Is the Man Behind the Curtain Going to be Arrested?

Over the years, the news has been peppered with articles about Alex Karloutsos, the GOA’s Vicar General and Director, Public Affairs.  His name is repeatedly associated with overseeing the fundraising for the St. Nicholas shrine where he, personally, raised tens of millions of dollars from wealthy donors which, of course, is now missing.  As Vicar General, he also controls the majority of the funds that come from the United States to Constantinople.

Karloutos is not just well known within the Greek community, but by those who are at the center of geopolitics, as well.  Some may remember the fact-finding session with George Papadopoulos during the Mueller probe where Papadopoulos said:  “I’m sure I was talking to people to get a job. I just can’t remember exactly who or what I was doing, but I was in touch with Rob Whitmore, some people who were connected to Reince Priebus, this guy Father Alex Karloutsos in New York so it  was — that’s really — I mean, certainly, I wanted a job and I was trying to talk to people who could get me a job.”  I guess Karloutos could get him a job. 

Karloutose’s name has long been associated with top globalists like Rondos and Soros and is known as a “Machiavel who functions as a sort of papal legate within the GOA.”  He has made a few slick videos to help us deal with that eventuality if you’re curious.

In short, Father Alex gets around.  He is connected to just about every Deep State player imaginable, which includes top Democrats and Republicans.  If ever there were a “man behind the curtain”, it would be Karloutsos.

So you can imagine my interest when I received three articles from popular Greek websites.  Because they are translated into English, I’m going to publish them in their entirety below:


Is the Arrest of Father Alex Karloutsos Imminent?

by Nick Stamatakis

The crisis in the GOA (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese) has just entered a new phase. Two days ago, on St.Nicholas Day (the coincidence is ominous!), two major newspapers in Athens, Greece, published two almost identical articles with remarkably loud headlines. In the first one from “Protothema”, the headline reads “U.S. authorities investigate a ring which was ravaging the Archdiocese’s coffers”, and refers mainly to the widely known scheme related to the invitations for the annual celebration of the Greek Independence Day at the White House (handled exclusively by Father Alex for decades) but also to the “one-time event” of the enthronement of Elpidopforos, where “the ring” was also active (note: this event produced a very slim profit despite having revenue of $1.7 million!) It also makes a reference to “lobbying services” (Hello Manatos:) sold by “the ring” to U.S. and Greek businesspeople and notes both the debacle of St.Nicholas at Ground Zero project and the arrests of George Papadakos and Jerry Demetriou.

The headline of the second one in the daily “Ethnos” is even louder: “Archdiocese of America: A Scandal of Megatons by Manhattan rats”, and is almost identical.  Both articles present as the main figure of the “ring” a Greek man known as “John H” or “John-John” but they also make reference to “powerful officials who were acting behind the back of Archbishop Demetrios”.  After a short research, it turned out that “John H” is actually John Horozoglou: a shadowy figure closely related to Father Alex Karloutsos.

Who is then John Horozoglou?  A search online reveals very little: “marketing” specialist, lobbyist, owner of a travel agency in Athens, very well “networked”.  More is revealed by a few “intimate” sources in the wealthy circles of “high society Greek-Americans” of Manhattan.  Horozoglou was telling everybody that father Alex “treated him like his own son”: he actually seemed to deserve this title.  When he visited New York, he stayed at the famous “Four Seasons” hotel, at the same time as he was witnessed to be strapped for cash and not to be able to get even $20 from an ATM.  He was once seen to land by helicopter in Washington DC for the annual ceremony at the White House, accompanied by a lady, named Irene, whom he obviously wanted to impress… Coincidentally, Irene was generously supported in her professional career by the Archdiocese and received hospitality in a Hamptons Hotel at least once… Father Alex was very supportive of John Horozoglou’s affair with Irene and was even heard to say: “one day I will marry you two…”   The affair had its ups and downs and was finally ended by Irene, as she probably saw the “empty suit” she was dealing with.  But Horozoglou soon found the “love of his life”, Athanasia Gafas, and the affair soon ended at a very well-publicized wedding ceremony, performed of course by Father Alex, at his opulent Hamptons Church.

