucose monitor and he tested dangerously hypoglycemic and thus lost consciousness. Giving him orange juice stabilized him before the EMT’s arrived.

      Given the fact that Sec. Clinton appeared later, fully responsive and functional, is a good argument for what is referred to as an “uncomplicated faint,” a “situational syncope,” an “orthostatic hypotension,” or a combination of the above. These generally result from what are rererred to as the “three ‘p’s'” of posture (prolonged standing or similar episodes that could have been prevented by lying down) – and the orthostatic mentioned above generally refers to “positional” changes in blood pressure, such as when you feel “lightheaded by rising quickly from a seated position; provoking factors (such as pain, medical procedure, medical condition – such as pneumonia, complicated by dehydration); and prodromal symptoms (such as sweating or feeling warm/hot before LOC).

      Situational syncope should be diagnosed when there are no features from the initial assessment that suggest an alternative diagnosis and syncope is clearly and consistently provoked by straining during micturition (usually while standing) or by coughing or swallowing.

      If a diagnosis of uncomplicated faint or situational syncope is made, no further immediate management is required. The mechanism of the syncope, possible triggers, and avoidance strategies should be discussed and patients reassured.

      In context, it was not very odd at all. Dumb that she was out and not resting at home, but her symptoms are consistent with pneumonia and an uncomplicated faint. Change directions, my friend. Let the creeps & freeks battle this one.

      • Thomas Barker says

        M. Stankovich,

        The armchair diagnoses produced by the radical fringe are less than convincing, beyond display of political bent. My mind is open to a reasonable explanation. If the 9/11 episode were an uncomplicated faint, then why did Hillary’s body appear to be so rigid? What physical process causes the rigidity? Why did she not go limp? The people I’ve seen faint all collapsed to the floor or ground. I’m not erecting a conspiracy theory, but if nothing else, there’s a heuristic value to probing apparent anomalies.

        • I can think of several examples of fainting that I have personally witnessed — one bring my brother fainting from hypoxia after a rapid drive to high altitude in the Colorado Rockies, another someone after blood being drawn — in which the individual went rigid for a few seconds and to the average eye would look like a seizure.

          I hope Hillary loses (although I stand by my prediction that she will win comfortably), and she is pathological in her mendacity, but these armchair diagnoses are ridiculous. And from someone who entertainingly calls himself a physician — if he is, I’d like to know his name just so people can be warned from going to him as a patient.

  8. Misha,
    I have not yet read your links, but I believe the surviving ops re those 13 hours in Benghazi (on C-span). Republican Congressmen found a few of her emails showing her knowledge the night of the attacks, and then Hillary told the charade of the video even to the families of the fallen–and now denies she did so! Who does that?! Democrats in Congress continue to defend the indefensible. Her Platte River IT guys who did the bleachbit erasing (after calls from her attorney) pled the 5th yesterday. IMO, as monarchy is neither an option nor desirable–(recall, e.g., the history of Saul & David), we should hope, vote, and act so as to reign in the imperial presidency and its executive agencies where they fail to do their duties well and fairly, and we should require a strong, effective, operating Congress. Recent executive administrations have flexed their muscles and thumbed their noses at the other branches far too much. IRS Commissioner Koskinen also deserves the Congressional
    attention he’s received and perhaps more (perhaps impeachment). But, I digress to matters far from Hillary, though nearer to me.

    • Michael Bauman says

      ram, you are assuming that 1. We have any say-so in what our rulers do and 2. That the visible government actually calls the shots.

      We are rules by an oligarchy whose interests do not include the freedom of the American people.

  9. This was interesting:

    Hillary has some health issues apart from “dehydration/pneumonia” she is on blood thinners and there are some things neurological not going on right in her head. Doctors and nurses all surrounding her all the time and she looks like she can go into seizure, convulsion, loss of consciousness and what have you. Its now “Hillary Watch” time. Is she going to debate? She is looking “barley barely” by the day and those “sunglasses,” their medical without doubt, on that video of her getting in the van, you could see her feet, her heels went up she just collapsed. Interesting to see what they are going to come up with for the debate, she does not look like she can do a regular kind of standing at the podium 90 minute debate like the kind the presidents have had going back to Nixon JFK when it was first televised.

    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

      What a rich fantasy life Cy has!
      And his skills in diagnosis! “she looks like she can go into seizure, convulsion, loss of consciousness and what have you.” What ARE the symptoms of “What Have You?”

      • She simply has slowed down. Looks like a picture
        of not health. Tired looking face, no enthusiasm.
        She might be depressed. Trump meanwhile just the opposite.

        • Reality Checker says

          The demonically possessed are often quite peppy.

          • Hmmm. Peppy. Well Hillary most certainly is not peppy nowadays. She is more “wobbly” maybe? Trump meanwhile does have some pep, spunk, and a more old english term St. John of Kronstadt used in his writing translated into English “mirth:”

            amusement, especially as expressed in laughter.
            “his six-foot frame shook with mirth”
            synonyms: merriment, high spirits, cheerfulness, cheeriness, hilarity, glee, laughter, gaiety, buoyancy, blitheness, euphoria, exhilaration, lightheartedness, joviality, joy, joyfulness, joyousness
            “we could not hold back our mirth”

            I’m giving Trump the benefit of doubt one reason really mainly is I see all the people who are against him and all, AALLL, are just demagogues using big words or then just say propagandists and I don’t like them they’re more for the criminals than the law-abiding citizens. Peppy demons? Like Pepsi. Peptide. Whats peptide again? Maybe Serotonin and Dopamine, neurotransmitters. Its when these malfunction you get your demonic possession preconditions, they go to receptors that don’t appreciate their company, they want endorphins or something else, so the limbic hippocampus central nervous system gets wind of this situation then yeah you’re all primed for peppy demonic possession umm syndrome. De-monic .. peppy energy is probably a little bit of something everyone has save Jesus.

            • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

              Cy, watch those mood-enhancers! Double-you Bush fainted more than once while in office, in spite of all those vacations, and the whole world saw his catatonic fit when he was informed of the 9/11 disaster–he only recovered when he heard some rich Saudis needed permission to flee!

              • Catatonic .. he was continuing to engage the class for twenty minutes. Then after that he had nothing to do with nothing, Dick Cheney was running the show. Now what, you got Sr. voting for Clinton? Its the Bush -Clinton-Obama axis of Keynesian governance borrowing to fund growth and losing a lot of money to the banks because the borrowing doesn’t create growth, then there is this thing called “carry trade” and its like its a built in profit for the banks when the Federal Open Market window thats the Fed sets a number of how many bills treasury prints banks have privilege of this “carry trade” thing (a charging of the gov 1% for handling cash) Janet Yellen is just another Keynesian keeping interest rates around zero Democrat. Trump
                will get a guy who normalizes money printing, Hillary will not. This
                is the most important thing according to the Rothchilds, control of money, and Trump can put a dent in that.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  You’re on to something. Based on all the screaming from the Best and the Brightest that’s directed in Trump’s way, I’d say that his presidency will upset their applecart big-time.

  10. Stalin and Brezhnev would be impressed by the Democrat lying machine says

    I am a physician and have gone over the data that we (the public) have about Ms Clinton’s health issues with many. There is no way she only has a “mild pneumonia.”

    What she suffered on Sunday was an acute neurologic event. Even a severe pneumonia does not cause one’s body to go totally rigid and need to be carried into a van. If she “passed out” or “collapsed” from pneumonia, she would have, well, collapsed. Looking at the video, she did not collapse. She went rigid — she could not even bend her knees or bend her neck. This was an acute neurologic event, and she has had other neurologic events in the past that have been captured on video. The blue sunglasses — just yet another coincidence? Google anti-seizure or movement disorder blue sunglasses and think for yourself.

    And come on, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that if you have pneumonia severe enough for you to collapse, then of course you need to go to a hospital — not to your daughter’s apartment. And a pneumonia bad enough for you to pass out and then suddenly you are better 90 minutes later and out hugging children on the street? Are most Americans really that dumb? I guess she and her team think so.

    Others have made the case that Ms. Clinton by now has advanced Parkinson Disease, and these public neurologic episodes are manifestations of the PD, when her carbidopa/levodopa meds wear off. This is very reasonable and is the best explanation I have seen at this time of her symptoms. PD can lead to recurrent aspiration, hence the frequent and recurrent coughing. The seizures, neurologic events, acute rigidity that then wears off shortly after more meds are given — it all fits.

    When reading the news these days, I feel like I am in La-La land — as if we all see that the Emperor Has No Clothes, yet we are not supposed to say it. Everyone is supposed to maintain the charade. Stalin, Brezhnev, and Lenin would be undeniably impressed. The only thing left to do is to shoot, torture, or send to the Gulag “reeducation camps” those who dare to ask obvious questions and speak the truth.

    My assumption is that the Democrats are keeping the wool over as many people’s eyes as they can for the next 2 months in hopes that she can eek out a victory in the Presidential election in November. “Mild pneumonia” is a lot more palatable for the electorate than Parkinson Disease or another neurologic disorder is. Ms Clinton is out of the public eye so much these days that, for anyone else, the sheer amount of absence would doom their presidential hopes. But her health problems make her unable to maintain the normal Presidential campaign schedule. Trump is all over the place, in several states and countries per day, all the time.

    But too many in the government/military/media complex have their resumes and salaries tied to her victory that they will prop her up at all costs. It’s disgusting, nauseating, and embarrassing.

    After the election, if she wins, the neurologic diagnosis will come out (I pray it comes out as soon as possible, though). And, you watch, the mainstream will praise her as a fighter — “look what she has overcome!” It is so utilitarian — “the ends (getting elected) justify the means (the constant lies).” This is truly demonic. Just disregard that neurologic diseases can make someone incapacitated at times and totally incapable of being available 24/7, which is what our President must be able to do. Was she in the midst of an acute PD episode during the Benghazi attacks and thus incapacitated? It’s possible — maybe that’s why people seem to be willing to go to the death before the truth comes out about that.

    Politics aside, Ms Clinton is simply not capable because of medical reasons of being President. Would we then have Ms. Abedin her Muslim Brotherhood friends running the country as Mme. President is stuck in bed in the White House all day?

    • M. Stankovich says

      You are a physician like I’m the Queen of England, and as the old National Lampoon magazine cover stated: “I’m the Queen of England, I love to sing & dance, and if you don’t believe me, I’ll punch you in the pants.” Come on, Mr. Michalopulos, have some integrity already.

    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

      This propagandist is so confident of his or her “diagnosis” that he or she conceals his or her identity! And claims to be a physician! Diagnoses pathologies by scrutinizing the network tv news!

      • Hillary did not have na-monia. Unless you are a naive
        dupe that believes network programming. She is early
        stages Parkinson and four years from now she will be
        like Muhammad Ali. Just only a shell of herself. For all
        her fans out there enjoy while you can soon she will be
        too slow.

    • As a physician myself with the highest pedigree, I suggest you immediately get checked for Dunning Kruger disease. Otherwise you are at risk crossing the road; ending up like famous liberals who failed to look the other way.

      • Michael Bauman says

        HTC clearly has Dunning-Kruger. A woman who has objectively failed at pretty much everything who is yet called “The smartest woman in the world”. Clearly a sexist remark, BTW even if it were true.

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