The Webinar

Here it is, folks!  

I heartily recommend it.


  1. Mostly pretty good, I think. I thought though, that with the bullet point “Do Orthodox Christians have any moral obligation to take the so-called “vaccines”/ boosters to “protect others” and obey the government?” Fr. Alexander I think was exactly correct to call this a canard and gas-lighting without a doubt, but a key thing that could have been added here is the fact that “asymptomatic spread” has now been completely, totally and entirely debunked, it is entirely a false construct with maybe some extremely rare case situation with very small window of possibility when someone may be “pre-symptomatic” and already pretty sick but not entirely and they are spreading stuff. However, Mike Yeadon, Peter McCullough and the likes regard “asymptomatic spread” in general just a “non-event” entirely. Even the WHO had initial statement stating that after analyzing numerous data worldwide that they have concluded there is no likelihood of any “asymptomatic spread,” but following day director Tedros had that statement walked back stating “we still do not know yet,” he was lying. So this notion of “vaxxing” because “you don’t know” and “you could have it and not know it” and be giving it to grandma and everyone else all false, all a lie, this was one of the four legs of a chair for vaxx mandate. So if you are sick, you are coughing, sneezing, spreading aerosols and droplets into the air, ones that carry a viral load, then yes, as an “Orthodox Christian” or any other Christian or religion you have “moral obligation” to keep yourself away from others whom you may infect, of course. To “protect others” from your own active infection which may spread. But if you are not sick, then NO, you are not spreading nothing to no one and being “vaxxed” or not vaxxed has nothing to do with nothing. Some other things that were pretty interesting, I liked about “natural immunity” and the archived studies by major universities demonstrating the conclusiveness of its effectiveness whereas “vaxx immunity” is only masking and not any kind of “immunity,” only thing the vaxxes are “effective” at is harm and injury and fatality, nothing else, maybe also masking of some symptoms at best.

  2. Thank you for this link.
    I was unable to access the webinar live.
    I look forward to viewing it and will pass the link on.