The TBD Votes

Written 11/8/2022: 

[Editor’s note:  The issue of the 2022 midterms is far from settled.  Things are definitely screwy in Arizona and not much better in Nevada.  Look for more information from Gail and myself as events continue to unfold.]

People were expecting a tsunami but is this what we’re seeing? 

A “red tsunami” suggests to me that there would be an overwhelming victory in the House and the Senate for the GOP. 

But that’s not the case.  So far, the Republicans picked up only 5 seats and the democrats lost 1 in the House.   In the Senate they both lost 1.   

Across the board, the election results differ by a minuscule percentage.  And in the same states, as in 2020, we’re seeing the same BS. 

Right off the bat, the problem child known as Maricopa County, announced they had a “printer problem” at 60 of their voting sites.  “The printers were not making dark enough markings on the ballots.”

In the first place, they’re talking about optical scanners, not “printers” and what could have happened is someone programmed them to look for a certain box, let’s say Kari Lake’s, and if that box is black, print the entire ballot with nothing marked.  A sort of “TBD” sort of situation.  Then when they’re counting, counting, and still counting, they could fill in the boxes another way.  Those ballots would be tied to real people with mail in/absentee signatures so it could look legit.  Arizona is one of those states who are big on signatures.  They conduct signature verification on all returned absentee/mail ballots.  The inadvertent “whistleblower” probably had no idea he interrupted their plan by telling the world there was something wrong with their “printers.” 

And BTW, I had a friend in AZ who wanted to verify they got her ballot in the last election so she looked it up on their system.  They listed her as voting for Biden, which she decidedly did not.  Plus, their voting office admitted they sent me a mail in ballot at the hotel I stayed in when I was in the throws of getting my parent’s house sold in Tucson.  I hadn’t been there in years.  Wonder who picked up my ballot at the front desk.  

In Georgia there were issues with voting machines in multiple counties.  In  Pennsylvania, there was slow ballot counting as in Nevada.   And how is it that CA was red until it got all the way the coast, where only a handful of people live because it’s so expensive?

The point being, the Dems may be cheating again, but they’re being more stealthy about it.  Algorithms could have been set up to take votes away from the GOP in a more methodical manner.  In other words, no wild jumps from one candidate to another, as we’ve seen in the past. 

However, I believe the results are still cooked.  Red and blue were too “neck and neck,” separated by the smallest of margins.  No more going to bed thinking one thing and then waking up to a different reality the next morning.   Presumably, no more mules stuffing ballot boxes caught on camera.   

They are still going to cheat but in a different way.  

I blame the continued use of the Dominion voting machines which allow such machinations.  They came under the scrutiny of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), responsible for strengthening cybersecurity and infrastructure protection across all levels of government. 

In an advisory notice sent to state election officials across the country, they warned the Dominion voting machines were vulnerable to hackers.  Mike Lindell, the “pillow guy” proved this to be true in his documentary, Absolute Proof, which is all but completely ignored at this point.   

The use of these machines was so contentious that the elections in 2020 were called into question when only 16 were in use.   

So if an election was called into question over the use of 16 Dominion systems in 2020, how did we end up with 49?   

The name Dominion is not one that inspires confidence.  Dominion over what exactly?   Over the American people?   

It’s been proven that these machines are able to be connected to the outside world.  Some little piece of tape is not going to stop a hacker.  The capability of these machines should give one pause. 

So I’m thinking with the midterms, they’re taking a different tack.  They’re making it appear as if the votes were so damn close, that no one could challenge them in court, were they able to find a court who would even look at it, which they didn’t in 2020. 

Sure, they gave up a few seats, but Lake could be in trouble just like Oz.  What good is picking up a few seats if we lose good people?    

And think about this.  If someone like Tulsi Gabbard left the democratic party, where are her many supporters who did the same?  And where are all the Trump supporters who crawled naked over glass to go to the polls?  Am I to believe there are just as many Dems who don’t mind the poison their leaders continue to foist on them in the form of a vaccine?  Or the billions of dollars they spend on Ukraine which really makes it’s way back into their own pockets?  

