Thanks for Clearing that Up Mr McLaughlin

“Remember, remember, the fifth of November/gunpowder treason and plot/see no reason why gunpowder treason/should ever be forgot.” (Happy Guy Fawkes Day!) In the course of many civilizations, there comes a time in which things get unsustainable and the mask of the ruling class comes off. In good and even mediocre times, the mask is necessary: the king is a demi-god; the patriarchs were superhuman; our city sits on a hill and its guardians are models of rectitude. Things like that. Plato said that all societies usually have a pseudon, or lie, at their core which is necessary for their survival.

In America, we are at one of those times in which things are getting out of whack; you could say that there are glitches in the political machine. And so, we now see the Democrat Party (my former political affiliation as a younger, more idealistic man) for what it is: an incipient coalition of anti-democratic elements who would gleefully tear up the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and urinate all over Thomas Jefferson’s grave.

For this, we have to thank fake Hispanic Beto O’Rourke (among others). But he said it best: “Yes, I’m going to take away your First Amendment rights regarding religious liberty and of course I’m going to subvert the Second Amendment and send the Gestapo to break down your doors and confiscate your guns.” I’m paraphrasing, of course, but that’s what his insane philosophy breaks down to.

Now, the reasonable liberal here may interject that O’Rourke is a foolish, middle-aged man who skateboards on stages and makes his children eat magic dirt. And then for good measure, they would add: “don’t forget, he’s left the race; he’s toast. He has as much political future in Texas as a vendor of Nazi memorabilia has in Israel”. All true. Yet this is missing the point. O’Rourke in his bumbling fashion was a stalking-horse and despite his manifest buffoonery, as far as the Democrat Party is concerned, he has pushed the Overton Window miles to the left.

There is not a man-jack among the rest of the contenders who don’t believe any differently than O’Rourke; perhaps only by degree, but not substance. And not just about guns and free speech. For instance, only Tulsi Gabbard has expressed some queasiness about abortion during the third trimester. The rest of the Party is –or soon will be–hunky-dory with full-blown infanticide. Abortions probably performed by doctors in blackface. Who are governors of major states. These are indeed the crazy years.

And the Republicans will, of course, continue tacking to the left thanks to the Democrat’s insanity. Sodomic “nuptials”? Check. Transsexuals in the military? The Cato Institute says “they’re patriots”. Eating babies? Well, maybe that’s a bridge too far. Just as long as marginal tax rates are at 22.1034% as opposed to 24.006% and capitation at whatever, then the GOP’s OK with our continued moral degradation. And anyway, we don’t want to get too Red-statey because we won’t be invited to the Bradlee’s mansion for cocktail parties, where we can hobnob with all the “right” people.

Fortunately, we now have a true eminence grise, a man who is not insane finally tear off the mask of the ruling class and tell us that sedition is alright provided one answers “to a higher law”. Enter one John McLaughlin, former Acting Director of the CIA, who a few days ago said those same words. Indeed, he pulled off his mask and admitted that there was indeed a “deep state” and that there is nothing wrong with such an unelected bureaucracy undermining the rule of law.

Now, mind you, he didn’t exactly use those exact words but that was clearly his intention. “Pshaw!, hear, hear, my dear fellow: elections are mere formalities! We can ignore them for the greater good!” The only thing missing was him patting the body politic on the head as he urges us to go along and play with our friends, leaving the adults take care of the business of governing.

Don’t believe me? Well let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth:

About two years ago, the scales finally came off my eyes when I commented on a certain former CIA agent named Philip Mudd who went on CNN and talked openly about “taking out” President Trump. First, I was horrified; here was a man openly calling for the killing of another human being. (Can we at least agree on that?) I was even more horrified when he received very little pushback. I then realized that as a country, we’d been had.

For the first time ever, I began to regret my long-held derision of Oliver Stone. Perhaps he had been right all along: that we did not live in a constitutional Republic and probably hadn’t for quite some time. Thanks to Mr Mudd, I now came to the realization that it was all just a charade. The forms of the Republic will be upheld more or less but not the substance. A cleverly-staged kabuki theater if you will. Stone thought that the Deep State has ruled the United States since November 22nd, 1963 when JFK had been shot in Dallas. I am now under the opinion that we can push this further back to 1913 when the popular election of Senators, the Federal Reserve, and the National Income Tax all had been enacted in one fell swoop.