John Horozoglou was a classic case of what we call in English a “trickster” or a “used car salesman”, while in Greek the perfect adjective is “fresh air salesman” («αεριτζής»).  Sources tell us that he usually introduced two business people and not long after the introduction he returned with demands for a “commission” for his services.  He was sharply rebuked repeatedly with the explanation that “no payment for any services is due unless real results are produced”.

In essence, the real role John Horozoglou performed was to act as “front man” for Father Alex, who was very busy with his many “projects” and occupations and, most importantly, wanted to cover his own tracks. There was no appropriate way for him to be seen as “peddling” invitations to the White House annual ceremony and also getting paid for “lobbying” for various Greek and U.S. business people who wanted to get access to power in both sides of the Atlantic; this job was done by John Horozoglou. Apparently it was done quite well as their relationship lasted for many years.  It was also evidently paid for lavishly, in cash and in kind… Father Alex could afford to have him “unofficially” in his staff…

The fact that the two articles referred to above are almost identical and were published simultaneously in two different main newspapers in Athens (the first of which, “Protothema”, is leading all newspapers in circulation and has a very wide readership online), reveals that in all likelihood these articles were “planted”.  Who then planted them?  The primary possibility coming to mind is the American Embassy in Athens, known to be very influential in the Greek media.  It is very likely that this operation was done under the instruction of federal prosecutors who are involved in the cases of Papadatos and Demetriou. Both of them have signed “plea bargain agreements”: As it usually happens, they have started “singing”.

But why the U.S. justice system goes to such an extent in pursuing this case in Greece, one may ask.  First, it is standard practice by American prosecutors to publicize major elements of an alleged crime, in order to collect more evidence and witnesses; this is certainly a very efficient way of collecting evidence… It is also intended to create “shock and awe”: Panic makes all the “rats” get out of their holes, as they jump from the sinking ship.

Second and most importantly, this case goes at the heart of the American political system. When two “cheats” like Father Alex and John Horozoglou, are able to humiliate the highest office in the land by selling tickets to a White House ceremony, then this is like spitting in the face of all of us, American citizens.  Turning an American president to a “clown” so that Greek and Greek-Americans, so-called “leaders”, have photo-ops with him – and in the process lining their pockets with cash – in the kind of crime that a career federal prosecutor is dreaming of bringing to justice all his life…

Finally, the ultimate question at this moment is regarding Father Alex himself.  Will his connections in very high places help him escape?  The answer to this question is “very likely not”.  This whole case is now beyond the reach of his supporters and has become an issue of very great public concern.  The “lid has been lifted” and the stench from decades of malpractice and abuse of power is now spreading very quickly.  The absolute arrogance displayed by Father Alex, which this author has analyzed numerous times, can be best described by the classical Greek notion of “hubris”, with the note that we have now entered the final stage of hubris, “nemesis”. In my personal opinion, there is nothing that can stop the flow of events which will finally lead to Father Alex’s arrest and prosecution.


Archdiocese of America: Manhattan Mice Scandal Scandal

Invitations traded up for New Archbishop’s inauguration ceremony – US authorities are investigating the case

 In wake of a corruption and fraud circuit which acted -kakapos seems, in the Archdiocese years of Archbishop former Archbishop of America. Dimitrios and under his nose, following very obscure and underground tracks are located, according to exclusive information, the US Attorney’s Office.

This parasitism, which seems to have “John” John – or “John-John” as “front” – traded much of the invitations to the US President’s annual White House ceremony to commemorate its anniversary. The national holiday of March 25, 1821, not only to expatriates but mainly to high-ranking persons from Greece, coming mostly from the political and business arena. And all this for many thousands of dollars. A blurred person of professional identity and an indefinable capacity …

at the same time, this circuit, unbeknownst to the former Archbishop of America, Mr. Demetrios, was and still is today targeting persons from the political and business world of Greece, with pay ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 25,000, meetings with executives. of the White House, ministers of the US government, even with the wife or daughter of the current US president.

This circuit reached the point of trading invitations to the enthronement of the new Archbishop of America Hopefully at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Manhattan, as well as at the luncheon in honor of the new Archbishop shortly after his enthronement!

