The Crumbling Narrative

I could have easily titled this particular post, “This Man Speaks for Me.”

Because he most certainly does.  

This video of Bryce Mitchell, an MMA fighter, has gone absolutely viral.  There’s a reason for that and it is because he speaks for millions of Americans who have had it up to here with the damn lies and statistics that have been shoved down our throats for decades now.

Mitchell is not the most sophisticated speaker and I am sure that the Soy-boys, feminazis, and gender-fluid androids congregating at the nearest Starbucks are having a “yuck” or two about his accent and his inability to correctly pronounce “Socrates.”  So, too, the learned professors sitting at the faculty lounges of our great Republic.  Well, to hell with them.

What Mitchell stated is nothing less than the rock-solid truth.  He is articulating in eloquent enough terms what tens of millions of Americans are believing right now about the current war in the Ukraine.  That not only are we not going to go fight (and die) over there so Hunter Biden and Paul Pelosi can have cushy jobs, but we don’t believe one bloody word about what they’re telling us about that conflict.

Not. One. Bloody.  Word.

So, all you Establishment types and assorted hangers-on, go ahead and rip the poor fellow a new one.  Pat yourselves on the back because you know how to pronounce Socrates then you go down to the nearest recruiting station (or better yet, send your non-binary, intersectional offspring) and sign up for the next boot camp at Parris Island.  Then hop on the next plane headed to Ramstein AFB in Germany.

Unless you do that, you’re all still nothing but a pack of sniveling hypocrites. 

As for you, Bill Kristol and David Frum, perhaps you both can start a foreign legion.  Call it the Cucks of Zion and dedicate it to spreading “democracy” to Ukraine (which hasn’t been a democracy since 2014, when the CIA overthrew that country’s democratically elected president).

You can take Victoria  Nuland with you to provide you with the necessary feminine companionship.  She may not be all that much to look at but I hear she makes a mean batch of cookies.

OK, snark off.  

Mitchell knows what’s what.  He also named the elephant in the room, which is how the American oligarchy makes out like bandits by rigging the game –all in the name of “democracy” of course.    Hunter Biden, the coke-snorting, dissolute, libertine son of the current resident of the White House was just the tip of the iceberg.  Now we know that the reason he got a job at Burisma was because of his parentage, not his abilities.  And there are dozens of others like him out there. 

So much for American “meritocracy,” at least with a peerage system, we know that the inbred sons of the Establishment who got all the best jobs did so because they’re honest and open about their class system.  I’ll at least give them that.

In asking how many American men are going to die on the steppes of the Ukraine, Mitchell is exposing the rotten underbelly of the Establishment.  Worse (for them), he is pointing out that we no longer believe the carefully crafted narratives they weave for us.  

Damn right, he speaks for me.  And for a helluva lot of other Americans too.  

And that is why the Establishment is running scared.  Because they now realize that their narratives are crumbling right before their eyes.

As for Mitchell’s way with words, I defer to Rudyard Kipling, who best knew the mettle of the ordinary men that made the British Empire: 

“For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ ‘Chuck him out, the brute!

But it’s ‘Saviour of ‘is country, when the guns begin to shoot;

An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;

An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool –you bet that Tommy sees!”



  1. Quite wise.

    The main message has gotten through to him: You simply cannot believe anything the MSM says at all, no matter how accurate or inciteful it seems to be on the surface. They have lied about everything for so long that the truth is not in them, as the Apostle John might say. I don’t patronize them or take anything they say any more seriously than a cartoon or parody. If I want someone’s best informed guess at the truth (which is about all you are going to get anyway), I go to alternative or “dissident” right wing sources.

    Now, admittedly, there is a confirmation bias issue here. However, I’m not sure there is any place, anywhere that you can get a Vulcan-style dispassionate description of facts and only facts. Moreover, there is the question of which facts are relevant to a story, and often that is affected by ones political or religious orientation. I would much rather trust the judgment of someone with similar – or at least not objectionable or contemptible – political views in their estimation of which facts to report and which to omit. One can leave the question of “what is my political orientation?” to a more elevated and theoretical realm.

    And let’s be frank, the neoliberals have proven themselves as loathsome and despicable as the Bolsheviks and Nazis of old. When I hear someone spouting the Davos line, my eyes glaze over every bit as much as they would hearing someone go on about the “master race”, “thousand year Reich”, “vanguard of the proletariat” or “political re-education”. A monster is a monster is a monster and the neoliberals fit the bill. They control the MSM and their red-headed step children, the neocons, control Fox and even Newsmax.

    So you’re just not going to hear the truth from the American media – period.

    Trump or some MAGA pol will have to consolidate power and clean out the Augean stables that are the American media, MSM et al. And that in and of itself will be viewed as Orwellian and revolutionary by liberals and possibly even by some “conservatives”. But what is the alternative? Allow lying dogs to poison public discourse indefinitely? Coming closer to a nuclear exchange than probably at any time since the Cuban missile crisis (barring the rare accidental systemic miscue), should be an clear indication that we can no longer afford our ideologue press.

  2. George Michalopulos says

    I’d say this is reason #12,032 to not believe anything coming out of the government and their presstitutes:

    • George,

      I think the Ukrainians are about ready to surrender:

      There was also a major strike on a base near Lvov in the west of the Ukraine. Speculation is that this was destroying supplies of weapons arriving from the West. Local govt says 60-70 Ukrainians were killed, no NATO. But I would point out that they would not admit it if NATO personnel were killed so as to avoid a pretext for escalation under Article 5.

      Given that the biolabs are now public knowledge, any chemical or biological weapons attack would be suspect. Put that together with the evident willingness of the Russians to destroy any incoming weaponry and the refusal of NATO to impose a no fly zone . . . well, there’s no way for the Ukies to win. I think that is what the Israelis told them and it will likely sink in over the next couple of days.

      • Hmm . . . upon further reflection, I don’t think the Ukrainians will surrender or that the Russians would accept a ceasefire associated with any such surrender. CRP made a pretty good case that the Russians are going to complete their operations as if there were no one to talk to on the other side. Anything else looks like a non-win for Russia and would confute their intentions to demilitarize and denazify the Ukraine.

        The Russians seem to be seeking to impose the humanitarian corridors to syphon off the civilian population and to get as many soldiers as possible to lay down their arms and escape with them. That’s about it. The rest of it can be handled by the Russian military without any cooperation from the Ukrainians.

        I don’t think the Zelensky government is going to survive, at least not seated at Kiev. And as time goes on, I’m less sympathetic to the argument that the Russians are willing to let the Western part of the Ukraine go. That’s possible, but you never walk away from equity. But it’s certainly a possible bargaining chip.

        In short, I don’t think the Russians are going to let the Ukrainians determine anything about how this is resolved.

        • Joseph Lipper says

          “The only way this ends is for somebody in Russia to take this guy [Putin] out.” – Senator Lindsey Graham

          • George Michalopulos says

            That’s a war crime btw.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            Lindsey Graham? The great deceiver? He still owes George and me $100.

          • They can only hate Putin defender of Orthodoxy, nothing they can do except to hate him 🙂

          • Putin defends Orthodoxy in Syria and Ukraine and you think kiling him is good job like kiling Gadafi and claim you are some kind of Orthodox.You lost your marbles my firend.

          • Solidarity Priest says

            Didn’t you praise Vladimir Putin for not kissing Metropolitan Laurus’s hand when the two met at ROCOR’S cathedral in NYC? On this very blog, I believe.

            • Joseph Lipper says

              Even though Metropolitan Laurus will probably be canonized a saint, he was not in communion with the Russian Church when he first met Putin. The gesture of Putin shaking his hand rather than kissing his hand could be seen as respect for ROCOR’s not being in communion with the Russian Church at the time.

              I certainly don’t want Putin killed. Yet many people such as Senator Lindsey believe this is the only way the war will stop. Myself, I’m not so sure about that assessment.



  3. George Michalopulos says

    And then there’s this:

    Conclusion? That the DS must go all in, even if that means risking WWIII if that’s what it takes to stop the American people from finding out how corrupt the Biden crime family is.

    Yeah, Bryce has found the silver bullet and loaded it in the chamber: why should he go fight in the Ukraine while there are so many unanswered questions about Biden and his son in regards to that country?


    And if you tell me it’s because Putin is a war-criminal, then you go put your boots on the ground and fight to “save” those people from Russia.

  4. George,

    I think we should consider the possibility that this is WWIII; i.e., the only WWIII that there’s ever going to be (God willing).

    It’s just that it’s not being fought on a widespread conventional basis, let alone nuclear, but in the realms of information and trade. Evidently the powers that be on all sides realize that a widespread conventional war would lead to a nuclear exchange and so there is an unspoken ceiling on escalation below which the gloves are completely off. Media propaganda is absolutely unbridled and unrelated to objective reality. Economic warfare is also unbridled up to the point of assured self destruction.

    And that’s why insightful people are looking at this as a true change in the world order, just as if there were a World War. At the end of a World War, hostilities cease and there is a new economic and political hierarchy in place. We’re just cutting out the middleman since the destruction would be unbearable.

    PS: I should also point out, if the Russians do not take us out of the position as global hegemon, the Chinese will. This is merely the first of a possible one-two punch. If we were somehow to avoid the decoupling of Russia, China would take a swipe by annexing Taiwan and inflicting even more financial damage as a result of the ensuing trade war. The rest of the world is sorely fed up with American hegemony and they intend to beat that horse dead.

  5. As for you, Bill Kristol and David Frum, perhaps you both can start a foreign legion. Call it the Cucks of Zion and dedicate it to spreading “democracy” to Ukraine (which hasn’t been a democracy since 2014, when the CIA overthrew that country’s democratically elected president

    At some point everyone goes from whining about the media to noticing the tiny minority controlling the media.

  6. George Michalopulos says

    One reason that our political and military elite can’t see the error of their ways or navigate through war/diplomacy, is because our military and political establishments no longer are draws for the best and brightest among us.

    That’s Gilad Atzmon’s take anyway:

    “The main question is how is it possible that our Western political and media elite are clueless about Putin and Russia’s moves? How is it possible that not one Western military analyst can connect the dots and see through the fog of this horrid war? The reason is obvious: no gifted people see a potential career in military or public service these days. Gifted people prefer the corporate world, banks, high tech, data and media giants. The result is that Western generals and intelligence experts are not very gifted. The situation of our Western political class is even more depressing. Not only are our politicians those who weren’t gifted enough to join the corporate route, they are also uniquely unethical. They are there to fulfil the most sinister plans of their globalist masters and they do it all at our expense.”

    He may be on to something.

  7. Joseph Lipper says

    It was Donald Trump who first started supplying Ukraine with lethal weapons from the U.S. arsenal, such as the Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles that first arrived in 2017.

    All told, Trump approved some $2 billion in U.S. military aid to Ukraine, with at least $347 million of that in lethal weapons:

  8. You have a vegetable soup here. You have some knowledge of secular history, some Catholic history, and a skewed understanding of the Bible.

  9. To Nearly Everyone In Europe Today:
    “A war to save civilisation” you say.
    And what have you to do with it, pray?
    Some attempt to acquire it would show truer love
    than fighting for something you know nothing of.
    [Hugh MacDiarmid]

  10. Donald Trump sues Hillary Clinton

    The false narrative of ‘Russiagate’ was worse than Watergate,
    the 45th US president says in a federal lawsuit

    ‘ Former US President Donald Trump has sued Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, their lawyers, former FBI employees, and everyone connected to the ‘Steele Dossier’ for conspiracy to falsely accuse him of “collusion” with Russia in 2016, and undermining his presidency afterwards.

    The lawsuit, filed in the federal court in the Southern District of Florida on Thursday, seeks $72 million in damages, triple the estimated $24 million in legal fees and other damages Trump said he suffered as the result of the conduct.

    “For years, Hillary Clinton and her cohorts attempted to shield themselves from culpability by directing others to do their dirty work for them. This lawsuit seeks to hold all parties accountable for their heinous acts and uphold the principles of our sacred democracy,” Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, said in a statement, adding that the suit “outlines the Defendants’ nefarious plot to vilify Donald J. Trump by spreading lies to weave a false narrative that he was colluding with Russia.”

    In addition to Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, the lawsuit names former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Clinton campaign chief John Podesta; Christopher Steele, the British spy who authored the infamous ‘Trump-Russia dossier’; the political research firm Fusion GPS, which commissioned the file; the law firm Perkins Coie, through which Clinton paid Fusion GPS and Steele; and former FBI officials James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Kevin Clinesmith – who played a major role in investigating Trump for alleged ties with Russia before and after the election.

    Clinton aides Robbie Mook, Philipe Reines, and Jake Sullivan – currently the national security adviser – are also among the defendants, along with former Perkins Coie lawyers Marc Elias and Michael Sussmann, who was charged by special counsel John Durham with lying to the FBI.

    “Acting in concert, the Defendants maliciously conspired to weave a false narrative that their Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, was colluding with a hostile foreign sovereignty,” the lawsuit says.

    The defendants falsified evidence, deceived law enforcement and exploited their access to “highly-sensitive data sources” in a way that “even the events of Watergate pale in comparison,” the lawsuit also claims, referring to the 1972 scandal that forced the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

    ‘Russiagate’ is indeed worse than Watergate. Here’s why READ MORE: ‘Russiagate’ is indeed worse than Watergate. Here’s why

    When the scheme failed to stop Trump from getting elected, the lawsuit claims “the Defendants’ efforts continued unabated, merely shifting their focus to undermining his presidential administration.”

    Trump’s lawyers accuse the defendants of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, conspiracy, injurious falsehood, malicious prosecution, computer fraud and abuse, and theft of trade secrets, among other things.

    Clinton sought to discredit Trump in 2016 by accusing him of “colluding” with Russia, and blamed Moscow for the alleged hack of the DNC emails and those of Podesta, which were later published by WikiLeaks. Neither the FBI, nor special counsel Robert Mueller, nor the investigations led by congressional Democrats, ever found any evidence for those claims. ‘

    Looks like it’s payback time…

  11. Black Rock: Ukraine Crisis Marks The End Of Globalization

    ‘ Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that sanctions against Moscow herald the end of an era, implying that the West’s global dominance was coming to an end. Blackrock has chimed in with their own remarks on the conflict, stating that the Ukraine crisis marked the end of globalization as we know it.

    Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, which manages assets worth about half of US GDP, has forecasted that measures to penalize Russia for its aggression in Ukraine will cause globalism to collapse as decision-makers reevaluate their international liabilities.

    “The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put an end to the globalization we have experienced over the last three decades,” Fink said on Thursday in a letter to investors. “We had already seen connectivity between nations, companies and even people strained by two years of the pandemic. It has left many communities and people feeling isolated and looking inward. I believe this has exacerbated the polarization and extremist behavior we are seeing across society today.”

    As a result of the Ukraine crisis, Western countries launched a “economic war” on Moscow, including the unusual measure of prohibiting the Russian central bank from using its foreign currency reserves, according to Fink. Capital markets, financial institutions, and other corporations have went beyond their governments’ restrictions, severing relations and activities with Russia.

    “Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and its subsequent decoupling from the global economy is going to prompt companies and governments worldwide to re-evaluate their dependencies and re-analyze their manufacturing and assembly footprints – something that Covid had already spurred many to start doing,” Fink said. As a result, he warned, businesses will shift more activities to their native countries or adjacent nations, raising costs and prices.

    The Russia-Ukraine crisis has “upended the world order” that has existed since the end of the Cold War, and BlackRock will have to adapt to “long-term structural changes,” such as deglobalization and greater inflation, according to Fink. He went on to say that central banks may have to tolerate either higher inflation – possibly exceeding the 40-year peak reached in the US last month – or lower economic activity and employment.

    Fink’s opinions are keenly observed by investors since BlackRock, based in New York, manages $10 trillion in holdings, making it the world’s largest money manager. Indeed, the millionaire has so much financial clout that his thoughts can, to some extent, become self-fulfilling. He views the Ukraine situation, among other things, as hastening the growth of digital currencies and the transition away from fossil fuels.

    “The ramifications of this war are not limited to Eastern Europe,” Fink said. “They are layered on top of a pandemic that has already had profound effects on political, economic and social trends. The impact will reverberate for decades to come in ways we can’t yet predict.”

    Fink and Russian authorities may not concur on the Ukraine conflict (the money manager blames Russia for the crisis), but they do understand that the global order is shifting. Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that sanctions against Moscow herald the end of an era, implying that the West’s “global dominance” both politically and economically is coming to a close. “The unipolar world has come to an end,” ex-President Dmitry Medvedev said last week, echoing those remarks. ‘

    • George Michalopulos says

      If for no other reason alone, just by bolixing up the plans for the Globalists, Vladimir Putin deserves a medal.

      • George,
        And he cured the Covid, confounded the neoliberals and is raising the ruble to the level of a hard regional reserve currency. The ruble has returned to pre-war levels. Russia is offering to convert dollars/euros into rubles through Gasprom Bank, however, the rubles will first be redeposited into the purchaser’s account and then used to facilitate payment. I.e., Russia is simply offering to exchange the currency for the purchaser but still demands payment in rubles.

        Russia, contrary to every expectation of the West, is now buying gold for rubles in order to facilitate ruble purchases of gas. This is only gas. Oil, grain and other commodities are coming. It is all the rage in Russian domestic news that everything is going to be done in rubles sooner rather than later.

        Europe is sliding into a recession/depression with notices of shortages and the implementation of rationing.

        What it looks like is that there will be no single reserve currency as the dollar has been up to this point. Rubles and yuan are replacing it to an extent incompatible with single reserve status. We are moving to regional reserve currencies.

  12. The Vatican is the first country to accept the Moscow
    ultimatum: It paid 10 million euros in rubles for [Gas].

    ‘ The Vatican Bank has allocated 10m euros to buy rubles to supply gas from Russia.

    According to , this is the first country in the world to pay for Russian gas in Russian rubles!

    It is worth noting that the Vatican had condemned the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

    This explains why the Kremlin announced today that “Russia will not immediately ask other countries to pay in rubles for natural gas” giving “breath” of some days in Greece and the EU. ‘

    Looks like the Pope bends the knee to Moscow…