The Art of the Dance

Electing a president is a dance.

One must ask, and one must accept. If that were not the case, where would Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers be?!

If Biden was truly confident in his election, he would wait the few days it will take to sort this out so that 100% of the American People would be behind him.

Then, if he were gentleman, he would wait for President Trump to call him, congratulate him, and ASK him to take over the role of the presidency.

Biden is NOT a confident man, my friend. That’s why he’s announcing his own election without waiting for Trump to cede.

Wait for it . . . 

Mrs. M 


  1. Biden is getting some “moral” support from the so-called Archbishop. I will oppose this fake hierarch until my last breath.
    Here is what Elpi just posted on his Twitter:
    The People of America have spoken. It is time to come together for the sake of the Nation. Congratulations to President-elect Joe Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris. We pray for them and President Trump to work together for the peaceful transfer of power. One Nation under God!
    He sickens me.

    • Jane Tzilvelis says

      Sodom and Gomorrah has arrived.  Anything goes.  Joe has played his cards a bit early.  He did not wait for the recount to finish and the US Supreme Court decision.  This will be a Obama presidency with Joe as the “puppet.”  My guess is that bombing some nation will begin real soon.  Satan has truly entered the GOA.
      I am sickened

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      Absolutely Mikhail.  

    • This is the same “Archbishop” who claims that the fake church in Ukraine is the legitimate Ukrainian Church and threw the saintly Met. Onuphry under the bus. The same one who claims that an anathematized “Filaret” Denisenko is magically now a legitimate Orthodox hierarch.

      Why would anyone care what he says or value his judgment? Many/most GOA and OCA bishops are Democrat leftists, so most of them are probably glued to Anderson Cooper these days.

      The real sad story is that the Russian, Serbian, and Antiochian American bishops have not yet told “Abp Elpi” to get lost.

      I wonder if this is somewhat how real Russians felt as Bolsheviks were beginning the takeover of their country more than 100 years ago. As in, “Who are these moronic, lazy, entitled, atheistic sh*** who think they can take over our homeland?”

      Frightening thing is that the real Russians lost their country. The Bolshies won with the help of American and London financiers. Remember that the Rockefellers donated millions to Lenin and his group (billions in today’s dollars) to finance their takeover of Tsarist Russia. Without that American funding, the Bolshies would’ve gone nowhere. The Tsar would not sell the Rockefellers the rights to the vast Russian oil reserves, thus the Rockefellers exercised their vengeance. It’s all public knowledge….

      Where is the American resistance? I want to join. Hell, let’s partition the country now so that those of us living in the heartland don’t have to be governed by these coastal brats.

      • Q: “Who are these moronic, lazy, entitled, atheistic sh***
        who think they can take over our homeland?”
        A: The people who took over the Russian homeland. That’s who.

      • And guess who is bank rolling America’s colour revolution? His initials are G.S.

  2. He has no right to say anything. He is not an American. He is a guest in this country.

  3. Joe Biden won’t hold his breath waiting to be asked to take over, although it is customary to be formally invited to the White House to meet with the outgoing incumbent.
    in the UK, the Queen formally asks the new MP to form a government 
    it certainly seems a civil way to do things though Gail!

  4. George Michalopulos says

    A nicety perhaps. Just like the two-term limit. But always the way things were done. I for one don’t believe that Biden won legitimately but that’s water under the bridge. If he were smart he’d do the traditional thing (as Gail explained above). He’s gonna need good will because the Left is going to go ballistic and he’ll have nowhere to turn.

  5. I wouldn’t get too down about the “Joe won” thing.  The pattern of attacks on Trump is that there’s this initial flourish, then a lot of talking up and gloating “the walls are closing in”, etc., and then it dissipates, gets diffused and dispelled in due time.

    Patience is a virtue.

    I’m not shading you at all.  I’m expecting that the legal challenges will pan out and that come January 20th 2021, we will see Don Trumpleone re-enthroned.  The rat killin’ part will just take some time.  

    Think about it.  It has to end in the courts.  There’s no other way for it to go because no one else can make it stick.  Your two key players here are not Trump or Biden or the media.  Your two key players are the courts and the state legislatures of the swing states.  