And all this comes amid news of the arrest of former Executive Director of Administration and Finance of the Archdiocese of America, Jerry Demetriou, with the misappropriation of more than $ 500,000 and credit card abuse. of the Archdiocese for its own benefit (personal expenses). Mr. Dimitriou was released on $ 150,000 bail.

Recall that the former Executive Director served in this position for 17 consecutive years under Archbishopric Dimitrios, who after the revelations was forced to dismiss him. In this regard, it is worth noting that Mr. Dimitriou was the person who managed the money for the reconstruction of the Church of St. Nicholas at Zero Point.

The erection of the church of St. Nicholas was not self-evident from the beginning. After years of processes between the Port Authority and the former Archbishop Demetrios, its foundation was on October 18, 2014. The ceremony alone cost $ 1.5 million. The small Orthodox chapel, standing at the same spot since 1916, had become ashes during the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. The organizational chart had foreseen the completion of the Temple in 2017 but plans changed and a new date was set for February 2019, but the reaction of the “unpaid” construction company was not calculated.

Initially, the construction budget was $ 20 million, up to $ 80 million, and the project was stopped because the contractor contracted. How does this translate? More than $ 60 million lost along the way, ending up in pockets no one knows about… It is only logical that because of mismanagement that caused an $ 8.5 million “black hole”, the Archdiocese of America was forced to foreclose its offices in Manhattan because of $ 7.5 million in debt to obtain a loan from Alma Bank.

A few days ago, following the arrest of Mr. Demetrios, the Archdiocese of America issued a statement pledging full transparency to both the faithful and the American authorities. However, no one knows to what extent the tentacles of this circuit reach, who participate in it and in what roles.


US Authorities Investigate Circuit Breaking Up Archdiocesan Funds

Sold’ Thorough Brokerage Services – Turned Into … Auctioning Even Invitations To Hope

Under the microscope of the US Attorney’s Office are lately the “activities” of a corrupt system, as it has been characterized, whose members acted under the guise of activities in the lobbying area and relied on high-ranking American and Greek politicians and politicians. This subsystem is headed by John X. John-John,  

Specifically, John-John reportedly and members of his team were “marketing” invitations to the official ceremony and reception at the White House annually by the US President on the occasion of the National Independence Day for tens of thousands of euros. “Clients” not only expatriates but main persons from the political and business world of Greece.

At the same time, members of the circuit were reportedly “selling” for amounts ranging from $ 10,000-$ 25,000 to mediators in the political and business world to make appointments with White House staff with government ministers even with the government. wife and daughter of the current American president. What is striking is that the circuit was even involved in the sale of invitations, according to the same information, to the enthronement ceremony of the new Archbishop of Hope on June 22, 2019, at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Manhattan and invitations to the “hat” Lunch at the Hilton Hotel.

We are reminded that all this comes to light when news of his arrest for 17 years as Executive Director and Administrative Treasurer of the Holy Archdiocese of Jersey Gerry Dimitriou is still fresh with the charge of misappropriating more than $ 500,000 worth of credit card personal use and expenses. Jerry Demetrios, who was fired by former Archbishop Demetrios, was responsible for managing the reconstruction of St. Nicholas Church at Grand Zero, a project that initially had a budget of $ 20 million and raised $ 80 million.

The construction company that was contracted for the project is denouncing the contract, which means that $ 60 million apparently ended up in third-party pockets.

However, as detailed in the “First Issue”, the Archdiocese of America was bankrupt with a “black hole” of $ 8.5 million and thus forced to obtain a $ 7.5 million loan from ALMA Bank. by Greek-American Efstathios Valiotis on the mortgage at the headquarters of the Archdiocese in Manhattan.

Indeed, Mr. Dimitriou was released on $ 150,000 bail until their case was finally resolved on December 26.

Thanks to our friends from


  1. Alitheia1875 says

    I thought that less than 80 million $ was raised. 

