These Bozos Had Just ONE Job . . .

…and they still screwed it up.

I’m talking about the CDC in case you were wondering.

Here’s the deal: the CDC was too busy fighting racism and staging transgender beauty contests (among other inconsequential boondoggles), to be concerned with anything as mundane as doing what it was set up to do. You know, things like preventing diseases. Or at least setting up contingency plans to handle them should a contagion break out.

Yes, you read that right. The CDC had a $6.6 billion budget.  Remarkably, a significant portion of it does NOT go fighting (or preparing us for) epidemics. They spent precious time and money fighting things like obesity and “studying” gun violence. Not preventing it mind you, but “studying” it. And gun violence is not a disease. But leave that aside.

They also wasted $106 million on a visitor’s center with Japanese gardens (I’m particularly fond of bonsai plants –how do those clever Japanese make those things happen?), $200,000 on a gym and yes, a transgender beauty pageant. They also promoted bicycle paths. I guess that’s one way to combat obesity. (Although, have you ever seen more than a handful of people use many of them?) But there’s more: in 1999, they announced a plan to end syphilis in 5 years. No doubt they were going to create vice squads to combat extramarital sex. Syphilis rates, however, hit an all-time high in 2018 in case you were wondering.

But they also wanted to “battle racism” and in 2011, Hillary Clinton promised us an “AIDS-free generation” using the resources of the CDC. And then in order to “combat obesity”, they gave colleges like LSU over a million dollars to work with local farmers’ markets. And then they used a massive amount of resources to “combat” the opioid phenomenon. In the end, all they accomplished was to make it near-impossible for legitimate patients to be treated for chronic pain.

We could go on. What we are seeing is an example of “mission creep”. Like almost every other alphabet agency that makes up our Federal leviathan, the CDC has strayed from its original mission. Big time. Think of the Department of Justice, which employs SWAT teams to arrest old men like Roger Stone in the wee hours of the morning. Not just SWAT teams but an amphibious fighting force for good measure, in case this 66 year old man and his 72 year old deaf wife tried to abscond by swimming away. Meanwhile illegal aliens roam freely in sanctuary cities killing and raping young girls.  And in this new crisis, people are thinking now might be a good time to let convicted criminals roam the streets or ignore crime all together by keeping their police force behind closed doors.  

But back to the issue at hand. The CDC’s laboratories were found to be infested with mice and rats and have leaky ceilings. (I guess if I were some desk-jockey, I’d rather spend time in a Japanese garden or riding on a bike path, too.) Could they not at least have anticipated the fact that we were woefully short on ventilators in the event that there was a respiratory pandemic, something they have been predicting for years?  I mean, how many man-hours would it have taken for some bureaucrat to sit at his desk and look up this information up on the internet?

Enoch Powell said that the first role of government is to stop preventable evils from occurring. I would add that falling short of that, their next role would be to anticipate them. That’s why we have government; ideally anyway. Corona and any possible responses to it could have been anticipated. Think Ebola, Swine flu, Bird flu and others. This wasn’t the CDC’s first rodeo.

According to the historical record, we’ve had four pandemics in the past one hundred years –that’s one every 25 years on average. In reality, we’ve had three within the last fifty years. Any bureaucracy associated with health care and not corrupted by political correctness would have hunkered down and done its job, which is preventing and/or anticipation contagion. Obesity could have been left to the USDA and racism to the Justice department. The opioid crisis is best left to the DEA. Eradicating AIDS and syphilis (which is impossible) is the purview of local health departments.

We actually dodged a bullet with Ebola but it was only through God’s mercy that we did so. During the outbreak, the CDC allowed medical personnel infected with Ebola to avoid a quarantine and interact with Americans until they showed undeniable symptoms of the disease. Worse, there were no protocols in place for treating those who were possibly infected with the disease, thus further exacerbating its release inside the United States. In addition, they mishandled live samples of the virus.  And remember, Ebola is 95 percent fatal.