    Keep your eyes on them.  The federal courts can set standards and order recounts and recanvases, thereby excluding illicit ballots.  And Trump has appointed a precious lot of these judges.  The state legislatures are the ones who determine the candidate to which the electors are tasked whose votes are sent to the Senate.  All of these state legislatures are controlled by Republicans:

    It is a bit murky, but I cannot find any holding that prohibits these legislatures from choosing electors at odds with the popular vote tally if the popular vote tally were found to be the product of fraud.  Or, alternatively, the legislature could base its choice on that part of the vote tally it considered clear of fraud.

    There might be a political firestorm, but so be it.  Everyone knew it was coming one way or another and I doubt, at this point, if that would deter these lawmakers from preserving the republic.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I don’t disagree with you at all, Misha.  The whole “let’s be presidential” thing went down the crapper when Obama weaponized the IRS against the Tea Party and his inJustice Dept sent a boatload of AR-15s to the Mexican cartels with “Fast and Furious”.  

      Point being:  neither Trump nor his partisans (the majority who cast legal ballots) need the approbation of the Swamp.  

      As for the Swamp, if it doesn’t get drained then the Republic will implode.  It’s that simple.  While I would rather the former happen, the fact that I live in Red State which is surrounded by other Red States means that we can all live with the latter circumstance (as unfortunate as it may be).

    • Lex caritas says

      I wish you were right, Musharraf, but I think PA, MI and Wi are all Democrat contoled. Az is a close call. ha is Republican, but that won’t be enough.


      • Mischa was right that the Senates of PA, MI and Winare Pepivlican but the state houses are Dem and the constitution leaves it to the state legislature to decide on electors. So what happens when they can’t agree and the governor is Democrat? 

        • Nope, not sure what you’re looking at.  Nevada is Democrat controlled, but I wasn’t including it.  He doesn’t need it.  All the other ones:  Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina ALL have Republican controlled Senates and Houses.  All.   of.   them.  

          The United States Constitution says that state legislatures choose the electors, not the governor, not the courts: If you search the internet, you will come upon page after page of disinformation alleging that the Constitution does not read as it does. There was an opinion since Gore v. Bush which purported to restrain electors’ powers. But that was under a different makeup of SCOTUS.

          The electors can vote as they please. And they will. And none of us know how that will be, including them at this point I’d guess. But it will probably depend on how good a case Trump makes that there was massive Democratic fraud. I have seen substantial evidence that this is so referenced online by reputable sources.

          Actually, in several places it’s so obvious as to be eye catching. Voter turnout at the level 200% of registered voters. Down ballot Dems losing while Biden mysteriously gets an avalanche of votes with no down ballot choices. Eye witnesses to poll workers filling out ballots illegally or illegally “curing” them. Sheriffs defying court orders to allow observers in. Huge jumps in votes going to Biden in four states almost simultaneously in the dead of night.

          They behaved as if it never occurred to them that anyone could do anything about it even if it were observed. Like they were protected by some mafia.

          Well, we’ll see. But Giuliani broke the NY mafia if you recall . . .

          It’s all been documented and the coding will just make it all the more transparent and easy for the judges to understand.

          PS: I’ll tell you something else for free too. The Democratic Party is a dead man walking. No party can survive a scandal this broad and deep with all the facts out in front of God and everyone and judges ruling on them and people being indicted left and right. And the media too will be blamed, and rightly so. They were accomplices.

          Half the country already knows it’s happening, the other half is living in neurotic denial.

          Really, it warms my little feline heart.

          PPS: Why do you think the Sec. of Defense has been trying to turn in his resignation and Trump finally got around to firing him?

          He knew what was coming just like Trump does and he did not want any little part of it. There will be an insurrection. And it will be put down.

          Unfortunately, it had to be this way. They gave us no choice.

  6. George Michalopulos says

    Another of my predictions should Biden succeed in stealing the election.  Towit, that Biden is not going to get much of a honeymoon from the Demsheviks:

    I give this guy 18 months. 