In any event, I came to the conclusion that there was indeed a Deep State and it observed the formalities of republican governance, but only if a Demopublican or a Republicat were vying for the presidency. Donald Trump short-circuited this whole process and like a wounded animal, the Deep State has been lashing out ferociously ever since.

Hence all the tools of the Swamp came into play, usually in a very clumsy manner. First, they tried to appeal to patriotism: he’s Putin’s catamite! Then they appealed to decorum: Stormy Daniels porn-star payout! Omarosa says he drops the N-word like a drunken sailor! Perhaps an appeal to legal norms? You know something called the Emoluments Clause or perhaps getting the American Psychiatric Association to get the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment? Then there were supposed process crimes: The Mueller Report will save us! He colluded-with-Russia-and-obstructed-justice all ending in a stunning crescendo: ORANGE MAN BAD! Yeah, that’ll do it!

None of it worked. But now, we’ve finally got him! He made a phone call! Can you believe it? And the phone call was so egregious that he may have asked a foreign head of state to look into his country’s interference in the 2016 election. Because, you know, foreign interference is bad. Or something. And the Democrats, usually not the Stupid Party, have decided to pin their entire hopes for getting rid of Trump on something this flimsy.

The fact that the entire Democrat Party has walked into a trap that will most likely ensure their extinction for the foreseeable future is beside the point. The point is this and this alone: the mask of popular rule governed by democratic processes and constitutional restrictions is now removed from the Deep State. We are at the end-point in which an oligarchic tyranny has overtaken the rule of law. Or as I said two years ago: “don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining”.

I for one would rather we do away with this whole charade. Why don’t we just get all federal officers to gather in convention, tear up the Constitution and elect one man among them to be an absolute monarch? He would then be given absolute power to act capriciously against any man or faction whom he deems to be a threat to the state. We can call him a god-king and to take the politics out of it, we can make it so that he is replaced by his first-born son and so on. The losers would be given hereditary titles like Duke of New York or Baron of Baltimore to assuage their loss. They could sit in a House of Lords and get together oh, say four times a year when they’re not beating the serfs and “advise” the king.

What would be the difference between that and what we have now? At least my recommendation would be transparent and everybody would know the rules of the game. The game as it is played now is rigged. Under my recommendation, everybody would know the rules right up front. Caprice and the monopoly of violence would be confined to one man rather than a shadowy group of bureaucrats who think they know better than the plebs and can overturn an election upon their collective whim.

A tyranny of the one as opposed to the tyranny of a few. I for one would think this would be a vast improvement. And for that, we can thank Mr McLaughlin.

P.S. A few years ago, yours truly first introduced you all to the concept of the “Deep State”. I received some ribbing from some of you (and you know who you are), who thought I was wearing a tinfoil hat as I sat at my desk typing out my missives. I will now graciously accept your apologies.


  1. Bravo, George. It is like we are living in some kind of surreal anti-universe and I can’t remember if I took the red pill or the green pill. The scariest part of this whole nightmare…in my opinion…is the hordes of brainwashed youth who walk around their college campuses parroting the identical communist propaganda that we hear from the deep state and their media mouth-pieces.
    Civil war is on the horizon.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Thank you, Mikhail.  I’m thinking more like armed civil disturbances that are sporadic in nature.  On the other hand, I was speaking with a well-placed person of impeccable credentials and he put it this way:

      “Whenever I hear those people on the alt-right who talk about a cleansing race war coming down the pike, I think, ‘Oh, those giddy optimists!’ They really think there’s hope.” In his view, America is more or less over as a constitutional experiment and the bonds of homogeneity are too fractured for the commonweal to maintain itself.

      For the record, I still believe that geography can ameliorate what’s coming down the pike. (By “geography” I mean the states and their demographic varieties.)

      Basically it boils down to this:  should Trump win (which at this point seems more than likely) the left will go even more berserk than they already are.  Should he lose, then the entire “resistance” will feel that they’ve been restored and they’ll go out exacting revenge on the people who had the temerity to elect him in the first place. 

      This of course will elicit a response from the Red states.