If there is a silver lining to the present pandemic, it may be the people rising up and demanding a more streamlined government. Federalism could result. Dimly, I foresee the possibility of Trump taking down of the Federal Reserve system. (He got them to decrease interest rates to zero percent.) But I doubt it. If anything, the more hysterical we become, the more that the Corporate Media screams, the likelier it is that our government bloats even more.

OK, enough with the snark. Perhaps the biggest silver lining is that we all come closer to God. I know churches are closing but I take much solace from the encyclicals of several of our bishops (note I did not say “all”) directing that Divine Liturgy be celebrated if only with a skeleton crew. It is through the Divine Liturgy that grace enters the world and that charism is most needed right now. In the meantime, several of our jurisdictions have printed Typika services which can be downloaded on the internet for family prayer.

Likewise, I am heartened by the attitudes of ordinary people who are going out of their way to help their neighbors. Sometimes it’s the little things that count. If you’re financially able to do so, I recommend that you order delivery service from local restaurants so that they can avoid shutting down. Things like that.

Anybody who has any ideas can bring them forward.*

In the meantime, let’s pray for each other, our nation, our leaders and for those who are afflicted.

Be not afraid.

*While we’re on the subject of silver linings, I see a few: I would be tickled pink if the vast majority of colleges and universities close down. They’re a bloody racket where families pay close to $100,000 for the pleasure of seeing their children indoctrinated in cultural Marxism. Seriously, all we need are STEM schools that teach the hard sciences and do actual (i.e. real) scientific research. There’s nothing more useless than a degree in Latinx or Feminist studies, Critical Legal theory or Queer studies. Don’t believe me? Ask a barista in Starbuck how much s/h/xir owes on their student loan. I go there for an overpriced vanilla bean frappe, not to hear a lecture on Foucault or Derrida. I imagine you don’t either.

Silver lining #2: Patriarch Bartholomew’s “apostolic journey” to America has been cancelled. I’m particularly happy that we won’t hear some turgid commencement address on the environment at Notre Dame this May. I’m also not sure how he’s going to demote the eight GOA metropolitans back to bishop status now. He could do it with the stroke of a pen but the optics would have looked better had he done it at some speech with all eight of them standing behind him on some stage. In any event, I guess he’s going to have to do it because some of these metropolitans are giving the new archbishop heartburn. (If he can’t bring the GOA to heel then how’s he going to dragoon the other jurisdictions into his new “autocephalous” American Orthodox Church?)

Silver lining #3: COVID-19 has another beneficial side-effect in that it may cure TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Within 48 hours, the talking heads on CNN actually praised Trump. So did Joe Scarborough over at MSNBC. And now Ilhan Omar has praised the Trumpster as well. It’s like we’ve been transported to some bizarro world where nothing makes sense. *sigh*.


  1. The CDC has been incompetent for a very long time.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Truly, I had no idea how incompetent and scientifically incompetent it has been.

  2. Michael Bauman says

    George, as the son of a highly knowledgeable, innovative and nationally respected public health officer who graduated in 3 years from med school in the top 10% of his class after starting at age 40 and completing with honors the 24 month Masters of Public Health program at Harvard in 18 months one assertion you make is flat wrong.  Gun violence is a community health problem.
    That does not mean the CDC approached the problem well, but it is an appropriate task. Supporting and encouraging local health departments to create and execute community programs to diminish gun violence would be more appropriate. 
    But, our federal government used to have a department of eugenics too. Both my Grandmother and her sister were part of that department.  God forgive them. 
    STEM education without also being educatedc in language, history and philosophy will be really bad.

  3. Gail Sheppard says

    Death rate in U.S. from coronavirus is down to 1.3% (03/20/2020). [Edited]

    Total cases: 15,219
    Total deaths: 201

    The reason the mortality rate is important isn’t because it is a predictor of how many people will get sick.  100% of us have no immunity so it is presumed if we are exposed to it, we will all get sick.    

