Charlottesville: Some Thoughts

Now that the whole Russia Collusion Narrative is dying its much deserved death, it was only a matter of time before George Soros activated his Antifa thugs. In case you haven’t heard, Robert Mueller’s chief investigator has quit his job. Also, President Trump brought Kim Jong-un to heel without firing a shot. Peace and stability –not a good thing, at least in the opinion of the war-mongering left.

Some think that Charlottesville was the first battle in a possible civil war. A coalition of Alt Right groups, including some white supremacists, nationalists and separatists gathered there to protest the taking down of a statue of Robert E Lee. The rhetoric of some of these groups is hateful to be sure, but no more so than that of the Nation of Islam or Black Lives Matter. Or the odd deranged celebrity or office-holder who is actively calling for the assassination of our president for that matter.

Regardless, they had the proper permits and all speech –including “hate” speech–is protected by the First Amendment. You can look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me. (If you need a copy the Constitution and the relevant Supreme Court cases concerning it you can Google them while there’s still time.)

The Antifa thugs however had no permits. According to most accounts, they threw the proverbial first punch, rushing into a group of armed rightists armed with clubs. The rightists, whatever else their faults, were more than ready for them and carried the day against them quite handily.

For some reason, the execrable governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe had told the police to stand down. Many of them fled. How sad. Especially in comparison to all those brave cops and firemen who rushed into the World Trade Center on 9/11 and who sacrificed their lives in order to save those trapped inside. In the ensuing melee, a motorist sped away and wounded nineteen pedestrians killing a young woman. For reasons not yet known, a police helicopter which was surveying the scene was brought down and the two State Troopers were riding in it were killed.

It was a complete tragedy and none of it was necessary.

There is more than enough blame to go around –on all sides. President Trump is absolutely correct on that account. Moreover, the mother of the crash victim thanked the president for his kind words later that very night.

That hasn’t stopped the howling of the Corporate Media and their acolytes in the popular culture however.

True to form, the Congressional Republicans are running for the tall grass. They think that if they grovel often enough, they’ll be spared the vitriol of the dying Corporate Media. Of course they’re wrong, but as the old saying goes, once a cuck, always a cuck.

Trump of course is having none of it. In a masterful press conference on Tuesday, he called out the Fake Media and the entire left. I believe he got to the heart of the matter: first statues of Robert E Lee; then who else? Why not Washington? Or Jefferson? Why not Madison and Monroe? Indeed, why not Ulysses S Grant? In case you didn’t know, when the General-in-chief of the Union Army was criticized for owning slaves, he replied “good help is hard to find”.

The bloody hands of the Democratic Party can’t be washed away so cleanly. Woodrow Wilson single-handedly recreated the Ku Klux Klan when he gave his imprimatur to D W Griffith’s Birth of a Nation, the first movie every shown at the White House. Then again, FDR rounded up tens thousands of American citizens because of the color of their skin and put them in concentration camps after he confiscated their property (which was never returned to them by the way). Except for Grant, we’re talking Democrats here. And let’s not forget that when the Democrats had the power to enact anti-lynching laws they decided to take a pass.

Liberals are always talking about the “slippery slope”. Well, podner, that one heck of a slippery slope. Careful there, you might fall down real hard.

As usual, the left is overplaying their hand. Always on the lookout for a martyr’s blood with which they could dip their shirts and thus immunize themselves from richly-deserved opprobrium (and an honest day’s work), they think they found one in Heather Heyer, the young lady who was run over last Saturday. Trump in their eyes is the evil puppeteer who orchestrated this mayhem. Except of course that he wasn’t. Oh well, facts were never the strong suit of the proglibs.

Unfortunately, we’ve been down this road before. In 2012 with Trayon Martin and 2014 with Michael Brown. The left got a lot of mileage out of those two incidents. At first. Unfortunately, their moral momentum came to a grounding halt once the facts became known. Are they sure that the driver of the vehicle which killed Miss Heyer was a murderer or was he escaping certain death at the hands of an angry mob? If the latter, then what? As we saw Thursday in Barcelona, a real terrorist using a car can cause way more mayhem than was caused in Charlottesville. This is scary as no doubt more motorists will be caught in similar circumstances and behave accordingly. “Better to be tried by twelve than carried by six” as the saying goes.

