“Great Is Diana of the Ephesians!”

Folks, this is something I didn’t want to see pop up in my email yesterday morning.  But pop up it did (thanks to SJ). 

Having said that, it’s also something I didn’t want to bring to your attention.  Not on a Sunday.  That’s when we try to step back and honor the Lord.  So I waited for Church to be over.  Why?  Because I found it  disturbing.  

So, what’s with the title?  Originally, I wanted to go with, “The GOA Continues Its Downward Trajectory,” but at this point, that would be like shooting fish in a barrel.  Instead, I held off and the entire time I was at Church, all I could think about was this passage from the Book of Acts 24-29: 

At least she has her eggs all in one place.

And about that time there arose a great commotion about the Way.  24 For a certain man named Demetrius, a silversmith, who made silver shrines of Diana, brought no small profit to the craftsmen.  25 He called them together with the workers of similar occupation, and said: “Men, you know that we have our prosperity by this trade.  26 Moreover you see and hear that not only at Ephesus, but throughout almost all Asia, this Paul has persuaded and turned away many people, saying that they are not gods which are made with hands.  27 So not only is this trade of ours in danger of falling into disrepute, but also the temple of the great goddess Diana may be despised and [f]her magnificence destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worship.” 28 Now when they heard this, they were full of wrath and cried out, saying, “Great is Diana of the Ephesians!” 29 So the whole city was filled with confusion, and rushed into the theater with one accord…

Acts 19:28 is the kill shot.

But this is egregious.  His Grace Bishop Athenagoras of Nazianzen (another extinct diocese somewhere within the borders of “The New Rome”), represented the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese at the “consecration” of America’s largest Hindu temple in New Jersey.   Here

The word “consecration” is one of the most impactful words in the Church.  It’s the act of  declaring something sacred.  Like declaring bread and wine are the body and blood of Christ.  Or in this case, declaring this idol (photo below) is sacred:   

So what does Bishop Athenagoras of Nazianzen hope to declare with respect to a Hindu Temple?   And what does this have to do with Orthodoxy?  (I mean other than the pan-heresy of ecumenism?)

Or is that the point?  That it has nothing to do with Orthodoxy.  In other words, perhaps Patriarch Bartholomew thinks so little of Orthodoxy, he’s looking to replace it.

By his presence, the good bishop is implicitly declaring there are polytheistic religions as well as  monotheistic ones.  The one Ultimate Reality or Supreme Being (Brahman) also exists simultaneously in the deities of the Creator (Brahma) as does the Sustainer (Vishnu) and the Destroyer (Shiva).  As well as the thousands of other gods that comprise the Hindu pantheon.  (See the colorful picture of them all.) 

Did you get all that? Because if you asked Bishop Athenagoras of Nazianzen, I doubt he will be able to repeat it, let alone explain it.  That’s what happens when you play make believe at the top with Bartholomew.  Nothing from the top down makes sense.

Defining God as a close cousin to a cow is a rather startling concept even for him. 

But, hey, if Bartholomew and his merry men want to worship cows as sacred symbols of life I guess that should be OK.  They’re already heretics so that’s nothing new.  If he asks us to venerate a cow as opposed to the Theotokos, would you do it?  Seems to me you’d have to.  Remember, to consecrate means to set aside as being holy.  If they consecrate a Hindu temple, their belief system comes with it.  The mere thought makes me want to vomit, but if Bartholomew is on board with the consecration of Hinduism, which he must be, I will, of course, expect him to see him kiss a cow. 
(Gail and I will pass.) 

Because if he doesn’t, he will show the god (small “g”) he has worshiped and set aside for 30+ years is, well, is him.  Slightly better than a cow, perhaps, although this could be debated. 

This particular consecration has nothing to do with Hinduism and everything to do with Bartholomew.  He’s always shouting, “Look at me!  Look at me!  I am the great I Am!  I can turn Orthodoxy into nonsense!” 

This post isn’t meant to be an insult to the Hindus (I know quite a few and they’re fine people).  It is meant to raise the question as to whether Bartholomew knows what he’s doing.  That goes double for the other bishops in his patriarchate.  If you were to ask him what our core beliefs have in common with a Hindu he would probably say, “Aside from the fact that they worship  a cow, and we worship Christ, everything else is about the same.”  It isn’t, of course.   Did you get what I said?   They worship a cow and we don’t!    

NOT ORTHODOX. Cows are honored during Gopastami, a “Cow Holiday” held yearly in India.  

ORTHODOX: The birth of Christ is celebrated annually during the Feast of the Nativity as depicted here in the icon called Nativity of the Theotokos.  Even the cattle bow down to Christ.  

This is the kind of weirdness that ensues when you try to bundled everything up into one big happy package. 

The Orthodox are NOT Hindu.  Neither are we Catholic, Anglican or Lutheran.  But from Bartholomew’s bottom-up philosophy, he’s the top dog, it’s his patriarchate, he’s the “Mother” of everyone and we’re not.  Nuff said.   

Years from now, someone is going to pull out one of his pieces of paper that says we’re tied to the Hindus because we consecrated their holy place.  Did they leave Antemins hidden there somewhere?  Probably.    

Like I said, because I received this on Sunday, I was going to wait until today to do so.  For what it’s worth, the picture of Athenagoras standing tall on the dais with all the other religious leaders alone says a thousand words.  As for those who still don’t get it, go back and reread the passage from Acts above. 

Lord have mercy.  

P.S.  They’re getting ready to build a Mormon temple in Tulsa.  Should we extend an invitation to the GOA as well?


  1. Are you sure he was there? The image caption in the link says that it was a few days before the (demonic) “consecration”. Still not a good look to be a blatant ecumenist, but not as bad as showing up to something as hideous as this

    • If you knew there was a cow in the next room, would it make a difference? (teasing you)

      • I’d check to make sure it wasn’t a Wednesday or Friday then proceed to ask who likes burnt ends..

        Haha I imagine this pre-showing of the bishop is the EPs way of defending against *bald-faced* heresy while promoting their recognition of “many paths up the mountain”

        • Some things are more important than others. Priorities!!!

          • TheWorstSinner says

            Why all our priests, gerondas, gerondissas, monastics , clergy, the laymen at our churches and monasteries…silent?? They lit the fire and we all blow air for smoke.. no action? What can I do as one and how to? Oh, I’ve been told just pray about it. Pray for them.. your just a young one and a girl that has no say. I want to run to the caves.. this is happening! Can someone answer how, who,what? Bishop Athenagoras goes to all the monasteries here in States brags how beautiful and precious.. but yet does this to slap the Faith.. God?! I am so confused in all this. God forgive me!

            • MomofToddler says

              You might like this article regarding the teachings of Archbishop Averky on the Church in the end times.


              With that said, I’ve had to just give up on worrying about these things because the culture is so bad. All I can think about right now is protecting my kids from our anti-christian culture and if the local parish will help me do that still, I really don’t care anymore. According to prophecies, there will be a time when we won’t be able to do even that anymore….things will be too bad even in the parishes. I’m not sure if I’ll be alive to know what those prophecies are referencing or not… If you have a local parish and priest still preaching the pure Orthodox Faith more or less, doing the liturgy and sacraments, then that’s a win I think in these times. It’s a difficult time.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Mom, there are two things we all need to keep in mind: first, the Church will never fail, it will last until Her Bridegroom comes to reclaim Her and second, try and be thankful for the ever-increasing insanity.

                Why do I say the second thing? Am I insane? No. Because with each new daily dose of “muh whatever” things become ever clearer to me. I can always say to little Johnny or Jane: “See those screaming pink-haired ladies who are wearing pussy hats/castrating little boys/etc? They think we’re the ones who are crazy.”

                I assume that I am much older than you so please take what I say above with that in mind. I realize that with a toddler your job is harder than mine at present.

              • MomofTodler,

                Thank for this. And Amen!

        • Well Leo,
          If you’re going to build a One-world Religion, wouldn’t you begin by desensitizing people with the most absurd religions and/or beliefs first and then work your way back to those that are “least offensive.” The Patriarch and his fellows are using their anti-icon images to assault their own people with images that communicate messages that are contrary to the teachings, doctrines and dogmas of the Orthodox faith while feigning plausible deniability that they have spoken heresy.

    • The link I get by clicking on the top photo reads:

      As far as I am aware, the 15th January 2024 has
      not yet occurred; so perhaps there is still time…

    • Ronda Wintheiser says


      I don’t know if he was there or not. I can’t find a news story anywhere that says who was or was not there. Can you?

      This photo is all that matters, in my mind. I understand (I heard) that the photo was taken a few days earlier, at a pan-religious gathering.

      THAT is bad all by itself, isn’t it?

      Why? Why would any Orthodox Christian at all, never mind a bishop, attend one of those?

      • Ronda Wintheiser says

        I got an email from Subdeacon Nektarios; I asked him some questions.

        This is what he had to say about whether the bishop prayed with the Hindus, after I pushed him a bit:

        “Hindus don’t have liturgical rubrics like the Orthodox do. It’s not what we would recognize as choreographed liturgy. I added more photos to the article of the Hindus praying, chanting and lighting their candle offering to their ‘deities.’ Their worship rituals are called Puja and vary depending on the temple. The kids and adults in the photos with the drums, candle stands, lighting candles, and the chanting is their worship ritual which the bishop was there for while sitting under the statues of their false gods. Does matter if he was outwardly participating he was still part of what they consider their worship. Not to mention it’s already a violation of Apostolic Canon 64 for merely going into the place.

        “It’s again the canons to associate with a deposed clergyman let alone to attend, participate in, and celebrate the founding of a literal pagan temple dedicated to demons.”

        If you just listen to the SPEECH he gave… it’s blasphemous.


  2. Someone has written on the unfortunate, complicated and satanic elements of Hinduism from an Orthodox perspective. This is serious business!


    See: https://www.pravoslavie.ru/80417.html

    Lord have mercy!

    • I’ve heard that, too.

    • From the pravolavie article:

      “In Buddhism everything—heaven, hell, God, the self, the soul, the person
      —is an illusion waiting to be overcome, discarded, destroyed.”

      If that is so, just who is it that is having these illusions?

      • Brendan,

        This is a tricky concept. In hinduism & buddhism they ultimately believe that “all is one”, in other words each person is a spark of the one fire of transpersonal divine being & everything else is an illusion. They believe that a person has to transcend the illusory word to reunite that drop of the divine within them with the ocean of the one divine non-personal being thereby undergoing liberation from the world of illusions. In hinduism the self (atman) is that spark & in buddhism, which the hindu’s consider a heterodox form of hinduism, the self is also considered an illusion, a nonself (anatman), which is a “wrapper” around that spark/drop of divinity. It’s rather deep metaphysics that was first articulate in the vedas, which were written around the time of the patriarchs & judges of Israel, and needless to say, it is radically different from our Orthodox mystical theology of the person & God.

        Also, per my internet search this photo was not take at the consecration of that hindu temple, but at an interfaith gathering at the location about a week before the consecration. I have acquaintances that hindus & buddhists, so I feel obligated (and interested) to understand what they believe & practice otherwise intelligent & profitable dialogue on these matters isn’t possible, but I won’t participate in their rituals, which are often (although not always) connected with gods that we understand to be demonic beings. Serious matters for sure.


        • Thanks for the information, Timmy. An “interfaith gathering” is even worse.

          • Hey Gail, were you and George able to find a home for the letter I wrote concerning the EP? More could be added to it if y’all want, just seemed like a good time to release it given this fiasco and the skittles marriage in Greece and Bartholomew’s lack of speaking out

            • By the term skittles marriage I assume you mean gay marriage can you explain the use of the word skittles in this I’ve never seen this before and I looked it up on the Internet and there was nothing about it . just curious thank you

              • Mary, I first heard this term used by Jay Dyer (and his lovely wife Jamie Hanshaw) to describe gay “marriage.” I assume it has to do with the various colors of the rainbow which are apparent in Skittles. If I had to guess, it’s a way to bypass YouTube censorship. Regardless, it’s caught on like wildfire.

                • That is interesting. I had no idea about the coloured sweeties.
                  I thought it referred jocularly to the pairing up of two ‘skittles’,
                  for which the shape of the pins would explain the reference.
                  See: https://www.britannica.com/sports/skittles

                  Once again, we were divided by the same language!

                  • Long ago I learned the phrase ‘beer and skittles’ from somewhere. They went together.

                    Times change. And so do word meanings

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Dyer also calls it “hot-dog marriage” (or something like that).

          • I spend 12 years as a Buddhist/Hindu before entering the Church. There’s a lot of cultural beauty in that part of the world, but so much danger. Like scuba diving the first time, the most colorful fish can be the most poisonous. I can’t bring myself to repeat the names of their ‘gods’ ie demons. The names and prayers are calling cards summoning their fallen, created energy. Matter can be sanctified or desanctified. Hindu practices desanctify.

            Perhaps the bishop has been reading too much Thomas Merton. It would be wise to familiarize oneself with Merton’s trajectory. Merton, as you may well know, was a pious, pre-Vatican II novice at Gethsemane Trappist Monastery in Bardstown Kentucky. Swept along by further innovations and passions, he visited Alaska and was going to meet Fr Herman on Spruce Island before changing itinerary and leaving early for India. He was contemplating becoming a Tibetan Buddhist monk when I believe he attended the World Council of Religions event in Bangkok, where he was electrocuted in a bathtub and died.

            Lord, have mercy on us!

        • “In Buddhism everything…is an illusion
          waiting to be overcome, discarded, destroyed.”

          “This is a tricky concept
          waiting to be overcome, discarded, destroyed.”

          I overcome, discard, destroy it thus:

          Either there is something or there is nothing.
          There is God, who creates ex nihilo (out of nothing).
          Therefore there is something;
          or neither of us (whether right or wrong)
          would be here to contest the point.

          Therefore everything is not an illusion.

          • Polemics is “a speech or piece of writing expressing a strongly critical attack on or controversial opinion about someone or something.”

            What Brandan wrote wasn’t that.

            No one is allowed to find fault with other commenters on Monomakhos. No one cares what you, “Timmy,” think of Brandan or anyone else.

  3. It appears Athenagoras could not resist further participation in the heretical ecumenical atmosphere that captivated his education. It is clear he did not seriously consider the destructive impact of his actions on Orthodox converts and faithful. Or rather he *did* consider the impact that decided to reinforce it.

    See below.

    Athenagoras is listed as Chief Secretary, Holy Eparchial Synod & Director, Department of Religious Education. His biography includes:

    “ A member of the delegation of the Ecumenical Patriarchate for Ecumenical Theological dialogues. In Germany, he served as a member of the Ecumenical and Interfaith Councils, the founding chairperson of the Interfaith Council of Religions, and as a chairperson for one of the Assemblies for Orthodox Clergy. He was a frequent speaker at universities, public schools, interfaith groups, cultural associations to discuss Orthodox life and spirituality…

    Bishop Athenagoras holds a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Theology, a Masters of Theology, and a PhD in Theology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He also took classes in Pedagogics, German Literature, Roman Catholic and Protestant Theology, Judaism, Islamic Studies and Comparative Religious Studies at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. Fluent in modern and ancient Greek, German, and English, proficient in Turkish and has a basic understanding of Latin, French, and Koranic Arabic.”


    • Thanks, Russ. I see way too much “ecuemnicals” in all this. It explains a lot. If they add a feast day for a cow, I’m done!

    • George Michalopulos says


      As a pious Russian babushka once told a highly educated Jesuit: “Maybe you should study less and pray more.”

  4. Maybe he went for the FREE grilled hamburger luncheon afterwards?! Oh, wait. Never mind. (Lord have mercy!)

  5. This kind of ecumenism is satanic and diabolical. HG Bishop Athenagoras should know better……..yet they do what they want!!!

    So sad 😞

  6. It’s a shame, flee the heretics, don’t join the schismatics, but pray outside the camp…if you have a priest with an Orthodox conscience stay with him and stay with Mother Church…don’t be afraid to speak up, we must Confess and witness our Orthodox Faith, silence is our worst enemy in these apocalyptic times, he who has the confession, will be crowned!

    • Doesn’t holy mean to set aside. Why can’t these priests keep themselves apart from the world? MUST they participate in everything? Can’t they say, “My job is here with my parish.”

      Frankly, I know priests who are flat out rude to the point where they divide the parish, encourage others to shun the people they don’t like, chasing people away completely.

      The Church needs to do a better job vetting these people and making it clear that any time they have that cassock on, they’re on the Church’s time, not on their own. I’m getting so tired of hearing these stories. Until priests know the boundaries of ecumenicalism, they shouldn’t be “consecrating” anything.

      The answer is they are not above reproach. They don’t WANT to be “set aside” to be priests. They see themselves as more than that. It’s time for parish councils to have talks with them. They pay their salaries. Maybe they don’t care. Who knows.

  7. Welll..I wish this was a shock but unfortunately it is not.

    These hierarchs that do this don’t know how truly cringe these things are (to use a GenZ term). Just be Orthodox and act Orthodox. It truly is not rocket science, yet, some of our hierarchs are apparently tone deaf on such matters. Luckily it is not many of them.

  8. Harold Migias says

    There’s nothing surprising here. The EP is riddled with problems. One of which is the small pool of candidates to choose from. Turkey is effectively strangling the EP by hindering education and imposing citizenship requirements. Meanwhile, the EP is a skave to history. What is the mission of the Patrirchate? Is it as an island of Hellenism in an Islamic ocean? Or, a witness to the transformative power of Jesus Christ with an evangelistic outreach mission? Its actions answer the question. Constantinople will always be the crucible with in which the Orthodox Church was formed. Nonetheless, it’s long overdue for the EP to leave Turkey and rededicate itself to The Great Commission.

