The sun is shining brighter, the sky is bluer…

I don’t know about you, but I’m ECSTATIC about the election results. First the caveats: no, this wasn’t an election for the Republicans –the Congressional wing of that Party manifestly proved in the past that they didn’t deserve to win, certainly not by this magnitude. Having said that, it most certainly was a repudiation of the Democrat Party, that agglomeration of fools, poltroons, deadbeats, malcontents, and malingerers who coalesce for the express purpose of leeching off of the productive classes.

Caveat #2: I guess that narrative about the evilness of George W Bush and the Halliburton Junto has be be laid to rest once and for all. You know the one: with the release of his new book Decision Points, people were going to be instantly reminded about what it was that they supposedly hated about W. Did I agree with everything he did? No. I especially despise The No Child Left Behind Act, the growth in spending (which was still miniscule in comparison to Imam Obama), and TARP. (Medicare Part D I’m torn on because it had free-market reforms in it.)

You could say that this was the start of the rebellion against the imperial leviathan and its toadies in the media, academy, and mainstream religion (are you listening Bishop Savas?). I’m especially encouraged by the continuing push-back against illegal aliens and their puppet-masters. We now know thanks to the unfortunate victory of the execrable Harry Reid, why the Ruling Class wants open borders. That’s because real Americans are traditionally self-sufficient and not desirous of more government rule. Our overlords therefore need to “elect a new people,” one that is servile, docile, and dependent upon the federal government. More about this in the future.

I’m still coming down off my high. I’ll be posting more as the Muse strikes me.


  1. The election results indicates that the voters are unhappy — perhaps even furious — with President Obama’s agenda, which is taking a path to socialism for the U.S. President Obama has accepted the blame for the Republican landslide — including control of the U.S. House of Representatives — and he says he will lessen his push toward socialism. That remains to be seen…

  2. George, a lot does remain to be seen. Personally, I agree with P J O’Rourke, who called this less than an election, but more like “a restraining order.” I don’t see how the GOP can do anything pro-active without the Senate and the presidency. But that’s not what we need now. Now we just need to stop the madness. Defund Obamacare. Make life miserable for bureaucrats. Investigate Barney Frank. Etc. Just make their lives miserable.

    Also, the even better news is that the GOP won massively on the state level. Redistrict. Confine the Democrat Party to electoral Bantustans. The Left Coast is permanenetly Democratic. That’s ok, they’ll continue their decline. The productive class will continue to leave California in droves. The danger of the past, that these “fiscally responsible/socially liberal” whites will turn Red States like Colorado blue-ish won’t work anymore. Now even socially liberal exiles see how dangerous the Left is economically for them. They’ll make common cause with the Evangelicals, Mormons, urban Catholics, etc., if that’s what it’ll take to reverse their economic losses.

    Personally, I think the greatest theme which hasn’t been propounded is the collapse of the coalition that made up the Democrat Party. There is no more rationale for Southern whites and Northern Catholics to remain tied to secular elites, blacks, Hispanics, and non-observant Jews. And let’s not forget, that the it was the Southern white/Northern ethnic demographic which made up the party of FDR. It’s iffy at this point whether Jews will remain in the same numbers. Personally, I think that Jews will always vote Democratic in the main, but probably not in the same numbers (78%). I expect that the Democrats will be reduced to African-Americans, Hispanics, over-educated white people, single women, and non-observant Jews.

    • I expect that the Democrats will be reduced to African-Americans, Hispanics, over-educated white people, single women, and non-observant Jews.

      This election the Repub’s elected more Women, Black’s and Latino’s then the Dems did.

      In Florida, the WH threw Meeks under the bus, an African American, in order that Crist would absorb the Dem vote and thus prevent a Latino Republican from winning the election.

      IOW, they threw a Black guy under the bus to support a White guy in order to keep the Brown guy out of office.

      The meme that conservatives are a bunch of racist White men is quickly dying.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Robert, you’re right. The Tea Party/GOP axis was never as monolithically monochrommatic as the Left would have us believe. The new governor of New Mexico is a Latin-surnamed woman. The new ssenatory from Florida is a Cuban-American. Lt Col Allen West, the new Congressman from Floriday, is an African-American, as is Tim Scott of SC-1 (the district that includes Ft Sumter). The new majority whip is Eric Cantor, a Jew, and so on.

        I was speaking that in the aggregate, the Democrat Party has been reduced to an unsustainable coalition of African-Americans, Hispanics (who are mostly religious) and non-observant Jews and over-educated, latte- drinking urban whites (who are irreligious).

        In my opinion, African-Americans can be drawn into the new conservative coalition for a variety of reasons, including their alienation from an increasingly violent contingent of Hispanic illegals who are pursuing a low-level, ongoing pogrom against them in places like Southern California.

        The Democrat coalition is unsustainable in the near future because the powers that be within that Party will have to pick and choose which group is going to be their base: Hispanics or blacks? Historically, blacks have a moral claim on America. After all, they were brought here against their will, in chains, and subjugated. Hispanics and other immigrants (like my people) don’t have this luxury. We may have received discrimination but we came here willingly. That’s why non-African immigrants playing the race card won’t work. (Tangentially, that’s why the Archons of the GOA will fail in their attempt to play the victim card vis-a-vis the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Nobody cares. He seems to jet-set around the worl hob-nobbing with elites all the time.)