The Truth About Anonymous

Why are hackers like Annonymous, who pretend to be on the side of the “people,” taking out pro-Russian sites, for the CIA?  Even the mainstream media is reporting it.

As further proof, please look at the following.  Though seemingly about the convenience of sharing office space, this article has an entirely different objective and that is to tell us about WePlot and who is sharing office space with whom; more importantly, why.  

New WePlot offices in New York City
GC Newswire
February 28, 2022

The CIA venture capital fund In-Q-Tel has announced it is funding the entire Series A round for co-working startup WePlot for corporate journalists.

The start up was conceived by a former deputy director of the CIA and an MIT professor of business ergonomics who has been on the CIA payroll for decades.

We wanted to take the genius of the community ethos of WeWork and apply it to news agencies and the intelligence community to form one group that fuses all the ways both are making the world a better place. And so WePlot was born,” said Professor Won Long Wang who also serves on the boards of Zoom and TikTok.

WePlot got right to work buying up office space in New York and Washington D.C. The New York Times and Washington Post have announced they are moving their entire foreign correspondent staff, foreign policy staff and politics departments to the new co-working spaces, along with the Atlantic, the Economist and Foreign Policy magazines. ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC all praised the idea for its efficiency in coordinating their daily narratives and will all have teams in WePlot offices.

In New York WePlot will be located across the street from the United Nations, while in the capitol they will be next door to the Cannon House Office building on the hill where it will be easier to meet with Speaker Pelosi’s team on coordinating stories and narratives on race, white supremacy and domestic terrorism. Washington Post Assistant Editor Malik Ahmed said this would streamline coordination processes with CIA officers.

“Sometimes they get stuck in traffic coming to our offices from Langley and we are late for editorial meetings. This just makes things easier if we all show up at the same place. No more scheduling conflicts or issues with technological or cognitive symmetry.”

CIA spokesperson Shirley Jenkins says it works better for the agency for security reasons as well. “The post doesn’t have the kind of robust cyber security measures we do, so by giving them a place where the infrastructure is already in place we don’t have to constantly be checking their servers for breaches.”

She also mentioned the importance of having their cyber hacking team Anonymous in the new WePlot buildings to better coordinate their attacks with corporate journalists and CIA officers. “Anonymous have been an essential part of going after all the targets that the CIA wants them to go after. Having reporters close by who can manage the narratives of their hacking campaigns will be indispensable in convincing people of the righteousness and virtues of their operations.”

They plan to open a west coast co-working office in Los Angeles that would include all west coast newspapers, plus entertainment rags Rolling Stone, GQ, Variety and Hollywood Reporter. Eventually they will go global with offices in London, Paris, Brussels, Toronto, Tel Aviv, Auckland and Melbourne.

The Tech community praised the idea, calling Professor Wang a real visionary. Kara Swisher called him “…a true genius with the insight and pulse of the news and information economies and how they ought to function in a free and open society that values diversity of thought and transparency.”

WePlot has plans to expand in silicon valley with representatives from Google, Apple, Facebook (now Meta) and Twitter meeting with news agencies together in real time to coordinate which authoritative sources will be allowed on their platforms instead of getting daily memos from the CIA.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a statement early today celebrating the start-up, “We need more Wangs out there to probe for the truth. It’s just a big win for democracy and in the war against misinformation.”

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  1. This was a great laugh. Especially the last line:

    “…We need more Wangs out there to probe for the truth…”

  2. “We wanted to take the genius of the community ethos of WeWork
    and apply it to news agencies and the intelligence community
    to form one group that fuses all the ways both are making the world a better place….”

    A better place? For whom?

  3. Hilarious satire! Won Long Wang gave it away, didn’t it?

  4. Anonymous II says

    From another forum:

    When this first kicked off I was wary of two things. The first was that it happened near enough the day that the UK and several other countries basically announced ‘Covid is over now’ with the removal of restrictions. Literally night of the restrictions ending here Putin invaded. This seemed suspicious as heck to me. The next thought I had was that we’ve had the Russian cyber attack narrative fed to us for a while now. My suspicion is that this is just part two of the plan. We will see a massive cyber attack that will further cripple the economy, and manufacture the excuse for tighter regulation on the internet, for digital IDs and all this kind of stuff.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but it just seems like things are moving too fast and too conveniently for this to not be a part of the wider agenda. For this reason my gut tells me that full on nuclear war is not the direction that this will go in. Rather that there will be cyber warfare, that will further pummel the ‘old order’ and usher in the Great Reset, along with whatever else that agenda requires. I am sure we will see escalation, but I can’t see it being on a nuclear scale.

    If there’s one thing that life has taught me, it’s that there is no such thing as coincidence. There was literally zero room to breathe from ‘the global pandemic is done now’ to ‘oh look a massive war’. The idea that it just panned out like that randomly doesn’t seem likely to my mind. I went to bed with the news that all the covid restrictions were gone from that day forth, and the next morning woke up to the news that Russia had invaded Ukraine. The only time things happen that cleanly is when they are scripted…keep in mind, I’m fully sympathetic to Russia’s narrative and their values and clearly, what we’re ‘seeing’ is Orthodoxy vs globalism, and yet…something doesn’t seem right.

    That’s my take anyway. World War III is possible, but it will serve a part of the agenda, and I don’t think its ‘out of control’ enough for there to be nuclear war.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      RE: “Maybe I’m wrong, but it just seems like things are moving too fast. . .”

      Yes, and too purposefully to be random. Right? Someone(s) are driving this and if it’s going how I think it’s going, I’m encouraged: COVID hoax exposed, vaccines exposed, gold-backed currency soon to be a reality, China prevented from pursuing Taiwan due to being financially crippled because of Ever Given being stuck in the mud, Three Gorge dam collapsing, massive freak snowstorms and floods, NIH Biolabs doing G-o-F exposed and bombed in China and Ukraine, freeing the Russian people in Ukraine who wish to return to Russia, picking up people who used to walk the streets of Hollywood involved in pedophilia to the point where other actors are playing actors to maintain their images (and their existence, in some cases), executives with various and sundry tastes in children resigning, the exposure of election fraud (to come), a vacant Buckingham place (only pictures of the queen), Washington DC all boarded up, a president who uses a fake oval office and does not appear to occupy the White House which some say is in demolition mode, the sour face of the Pope when he met Trump.

      Could it be that for the first time the NSA is working for us and not against us and someone is going around telling all these people that everything they wrote, every email, every phone call, here and in while in other countries, was recorded and documented and unless they want it exposed, they have to play by different rules? – Or not. Some of these people are incapable of playing by different rules and we may not be seeing them again.

      • George Michalopulos says

        We can certainly hope so.

      • Realistically, I think what has happened is something I’ve predicted for a long time and what, in their own ways, the late Samuel Huntington and Dr. Steve Turley have said. The rest of the world is getting sick and tired of neo-liberal bs. And it has been slowly turning on them and is now more quickly turning on them.

        I got China wrong. Mea maxima culpa. And understanding the Chinese role in this is vital to understanding the big picture. Many, myself included, had characterized the CCP’s ties to the DNC as one diabolical, globalist monolith. I’m not convinced of that anymore. I don’t think the Chinese are globalists at all. They are nationalists who have exploited the Davos globalists for ethnic Chinese national purposes and interests. That only seems to us in America as if they constitute a seamless garment with the Davos crowd. Recent events belie otherwise.

        The emerging Russia-China-India alliance demonstrates that they, much like MAGA, are in reality anti-Davos, anti-globalists simply pursuing national interests. The Chinese veneer of “communism” probably is what threw many of us off. But to the Chinese, “communism” is just a meaningless word that the dominant party inherited to describe itself but from which it has so morphed as to be non-socialist, yet still authoritarian.

        This does not make them good people. They are heathen. But they are nationalist heathen, not globalist heathen. And we can work with that.

