The Truth About January 6 – Documentary

Some of this is hard to watch because it shows just how far we’ve fallen.  I was really shocked that this is the first time I ever heard the name, Roseanne Boyland. 

They’re treating the breach of the Capitol building as the crime of the century, but don’t seem to be investigating any of the circumstances that led to the capital crimes with which we are more familiar.  Like murder, for example, which usually brings a lengthy sentence or the death penalty.  Those cases aren’t even being investigated.

Multiple people have been in solitary confinement for the better part of 2 years.  Some of them for trespassing!   Some haven’t even been charged.  Since when is that the law of the land?  

You see, many think this could never happen to them, but if they do it to American citizens who seriously question whether or not we had an honest election, they’ll do it to you when you get in the way of their agenda, too.

We’ve seen what they did with COVID.  We’ve witnessed their fiscal irresponsibility.  We know there is evidence of our biolabs in Ukraine.  We’ve seen our borders open to thousands and thousands of immigrants with no resources on our end to care for them, e.g. healthcare, schools, etc.  We’ve seen people living in the street.  On the West coast, I worked in downtown LA, and I often had to step over bodies not knowing if they were alive or dead.  Feces and needles are everywhere.  Young teenagers on the street would cry to me about having no place to go.  I brought some of them home. 

But this is OK with the people in Washington and they’re going to continue to do these deplorable things.    

With the COVID vaccines, they’re now going after babies and small children.  I realize some parents are going to go along because until now, we could trust there were enough good people in high places that kept the psychopaths at bay. 

Now, it seems the psychopaths are running the asylum.

Let’s say we had a bunch of Yahoos in office who insisted your child speak with a twang because it’s the American way.  They hire speech pathologists who will hold your child back if you don’t comply.  If you refuse, you will go to jail.    

I’d be out there fighting the Yahoos for you.   We need you to fight for us.

We just want to make sure our elections are honest.  Isn’t that something you’d support?  Wouldn’t you want to get to the bottom of this to relax the tensions in this country? 

It seems to me it would behoove all Americans to get involved and speak up.  You’re voters, too!  There will be no peace in this country until we do this. . . together

I say, shake out every single ballot if that’s what it takes to restore the confidence in this country.  I want my country back!   Several million people feel the election was stolen.   We have to address that.

If you don’t think we have a serious problem, this documentary may convince you otherwise.


  1. George Michalopulos says

    Galina, you took the words right out of my mouth. Brava!

    • Gail Sheppard says

      George, I think it’s OK to spell my name as it was given to me.

      I didn’t choose it or choose to spell it this way (Gailina, as opposed to Galina). I am not trying to put on airs or impress anyone. This is the way the priest who baptized me wanted it to be. I wasn’t even going to select this name. I chose Anna because my middle name is Anne. But I was given the name Gailina. This is how he spelled it on my baptismal certificate.

      My family always called me Gaily, so I’m used to the sound.

      He said if I chose another name (Galina instead of Gailina, for example), he would like me to change it, legally.

      I don’t know why he felt so strongly about this in my case, but he did. As far as I know, he’s never requested it of anyone else but I accept it.

      My name, George, is Gailina. You can call me anything you want: Baby, Darlin, Sweetheart, or even Gail. Just not some other version of my real name. Frankly, it would be false piety, on my part, to change my name because of what some people might think.

      I know it’s unusual. I’m not trying to trash the Saints through the spelling. It’s just the name I was given.

      • As Dylan wrote:
        Call me any name you like
        I will never deny it

        And as he nearly wrote:
        But farewell sweet Gailina
        The sky is erupting
        And I must go where it’s quiet

  2. Imagine if Archbishop Valerian Trifa were still around. You’d have quite a different response from the OCA, that’s for sartin’ sure!

    Now if this how they respond to people who vote the wrong way, why would anyone vote this November? Why would anyone vote Republican again if the Gay Old Party has proven that they will allow the Bolsheviks to throw you into the gulag? Is anyone dumb enough to think that the Republican Party represents them?

  3. Sadly, after watching Pence (wearing his “blue” tie) become Judas on January 6th when only days before he told his constituents to “Hold The Line,” I watched with heavy heart the insanity at The Capitol. This was all a setup and the people that stormed it were foolish as I have no sympathy for them. Ashley Babbitt, my condolences to her family, should have stayed home or at least stayed outside in the street. A blind man could see the trap being set, and yet the sheeple walked right into it. And where are the lawyers that led us down the rabbit holes? The Lin Woods’s, Sidney Powell’s, Giuliani’s, and Jenna Ellises? I am still waiting for The Kraken! In fact, I bought Old Spice Krakengard not too long ago because I knew that this was the closest I was going to get to any Kraken, aside from watching that awesome 1980’s movie, “Clash of the Titans.” Very bad optics for Trump and his supporters. Just like after watching Trump’s first debate with Biden, I was embarrassed and frustrated.

  4. The whole system is officially broken it seems. Many of us have had a hunch that since the election was stolen this was the case, however, I am personally waiting till this November to officially confirm those suspicions (as obvious as they already may be). If they already have their litmus test to cheat and win then they will of course do it again come Midterms.

    Of the few commentators I follow they all point to a massive Republican landslide – War, inflation, rising COL, rising gas prices (It’s officially $4.50/gallon where I am now), and now a new horde of migrants coming towards the border – all of this spells a Republican tsunami for the Midterms IF the election is legitimate. I personally think that too many people are disgruntled for them to overwhelm the system again, and too many people will be watching out.

    When you have half the country that doesn’t believe an election was legitimate and that our current Muppet-in-office wasn’t duly elected, not to mention how extremely the country is divided culturally, well you’ve either got a recipe for collapse, or, for a great divorce/Balkanizing.

    1/6 was obviously a false flag, those people will be in jail for who know how long. What will happen to the guy with a gun standing in front of Kavanaugh’s house? Nothing.

    My rules are for thee not for me

    • “IF the election is legitimate”…?

      If there is an election.
      COVID numbers are creeping up
      and there is a monkeypox on the loose…

    • “Muppet-in-office.” Good one! Continued prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and repentance. God’s got this!

  5. Adding to my previous post, if things really, really go south then I’m working on some contingency plans (which everyone should have):

    A) I live in one of the largest cities/metros – 100% leaving
    B) Move near a monastery
    C) Leave the U.S – I have contacts in Georgia who moved there from the U.S and they very much enjoy it.

    Always good to have a backup plan(s)

  6. Μωλον Λαβε says

    Nikita Khrushchev 11/18/1956 – “We will take America without firing a shot, we will bury you, you will rot from within”.
    The US and A started falling apart one sunny day on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, TX.
    Where are we today? Is the water boiling yet? Are you still comfortable? There is no fixing our current sutuation – no way out, but through.

    There are very few countries that I could recommend moving to, which you should have done at a minimum 10 years ago. The US is now charging an “exit” fee. Visas to any country are short-term or conditional, passports requirements are tougher. Speaking the language, knowledge of customs, etc is necessary – don’t be the “Ugly American”. Canada and Mexico are not options.
    There are very few locations in the US that are promising like the American Redoubt, few areas in the southeast, desert, mountains.
    The “safer” areas are being “occupied” by both conservatives and liberals and property values are skyrocketing – the biggest advantage in these areas is they will hold out a bit longer when the rest of the country is swirling down the toilet bowl.
    I have no pity for anyone with normalcy bias or cognitive dissonance lacking – common sence – that is still living in a metro area. If you are not already “bugged-out”, you’re wrong.
    Remember – beans, bullets, band-aids……and banjos!

    • Gail Sheppard says


    • George michalopulos says

      Well, the Afrikaners are positively flooding Siberia where Putin is giving them scads of farmland…

      • Nice, I had seen a while back where that was being offered but I didn’t know it had actually started. Hope they adapt to the new climate well!

        I personally have been considering moving to the Republic of Georgia, at last for a year. I’m part of a telegram group for Orthodox Americans who have already moved there, or, who are interested in moving. As an American you can live there visa-free for a year so the process is a bit easier than Russia.

        I’m waiting till next year because I want to wait and see how the Midterms go. If there’s shenanigans like there was in November 2020, well then that’s about it.