There is no way the counts should be so close.   Is this the near death experience we were told to expect?

Then there is Katie Hobbs who refused to debate Kari Lake.  She reminds me of Biden when he was asked why he was not actively campaigning in the South.  He, too, said it was a party decision as I recall.  He didn’t need to do the work and neither does Hobbs.   The fix is/was in.  In Biden’s words, they “have the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in history.”  I’m not so sure it was a Freudian slip.      



I apologize for not finishing the above until today.  Like a good girl I went and I voted but I picked up a bug in the process.  If it was the big, bad COVID, I’m over it.  No fake vaccine required.  If I’m glowing it’s just my complexion.  

And now, a few days after I wrote the initial paragraphs, I see that the GOP is happy with the seats they picked up and are  calling it a victory.  Anytime votes are manipulated or stolen, it’s no victory.   The GOP should have picked up 80% of the seats.

Yesterday, the 11th, was supposed to be “resurrection day.”  I can’t wait to hear what Trump has to say about it on 11/15.  Maybe it’s that the Supreme Court canceled the elections because of the previous fraud and he never left.  It would be bye, bye Biden and “Hail to the Chief.”  



  1. I knew after 2020 they’d only refine their methods, it’s no surprise. And they will continue doing so as long as they are in power. And of course, it only makes it harder to get them out of power the longer they are able to control the process.

    Which is why my faith is no longer in politics, but in prayer. And I pray they will fall into nets of their own making, pits of their own digging, onto spears of their own setting, fast, soon and hard. Though “fast” in the Lord’s time may take a lot longer than we would like, given His sense of time is very different from our own. So we need to be prepared and take the long view.

    • Antiochene Son says

      I said it in 2016: Trump should have locked down real election security as his first act in office. This fraud is part of the deep state now, and it will never be reversed short of a total systemic replacement.

      Republicans go along with it, and will continue. I’m not totally convinced Trump isn’t in on it… he’s a convenient do-nothing lightning rod for voter energy.

      I believe we are being punished for letting it get this bad. Nothing short of national repentance will have a chance of turning this tide.

      • It’s the young people that voted like crazy. They are totally brainwashed. I watch my daughter’s generation (she’s 20), so few of them will get married and have Children. Their morality is done, 23% identify as LGBT. There is going to be a complete demographic collapse, never mind the Covid vaccine effects which are just getting started. Already in my business coaching practice I see it is virtually impossible for companies to find workers that 1) want to really work, 2) know anything at all or 3) can even memorize their job functions. The baby boomers are retiring early and will take their experience with them.

        We are standing before the judgement, we are all going down with the ship. Get ready for some hard times, they are coming!

        • Antiochene Son says

          Yes. I think we have known for many years we’re heading toward a demographic and moral sinkhole. Now it’s starting to happen. Maybe it’s not actually fraud, maybe we’re just now eating the goose that was cooked decades ago.

        • Antiochene Son says

          I know people who work with children, and virtually across the board they are indoctrinated into LGBT for example by 3rd grade. Even Orthodox children who have been homeschooled have trouble understanding why it’s a big deal. It’s pervasive and everywhere.

        • Points 1) 2) and 3) are all related to the legalization of marijuana, I guess. It’s frying everyone’s brains.

        • Ah the wonders of being Gen Z in this time.

          On one side you hear that nobody wants to work anymore, and that its so hard to find employees these days. You were told to work hard in school and get your degree.

          On the other, you are told that you need multiple years experience for an entry level desk job. But also, since you have a degree that was advertised to you from birth by previous generations, you are told you are overqualified.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            I had a degree, as did my mother and grandmother which wasn’t all that common in my day. I started out at the bottom making less than $10,000 a year. My boss moved to CA and offered me a job where I made $275 a paycheck for the first 6 months. My rent was $275 a month and my car payment was $275 a month. My grandmother gave me $25 for food.

            I climbed the ladder and with hard work, eventually made $80,000 around the time I started my family. My husband made even more but we barely qualified for a $160,000 home loan. The interest rate was over 18% at the time.

            I’ve been underqualified and over qualified, but I’ve always managed to work. My parents didn’t give me a dime, nor would I have taken it if they offered it to me.

            The best way to approach life is to expect that it will be hard. Not impossible. But very, very hard and it’s not because some previous generation made it that way. It’s always been hard. Some people just don’t want to see it that way.

            • Agreed, and wholeheartedly!

              My comment is more offering some resistance to the “worker shortage because nobody wants to work” narrative I hear quite often.

        • Gene B, the young generation is my greatest concern. There seems to be a kind of real mind-control going on different from previous young generations. I see it in my own young family members, and it frightens me. Not only educational brainwashing, but the constant exposure to brain-altering technology, which has bad effects on the ability to think, read, reason deeply, and as you say, memorize and remember things. It’s created something weirdly rigid in their thinking and responses to things I’ve never seen before. And even if they don’t reproduce much, they are still the future for a good long time.

          • Critical thinking is a difficult skill to master.
            Logical thinking is little easier.
            Many will never learn either,
            for modern society rewards neither.

        • Veras Coltroupis says

          The entire Northern Hemisphere is headed for demographic collapse, to be supplanted by the southern. Republican majority will depend on the very muslims and mexicans Trump so disdained. See the Miramax film Restoration: this Apocalypse aka Paradigm Shift happens every half millennium. Five hundred years ago Byzantium and Mesoamerica collapsed. They weren’t conquered but self-destructed with omphaloscopic self-destructive policies, child-sacrifice and urine-drinking in Mesoamerica, and hesychasm in Byzantium.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Somebody on Twitter named Catturd put this out yesterday:

        “I trust eating Milk Duds off a toilet seat in a dive bar in Tijuana more than I do our elections now.”

    • Amen.

  2. Yes, American elections anymore are mostly a complete untrustworthy farce. To point out this reality is not to “troll” — it’s simply to be honest.

    When one side has 100% control of the narrative and has 100% control of the outcomes — except in places where they aren’t permitted to (Texas, Florida) — how on earth can anything be adjudicated according to that old English-style sense of “fair play” that many still think rules the contest?

    Like a good college football game, our election system is predicated on the assumption that each team gives its best effort, that the system is transparent and fair, but, that in the end, “only one man wins, old chap.”

    Much as I love her pugnacity and forthrightness, there’s no way in hell that the powerbrokers will ever let Kari Lake win in Arizona. They can’t let her win. She’d upend the rigged system they’ve created over the years — they won’t let that happen, not in a million years.

    But they string it out for dramatic effect to let the ‘proles think it *might* happen. Talk about Macchiavellianism.

    In 2022, where technology can identify my location up to about the nearest 6 feet and when students take on-line tests and know the results within 5 minutes, it’s simply a flat-out lie that election data is somehow so complex and takes days (weeks?) to tabulate.

    It’s not. The cumbersomeness of the election system is a feature of the system, not a bug. The elites need the election system to be cumbersome — a more straightforward system of you vote, it’s added here, and *boom* here are the results — this kind of system is way harder to manipulate.

    But no, they can’t let Ms Lake win in Arizona. It’d be like Lenin allowing someone to beat him in an election. Why on earth would they allow that?

    It’ll be the same fake-drama that there was in Pennsylvania — the basement candidate who can’t and/or won’t debate will suddenly emerge victorious in the end and will be just what society needs. There you go, people, you’re welcome that we rescued you from being governed by an outsider.

    Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse had a piece the other week about how so many Americans still erroneously think that votes are what matter. They aren’t. It’s ballots. That’s why so many of these candidates have no need to debate, no need to try to win people to their side — they don’t even bother. They know that approach is so old fashioned, except in places like Texas or Florida where the manufacturing ballot approach has been outlawed.

    The modern politician need only sit in his/her basement as their puppet masters engineer the system to manufacture and collect the ballots that are needed. “Votes” are completely irrelevant. This is exactly what is going on in Arizona, as we speak. Yet we sit poised in our seats, like the Pavlovian dog eagerly awaiting the predetermined outcome. Shame on us.

    • Anonymous II says


      They don’t care about votes, and frankly neither do I. Like you said, say Stalin is up for election and ‘wins’ the vote. Then what?

      I might add,

      “Democracy: where the votes of two fools are worth more than one wise man.”

      Look what they’re framing Putin and all Russia, even someone like Alex Jones or Kanye, even Musk – the tribe shuts them down. It’s true.

      Yes, they shut our churches and small businesses, installed our version of Boris Yeltsin, burnt our cities and legalized hard drugs amidst increasing homelessness and addiction peddling the death of infants, and the castration of our boys – –

      but we’re allowing it.

      • Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner.

        It’s getting evermore smashmouth. I think it’s inevitable. Two irreconcilable worldviews. Only one even allows honest debate and honest elections.

        It will be resolved not by persuasion but by force – either legal force or something much less pleasant.

  3. Once again, making stuff up because you don’t like the outcome of the results. The “problem” is the Republican legislature in Arizona made up the election laws, and the counties are just following what the Republicans enacted into law. Stop trying to scare people. Stop telling lies. Stop promoting Russian propaganda!

  4. Deeper analysis of election results takes time, but there are some initial high level takeaways. These are generalities which are broadly true, but not necessarily accurate in all areas of the country. Why did these elections defy common patterns of behavior for first-term midterms? One huge factor is that even though registered GOP voters beat registered Dem voters, independents broke for the Democrats despite them being the party in power.

    This wasn’t a case of Democrats having much higher favorability ratings with independents that Republicans. These voters weren’t enamored with Biden or the Democrats. But the GOP didn’t get their votes. Among other things, the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade did appear to impose a cost on the GOP with these voters, some of the draconian abortion bans subsequently passed in red states certainly didn’t help. Fatigue with candidates continuing to try and push the Big Lie of a stolen 2020 election also seems to have been a factor, all of the election denier secretary of state candidates lost, thank goodness.

    The GOP also nominated some really awful candidates. Masters, Walker and Oz were bad picks if you wanted to win a majority. Vance was a garbage candidate, but Ohio is now a solid red state. But he probably dragged down three Ohio House races that might have been winnable with a better candidate.

    Some of the blue chip polling wasn’t too off, but there was a lot of garbage late polling from GOP affiliated outlets, like they were trying to manifest the desired result into being. This isn’t to say people were nuts for thinking a red wave was possible, but it was a potential outcome, not a foregone conclusion. There isn’t anything terribly mysterious about the election results and why voters ended up where they did, it may just seem that way if you felt entitled to a huge crimson tsunami.

  5. Just a moment before reading your article, I read an essay on the merits of becoming separatists from the corrupt system we endure.

  6. While there are plenty of fishy things going on, we shouldn’t discount the fact that a huge proportion of people genuinely bought the propaganda the celebrities and media have been spewing. Fundamentally this is a problem of culture. Far too many people keep voting for the same people and policies again and again despite not liking the direction things are heading, California being a case study. How is it according to Fox News most Americans still support the FBI despite its brazen politicization? Most of the time when trying to show proof to people about these things they just didn’t care. Loyalty to the cult and what they were told to believe was all that mattered, I’ve seen this personally. Fitting in is more important than having enough money for both food and gas. Remember New York City slid downhill very quickly throughout the 70s and 80s, yet not until the early 90s did they vote in someone to clean it up, and it took him two tries to get elected. 20 years of deterioration and sky high crime just to keep voting blue. Let that sink in.

    Even worse this showed a growing geographic polarization, the polls were wildly wrong but in both directions in different states. Blue states got bluer, red states got redder. There is a real danger here of that escalating into another civil war.

    The best thing to do right now is to continue to try and grow Holy Orthodoxy in America and attend to our personal repentance. Only with the full teaching of Jesus do we have a chance of turning things around in the long term.

    • I think we have to get over the illusion that there never was a “red wave”. The polling, even the exit polling, tells a very different story. When you have most polling outlets that skew Democrat due to oversampling of the same saying that there is going to be a red wave of historic proportions, it is not that the people didn’t vote red. It’s that the red votes were not counted and fake blue votes were created.

      There is no other explanation for the evidence. Admittedly, it is circumstantial. But it is overwhelming and compelling. When you exclude every other possibility, which you can because it does not explain the Democratic polling and Democratic panic attacks, then what you are left with, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

      And, let’s be honest. It’s not “improbable” at all. They did it before in 2020. That’s how we got Brandon. They’re simply resigned to cheating as their only viable means for staying in power. That’s a very good sign for MAGA if we can only clean up the rest of the elections. But we have to focus on that problem, not on inventing ghosts to explain why the red votes did not emerge. They did emerge. They were discarded and drowned in fake blue votes. We just have to realize that the rules of the game have changed.

      We can either figure out a way to force them to be honest or outdo them in voter fraud. But letting them get away with it is not an option.

  7. Sane people will look at this election and see that the wave materialized, for the most part, in red controlled areas and only materialized sporadically and haphazardly in blue controlled areas. This is due to ballot harvesting and, probably, machine tampering by criminal Demofascists.

    So what is to be done? Well, what is emerging is a Free America and a Fascist America, Red and Blue, respectively. The trick will be how to project election integrity into Blueland. Methinks that the Republican parties in these blue states are going to have to get much more aggressive regarding monitoring and reporting in real time. You would need to have friendly federal judges on call during the elections to issue orders correcting detected malfeasance. That’s one avenue.

    However, assuming Republicans did win the House, the House can hold hearings on these elections, the ballot harvesting and the machines. This at least gets it into the public spotlight.

    But in the end, it may simply be a matter of consolidating the power of MAGA within the Republican party, or rather making MAGA the Republican party. There are any number of MAGA Republicans that have come to the conclusion, after this election, that Republicans have to come up with some counter to the mail in ballot harvesting phenomenon. They also need to learn a healthy skepticism for the machines which can be fixed. But there are a lot of smart, resourceful people focused on this now that it appears that it could be an existential question (yes, I know that expression is overused, but if they can cheat with impunity in Democrat controlled areas, it could make electing any Republican president very difficult).

    The real hope lies in the fact that, despite the cheating that went on, Republicans gained ground. The more Republican governors and legislators we have, the easier it will be to gradually abolish ballot harvesting and machine tampering. We have a beach head in the red states and we simply need to expand it so that more and more of the country engages in fair elections as they did in, for example, Florida.

  8. Democracy is a sham. Since a kid I’ve been conditioned to believe from school to media to church how great democracy is. First constantly hearing from my parents how we Greeks invented democracy and the virtues of using the ballot box. If Greeks invented democracy and they brag about how great it is why was I born here to immigrants rather than democratic greece? Why do votes in Greece never change anything? That was my first clue to the charade. Second was every buffoon is entitled to a vote and as things get worse they claim stay and fight don’t move abroad (my p
    Immigrant parents didn’t get that memo back in Greece). Third is how the west glorifies places that are not democracies at all but claim they are (Singapore) , some regimes are called democracy when it suits them like in Ukraine (a unitary republic farthest thing from what we consider a democracy) or the autocratic bureaucracy known as the Eu ( they love to call themselves a democracy) and then actual democracies majority are crappy failed states like El Salvador the slums of India, Guatemala, Haiti etc. The final nail in democracy’s coffin for me was actually traveling and seeing democracy is more of a western cultural event where the circus comes to town every few years

  9. Thomas Massie seems to be one of the few true constitutionalists. His reality- and principles-based stand on things is always worth a listen: