The Trifecta of Tuesday the 23rd


The other day, three momentous things happened.  I will describe them in chronological order:

  1.  The Church of Greece upheld Orthodoxy and stood up to the globalists.  Not only to the State Department but their minions in the Phanar.
  2.  The Texas National Guard defied the Supreme Court and the Federal government, telling them that they are not going to back down from the Border.
  3.  The Golden Don decisively won the New Hampshire primary, being the first man in history to win three New Hampshire primaries in a row.  Not only that, but he increased his vote share by several tens of thousands of votes.  

Going forward, all three of these events have significant geopolitical implications.  (BTW, I fully intend to exposit on them this Saturday, in the meantime, I felt the urgency to write about them summarily.)  Let me begin seriatim:

First, the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece voted unanimously against the Greek government’s plans to legalize so-called same-sex marriage.  This was also a rebuke to Patriarch Bartholomew, who as has long been obvious, is lukewarm on this issue.  It also puts the Church of Greece firmly back in the camp of world Orthodoxy.

To say that this put Bartholomew and Elpidophoros (his exarch in America) on the backfoot would be an understatement.  Yesterday, both men felt forced to issue statements against gay marriage.  (  Although their responses were hardly robust, the fact remains that they had to do something and so, they did.  (One could say that they “generally agreed” with Christianity’s moral tradition.)

In fact, I dare say that the bishops’ pronouncements will derail PM Mitsotakis’ plans going forward as well.  As to how Brussels will react, I cannot say.  (I imagine, they’re not very happy.)  At the end of the day, the Church of Greece gave Brussels, Foggy Bottom and Istanbul a black eye.  Good on them!

I have to wonder how the powers-that-be in the GOA will react to this stunning decision?  Word on the street was that Mitsotakis was going to come to America and further solidify the secularist mindset of the Archon/L100 class.  Among his plans were to make Mrs Bousis an honorary Greek ambassador.  

Last point I want to raise about this issue:  keep your eyes on Metropolitan Nicholas of Mesogaia.  It was he who opened Tuesday’s meeting of the Holy Synod with a barn-burner of a speech.  His passionate arguments made a unanimous vote  inevitable.  This bishop is also a world-class scientist with several degrees under his belt.  The next time the GOA has a vacancy in New York City, they might want to give him a serious look.  They could certainly do worse (and they have).  

So now we go to Texas, more specifically, the southern border.  On Monday, the Supreme Court issued a disastrous ruling.  By a 5-4 vote,* they said that the State of Texas had no standing when it came to enforcing the Southern border.  This meant that the Texas National Guard had to step aside and allow the Federal government to take over.  

To say that this was a kick in the stomach to patriots everywhere is an understatement.  

Regardless, Governor Abbott of Texas defied the Federal government and as of this writing, the Texans have refused to abandon their posts.  In fact, they’re putting up even more concertina wire!  

If the Biden Administration is smart –and that’s questionable–they’ll do the smart thing stand down.  Otherwise, we’re looking at Ft Sumter 2.0.  (Needless to say, I’ll be talking more about this in due time.)

And finally, the third leg of this trifecta was Donald Trump’s magnificent win in New Hampshire.  I will definitely be writing more about this in the near future!

In the meantime, “Remember the Alamo!”

*Justice Amy Coney Barrett went over to the dark side and joined Darth Roberts on this one.  (I’ll definitely be opining more on her apparent conversion.)


  1. The Church of Greece upheld Orthodoxy and stood up to the globalists. Not only to the State Department but their minions in the Phanar.

    Glory to God and Axios to the Churches of Greece, Cyprus, Crete..and dare say even if its lukewarm, the EP, on standing up for marriage.

    The Texas National Guard defied the Supreme Court and the Federal government, telling them that they are not going to back down from the Border.

    Honestly, I say I hope this battle rages until the elections. The border is a huge issue among voters and the Rio Grande Valley of TX, along with San Antonio (Bexar County), have been trending more Republican, partially bc of this issue and partially due to Trump’s growth in popularity among Hispanics. If he’s wise he will hound on this with Texans, and especially Hispanic Texans.

    The Golden Don decisively won the New Hampshire primary, being the first man in history to win three New Hampshire primaries in a row. Not only that, but he increased his vote share by several tens of thousands of votes.

    Makes you wonder what they have in store for him. The next primaries are a little over a month away.

