“The Patriarch’s Room”

This is the title of an excellent Israeli documentary. It was produced by Danae Elon and it won he New York Jewish Film Festival award.

I received this trailer from two of my sources (one in Greece). Honestly, I don’t know what it was that necessitated the removal of the previous Patriarch of Jerusalem but given all the instability and chaos in the world, I’m not sure we can take most things at face value.

Like the recent sarin attack in Syria, it’s possible that in the case of Patriarch Ireneus, we are being played for fools. My source in Greece told me several years ago that the CIA removed Ireneus during the Bush Administration and replaced him with the current Patriarch, who is the nephew of George Tenet (then director of the CIA).

Things are curious. Do give this a look however.


  1. When you see the abomination of Desolation standing in the Holy Place( where it ought not to be) let the reader understand, flee. The only Holy Place I know is where the Holy Fire is received on Pascha. This is a function of the Patriarch of Jerusalem, it is his principle concern , and no concern of W Bush or US covert operations. Bush has got no business there, he better get the hell off the case. I must now really check this out. I need to know if the Bush patriarch ought not to be there receiving the Holy Fire. It is possible now with modern technology to light a candle with a space laser inside the Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher. Rev 13 vs 13 states a false fire will brought down from heaven, by antichrist. I cannot ignore this threat, the Truth needs be found, and soon.

  2. Whether the former patriarch was removed because his flock abandoned him over land deals or whether this was the excuse to remove him I don’t know. But there is no doubt in my mind that Theophilus was chosen because Tenet was his cousin. George Tenet was recruited at Church, back when such things were taking place in Queens at St. Demerits in Jamaica etc. He was CIA director during the Serbian bombing. he gave the green light to bomb the Chinese embassy in Belgrade and he originated the torture programs. These are the kind of slime balls that have clout in the phanarite churches.

  3. George Kohen says

    I saw this film at Lincoln Center a few months ago. It was well made and painted a very disturbing picture of how Geo-politics is affecting the administration of the Orthodox Church. I hope the director of this film will make it available on a public platform so that more people can see it. There was no doubt in my mind that Patriarch Irineos was the victim of a conspiracy after seeing it.

    As to why Patriarch Irineos HAD to be removed, IMO, there were several factors that combined to create the perfect storm. Not discussed in the film but widely rumored in Jerusalem is that there has been, for years, in the Patriarchate of Jerusalem a homosexual/pedophile cabal (plus financial corruption of unimaginable proportions). Patriarch Irineos, upon becoming Patriarch tried to quell it and return the Church of Jerusalem to a state of moral normalcy. To this effect, he summoned long time associates of his from Greece and placed them in key administrative positions. This made many people paranoid and unhappy and they weren’t going to put up with their life styles being quashed.

    Israeli authorities saw the dissent in the ranks and used it to place a person that would sell out the Orthodox Christian population. This worked out well for the homosexual cabal. The other Patriarchs unwittingly facilitated the situation by recognizing and endorsing Irineos’ uncanonical removal.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Whether we’re talking about this institutional church or that one, it’s always sodomy at base which corrupts. Isn’t it?

      • Billy Jack Sunday says

        No – it’s another symptom but not the cause. It does seem to always be included with the cause, though. Think Aleister Crowley as well as the Antichrist. What do they have in common, other than the man lovin’?

      • George Kohen says

        It does seem to be a reoccurring motif.

  4. It seems as if the main issue was that he was leasing land to Jews. You can see the degree to which Arab Christians have been caught up in Stockholm syndrome. Muslims certainly do not believe in ceding Muslim land to Jews or Christians. It’s part of their religion, diabolical as it is. But why should Christians be upset if he leased land to Jews? Answer: dhimmi syndrome. The Arab Christians are reflexively siding with Muslims against Jews.

    This is a serious mistake. Judaism did not start out as a false religion. It only became false or inaccurate when the Jews rejected the Messiah. That is to say, rabbinic Judaism is a false religion but the religion of the Hebrews (Israelites and Judeans/”Jews”) of the Old Testament was absolutely true. It simply found its completion in Christ.

    Islam is something totally different. If Christianity is true, Islam necessarily is diabolical. It is not possible that the God of the Old and New Testaments revealed the Qur’an to Muhammad. The Qur’an explicitly rejects the Trinity, the Incarnation and Resurrection.

    It was not Jibril/Gabriel who appeared to Muhammed, but another angel of lower estate.