The Cavalry to the Rescue?

Take a look at this interview. It’s so refreshing to know that there is one Old World Orthodox Church out there that proclaims the Christian faith in a robust manner. Read especially what is written about His Beatitude and his fight for Orthodox traditionalism. (Hat-tip: Byzantine, TX.)

[audio:|autostart=yes|titles=Don’t think we will ever give up!]

What does this portend for the future? Hopefully that the modernists are in retreat. I believe that when the history of these events are written, it will be noted that Santa Fe was the high point for the anti-Traditionalists. Had +Jonah succumbed to their ideas, then the OCA would have gone into an eventual collapse. Although the last five months have not been kind to HB personally or to the Traditionalists in general, the fact that they could not get rid of HB will be viewed as the turning point in the battle for the soul of American Orthodoxy.

Why do I say this? Because there’s an old military maxim, “if you’re going to kill the king, you must kill the king.” Because +Jonah escaped the trap that the Stokovites laid for him, the Traditionalists were able to mount counter-offensives (of which this blog is but one). In the meantime, HB has issued pastoral directives for his diocese that are salutary and will hopefully drive those who preach perversion to repentance.


  1. The modernists are coming out into the open! Please see this:

  2. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    Hi all:

    Do people believe me now!? I have been fighting and arguing againt Ware’s heretical beliefs from the very first day he made them. Female deacons, the so-called gay marriage rite in Orthodoxy, etc. I have been fighting this fight alone f
    Or several years. I was the first Monomachos! We orthodox thought we were immune. Yeah right! The rumblings were there years ago, and no one saw them except for a few of us.George, our moderator, was also one of those few, a Monomachos.

    Then the Spyridon incident happened, then the Herman, Kondrick, OCA scandals, and now the Met. Jonah episode. I have come to believe these incedents have divided and separated good Orthodox people needlessly, and kept our eyes off the true problem -THE ROT! – I.e. Modernism/Ecumenism!

    We Orthodox need to stop all infighting and unite to fight THE ROT! Pro-Jonah or Anti-Jonah I do not care. Now it’s about if you are a faithful Orthodox Christian ready, willing and able to join me, George and the few of us that do nor want or can afford to fight alone any more. It’s time to fight for the Gospel! It’s time to e-mail Bishop Nikon and Demand an answer, it’s time for the HS to act and do something about THE ROT!

    I will e-mail Bishop Nikon and ask what is going on. If I get no answer, I’ll keep e-mailing until I get an answer or get my concerns across. It’s time to act! The time is now!

    Peter A. Papoutsis

    • James Morgan says

      Peter, don’t just email the guy! Phone calls even if not returned are helpful, and then there is the US Post Office.
      I’ve heard that people on high will often delete emails that bug them, but feel that a letter actually written by someone is worthy of an answer. and of course, if you live close enough, you can actually go to where +Nikon is and ask him personally (nicely of course, with the obligatory poklon!)

    • Peter, in retrospect, I believe that +Spyridon was a traditionalist within the GOA and that I and the OCL may have been wrong to oppose him. The fault for the rot within the GOA however lies with its true leadership (the Phanar) who allowed modernism to creep in or at least didn’t care as long as the money kept rollng in. In this sense, +Spyridon was set up to fail.

      I still have to wrap my head around that entire imbroglio as there were so many scenarios. Ultimately we could say that the bitter fruits of Orthodod disunity and Old World dependance were the real culprits.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        Hi George:

        I agree with your assessment, but as we now see this was just one manifestation of the rot that we are currently facing. The Episcopal Assembly will now gives us an American Orthodox Church with our own HS soon enough. But the rot is still there. We definitely need to fight it, and fight it united.

        I’ll keep you and everybody else Posted if I hear anything from Bishop Nikon one way or another. Take care, and enjoy the summer. Take a few days off any enjoy the sun.


  3. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    Hi James

    A non-response to me is a response, a ver loud one. I just want him to know that I and others are paying attention.
    That’s all.


    • Lola J. Lee Beno says

      Maybe it’s time to escalate. Email addresses can be easily blocked by setting up rules that any email from a certain address will immediately go into Trash which gets automatically cleaned out every X days. Mail sent through the postal service, especially if sent registered, cannot be easily ignored (especially if you get a signature notice from the PO), nor can phone calls be easily ignored (as long as you document the times and phone numbers, and make note of any resulting conversation).

      • The Apostles exhort us to defend the faith once delivered to the saints. When clergy fail to do this, the laity must insist all the more that Jesus is the Son of God, True God from True God. He and the Father are One. The Blessed Trinity has spoken, declared, made manifest the Truth. None has authority to change what has been delivered to the Church.