    • Ronda Wintheiser says

      I can’t help but be seriously anxious about “what they have in store for him”.

      Realistically speaking, I don’t think they will let him get anywhere close to the White House… And what more can they do than they already have?

      I think we should pray for him. For his safety.

  2. Joseph Lipper says

    George, how on earth could you possibly arrive at the conclusion that Patriarch Bartholomew was rebuked by the Church of Greece’s statement and that he is somehow “lukewarm” on the issue of same-sex “marriage”?

    The EP’s recent and clear statement on same-sex “marriage” came the very next day after the Church of Greece’s announcement. This is just following protocol. It is obvious that the EP was waiting for the Church of Greece to comment first. It would not be appropriate for the EP to comment before the Church of Greece made their announcement, because the Church of Greece is autocephalous. The legislation in question is also not being proposed in Turkey, but in Greece. However, do note that the semi-autonomous Church of Crete, which is under the EP and not under the CoG, did make their announcement on the issue before the Church of Greece did.

    If anything, the EP’s statement on Wednesday was a clear rebuke to all those who have ignored the Holy and Great Council of Crete from 2016. The EP’s statement reads as follows:

    “We reiterate the binding Decision of the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church, convened in Crete in June 2016. The Council unequivocally stated that ‘the Church does not accept for its members unions of same or opposite-sex couples and any other form of union apart from marriage.’ It emphasized the sacred significance of the union of man and woman in Christ, describing it as a small church or an image of the Church (cf. “The mystery of marriage and its impediments,” I.10 and 4).”

    • Joseph, if you don’t mind, I will address your question in tomorrows edition of “The Saturday Evening Post”.

      Until then, others are open to discuss this matter.

    • Joseph, do you agree the EP is a globalist stooge? Do you agree that the EP, among other things, supports division and confusion?

      The Church’s rejection of sodomy and fake marriage is a rebuke to his handlers, and the EP himself. He is supported by and promotes the spirit of antichrist. That’s not even up for debate. But if you wish to debate it, feel free.

      And the council from 2016 was neither holy nor great.

      • Joseph Lipper says

        Patriarch Bartholomew calls out the “crisis of globalization and liberalism”. That’s even a central theme of his. He says:

        “The end of communism left a great void in a whole part of the world that lived under its domination and in other populations that had invested their hopes in it. The crisis of globalization and liberalism is also creating deep frustrations and dangerous resentments. In this landscape of collapsing materialist ideologies, the spiritual is making a strong comeback. However, this return can constitute a danger, if it is not expressed according to approaches integrating the wisdom of religious traditions drawn from the heritage of the great civilizations of the past.”

        • In 2020 he was at a world religions event where he among ohers took a torch and lit a candle in a chandelier. You can see for yourself at 2 hours 45 minutes in.

          He also praised Pope Francis’ declaration that all religions come from God.

        • Patriarch Bartholomew calls out the “crisis of globalization and liberalism”. That’s even a central theme of his.

          Is it indeed a “central theme”? The world ‘globalization and liberalism’ is mentioned once in this linked article as ‘you blinked you missed it’ footnotes, without any specific critiques for that matter (it merely says ‘crisis’: we are left to interpret what that means). The central theme and ‘problem’ of Bartholomew’s Abu Dabi speech is the Russian administration and Patriarch Kirill. No surprise there.

    • That Crete Statement is heretical it does affirm same sex marriage. Hence it says it does not accept as it’s members homosexual or heterosexual couples cohabitating. But they do if married. So if the state recognizes homosexuals as married so will they.
      I saw this glaring loophole as soon as this document was released years ago

      • Good call, Kosta!

      • ‘…if the state recognizes homosexuals as married so will they.’

        They are (or are supposed to be) an Orthodox Christian Church.
        Why should they outsource their opinion to a secular state?

        • The reason why they would outsource it because European Orthodoxy has always played second fiddle to the state. The Church of Finland celebrates Pascha on the old reckoning because the state recognizes the Gregorian Easter as a holiday. The Church of Greece adopted the new calender because the state demanded they do. Orthodox marriages in NYS requires a NY state licence and no bishop dares to marry anyone without it, even if they have a New Jersey marriage license (so much for separation of church and state)
          This is what article 10 from the document on Marriage says from the Crete Council:
          The Church does not allow for her members to contract same-sex unions or any other form of cohabitation apart from marriage. The Church exerts all possible pastoral efforts to help her members who enter into such unions understand the true meaning of repentance and love as blessed by the Church.’
          Why did they add the phrase “apart from marriage” when mentioning these alternative lifestyles?. The implication is a throuple or same sex coupling can indeed contract such a union if its within marriage.

      • Joseph Lipper says

        Kosta, no, the Crete statement is very clear that in the Orthodox Church, marriage is understood as a Holy Sacrament between a man and a woman. Secular governments, on the other hand, are not concerned with the sacramental, and they tend to view all marriages as mere legalities. The Crete statement bemoans such secularization of marriage and points out that such civil unions or “marriages” lack the sacramental nature of marriage and are not recognized by the Orthodox Church.

        All of the Orthodox churches signed off in agreement on that document in the pre-conciliar meetings.

  3. George Michalopulos says

    Texas is relying on the Constitution, which gives States the right to defend themselves if invaded, even if the Federal Government refuses to act.

    Specifically, Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3:

    “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops , or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

    • Yes but Biden et al, do not see the crisis at the border as an “invasion”, hence, they feel justified in their approach. I’m not disagreeing with you, because one can get invaded in a number of different ways. I’m merely pointing out what the other side is thinking. They see this as a humanitarian crisis that requires a humanitarian response (with political ulterior motives of course, but they’ll never admit to that).

  4. Notice how when the Greek Government is debating the same-sex marriage law, the EP suddenly elects a 30-year old Archimandrite (who has no theological training) from the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece to become the new Metropolitan of Mexico. Seems like the Church of Greece needed to discreetly get rid of him, so the best way to do that is promote him. Wonder what skeletons His Grace, Bishop-Elect Iakovos knows? Perhaps he knows how many gay clergymen there are in Greece? Also, the only record of Iakovos (aka Ilias) Andriopoulos attending Hellenic College Holy Cross was his graduation publication in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree. Other students have made the comment that he wasn’t even a seminarian. But the official announcement portrays it as though he earned a Masters degree from the institution. It is an insult to every clergyman.

    • Antiochene Son says

      Eh, degrees aren’t everything. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is what matters. He made uneducated fisherman wiser than philosophers.

      • I agree. Come to think of it, now that the plandemic has been exposed, who needs licensed medical doctors and nurse practitioners? Let’s bring back shamanists, faith healers, and snake oil salesmen.

        • Antiochene Son says

          This is a non-sequitor.

          • I was hoping that you would respond, Antiochene Son. By such an outlandish statement (above) I was trying to make a point, i.e. that just as rigorous training and licensure is required for practitioners of the hard science of medicine — for the healing of the body — so also is professional training necessary for the cure of souls. An appropriate education helps to weed out the quacks in both fields.

            I spent ten years in Pentecostalism and the Charismatic Movement when I was young. I often heard that the only thing that was necessary for a man to stand in the pulpit was an infilling of the Holy Spirit. It was conventional wisdom that seminaries were nothing but “cemeteries” where faith went to die. However, it would be more accurate to say that the subjective heartwarmings of revivalism don’t tend to pass muster in a theological school. I graduated from such a “cemetery” years hence, and though I found, through various intellectual and emotional challenges, that there was a modicum of truth to that ‘cemetery’ notion, three years of academic and devotional grounding helped me to mature in my understanding so that I could discern between orthodoxy and heresy and guide my congregation in the right direction. I can say that my seminary training served as a tutor until, by God’s grace, I eventually encountered the fullness of the Faith in the Orthodox Church.

            I agree with you that the fulness of the Spirit is needed for the clergy, but that needs to be tempered by a schooled knowledge of Tradition. Not all postulants to holy orders are able to attend a seminary, but a seminary training should remain a requirement for most ordinations.

    • Sarah Karcher says

      Fr Iakovos and I went to Hellenic College together, back when he was Ilias. We began classes there at the same time, along with around 20-30 others in our small incoming class.
      The article I read from romfea said that he completed his postgraduate studies with the University of Exeter. I haven’t seen or heard anything about him that would make me question his elevation or appointment.

  5. George Michalopulos says

    This is interesting: Sean McElwee (a liberal Democrat), had this to say about the “crypto-communists” who have infiltrated the Biden Administration:

    “Historians will marvel at how President Biden got himself into this situation. He won six terms in the U.S. Senate by posing as ‘Middle Class Joe,’ with MOR positions on everything. Yet somehow, late in life, he lost his deftness. Obviously some of the problem is his age, but also, there’s the deep state that vexes any president, and the even deeper abyss of Biden’s own appointees, below Mayorkas.

    “In 2022, the AOC-adjacent activist Sean McElwee told Politico: ‘Do you know how many cryptocommunists are now working for the Biden administration? How many former Bernie Sanders staffers who are pretty f—ing deep in the White House’s policy nexus? The revolutionary socialist phase has kind of faded for the left. But the flip side of that is that a lot of those people have infiltrated to the highest levels of Democratic politics.’ So there you have it: the fears of every Republican are being proven out. But here’s the thing: They are also the fears of every normie Democrat with a normal desire to win elections”.

    So yeah, there really is a Deep State.

  6. Michael Bauman says

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    “If my people, who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

    Somehow I don’t think that politics of any sort leads to healing because it is fundamentally unrighteous even evil.

    Forgive me oh Lord and let your light shine brightly in the hearts of those that strive to love You above all else.

  7. Whoo Hoo, right along with you.
    1. Whew! More power to righteousness!
    Love . . . “does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.” 1 Corinthians 13:6 (NIV)

    2. American citizens CAN lawfully and legally refuse compliance with unconstitutional “law..”

    With protective foresight, American jurisprudence empowers citizenry to repel tyranny from our lives.

    16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177 late 2d, Sec 256

    from — Unconstitutional Official Acts

     The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be In agreement. It is impossible for both the Constitution and a law violating it to be valid; one must prevail. This is succinctly stated as follows:

        The General rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of it’s enactment and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never been passed. Such a statute leaves the question that it purports to settle just as it would be had the statute not been enacted.

        Since an unconstitutional law is void, the general principles follow that it imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it…..

        A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one. An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing valid law. Indeed, insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the lend, it is superseded thereby.

        No one Is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.

    3. Applauding the even stronger resolve of the will of the People for the candidate we elected to the Presidency in 2020. Unconstitutional Offical Acts also applies to the Unconstitutional Presidential Inauguration of 2020.

    by the by . . .
    What if they held a State of the Union Address and no one tuned in?

    What if media got zero ratings for the event because everyone tuned out?

    What if, that day, America, with spontaneous accord, refused to further participate in the pretense of a regime we did not elect?

    How cool would THAT be!

    Proverbs 14:22

  8. Perhaps The Mark Of The Beast will smell of Musk…?


    ‘ Elon Musk’s brain chip company has apparently, and against all odds, implanted its wares into a human — which is at least slightly terrifying, considering the fates suffered by many of the monkeys it’s experimented upon.

    In a post on X-formerly-Twitter, which he owns, the brazen billionaire said that the unidentified human subject was “recovering well,” and that “initial results show promising neuron spike detection.”

    Be that as it may — and until we see some sort of peer-reviewed proof, or at least proof of life, we just have to take Musk’s word for it — there’s been substantial controversy surrounding the brain-computer interface (BCI) company, including the way it handled its primate test subjects.

    Last May, Neuralink announced on the Musk-owned social network that it had been granted Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to test its implants on humans, and a few months later said the agency was allowing it to begin recruiting for subjects.

    Amid those announcements, however, were some jarring and grotesque reports about the fates that befell some of the company’s animal test subjects.

    In a September report that dropped just a day after Neuralink announced that it was recruiting for its human trials, Wired reported that as many as a dozen of the rhesus macaques the company experimented upon suffered all manner of freakish symptoms, including brain swelling, partial paralysis, and self-harming behavior. Eventually, many of the monkeys had to be put down.

    In one 2019 incident, a chip that was being implanted into one of the macaques’s brains “broke off” during the procedure. After the monkey woke up from its botched surgery, it scratched at the site of the implant, made itself bleed, and partially dislodged it. The wound, as it turned out, was infected, but because the implant blocked any treatment options, the macaque was euthanized.

    Another 2019 experiment subject was witnessed pressing her head to the ground following implantation and picking at her surgery wound until it bled, eventually losing her coordination. She too was euthanized.

    All told, some 21 percent of the company’s monkeys reportedly died because of brain implant issues. … ‘

    Dr Jane Ruby has some questions about the safety of this procedure:


    [Video – 25:38]

    I have a question of my own:
    Why isn’t Elon wearing one?

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