    • He’s got several metropolitans from which to choose. Turkey is not hindering anyone’s education; Halaki hasn’t been open since the 70s. No one is imposing citizenship. Turkey would love to throw him out. Turkey is a Muslim country. He is not permitted to evangelize there. But he doesn’t care as long as he can keep his “throne” which according to some, has a Masonic symbol in front of it.

      His greatest mission in life is climate change. That’s his priority. That and holding onto his throne. I don’t think anyone would ever describe him as evangelistic. Of all the patriarchates, he probably has the fewest Christians.

      Christ was the crucible with which the Orthodox Church was formed. Constantinople is just a place. It reminds me of the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA. An old, creepy vibe. https://www.madonnainn.com/viewrooms

      They should move the patriarchate to some nice place in Greece.

      • Every time I hear Constantinople, I think of this.


      • Bartholomew and his nest of effeminate metropolitans, who prance about like peacocks as if they actually ruled over significant ecclesiastical real estate and truly cared for thousands of souls, act like a corrupt medieval potentate and his obsequious courtiers. They pose for photo opportunities and make self-serving public statements for their own little patriarchate’s self-aggrandizement while their American archdiocese is drained of believers and the rest of the Orthodox world is scandalized by their conceited heresies and cheap politics.

        Meanwhile they maintain a guilty silence as the Ukraine burns and her Church suffers persecution at the hands of a despotic regime.

        Woe to these despicable men! To hell with their infuriating clericalism! God will remove Constantinople’s candlestick if they’re not careful to repent.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Harold, I agree with your sentiments except in one sense: there are several qualified candidates for the episcopacy. The trouble is, there all in the Athonite monasteries. That’s the last thing the globalists and secularists want.

  9. I remember Fr. John Romanides saying that in order to be a theologian one must have first ascended Mt. Tabor.

  10. Met. Sawa looks none too thrilled:


    Poland, more than any other Church, is having to directly deal with the OCU first hand in it’s canonical territory. They are in a tough spot.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Yeah, the various metropolitans of the Ecumenical Patriarchates are veritable bluebirds of happiness. Wherever they go, joy invariably follows.

  11. Hilber Nelson says

    It is no coincidence that the pope and the GOA higher ups are at warp speed woke mode. Boldly going where where no shepherd has gone before. Nor should. The question before all devout Catholics and Orthodox is ironically the same: what are we, the faithful, willing to do to defend the faith from these in-your-face apostates? If my home town is any indication of the level of woke tolerance out there, there has yet to be an exodus from our town’s one and only catholic parish. Perhaps the inaction among the faithful finds its justification in that the woke contagion hasn’t directly affected us (yet) because its still waaaay waaaay over in there in Rome, and in Constantinople? Your thoughts?

    • Speaking as a former Roman Catholic, to answer your question as it regards Roman Catholic laity: “what are we, the faithful, willing to do to defend the faith from these in-your-face apostates?”

      1) Nothing: There is no framework within Roman Catholicism that allows for this. The pope is above the councils, so, even if a council were to meet and declare the pope a heretic, the pope could override it. Also, if the pope were to be declared a heretic then he isn’t really infallible is he?

      2) Convert to Orthodoxy: Glory to God there are many, many Roman Catholics converting to Orthodoxy. including whole families.

      You can either shove your head in the ground and ignore it at your local Novus Ordo parish, or LARP at your local Latin Mass or Eastern Catholic parish, but at the end of the day you are still subjected to the same pope, your bishop is beholden to the same pope and there is nothing you can do.

      Sorry to be blunt that’s just the reality of things.

      Perhaps the inaction among the faithful finds its justification in that the woke contagion hasn’t directly affected us (yet) because its still waaaay waaaay over in there in Rome, and in Constantinople? Your thoughts?

      I think this is partially the case, but, what you’re speaking of is extraordinarily pervasive in Roman Catholicism. For example, I think (correct me if I’m wrong) that a study came out that showed upwards of ~70% of Roman Catholic clergy are gay. Then there’s the global sex abuse crisis.

      None of that is even remotely on the same level in Orthodoxy. Even within the Ecumenical Patriarchate the problem really is at the upper level and seems confined mostly to the Synod of the EP. Athos, the Athonite monasteries around the world, the majority of bishops/priests, etc., don’t especially seem on board.

      Not to mention that because Orthodoxy is decentralized it is much harder to infect with this ideology than Roman Catholicism is. Does Orthodoxy have a skittles problem? I guess you could say yes, but, it’s almost exclusively confined to the Fordham, Public Orthodoxy and some members of the EP synod. Look at the recent scathing word from the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki who is under the EP, it sure doesn’t scream “pro skittles.”

  12. Antiochene Son says

    When I was protestant, my congregation built a new church and the local Buddhist priest attended the dedication service.

    A couple years later the Buddhists built a temple and invited my pastor to attend its inauguration. He respectfully declined. (The Buddhists weren’t even mad. They totally understood.)

    Sadly in many cases “I haven’t found such faith in all of Israel” when it comes to supposed leaders of the true Church. Why are our clergy such weak men?

    Whether the photographed event was an ecumenical thing or a liturgical service doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t have happened.

    Orthodox clergy: JUST SAY NO. IT’S NOT THAT HARD. Participation in everything you’re invited to makes you look like a ninny who has nothing better to do than worship idols.

    Serious question: why do you have time in your schedule for such things? St. John of San Francisco taught seminarians to spend 6 hours a day in prayer, 6 hours in the divine services, 6 hours serving the poor and ministering to the flock, and 6 hours for personal needs (eating and sleeping). By all accounts he lived this way himself, and expected all his priests to do the same. These sad men don’t even try to hold a candle to such a luminary.

    They have time to do this kind of s– but heaven forbid they offer daily services or spend their time praying for the conversion of demon worshipers or literally ANYTHING else.

  13. Nicolas Pappas says

    It’s so fun gossiping about priests on the internet. They’re such godless losers.

    • Antiochene Son says

      Is it gossip when they’re making objectively poor decisions about their public activities?

  14. https://www.orthodoxtraditionalist.com/post/praying-with-pagans-the-goarch-standard

    In this article is a video of His Grace Bishop Athenagoras of Nazianzen message at the Hindu temple. Note he offers his “ blessings” upon this “sacred space,” and at the end he denotes it was a message sent by EP.

    • Sounds like he’s a little envious of the pope, and his Indiana Jones idol. Imagine what they do behind closed doors!

  15. Mark E. Fisus says

    His presence was diplomatic, not religious. He observed, but did he take part in the ceremony?

    He might have considered that snubbing the invitation would have impaired the witness of the Church (“those aloof Orthodox Christians”) more than attending.

    You might disagree with the conclusion he reached with that calculus, but what evidence is there that he went there with an intent to endorse paganism?

    • Mark, for the answer, please look at Anna’s response.

      • Mark E. Fisus says

        I read it just now. This is a travesty. At least with the baptism of the babies of the gay couple they could plausibly say, “Well it’s not the babies that are gay. Why deprive them.” Basically a game of “not touching.”

        But “blessing” a pagan space is clearly a bridge too far. Clearly touching — and crossing — the boundaries of acceptability. Are they so lacking in social competence to not have realized they could just say the patriarch sends his “greetings,” even “congratulations,” and offer platitudes about the importance of religious spaces for bringing communities together, gratitude to the country we share for religious freedom, caring for the sick and the needy, and hoping for peace? That would have been so easy peasy.

        I really want to give GOARCH and the Ecumenical Patriarchate generally the benefit of doubt but things like blessing pagan spaces are unnecessarily provocative.

  16. My patron saint – St Gregory (the Theologian) – was also from Nazianzen, but I doubt he’d have rejoiced as much at the “consecration” of a Hindu temple.

    Wonder if this Bishop Athenagoras rejoiced when this former Orthodox cathedral in Toledo (Rossford), Ohio, became a Hindu temple?

    Y’all ever get the impression that some of these Constantinopolitan (ie, from Istanbul) hierarchs deep down really believe that our Orthodox Christian faith is just one big colossal joke and that all they do is pretend?

    • George Michalopulos says

      FTS, I too, was dismayed to see the former OCA cathedral in Toledo become a Hindu temple. Frankly, I could say I don’t know which is worse but I’d say the deconsecration of an Orthodox church, while regrettable, is still better than an Orthodox prelate giving his blessing to a Hindu temple.

      Again, the first is regrettable, the latter is reprehensible.

      That’s just me.

      • I’d really love to know in regards to the various bishops of all the combined jurisdictions when will “enough be enough.”

        I’ll extend that to the Ephraim monasteries as well, I have great respect for them and will be visiting one next weekend. But, I am having a difficult time with the resounding silence from all the collective bishops.

        To their credit, they did pushback after the fiasco at the March for life and they did push back after the Belya incident. But for the love of God, how can you possibly allow this man, who has just participated in a demonic pagan consecration, to still be among the rank of Bishop…. Even if it is a bishop of nowhere.

        If the other bishops don’t see that as apostasy then I’m having my doubts they will see union with Rome as apostasy

        If there are any bishops or priests reading this, even if you are OCA or Antiochian or whatever for the love of God speak up…

    • Wonder if this Bishop Athenagoras rejoiced when [a] former
      Orthodox cathedral in Constantinople, re-became a mosque?

    • They know exactly what theyre doing – just like the State ‘church’ under communism, there is a Globalist ‘church’ today.

    • “Y’all ever get the impression that some of these Constantinopolitan (ie, from Istanbul) hierarchs deep down really believe that our Orthodox Christian faith is just one big colossal joke and that all they do is pretend?”

      All the time, although I don’t see it as pretending or a joke. It appears to me, rather, that all too many (I would hesitate to say all) have bought into the modernist notion that Christianity is all about being a nice, good person who is friends with all and can’t bring themselves to offend or ‘exclude’ anyone. It is as if they don’t believe – really believe – that Christ is the only way to union with God, thus freeing themselves from the persecution Christ assured His followers they would have to endure for His sake.

      • Antiochene Son says

        Hot take: the deletion of the dismissal of the catechumens from the Byzantine Liturgy, and its non-observance in the Slavic Liturgy, has precipitated this mindset. The Church (used to) believe that her worship was primarily for those who were part of her, not for every rando off the street to witness.

        Mormons don’t allow non-mormons into their temples at all, and that hasn’t hurt them. Why shouldn’t we reclaim a similar practice that is ours?

        • AS, do you have any information as to whether the Litany of the Catechumens is still practiced? I’m genuinely interested. As far as I know, it’s still practiced in the DoS of the OCA (at least in our parish).

          If you, or anybody else knows one way or the other, please let us know.

          Believe it or not, we’ve started dismissing our Catechumens; at that point, they go to our newly completed the parish hall (about two dozen of them btw) and are catechized by a credentialed catechist.

          • As a general proposition, the Litany remains a regular part of the Divine Liturgy as served in the Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States, even though there are no catechumens in attendance. It has been that way for well over 100 years. However, there appears to be an exception when Bishop Maxim of the SOC Diocese of the West serves. With him, the litany typically is omitted. And, when there is some Hoo-Ha “state occasion” with multiple bishops serving, sometimes it is omitted. In Serbia itself, it varies significantly from parish to parish and diocese to diocese.

            I’ve never seen a valid liturgical or theological justification for litany of the catechumens when there are no catechumens in attendance. I’ve heard SOC clerics and even bishops contend, well, there are catechumens somewhere who need prayers. This, in my view, reflects a fundamental failure to understand the whole purpose of the litany in the first instance.

            And, for whatever it is worth, in the SOC in the USA, litanies for the departed are often included in Sunday Divine Liturgies before the Litany of the Catechumens. That’s a carryover from the long passed days when priests “riding the circuit” could only periodically visit a given parish — so “everything” got done when he was there on a Sunday.

      • As Christians we are meant to be in the world, but not of the world.

        The policy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate false “gospel” appears to be: “We are in the world, and we are of the world”

        • Yeah, the policy of the Patr of C’ple is very much akin to behavior that has given rise to anti-Semitism in years past….

          ie, some prominent Jewish leaders & businessmen behaving in ways that’s shady or apparently inconsistent with their faith, but with the operative belief that “it’s ok as long as we as a people get ahead.”

          Some Greek Orthodox leaders seem to take this approach also….. with a similar apparent operative framework that “it’s ok because we’re Greek and God loves us”….. It stinks to high heaven.

  17. Looks like Greece is really going to legalize skittles marriage

    Seems like ND will have a coalition vote with SYRIZA and Kasselakis has agreed to get SYRIZA to vote yes

    I wonder if it’s any coincidence that Kasselakis has met quite a few times with Black Bart

    What an embarrassment for Greece, it will be the first country in the Orthodox world to legalize skittles marriage… if the Church of Greece thanks they will come out of this unscathed then they are being extraordinarily naive… people who hold to that ideology NEVER stop. In 10 years Greece will look just like the United States.

    We should all be praying to God, and that Theotokos, that something occurs to where this will not pass

  18. Anonymous II says

    BREAKING: Journalist Gonzalo Lira Reported DEAD In Ukrainian Custody According To Father

    See: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/journalist-gonzalo-lira-reported-dead-ukrainian-custody-according-father

  19. BREAKING: Journalist Gonzalo Lira Reported DEAD In Ukrainian Custody According To Father

    See: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/journalist-gonzalo-lira-reported-dead-ukrainian-custody-according-father

  20. Michael Martin says

    Breaking News re: the Christian Zionism thread:

    The trial of the century is now underway in the Hague against Israel for genocide against the Palestinians. Please see the opening, charging statement that has been brought against Israel in the International Court of Justice:


    This court has the global authority to impose very harsh judgments and punishments.

    Note that genocide charges can result in being hanged or taken before a firing squad. (see Nuremberg Tribunal)

    This case has been brought by South Africa and has massive international support, though you would scarcely know it by reading CNN and the Associated Press.

  21. Despatches From Under Mirkwood:

    Then (1999):
    Pat Robertson ‘…described Scotland as
    a “dark land overrun by homosexuals”. ‘

    Now (2024):

    Pagan to deliver Holyrood’s Time for Reflection slot

    ‘Holyrood’s time for reflection will be taken over by Pagans this week
    for the first time in the Scottish Parliament’s 25 year history.

    ‘ Reverend Linda Haggerstone, who describes herself as “Christo-Pagan” will offer an “insight into what Paganism is, along with a message of peace” when she addresses MSPs tomorrow.

    It is a significant moment in the religion’s history, Matt Cormack, the Acting Presiding Officer at the Scottish Pagan Federation tells The Herald.

    “This will be the first time Time for Reflection has been given by a Pagan speaker. It represents the beautiful diversity of Scotland’s population and symbolises the importance of including the voices of people from different backgrounds.

    “For many Pagans this will carry a lot of meaning and a level of recognition from the Scottish Parliament for our beliefs.”

    The 2011 census showed 5,194 pagans living in Scotland, but Mr Cormack expects that number to have increased.

    The number of pagans in England and Wales grew from 57,000 in 2011 to 87,000 in 2021. He expects a corresponding rise north of the border.

    Rev Haggerstone’s homily comes after a bad-tempered row last month when Equalities Minister Emma Roddick was mocked for wishing pagans a happy winter solstice on the Scottish Government’s social media.

    “The response from some people to the Minister wishing Pagans a happy Solstice was sadly unsurprising,” Mr Cormack said. “Many of the comments resonated with the issues and experiences documented in the Pagan Discrimination Survey we conducted in 2020.

    “It highlights that there is still a lot of work to be done around understanding and accepting different faiths.”

    Time for Reflection is normally the first item of business on a Tuesday, with speakers allowed to address MSPs for up to four minutes.

    Invitations to address the Parliament come from the Presiding Officer but are based on recommendations from MSPs. … ‘

    From Pat to Pan – twenty-five years is all it takes.

  22. The Church of Crete has come out against gay marriage:


    The Churches of Greece, Cyprus, Crete and Athos have all come out against skittles marriage in Greece. Yet their grand pubah remains silent…wonder why?

    Guess the “pope of the Greeks” isn’t much of anything at all for the Greeks

    I really pray to God these Churches wake up to what Black Bart is selling and recant on their recognition of the OCU

  23. George Michalopulos says

    This is Byzantine, Texas‘ take. I couldn’t have said it better myself:


  24. Michael Bauman says

    The events chronicled here are calls to repentance, not for the most noticeable offenders, but for the rest of us.

    The great acting coach, Stanislvski, in his book Building a Character has a his protagonist build a character named “The Critic”. Darkness, twisted mind and body and a weird, dark green striped make up is the result.

    I know that any evil in and of the world is in my heart too Aside from asking my Bishop to do something, the most powerful tool I have is laid out in Matthew 4:17: Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

    It is quite possible as the world continues to devolve that the act of repentance is all I have left, each of us has left with which to honor and commune with Christ Himself and each other. Christ Crucified, Buried and Risen from the Dead! Hallelujah!

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God; Have mercy on me, a sinner!

    This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

    • Matthew Panchisin says

      Dear Michael,

      Many of us know that Russia “Holy Rus” as well as all the other Orthodox lands have residing therein so many Orthodox Christian faithful that are simply the salt of the earth, repentance is a way of life for them and should be for all of mankind. We also know that spiritual realities are simple as well, good v. evil, love v. hatred and the loving majestic reality in Christ, Almighty God’s love conquering all evil. As such machinations, schemes so-called agendas like Russophobia, etc. obvious to us, are concoctions of the authentic evil idiots of the western mindsetting hemisphere.

      Lamenting the genocide in Gaza we can see the fruits of Russia’s good works hand in hand with the illustrious and exemplary people of South Africa, the wheat of the earth. They have removed the sword of justice from its sheath pursuing justice by presenting the Israeli government’s war crimes to the International Court of Justice and the World. All of the American and Israeli rhetoric and obfuscation is seen as chaff by those who are not blind. Absent are the Glory to South Africa flags with American politicians waving them advocating for peace and justice. Present is the death and destruction which they pursue on earth and within themselves. It seems to me that it is important to notice that the “the most noticeable offenders” have convicted themselves and there is nothing they can do about it except repent. God forgive me if I don’t notice and say things like they should think about the sackcloth and ashes the starving and bleeding women and children of Gaza can be seen in. Perhaps then they’ll embrace Orthodoxy and there will be great joy as we repent and give Glory to God in the Highest peace on earth and good will toward mankind together. God is with us, understand all ye nations, and submit yourselves, for God is with us!

      I hope all is well with you and your family and the other people of God on Monomakhos.

      In Christ,

      Matthew Panchisin

  25. This Metropolitan is under the EP in the Greek “New Lands,” he appears to be calling ou the synod for not speaking in defense of marriage:


    Our holy mother Church cannot remain silent, cannot remain indifferent to any attempt to alter or marginalize the Law of God, the laws of nature, the ultimately desecration of man himself.

  26. Seraphim of Berlin says

    The excerpt from the icon used in this post is not the Nativity of Jesus Christ, but the Nativity of the Theotokos. Please fix, all we need is the Fordhamites to use such a mistake to ignore the point.

    • If there is an issue, I will explain that it was not our intent to call out the specific names of either icon. We were making a distinction between the worship of Kamadhenu (a cow, as well as other deities) and the worship of Christ. The icons were illustrations.

  27. Antiochene Son says

    To his credit, +Athenagoras has apologized for this scandal.


  28. The bishop recognized his error & apologized:

    “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

  29. Hopefully it’s hard to despise a man who repents:

  30. While I appreciate so much the sincerity and truth that George and Gail put in this website that awakens the conscience of countless Eastern Orthodox Christians (Canonical), I came across this article…..https://orthochristian.com/158261.html this is exactly like the Abrahamic House Of Worship in the UAE.

    • This, of course, is a model. They may have some hoops to jump through. I agree that it looks exactly like the Abrahamic House of Worship in the UAE. Certainly the purpose is the same.

  31. “Boarding a plane these days just might be more dangerous
    than getting into a car with one of the Kennedys.”

    FAA Seeks to Hire the Deaf, Blind, and Insane as
    a Door Blows off a Jet Owned by Airline
    Obsessed With Sex Perversion


    ‘ As doors fall off Boeing jets in mid-flight, and the airline that owns the jet focuses on convincing customers that it’s one big bathhouse of homosexual fun, it’s worth looking at the Federal Aviation Administration website to see what that regulatory agency’s priorities are for hiring.

    If you’re deaf, blind, or just plain nuts, the FAA has a job for you. And the deafer, blinder, and nuttier you are, the faster you’ll get hired — “on the spot.”

    Upshot: Boarding a plane these days just might be more dangerous than getting into a car with one of the Kennedys.

    FAA Website: https://www.faa.gov/pwdp

    As the aviation industry promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at the expense of safety, the New York Post reminds us that the FAA’s hiring policies are literally insane because the agency is recruiting the literally insane.

    “The Secretary of Transportation has set a hiring goal of three (3) percent per fiscal year for individuals with targeted (severe) disabilities,” the website says.

    That secretary is Pete Buttigieg, a homosexual pervert who believes he is married to a man, a child groomer called Chasten.

    That explains the obsession with “diversity,” but in any event “targeted disabilities are those disabilities that the federal government, as a matter of policy, has identified for special emphasis in recruitment and hiring.”

    Afraid as one might be to find out, here are those disabilities:

    • Hearing (total deafness in both ears)

    • Vision (Blind)

    • Missing Extremities

    • Partial Paralysis

    • Complete Paralysis, Epilepsy

    • Severe intellectual disability

    • Psychiatric disability

    • Dwarfism

    How one might work for the FAA with “complete paralysis” is left unexplained.

    Anyway, “individuals with targeted disabilities have the greatest difficulty obtaining employment,” the website continues. “This is the only protected group for which Federal agencies may have a hiring goal.”

    And as if that’s not bad enough, the disabled are eligible for “on the spot” hiring, another sure way to guarantee either the totally insane or totally incompetent land a top job.

    Only people with disabilities can enjoy an “on-the-spot” appointment, which is non-competitive, and the “applicant wishing to be hired through the non-competitive process should be prepared to provide his or her résumé, references, and academic transcripts. They are also required to provide documentation pertaining to the existence of a disability.”

    As well, they must prove they can do the job with “reasonable accommodations” and are “physically qualified to do the work without hazard to self or to others.”

    Unsurprising Obsession

    Airline passengers can only hope, and should pray, that a schizophrenic who hears voices that tell him the CIA has placed radio transmitters in his dental fillings aren’t hired as air traffic controllers. Or that blind people aren’t hired to inspect airplanes.

    Anyway, the FAA’s obsessions mirror those of the industry, which has become a dangerous joke because of its fixation on DEI, as is seen in recent advertisements.

    Of particular interest is Alaska Airlines.

    “From our inclusive flag raising at HQ, to our parade in the sky on the first & only U.S. Pride aircraft, it’s easy to see that we’re just plane proud,” the YouTube teaser to the two-year-old ad says. “This month, to commemorate Pride, Alaska surprised not one — but four lucky flights on a newly decorated Pride-inspired plane supporting the LGBTQ+ community. The plane, the first of its kind in the U.S., will fly throughout our network for the next year.”

    The airlines published a blog post dedicated to buggery in the skies.

    Three years ago, the airlines touted its ludicrous “safety dance.”

    On January 5, a door blew off an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 when it was 16,000 feet over Oregon with 171 passengers and six crewmen. The airline had not grounded the plane despite cabin pressurization warning lights going on in the two days prior to the flight.

    But passengers could take comfort in the airline’s commitment to pushing sodomy and adorning everything with the “pride” flag, the banner of perverts everywhere.

    Meanwhile, the jet’s manufacturer, Boeing, is also obsessed with DEI. It is “rewarding” top managers if they meet diversity targets.

    Also obsessed is Spirit Aerosystems, which manufactures Boeing’s doors. It created a video that features a passel of women jauntily strolling toward the camera to Shania Twain’s execrable “Let’s Go, Girls.”

    “Ladies and gentlemen, meet the ‘dream team’ at the manufacturer that made the plane door that just blew off in the middle of a flight,” Matt Walsh posted on X. “What they lack in skill and engineering capability they make [up] for in sass!” ‘

  32. For ‘optics’ in action, see:

    The Great Normalization

    Last year, the crime and inflation crises largely evaporated.
    So did the leading theories about what had caused them.

    At the head of the article is a double photo of a pane of glass
    with a bullet-hole in it and a hand holding a Fistful of Dollars;
    which dollars, if counted, total up to the sum of forty-seven.

    Now, if the bullet hole in the glass evokes the verb ‘shoot’
    and forty-seven will be the number of the next US President,
    might this be construed as incitement to commit murder?

  33. Britain must train citizen army, military chief warns

    ‘ Britain should train a “citizen army” ready to fight a war on land in the future, the head of the Army has said.

    General Sir Patrick Sanders warned that an increase in reserve forces alone “would not be enough”.

    He highlighted the threat from Russia [?] and pointed to steps being taken by other European nations to put their populations on a “war footing”. ‘

    Forget Col Sanders KFC.
    He’s not so much Sanders of the River
    as Sanders of the Shiver!

    For Sanders of the River (Film),
    see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICF7wUqjpaQ

    [Video – 01:26:55]

    Not only does Paul Robeson have a major role in the film,
    but future President of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta appears [37:13].
    I expect he hated the role as much as Robeson did,
    but when you’re poor, the King’s Shilling can pay for food:

    Meanwhile, here is another British recruiting campaign:

    [Video – 05:23]

    As the recruiting Sergeant says [05:19]:
    “From now on your bloody life won’t be worth living,
    and you won’t bloody die laughing either!”

  34. More witchcraft…

    U.S. FDA Approves Merck’s ERVEBO® (Ebola Zaire Vaccine, Live)
    for Use in Children 12 Months of Age and Older


    Merck continues progress in helping to protect
    people at risk of Zaire ebolavirus disease

    ‘ … ERVEBO, which is now indicated for the prevention of disease caused by Zaire ebolavirus in individuals 12 months of age and older. … ERVEBO does not protect against other species of Ebolavirus or Marburgvirus and the duration of protection conferred by ERVEBO is unknown. The effectiveness of the vaccine when administered concurrently with antiviral medication, immune globulin (IG), and/or blood or plasma transfusions is unknown. ERVEBO includes a contraindication for individuals with a history of a severe allergic reaction (e.g., anaphylaxis) to any component of the vaccine, including rice protein.

    Separately, on July 20, 2023, the European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) recommended the expanded approval of ERVEBO® [Ebola Zaire Vaccine, (rVSVΔG-ZEBOV-GP) live], for active immunization of individuals 1 year of age or older to protect against Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) caused by Zaire ebolavirus. …

    Limitations of Vaccine Effectiveness
    Vaccination with ERVEBO may not protect all individuals. …

    Immunocompromised Individuals
    The safety and effectiveness of ERVEBO have not been assessed in immunocompromised individuals … .

    Vaccine virus RNA has been detected by RT-PCR in blood, saliva, urine, and fluid from skin vesicles of vaccinated individuals. Transmission of vaccine virus is a theoretical possibility.

    [Just like the polio vaccine?]

    There are no adequate and well-controlled studies of ERVEBO in pregnant women, and human data available from clinical trials with ERVEBO are insufficient to establish the presence or absence of vaccine-associated risk during pregnancy.

    Human data are not available to assess the impact of ERVEBO on milk production, its presence in breast milk, or its effects on the breastfed child. …

    About Ebola Virus Disease

    Ebola virus disease is a rapidly progressive, severe, potentially fatal and transmissible hemorrhagic illness caused by infection with one of the Ebola virus species. While there are six identified Ebola virus species, the Zaire ebolavirus strain has been the leading cause of outbreaks over the last 20 years. The average fatality rate for Ebola virus disease is approximately 50% but has ranged from 25% to 90% in previous outbreaks.

    Human-to-human transmission can occur via blood or bodily fluids, objects (like needles and syringes), possibly from contact with semen from a man who has recovered from Ebola, or direct contact through broken skin or mucous membranes. … ‘

    Sticking live vaccines into children?
    What could possibly go wrong?

  35. Ebola Vaccine That ‘Sheds’ in 31% of Vaccinated
    Given to Colorado Healthcare Workers
    Just Down the Road from New Bat Lab


    ‘ Editor’s note: This article’s headline has been updated to clarify that the FDA inset for Merck’s ERVEBO Ebola vaccine states that the vaccine “sheds” in more than 31% of those vaccinated with the drug. The prior headline said that the vaccine “‘Sheds’ Onto/Infects Others 31% of the Time.” It is more precise to simply say that the vaccine “sheds” in 31% of the vaccinated. This means that the “transmission of vaccine virus is a theoretical possibility,” according to the FDA insert. … The main point of the story has not been affected: a “shedding” Ebola vaccine has been given to Denver Health workers 65 miles from a proposed Fort Collins bat research lab that “could” study Ebola. A body subheadline has also been changed to clarify that the mortality rate in Ebola patients increases when they are treated with the drug Remdesivir. … ‘