The “Best” is Yet to Come


Who is Derek Johnson?  Well, he’s a couple of things. 

He’s a guy who grew up in Alabama and is best known for two Billboard Hits, “Real Cool Kinda Hot” and “Right Beer Right Now.”

I can’t tell you much about that. 

He was also a 14 Sierra Air & Missile Defense Crewmember, who specialized in identifying enemy (and friendly) aircraft & missile capability for the Army. 

I can’t tell you much about that either.

What I can tell you is that this kid (everyone is a kid to me) can articulate what I tried to explain to you about President Trump, his executive order(s) and the war powers he obtained when he declared a national emergency, allowing him to continue being Commander in Chief to this day

Where I was trying to read between the lines, this kid will tell you exactly what you’re seeing and why.  He will prove to you why what we saw on TV was not the inauguration of Biden.  How Washington DC came to be no more.  Whose in power and who is just acting, which I’ve insisted to George from the get go, and most importantly, the scale of what Trump has undertaken, why he did it, and who is helping him.       

I promise you this will be an education you won’t want to miss.  It explains every thing right down to what Trump meant when he said, “The best is yet to come,” and it’s probably not what you think.


  1. Some guy on the internet? Why would he be in a position to know, and why would he be talking about it if he did? I can’t believe people buy into this garbage. I had people sending me this stuff during 2020 and I’m sick of it.

    And very sorry to see this once-interesting blog descend into such quackery. I wish you guys would get serious and go back to talking about Orthodoxy. That’s what I came here for! Not this other garbage!

    • Gail Sheppard says

      You’re free to leave. In fact, I insist.

      How is he in a position to know?! He knows HOW TO READ, Theo. All of this is in black and white. Look it up (I did; guess you missed that post) and you’ll see he knows what he’s talking about.

      • Grow up, Gail. If you can’t take criticism, you shouldn’t be a blogger. And find some new lines. Telling people to leave or that they don’t know how to read is getting really old, I’ve seen you do it over and over and it makes you look childish.

        Frankly, you’re the one who should leave, because you’re the one dragging this blog down. I feel sorry for George, he is head and shoulders above you as a blogger, always thoughtful, always insightful – and NEVER treats people the way you do whether they agree with him or not. You’re doing him a real disservice by insulting and running off readers who have followed him for years. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Either grow up and learn to deal with it or get off this blog and let George bring it back to the quality place it once was.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Just so you know, no one has agreed with me.

          • I guess I can take some comfort from that, LOL. But clearly you have your fans here, and I respect that. Sorry for my harsh words and thank you for not booting me off. Peace to you.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Theo, Gail is quite the grownup. While I appreciate your compliment about my “insightful” comments, it’s important that you know that she often advises me whenever I do respond to comments. Believe it or not, she’s taken the sting out of some of my responses. (I’ll also say that she’s pulled my fat out of the fire legally speaking on more than one occasion.)

          As for the blog itself, ever since she’s been brought on board, the quality of the work and research has increased significantly. (She’s a stickler in that regard.) Moreover, because of her incessant, behind-the-scenes exertions, Monomakhos has become a significant force with a tremendous impact in the Orthoblogosphere.

          It simply wouldn’t be the same without her.

          Do Gail and I agree on everything? No. Not possible. But when we do disagree, we try to put our heads together and come to some understanding about the story itself and then proceed to make it as understandable and reflective of reality as possible.

          As for your critique about when we veer off into politics, I have always stated from the outset that this was a blog about politics, culture and religion. As Tucker Carlson has pointed out (and Congressman Jaime Raskin), the political elites want nothing less than the destruction of –not Russia–but the Russian Orthodox Church. I know politics can be distasteful but the present world situation does not allow us to ignore politics. Pietism is no excuse while we are on the precipice of thermonuclear destruction.

          Neither Gail nor I will stand idly by, pretending to be “holier than thou” while the West is hellbent on their Russophobic jihad.

          • Thank you, George and Gail both, for publishing my comment and for your even-handed reply, which was unexpected but welcome, and is received with a good spirit. 🙂 Please forgive my little “fit,” and I of course forgive you as well. Gail clearly has her fans here and I ask their forgiveness too, and their tolerance, as I do really like this blog.

            As for the political side of Orthodoxy, that is exactly what I come here for. Your political commentary on the EP, for example, has been really helpful, not something you can find in most places. But there is a lot of political quackery out there and I’ve seen the effect on my own friends, some of whom I’ve had to disassociate from they got so wacky – as I’ve mentioned here before. So I’m a bit sensitive about it. And I was a big Trump supporter from very early on, changed a lot of minds about him.