In their derangement, the Corporate Media can see no other argument, no other side. If you’re a conservative you’re pure, unadulterated evil. Period. Full stop. It’s really that simple. And now Silicon Valley has weighed in with all the techies there on board to fight the Alt Right. For engineers, the worlds is all binary code, zeroes or ones. Politicians, actors, academics and others on the non-nerd left should know better.

A decade ago I would have suggested Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People in order to help them make their arguments but I’m afraid that the left is way beyond that point now. Indeed, they’ve pretty much gone off the deep end. In some ways, it reminds me of the story of the Gadarene Swine.

Even worse for their mental equilibrium, they’ve subsumed Trump’s persona onto the tens of millions of people who voted for him. It’s not enough to hate Trump now, all Red-staters must be hated. It’s almost a catechism at this point: Trump is them and they are Trump, one and indivisible. In truly hate-filled rants all over broadcast and cable television, hosts and anchors are telling those who voted for Trump that they are part of the problem. Some, like Michael Moore, can even read minds and state that these poor, benighted rubes “know” they made a mistake in voting for Trump.

Leaving aside the sheer immorality of this kind of thinking, it’s illogical and completely impractical. To paraphrase Talleyrand, “this is worse than a crime, it’s stupid.”

If they think that this is going to dispirit the right or cleave off these people from Trump, they’ve got another thing coming. In the ordinary course of events, something like this could happen, as coalitions shift all the time. I remember how Bush 41 fired up the Reaganite base when he promised “read my lips, no new taxes”. And how demoralized we got when he he reneged on his promise. It was quite easy for Bill Clinton to take advantage of this broken promise and promise “middle class tax cuts”. Smart. He didn’t act the wild-eyed liberal and he certainly didn’t go out of his way to antagonize people. He even invented the Sister Souljah Moment. It was brilliant political theater played masterfully by a seasoned politician.

What I’m trying to say is this: it’s not that difficult to get people from the other side to vote for you. In fact, it’s rather easy to do when people are relatively civil to one another and tolerably respectful of their elected magistrates. Divide and conquer is not a hard strategy. It’s a lot like seduction: all it requires is timing, a pleasant demeanor and a little patience. Ike did it with his smile, Kennedy with his confident good looks and Reagan with his “aw shucks” Midwestern bonhomie.

The Democratic leadership however has forgotten these simple political rules. This is to their detriment. In a stunningly unsophisticated way, they’ve opted instead to join the rabid anti-Trumpers found so profusely in pop culture. Gone are the days of the old Firing Line debates; instead now we have Madonna wearing a pussy hat or Jennifer Lawrence showing her middle finger. This type of (im)moral preening is what passes for political discourse today. Not to put too fine a point on it, they’ve lost their minds. I guess they believe that if they scream loud enough and often enough, then The People will come to their senses and repudiate Trump.

And it has only gotten worse as the days progressed. Every type of contumely, pejorative and malediction that can be thought of has been hurled at Trump. And now this invective has been turned onto the electorate at large. Big mistake. For one thing, Trump thrives on it. And so do an increasing number of his supporters. Once someone calls you a racist (or bigot, sexist, homophobe, whatever) when clearly you’re not, then that word loses its sting. You know, the Boy who Cried Wolf might be a good primer right about now.

All this invective is very clarifying in a strange sort of way. “Oh, they can’t be serious” we on the right say to each other. Then comes the moment when normal people realize that they’re serious. “Good Lord! they really do mean what they say!” So what option is open to people of good will who really want to look at the issues dispassionately? No option. We avoid the modern left as any sane pedestrian would avoid contact with a rabid dog. Life is much to sort to engage in any interchange with people this deluded.

Make no mistake: the center has been vacated and anybody who dares to stake out a position there is immediately pummeled. Why? Because it is clear that the left does not want reconciliation, therefore Trump’s coalition solidifies itself. When rhetorical bombs are being hurled, it’s best to retreat into hardened bunkers. To be sure, not a few of us on the right get a rise out of it. If nothing else, Trump is the collective middle finger of the core American nation to those sophisticates who have lorded it over us for so many years. These are the same people who’ve driven this country into the ground.

We’ve actually been here before. During Reconstruction, Northern do-gooders exacted victor’s revenge and made life intolerable for the average white Southerner, 99 percent of whom never owned a slave. Stories of Freedmen’s Bureaus being set up and inciting unemployed black men to violence were all too common. Pandering to grievances however didn’t work. It couldn’t work. Then as now, Alinskyite tactics are only good for seizing power, not holding on to it. In the end, Reconstruction failed miserably and the Federal Army was forced to leave the South with their tail between their legs. The collective trauma experienced by Southerners did not wipe out the stain of slavery but only aggravated race relations for another century. Good job there, Yanks.

