The Saturday Evening Post: Jan 7 Edition

Well, here we are  with the first week of 2024 in the rear-view mirror!  Gail and I hope that your year so far is a blessed one. 

It doesn’t look like we’re going to get any respite as far as the frequency of the news in concerned, so as I promised last Saturday, we’re going to try and make “The Saturday Evening Post” (in which I comment on the news of the week) a regular part of Monomakhos.

I hope you find this issue of “The Saturday Evening Post” to your liking!  

So, without any further ado, I will try (operative word:  “try”) to wax eloquent on the these following topics:

The Athonite Rebuke (1:02)  For the past few years, la Gailina has expressed exasperation (try saying that five times really fast) as to why nobody within his patriarchate has stood up to Patriarch Bartholomew for his many egregious missteps.  Well, today I am happy to report that somebody finally did.   Axioi!!! to the twenty monastic communities of the Holy Mountain!

More from the Branch Covidians (3:10) Someday, I hope that Netflix (or one of the other streaming services) does a miniseries on the Covidian religion.  Anthony Fauci can play the part of David Koresh.  Surprisingly, Francis Collins admitted that the people at the top made mistakes.  (BTW, Gail pegged him as a villain early on.)  Apologies accepted.  

What is a Woman?  (4:45)  Looks like men (scratch that:  “trans women”) can continue to get into the boxing ring and beat the crap out of “real women.”  Thanks to Brendan for bringing this to our attention.  Unfortunately, this is going to be a recurring one for as far as the eyes can see.

The End of the First Amendment, brought to you courtesy of Gaza (5:40)  I’m conflicted:  Mrs Afendulis (that’s Claudine Gay’s marital name), was fired from Harvard University.  Mind you, she’s a plagiarist and all, with an embarrassingly slim CV, and nowhere nearly qualified to be president of Harvard in the first place, but I don’t like the fact that people should be “cancelled” because of their beliefs.  What we’re witnessing in real time is the implosion of the entire cultural Marxist narrative.  Grab popcorn.   

“A Trifecta of Hellenic Brilliance”  (9:35) Our old friend, Jim Jatras was recently interviewed by The Duran (their first interview for the year).  You can catch it by clicking on the Duran link above or Helleniscope.  It was a bravura performance, his insights on the American Empire and the upcoming election are serious and need to be taken into consideration.  A few months ago, Gail and I had the pleasure of hosting Jim in our home.  It was a symposium in the original definition of the term:  syn+posein (i.e. “drink+together”).*  Also, be sure and  catch the latest from The Eurasian Century, where our friend Misha waxes eloquently on Moscow as “The Third Rome.”  

The Russians are Losing! The Russians are Losing!  (11:50) Hope dies hard for the Globohomo Empire.  Perhaps we should start a pool:  who is going to bail on Kiev first:  Yulia Timoshenko or Valery Zaluzhny?  

Assorted comments  (16:45) Thanks to the usual suspects.

Dark Brandon Speaks:  “I understand power!”  (18:40) If not him, then his puppet-masters.  Can you imagine Trump speaking like this?  (Hell, I can’t imagine Nixon speaking like this.)  Maybe LBJ.  

And finally, Mr Trump goes to the SCOTUS  (21:15) Yesterday, the Supreme Court filed a writ of certiori, taking up the case which Colorado issued against President Trump.  It was so brazenly stupid and partisan that it should struck down 9-zero.  But, given the fact that there is a “wise Latina” and another woman who doesn’t know what a woman is on the Court, I’m not sure.   As Obi-wan Kenobi said “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”  

*Not to worry, it was all in moderation! 😉

Anyway, here we are!  



  1. Glad ya’ll did this! I really enjoy the video format