            As for Russophobia, I hear you. I mean, I’m a neophyte on all things Russia. But just from my little armchair in my corner of the US, it was obvious communism was terrible, the aftermath turbulent, corruption rampant – but in recent years, it seemed like things were slowly getting better. Poverty still in the countryside but city life getting better, churches being built, baptisms, industry, etc.

            In the Ukraine, on the other hand, nothing but the most awful terrible worst corruption, absolutely aided and abetted (if not outright caused) by the worst of our US politicians and their adult children hip-deep in dirty dealings. That’s how it looked to me anyway.

            So when Russia invaded and suddenly our entire media machine started crying “Russia bad! Ukraine a free democracy!” – especially in the aftermath of Trump – I had a hard time believing a word of it.

            I still don’t know what to believe. If Putin is telling the truth, I can’t disagree with what he says. And I certainly don’t believe anything our side (the Western media complex) says. But I am aware of my own ignorance on these matters, so don’t jump to conclusions on anything, rather am watching and waiting to see what actually happens.

            I was concerned with the growing messiah complex I saw among many Trump supporters. I mean, I liked him and liked a lot of what he did. But I also could see how the other side was fighting him, and that really, really concerned me as it was clear they were not giving up, not one iota. And Trump is after all only a human being.

            And I am now concerned about some of the messianistic stuff coming out of Russia, Dugin in particular, though I like his thought and don’t disagree with much of his diagnosis on a spiritual level.

            One thing I know: there is only one Savior, and it’s not Trump or Putin, it’s Jesus Christ. Perhaps He is working through them, perhaps not. But I put my hope in Him. I do pay attention to politics as needed, and am paying attention to things right now, but without getting emotionally caught up in it, mainly so I know how to pray.

            Anyway, it’s a good blog. Thanks for your tolerance of me here.

            • Gail Sheppard says

              Thank you, Sister. It was so nice of you to send this. Please forgive me, as well.

              • I already did, and put it all behind me. Comments from your supporters were also helpful and I am grateful to them as well. 🙂

            • George Michalopulos says

              Theo, you’re completely correct about the Trump/Messiah Complex. It’s real and it’s dangerous (and foolish).

              I will say this for most of his devotees (of which I count myself), a lot of our adulation is done tongue-in-cheek. We know he’s not the Messiah but we gladly give him the accolades afforded to a Roman emperor, mainly because he’s exposed the Uniparty rot that controls the American empire.

              When he yells out “You’re fake news!” and points his finger at the lot of them, he’s speaking and gesturing in a way that we cannot. He gets away with saying things that ordinary white, Christian, middle-Americans cannot say without losing our jobs. Plus, we get the added kick that it drives the Left insane.

              I myself have gone to more than one gathering of liberals and tried to engage liberals in honest conversation. If I feel real ornery, I wear my Rebel Flag hat or my MAGA hat and watch them scatter like roaches. Some simply point and sputter. When I get the “you’re a racist!” rant, I simply ask them what party was the KKK and which party passed the Civil Rights Acts of 1965.

              And so on.

              So you see, Trump is merely an avatar of what we perceive to be middle-American ideals. That’s all.

              • George Michalopulos says

                I would also add that most Trumpists take him seriously but not literally. The other side takes him literally but not seriously.

                He also lives rent-free in their heads. That’s an extra cherry on top of this splendid, two-scoop chocolate sundae with whip cream and pecans on top.

                • Very poetically precise.
                  And accurate.

                • Thanks, George. I can totally see you engaging libs in a MAGA hat, haha! And I know exactly what you are talking about with respect to Trump, and agree.

                  As to what happens next, as Gail says, time will tell. And I’m glad you’re as active and outspoken as you are.

        • Galinushka is a treasure. God forbid she should leave.

          I don’t agree with everything she comes up with. But she researches a lot and thinks for herself so she comes to her own conclusions. People are free to do the same. That is all that is necessary.

          Both Galina and George do fine work here. Let them be.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Thank you Misha.

            If I may add a point here (regarding her insights). Five or so years ago, when Donaldus Magnus was in office and all was right with the world, he got into a pissing match with Kim Jong-un. I thought it was uncalled for and frankly, a diplomatic mistake of the highest order. I told Gail so.

            She told me otherwise. She intuited that this would lead to a diplomatic breakthrough between the US and the DPRK. I couldn’t see it; I said that that was “too counter-intuitive to make sense.”