    The reason the mortality rate is important is because they have been using it to justify dramatically restricting our freedoms. People are going without paychecks and businesses are suffering.  If all this is/were warranted, then no one would question it.

    According to the CDC, influenza was associated with more than 35.5 million illnesses, more than 16.5 million medical visits, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths last year.  On average, flu season lasts about 13 weeks.

    We’re almost 4 weeks into this thing with the coronavirus.  Even if we had 201 deaths a week for 13 weeks (a total of 2,613 deaths) we wouldn’t even come close to seeing what we do with the flu.

    Instead of increasing, the mortality rate is actually decreasing and social distancing didn’t start until this week.  This could mean that many more than we realise have been exposed to the virus and have come out the other side.  In other words, maybe we don’t have to tank the economy.  It seems to be leveling out itself.

    • GSV Death and Gravity says

      Those numbers are already obsolete. 18,170 confirmed cases, 241 deaths. That’s 1.33% not 0.04%
      And the number of cases is far greater than confirmed, we just don’t know how much yet, and correspondingly how many deaths have gone unattributed.
      NYC is turning into Italy as I type this. You’re about to see why entire states are going into ‘shelter in place’.
      Remember, as resources hit capacity, the young are going to get prioritized even though the elderly are most likely to die without it.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Please provide links. I’ll provide one from the CDC that seeming supports 1.3%, as well, albeit with different numbers.

        I think it’s high unlikely that in the throes of a pandemic, too many deaths have gone unattributed but it’s a possibility that some exist. We don’t know the number of cases that weren’t (and may never be) confirmed, but we do know that they exist and we do know that if they could be counted, it would drive the mortality rate down even lower.

        The numbers don’t support that NYC is turning into another Italy.

        The young should be prioritized, all things being equal. The hope would be that none of the elderly have to die due to the lack of access of care or supplies. This is AMERICA! We’re not like any other country when confronted with a problem. At the end of the day, it is my belief that we will figure it out.

        • GSV Death and Gravity says

          The CDC numbers there are only updated once daily. Multiple news organizations and open source projects (i.e. ) are aggregating data and will be a bit more ‘current’. The numbers I pulled were off a CNN health tracker which is above what the CDC reported for today, but almost certainly below what they will report tomorrow.
          The United States is flying so blind on testing coverage that it is a certainty that there are deaths going on that lack a positive diagnoses for COVID-19. When the dust settles people will be able to go back and try and pick out the numbers based on historical contrasts.
          NYC is already starting to drown:

          Major metro areas don’t have the testing resources to even attempt containment:

          This is not the flu. At this point the US will be extremely lucky to get through the year with under half a million deaths. I would like to be wrong. It is unlikely that I am.

          • BS,
            Regular flu is dramatically more deadly in the US at this point.  The fear mongering is politically motivated.  No one is that stupid.
            Think H1N1.  This one probably got here earlier than we have realized, around the time of the first reported US case.  When it is all said and done, it will appear on page A14 of the Times and Post next year that all of the preventatives were unnecessary and too late to have had much effect.  The travel ban from China was probably the one really effective action to have been taken in time.
            Bear in mind, we didn’t know how relatively overblown H1N1 was until over a year from when it arrived in 2009.  Ye of little faith . . .

            • Antiochene Son says

              How is it politically motivated when most deaths at the moment are outside the US? And Trump is taking it so seriously he will probably sail to reelection. 
              It’s dangerous to compare an ongoing situation to past situations. At one point in 1918, the Spanish Flu had killed less than the common cold, but it would have been wrong at the time to dismiss it on those grounds.
              We don’t know what’s going to happen, but the powers that be are extremely spooked by it. So it’s kind of hard to think it’s all fake. 

