Sodom and Begorrah: A Catholic Perspective

As you all may know by now, I’m no moralist and the charity I feel for people who are afflicted with the various vices is real. I for one am conflicted about the Toll Houses but if they are real, then I have a pretty good idea which ones I’m going to be having trouble with.

Having said that, there is one vice which I believe disorders the male of the species more than others and as such does more damage to the Church and society.

I’m talking of course about sodomy.

Rather than commenting on the nature of that sin or the extent of it in Orthodox ranks, I’d rather let someone who is prominent in dissident Catholic circles talk about it and what it has meant for the Roman Catholic Church.

Michael Voris is a repentant homosexual who lived a lascivious pan-sexual lifestyle in his youth. Because of the prayers of his long-suffering mother, he repented and made a productive life for himself.

His hundreds of YouTubes are challenging and thought-provoking and I find myself agreeing with him on a lot of topics even though in the end, he holds to an exclusive Roman perspective on all things. Regardless, perhaps we can get a better understanding of our own situatin by giving him our attention. (If you’re interested in catching some of his other perspectives, go to The Vortex on YouTube.)

Warning: he doesn’t pull any punches.


  1. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    Here is Michael Voris most recent video directly on this topic as well as giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the Jesuits that are not that clean and have actually caused more harm than good lately in the Catholic Church and have not been too nice to the Orthodox on occasion.

    Finally this is not an anti-Catholic attack. We Orthodox GUARANTEED have the same problems. Both need cleaning and repentance.


  2. Although I do not always agree with Michael Voris—I wish the Orthodox were not almost invariably labeled heretics on his site—I respect him and his work. It’s good to see the profound transformations that love of the Lord can work.

    It was through Voris that I first realized the devastating effect that Marxism has had on the American Roman Catholic church and the purposeful evil wrought by Saul Alinsky and leftist churchmen.

    The CCHD and Saul Alinsky:

  3. While I can’t defend the Jesuits against Michael Voris’s impression of them, I find it odd that he doesn’t name his informant. After all, if this former Jesuit seminarian was so loud and public about his criticism of the homosexuality active in the Missouri province of the Jesuits, why would his identity be concealed?

    Now, I have had other former Jesuits tell me disgusting things about homosexuality in their ranks, and I must say that I haven’t always taken them as seriously as they would have liked, at the same time as I am sure that some of what they said was true. My reasons for a great reluctance in displaying all of that are my own, and not because I’m a great fan of the Jesuits.

    All of that notwithstanding, Michael Voris is less than credible here, since he doesn’t identify and bring forth his informant, who otherwise seems unembarrassed to express himself.

    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

      I think in his most recent video that I posted he does name a former Jesuit who reveals a lot of the goings on in the order. Please see his newest video that I posted elsewhere on this site or check out The Vortex.

      Peter A Papoutsis

  4. There seem to be divisions among reform and critical-minded Catholics. E. Michael Jones, publisher of “Culture Wars” magazine, ran a two-part “expose” of what he thought was wrong with Michael Voris and his broadcasting operation. Jones alleged that Voris’ pride led to his self-appointment as savior of the Catholic church, pitting him against the Catholic hierarchy in a destructive way. Oddly enough, Jones implied as much about Mother Angelica, though for different reasons. Jones pitilessly exposed Voris’ homosexuality and tied his attempt to keep it under wraps into what Jones’ believed to be some sort of narcissistic personality disorder that he believed lay at the root of Voris’ sexuality.

    Michael A. Hoffman, famous for his exposure of secret societies and occult psychological warfare techniques, is at odds with E. Michael Jones over the issue of Judaism and the occult. Hoffman, a revisionist often painted as a “holocaust denier,” does not shy away from discussing the esoteric core of the uncensored Babylonian Talmud and the Kabbalah and the traditions of Orthodox Judaism that are informed by both. In essence, Hoffman believes much of the intrigue throughout history involving skullduggery and attacks against Christ and His Church are, at root, ideologically influenced by the occult systems of Babylon via Judaism and Freemasonry.

    E. Michael Jones, on the other hand, seems to think Hoffman barely skirts antisemitism by perhaps only the width of a hair: Jones acknowledges Judaism’s hostility towards Christianity but he does not take its beliefs on directly and he doesn’t focus on occult beliefs and occult systems. Instead, Jones targets thinkers, artists, and philosophers, pointing the finger at Freud, Foucault, Darwin, Nietzsche, Marx, etc, etc. As a result, Jones, while willing to acknowledge conspiracies, secret societies, and Jews among history’s revolutionary spirit and forces, does not go into the nitty-gritty detail of the Talmud or Kabbalah like Hoffman does. Rather, he discusses the basic outlines of thinkers such a Foucault and Heidegger, Derrida and Lacan, viewing the attack on Christianity as an ideological one that has its roots in the Enlightenment’s evolution into Modernity.

    Consequently, where Hoffman is ready to indict the Catholic church for departing from what he calls its Medieval and Pre-Medieval spirit, Jones seems to want to avoid discussing the issue of Rome’s having departed theologically from its source: for Jones, the Catholic church and its theology is still sound. The problem is with the surrounding apostate culture. Hoffman, on the other hand, sees in the work of Pico, Ficino, and Reuchlin a Judaizing of the Catholic church in their attempts to meld Kabbalah and Christian doctrine. This occult infiltration allowed a beachhead for enemies of Christianity to begin the long process of distorting and changing the original theological vision of the Catholic church. As a result, Hoffman blames occult infiltrators for Rome’s problems, including the scourge of homosexuality it is currently battling.

    Conservative Catholics, from what I can tell, dismiss Voris, Jones, and Hoffman. Each has his sympathizers and supporters but none are widely listened to or well regarded. Voris thinks the Catholic church will continue to crumble until it puts an end to corruption and homosexuality among its clergy; Jones thinks the Catholic church must acknowledge a culture war waged against it on the part of intellectuals, WASPs, and Jews; and Hoffman thinks until the issues of occult conspiracy and Judaism are addressed, Catholics and Americans will be incapable of fighting a meaningful battle against the forces that are trying to destroy them.

    So, who are “conservative” Catholics listening to? My impression is that they’re still supporting efforts like the GK Chesterton Society, which addresses the culture war without naming names or taking on corruption directly.

    • What must be understood is that Progressive Liberalism (Secular Humanism) is the end stage of Roman Catholicism. That is the mass into which the RCC devolved, partially through Protestantism and partially directly on its own (mimicking liberal Protestantism). Pope Francis is case in point. He is the true champion of Vatican II, a sort of Shiva factor.

      The problem traditional Catholics will have is the same that Pius X and Traditio Catholics have had in the past: How long a chain of rationalizations, bobbing and weaving, dodging the obvious, redirecting, obfuscation, etc. can they lay out before they come face to face with the truth that Rome has not been part of the Church for almost 1000 years?

      It all begins and ends with Papal Imperialism. That is the dragon to be vanquished which cannot in any way be retained.

      They are all welcome to become Western Rite Orthodox.

  5. Palaiofytos Vastavraks says

    Greeks misunderstand other Christians. Ecumenists are almost universally protestants who are seeking common action on social issues. THe ROmans do not believ ein Ecumenist and demand submission, therefore the correct term for Greek mingling with the pope is UNIATIASM or OUNIA. Very clearly, the Peoporicans and Ionaians are Uniates, the Ounia tou Ioniou, because they were under the Ventians when we suffered from Turks.

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