The World According to Gail: The Swedes Agree!

Well, lookee here:  “In the Race for Immunity, Sweden Leads the Pack”.

According to La Sheppard, way back in March, what we should have done is rush toward “herd immunity” just as fast as our little feet could carry us.  She rightly assumed the greater part of the population would be exposed to COVID and recommended several steps, which in retrospect, were eminently reasonable and far less painful than what the “experts” recommended. 

 This was her plan:    

  1. Identification/Risk Stratification:  Determine an individual’s risk score through voluntary, free testing.  Risk scores are numbers that represent how likely it is that a person will need a certain kind of care, based on their complications and co-morbidities.  The higher the score, the more vulnerable they are.  At the time, we worried about overwhelming our healthcare system.  We had to protect the vulnerable and keep them out of the hospital until we had the resources in place to care for them and we had to have a way of identifying them.  Many people don’t know they’re at risk for something until it happens to them.  We needed mass testing for diabetes and hypertension at a minimum, as well as other conditions that make one less able to fight off an infection, to see who was at risk.   
  2. Accelerate Herd Immunity:  Get as many healthy people out in the community as possible to move the population beyond the apex, eliminating potential carriers as quickly as humanly possible.    
  3. Amp up the Economy:  Keep businesses open for as long as possible, encouraging healthy people to frequent them, to give employees and business owners a financial cushion should the worst happen.  (In March, we didn’t know what to expect. )
  4. Have a Release Plan:  Protect the weak by having a release plan based on the individual’s need (risk score) to insure we have the required resources in place so everyone receives the care they need, if/when they need it.  The sickest would be the last to be released for that’s when there would be the fewest carriers and the greatest number of healthcare resources.
  5. Increase Compliance:  Increase the likelihood of compliance through incentives.   

Frankly, the Swedes could have taken a lesson or two from her.  (Maybe they did?)  Similar steps implemented in Sweden helped those lucky Nordics now on their way to acquiring herd immunity.  Even better, they didn’t crash their economy.


  1. The Democrat socialists invented the fake Russian collusion and they invented a fake impeachment. When it all crashed and burned, they sold hysteria to the masses based on a virus and shut down the economy (and our Churches). Tom Wolf (PA) is one of the dictator Governors. Let us see what Wendy Bell has to say.

    • cynthia curran says

      You live in Pa. Pa is not Texas. People on the right should know this. Pa goes back and forth between the parties at least Wolf can’t run next time.

      • “…at least Wolf can’t run next time.”
        Thank God.

      • Unfortunately Texas may not be “Texas” much longer, for multiple reasons.  Dallas and Houston already are not.   Every vote truly counts now.  

  2. Sage-Girl says

    Javits Centre in NY set up as a Covid hospital has shut down, they had No patients 

  3. Fr.Deacon John says

    The Democrat Party has had absolute control over the two major cities in PA, Philly and Pittsburgh, for decades.  The surrounding counties of both cities also.  The people there are still in that union mentality mode and Democrats-good, Republicans-bad, thought process.  You get what you vote for and elections have consequences.  If Pennsylvanians want change, they need to start changing their ways, starting in the voting booth.

  4. In the aftermath of VE Day, may I recommend an article on some of the fallout of another epidemic of darkness, World War II:

  5. Stephanie says

    Mikhail, Thank You for posting the Wendy Bell Radio show!

  6. WanderingFool says

    Now is the time for the second American Revolution….we have to stop the InSanitocracy and its dictatorship before this they suspend all civil liberties and plunge us into totalitarian darkness…add Gov. Inslee to the list of tyrant governors who need to be toppled:

    • WF,
      Your observation brings up an excellent point and a discussion that should be underway in conservative circles:
      Given the totalitarian nature of the Left unmasked by the Trump presidency and the lockdown, including that of the MSM, are we aiming for a restoration of a functional Constitutional Republic on the model of the Founding Fathers . . . or do we want the Right to prevail?
      Theoretically speaking, these are not mutually exclusive objectives.  However, as a practical matter one must choose ones real goal since they will lead to different tactics and perhaps a different result. 
      I want the Right to prevail.  I could not care less about the Constitution,  It has failed.  Human depravity gutted the Constitution and turned it into the “Living Constitution” nightmare we have now.  Restoring it is too little too late since you’re inviting the Left to redefile it if you leave them viable.  There is no one with whom to dance.  Conservatives may have the best of intentions toward restoring our foundational principles, but half the country rejects the entire project and so it is not feasible now, nor will it become so without the destruction of the political base of “resistance”.
      The thing that far too many conservatives can’t grasp is that they cannot continue to share power with the Democratic Party, a party hellbent on their destruction.  Self-defense requires the destruction of the Democratic Party, root and branch.  There is no other way.  If it is impossible, we have lost.  All they must do is survive long enough to win another national election.  We have come to the point of no return.  This is where the trigger pullers are separated from the barking dogs.
      Two other observations:

       Trump has moved some way toward restoring American Conservatism to Classical Conservatism – the True Right, the governing philosophy of kings.  He has done this by abandoning the Republican tendency toward libertarian fiscal restraint and opening up options regarding fair trade.  Had the Republican Party not been as stingy as it has regarding spending, it would have pulled the rug out from underneath the Democrats because that is their strong suit, bribery.  Classical Conservatism had no problem with public largesse. 
      There is still a stark divide to be exploited between the Liberals and the Socialists in the Democratic Party.  Biden is probably a placeholder.  Hillary may re-emerge or someone else may take the helm.  At that point, the Bernistas may revolt and this would be quite excellent.  Destroying a political party is not an easy feat but it helps if the party has a natural fissure running right down the center which can be exploited and exacerbated. 

      In the end, you want a Democratic Party (ideally in pieces) that one mentions in the same breath as the Reform Party and Libertarian Party; i.e., one that cannot win a presidential election or hold congressional majorities in either chamber.

  7. GCU Except at Waffle House says

    So, in actuality Sweden is not really any significantly closer to herd immunity than other European countries or the US. The Swedish government had been estimating infection in Stockholm (the city) to be as much as 25% of the population, but the extrapolations were only to like 6-7% of the country as a whole. They’ll probably be releasing more data soon. But that isn’t out of line with hotspots in Italy, or NYC, and countrywide isn’t significantly higher than recent seroprevalence surveys in France and Spain.
    It is also important to note that Sweden is not immune to the economic effects of the pandemic, the projected economic contraction for Sweden in upcoming quarters and for the year as a whole is pretty much in line with other western European countries.

  8. ‘Sweden is not really any significantly closer to herd immunity
    than other European countries or the US’
    Nor is it any worse off. It is in the middle in everything except one: Sweden still has a functioning economy. Doubtless that economy will contract, but in a more gentle deflation than the abrupt crash of its trading partners. I know which I would prefer.

  9. George Michalopulos says
    • RIP (reluctant internet poster) says

      I saw that the other day.

      ” Germany, with better testing and contact tracing and more intensive care units than its neighbors, could afford to keep the economy a bit more open. Greece, by acting quickly and surely, appears to have avoided the worst, so far….

      The Covid-19 experience has taught us that it’s far better to respond quickly and smartly, with the right technology and mass testing and tracing, rather than only relying on the crudest of shutdowns.”

      Indeed. We acted neither quickly (Greece) nor smartly (Germany). But, as I understand it, the institutional capacity of their health care system is better than ours, hence why we weren’t left with much choice but to lock down to try to avoid ours being overwhelmed.

  10. Perhaps this is a reason why the Swedish death rate is
    not significantly lower than that in the lockdown states:

    “Sweden uses euthanasia ostensibly for COVID-19 treatment of elderly”

    “Swedish hospitals often do not help even the elderly who
    have a chance to be cured of the coronavirus and survive.”–smi

    • cynthia curran says

      Lockdown Los Angeles does worst than other counties around them less  lockdown. A lot of the problem is nursing homes. Unlike the Swedes not many people are put to death that are old.

  11. Gail's Husband says

    COVID-19 death rate (according to the CDC), 0.26%:

    Gail & I will gladly accept your apologies now.

  12. wwcaterson says

    And closer to home: an excellent article on Gov. Ron DeSantis’ and his strategy for re-opening (actually it was an all-team, full court press strategy with many local community leaders involved, but he’s the Gov). I’m glad I live in FL!

  13. George Michalopulos says

    More on the success of Sweden, the only country to not do a lockdown.

