The Legitimacy of the Voting Process is at Stake

I have been watching the efforts employed by poll watchers to ascertain whether or not the ballots in the current election were #1 legitimate and #2 counted correctly. 

In my opinion, there is no evidence to suggest that those who are looking into these matters have any faith in the voting process.  

Because this lack of confidence spans multiple states and includes concerns with both glitches in software and widespread suspicious behavior, this election will go to the Supreme Court. 

The Supreme Court will determine the future legitimacy of the voting process in this country, which I am sure they will take very seriously.  It is incumbent upon the Supreme Court to ensure the race is not called until they have reviewed the case and determined the election was not stolen from the American people.  This isn’t about Biden and Trump.  This is about our country. 

I have a prediction to make:  Some highly placed, principled person in the Democratic party will come forward with evidence that the Biden party cheated in this election. 

This information will make the job of the Supreme Court in this great country of ours much easier, and we will never have to go through this s#$% again.

This is not over until one of the two candidates concedes.  It’s important to remember that.

Mrs. M


  1. I really hope that this is indeed Trump playing 5D chess with the Democrats. What I have noticed over the last 4 years is that the Dems ALWAYS overplay their hand. It’s astonishing how much Trump baits them and they fall for it every..single..time. That tells you the brain calibre of people on the Left. I truly hope that this is the case yet again.

    I really, really do not want Biden’s “long dark winter” to come to fruition. Not giving up hope just yet. If we lose the Senate then that would actually be much worse.

    In the mean time, we should all be D’Ming AOC our addresses to add to her Gulag list!!

  2. God bless you Gail. Whether you are right or wrong, I applaud your acknowledgement that ethics and goodness crosses party lines.

  3. I’ve been looking into the blockchain thing.  It’s all over the internet with no debunking or contrary voices raised that I can see.
    If it is true, and I had questions about the common origins of the paper ballots but I think that has been asked and answered, it will be fun to watch how it plays out.  This will be the “gradual dawning effect” in real time.  Libs will slowly start to back track, then panic, then meltdown, etc.

  4. Chris Banescu says

    “I draw you to the attention of an obituary listed for Denise [inaudible] of Allegheny County. Born 9/10/1946, deceased 10/22/2020. Her application to vote was received on 10/23, the day after she died. It was then mailed by the county back to her on 10/24/2022, two days after she had legally passed away and then the ballot was received back at the county office on November 2nd, 2020 and when you go to the Secretary of State’s website today, it says that she voted in this election, effective November 2nd 2020, a full nine days after … passed away.”

    Trump Campaign to the Media: Here’s Actual Proof of Voter Fraud, Just as You Asked

  5. Mrs. M says,”Some highly placed, principled person in the Democratic party will come forward with evidence that the Biden party cheated in this election.”
    I believe this to be true Gail. I believe it will be a person with great faith in God. A person that understands there is a life after this one on earth. A person who understands, there will be a judgment on their soul. A person who has seen darkness, and cannot sleep at night. 
    Imagine we now live in a time where an invisible threat controls an entire planet, and we react in ways we have never  seen before. A time also where invisible airwaves put thoughts and fears in little hand held devices that socially control how many people direct their lives, and form thought patterns.  Cosmic invisible forces are herding many. The question is where?
    This election is more important than many believe. This is why there is so much anxiety than ever before in an election. A hollow man like Biden is very close to  gaining access to the most powerful  government on this earth, that the world has ever seen in it’s history. His vice may  even be a more dangerous  empty shell. What, and who will drive, control , and maybe even possess these people?
    “God has permitted and does permit us to be shaken by adversity. Difficult times lie ahead. We will be greatly tested. We have to take this warning seriously and live spiritually…Many saints would have loved to have lived in our times and have had our chance to struggle for Christ…Our struggle matters because it is not a struggle against an Ali Pasha, or a Hitler and Mussolini, but a struggle against the devil himself. For this reason, our wages will be heavenly…The saints will become more holy and the vile will become more vile. Yet I feel great consolation inside. This is only a storm; like past storms, it will pass. May the Good God take evil and turn it into good. Amen.”(Saint Paisios the Athonite)

    • And how quickly we forget or the Left wants us to  ~ Gore in 2000 didn’t concede and December 12 we were “sure” via the Supremes.  What a strange Thanksgiving that was for my nuclear family all  in the Texas countryside for the week. Stone cold silence as we watched the Chad news out of respect for my folks and then certain members on the left fleeing to the perimeters of the land to howl, giving the remaining conservatives time to console my folks and speak freely.   But we all waited for the legal outcome. 

      • Remember those halcyon days when Al Gore used to be:
        “The Next President of the United States of America?”


      Ronna McDaniel unloaded a boatload of evidence that addresses just part of the problem in one state (Michigan) and they’re still asking where’s the evidence.  The point is that you should cease all colloquy with the Left.  Colloquy is merely another weapon to them.  The “questions” about evidence are weapons, not real inquiries, and could never be satisfied with thousands of hours of video.  These are the People of the Lie.  The spell of the evil one is too powerfully active in them.  They are impervious to evidence because they are completely attached to their preferred result and in denial about anything to the contrary.  Reason with them is absolutely useless.

      What you have to do is get the evidence before judges and legislators who are fair minded or on your side.  That’s the only way to prevail.  Don’t waste time presenting evidence of the rewards of capitalism to Politburo apparatchiks or dead ender commies.  And don’t waste time discussing election fraud with deluded sycophants and fools.  The brainwashing of their ideological straightjackets and/or their staggering internal capacity for dishonesty prevent them from being of any use whatsoever.  They have made a psychological bet on the winning side which happens to be hopelessly corrupt.  So they cater to hopeless corruption.  Some are actually foolish enough to believe it, many are worse in that they know the truth yet seek to bury it.

      And the truth will prevail in spite of them.

      And still it will not convince them.  They will feel wronged and engage in a tragic insurrection.  But so be it.  Thus are the wages of sin.

  6. A breath of fresh air from St Nikolai as we wait:  
    Beloved ones in Christ Jesus,

    While we await the corrections in the votings in several States, I thought it  would be a good time to remind us of what awaits us when we depart this temporal life.  Keep praying to our Most Beloved Panaghia to expose the lies with the truth!From the writings of St. Nikolai of Zica and Ohrid 

    “The life of the age to come is life in glory and joy, in the kingdom of the Creator, in the embrace of the Father, in Paradise. It is life unswayed by fear, untroubled by worry, unmarred by sickness, immune to decay and death.

    “All the troubles of life on earth will seem like a drop of salt water in a fresh water river when compared to life in Paradise. ‘What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what the heart of man has not conceived—God has prepared for those who love Him’ (I Cor. 2:9). Earthly life is to that life what the shadow of a tree is to a tree. The shadow resembles the tree, but is not the tree. Likewise, the earthly life of man resembles life, but is not true life.

    “It is like sleep compared to consciousness. When we enter into that life, it will be like awakening from sleep and entering into consciousness, into the kingdom of consciousness. This kingdom of consciousness is the immortal kingdom of God. In it God alone reigns. And in it there is no mixture of falsehood and truth, for all is truth:

    “no mixture of justice and injustice, for all is justice; no mixture of beauty and ugliness, for all is beauty; no mixture of light and darkness, for all is light;no mixture of joy and sorrow, for all is joy; no mixture of life and death, for all is life.”

    Orthodox Agape by Papa Demetri



  7. Mark E. Fisus says

    President Trump really won the 2020 election!
    The moon landing was staged!
    9/11 was an inside job!
    Ruff ruff!
    Gimme a break.

    • Anyone who adopts a Saint’s name after “cleverly” toying with it has a mindset toward Saints I don’t recognize as traditionally Orthodox. Are you visiting from elsewhere Sir?

      • Gail Sheppard says

        He’s a long term poster, here, Nicole. He doesn’t like anything we say here but we allow him to post anyway. It’s a free country.

        • Free at least for now, Gail!  Yes it is a blessing that you honor freedom of speech and thought for sure, thank you. I grieve because some well-intentioned Orthodox seem naive about evil in the world and how it manifests ~ and will prevail January 20 unless the Courts are just and full investigation of computer systems as well as ballot handling take place.  

          To that end re MEF, I really meant to ask him/her if he/she is in the innovationist  EP/PB/Fordham/Sister Vassa/Fr Arida school of thought and practice or is unaware of Russian history/disbelieves Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to give a context for his/her comment. I just fare best when I can empathize with others by understanding the why’s and pure text is missing lots of clues and cues! MEF is certainly free not to answer.

          Thanks again for promoting freedom of thought and speech!

          • Maybe he’s just brainwashed, like the majority of people.
            It’s difficult to break out of the system’s programming.

  8. George Michalopulos says

    It’s also the legitimacy of Big Tech. Looks like Parler is experiencing explosive growth:

    According to the State Department’s own criteria, it was a rigged election.

  10. Michael Bauman says

    The Big Tech firms are acting in a quiet similar manner to the industrialists in Germany who supported Hitler.  Truly fascist.  
    That is the economics of out time Fascist capitalism or state capitalism aka socialism even communism of the Chinese variety.  
    (See Nicole’s post on Davros)  
    The ravaging greed, lust and concupisence that drives our “economy” leads to ravaging political ideology.   
    We may be forced into either a Hobbsian life, the brave new world or actually a life of prayer, repentance and fasting.  
    God forgive us all.  There is no virtue in politics.  2 Peter 1:5, Isaiah 53:6