      The problem with the “resistance” people during a “restoration” is that they will be like the Bourbons of France, who upon return to power mucked it all up again.  As Talleyrand said about them:  “They forgot nothing, they learned nothing”.   To be sure, there have been peaceful restorations:  St Photius the Great helped solidify the healing after the Iconoclast controversy by not exacting revenge as did Charles II Stewart when he became king after the whole Cromwellian debacle.  (Of course Cromwell’s corpse was exhumed and hanged, drawn and quartered but that was mostly it.)

      • George., the Glorious Revolution of 1688 that brought in William and Mary (re england/ Uk,well from 1701 I think) ) from Holland, as  the ruling elite quite happy with their reformation land grab, thought James ii was bringing in  French  domination  and catholicism. 
        Fact was Charles ii was a secret Catholic and a pensioner of Louis xiv but he just took the money and mistress hopped and as he said was determined never to go on his travels again.
        And yes the bourbons could have learnt much from him in how to re- invent a dynasty as the Stewarts were the nearest thing to a Scottish cum english bourbon- like dynasty.
        Queen Victoria and above all Albert, did much to shape modern British royalty away from the excess and revolution making antics of a George iii, the former Prince regent who used to present his wine Bill running in to what now would be millions, to Parliament for payment, when his subjects post Napoleonic wars, were starving on tariff protected expensive bread, so as to protect uk land owners. Until the Corn laws repeal of Peel of 1840s let in Russian and American wheat and much cheaper bread. Split tory party for generation, like modern Brexit.

        I watch the identity -nothing language of Buttigieg and yes our hispanic faux -Mexican
        with glee. ( some health inspectorate should talk to him about standing on food serving tables,  but then as we know he does not do the cleaning!!)  
        As you say for trump and these people,  thanks is owed for showing the  truth behind the mask.  
        If truth is known, many of them wealthier than trump who may be just  a clever bankrupt!!! ? 

  2. Martin Ross says

    George, this piece is brilliant! 
    Consider, though, the possibility that the JFK event in Dallas was just another (ig)noble lie:

    • George Michalopulos says

      Thank you, Martin. In the past, I was a skeptic of the JFK conspiracy theories; I recommend for instance, Gerald Posner’s Case Closed, an excellent summation of the various theories.

      However, now I’m not so sure. When you look at the four major assassinations of the 60s: JFK, RFK, MLK, and George Wallace, in retrospect there seems to have been an attempt at “culling” the leadership class. (BTW, this goes all the way back to Huey Long of Louisiana, who had a really good chance of unseating FDR in 1936.)

      Some of course may object to George Wallace being included in this pantheon but it must be remembered, a governor from the Deep South, had won the Michigan primary in 1972. As such, he could have thrown the entire political process into turmoil any number of ways. And of course he survived the assassination attempt.

      This is speculation mind you. I will say this: ever since these assassinations, the Establishment has been very promiscuous of the information about these men (JFK, RJK, MLK), so much so that their reputations have been blackened. Essentially, each of these three men have undergone a second –character–assassination, in order to paint them as incredibly flawed men, thereby preventing a political cult from forming around them.

      That’s my opinion anyway.

      • Michael Bauman says

        George, conspiracy theories make fun reading and cogitating but, in fact, real conspiracies are uncommon. Remember that one of big contra explanations for Jesus Resurrection was a conspiracy.

        Chuck Colson talked about the paucity of conspiracy theories especially in relation to the Resurrection this way (in reference to Watergate): “We were 12 of the most powerful men in the world and we could not keep what we did a secret.”

        The only real conspiracy is the satanic effort to make us doubt everything. There certainly can be evil deeds done out of a commonality of shared interests but that does not necessarily mean a conscious conspiracy. Just the banality of evil, i.e, evil’s inability to come up with anything new.

        Conspiracy theories can also be a way for people who in insane times to attempt to make sense of chaos that the evil one foments.

        Does that mean that at some points in time a cabal of men and women did not get together to plan and execute nefarious things? It does not. But to weave that into an essentially dialectic explanation of history is a stretch. Taken to extremes, as they most often are, conspiracy theories erode our felt need to repent because the tendency to give over the locus of evil to some grand conspiracy rather than my own heart can be quite a temptation.

        Such a mentality is an underground way of scrumming to the nihilist dialectic narrative of history that I, as a person, are profoundly unimportant and without power so I am not responsible for anything. I only have one choice: rage impotently against the flow of history or join it.

        Repentance and embracing the Cross is the real alternative which includes a discipline of thanksgiving, praise and worship of God in the face of evil, depredation and destruction. Ultimately such a practice will lead one, I suppose, to love of one’s enemies. It will also allow us to see more clearly the futility of engaging in sin and deeper repentance.

        If civil war is coming, God forbid, then I must look to my own heart in sadness and grief for my participation in such a horrible desecration of my humanity and ask for forgiveness. Then if I must go into battle crying “You shall not pass!” , I do so not seeking glory or redemption but in deep grief knowing that I have cleansed my own heart of the evil I am opposing not allowing the evil one access.

        • How do you know conspiracies are uncommon?

        • Martin Ross says

          “… real conspiracies are uncommon …” 

          We have a different metric for commonness. I don’t know what else to call the organized deceptions going on all around us for decades now except conspiracies. Just pooh-poohing the concept prima facie is a CIA strategy to train us not to notice the man behind the curtain.  Consider this list of proven conspiracies from recent history:

          If anything, knowledge of the “noble lies” that governments tell has led me to a deeper repentance from the ways of the “old man,” as the ethos of society is to enflame his passions in order to channel them into a harvest of evil.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Very good points, Michael.   Personally, the term “conspiracy theory” has been weaponized to make those who believe in real conspiracies, appear to be lunatic.  Gore Vidal (yeah, I know, a despicable man but a great writer) called himself a “conspiracy analyst”.
          To say that I believe that JFK or XYZ may have been the victim of a conspiracy is not –nor should not–be dismissed out of hand, especially if there is compelling evidence for it.  We must remember that all a conspiracy is anything criminal that takes “two or more people” to executed.  
          The word conspiracy comes from the Latin, con (with) + spiritare  (breathe).  In other words, “those who breath the same air”. 

          • Michael Bauman says

            George, we all breathe the same air, originally the Divine breathe.  Yes, there are cabals of evil that plot disruption and destruction, but we fight not other human beings but the father of lies that corrupts.  As such we must look to our own hearts first to guard them and, by grace and repentance, cleanse them. 
            That was fundamentally the message Bishop Basil gave at the funeral tonight for Kh Anastasia Farha, 36 years old and the mother of four young children. 
            Fr. Issac is left with them and the care of two mission parishes in central Kansas. Bp. Basil told us we should be outraged at the author of death. 
            I am going to funnel that outrage into something positive by contributing to Fr. Issac, his children and his mission through the Gofund me page  or the memorial at Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church in Hillsboro, Ks.  I invite all to do the same. Resist not evil, do good.

      • Martin Ross says

        McCloskey makes a different case from the conspiracy theories that littered the tabloids throughout the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s. 
        He adduces evidence for realizing that the whole thing was a made-for-TV show. Kennedy was not killed. He simply went into retirement to finish out the short course of his life with his Addison’s disease. The Zapruder tape is a post hoc grainy restaging, issued by an Intelligence operative to shore up the perceptions of a real assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald was not shot during his perp walk, as a thoughtful review of the staged footage instantly reveals. It was all a stage show. 
        Much like the dramas being played out in politics today. Distraction from the more sinister workings of the Deep State.

      • For those who subscribe to Trump as thorn in the Deep State’s side – a lens through which I’m not altogether convinced is true – why hasn’t Trump been sent on a ‘parade into Dallas,’ so to speak? 

        • George Michalopulos says

          Good question.  According to Qanon, Trump was set up by a cabal in the military to stop the further deterioration of the American Republic.

            I’m not averse to this view.  Mainly because the decrepit nature of the neverTrumpers and their incessant stupidity shows to me that the Deep State is not all that brilliant.  That they’ve had it good for so long that they’ve gotten lazy.
          On the other hand, if Trump is “not a thorn in their side” then this would indicate that the Deep State is in the process of bifurcation and that they’re turning on each other.  Trump is the factotum of the side that is winning.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Here’s another reason that Trump has some serious backing:  Today, he celebrated the fact that thanks to Mitch McConnell and his tight grip on the Senate, he’s appointed 159 judges in just under three years.  This is an astounding record.

            Even better, he’s on board to appoint another 30 or so by April and another 20 by next year.  This will turn the federal judiciary so far to the right for at least another generation.  This is huge, no two ways about it. 

            Here’s the kicker:  McConnell has been able to do this with the quiet support of Sen Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader.

            Kinda makes you go “hmmmm…..”

            • I want to believe this George but can you substantiate this re senator Schumer?

              • George Michalopulos says

                Mary, basically it’s the arcane rules of the Senate. Believe it or not, one Senator can bottle up any piece of legislation. Then of course there is the filibuster rule, which requires a 3/5 supermajority to invoke cloture (or shutting off debate) and then going to a straight up-or-down 51% simple majority.

                Admittedly, the last point, the filibuster, has been laid aside when it comes to judicial nominees. That’s thanks to the Harry Reid, the former Senate Majority Leader, who in 2013 (I believe) invoked the “nuclear option” which nuked the filibuster for judicial nominees. It seems that Sen Reid thought that the Dems would be in control of the Senate forever and that the GOP would never have the chance to pick up that doubled-edged sword. Or, equally likely, he just wanted to pack the Federal judiciary with as many Obama appointees as possible.

                Getting back to the original point, the fact that not one Senate Democrat has tried to block one conservative Trump appointee makes me kinda go “hmmmm…”. Is it possible that Schumer promised to make nice if Trump moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem? Or scuttle the Iran deal, which he (Schumer) voted for (even though he clearly didn’t want to?).
                Who knows?

                It’s possible that the same cabal of men that put Trump in power and are thus far protecting him view a conservative judiciary as one of the bulwarks needed in order to turn the American civilization around. The other two would be reforming the military which is now all-gay, all the time and academia. As to how academia will be turned around it’s already happening with all the closures of no-account colleges.

                I look at it this way: Trump can be either transformative or transitional. I prefer both of course, but even if he’s just a transitional president, say like LBJ, he’ll have put the Federal govt on course for continuing his policies. Of course LBJ’s policies were ruinous for most part. Nixon had his chance to cancel all the alphabet agencies LBJ created; he turned around and amplified them. The point remains the same.

                If however he’s transformative, then a very conservative judiciary is going to be needed to turn back all the judicial idiocy of the last 30 years.

                The implication of all this is that the powers-that-be have taken a long, hard look at the two other superpowers –Russia and China–and come to the conclusion that the US has to remain a viable hyperpower for at least another generation or two. It can’t do that if it continues its descent to Gomorrha.

                • Truly, George, this is a point of speculation but I hope in time the reason for this unlikely cooperation will become clear.
                  what really goes on in the inner world of the liberal mind beats me

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Mary, as much as I sometimes look at our civilization and give in to despair, it’s prudent to look at the broad sweep of history. Yes, civilizations and nations do decline and/or collapse. Whither Babylon? whither Tyre and Sidon? The glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome? The sun never set on the British Empire but now the capital of that civilization is Londonistan. That sort of thing.

                    On the other hand, the Holy spirit can give an infusion of hope and renewal to a nation. Think of Rome under Constantine the Great or the various Persian dynasties that kept the Parthian Empire going. Islamic civilization kept renewing itself under the various caliphates. And of course China continues to reinvigorate itself after periods of horrific decline.

                    • George having just recently come from London visit  I beg to differ re Londonstan. Not so. BUT WHERE U ON THE MONEY, are the Uk northern cities, Especially
                      Birmingham, second city of uk, where sharia law,  sharia schools,  Male,female  segregation etc etc and the full  female cover up, ALL WIDE SPREAD.  And Christianity non existent in many areas.  Yes the liberal church people will waffle on,…. but!!! 
                      But you can’t blame islam really. If there is a spiritual void as is in Uk,  with almost total collapse of institutionalised Christianity,  well nature abhors a vacum.  And the establishment are so secular, religion is a anthropology Subject!!  Nothing more. They have been like that for 100 yrs now. 
                      In Bulgaria, with it’s 18% islamic population, full islamic cover up is banned. Interesting point that bulgarian for umbrella ( traditionally is all black) is ‘ chadur ‘ which of course is word for the all black, female cover up.

      • Final Judgement by Michael Collins Piper is, I think, possibly the best JFK book. Absolutely meticulous in its research and the author is able to weave everything together effectively.
        Lee Harvey Oswald was definitely a patsy. Did anyone know that the future Abp Dimitri (Royster) baptized his child?

  3. John Watkins says