            She was right. And on that day in June of 2019, when he unilaterally –and very courageously–walked was in the DMZ and walked over the line separating North from South Korea and onto DPRK territory, I ate crow.

            Since then, when she says something that I never considered, I’ve restrained myself from telling her she’s wrong.

            (All that said, it was a stunt such as that which reinforces in my mind that Trump’s presidency is an epochal turning point and that he will be back.)

            • Gail Sheppard says

              Trump called Kim Jong-un “Rocket Boy.” He called Trump a “dotard.” Guys often have nicknames for each other and spar with each other like that. No one had ever done that with Kim Jong-un before. Trump treated him like “one of the boys.” As unlikely as it seems, I think Kim Jong-un and Trump forged a friendship through all that trash talk.

              • And I’ll never forget Trump’s tweet responding to a mild insult from Kim Jong Un, “old,” I think it was. Well Trump heard of it (as we all had) and tweeted how rude that was since (and I paraphrase) “I would never think of calling Kim Jong Un ‘short’ or ‘fat’!” Ha! After a half-minute of shock I started laughing, and I think I was still chuckling the rest of the week. Somehow, it seemed to work.

              • Kim Jong-un, by virtue of his family,
                has probably never had a friend in his life.
                Trump was likely the first man he ever knew
                who wasn’t afraid of him and who liked him.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  That’s almost exactly what Gail said way back when. Trump sensed that by hurling a schoolyard taunt, Kim felt like he was included in the top ranks of world leaders.

        • Hey, that is way out of line. I’m calling you out on your unwarranted and unChristian behavior. George and Gail are professionals who believe in free speech, exploring all sides of a story, and allowing ideas to be shared here. Why disparage our hostess instead of just exiting in silence if you’re offended by something? Your hot-headed temper is alarming, and perhaps it is best to take your passions elsewhere? There was really no need for your rudeness.

      • How dare anyone disagree with you O omnipotent, omniscient Gail!!!

    • How dare anyone disagree with you O omnipotent, omniscient Gail!!!

      I think Monomakhos should change their name and admit they actually worship Trump, not Christ.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Constantine, that’s uncalled for. Neither Gail nor I are Trumpodoules but we do recognize that he was a damn sight better than what came before (and don’t get me started on what’s come after).

        Nor for that matter do Gail and I think that we are “omnipotent or omniscient.” If Gail thought that about herself, she wouldn’t have published your comment.

        I would appreciate in the spirit of Christian humility that you apologize to her.

        • I would appreciate in the spirit of Christian humility that you apologize for Gail and stop making excuses for her nasty, mean, uncalled for behavior.

          • George Michalopulos says

            She has never been mean. If anything, she’s gone out of her way to increase the civility on this blog.

            As for you, you’re out.

          • Constantine/Theo, I’ve been reading this blog for as long as it’s been around. It is a home for many of us because we love George and Gail and the awesome work they do on a daily basis. They don’t need anyone to defend them as they can let their work speak for itself, but I’m going to. What they bring to this blog is their professionalism in writing, dedication to research, sourcing conversation-worthy material, inspiring debate, holding readers accountable for thoughtful discourse and respectful rules of engagement, encouraging Orthodox values and virtues, challenging the political and religious status quo, and truly being leaders in the online Orthodox community. George and Gail host a blog that invites readers to share differing perspectives, and that is rare online these days. They do it all for free, spending countless hours preparing content and moderating comments, all so that we can have an online home for Orthodox news. Neither of them hold themselves up to be what you nastily called Gail. (The fact they publish childish, immature, and downright rude comments such as yours about them, really speaks to their caliber as blog hosts. I would have booted you off long ago.) It’s OK to disagree with their political or spiritual ideas, but I ask you to get a grip, brother, before posting here again.

            • Forgive me, and actually it’s sister, Theo is short for Theodora. And we worked it out, see my comments above. George and Gail handled things gracefully and we are at peace again, for which I am thankful. Peace to you as well.

              • Not buying it after rereading your original posts again. Your comments were way too personal of an attack against her. Theo, just know that if you fly off the handle again and come after Gail, I am not having it.

            • If you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning then you must remember such wonderful posters as M. Stankovich, Michael Bauman, Nikos, Bishop Tikhon, and others that no longer post here because they had run-ins with you know who.