    • Are you daft? Catsimatidis owns th eprosecutors through his charitable work with the Police Athletic League. Back when Stephanakos ran de Sapio, John Poulos was chief cop chaplain and the Bronx was burning he bought protection so he could overcharge food stamps. Putin lost favor when he outbid him on Getty. Jeffrey Dymoutrious should beware  his prison guards. He may be an eight hundred pound elephant but baboons are known to survive on elephant dung.  Just ask Danny Halloran how he paid for mocking lamb roasts. Contrition might restore your tarzop.

  2. Is anyone surprised…at all…by this? I’m not. Just business as usual.

  3. Greatly Saddened says

    Below please find an article from today on the Authentic Transparency and Accountability website.
    Monday, December 9, 2019
    Is the End Near? Is Another Arrest Imminent?

    • ο μικρός Αλέξανδρος says

      Most Holy Mother, save us. 
      Look at these comments to the above blog post that you linked:
      GOA PriestDecember 9, 2019 at 5:34 PM
      I was the victim of a sexual assault by a Metropolitan of the Church. The grooming started when I was a seminarian. By the time I became a Deacon is when the sexual advancements started to become more aggressive. I tried reporting it, but it was covered up by the clergymen who have seniority over me. To keep me silent they offered a reward of an assignment to where ever I pleased. This is how the Church operates. We do not follow proper channels. We just bend the rules to work in our favor. I’m sure I will get a phone call tonight from one of the priests who helped covered it up.


      ArchimandriteDecember 9, 2019 at 6:27 PM

      Father, I sympathize with your pain and I express my heartfelt appreciation for you telling the world about what happened to you. I, too, was a victim of sexual misconduct by a Metropolitan. I was lured in with comments about how if I complied with his intentions now that later down the road I would be rewarded with an election to go in my favor. We can only pray for the abusers because no one else in the Church is willing to help us move past the trauma.


      ChancellorDecember 9, 2019 at 6:43 PM
      Unfortunately, I must acknowledge that your experiences are all too common. Chancellors are completely powerless to address the unfortunate abuses by the hands of our Metropolitans. Often times, we too, are the victims of such perversion. The Archdiocese dispute regulations are clear about the proper procedures, but they are useless when the bishops protect each other from facing any serious repercussions to their actions. I would not be surprised if they actually bragged about some of things they got away with in Synod meetings. I encourage more people to speak up outside Church channels. If the secret files could be opened, half the clergy in our Archdiocese would have been defrocked by now.


      So that’s 3 clergy who are admitting that gay sexual abuse and cover up are rampant in the GOAA.   And their plan forward is “oh well, there’s nothing that we can do about it because our Metropolitans are corrupt.”
      I’m not clear – are we supposed to feel sorry for them for their predicament, or feel sorry for them for their deep dysfunctional codependence and lack of courage?  (“courage” from the French “cœur” meaning “heart” — to come forward with one’s whole heart.)
       This whole thing is beyond sickening.  I left the GOA more than 25 years ago but continue to have compassion for those who remain stuck in that awful non-Christian organization, or who can’t otherwise muster the courage to get out.  May our holy Mother lead them to safety.
      And all this in the wake of Γέροντα Ephraim’s repose!  Θεέ μου!

      • I have a theory that the homos were put in place to bring down the Churches from within. They are imposters, and need to be called out.

      • Three anonymous claims of molestation that were posted on the same day within a few minutes of each other?  Pffft.  

        • Alitheia1875A says

          Well, here’s one that is definitely true. Some years ago, perhaps 20 or so, I’m not sure, there a get together of a bunch of students at HCHC, in a students room. Three of the students were a seminarian, as well as 2 archimandrites from Greece studying in the school of theology. As the party was breaking up one of the archimandrites, shall we say, improperly grabbed the young seminarian, in a definitely sexual way. The young man punched the archimandrite. The disciplinary committee, three senior faculty, all priests, recommended that the archimandrite not be allowed to graduate a few months hence and should return to Greece. That decision was overturned (I don’t remember by whom). Instead, the young man was suspended, the archimandrite was allowed to graduate, and when the 3 members of the disciplinary committee objected, they were suspended. Nuff’ said, no?

