The Spirit of the Times

What You Ordered vs. What You Received

Disreputable merchants deceive consumers by passing off grossly inferior products as “couture,” while others busy themselves producing “knockoffs” for consumers to deceive.

Deception is rampant.

Designer vs. Knockoff

Phanar’s claims to the leadership of the Church are in tune with the spirit of the times, filled with the ideas of globalism. Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) of Boryspil and Brovary, the UOC Chancellor, said in an interview with, commenting on the statements of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople about the need to “revise the doctrine of the Church” and recognize that there is a First with “special powers” in it.

“For two thousand years, the Orthodox Church has been living in accordance with the catholic, or, to use secular language, the collegial principle of governance,” noted the UOC Chancellor. “And it has not undergone any significant changes during all this time since it has repeatedly proved its worth and expediency.”

Metropolitan Anthony sees, on the one hand, “a tribute to the spirit of the times, filled with the ideas of the advancement and triumph of globalism”, in the fact that the question of the need to move away from conciliarity in favour of establishing one centre of government is being raised.

“It is clear that the corresponding processes also affect the religious sphere,” he explained. “As is understandable, it is much easier to negotiate or even influence the fate of world Orthodoxy, having in front of you one control centre, and not fifteen independent Local Orthodox Churches in their administration.”

On the other hand, the UOC Chancellor continued, “the approval of the“ first without equal” format can be aimed at the maximum deepening of ecumenical processes since the Phanar will have the opportunity to take the issue of finding new forms of union beyond the need for a pan-Orthodox solution.”

Source: Union of Orthodox Journalists


  1. Nicholas of New York says

    Helloooo…This is called Roman Catholicism.
    Has anyone heard of a Pope and the Vatican ( its own city/ state) within the confines of the city of Rome ( which by the way happens to be in Italy)

    • The state of the Vatican is less than 100 years old. What does that have to do with the article?

      • “The state of the Vatican is less than 100 years old. What does that have to do with the article?”

        The Vatican is just a micro version of the Papal States, which arose in 751/756, or so, and survived all the way to 1870 (excluding 1798–1799, 1809–1814 and 1849). I’m guessing his point is that the EP has been reinventing the wheel, no longer content with being the honorary “First Among Equals,” but desiring to rule. In Rome’s case, having temporal power eventually made them want to have and use spiritual power in the same way, thus the Great Schism in 1054. The last hundred years have been like a long drawn out Saruman “heel turn” reveal from “the White” to the “Many Colored.”

  2. Gail Sheppard says

    It’s destined to be a “knockoff.” An inferior replication of the Church and, sadly, many will think it’s the real thing.

  3. Ronda Wintheiser says

    Your words, Gail, make it very difficult not to think of this…

    • Gail Sheppard says

      I know, Ronda. So true.

      The only thing I would quibble about (although, I can’t definitively say I know one way or the other) is that “Protestants and sectarians are gradually being prepared by their leaders to accept the Antichrist when he appears as Christ Himself.” I don’t think a lot of them will.

  4. Globalization reminds me of the tower of Babel. Let’s all pull together, and “we can get through this together”, – without God of course. Then in this globalization/ socialism there are of course some who are ‘more equal’ than others.
    Those who see themselves as more important than others believe therefore established laws or doctrines don’t apply to them, or these laws or doctrines need to be thrown out altogether so that they can assume the position and power they believe is their due.
    Wasn’t Satan thrown from heaven because of his arrogant pride – wanting to place himself as equal to or above God?
    And aren’t we admonished in Holy Scripture ‘not to think more highly of ourselves than we ought?’, but ‘to consider others as more important than ourselves’?

  5. “Biden thanks Vartholomeos for congratulatory letter”

    Two knockoffs for the price of one?

  6. so what are the options

  7. Just checking please:

    UOC is canonical and under Met. Onouphry while
    OCU is noncanonical and under Met. Epiph?

    If so, my mnemonic will be
    “Ukrainian Orthodox Canonical” ~ UOC
    “Opposed to Christ in the Ukraine” ~ OCU

    Since wikipedia makes a mess of this, please confirm/correct prn!

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Google Monomakhos Ukraine. You will see several articles talking about the situation in Ukraine before, during and after the Tomos was issued. Metropolitan Onophy (UOC-MP – Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate) is the canonical Church.

      Epiphany (OCU – Orthodox Church of Ukraine) is the leader of the schematic church under Bartholomew. They say they’re autocephalous but aren’t because (1) they’ve never been properly ordained, (2) they aren’t recognized by the majority of the Church and (2) their Tomos was written in a way where Bartholomew retains control.

  8. Matthew Panchisin says

    I thinks so Brendan, the Trump administration along with the E.P. creating schisms within Christ’s Church. If there is a dreaded Biden administration such behavior will most likely continue, the spirit of divisiveness and usurpation. It’s just a question of what they aim at.

    • Is it the Trump Administration?
      Or is it the Deep State?

      • Johann Sebastian says

        Trump hangs around with the wrong crowd, and I’m not sure he has much say in the matter.

        • He could only choose from what was available to him.
          Many he chose were only pretending to be on his side.
          I go into more detail in my answer to Matthew below…

  9. Matthew Panchisin says

    I understand that the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is part of the Trump administration and is rather close to him.

    I’m good with both of them don’t know what they are doing.

    • On Ukraine policy, Pompeo seems little different to the previous lot.
      Trump, however, has consistently shown himself to be a maverick.
      From North Korea to Russia to China he has always made his own way.
      Yet he has been under such sustained attack, both from without his administration
      and from subversion within (eg: AG Barr), that he has never been fully in control.
      So, despite his astounding record of achievement, I doubt he’s had enough time
      to acquaint himself with the alphabet soup of OCU, UAOC, UOC-KP and UOC-MP.

      • Johann Sebastian says

        Oh, I agree completely with your assessment, but it only reinforces my belief that he was doomed to failure from the beginning.

        Unless, of course, “blowing the cover” off of these machinations can be counted as a success. When you have so many who seem to want to go back to the days of swampy Republicrats, then you really have to look at reality and concede that “the people” are too far gone.

        • JS, he has had many successes. Perhaps the greatest will be the fact that he “blew the cover” of the deep State

          • Johann Sebastian says

            I feel like they’re already putting the cover back on.

            • George Michalopulos says

              They’re certainly going to try. What is seen however, cannot be unseen. The last four years will be viewed as turning point (if not a golden age of peace and plenty). Even the people behind Biden will not be able to return to the “good old days”, try as they might.

              • Johann Sebastian says

                I like your optimism, but at the same time I have a hard time feeling the same way.

                I don’t know, it’s almost like we’re running around in a hamster’s wheel.

  10. Interesting news from the Church of Greece:
    “The Holy Synod announced its decision to keep the churches open at the Epiphany. The statement said that the Church does not agree with the new government measures regarding the operation of the churches and insists on what was originally decided with the churches remaining open.”

    In Greek:

    In English:

  11. “Pompeo: I made sure the U.S. supported recognition of OCU”–pompeo

    Mike says it was him (and not the Don) wot dunnit,
    which tends to bear out what I have been saying.

    • Yep. And Abbot Tryphon (in his censored article Why Americans Hate Russia) was right about the American deep state sell job of misplaced fear toward Russia, ignoring China, the untrustworthy maker of all we buy and owner of much here. Wake up America.

      • George , here is the article by Abbot Tryphon , “The American Hatred of Russia: The orchestrated warmongering of our politicians and media” .

        It was posted on , on the page for Abbot Tryphon’s podcast , The Morning Offering , but has since been removed.

        If you go to that link on Ancient Faith it says “Page Not Found”.

        Having posted the piece , Abbot Tryphon seems to be choosing not to engage with the comments (on Facebook). I’m interested in learning more about his opening salvo :

        “The 1917 Russian Revolution was orchestrated, beginning in 1914, from the British Embassy in Saint Petersburg, and the American Embassy in Kiev,”

        That’s certainly a bold claim , which I’m not necessarily denying , but before I repeat that to anyone else I’m going to need to read some credible documentation. None was provided. If anyone can point me towards a reputable historian(s) who can confirm that claim , I would greatly appreciate it. (not appreciated would be links websites that simply repeat the claim with no evidence.)

        • Unknown Poster says

          David, by providing the link to the ancient faith article, made it possible to find the original piece. This illustrates the utility of the internet archive, at, and the “wayback machine.” It also shows how helpful it is to post the URLs of articles that seem to have disappeared.


          (I neither embrace nor reject the views expressed in the article.)

          • Unknown perhaps, but not unthanked.

          • Thank you Unknown for this handy tool. And to you David for posting the link. . I had misremembered the orchestrators as London and DC impressionistically , while he actually specifies the respective embassies in St. Petersburg and Kiev. Hoping to get trustworthy sources for confirmation as well, perhaps from Fr Alexander.

          • From Unknown’s link: Abbot Tryphon’s text copied and pasted for ease of reading.
            The American Hatred of Russia
            The Orchestrated Warmongering of our Politicians and Media plus photo

            “The 1917 Russian Revolution was orchestrated, beginning in 1914, from the British Embassy in Saint Petersburg, and the American Embassy in Kiev, and stoked by the anti-monarchical , warmongering tabloid western media. Following the overthrow of the Czarist government, the revolutionary government itself was taken over by extremists, and the world was to face seventy years of communist genocide against Orthodox Christians. The anti-Orthodox views of these Western powers is well documented, and continues to this very day as witnessed by the betrayal of Orthodox Christians in Kosovo, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, and the Gaza strip. Western backed terrorism in the Ukraine only continued what has become a long standing hatred by the United States, and her British compatriots, of Orthodoxy.

            Is the United States government and her Western allies, so dominated by hate-filled hawks that we are willing to set the stage for World War III, or will we finally put aside our insatiable desire to control the whole world, together with our colonialist European Union allies? Is it really beyond comprehension that an American administration, backed by CNN, MSNBC, and an array of compromised Western Media types, is hell-bent on continuing the long standing position that Russia is our enemy? Do we not see that the sanctions against Russia were, in fact, an act of war? And why are we American Christians not concerned that our government, as it did in 1914, is saber rattling against the one Christian nation that is attempting to withstand creeping secularism, atheism, and militant Islam, while holding to the standards of biblical Christianity? Given all of this, do we really think Russia is behind the recent cyber attacks on companies like Microsoft, and our American nuclear agencies?

            Let us be vigilant in our thinking, keeping ourselves open to the truth. Blindly viewing everything our American government says leaves us wide open to the same dangers that caused the German people to fall prey to the Nazi propaganda machine, and we know where that led.

            Perhaps we can start looking at Russia as the potential ally she is, and not seeing her as the enemy she is not. Perhaps we should take a closer look at China, and see that they are the country that has been buying controlling interest in high-tech Western companies, and stealing our information at an alarming rate, all the while building one of the world’s most powerful military forces. It is China that has acquired DNA of Americans who used their own DNA to seek out family history, with the hope of using it against us for future super-viruses. It is China that is using DNA research to build a super military army

            Russia is not our enemy, China is. U.S. intelligence shows that China has conducted “human testing” on members of the People’s Liberation Army in hope of developing soldiers with “biologically enhanced capabilities”. It is China that has been building a huge navy that will be the world’s most powerful. It is China that has the largest military in the world. I believe our failure to see Russia as our potential ally is based on the financial interests of some of our politicians and high tech executives with their China connections.

            I have been in pain of heart over this issue for a very long time. I’ve made it a point of staying away from politics, but, like the Lutheran pastors who spoke out against the Nazis, and paid the price, I must speak out, if for no other reason than to serve in the traditional role of the monk as prophet. We are dangerously close to war with Russia, and as a monk I am driven to speak the truth as I see it, unpopular as it may be. This is not a political article, nor is it an unpatriotic or un-American article. I am simply an Orthodox monk calling upon his nation to repent, and, as a people, return to the values found in Biblical Christianity.

            With love in Christ,
            Abbot Tryphon”

      • Johann Sebastian says

        Yet many who rightly identify China as untrustworthy still insist on throwing Russia into that cauldron, as if doing so somehow added to their credibility.

        I don’t know how much this anti-Russian sentiment has been felt by others on here of “Russian” extraction (whether they be “real” Great Russians, or one of us hillbilly Little Russians), but for my mother’s side of the family and for me, this has been discernible practically since the time they got off the boat.

        I wonder how much those of other “Orthodox ethnicities” notice it, or if converts even do.

        Knowing history and knowing of the parallel tragedies suffered by, say, Serbs and Greeks, and how “Western powers” align themselves with respect to these causes me to see patterns (and double standards) which in turn lends itself to the perspective I’ve developed when it comes to current events.

        Isn’t it funny how Americans fanatically conflate the atheist Soviet Evil Empire with everything Russian, yet a couple of years later (and in the shadow of the Tiananmen Square incident) China somehow becomes our “most favored” trading partner?

        I don’t know if America can wake up or even wants to do so. The national conscience has been bathed in Russophobia, and I think the roots of it predate the Bolshevik Revolution. They hate Russia and Russians, but what they’ve come to believe as being Russian is itself profoundly anti-Russian.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Very well said, JS.

          I chalk it up to a delusion. It was Tsar Alexander II who pulled Lincoln’s fat out of the fire on the international scene so, you would think that both men being “liberators” would be heralded as among the best and the brightest.

          But now, even Lincoln is being tossed to the wolves historically speaking. Many in the West today are operating under a delusion.

          God is not the author delusion.

          • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

            RE “delusion”: I suggest my most recent article in Touchstone Magazine titled, “Social Wandering: One Word That Explains the Current Delusions.”


            That one word is our own Orthodox spiritual term “prelest” (Slavonic) or “plani” (Greek).

            • Michael Bauman says

              Father, it would seem that the desire to repent or even the discipline of repentance would occur under prelest. Am I perceiving correctly?

              Or one could say, for instance, “I am the CHIEF of sinners”, or “I am the chief of SINNERS. ” The first is self-aggrandizement, the second humility.

              I think that true joy is the fruit of repentance. Joy that comes any other way should be treated with caution.

          • Climate change, gender confusion, “systemic racism”, faux pandemic, riots, massive and widespread voter fraud (including the Georgia runoff), etc. . . .

            When the culture gets this crazy, there’s no use trying to figure it out lest you slip into the insanity yourself. God has an answer, harsh tough it may be, and patience is a virtue.

        • The American hatred of Russia has its groundings in our unity with England. The English constantly saw Russia as a competitor in Europe especially after the Crimean War. During the Progressive period the English used propaganda in the U.S. for Anglo unity when the US started to get its feet wet in empire building. The U.S. even attempted parliamentary system in Congress by granting unofficial powers to the Speaker of the House out of love for British culture. This Anglo unity was also tied to racism and the ‘civilizing’ the East. Check out some excellent resources and webinars on the Progressive Era (especially under Wilson) at

  12. Matthew Panchisin says

    I’m sure they went the wrong direction, Trump and Pompeo should have been more interested in what the democrats were up to. That would have been better for everyone, wot dunnit.

    • Trump gave more weapons to the Ukraine than Obama did. Maybe he did it to prove he wasn’t a Russian ally. Maybe the Deep State did it behind his back. Regardless our foreign policy did not change and has not since Wilson.

      • “Regardless our foreign policy did not change and has not since Wilson.”

        Syria proves otherwise. Other than a token airstrike or two, seemingly intentionally not hitting much of value, due to pressure from false flag chemical attacks, Trump let Putin smash up the “moderate” Islamic groups that Obama had almost successfully take over the entire country with.

  13. Here is a tale from Zavala Monastery in Hertzegovina
    in which a bishop claims to have been: “Burning, but not burned”
    on the feast of the Presentation of the Virgin:

    Serbian Text here

    English (google) translation here:

  14. Well now that we have lost the Senate majority it’s seeming increasingly likely all 3 levels of government are about to be controlled by Marxists.

    I usually try to be optimistic, but, as the days go by it’s looking like Biden will indeed be inaugurated. And even if trump were to get in, he would be opposed at every step with the Dems in charge of Congress

    Sad days are coming for America I am afraid

    • My “Plan B” Countries are looking pretty good right now I reckon

      • Please share Petros. The single bright side about Biden is that I can cancel all the governmental department and agency emails I have loved reading the last 4 years. Should save beaucoup hours. Would like to have the plan B list for wishful dreaming after reading the news. Grazi. ?☦️?

      • Christine Fevronia says

        Petros, I’m echoing Nicole. (Hi, Nicole and blessed Nativity tomorrow as I’m on Original Calendar too!) What are your Plan B countries? I’m actually serious in wondering. A couple families I know are moving to Georgia and a friend from my parish is actively working on finding a job in Estonia. I am an American born and raised and although I cannot even recognize my country anymore, I just don’t know what my Plan B would be.

  15. The White House, the House, the Senate are now Dem-controlled. Anything is on the table now. DC and Puerto Rico statehood. Removal of the electoral college. Expanding the number of Supreme Court seats. Still think Trump was a gift from God?

    • “The White House, the House, the Senate are now Dem-controlled. Anything is on the table now. DC and Puerto Rico statehood. Removal of the electoral college. Expanding the number of Supreme Court seats. Still think Trump was a gift from God?”

      Time will tell. I’m watching live as the US capitol building has been stormed by patriots. Seems one way or another, we’re at a epic turning point here, the Democrat party may not even exist, legally, in mere hours, God only knows. Because, you’re right, “anything is on the table now,” but that cuts both ways, winner gets to write the history books.

    • Trump was a respite and a mercy. With Hilary this would have come 4 years earlier and we would be less prepared.

    • The House was already Democrat but got less so because of Trump. Both the presidential election and probably the Georgia runoff were stolen. Several networks reporting results posted decline in Republican numbers and subsequent jumps in Democrat, same crap, different election. But you knew they were going to do it. It worked so well for them before and no one has made them pay.

      We are faced with an illegitimate government of usurpers. “Everything is on the table.”, as the Democrats say. I hope the patriots who stormed the Capitol have the balls to occupy it indefinitely and that Trump leads a real revolution, establishing a different form of government. Now is the time to strike while the iron is hot. “Never let a crisis go to waste.”, as the Dems are also fond of saying. Either the Dems will rule unchecked or Trump and the America First group will. Trump’s only path now seems to be to seize power. May God bless him if he has the balls.

      If you know there is going to be a fight, strike first.

  16. Scotland’s excess mortality figures are no longer displayed on the
    EUROMOMO (European Mortality Monitoring) website. I wonder why…

    Could it be that Scotland’s excess mortality rates do not justify the
    lockdown of the economy and the house arrest of the entire nation?

  17. How COVID-19 Vaccine Can Destroy Your Immune System

    Well worth a read
    with this to follow:

    2 people die in Norway nursing home days after
    Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, investigation launched

  18. What Vaccine Trials?

    No vaccine trials have been completed, not even stage 1 trials.
    If you take the vaccine, you are the guinea-pig!

    Exposing the genomic sequence of SARSCov2”


  20. “Dr Vernon Coleman: Make no Mistake – This is Genocide”

    “I don’t know about you but I find it difficult to keep up with what is going on. The chaos is all deliberate, of course. As Jean Paul Sartre pointed out, if you fill people with long-standing terror, anxiety and uncertainty you will eventually drive out their humanity and drive them towards madness.

    The endless promises are designed to create stress, disappointment and despair. It will all be over by the summer. It will all be over by the autumn. It will all be over by Christmas. It will all be over by Easter.

    Listen to me: it will never be over. Never. Because they don’t want it to be over. The transient hope is part of the brainwashing, the psy op…

    Incidentally, my short book Proof that masks do more harm than good is available as a PDF on and on the website. It’s free.”

    Dr Vern tells it like it is…

    • George Michalopulos says

      I can top Sartre even better (courtesy of Stalin):

      Seems that old Joe once ripped all the feathers off a live chicken as a lesson to his followers. He then set the chicken on the floor a short distance away. The chicken was bloodied and suffering immensely, yet, when Stalin began to toss some bits of wheat towards the chicken it followed him around. He said to his followers “This is how easy it is to govern stupid people, they will follow you no matter how much pain you cause them, as long as you throw them a little worthless treat once in a while”.

      Stay inside, shut your business down, do as you’re told, we will take care of you. Help is on the way. Here’s $600.

  21. Michael Bauman says

    “Bear disgrace and affliction in the Name of Jesus with humility and a troubled heart, and show before Him thy feebleness, and He will become unto thee might.”
    St. Moses the Black

    The Fellowship of St. Moses the Black is a an organization close to my heart. Nun Katherine Weston is the head of it since Fr. Moses Berry’s health problems. The work of Christ is being done in and through it.
    They are having a virtual study of Nun Katherine’s book Loneliness or Fruitful Longing on January 16th.

    See the website for details.

  22. Donald J Trump: “Every human life is a gift to the world. Whether born or unborn, young or old, healthy or sick, every person is made in the holy image of God. The Almighty Creator gives unique talents, beautiful dreams, and a great purpose to every person. On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, we celebrate the wonder of human existence and renew our resolve to build a culture of life where every person of every age is protected, valued, and cherished.”

    ‘Born or unborn?’
    Praise God!

  23. Germany opens detention camps for people breaking quarantine rules
    Similar camps are currently being discussed in New York and Australia.

    We have been here before, have we not?

  24. France: the Ivermectin Dossier Before the Council of State

    “A new legal attempt to have ivermectin approved in France, through a Temporary Recommendation for Use, will be presented this Monday January 25 to the Council of State…the highest administrative tribunal in the country,
    founded by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte.”

  25. Vaxxed v. Unvaxxed: Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Americans
    From Discrimination Based on Vaccination Status

    “In a federal complaint filed last month in the U.S. District Court of California, constitutional litigators Greg Glaser and Ray Flores presented results of a pilot study showing unvaccinated adults and children are healthier than their vaccinated counterparts.”

    • Steven J. M. says

      Yes, I’ve seen this said elsewhere (that unvaxxed children are better off than those who’ve been vaxxed). A big proponent of this was a lady called Brandy Vaughan, who used to work for Merck, had a crisis of conscience, began to speak out against vaccines and was then found dead under suspicious circumstances. Apparently the CDC – for one – will never do the test of vaxxed v unvaxxed. They’ll do those vaccinated on Tuesdays v those vaccinated on rainy days, but they won’t do the one that counts the most. That said, with the way things now are in many parts or the world, where vaccines are jabbed into kids right from the start, the unvaxxed sample becomes increasingly difficult to find. And this is a real problem with the covid vaccines too. Under different circumstances, only some people would take the shot and could then be compared even up to 10 years later to those not vaxxed. But this becomes difficult to do when 7 billion people are vaccinated at once.

  26. As Treebeard says in The Lord of the Rings: “…the world is changing:
    I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, and I smell it in the air.”

    In the UK we have had Brexit – now, inevitably, a Scottish exit rears its head again.
    As Gavin Essler writes in How Britain Ends: English Nationalism and the Rebirth of the Four Nations: “I have a strong Unionist background and inclination, yet I have come to believe that Britain may indeed be coming to an end. It is not alarm bells I hear. It’s a death knell.”

    Rational discussion of this is largely suppressed by the media (as it was for Brexit).
    However, Peter Hitchens makes a good fist of explaining what is going on here:

    Meanwhile (after the deposition of Trump) Texit begins to loom large on the horizon.
    After all, why should the Republic of Texas wish to remain part of a Federal Union
    in which has been denied standing by the Supreme Court of said Federal Union?
    How many other States may also wish to escape the Blue Haze? Who knows?

    Abroad, the People’s Republic of China looms like a mighty powerhouse;
    but a powerhouse facing demographic collapse, crop failure and starvation.
    The CCP may soon see it’s only hope of survival in external adventurism (ie: war).

    In the sphere of religion, we see the expansionism of a nearly defunct Patriarchate of Constantinople; which (at the same time as it is alienating the greater part of the Orthodox Church) seeks greater convergence with an increasingly pagan Papacy that has sacrificed the RC Church in China to an atheist political party; which party is busily engaged in rewriting the Gospels.

    As all this unfolds, we have the extraordinary spectacle of governments of developed nations committing economic suicide for fear of a virus with a 99.95% survival rate.

    Truly, we live in interesting times. Or, as Yeats wrote:
    “Things fall apart. The centre cannot hold…”

    A final comment is, perhaps, best left to Louis MacNeice in Bagpipe Music:
    “The glass is falling hour by hour, the glass will fall forever,
    But if you break the bloody glass you won’t hold up the weather.”

    • Would that be Scexit, then? Are you supportive of this?

      I must admit that I do like the sound of Texit, although given the demographic situation, it might just be a Mexodus.

      Nice, reflective post. It does seem that we are standing on a precipice.

  27. Thank you, Basil. Yes, we are on a precipice.
    And there is also Frexit to consider: a small cloud the size of a man’s hand now;
    but the more Macron falters the more Marine Le Pen will rise from the sea.
    Yes, I do favour Scottish Independence; not because of economic theories
    of right or left or monetarism or socialism or free-marketism etc.
    It is because I am a Scot and wish the Scottish nation to be independent,
    like other normal nations.