    However, I do want to get ahead of myself and say that like Epstein, he didn’t commit suicide.  Then when Kamasutra Harris takes over, the s#$t will really start to hit the fan.

    Another prediction:  Nancy Pelosi will lose her speakership.  Looks like the hard Left is gunning for her.  Why?  Because when all is said and done, the GOP will come within two seats of taking back the House.  Too bad, she should have listened to her own instincts back in Jan of 2019 and not pursued impeachments.  Instead, she got cornered like a rat by Jenny from the Bronx and her socialistas.

    • Worst case scenario, there’s no need to emigrate.  Republicans keep the Senate, the Democratic House majority diminishes or evaporates . . . it’s all good and spells an emasculated Biden presidency were he to be installed.

      But something tells me, one way or another, before the electors vote, that a number of these states are going to move from the Biden column to the Trump column.  Our default disposition is pessimism.  It’s safer, less jeopardy of disappointment.  Yet faith, optimism, is what wins.  It provides the fuel to propel one to victory.  The safest bet is to risk disappointment and he who seeks to save his life shall lose it.

      Bottom line is that there has to be a remedy for massive, demonstrable fraud.  If there’s not, that becomes the game and everybody adapts to it.  People reject the legitimacy of the process and the government and, in any future elections, voter fraud becomes a bipartisan spectator sport.  What’s good for the goose . . .

      So even if they “win”, they lose.  And I just don’t believe they can pull this off in front of God and everybody.  It’s too public, too criminally defiant.

  7. I enjoy reading Clarice Feldman’s take on things political – her column runs most Sundays on The American Thinker.

    From today’s column (

    “So, it would be wonderful if there were a simpler way of documenting widespread fraud. I’ve seen two claims. The first is that the DHS printed all the ballots using a secret infrared watermark so all the manufactured ballots would be easily detected. Nonsense. This would be impossible, and DHS has already debunked it. Ballots carry not only the top of the ticket, but countless local candidates and initiatives and they are printed and distributed locally.

    The second claim was made on Friday by General Michael Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs’s show that there is a likelihood that

    “three percent of the vote total was changed digitally, by using the “Hammer” program and the software program “Scorecard.” That would have amounted to a massive change in the vote. [snip] In addition they ran an algorithm to calculate votes that they might need to come up with for Mr. Biden in specific areas.

    It doesn’t seem that implausible when it was proven that a “computer glitch” in Michigan had switched thousands of Trump votes to Biden votes.

    The computers need to be checked in all the other districts in Michigan and in the disputed battleground states which all use the same program from an outfit called Dominion.

    Powell says this all can be documented and the case on the computer-falsifying results will be filed in federal court in multiple states to enjoin the certification of any election results. If the Trump team can prove the tallies were changed digitally, it has its easiest, fastest route to enjoin certification of the results.”

    She also comments that, in the event of a formal Trump loss:
    –Trump loses
    –Pelosi & Schumer face insurrection after (the non-presidential Dem) election disaster
    –The Squad is now radioactive
    –Polling industry is dead
    –Silicon Valley torches $5 billion for absolutely nothing
    –Fox News beheaded by their own viewers
    –my God, it’s like the Red Wedding (Game of Thrones reference apparently… I’ve never seen it)


  8. George Michalopulos says
    • Yes George,

      And we should be taking names at this point.  This is the period when we separate the faithful from the faithless, fair weather friends.  Joe Cunningham over at RedState has a piece called “Why Trump Lost” on the front page for all to see.  That is unacceptable from a true right wing outfit.  They betray themselves as RINO’s

      It should be acceptable to say, “Maybe they succeeded or will succeed in stealing this.”  What should not be acceptable after all we know now about the rampant fraud is, “Trump lost by a margin too large to be fake.”  It is just not true and furthermore, demonstrably not true.  Pennsylvania will flip on the late ballots alone after SCOTUS gets done with them.  As your article says, just one more state is all Trump needs for four more years.  

      I look for Wisconsin and/or Arizona to flip.  Possibly Nevada too.  Georgia and NC will end up red.  

      I understand when you see the MSM touting a Biden presidency that what I call our “Overwhelming Context” seems to be pointing to a Biden win.  That is the aura the MSM are attempting to create and they will be successful in the short term.  Most people can’t withstand the barrage defiantly.  Conformity is that strong a human impulse.

      But keep the faith.  And remember that three things that cannot be long hidden:  the sun, the moon and the truth.  If it were minor, customary voter fraud, that might be different.  But this is systematic (remember that word?) and ubiquitous in the swing states.  Systemic and ubiquitous = demonstrable and provable in court.

      PS: So far China, Mexico and Brazil are withholding congratulations to Biden:

  9. Twenty years ago patience was also required snd rewarded:  May God grant DJT  a  favorable outcome via honest recount and/or Supreme Court decision.     


    We should all be watching the court proceedings and state legislators/electors carefully at this point.  That is where the game is. 

    The courts could overturn the outcome in one or more of the battleground states.  This process is arduous but potentially very fruitful.  The state courts have to rule on the question normally before it can be taken to federal court and then you start out with federal district court (the lowest level, trial level) first.  But the process will doubtless be expedited in light of the statutory deadlines associated with electors voting and certifying a winner.  Don’t be deeply concerned about what the state courts say or even the federal district courts.  Really, only the federal appeals court and SCOTUS matter in this game and that’s where these puppies are headed. 

    If a federal appeals court rules and an appeal is not accepted for certiorari (“let it be made more certain”) by SCOTUS, then that ruling stands for that federal circuit.  Alito has already issued an order in the Pennsylvania case regarding segregating ballots so that may have already bypassed or fast tracked the hierarchical gauntlet of courts and be one of the first cases decided.  I fully expect that SCOTUS will award Trump Pennsylvania based on the 8pm deadline misruling by the Pennsylvania state supreme court.  They clearly violated federal law and case precedent in their decision.

    This will play out in other states as well, hopefully to salutary effect.

    One big day is the deadline for states to certify electors, Dec 8th, the “safe harbor”.  If the states certify their electors by that date, Congress can rely on that certification.  Then the electors vote on the 14th.  Trump needs to have it in the bag by then if he’s going to prevail.  Regardless of any other consideration including fraud, if the electors vote for Biden then Biden will be inaugurated.

    There may be “faithless” electors who vote for someone other than the one to whom they were appointed.  This happens frequently but not in such numbers as to normally affect the outcome.  This time it could though, despite all assertions to the contrary.  Some states have laws regarding electors being legally bound, some do not.  But it is unclear how well these laws would hold up.

    In the event that the electors choose Biden on the 14th and no subsequent decision of a federal court interferes with that, he will be inaugurated and, IMHO, will still be as illegitimate as we know he is now.  In that event, I suggest taking the same approach, more or less, as Sedevecantists:  I.e., that we should consider the offices of president and vice-president vacant and behave as if that were the case regardless of how the law treats the fraud.  

    This would be especially useful in Congress.  If senators refuse to consider any bill sponsored by the pseudo-president regardless of its support in the House, then that stymies much of his power.  If republican senators and congressmen simply refuse to attend the State of the Union or acknowledge Biden in any way shape or form – i.e., complete ostracism – that would send the correct message.  

    If somehow Republicans should prevail and take the House, which I think is still possible but unlikely, they should move to impeach Biden and Harris as soon as their hands come off the bibles.  No quarter, no cooperation, no complicity, no recognition – no nothing.

    And wait it out.  

    Early in our republic, the federal government was really a sort of theoretical construct for most people in their daily lives.  It had no practical effect on them except in certain very limited circumstances from time to time.  They considered themselves citizens of their respective states.

    I don’t know about you, but as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.  And to me, that means completely stonewalling the usurpers. In fact, that is how I will be referring to them exclusively from now on: The Usurpers/Узурпаторы

    These things happen. It’s a spectator sport in Russia. You just drive them out as you can. Google “false Dmitri”. One Polish usurper was captured, shot, burned and his ashes fired as a cannon shot back into Poland:

    • George Michalopulos says

      Then as I understand it, the legislators of the GOP states in question on Dec 8, could certify their own slate of Electors, and those would be the persons who will meet at the Electoral College on Dec 14th?