  14. George Michalopulos says

    Mark down another piece of evidence that Gail was correct after all:

  15. FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION PLEASE: Since many of us have dear friends who have COVID who are at risk of not faring well, are not doing well, or have died from it, may I ask everyone commenting on the global/political aspects to say an Akathist to St. Panteleimon or St. Nikiforos or simply a prayer rope for those folks every time you comment about the numbers and how misleading, ridiculous, etc. they are.  Think of the number of prayers there would be for your fellow Orthodox Christians and fellow icons of Christ in the world who need them. Such prayers would truly represent the compassion I believe is in your hearts, but which sadly rarely gets expressed as such when emotions rise about the CDC, etc. And that is why I cannot and do not refer folks to this blog who otherwise would benefit from it enormously.  I entreat you to seek also to address this imbalance in  posts and words and appear as I believe you are and would be in person to these dear Orthodox if not for every icon of Christ in the world ~ the compassionate and loving Orthodox Christians who care for each individual at risk even though you are not.   It’s about Agape.  

    Can’t help myself.  A wonderful Orthodox was just diagnosed who is at risk not through any personal choices, just physiology. I was asked by this dear person not to worry but to commend to Christ’s care. Please join me.

    Thank you in Christ for considering,

    • Gail Sheppard says

      My daughter is currently being evaluated for her symptoms, as well. Seems a number of her close friends have been diagnosed as COVID positive.

      • Praying for her, Gail, to be negative, and if positive that she and each positive friend will be graced by God to have a very mild course and be immune forever.  What blessed good news that will be.   Please keep us posted.  
        With love in Christ,

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Thank you, Nicole. I’m not worried at his point; just concerned. So far, she is doing fine. Thank you for your kind words.

  16. The best news, Gail, thank you for sharing.  Glory to God!  
    I understand that the Paraklesis and Akathist to St. Nikiforos and the Akathist to St. Panteleimon are being said for her too.  

  17. George Michalopulos says

    Looks like all the naysayers owe La Sheppard another apology:

  18. George Michalopulos says

    Nicole, you are correct:  if things keep going the way they are, this will probably be the last election in which Texas is red.  
    The situation in America is chaotic however.  Which means that even Oregon can go red.  Here’s the chaos factor in demographic terms:

    Hispanics are reliably Democrat votes however with the horrible violence by African-Americans nation-wide (again, perceived violence by them, as the worst elements of them are instigated to riot by white SJWs), this will harden Mesoamerican hostility against them.

    Anglo (i.e. “white”) migration from California, Illinois and New York previous to the recent festivities was mainly economic.  They went where the jobs were, taking their Democratic voting patterns with them.  This is what has happened to Dallas and Houston.  Now however, whites are fleeing these horribly-governed Blue States not for economic reasons but for their very lives.  In this sense, they are like the massive Cuban migration to the US once Castro took over and started punishing them.  As such, the newer refugees are pretty much red-pilled. 
    Gun sales are going through the absolute roof.  A silver lining of COVID/Floyd is that the issue of the Second Amendment is now off the table for at least a decade –probably for another generation.

     The majority of all demographic sectors in America are 100% against the present violence and mayhem. Blacks are finally waking up to the fact that they have been used as cannon fodder by Democratic elites.  Their neighborhoods are destroyed while the liberal white instigators of all this mayhem are ensconced safely in their gated communities.  Hence the talk about creating a majority-black political party.

    The up-shot is that history never follows a clear trajectory.   While I could see a scenario in which Trump loses the election and the Bourbonista elite of the Democrat Party ensures that the white majority is reduced to Venezuela levels of poverty (the Black Pill scenario), I can just as easily envision a scenario in which all demographic groups in America (whites included) re-tribalize. 

    This would mean that whites would give up their “mom-and-apple-pie/Civics 101” view of America fight for their share of the public fisc just as resourcefully as the minority groups.  I would call this the “Brown Pill”, almost Black but definitely with a white identitarian tint.  (“Brown” is also the color of fascism in many European countries.)

    The “Red Pill with a dash of Brown” option is what occurs when/if Trump wins reelection.  What this means is that the GOP becomes the dominant party but that 45% of Hispanics, 50% of Asians and a 15% chunk of African-Americans band together with 60% of whites every election to enhance their share of the spoils.  

    I would say keep your eyes on the Asian community.  Not only the East Asians but the Hindu/Pakistani fragment as well.   Also watch the Arab/Muslim demographic.  See how much Trump gets of their vote share.  Long-term, the non-black minorities are becoming increasingly Red Pilled.  

    Bottom line:  what has happened because of Floyd is that all non-black segments of the American population are getting severely pissed off.  The irony is that the only allies that African-Americans have outside of their own race are white liberals, that very segment that is leading them down the path of destruction.  

    If you want to know what a proud, intelligent and self-reliant black man felt about white liberals, just watch this video of Malcolm X: