The Story Behind the Story of Project Veritas & James O’Keefe

Our friend, Sophia, sent us this:  Gail,  There is a deeper part to the story. According to George Webb in the rest of the story, he has recorded a conversation with James O Keefe. During that conversation, he is sharing information that the big dog behind Pfizer, and Moderna is Boston Consulting Group. They were the original scientists who wrote a paper on gain of function and Vaccine Evolution. Not a quick easy video but if you listen to the taped phone call you hear one of the members of the board of Veritas trying to block the addition reporting.  You have to listen to the youtube video in order to get the suggestion that James was fired because he was going to further investigate the Boston Consulting Group implications in the whole story.

Thanks, Sophia!!!

** WATCH QUICKLY**  (It will probably be taken down.)

Could this be why James O’Keefe was fired?   Definitely worth watching.  Give it a minute to get into it.  It’s not the video we posted before.  






  1. I totally believe that this is why he was fired. No question about it at all. All this other stuff, that he upset the precious feelings of some snowflakes is complete BS.

  2. It gets worse…

    The Incredible Power Of Pfizer Is Horrifying

    [Video – 10:27]

    Dr Robert Malone:
    ‘ There is a documented accord between the people that run
    the Wayback Machine and the US intelligence community… ‘

    • Why am I not surprised! 😉 What is surprising is that the Way Back Machine is now putting the stuff the Intelligence apparatus took off, back on!!!

      • Everyone needs to read the way back story about journalist Gary Webb. O’Keefe’s life is in danger – my thought.

  3. Groundbreaking Testimony Changes Everything:
    Florida County RETURNS CDC Funds
    After Confirming Vaxx is a Bioweapon

    [Video – 13:55]

    ‘ The CDC was shot down and denied bioweapon funding!
    Karen Kingston joins Stew [Peters] to share how her work in Collier County Florida PROVED that Pfizer produced bioweapon injections with the help of the government!
    Through presenting her evidence and sharing a powerful testimony, Karen was able to convince Commissioner Chris Hall to stop the $1.4 million in NIH funding to the CDC!
    Idaho passed a law stating that administering mRNA vaccines will result in a misdemeanor, but is this enough to stop the shots?
    Karen believes we can’t rely on politicians to make a change, and that citizens need to unite against Big Pharma!
    Karen is fighting in multiple states to file criminal charges against the vaccine shills who injured thousands with the injection!
    Will the criminal charges finally create a foothold in the battle against the bioweapons? ‘

    The battle continues, but the enemy’s front is now showing strain…

  4. 20X increase in perinatal death rate at
    funeral home used by UCSF in H2 2022

    Steve Kirsch: Executive summary

    ‘ Perinatal deaths are defined as fetal deaths (deaths after 20 weeks) and infant deaths (deaths after giving birth). These deaths are typically sent to a funeral home.

    I talked with one of the funeral homes used by UCSF. In the last 6 months of 2022, they saw the rates of perinatal death cases jump by a factor of over 20X above normal.

    I asked Dr. James Thorp about these numbers and his reaction was, “I’m not surprised.”

    The hospitals aren’t talking and the mainstream media isn’t covering this, but I thought you should know.

    Should this be shocking? I think so!

    As you can see from the chart, perinatal death rates are remarkably constant over time. Even just a 10% increase would be considered “significant” and be cause for an immediate investigation. So this is 200 times bigger than “significant.” … ‘

  5. Birth Rates Plunge in Heavily Vaccinated Countries

    Colleen Huber NMD:
    ‘ In many countries, births drop sharply nine months after peak COVID vaccine uptake. Let’s look at how this happens. And will these populations recover? … ‘
    Colleen Huber NMD
    Feb 16

  6. Thailand – The pressure is on…

    Thailand gov’t rejects claim it’s canceling Pfizer’s COVID shot contract

    An anonymous official with Thailand’s National Vaccine Institute denied the
    allegation that the Pfizer jab is on the verge of being pulled from the market.

    ‘ Thailand’s Department of Disease Control announced that it is not canceling its contract with Pfizer for the COVID-19 vaccine, a claim that had gained wide circulation online last month but that the government is categorizing as “fake news.”

    The statement, which was made on Facebook earlier this month, came after a flurry of haphazard reporting by right-wing media outlets and social media influencers who erroneously asserted that the country was voiding its agreement with the controversial pharmaceutical giant after 44-year-old Princess Bajrakitiyabha fell into a coma after receiving a booster shot in December.

    An anonymous official with Thailand’s National Vaccine Institute denied the allegation that the Pfizer jab is on the verge of being pulled from the market. “There are no orders to stop or slow down usage or reconsider its use,” the person told the Associated Press. Pfizer spokesperson Trupti Wagh also confirmed to USA Today that the shot is still available for use in Thailand.

    The controversy over the vaccine stems from remarks made by renowned microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi in late January. Bhakdi, a Thai-German retired professor who has admirably pushed back against the medical establishment’s COVID-19 narrative over the past several years, told Swiss banker Pascal Najadi last month that he spoke with “advisers to the highest authorities in Thailand” and that he shared with them the research he has conducted on the dangers of the Pfizer vaccine. When he did this, he alleged, they “jumped up in the room” and told him “we will see to it that Thailand is the first country in the world that is going to declare this contract null.” Many outlets unfortunately concluded that this meant the government had already canceled, or that it had already decided to void, its contract.

    Bhakdi told the Associated Press that some of the claims that have been spread about his interview are an “exaggeration,” but that he believes the Thai government may still pull the shot due to safety concerns. “I did speak with highest-ranking advisers to the government and Royal Family, thereby explaining why Thailand could and should annul the Pfizer purchase contract,” he said via email at the beginning of this month. “No more, no less. And they seemed to be convinced. Nothing has happened due to internal counter-movements. We are renewing our efforts, however, and with luck there will be things to report in about two weeks.”

    Thailand has relied on a variety of vaccine-makers in recent years. King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s own company — Siam Bioscience — contracted with AstraZeneca to produce a shot in 2021. It reportedly experienced a 50-fold increase in profits as a result. China’s Sinovac jab as well as Moderna’s shot have also been used on the Thai people. To date, Pfizer has delivered over 30 million doses to the country. It is not readily known if Thailand would continue using non-Pfizer vaccines or cancel all of its existing contracts if it were to, as Professor Bhakdi says, nullify its deal with Pfizer.

    Princess Bajrakitiyabha is one of the King’s three children, though he has yet to name a successor. A graduate of Cornell University in the U.S., she has served as her country’s ambassador to Slovenia, Slovakia, and Austria. She was hospitalized on December 14 after experiencing a heart problem while walking her dogs in preparation for a canine competition. Rumors that her illness was due to the COVID shot instantly spread online, though it is not apparent if her vaccination status has ever been made public. A statement released by the Palace in January revealed that medical equipment was being used to support her heart, lungs, and kidneys.

    Bhakdi said in his interview that he believes “in all probability, the princess is suffering as a victim of this jab, as so many people around the world are suffering.”

    As of the publication of this story, the Thai Crown has not provided an update on Bajrakitiyabha’s health since the first week in January. ‘

    Pfizer’s reach is long…

  7. Igor Chudov: Lab-Grown Meat Is Made of Cancer Cells.
    Would You Like It Rare or Medium?

    USDA does not allow animal tumors to enter food chain.
    But lab-grown meat is made of tumor cells

    ‘ According to Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum, ongoing global warming threatens to destroy humanity. Methane, coming from the belches and farts of cows, is a greenhouse gas (GHG). So, cows are a problem!

    Fortunately, Bill Gates has a solution for us, explained in this video. We need to stop growing cattle and switch to lab-grown synthetic beef.

    The World Economic Forum expects we will eat “synthetic meat” in 16 years. (the article below was written 4 years ago)

    Bill Gates made sizable investments in “synthetic meat” manufacturers, expecting to turn a nice profit.

    The CNBC article explains that “lab-grown meat,” that is, cell cultures grown in giant stainless vats, is not the same as “fake meat” made of soy or pea protein:

    Vegetarians have long touted the ethical and environmental problems with meat production and consumption. Start-ups such as MosaMeat, JUST and Memphis Meats are tissue-engineering meat in a lab to allow people to enjoy being a carnivore without any of the environmental or ethical hang-ups.

    Dubbed clean meat, the efforts are distinct from “fake meat,” like the soy protein “chicken” you can find in your grocery store today. Unlike Morningstar or Boca Burgers, clean meat really is meat; it just grows in a lab instead of being part of an animal.

    Okay, but what kinds of cells is that lab meat grown from?
    Lab-Grown “Meat” is Made of “Immortalized” Cancer Cells

    This excellent Bloomberg article (paywall-free link) clarifies that all lab meat is grown as immortalized tumor cells. As the article explains, these same cells are used to produce traditional vaccines.

    Thank the biotech revolution. Under the right conditions, animal cells can be grown in a petri dish, or even at scale in factories full of stainless-steel drums. For decades, companies such as Pfizer Inc. and Johnson & Johnson have cultured large volumes of cells to produce vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and other biotherapeutics. Now the idea is that we might as well eat these cells, too.

    What are these cells?

    The big honking asterisk is that normal meat cells don’t just keep dividing forever. To get the cell cultures to grow at rates big enough to power a business, several companies, including the Big Three, are quietly using what are called immortalized cells, something most people have never eaten intentionally. Immortalized cells are a staple of medical research, but they are, technically speaking, precancerous and can be, in some cases, fully cancerous.

    The article puts a “human face” on some of these cell lines, for example, the “HeLa line” made from the cervical cancer of Henrietta Lacks:

    That’s where immortalized cells come in. They’ve been used in medical research since the early 1950s, when the first and most famous immortal cell line—derived from the cervical cancer cells of a woman named Henrietta Lacks—was successfully grown in a lab.

    The distinction between pre-cancerous and cancerous cells is relatively minor: cancerous cells, by definition, can float away from the tumor site, travel through the blood or lymph, and start a new tumor (metastases) in another location in the body.

    The distinction is important for the clinical outcome of a patient with a newly discovered tumor but involves only a minor bio-cellular distinction.

    Don’t worry: Prominent cancer researchers tell Bloomberg Businessweek that because the cells aren’t human, it’s essentially impossible for people who eat them to get cancer from them, or for the precancerous or cancerous cells to replicate inside people at all. … And cow tumors sometimes wind up in store-bought ground chuck, too. [not true – tumors are NEVER allowed by USDA inspectors – see below – I.C] Of course, the facts might not matter much if ranchers or other players in the traditional meat industry felt threatened enough to declare a public-relations war. It’s all too easy to imagine misleading Fox News chyrons about chicken tumors and cancer burgers.

    Not so misleading! The main problem of growing an endless “lab meat” supply is that normal tissue cells cannot endlessly replicate (see above). There is a limit on how many times they will divide.

    Vaccine manufacturers already use such immortalized tumor cells to make some Covid vaccines and other vaccines:

    Today, AstraZeneca Plc and J&J’s Covid-19 vaccines are grown using immortalized human kidney and retinal cells, respectively.

    Thus, “lab meat” and “cell line” suppliers grow meat from tumor cells that are “immortalized”; in other words, their cells can endlessly replicate. This is why cancers never stop growing, after all!

    Eat Just Inc. declined to comment for this story. Believer Meats Chief Scientific Officer Yaakov Nahmias says that his company uses immortalized cells in its cultured chicken and that his team has somehow, by means he says even they don’t understand, created immortalized cells that don’t share any genetic signatures with cancer cells.

    Are you skeptical of the above? I am. Even Bloomberg author Joe Fassler, to his credit, doubted the above explanation and asked independent biologists who also did not believe Yaakov Nahmias’s BS:

    (Two cell biologists I shared his comments with expressed skepticism.)

    We can see that so far, all lab meat is made using endlessly-dividing tumor cells.

    Our bodies’ immune systems are designed to kill off and fight such abnormal and cancerous cells. Thus, cancers only take hold when immune systems weaken or the cancer cells learn to avoid immune reactions.

    Cells become immortal in human bodies all the time, by mutating to bypass senescence—and mutating some more to evade the immune system, which generally tries to kill off such mutants.

    The lab meat companies plan to sell those kinds of solid tumor cells to us to eat.

    Bon appetit!
    USDA Inspectors Screen Out Cancers and Tumors in Animal Carcasses

    Despite Bloomberg’s restrained and soothing language, cancers and tumors can never pass USDA meat inspections.

    The above story applies to “lab-grown meat”: products made from immortalized animal tumor cells growing in vats.

    The “plant substitute” meat replacements, such as Beyond Meat, are based on pea or soy protein. As such, they are NOT related to these lab-grown cancer cell projects. Those plant products are not “meat” in any sense.

    In addition, fake news websites are screaming that lab-grown meat (made of tumor cells) will give us cancer. There is no evidence that lab-grown meat will facilitate cancers. There is also no evidence that lab-grown meat will NOT cause cancers. It is simply an unknown. The USDA has a reason to reject tumor-containing carcasses, however. It is best not to make unwarranted claims, and my substack is not about making up sensationalized stuff.
    Now They Want to Sell Us Solid Tumor “Steaks”

    The Bloomberg article explains that all “lab meat” is made of tumor cells.

    At the same time, USDA regulations forbid tumors in meat supply for humans.

    I am sure that one way or another, Bill Gates and the WEF will lobby for a change in rules so that they can sell us solid tumors as “lab-grown meat.”

    At this point, I am torn: would I rather eat “ze bugz”, or “lab-grown tumor meat.” Or go vegetarian? A tough decision!

    What would YOU choose? ‘

  8. Cardiac testing at Washington public event found 53% myocarditis rate,
    including 2 active duty US military pilots – what does it mean?

    Dr William Makis:

    ‘ An interesting story was reported on Feb.26, 2023 by News 8 WTNH, New Haven, CT. They took the story down about 24 hours later but it is still available on EIN Presswire [Moi: not any more, it’s not].

    “Nearly 500 people from Washington, Oregon and Idaho gathered at the Wenatchee Convention Center in Washington State on Saturday, January 28 to hear and share stories of…injuries and deaths from COVID shots and hospital protocols; careers upended and families torn apart by mandates; and numerous harms from closures of schools, businesses and churches.”

    “Heart screening was available and conducted using multifunction cardiogram technology, or MCG, provided by HeartCARE Corp”

    “we had the opportunity to perform Multifunction Cardiogram™ screens on a variety of participants…over half of those tested (16 of 30 people) (53%) had positive markers for myocarditis. Two of these were active duty US Military pilots.”
    Studies on rates of post COVID-19 vaccine myocarditis

    The rates of post COVID-19 vaccine myocarditis are much, much higher than what Public Health Authorities have admitted to (most will admit to about 1:5000).

    There are two key studies on what the real rates of post COVID-19 vaccine heart damage may actually be:

    Prospective Thailand study of 202 boys showed 1:30 (7/202) boys ages 13-17 developed myocarditis or pericarditis within a week after 2nd dose of Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA (click here).

    Professor Christian Mueller, University Hospital Basel Switzerland conducted testing on 777 healthcare workers within a week after COVID-19 booster shot, and found increased troponinemia in 22/777 (1:35) that had no other cause other than the COVID-19 booster shot (click here)

    “The actual incidence of post-vaccination myocardial lesions is 2.8% vs 0.0035% of myocarditis in retrospective studies (unvaccinated)”

    “The incidence of myocardial lesions is 2.8% (1:35), or 800 times higher than the usual incidence of myocarditis (in unvaccinated)” the researchers add.

    My Take…

    I believe myocarditis (heart inflammation) is responsible for vast majority of post COVID-19 sudden deaths that we are seeing now, and health authorities have intentionally downplayed the risk of myocarditis post COVID-19 vaccination.

    They don’t want to conduct autopsies on sudden deaths now, because they don’t want us to know that the risk of post-vaccine myocarditis and sudden cardiac death was always much higher than what they admitted to publicly.

    Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health admitted to a myocarditis risk of 1 in 5000 and he was lambasted by pharma-captured Ontario doctors who didn’t want any truth to be known (click here)

    But both the Thailand study and Swiss study suggest a myocarditis risk of 1:30 or 1:35 per vaccine dose. That means 3% of all COVID-19 vaccinated people could be walking around with heart inflammation (myocarditis) they don’t know they have, which puts them at increased risk for sudden cardiac death, during exercise or in the early morning hours (the trigger for sudden cardiac death is a surge of stress hormones).

    The Washington event cardiac testing was not scientific and 53% of people walking around with myocarditis seems very unlikely. But it raises a crucial question.

    WHAT IF the risk of post COVID vaccine myocarditis actually increases with time?

    As reported by Dr.Peter McCullough, we know that spike protein circulates at least 28 days after injection, and gets delivered to the heart during that time (click here).

    The Thailand and Swiss studies tested people only within the 1st week after COVID-19 vaccination and 3% had heart inflammation or heart damage.

    What if this gets worse as time goes by? What if the risk of myocarditis actually increases from 3% because the spike protein which inflames the heart continues to circulate for 28 days after injection and probably even longer?

    That is what this Washington public cardiac testing is suggesting.

    I am also concerned about those 2 pilots with inflamed hearts. ‘

    • This is terrifying.

      We saw Dr. McCullough last Friday in Arkansas. What I found interesting is his portrayal of Fauci, not as a mass murderer, but just a bad doctor. He said Fauci can’t even pronounce many medical terms.

      But if we could figure out it was bad science, where were the good doctors who can pronounce medical terms? Fauci advised multiple presidents. It’s shocking that if he was a “bad doctor” no one picked up on that. Why didn’t the people who know him say something?

      I think this information may have come from Scott Atlas as Dr. McCullough mentioned he frequently talks to him. Did he tell Trump? POLITICO says, Atlas “won Trump’s favor by repeatedly pitching the president on a rosier outlook about the worsening pandemic — [Atlas] clashed with the administration’s public health experts, who warned that Atlas was misleading Trump about the severity of the crisis.” Of course Atlas turned out to be 100% right about a number of things. The press was merciless on him. If Trump had supported Atlas he would have been drummed out of office.

      • What has happened throughout the West, especially in America, is a variant of the Peter Principle. A person who performs satisfactorily will be promoted to their level of incompetence. This is especially true, Peter Principle on turbo, when ideology becomes a serious factor. Borderline competence, even incompetence, are fine so long as ideological solidarity is assured.

        I believe that this is what happened to Fauci and, in general, to the Democratic establishment and the wider Liberal Establishment. They all rose in ideological solidarity to and through their levels of incompetence. There’s no other satisfactory rational explanation for the spectacle we are beholding in America’s political and cultural decline.

  9. Kit Knightly: No, “Covid” STILL doesn’t come from a lab

    ‘ The big Covid news the last couple of days has been that the US Department of Energy, via the Wall Street Journal, has claimed that a laboratory leak is the “most likely” origin of “Covid”.

    Citing “new evidence”, a DoE panel has amended their assessment from 2021, essentially switching “we don’t know” to “it probably came from a lab”.

    This is just the latest step in the lab-leak theory’s remarkable journey from fringe idea to mainstream position, or from “conspiracy theory to government debate”, according to Forbes’ article timelining the whole process.

    You know what OffG thinks of the lab-leak theory, we did a fact-check on it back in 2021, and then addressed it again in 2022: “Lab leak” theory makes no sense, and only reinforces the mainstream narrative.

    Further, it can now be used as fuel for the “new cold war” narrative.

    The US can blame China for creating the virus, while China can either claim it was natural or that the US released it in an act of “bio-terrorism”.

    Both sides will claim the other side’s vaccines don’t work, but that theirs do. And, make no mistake, both sides will still very much want to vaccinate everyone.

    In some ways this is a symptom of the failure of the Covid narrative. The greatest propaganda push of all time ran out of steam just two years in, and is suddenly fighting defensively simply to hold itself together. Because the “lab leak” debate is very much a fallback position. A retreat in good order, protecting – at all costs – the fundamental lie of “Covid”, viz – there was no new disease.

    Let’s say that once more with feeling….

    There was NO NEW DISEASE!

    There were the old flu symptoms, there was a new name, and there was a crappy test.

    And that is all.

    This is the one admission the establishment will never make, because it totally breaks their narrative.

    Kills it stone dead.

    Every other “admission”, debate or idea – “lab leak”, early treatment, government panic, “we underestimated natural immunity”, “the vaccine trials were misleading” – can eventually be brought back around to justifying lockdowns and other authoritarian “public health measures”.

    If not for Covid, then for the next “pandemic”.

    Further, every other admission preserves the idea that while governments might lie, they might manipulate, they might “panic”, they might be incompetent, they might be cor[r]upt, they may even do quite obscene things, they definitely don’t just make stuff up and pretend it’s real.

    That’s a very important line that needs to never be crossed. They will tacitly admit to almost anything else – never that. Because once you start pulling on that thread, who knows what might unravel.

    Hopefully the US Department of Energy and the Wall Street Journal throwing their collective weight behind the “lab-leak” theory finally wakes people up to what it really is and always has been.

    There’s an old axiom in politics that says you should never believe something until it’s been officially denied.

    The reverse holds true: Never believe something once it’s been officially endorsed.

    They’ll admit to anything but the truth. ‘

  10. Robert Barnes: “Pfizer lied – people died!”

    Attorney Battling Pfizer In Court Over COVID Vaccine Gives Update
    On The Biggest Trial Against Big Pharma In American History

    Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes joins Owen Shroyer live in studio
    to discuss his ongoing court proceedings in Texas against Pfizer—
    a monumental and historic battle.

    [Video – 30:14]

    “Brook Jackson v Pfizer and Ventavia ”

    This might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back…

  11. How Pfizer’s Trials Were Fraudulent

    Story at-a-glance

    Die Welt, a mainstream media outlet in Germany, revealed that numerous subjects who suffered adverse events, including deaths, during Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot trials were removed from the trial data
    A person known as “Pfizer subject C4591001 1162 11621327” died three days after receiving the second dose of Pfizer’s COVID shot, reportedly due to stroke and arteriosclerosis; it was deemed unrelated to the shots
    The CDC has since warned that people ages 65 and older who received Pfizer’s updated (bivalent) COVID-19 booster shot may be at increased risk of stroke
    Die Welt also revealed contradictions in Pfizer documents, adverse events from the shot downplayed and mass unblinding of study subjects, which wasn’t revealed in a later approval study
    In November 2020, Pfizer claimed their COVID-19 shot was 95% effective against COVID-19, but this was highly misleading and based on flawed methodology, including excluding people who got COVID-19 within 14 days after their first shot
    Pfizer has profited immensely despite the concerns, earning a record $100 billion in 2022, including $37.8 billion for its COVID-19 shots and $18.9 billion for its antiviral drug Paxlovid

    Details continue to emerge about coverups and fraud that took place during Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot trials. Die Welt, a mainstream media outlet in Germany, revealed that numerous subjects who suffered adverse events, including deaths, were removed from the trial data.1,2

    Meanwhile, trial data were manipulated “to create the illusion” the shot is 90% effective, for instance by excluding participants who got injected and developed COVID-19 within the next 14 days.3 Taken together, it leaves little doubt that COVID-19 shots cannot be trusted.

    Deaths Occurred Within Days of Shots

    The Die Welt report described several deaths that occurred shortly after the injections, but were excluded from the trial data. Among them was a person known as “Pfizer subject C4591001 1162 11621327.” The person, a 60-year-old man, died three days after receiving the second dose of Pfizer’s COVID shot, reportedly due to stroke4 and arteriosclerosis.

    Independent journalist Igor Chudov detailed the case on Substack, noting that the man was discovered via a welfare check, and may have died within two days of the shot. Chudov reported:5

    “According to the medical examiner, the probable cause of death was progression of atherosclerotic disease. Relevant tests were unknown. Autopsy results were not available at the time of this report.

    In the opinion of the investigator, there was no reasonable possibility that the arteriosclerosis was related to the study intervention, concomitant medications, or clinical trial procedures, but rather it was related to suspected underlying disease. Pfizer concurred with the investigator’s causality assessment.”

    However, it appears the medical examiner may have been unaware the man had received an experimental COVID-19 shot shortly before his death, and didn’t give the examination a closer look. Pfizer also neglected to request the medical examiner’s report to assess a potential link. Chudov continued:6

    “They just took the police report’s word that he died of ‘arteriosclerosis,’ stated that Covid Vax cannot cause ‘arteriosclerosis,’ and ruled it ‘unrelated.’ The patient was buried and forgotten. If I may guess, the examiner’s diagnosis was not even accurate. The medications that the deceased took, indicate no ongoing, severe sclerotic disease.”

    Pfizer Falsely Ruled Deaths Were Unrelated to Shots

    Another subject in Pfizer’s trial also died 20 days after the shots. The death was ruled as due to a cardiac arrest. But pharmaceutical specialist Susanne Wagner told Die Welt:7

    “According to the current state of science, these two cases would be assigned to the vaccination, especially since the U.S. health authority CDC is currently investigating strokes in vaccinated people and it is known. [Pfizer’s investigators] falsely ruled these deaths unrelated.”

    Indeed, an announcement made by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration warned that people ages 65 and older who received Pfizer’s updated (bivalent) COVID-19 booster shot may be at increased risk of stroke.8

    The CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), which uses near real-time surveillance to track vaccine safety, flagged the potential safety issue, revealing that those 65 and over were more likely to have an ischemic stroke 21 days after receiving Pfizer’s bivalent COVID-19 shot compared to 22 to 44 days later.9

    The FDA and CDC released the statement on a Friday night before a three-day weekend, “which is proof they wanted to bury it,” Dr. Meryl Nass, a board-certified internal medicine physician with special expertise in vaccine safety and vaccine mandates, said.10 Even Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo tweeted about the odd timing:11,12

    “What better time than a Friday afternoon for @CDCgov and @US_FDA to let Americans know that the mRNA shots they’ve been pushing may be causing strokes? Don’t worry, we’ll make sure the word gets out — just like we’ve been doing for months.”

    Die Welt also revealed contradictions in Pfizer documents and mass unblinding of study subjects, which wasn’t revealed in a later approval study:13

    “In one fell swoop, the test management said goodbye to 53 subjects on August 31, 2020. The test candidates were ‘unblinded,’ which means they were informed about their vaccination status, a process that the Pfizer study protocol expressly only provides for ‘in emergencies.’

    But there is nothing about it in the approval study. In protocol documents that are available to WELT, and which are actually not intended for the public, those responsible get caught up in contradictions.”

    Severe Adverse Reaction to Shots Brushed Off

    Another example revealed by Die Welt involves trial participant Augusto Roux, a lawyer in Argentina. After receiving his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot, he experienced shortness of breath and chest pain, and passed out. Within days, he visited a hospital for his symptoms, where he tested negative for COVID-19 but a CT scan showed fluid, or pericardial effusion, in Roux’s heart.

    A physician noted in his chart, “Adverse reaction to the coronavirus vaccine (high probability).” Despite this connection and ongoing health problems, this adverse reaction was downplayed by Pfizer and listed as unrelated to the shots. According to Die Welt:14

    “Over the next few months, Roux lost 14 kilos [30.8 pounds], he had liver problems, and his heart sometimes beat irregularly … The diagnosis for the symptoms after the second vaccination is very likely to be ‘pericarditis,’ inflammation of the heart. All of this fits exactly with a clinical picture that the Paul Ehrlich Institute also has in its list of ‘rare side effects’ for mRNA vaccines.

    … His story, one might think, should appear in Pfizer’s pivotal study papers, but it doesn’t. The pharmaceutical company’s papers say Roux informed the research team that he was hospitalized with pneumonia on both sides, following the initial report, which was classified as an ‘adverse event of toxicity level 1.’

    That could have nothing to do with the vaccine, the file goes on to say, it is probably a Covid infection. Not a word that Roux had tested negative for Corona in several PCR tests.”

    Pfizer Created an ‘Illusion’ of Effectiveness

    In November 2020, Pfizer claimed its COVID-19 shot was 95% effective against COVID-19, but this was highly misleading and based on flawed methodology.15 One trick used to get this misleadingly high efficacy figure is to ignore people who got COVID-19 within 14 days after their first shot.

    In Pfizer’s trial, 37.2% of those who were tested for COVID-19 within 13 days of their first shot were positive — but not counted as such. How can this skew results? As explained on Substack’s “Where are the numbers,” a newsletter about the abuse of science and statistics:16

    “Imagine the most extreme case in which every vaccinated person gets covid within the first two weeks of their first dose. Then, assuming (as is likely) that none get infected a second time within the 19 weeks, according to the study definition no vaccinated people ever got covid over the whole period of the study.

    If only one person in the the unvaccinated comparative cohort had got covid, over the same period, the vaccine efficacy (defined as one minus the proportion of vaccinated infected divided by the proportion of unvaccinated infected times 100) will be reported as 100%.”

    The study found that during any two-week period from December 28, 2020, to May 19, 2021, the COVID-19 infection rate was about 0.8%, compared to 37.2% among those tested within two weeks of their first shot.

    “If people were tested every two weeks then we could reasonably conclude the vaccinated were getting infected — within two weeks of their first jab — at a rate that was almost 50 times greater than the general rate for this population,” but “if you don’t look for covid, by not testing for it, or by ignoring the test results you won’t find it.”17

    They also pointed out that no deaths occurred among the participants who tested positive for COVID-19 and had at least one COVID-19-like symptom, including among the 812 (out of 1,482) who were unvaccinated. But since this clearly makes the shots look unnecessary and ineffective, it was conveniently ignored:18

    “[T]here was a grand total of zero deaths: an infection fatality rate (IFR) of 0%. And 812 of those were unvaccinated. Bear in mind that this when covid was supposed to have been rampaging globally and causing widespread death.

    And of course that nugget somehow never got mentioned in the abstract, mains results, conclusions, or discussion. It only appeared in the detailed results section (along with the fact that only 2% were hospitalized).”

    More Deaths in the Shot Group Than the Placebo Group

    Former Blackrock portfolio manager Edward Dowd also warned about problems with Pfizer’s trial. A friend from the biotech industry told him that the all-cause mortality endpoint had been missed by Pfizer in the original clinical trial, meaning that in the jab group there were more deaths than in the placebo group. Normally, during the drug approval process, if you fail that endpoint, you do not get approved.

    Dowd said. “When that came out in November, the biotech executives who saw that decided they weren’t going to get boosters, and the people who weren’t vaxxed were not going to get vaxxed.”19

    Whistleblower Brooke Jackson, a regional director formerly employed by Pfizer subcontractor Ventavia Research Group, which was testing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, also witnessed falsified data, unblinded patients, inadequately trained vaccinators and lack of proper follow-up on adverse events that were reported.

    “I was working on Pfizer’s trial,” she said in the film “Anecdotals.”20 “What I saw was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.” She explained:21

    “The speed in which they were enrolling in the study — four to five coordinators pushing through 40, 50, 60 patients a day. We were not storing the vaccine at its appropriate temperature, the failures in reporting serious adverse events. We had so many reports of adverse events … we just could not keep up. The study doctor signed a physical exam when he wasn’t even in clinic.

    Then Ventavia had unblinded every patient that was randomized in the trial. When we brought it to their attention, that’s what we were instructed to do — remove the evidence and destroy it. Emails about mislabeled blood specimens per Pfizer’s protocol, we should have immediately stopped enrolling, but they never told Pfizer.

    I would bring the concerns to my managers and it was, ‘We’re understaffed.’ The FDA — they only see what Pfizer gives them. So I was documenting all of this. And on the 25th of September, I went directly to the FDA, and about six and a half hours later, I lost my job. I was fired.”

    The FDA and Pfizer attempted to hide the COVID-19 shot clinical trial data for 75 years, but the FDA was ordered by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas to release redacted versions of trial documents on a much faster schedule. As part of the court order, 80,000 pages of documents related to the FDA’s approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shots were released June 1, 2022.22

    Among those documents were case report forms revealing that deaths and severe adverse events took place during Phase 3 trials, but, as reported by Children’s Health Defense, Pfizer had “a trend of classifying almost all adverse events — and in particular severe adverse events — as being ‘not related’ to the vaccine.”23

    Pfizer has profited immensely nonetheless, earning a record $100 billion in 2022, including $37.8 billion for its COVID-19 shots and $18.9 billion for its antiviral drug Paxlovid.24

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