The Presbyterians were Warned by the Orthodox in 2010

Ecumenical Greeting from Archpriest Siarhei Hardun

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  1. Yes, yes, I remember viewing this at the time. Classic, really.

  2. Lillibet says

    The Presbyterian church has now amended itself almost out of Calvinism. For many, Calvinism dies hard. Granted, Calvin didn’t get it all correct, but what do you expect from a lawyer? They are, after all, too comfortable arguing for both sides. [No jokes please as I am a lawyer myself.] Yet, Calvin did try to bring about a community of Christians committed to the rule of law, centered on the law that Christ himself came not to amend or alter, but to fulfill.

    No matter what the Presbyterians now say, there is no new morality. There never has been. Even our modern lifestyle accomplishes nothing truly different from societies of thousands of years ago. We are able to do things faster, but a wheeled object can be a cart or a car. The difference is velocity, not concept. Both are transport.

    The Presbyterian church is now just another new neo-pagan church hiding the immoral behind a clerical collar — a garment accessory often nicknamed the “dog collar.” How apt indeed. Perhaps the ones wearing amended collars, are steering this new Presbyterian cart, that I imagine is shaped oddly like a hand basket, and pulled by ravening hounds of revisionism. We know form modern metaphor the ultimate destination of that hand basket.


  3. Alice Anna says

    Terry Mattingly’s column from July 19, 2010 brought this to my attention. In my paper it was headlined: “Dozing Presbyterians get a surprise ‘greeting'”.

    After Fr. Siarhei delivered his message at the 2010 Presbyterian General Assembly, Mattingly went on to report, “a slim 51 percent of the assembly voted to defeat a proposal to redefine marriage as a holy covenant between ‘two people,’ rather than one between ‘a man and a woman.'”

    Even though the effects of Fr. Siarhei’s loving but forthright comments were short lived, I’m glad he is on record as a true spokesman for Orthodoxy.

  4. Can the OCA adopt Fr. Siarhei? Please, can we, can we, can we?

  5. Anyone can tell you that one of my most annoying traits is my lack of restraint when it comes to bluntly discussing politics, because the civic moralityy has been hijacked by politics and what passes for Christendom these days is being hijacked by the civic morality.

    The atmosphere which has been created, within which we all live and work, has become so toxic that if we do not pay attention to civil issues we will soon be completely stifled.

    It is not enough to despise the weak among us who become derailed from the Church. This is not only not enough, it is not permitted! Yet, for too many of us, too often, it is our solution.

    It is not enough to wax romantic about martyrdom and persecution. Real martyrs don’t feel romantic about it. Persecution is always imposed, never invited, and it is sinful and stinking. The blood of maryrs may be the “seed of the Church,” but we are told by the Founder of the Church that the Gospel is the seed of salvation–and that we need workers for the harvest.

    I urge everyone: pay close attention to how you vote, this year. Will you vote for the continuation of the slaughter of babies? for the corruption of young men by homnosexuality? For the corruption of our young people in general, in the public schools? Will you vote for the party and the people who support these things,
    simnply because they are the “cool kids in the class,” and were nice to your grandfather?

    If so, you are declaring that you support these things. And furthermore, that the Holy Spirit, Who lives within you, guides you in suppporting them.

    If you agree with the Pesbyterian stand on morality, vote popularly. If not, vote differently. It’s time to clean up the atmosphere.

    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

      I agree. Unfortunately both parties now tolerate and accept Abortion on Demand and acceptance of Homosexuality. Look at the DADT debate and the Republican party’s 30 years of words that are pro-life, but actions are worthless. As they say Actions speak louder than words, and the Repubs have never been too loud on the Pro-life issue and it doesn’t matter what their platform says. Personally, I do not like and have never liked being used and lied to by the Repubs.

      Also, they like taking my money, but hate the fact that I’m Greek because as one Repub politico once told me I and other Greeks were “Too ethnic.” So tell me father, who wants me? Who tolerates me? Dems? NO! Repubs? NO! so who? Just one that I know: THE HOLY ORTHODOX CHURCH! I’ll stay with her and defend and serve her, and engage our culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      We can get more done through Prayer and fasting than voting for these two lame political parties. Also, if they want my vote than they better earn it because I’m not going to vote against my faith, but I’m not going to be used either. Now if that means I stay home on election day, then I stay home if I like none of the above. Its as simple as that.

      We keep voting for garbage, we will continue to get garbage. I’m done voting for garbage!


      • Amin, Peter! Neither party deserves any loyalty and their is no advantage in trusting in any delivery on the blather. Basically, regular middle class people with normative values are not rich enough to matter. Investigate the Orthodox faith, invest in treasure beyond the cheap gewgaws of demagogues. Our faith is rational and we Orthodox are not subject to their crass ploys.