The Elder Dobri Dobrev: A Great Gatherer for Christ

This one is a feel-good piece folks. It tells the story of Dobri Dobrev, a Bulgarian layman/elder who recently fell asleep in the Lord at 104.

In the eyes of the world Dobrev (“Grandpa Dobri”) was in many ways an unremarkable man. He looked and acted the part of a beggar but spiritually he was most remarkable. Most remarkable indeed. He is an example of what one person who is filled with the Holy Spirit and is single-minded can accomplish for the greater glory of God.

Already he is being venerated as a God-pleasing Elder by one and all in Bulgaria (and I imagine soon) throughout the world.

Below is a short video of him in action. Let us all learn from his example of what each and every one of us can accomplish if we allow ourselves to be filled with the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Elder Dobri, pray for us!


  1. Constaninos says

    Don’t these “saints” ever work? I’m much more impressed by Spirit filled Christian businessmen who build great businesses. Instead of begging and making a nuisance of oneself, , Spirit filled Christian businessmen provide people with employment and are in a position to give much more to charity through community involvement.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Costa, this saint walked 12 miles every day begging for money with which he rebuilt churches. Has anything like this happened in any orthodox jurisdiction here in america (where we have lots of Christian businessmen)?

    • And mind you, Elder Dobri was 103 when he reposed. Around the year 2000, at the ripe old age of 85, he gave away all his belongings and began living in a room attached to the church. This is when he began his ministry of begging alms to give to the Church.

      Name me someone else who worked all their life and then at the age of 85 gave up everything to walk 12 miles everyday to beg for money to give to the Church?

      • George Michalopulos says

        Think of what we could do if our Archons were as single-minded. Oh wait! They’re building a church too! At Ground Zero! Wait? What’s that? They’re not building a church there? What happened?