Do these people think that they actually have the moral high ground? Do they think that by hurling all sorts of vile epithets at ordinary citizens that they’re going to win any converts? What’s in it for the average Trump voter? Loss of employment because of specious “microagressions” perpetrated in the workplace? Prosecution because of “hate speech”? The IRS being unleashed on conservative groups? All of this is possible and in fact, under the Obama regime, all of these tactics were tried at one time or another. And as we saw during World War II, the seizing of wealth and concentration camps are always an option.

For all his faults, Trump is no Lenin. And what the left is espousing nothing less than Leninism. That is to say a complete repudiation of the Constitutional order in favor of sexual deviance and minority grievances permanently shoved down the throat of the body politic. An ideological reign of terror if you will. For now. But why take a chance many of us on the right ask, especially in the wake of all the leftist violence that’s taken place since November 8th? I for one could actually envision a murderous aspect to a resurgent left sometime in the near future.

Given this scenario, why should any of us who voted for Trump come to the other side, much less repudiate him? What would be gained? Nothing. Indeed, much would be lost. Possibly even our lives.

Moreover, do they think that the supposed moral gains of Charlottesville would last past the next targeted police killing or race riot? Or the next shooting of a Republican Congressman? Or the next terrorist bombing by some enraged Mohammedan? Do the Antifa thugs think that going around and beating up innocent people in the name of Heather Heyer is going to win them plaudits? Islamic suicide bombers believe that they are going to heaven where 72 nubile virgins await them. At least that’s a reward. What does Antifa and BLM believe awaits them?

There’s another aspect that the left is forgetting. In all of Trump’s statements regarding Charlottesville, he has actually spoken the truth. Unpleasant as this may seem to his critics, he did not misspeak, nor was he disingenuous. All lives matter. Hate is to be condemned on all sides. Does the left believe otherwise? I’m afraid that that may indeed being the case.

As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said, “one word spoken in truth can move the world”. Trump cleverly staked out the sensible center in this matter. He spoke the truth. Thanks to all the caterwauling this is being forgotten. But it is still the truth.

The left of course will mine his words for the furtherance of their narrative, much as they did with the Russian Hacking Narrative. However for a narrative to succeed, it must be based on some truth. Otherwise, it falls into the danger of becoming a cottage industry, a racket if you will.

Consider the Loch Ness Monster. The city of Inverness, an otherwise dreary destination, makes millions of dollars a year on tourists hoping to see Nessie. And they come, at least a few. But Nessie is never seen. Several years ago, my sons and I went to Inverness. There were dozens of Bed & Breakfasts dotting the Loch; all were vacant. Likewise Orange Hitler or Putin’s Puppet is rumored to exist but he for some reason he never appears. It’s good for ginning up the base but like the Nessie devotees, the pool of true believers shrinks every year.

To paraphrase William Butler Yeats, “the center cannot hold”. Because of the eight years of grievance mongering by Obama, the center is pretty much gone. This is the reason that the Alt Right has grown. Rod Dreher said something profound: “Hitler did not rise because of Hitler but because of Weimar.” The question is which group will fill the vacuum caused by the diminution of the center? The aggressive and obnoxious Antifa/BLM or the reactive and virulent Alt Right? One of these groups is going to win.

If I were on the left, I would be careful as right-wingers actually know how to fight with their fists. And they also know how to use guns. One of my Fakebook friends said this about a possible civil war: one side has guns and knows how to use them. The other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use. Make no mistake: the resolve of the right has only hardened. They’ve taken their cues from Trump who so far hasn’t cucked out and is signaling that he’s going to go down fighting. For a growing contingent of the disaffected working class whites who made up the persuadable center, they are now coming to the same realization.

Ever since the last election, I’ve had the gnawing suspicion that Trump’s miraculous win was nothing but a reprieve. Welcome to be sure but a reprieve nonetheless. In the final analysis, all that has transpired since then may be a precursor to the inevitable collapse of the American Republic as we’ve known it. Make no mistake: a Trumpian collapse will be bad, very bad. Having said that, it’s hard for me to see the contours of an actual civil war. In the War Between the States, a nascent nation made up of several contiguous states, a long coastline and an ethnically distinct populace was a very real possibility. After all, it happened in 1776 so why not 1861?

This isn’t the case today. I honestly can’t see Vermont sending the Green Mountain Boys to put down a rebellion in Texas or Oregonians trying to enslave Montanans all in the name of some progressive ideal. Not only are there solid red states and solid blue states but there are brilliantly blue areas within reliably red states and visa versa. For all the talk of an incipient California Republic the majority of the counties within that state are GOP strongholds. Likewise in Maine, Illinois, Oregon and Washington State.

So where are we? If there is no civil war on the horizon does that mean that things will return to normal? No. Things are going to get worse, much worse. At least in the short term. Antifa thugs will get their jollies beating up up innocent people whom they imagine are neo-nazis. But the police will not be able to stand down forever. For all their odiousness, it is not the Alt Right who are pelting police with balloons filled with urine. And lest we forget, most States are governed by Republicans.

Of course, cuckservatives will continue to invoke the religion of Martin Luther King in order to prove their anti-racist bona fides. I imagine Trump’s legislative agenda will be paralyzed. But the future belongs to the right. The majority cannot be cowed forever. Why even Justin Trudeau said something horribly Trumpian the other day about foreigners.

There is no way to go back to the supposed golden age of progressive thought. Especially when it’s clear that the left has never believed the words of Martin Luther King in the first place. Not really. Not only do they not believe in non-violence, they never adhered to the belief that we should be judged on the content of our character and not the color of our skin. If they did there would be no Affirmative Action or minority set-asides or BLM or New Black Panthers. Or La Raza.

The genie of identity politics has been released from its lamp. And it will not –it cannot–go back in.

So what will be the end result? For one, the left will continue to engage in their very public nervous breakdown. Statues are being toppled and public property is being vandalized as we speak. Now of course they actually are talking about removing statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Every one of the four presidents carved on Mt Rushmore was a stone-cold white supremacist. (I’ll give them points on that for at least being consistent but it is incredibly stupid.)

Second, it is clear that the dominant leftist narrative is collapsing. Fakebook, Google and other internet outlets are going out of their way to shut down the Alt Right. YouTube is demonetazing anybody to the right of Fidel Castro. Why? If these people are so vile, if their ideas are so stupid, so illogical, then they should be given maximum exposure. This may prove to be the undoing of Google. Pretty soon, all you will find on YouTube is cute videos of kittens playing with balls of twine. It’s a pity, as there is open talk now in Congress about regulating these monopolies as a public utility. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

Some of the nervous nellies of the mainstream conservative movement are losing their nerve but there will be an inevitable blow-back. A real man can’t be cowed forever. Whenever a violent group of people continue to act violently, and shout down those who don’t necessarily agree with them (or disagree one way or the other),then ordinary people will recoil in horror from the continued acts of “resistance”.

Third, Hollywood is experiencing its worst year in a long time. Shia LeBoef, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep are finding out that they’re really not that indispensable. The smart ones like Denzel Washington and Jennifer Garner are keeping their mouths shut. And Democrat candidates will find out in 2018 that they need more that hating Trump to win an election. Ordinary people are ignoring the chatter; CNN’s ratings continue to swirl down the drain. Infotainment, entertainment and “news” are now just the white noise that people are tuning out as they go about their business. This hurts the credibility of the Corporate Media which is very much needed in order to make their case against Trump.

Fourth, it is not possible to expect normal Americans to give wide berth to the hateful rhetoric of the far left while expecting them to automatically condemn that of the far right (and at this point, anybody in the GOP is the “far right”). The question that the left can never answer is “why?” Paralyzing “wrong” thought by Orwellian tactics always blows up in the faces of the dominant group sooner or later. This is why moral panics always dissipate.

Fifth, and this is key, the American people are inherently fair. Otherwise there would have been no Abolition movement or women’s suffrage. The Civil Rights Acts were enacted because the average American understood that the Jim Crow regime was inherently unfair. None of these things would have happened if it wasn’t for the fundamental decency of the American populace. Do they believe white supremacy, nationalism or separatism? No. But if Madonna can kvetch like a yenta about blowing up the White House then Southerners can talk about defending monuments. It’s not only free speech it’s fair.

And as for the Civil War monuments? Ordinary people will actually begin to study that period and find out that Trump’s assessment of some of the Southern generals was not that much off the mark. (It’s curious but Vice President Mike Pence said that we need more monuments, not fewer.) And both Lincoln and Grant wanted reconciliation, not revenge. That’s why those monuments were erected in the first place.

As long as the economy continues to grow, as long as Trump is able to restrain the Military-Industrial Complex from useless wars, and if the stock market doesn’t lose any ground, then things will get back to normal in due time.

And the left will continue to be on the outside looking it. There is a sensible center, unfortunately, the left has pretty much destroyed it.

And that’s a bad thing.


  1. …..or….the Soros groups will take over and force their demonic ideology down the throats of all Americans, which will spark civil war-like conflicts across the country for many years, which will weaken the United States to the point where one of Her adversaries will feel emboldened enough to launch a nuclear attack, which will start a world-wide thermonuclear war, which will usher in the Last Judgement.

    Just sayin’

    Ceaseless prayer is our best bet. : )

  2. I don’t have anything insightful or deep to add.
    But I wanted to take the time to let you know that I truly enjoy your writing and world view.
    I am always pleased to find you have a new post.
    And I have yet to read anything I could disagree with.
    Thank you and please continue you’re good work.
    I for one enjoy it very much.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Thank you Tom! (May I call you Tom?)

      I do this because I enjoy it but as much as I enjoy writing, I very much appreciate thoughtful readers and the subsequent give-and-take. Working as I do as a drone in Corporate America any intellectual intercourse is well-nigh impossible. (And dangerous.)

  3. Takiyah Thompson? Who? Takiyah is the” fine young lady” who climbed up a ladder, in Durham, NC, put a noose around the Confederate soldier statue, and helped topple it down. Now forget the looks of these people, who rant, and rave, protest, and riot, for a moment, a representation, that most average Americans do not relate with at all. Let’s dig a little deeper, and look into what Takiyah associates herself with.

    Well for one this fine young citizen is a member of of The Workers World Party, a Marxist-Leninist group formed in 1959. She is a supporter of the North Korean totalitarian regime. She is a anti-authority agitator fond of equating the police with the KKK. She is anti-Christian, yet pro Muslim. She is emblematic of the leftist movement that condemns white supremacist, but not a word a against Islamic supremacist, who consider non-Muslims dhimmis.

    Again good average, hard working Americans do not relate with these type and will flock to the right, so long as this is the poster child of the left. So keep it up comrades, the next elections of 2018, and 2020 will prove the fruit of their efforts in the streets, and on our tv screens accusing us of racism, by association.

    • Monk James says

      In Arabic, taqqiyah describes the islamic notion that one Muslim may break any law, tell any lie to a non-Muslim in order to protect a fellow Muslim.

      It might be wondered: Is the name ‘Takiyah Thompson’ no mere coincidence?

      • Coincidence likely not. Bad fruit, from most likely a bad tree. Actually pity her, the cards were stacked against her since birth it seems.

  4. Fr. Herman Schick says

    “…when the General-in-chief of the Union Army was criticized for owning slaves, he replied ‘good help is hard to find’ “.

    George, I’m afraid this old Civil War buff (from back in the days of its centennial) has to call you on this. The facts are more complicated than you intimate.

    Grant does not appear to have owned any slaves during the Civil War. Prior to the war, from 1854 to 1859, he owned one slave, William Jones, who most likely was given or sold to him by his in-laws, the Dent family. Documents dated March 29, 1859 indicate Grant freed him at that time, though he would have taken a severe financial hit in doing so.

    His wife Julia’s memoirs state that the Dent family slaves that waited on her in Missouri were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation, but this cannot be right, as the Proclamation did not apply to slaves in that state. Elsewhere she indicated that they ran away some time during the war, so her recollection seems to have gotten foggy.

    A former Dent family slave – Mary Robinson – later recalled that Grant made it clear – within earshot of the Dent house slaves – that “he wanted to give his wife’s slaves their freedom as soon as possible”. That he did not do so was most likely due to two factors:

    1. Julia’s slaves probably remained the property of her father, Fred Dent. Not belonging
    to Grant himself, he could not free them.

    2. Manumitted slaves were required to post a very expensive bond for their good
    behavior. Neither the slaves, nor (in the unlikely event that Julia actually owned
    them) the Grants, who were close to dirt poor, could have afforded to do so.

    The alleged quote of Grant (“good men…”) has been deemed by Grant scholars to be apocryphal, not appearing in any contemporary witness or newspaper reports.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I know Fr. I did not mean to intimate that he owned slaves during the War only that he had owned slaves at one time.

      For what it’s worth, several Unionists continued to own slaves while the War was in progress. Sam Houston for example did not free his slaves until the Emancipation Proclamation and he was so die-hard Unionist that he was thrown out of office by his beloved Texans before hostilities.

  5. I’m still waiting for all the so called ” celebrities” to leave this country; they promised us they would if Trump was elected. We need to hold their feet to the fire so we can say, ” good riddance to bad rubbish.” Oh, by the way, Takiyah Thompson- hideous and grotesque; just like Hollywood.

  6. Now that the whole Russia Collusion Narrative is dying its much deserved death, it was only a matter of time before George Soros activated his Antifa thugs.

    Seriously — what planet are you from?
    Were you drunk when you wrote this “essay”?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Tell me Mike, aren’t you just a little bit curious that Bob Mueller went to Pres Trump and asked for his old job as FBI Director back, the day before he was appointed Special Counsel?

      • He was on the short list. I.e., he was one of a number of candidates asked to interview; he didn’t decline. Is there any aspect of reality that you don’t twist or invert?

        Get some help.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Trouble is, he was positively panting for his old job according to “anonymous sources”.

          • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

            “Trouble is, he was positively panting for his old job according to “anonymous sources”.George, is that “fake” news?

            • George Michalopulos says

              Not at all: if the Fake News Industrial Complex can play the “anonymous sources” game so can those of us on the right.

              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                Keep following their moral lead?
                (” if the Fake News Industrial Complex can play the “anonymous sources” game so can those of us on the right.”)

  7. Some thoughts says

    Have some of this:

    It was a set-up from the beginning. Key paragraph is quoted below:

    “Michael Signer is a Virginia Democratic activist with close ties to Barack Obama and John Podesta.

    Before landing the Charlottesville mayor job he previously worked closely with Podesta at the Center of American Progress and worked with him again on Barack Obama’s State Department Transition Team.

    George Soros, Obama, Podesta, Hillary Clinton and company, are pulling out all the stops to create division through chaos and destruction for one purpose – to destroy President Donald Trump.”

    Go on, make the connection so I don’t have to.


  8. Nate Trost says

    A non-exhaustive list of counter-assertions from this wretched work:
    * The Russian election collusion investigation continues advancing, even if it is out of the news for periods (seriously, these things take years).
    * George Soros is not financing “Antifa thugs”.
    * While a member of the Mueller team did leave, he was not the “chief investigator”
    * North Korea has in no way been deterred from bad behavior much less “brought to heel”
    * Enough of the protest group were chanting Nazi slogans and flying Nazi flags and other white supremacist banners to taint the entire bunch.
    * The Nation of Islam, while a wacky UFO cult with ethno-centric tenets has nothing to do with any of this.
    * It is inaccurate and inappropriate to put Black Lives Matter in a list with Nazis, the KKK, Nation of Islam, or even Antifa
    * A minority of counterprotesters were ‘Antifa’
    * Counterprotest groups had permits
    * I watched the videos, George Michalopulos describing the car attack as “In the ensuing melee, a motorist sped away and wounded nineteen pedestrians killing a young woman.” is so inaccurate as to be dishonest. James Fields Jr. deliberately drove into a crowd, wounding 30 and killing Heather Heyer.
    * In the days following the attack, Heather Heyer’s mother had sharp criticism for Trump’s handling of the entire matter.
    * Ulysses S. Grant probably never said the “good help was hard to find”, and while he did own a single slave (not slaves, plural), he emancipated him in 1859.
    * The matter of Russia’s hacking campaign involving the 2016 elections doesn’t cease to exist just because George Michalopulos pretends it is a ‘false narrative’
    * The majority of Civil War confederate monuments weren’t erected as a monument to reconciliation, but of white supremacy
    * Trump has expanded troop levels and/or airstrikes in every combat theater he inherited from Obama

    (not even going to bother commenting on the assorted ranting and Reconstruction alternative history)

  9. Good food for thought, Nate. Glad to see a reasonable viewpoint on these matters! On another point, how does Trump expect to pass any legislation this fall when he tees off the GOP by slamming them with his tweets? Maybe he does this to eventually blame them for all his failures thus far. Let’s keep tuned.

    • Or maybe the GOP deserves Trumps scorn. If they continue to do nothing but play it safe. Nothing is hopefully what they will get in regards to votes.

  10. George Michalopulos says