The Truth VS. What You Get with the MSN

I saw this dress on-line and I liked it.  I wouldn’t wear it this way, exactly, (I’d button it up) but it’s a cute dress.  It’s well made and it’s a classic.  You could wear it if for years and it would still be fashionable.     



Now look below.

The “true” dress is on the left.  But what I’d receive if I ordered the dress is the one on the right.   You NEVER get the dress you want when you order on-line unless it’s from a reputable store and this one is from Amazon.  The dress on the right is a knockoff.  A fake.  A poor excuse for the original.  Kind of like the MSM.      

If you want to know about the war in Ukraine, listen to Col. Douglas Macgregor or Scott Ritter  

And if you want to know about the MP, go to the source: 


  1. The. New Three Branches of US Government


  2. All the way back to at least Reagan, the MSM were biased, but not brazenly so for the most part. Beginning with Trump’s trip down the escalator, they morphed into a truly Orwellian Lie Factory, 24/7, no respite, no conscience, no consequences (other than falling viewership).

    It really is amazing that the legacy media have turned into nothing more than the gossip column for the liberal elite, devoid of all factual accountability. But with the Ukraine war, it got much worse, though many thought that might not be possible. Now, regarding the war efforts of the respective sides, the American media simply creates “facts” out of wholecloth and studiously avoids any reportage of reality. It’s really disconcerting when you line it up with the draconian measures during Covid and the bald censorship of recent years. It all adds up to a third world police state – nothing more, nothing less.

    Fortunately, providentially, there is an alternative media which is persecuted to some extent but not sufficiently so that the truth does not get through to some – at least those who are looking for it.

    So it is no wonder that many of us feel like “change”, by any means necessary, is long overdue.

  3. I once ordered exercise resistance tubing instead I got a Chinese trinket in the mail. That’s the last time I order from anyone suspect.

    I don’t like chest pockets but it is obviously well-made. I think the knock off is cuter for my silhouette

  4. Joseph Lipper says

    Gail, not only is the dress on the right a knockoff, but I believe the model wearing it is transgender. Is that the point you are making here?

  5. Toward the end of this Duran episode, Alexander brings up an interesting scenario:

    If Biden is impeached in the House, it is entirely possible that the Senate will balk at trying this thing in front of God and everybody. They all know Biden and have done deals with him in the past so they have some idea of how deep the rot goes, how it would affect Ukraine and international relations, not to mention the careers of some number of sitting Senators.

    His point is that they may go to the Regime like Goldwater did to Nixon and say, “You got to go, for the sake of the country (i.e., to save us the hell of having to live through this sh*t show).”

    That is a distinct possibility.

    This would likely result in a pardon for all the Bidens by Joe, but also for Trump. Why, you ask? Well, Pelosi impeached Trump at the end of his term and the Senate “tried” him after he was no longer in office. A pardon does not stop an impeachment. So even if Joe resigned and pardoned himself, there would be nothing stopping the House from demanding an impeachment trial in the Senate, the very thing everyone is trying to avoid. Their price to cease and desist might be a pardon for Trump.

    Everybody walks.

    It’s possible.

    • Of course, it may not come to that. Obama is lurking behind all this and people are already making connections to Senators involved with Biden. Also, people are beginning to ask about what Jill knew.

      This could snowball quickly. Obama had to be complicit in some of this stuff due to his position over Biden. That too could be the bridge too far. If it looks like Obama might be implicated, Biden might be told to resign to avoid a national conflagration.

      • If Biden resigns or is impeached, doesn’t that mean Kamala is next in line? She’s just as disastrous as Joe.

        • Yes, but Kamala as President would be endlessly entertaining. It’s almost too funny to even think about.

          She would be probably the very first president who had been a high-end prostitute, though LBJ was probably even more lecherous than her.

          She would constantly whine and do her cackly laugh and would incessantly nag the American people that we’re being too hard on her because “being president is just sooooo hard.”

          Part of me wants to see this happen….. It would be the icing on the cake of what a total circus sideshow American government has become.

          With Kamala as President, at least everything would be out on the table, and without a doubt, no respectable leaders in the world would take American politicians seriously anymore. It would be a very clear signal to the American population that we need to stop glorifying insanity and to change our government, and quickly.

          • It would be enormously fun to watch! Although I’ve got to say, I’m going to miss Biden(s) in terms of the entertainment value.

    • I agree.

      Interesting tangent: what about Obama and his sous chef? The whole midnite paddleboarding incident? A connection? Or a distraction?

      • Hard to say. Beware of squirrels. Especially around Bathhouse Barry.

        You also have the UFO distraction being peddled out indiscriminately. Biden’s ship appears to be sinking. But the night is young.

      • Anonymous II says

        Yeah, the midnight paddleboarding incident is weird, for sure.

        There has been a flight of recent incidents lately around ‘leadership.’ For instance, Mitch Mcconnell, Feinstein, Fetterman and Biden (did you catch Biden’s latest ‘remark’ that they cured cancer?)

        Don’t forget, Nancy Pelosi’s husband was literally hammered by a gay prostitute.

        And yet, unfortunately, these days hardly anyone blinks an eye.

        And why not?

        Our cultural and political lives are ripped from a strange dystopian novel:

        1) America is in the midst of a foreign-fueled color revolution
        2) Whose ‘president’ is a worse-than-Boris Yeltsin-like puppet whose strings run into the pockets of satanists
        3) Starting World War III with Russia
        4) And grifters selling an impending climate apocalypse
        5) Where State-sponsored media is in near complete control of the Rainbow Marxist narrative
        6) Project Bluebeam
        7) More, and perhaps increasing, deaths/illnesses from the vax bio-weapon
        8) The coming false union with Rome

        I’m sure there’s more we could add to this list! It might be insightful, for perspective, to lay it all out.

        • Although the West as a whole is losing the war,
          the MIC is most certainly not…

          “Oh! Our weapons aren’t working as well as the Russkies’ weapons?
          Well, you’ll just have to pony up till we build ourselves better ones.”

  6. Dr John Campbell nails the red [warning] flag to the mast…

    The COVID-19 Spike Injury You Need to Know About

    [Video – 13:35]

    “Yes, and how many times can a man turn his head.
    And pretend that he just doesn’t see?” (Bob Dylan)

  7. Christine says

    It’s shocking the difference between MSM’s glowing reports of Ukraine as a nation “pre-invasion” and its saintly leader, versus the real deal. Ukraine should be called out every day for its ongoing child slavery and trafficking under Zelensky and others: Was amazed to actually hear that MSM reported yesterday on the Ukrainian underground baby farms.