        What this means is that the globalist West is now encircled, so to speak, in a nationalist cauldron. The Russian alliance with China and India and the subsequent Russian affair in the Ukraine indicate that globalism has met its Charles Martel (or its Alexander Nevsky, if you like). Encircled without and embattled within by the emerging Christian Nationalist forces in the West, the neo-liberals and their neo-con enablers are in ideological remission. That’s why their recent activities seem like one prolonged panic attack – because that is what it is in reality.

        The emerging Cultural Nationalist (Orthodox [Russia], Catholic [Poland, Hungary, etc.], Confucian [China], Hindu [India]) backlash has suddenly become quite palpable, with fangs and claws even. It is anti-globalist, anti-feminist and anti-LGBT. It does not see traditional western culture (TradCat, Fundy Protestant) as an enemy, only neo-liberal and neo-conservative modernism.

        What is disconcerting to us is a) the sheer level of fraud, corruption, deception and censorship in the West (which many assumed until now was relatively “free”) and b) the confusion of the talking heads and politicians who – almost all of them – are in well over their heads and are just spouting bs and DS talking points, seemingly having learned nothing from the Russia Hoax which some of them exposed.

        It’s the staggering level, depth and breadth of the rot in the West which is disorienting. We assume that there is some stable, accurate something in our world as against all others and seeing it deconstructed and disproven from all sides is unnerving to many. It just goes to show the completeness of the corruption.

        Now, I should also say, I’m not a cherry and I don’t encourage any of you to be either. Corruption is everywhere and we are talking shades of gray. The real game is not how are these forces fighting. The real game is what are these forces fighting for?

        Russia is fighting for its culture. China is fighting for its culture. India is fighting for its culture. MAGA, it seems to me, is at least to some very, very imperfect extent, fighting for traditional American Christian culture. All of these forces can be described as cultural nationalists. But the neo-liberals and their neo-con enablers are fighting for their sick feminist, LGBT ideology.

        That is the difference. And that is what makes it so shocking to many in the Establishment because they have consciously and unconsciously identified the West existentially with this neo-liberal ideology. That is why it seems like the world is self-destructing around them – because their phronema is materialistic atheism, not any traditional cultural faith.

        “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

        • George Michalopulos says

          Misha, as usual, brilliant analysis.

          If I may add this: Classical liberalism has been institutionally captured by “neoliberals” and “neoconservatives.” They’ve successfully used what was good about liberalism –rule of law, neutral institutions, etc.–to “capture” markets and nations. In essence, they’ve rigged the system in the favor of the cognitive elite who know ways around classical liberalism and/or how to use it to their advantage.

          Libertarians are really susceptible to this type of “principles uber alles” scheme.

          I would also add that traditional Islamic cultures are properly horrified by “liberalism” if by liberalism you mean Drag Queen Reading Hours, gay-pride parades in which men on floats are publicly fellating each other, and “heads of state” like Zelinsky who played the piano with his penis:

          • George Michalopulos says

            Oops, here it is:

          • Thank you, George.

            And yes, you are quite right about liberals and libertarians. You may have noticed that the UAE and the Saudis are not on board with the anti-Russian line. Of course, the Iranians aren’t either.

            This is a white English speaking and Western European fetish, this neo-liberalism.

          • George: ‘Libertarians are really susceptible
            to this type of “principles uber alles” scheme.’

            Marx (Groucho): ‘These are my principles;
            and if you don’t like them, I have others…’

  5. Constantine says

    As someone with years of experience in the Intel community and DoD, I can tell you groups like anonymous and other hacker groups almost always have ties or connections with Intel and security services. I spent 6+ years as a strategic cyber analyst and not once do I remember anonymous targeting US Intel community and other deep state infrastructure or the US global information grid (GIG).
    As for the centralization of news agencies and other media, this is just the logical next step in operation mockingbird. They’re just out in the open now. They don’t care to hide their plans or schemes, because they have, for the most part, rightly deduced that the majority of the sheep…I mean people don’t care.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      In the beginning, maybe two years ago, Anonymous appeared on the scenes to get people to pay attention to the DS. It’s weird because now they’re (Anonymous) are telling us they’re “disappointed” that we’re not backing the people of Ukraine. The voice is different. Maybe it’s not Anonymous. It’s hard to tell what we’re watching these days.