              • No.  Their original plan was that he would dismiss it as totally overblown (which it is), keep his head and try to compete with them, the MSM, trying to calm the public while they are screaming “fire”.  But he outflanked them.  “You want a crisis?  Fine, we’ll make it a crisis.  And I will lead us confidently and optimistically to victory over this Chinese virus (have to get that gem in) and you will be left in the negative, cheering to fearmonger for a virus you know is way overblown and destined to pass relatively quickly (since it’s little more than the flu).  Thus I will win 45 states instead of 40 and Fu2.”. The American people will be calling him “Uncle Don” before it’s all said and done.  U watch and see.

      • “the number of cases is far greater than confirmed, we just don’t know how much yet, and correspondingly how many deaths have gone unattributed.”
        Well, the death is quite noticeable, while the case of light illness might be taken as common cold or flu. So the real death rate is probably much smaller.
        The way to verify it is to see how many tested positively get really sick.

        • If it were anywhere near as bad as they are saying, there would have been a HUGE spike in Influenza Like Illness beginning back in January greatly outpacing the common flu. Common flu has killed over 23000 so far this year.

    • Michael Bauman says

      Latest news from Kansas: 55 cases, 2 deaths both in KC area. Only four cases my area (Wichita and surrounding 1 in Wichita proper).  45% in the KC area. 

    • Gail Sheppard says

      We were talking about the numbers as of March 20 on March 20. The first stay-at-home orders here were issued the previous day. No one was telling anyone what to do, but Gavin.

    • The numbers are inflated; that’s pretty obvious by now.

      • ROU Killing Time says

        Opposite. Already looking at raw mortality numbers, COVID-19 deaths are certainly undercounted:

        • And so are the infections, as shown by the Stamford research.
          Even the official White House press team are in on the jig:

        • “Already looking at raw mortality numbers,
          COVID-19 deaths are certainly undercounted”

          Not in New York, it seems:
          “New York City added nearly 4,000 people who never tested positive for the coronavirus to its death toll Tuesday, bringing coronavirus-related deaths in the city to around 10,000 people.”
          William Davis, Reporter; April 14, 2020

          • ROU Killing Time says

            You’ll be seeing more probable cause estimates as time goes on. The UK death count is likely more than 2x the official count at present:

            COVID-19 looks like it has killed 40,000 people in the UK in the past four weeks.

            Ireland has faired significantly better than Northern Ireland:

            • “The UK death count is likely more than 2x the official count at present”.
              I don’t think so. I think the real UK death count is much, much less than they are trying to tell us it is – and their own figures bear me out.
              Here’s why: ”
              Each day, the UK’s Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) releases a report titled “Daily number of COVID-19 associated UK deaths in hospital”.
              The media then report these numbers as the “daily death toll”, presenting the total as if all these people:
              A) Died of Covid19.B) Died in the preceding 24 hours.
              Neither of which is true [my emphasis].”
              The liars are double-counting, again and again and again…
              As for your claim” “Ireland has faired significantly better than Northern Ireland”, if you check the excess mortality figures for week 16/2020, you will see that Northern Ireland, like Eire, has recorded zero excess.
              Interestingly Sweden’s excess mortality rate (which in weeks 14 and 15 was very high) has now fallen to ‘very low excess’ – and Sweden did not shut down the economy or even the schools.

              • ROU Killing Time says

                Let me start by describing the accurate quibble: some, but not all UK news sources incorrectly categorize a particular report as being COVID-19 deaths that occurred in the past 24 hours, rather than deaths that were registered in the past 24 hours. Some of the citations made this error, some did not. The report itself clearly states the nature of the data, as the blog article you linked admits.
                This does not, however, mean that either the media or the UK government is engaging in malicious lies, double-counting deaths, doing random accounting, or anything of the sort.
                As we dig into the data, it is a distinction they should really be making, but it does not affect topline numbers in relation to total deaths.
                April 10 is the actual report date that had 980 recorded deaths for the UK as a whole. When restricted to England, that number is 886.
                Now, the other set of data is essentially a workset that tracks over time the count of deaths that occurred on a specific day being registered on particular future day. And again, April 10 recorded 886 new deaths for England, but those registrations were of deaths that occurred over a longer period of time.
                So how ‘stale’ is that 886 total? The data is there: 80% of those 886 deaths occurred in the previous four days, and 93% occurred in the previous week.
                So, how many people actually died *on* a 24 hour period over April 9? The second data source does provide that information: as of April 23rd, 717 for England. That number may go up a few cases yet, but not by any meaningful amount at this point.
                While this is less than 886, it does not mean that the total death count reported on April 10 was wrong, or that those 886 people didn’t die, or that people are double-counting or inflating numbers somewhere. It just means that there is an inherent latency in recording deaths that happened on a particular day.
                Finally, as the Financial Times article I linked noted, those NHS figures are a subset of COVID-19 deaths specifically in the category of hospital deaths.
                After that whole exercise, I think it should make sense when I say I’m noting what the W15 and W16 Z-score numbers are now on 4/23 for Sweden (10.91, 3.94), England (19.47, 19.99), Scotland (16.93, 10.13), and Northern Ireland (6.50, -0.83) and will recheck what they are in a few weeks.

  4. Sigh.  Can you imagine what would have happened in around 1981 if the CDC had responded to hiv with the same resolve as now?  How many hundreds of thousands would not have died?  The very mention of isolating those + for that virus and one was a nazi.  Some viruses have civil rights.  I expect an hiv particle can vote.  It’s certainly a protected entity.  It still continues, by the way.  In Washington state KNOWINGLY transmitting hiv is now a *misdemeanor* where it was once a minor felony.  That’s how weird it can get.  If the new virus were sexually transmitted (primarily) it would have the same sanctity.  Our society is very odd.

    • Johann Sebastian says

      Which is precisely why the young should not be prioritized when it comes to treatment. And by young, I mean those in the 20-50 year-old range. They’re largely set in their ways and those ways are fully in line with the cultural rot of the past 60 years. Younger ones can still be taught correctly. Older ones can live the remainder of their lives in peace or reverse the current trend by reasonable instruction—on second thought scratch that. I’m realizing now that the present cohort of elderly people were born in the 1930s-1950s and many of them bought into the social experiments of the 1960s.
      In any event, a world without millennials would be far more sane than the one we are now living in.

      • As would a world without Boomers. Remember, the Millenials were born in a society created by Boomers. Everyone is to blame for this madness. It’s because we all abandoned God.

  5. Antiochene Son says

    I was critical of Trump’s initial response, and I do still think we lost 7-10 days of prep time when he seemed to be in denial. But he has stepped up in a big way–blowing up the economy that was his crown jewel in order to save lives was not an easy decision.
    If Trump is anything, he’s a comeback artist. If the virus can be defeated in a timely fashion, I do think the economy can be resurrected. But it might take more draconian measures than we have seen, with stupid kids and deniers like Bill Mitchell still out there. 
    However, we can’t just snap our fingers and go back to normal. Hong Kong tried that last week after dropping below 50 active cases, and they’ve seen an explosion of new infections, more than they had at their peak.
    It’s going to be a long haul. I’m glad that for now, the Dems are largely cooperating. I never thought we’d see that again. It will end of course, but it’s nice to see for now. 

  6. Sage-Girl says

    What relief to have our Wartime President – Donald J. Trump  – Go Trump!??
    Since his return trip from India where the Hindu people showered him with adoration – life in USA has completely turned upside down. Thank goodness for brave wonderful priests during this horrific time aka this WWlll?? Pray for them + all those in the front lines !

  7. I would like to see a focus on solutions that mitigate the worst affects of the disease.  Stop looking for magic bullets and learn to live with the virus.  Is the country going to shut down in six months when there is a flare up again?
    If the symptoms are mitigated then the lockdowns are unnessesary.  I fear too many people are focused on wanting to make the virus go away when all that is needed is mitigation.  Oh, and let’s see public testing of different studies.  Does Vitamin C reduce severe symptoms, for example, and knock it off with the knee jerk rejection on non-vaccine solutions

  8. U c, when i look at the numbers coming out of China, Italy and the rest of Europe, S Korea and the US, and I look at the statements and political rhetoric of liberals v Trumpistas, I have to see the whole thing – not just an aspect, but the thing in its entirety – as almost purely political.
    It makes sense regarding timing.  Mueller was a dud, impeachment fizzled, it’s still an election year and they have to do SOMETHING to save liberal civilization as they know it from the Golden Don’s second term and, finally, their candidate is obviously in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and the only alternative is a Marxist.
    So for them, the sky is indeed falling rapidly.  The only thing they haven’t tried is to manufacture a scandal purely, absolutely purely, from wholecloth based on nothing at all.  With Mueller there were meetings and with impeachment there was a call.  This is their last hope.  If they can’t simply invent something without any material basis AND SELL IT, they are doomed.  
    That’s what this is about.  And it ain’t just American liberals who are in on it.  This is an international effort, as is Trump’s response, you’ll notice.
    There’s a lot of money on the table and this is what ideological warfare looks like at its most insidious.  That is the entire difference between H1N1 and this, all dubious rationalizations to the contrary aside.

    • Tim R. Mortiss says

      Are they dying of it 800 per day in Italy, or is they ain’t, o sage one?

      • Certainly . . .   And they are dying of seasonal flu here at over 280 per day (23000/80), which is completely mundane for the flu.
        The numbers seem large devoid of context, the context of millions of citizens and the rate of death from other causes.
        Recall that Obama did not declare a national emergency until H1N1 had killed over 1000.  Today, we are at about 300 with the Kung Flu.  Rationalize me that, drama king.

        The question is why the early hysteria? How did a relative handful of deaths paralyze the greatest world power? The chance of death for any given person being statistically miniscule, why the national panic attack?

        And the answer to that is purely political.

        • “Snowflake”?  It’s nice to see people on this blog showing the capacity to discuss serious issues with humility and Christian regard for their fellow men and women.  And avoiding overly politicizing the commentary.  It certainly sets a good example.

          • Gail Michalopulos says

            Did you see where Tim called Misha “o sage one” a comment or two before? I just edited out “snowflake” because it bothered you, but I suspect neither Tim or Misha were being all that serious. It reminds me of a Carnac sketch where Ed McMahon would say, “Oh great sage and mystic . . .” and Johnny would say, “Thank you, lover of camels in the heat of the day” or something silly like that.

            • It’s not always easy to tell when someone is engaging in levity.  I had not read the previous exchanges so perhaps I did not have the necessary context.  My comment, however, was intended to be more general, and even so maybe it was directed to a nonexistent problem.

              • Gail Michalopulos says

                Well, in your defense, blimbax, I struggled with it, too, so I looked at the total exchange and discussed it with George. He, of course, is huge proponent of free speech, but knows we’ve gotten in trouble in the past by letting everything go through. It makes readers uncomfortable and we usually see it from people we don’t know. In this case, however, we have two people who are well known by the blog and not strangers to one another. – All this to say, that “I hear you, blimbax.” You weren’t wrong. The blog takes what you’re saying seriously, too.

                • I actually don’t have an issue with the free speech perspective, except if this is a blog focused on Orthodox Christianity one would expect a certain standard of behavior.  Granted, I may have misunderstood the use of what may have been affectionate name calling, with which I have no problem.  Anyway, thank you for your response.

                • I assure u I have nothing but good regard for Timor.  I will tone it down a bit for our gentle readers but I’m used to a little more raucus teasing than most.

                  Also, I should say, the above is just my manner of theorizing re this. Take it for what you paid for it. I do not take myself anywhere near as seriously as some here do.

                  But nonetheless, forgive me a sinner for playing too rough.

                • Estonian Slovak says

                  Thank you, Gail! May I use this opportunity to ask forgiveness of you, George, and anyone else here on this blog that I may have offended?
                      I don’t post so much here anymore, precisely because I don’t wish to be a stumbling block to anyone’s salvation. I thank George for having censured or eliminated some of my worst posts. There were other posts that did get through that I now wish he would have eliminated. God be merciful to us all!

                  • Gail Michalopulos says

                    Well, George probably wouldn’t have been the one to censor anything! I’ve got to admire him. When he says he believes in free speech he means it.

                    Among friends, all can be forgiven.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      ES, except for the general forgiveness that we mete out/receive on Forgiveness Sunday, no forgiveness is necessary from me to you. You have never offended me.

                      And yes, I very much believe in free speech. I’m a First and Second Amendment absolutist.

      • Perhaps this is the answer to your question, Tim:
        Italian doctors have been categorizing all deaths of those tested positive for Covid as due to Covid when only about 12 percent are directly caused by it.  This seems to have wildly inflated their mortality.  800*.12=96 per day.

  9. Christian says

    Your beloved president knew about this in January and said it was no big deal, the stock market was doing great. Who is in charge of the CDC? Your president.  These days he’s out there lying about treatments and masks and putting people’s lives in danger.  You keep on worshiping this guy. The rest of us are going to find a way to get rid of him as soon as possible. 

    • Keep dreaming Christian – President Trump will be re-elected, thank you very much.  ??
      Is there any meds for your TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome?  

    • Hopefully they can find a cure for your “Trump Derangement Syndrome” soon.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Christian, unless you live in another country, Donald John Trump is your president as well.  In very much the same way that the African Muslim who preceded him was “my” president.  As a Christian, I prayed for Obama at every service I attended.  Why?  Because St Paul said I should.  
      You might pick up a Bible and see what it says about praying for those in authority over us.

      • Sage-Girl says

        Thanks George — & don’t forget many years ago I remember our dear President Trump warned us on China ??…
        & look what they gave us: a global Pandemic!  I personally admire Trump for this, to me he sees through it all & calls a spade a spade ♠️.
        Hey-  Commander In Chief is also a Naustradamus! 

  10. Antiochene Son says–terrifying-lung-failure-from-covid19-even-in-his-young-patients
    Healthy 30, 40, 50 year-old men drowning in their own blood.
    “It’s just the flu, bro”
    This shouldn’t be called COVID-19, it should be called SARS-AIDS.

  11. Paschalidis says
  12. GSV Death and Gravity says

    Sunday morning link round-up:
    Even with limited testing, it looks like you can see the difference aggressive action makes in slowing the growth of infection on a state by state basis:
    Africa is not going to be spared:
    The UK is on a very grim trajectory in terms of deaths:
    A dynamic data visualization of how COVID-19 became a global pandemic:
    When a domain expert has to take the time to tell you that you have no idea what you are talking about:
    A clear visual example of what stay-at-home is meant to do:

  13. Thinking strategically for a moment, there is one consideration which might justify a national shutdown like we’re seeing now. 
    If we treat this like a crisis, which is not up to the president but rather the press, and they have made their irrevocable decision, then it may be better to go full bore and overkill as an object lesson to would be Islamic or Chinese biological warriors that we are not easy targets for a weaponized Ebola or MERS type attack.
    All an enemy actor (Al Qaida, ISIS) would need to do is manufacture an aerosol delivery agent and introduce it into the ventilation system of a mall near a major airport.  Clancy mused about that possibility in his book, Executive Orders.

  14. George Michalopulos says

    More evidence of chaos early on at the CDC:

    One job, that’s all they had: one job.

  15. There is a Saint Corona who, according to a newspaper article, some pray to for help with illnesses. She was martyred in Roman Syria in 170 A.D. during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. The article says the Eastern Church celebrates her feast on November 11, adding that the date is according to the Julian calendar. What I found interesting is that her relics are kept in a cathedral in northern Italy, which is the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic in Italy. As an aside, the article stated that the western Church considers St. Edmund Martyr of England as the patron Saint of pandemic victims.