          • Memory Alpha says

            It was Archbishop Spyridon. He appointed senior faculty to investigate and ended up firing the faculty because he didn’t like their findings.

            • Alitheia1875 says

              Yes. I was going to add that it was Archbishop Spyridon. All three, however, returned to the school and one still teaches there.

              • George Michalopulos says

                The student in question was a young (apparently good-looking) Palestinian man.   The “archimandrite” from Greece groped him and said young student cold-cocked him –as well he should have.
                Of course, by all the laws of logic, it was the student who was punished, the disciplinary board which was fired and the *ahem* archimandrite who went on to graduate.  

        • Αλέξανδρος says

          You illustrate the method by which most in the GOA prefer to deal with the mounds of evidence of systemic corruption and encouraged/tolerated sexual deviancy among the ordained: ignore it, or refuse to believe it.

          Because if you believe it, the reality of having to deal with the ramifications of it is simply too hard. 

          At the end of the day, most people see and believe what they want to see and believe.  We choose to live in the craziness of our own cognitive dissonance because seeing reality and standing up for what’s right is just too hard. 

          So keep ignoring reality and pretending that sexual deviancy and corruption aren’t widespread and systemic in the GOA. The “movers and shakers” on Manhattan’s E. 79th St are counting on it!!

      • Antiochene Son says

        With the gay orgies of the Vatican, it sounds like the GOA hierarchy will fit right in with their Latin brethren. 

  4. With people like those described in the above publications, perhaps, a reminder of what authentic Christianity really is like will be helpful to our spirits.The Command is life eternal, and the Christ demands mercy not, not sacrifice, and tells all people to go and find out what that means. Father forgive them, they know not what they do, and St Steven who asked the Holy God  to not count this sin against them. St Steven understood what the demand of mercy required of his heart. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain  mercy. A GENUINE LOVE OF MANKIND is required of a good and honest heart. Lord have mercy on these unfaithful servants who fare sumptuously  buy deceitful living deceitful lives. Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on my fellow man, is a better prayer than the Jesus prayer, because it’s focus is you neighbor, not yourself.

  5. Hopefully he has enough sense to avoid walking into Epstein’s cell, if you know what I mean

  6. Gail Sheppard says

    Though much of the corruption we’re hearing about now purportedly happened under Archbishop Demetrios’ nose, I’m even more convinced than ever that he didn’t know about it.  What prepares an archbishop for the level of greed we’re seeing in the GOA?  There has got to be a special kind of hell reserved for someone who says, “Archbishop Demetrios knew everything!” when he, himself, is later charged with embezzling $500,000.  I remember our friend “jk” saying “the majority of bishops in both the GOA and abroad can’t read a financial statement.”  And now we’ve got Karloutros.  Wasn’t he the one who set up all those NGOs we heard about that seemingly imploded all at the same time?   I remember thinking it looked like a controlled demolition.  Later, May 4, 2019, Archbishop Demetrios submitted his letter of resignation, effective May 9.  Hours after his letter was made public, Bishop Andonios of Phasiane made his letter of resignation as Chancellor of the Archdiocese of America public.  Then May 11, Metropolitan Elpidophoros of Bursa was unanimously elected to succeed Demetrios.   It all seems a bit contrived to me.  

    • George Michalopulos says

      Gail, I basically agree with you.

      If you will permit to expand: in my humble opinion, I believe that Arb Demetrios –as well as any other primate of the GOA–is set up to fail.  Especially so since twenty years ago when the EP broke up the GOA into four archdioceses and elevated all the GOA bishops to metropolitan status. 

      Sure, there are good men among them (Met Isaiah of Denver springs instantly to mind) but the GOA is essentially ungovernable.   And now that he EP has foolishly tipped his hand regarding his papalist impulses, I venture to speculate that the other canonical jurisdictions are going to make the current GOA primate’s mission impossible.

      • Michael Bauman says

        The current GOA’s mission (“Orthodox unity” under the EP/Rome) had better be impossible.

  7. George Michalopulos says


  8. George, is there any particular reason Gene’s full post has not appeared?

  9. According to Zoupaniotis, the seats to Yelps  enthronmement were auctioned: