The Sentinel Guards Her Sons

This picture needs no words. It speaks for itself.

From the Minneapolis Star/Tribune taken on a June morning at the Minneapolis National Cemetery.

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  1. Amen.

  2. Dear George & people —

    I’m one of your readers.

    This particular photo made me smile for many reasons. My heart leapt up — it’s Fort Snelling, my Daddy’s resting place. [12/10/20 — 3/10/02] Smiled, because the month is not June ….no, 🙂 …that’s funny. True, we don’t have the tall stately trees like in Ole Mississippi, but our relatively short trees are able to produce leaves by June! This scene so pleasing to my eyes is March/April? …. one of those inbetween/touch n go times when all are eager for spring, but another snowfall is more than likely. (snowy Easters/Paschas are not uncommon.)

    Here’s the source

    “6 a.m. on a hazy spring day and he was driving through Fort Snelling National Cemetery …”

    Thank you!

    With appreciation and love in Christ
    Nancy Maria Luichinger / St Anthony MN
    (first born of Eugene & June Johnson)

  3. Orthodox Christian Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan to be laid to rest in Minnesota

    May the memory of John Faas be eternal!


    A visit.

    John Faas is laid to rest 17 rows forward & 20 plots over from where the eagle in this photograph is gazing. (–to the east and north and the grave is several paces from a tree; I regret I can’t say the kind of tree.) This evening we approached John’s graveside at 8:38 p.m. in order to pay respects, and were stopped short because a buck and a doe were attending the grave. Standing there so still they were stunningly beautiful. I suppose they had their sites on the greens & flowers ….mostly white….. which were lovingly laid down by John’s loved ones at his headstone on Monday.

    with love and sorrow I pray,
    Heavenly Father, comfort the one heart of Bob and Gretchen Faas.

    Memory eternal!

  4. cynthia curran says

    Well, its too bad that we can’t bribe our enemies like they did in old Byzantine times. Granted, bribery doesn’t always work but no one thinks about doing it in modern times. A lots of money though.