          • I fail to find much Christian humility in either
            of the posts you address to Gail and George…

  2. George Michalopulos says

    What confounds me about Trump’s presidency was all those protocol-busting things he did (which Mr Johnson mentions at minute 22):

    1. Having the King of Saudi Arabia bow before him,
    2. Walking in front of the Queen of Great Britain, and
    3. Walking alone into North Korea, without any protection.

    That last things was ballsy. (It’s too bad Mike Pompeo and John Bolton sabotaged the opening to North Korea.)

  3. More from the same night. Is that parody? Not sure. Nonetheless, a good reason why we should look into the spiritual and religious presuppositions of media content providers.

    All that aside, too many ads to be legit.

    • Look, my comment got edited again to remove the context. That, along with my unfortunate typo (“night” should be site… unless that got changed too) makes this look like a nonsense statement.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        That wasn’t us. We put three dots when we take something out. I’ll remove it for you. Is it this one: “More from the same night. Is that parody? Not sure. Nonetheless, a good reason why we should look into the spiritual and religious presuppositions of media content providers. All that aside, too many ads to be legit.”

        I’ll make sure George looks at this. Further evidence someone is in our site. We’re moving to a new platform VERY soon.

  4. All of this stuff about Trump still being in charge I don’t find persuasive. Occam’s razor. Now, he may have made many allies who will step up for him when the time comes. It makes much more sense to me to simply believe there was a coup d’etat and the dipsh*ts won one with the help of the Republican Establishment who always had it in for Trump.

    Moreover, if he’s still president, he can’t run in 2024. Two terms is the constitutional limit.

    I would steer clear of this kind of thing.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Time will tell, my friend. Time will tell.

      • Sorry Gail, I agree with Misha.
        If Trump was President, would he allow the US
        to empty its arsenals into the Ukraine fiasco;
        and needlessly drain the strategic oil reserve
        while antagonising China? I can’t see it.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          You don’t have to be sorry!

        • George Michalopulos says

          Brendan, while I agree that nothing is at it looks, the case that Gail has brought to our attention is that what we are witnessing looks for all intents and purposes to be an intentional “take-down” of the world’s economy.

          Even Stephen Moore, a respectable economist at Heritage and the Trump Administration has admitted as much. In other words, whether it’s intentional or whether it’s the product of sheer ideological stupidity, the effect is the same.

          • Catherine Austen Fitts has been warning
            about this WEF/Deep State takedown for some time.

            As we go from virus-lockdown-vaxx-war-takedown,
            when the Man in the Mask comes through the door,
            gun [sorry: syringe] in hand, it won’t be the Lone Ranger
            and it won’t be Zorro; and he will not be on our side…

        • One thing I will say in this vane is that there is no doubt that Trump has formed and is forming a shadow government ready to replace what’s in there now when he returns. Now, many of these folks believe, as I do, that Trump was the last legally, validly elected President and what we have now is an anomaly in US politics – an interregnum of sorts. That’s basically what Galya is saying and that is accurate in the sense that, according to what is right, Trump really should be in charge and it is to him we validly look for leadership.

          Legally is a different ballgame, however. The courts wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole due to their cowardice. That failing, whatever the electoral college voted would seem to me to be binding. I do not see how a secretive declaration of martial law could withstand judicial scrutiny. And the notion that any large swath of the military is involved . . . well, I’d have to see proof of that. As I’ve said before, military intelligence may be involved. But I think that everyone acknowledges that it is better if Brandon serves out his one term and then Trump returns, notwithstanding all the damage the idiot has done. It’s a matter of keeping the peace despite the best efforts of the adversary party to start a civil war.

          That election was unfortunate. It could have easily resulted in a liberal police state and we have facets of that now. However, it appears as if they intend to have some grudging respect for relatively fair elections in the future – i.e., that this was a one-fer due to the exigent circumstance of Trump. That may be the only way they could sell it to their own people and the Republican establishment.

          We will know Nov. 9th. If the red wave materializes then I don’t see how they can hold the country hostage indefinitely.

          • “It’s a matter of keeping the peace despite
            the best efforts of the adversary party
            to start a civil war.”

            The trouble with this is
            they might start a nuclear war…

  5. Molon Labe says

    Not buying it.
    If it sounds too good to be true… probably is.

    IF Trump pulled off something like this, why wouldn’t anyone else do anything as incredible
    …….or incredulous ?

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Because they aren’t Trump.

      A few years ago if you had told me the world would be hit with a WMD, followed by an extinction event, I wouldn’t have believed it. It was incredulous. How many of us saw that coming?

      I would never have seen this coming either.

      But it’s here.

      • Good point about the Transhumanist agenda.

        I just can’t believe that a hundred years of public health policy and epidemiological knowledge re: containing what is essentially a bad respiratory flu were turned upside down on their head practically overnight and most everyone went along with it. Soooo scary….There are still people wearing masks—even outside.

        • It is scary, indeed. Many years ago people measured claims of truth against God’s Word and the teaching of the Church. Today, many evaluate such claims according to whether they heard it on the news. During Covid, I found only five or six friends who were able to detect the malevolent intent behind the layers of lies. Relationships with family and friends were extremely strained. And almost none of my trusted friends believed me about U.S. predations in Ukraine dating to 2014. They still can’t dare to believe the West is the aggressor. The world became very small. And monomakhos became deeply valued. Thank you, George and Gail and everyone who posts.

  6. George Michalopulos says

    On a somewhat similar note, this latest insight from Batiushka, writing for the Saker:

    The Meta-Real

    “According to words attributed to President Putin:

    “‘Before God I have vowed that I will do all I can for the salvation of Russia. It turns out that the world has to be saved, because the demons who have seized control of the West are trying to destroy everything spiritual on the planet. I believe that I will succeed because I have the power and support of the Lord and that is all I need’.

    There are very many and very unanimous Orthodox Christian prophecies, like those of the very well-known and quite recent St Laurence of Chernigov, St Kuksha of Odessa, Elder Zosima of Donetsk, Elder Nikolai (Guryanov) and also Elder Jonah (Ignatenko) of Odessa (+ 2012). The latter, who said that Odessa will be liberated last, said: ‘After President Putin there will come a Tsar and there will be peace for a time’.

    “Listening yet again to Vladimir Putin’s planet-changing talk in Valdai, I am ready to believe it. Listen carefully. He is a genius. President Putin showed tolerance to all, whereas so many of the careerists who figure in the elite of the Russian Orthodox Church, ignoring the clergy and people, show pharisaical intolerance. Sadly, the upper echelons of the Russian Orthodox Church are still stuffed with those corrupted by the corrupt Western money of 1990s Russia. As the Russian proverb says: ‘A fish rots from the head’. But I am quite confident about the body of the fish. And by the way, the same prophets say that the new Tsar will then cleanse the Church of its corrupt and unprincipled careerist-bishops. It is time.

    “November is the month when it gets cold, the mud freezes, so tanks and transports can move forward and the leaves disappear from the trees, meaning there is no cover for Nazis. As for Western Europe, after an incredibly warm October, with hardly any need for heating, November will definitely bring cold weather. Something is afoot. The great battle?

    “Tomorrow is November.”

    • Ah, the former priest Andrew Philips writing under a pseudonym, using any unrelated opportunity to attack the same Russian Orthodox Church that he once praised to the hilt – up until the point that they said “no” to him, of course. It’s sad to see someone with so much to offer descending into such self-serving cynicism. There was absolutely no need to bring an attack on the Church into that article (which was pretty good, generally), but there he goes…

      • George Michalopulos says

        Basil, I must have misunderstood his analysis. If anything, it seemed quite laudatory to Russia and her Church.

        • It was a good article and, yes, he is decidedly pro-Russian, as any rational person should be at this point in time. He spoils it by attacking the Church and its hierarchy, though, something he does at any given opportunity.

          Just to prove my point that “Batiushka” from The Saker (who claims to be in Paris) is actually the defrocked former priest, Andrew Philips, just look at his latest blog post here:

          More or less the same text.

          • Just a comment that “defrocked” is obviously in the eye of the beholder. It’s unclear at first glance (like many things in Orthodoxy) on the status of what happened recently in ROCOR England.

            Fr Andrew Phillips’s church in Colchester, England, is one of the largest Orthodox parishes in the British Isles and is now in the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in Western Europe (in the Patriarchate of Romania), as far as I’m aware. This diocese is certainly canonical.

            He has done volumes of work on the Orthodox history of England and on British Isles saints over the years, so dismissing him as “some lunatic” seems far-fetched and unfair, even if there has been some conflict recently with the ROCOR diocese in Great Britain — the details of which I (and most of us) know nothing about.

            Remember all those years during the 20th century when ROCOR was routinely derided as “fringe” and “non-canonical”…… how things change with time. These days, serious Orthodox Christians are gravitating toward ROCOR like an ark in a stormy sea. Simply a cautionary note. Fr Andrew’s clerical status is certainly confusing, but there’s probably more there than which meets the eye at first glance.

            • From:

              ‘ We depend on the canonical authority of the Romanian Orthodox Church, under His Holiness Daniel, Patriarch of Romania, and led by the Most Reverend Metropolitan Joseph.


              Rector … ‘

            • The Romanians apparently deny that he is in the diocese. I wouldn’t consider him to be some lunatic, as I always found his voluminous writings to be of much interest, but there comes a time when you realize that he changes his position whenever it suits him, and his narrative along with it. Large portions of what he writes now is simply self-justification and finger-pointing.

  7. For those who wonder “why Derek Johnson?”, it appears to be his background military training and military veteran status that enable him to explain what may be really transpiring behind the scenes in our obviously anomalous political circumstances.

    A lot of this began to be exposed on the Internet in the wake of Wikileaks back in 2015-16. I’ve seen bits and pieces over the years in my own research, but have frequently been put off by the obvious occultism/New Age and/or dubious “ex” alphabet agency credentials of those doing the exposing. Also, the connection being made to a coming spiritual “Great Awakening” by modern leaders connected with the so-called “New Apostolic Reformation”, including Paula White, Trump’s “spiritual advisor”, throw up lots of red flags of an antichrist “masquerading as an angel of light” nature in my mind. The extreme cognitive dissonance created by the narratives—both in mainstream and alternative—has been traumatizing. I would not have elected, if it were up to me, to have been living through this particular season in history. I don’t like this kind of excitement. I’m sure the trauma and anxiety of exposing myself to all the psychological warfare of the propaganda have taken years off my life! That’s on me, though, not the Lord. He has always given us His instruction, His Saints to guide and His Presence in the Church to uphold us. My basic nature is that of “chicken”. My Orthodox faith, Christ’s presence in the Eucharist, and the words of our Saints and contemporary Elders and their contemporary expositors among our faithful clergy have been my anchor through it all.

    Nevertheless, I find the documentation found at the link below persuasive on a certain level. So I still have lots of questions, but it looks like 2023 may be one of our most interesting to date. I will wait and see. May the Lord have mercy on all!

    If the biblical record is any indication, He clearly is not averse to using some unlikely characters in His dealings with humanity.

    • The Redacted video report linked below is another reason why I continue to question Johnson’s “secret Q plan” narrative, though I believe elements of it are little-publicized realities of our US history, since 1871. This is tricky because there are many facts woven into the narrative with what seem to me very likely to be fiction/trickery. Johnson is not the only one pushing this narrative. Others I have seen seem to be essentially pushing “secret society” symbology and protocol—is this inherent in our military?). Johnson’s reveal feels completely like a planned psyop script complete with all the Trump photo ops like those Gail mentions upstream in the thread designed to keep those who don’t fall for the mainstream narratives complacent and off-balance while our freedoms and Constitutional Republic continue to be stolen out from under us as the long-planned political theater plays out. These also show Trump was a full participant at Davos, and I see no real way of ascertaining his true role there. There are Vets in the comments thread under the video report below who tell a very different story than Johnson about the present condition of our military and the supposed “Trump injection” they are receiving. Another question is why would it be possible or allowed for anyone to publicly expose and analyze all of our military flight patterns of the past several months for all the world to see? If we can see this information, certainly enemy intelligence can as well. That would be a huge security risk, wouldn’t it? Or maybe not since it’s not in real time? I would love to talk to military or other Vets about this. Another thing I’m extremely skeptical about is Johnson’s claim post-2015 Hillary appearances are an actor, not the real. I’ve seen photos side-by-side of Hillary and her body double, and they can be distinguished because they are different (eg., the “Hillary” who emerged from Chelsea’s apartment after Hillary’s post 9/11 ceremony fall/faint was obviously not her but her body double. Yet the recent media appearances and photos of Hillary are indistinguishable from the real one and her features consistent with her younger self. Biden is another story. His present physique presents significant differences from his younger self, but age, medications, weight and health changes, including skin cancer surgery near an ear can definitely alter appearance in the same person. Eye drops for glaucoma can darken irises. I’m not an expert or health professional, so while I can see the changes, I’m agnostic as to what they mean.

      One of our Orthodox Saints or Elders (I can’t remember which one, as I have listened to and/or read several) speaking prophetically about these kind of future events specifically said there would be such supernatural and multilayered deception it would be humanly impossible to detect and counter it and that only God’s direct intervention could arrest the antichrist machinations of world powers. That seems more likely to me as an explanation of what I have seen exposed since 2015-16.