It’s Official: We Have a Weaponized Government

The Durham Report has finally been released and whatever else can be said about it, the irony of this whole thing is positively delicious.  The only two parties that didn’t have anything to do with the Trump/Russia Collusion scandal were Trump and the Russians.  

Let that sink in.    

For years now, Gail and I have been saying to anybody who would listen that the Deep State has weaponized the Federal government against anyone and everyone who gets in their way.  Hell, we’ve been screaming it from the rooftops. 

President Trump, of course, is the #1 turd of their sh!t parade but that hasn’t stopped them from training their guns (literally) on everyone who is not sufficiently woke enough for them. 

Like Roger Stone and his deaf, elderly wife, who were subject to an early-morning amphibious assault.  And the anti-vaxxers who had the audacity to mess with their extinction event were persona non grata.  And then, of course, there were TradCats whose intrepidity was preferred Latin Masses.  So they made the list.  So, too, did the Soccer Moms who interrupted school board meetings with their pesky questions about why their kids were learning CRT.  The moms of color really didn’t appreciate the defeatist attitude their kids were being taught from kindergarten on.  It seems they would have preferred their children be taught how to overcome obstacles. . .  Something about how if you teach a kid he can’t win, it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy, promising to ruin their life.   

And let’s not forget all the women athletes who think it’s unfair to make them compete against men.  As screwed up as these men may be, they still outpower the women and women are tired of being stripped of their medals.    

Miscreants all!  They should all be thanking our lucky stars they’re not being sent to FEMA camps for reeducation.

Now that the Durham Report has been released, however, there is no longer any doubt about the extent to which the they will go to take this country away from us.  The Establishment is definitely not on the side of the deplorables, nicknamed by Miss  Deplorable herself, who started the whole Russa, Russia, Russia nonsense in the first place.  

She’s right, about one thing.  It takes a village, and with her Village People, I’m here to tell they almost got away with it. 

But now, it’s truth or consequences time.  There is going to be hell to pay and she’s the one who is going to be going up to the front of the class, first.  Just for kicks, they should let us try her.  I think the American people deserve a little fun after what she put us through.  I would be happy to represent her.  Just call me up.   

Pay back is a bitch, and there a lot of people who are none too happy with what she did or that she almost got away with it.   

What we just witness was sedition.  This was a coup designed to bump Trump out of the elections.  And though it probably cost us the 2020 election, we have no intention of missing even a second of the “meeting of justice” part.  We don’t need to cheat to win the honor of seeing every last one of them come up on charges,  We already know they’re guilty so it shouldn’t take all that long.    

Regardless of how you voted, the presumption is your vote counted.  Even if I didn’t like your candidate, I promise you if you were in my  shoes I would be making a lot of noise on your behalf.  I suspect more than a few will be supporting us on many front.  They want us to believe that you and I have nothing in common.  That isn’t true.   We have our country in common and we love this county.  We have children and grandchildren who live here.  They didn’t need to see this.  We don’t want them leaning these underhanded lessons from those who lie, cheat and steal.  No one should be feeling all the comfortable with any of this.  I hope many speak out and say that what was done was a travesty, that, and the fact that they literally tried to tank a candidate was utter BS.   

In fact, things have gotten so bad that even normies and RINOs are finally waking up from the Mayfield, USA version of political reality that they’ve been operating under.  Yesterday, Sen Mike Lee (R-UT), a straight-laced Mormon if there ever was one, called for defunding the FBI.  So did Sean Hannity, who in fits of hysteria, actually called for its demolition.  

I’m not sure how pure Hannity’s motives are.  Last night, he was incandescent with rage.   Either he’s really pissed off or he’s one of the world’s greatest actors.  I don’t mean to be cynical but could it be he sees an opening in the recently-abandoned Tucker Carlson lane on FOX.  Or is he a bell-weather for the Establishment?  (Might as well get ahead of the curve so to speak.)  In any event, he’s rather late to the game –even Mark Levin has been screaming bloody murder about the FBI for months now.  I guess better late than never.

As for the Report itself, we long suspected that it would exonerate Trump from any of the Russian Collusion nonsense.  Some of us even dared hope that it would expose the massive corruption that engulfs the FBI, basically a goon squad, with its guns trained on the political enemies of the Left.  What was surprising, however, is how massive the corruption has turned to be, so much so that if you read between the lines, it all but calls for the demolition of the Bureau.  For good measure, I’d salt the earth where it once stood. (

That being said, it would have been nice if our collective “aha moment” came three years ago, before the 2020 election.   

Not that it would matter, as we saw how the Establishment moved heaven and earth to get Twitter to suppress the Hunter Biden Laptop scandal.  They probably would have done the same thing with the Durham Report.  Still, the Deep State isn’t as powerful as they’d like us to think.  The Biden campaign might have crumpled under the strain of one more scandal added to the pile.  It could have been the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. 

It’s certainly possible.  But it feels so unsatisfactory to be cheated out of a election.  

Thanks to this censorship regime, what are we left with?  War with China.  The crappy economy, deteriorating race relations, soaring crime, and unlivable cities.

But hey, no mean tweets, right?









    It is timely and relevant to share this video. It is an interview with Alexander Dugin, the Russian political analyst who’s daughter was murdered last summer in Russia. It’s hosted by a priest from Greece, who I began listening to almost every week over three years ago. It is lengthy partially due to the time needed for translation. It does make my heart leap that there are still remnants of truth, depth and intelligence in Greece.

  2. Ellyn Nixon says

    So now we can scream because we see exposed massive corruption, but I see no indictments.

  3. Global fascism has its own flag. You can see it flying everywhere. Over our nations stars and stripes. It is the flag of the pagan goddess Ishtar. Six stripes of the rainbow.
    The Bible says Christians should be good citizens of their own nations and obey the government (unless it conflicts with our Lord.) We are not to be citizens of the world or Babylon 2.0.
    When globalism becomes official, we Christians must not enter its system. From every nation state we shall proclaim allegiance to the Heavenly Kingdom alone. Not the kingdom of this world!

    • Antiochene Son says

      Globalism is already official. I think the Antichrist and his system are going to be a lot more subtle than people think. He’s not going to show up dressed like a cartoon devil. And it’s going to be very incremental; he’s not going to ask people to do anything that seems especially crazy. That’s why we have to resist every step of the way; we can’t just expect that one day we’re going to wake up in a whole new world, that would be too obvious and it wouldn’t fool anybody.

      If even some of the elect will be fooled, it is going to be incredibly subtle.

  4. The thing to bear in mind, George, is that though everybody with ears and eyes now knows of the breathtaking corruption, they are still in charge, there seems to be no serious prospect of any consequences for the perpetrators AND they are continuing to do the very same things today.

    The DNC rules the United States. It’s not any more complicated than that. Behind them is the DS and ultimately the fascist oligarchs, along side them are Big Tech, Big Pharma and academia. Truly Orwellian. A veritable black hole of corruption and evil. No appeal, no escape.

    Might as well be North Korea.

    But the really crazy part, is that they don’t seem to care if we know. They aren’t very good at or, in any case, very thorough, at imposing an information black out and comprehensive censorship. It seems to be enough for them that the MSM is under control and that they can harass alternative media.

    They have no reluctance to persecute political prisoners, of course. The J6 defendants are case in point. But at some level, either due to a reluctance to offend the ideological convictions of their liberal enablers, or a recognition that the elections are not totally rigged everywhere and that they need to conserve mass support, they hesitate to implement a fully repressive police state. Part of this is capacity. Their power is somewhat limited in red states. But part of it, I surmise, is a lack of balls to go full Stalin.

    What this creates is widespread resentment, French Revolution variety. Eventually, their incompetence at autocracy and the self-destructive nature of their ideology will consume them. Trump may be part of that, but I suspect that the coup de grace will come from external pressure exercised by the 85% of humanity who revile their ideology.

    • Just as a side note: Have you ever contemplated how close the West came to a full blown feminist matriarchy? In social policy, America is already there; however, there was a period when Merkle was Chancellor in Germany, May was PM in the UK and Hillary was the favorite of the DS to rule in DC. Ponder that for a few moments and the ramifications vis a vis Russia and China.

    • Misha, I too, see cracks in the totalitarian facade. Gail and I were listening to an excellent, 40 minute lecture by Fr Chad Rippenger, the famous Catholic exorcist in which one of the money-shots was this: the modernists, totalitarians, what-have-you are in the draconian phase of their regime. They know that we know they’re lying and so they’re doubling down on their jackbooted censure of normal people everywhere. Not only in the Church but in the State as well.

      BTW, as far as the RCC is concerned, he named the “pink elephant” in the room which everybody has been trying hard not to see. I imagine that we shall soon we will be experiencing the same clarity of vision.

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